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									                                         ST. MARY OF MT. CARMEL
                                          SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION

                                SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION
be registered and participating members of    SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM (SPANISH):
the parish. Please contact the Rectory        Spanish Baptisms are held the First and
during the sixth month of pregnancy to        Third Sundays of each month at 1:00 PM.
schedule for a parent preparation program,    Please contact Sr. Marilu at the Rectory on
which is held the first Wednesday of each     Wednesdays to schedule.
month in the St. Patrick's Room at 7PM.
Baptisms are scheduled the Second and         SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING: (Care of
Fourth Sundays of each month at 1:00 PM.      Infirm and Elderly): The Rectory may be
                                              called at any time for the Sacrament of the
Saturdays 3:15 PM—4:00 PM at St. Mary of
Mt. Carmel, before or after daily Mass, or    R.C.I.A.: (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults):
any time upon request.         Parish Family  For information about RCIA, please contact
Penance Service: Scheduled Advent and         the Rectory.
                                              SOCIAL CONCERNS / ST. VINCENT
SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY:                       DEPAUL FOOD PANTRY: Food distribution
Diocesan      regulations     require    that every Thursday 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM and in
arrangements should be made one year in       the evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in St.
advance with the officiating Priest. Those    Lucy Hall (Convent Basement, French St.).
desiring to receive this Sacrament must be
registered for at least six months and be     ADORATION—FIRST FRIDAY OF THE
participating members of St. Mary of Mt.      MONTH FOLLOWING THE 8:00 AM MASS
Carmel Parish.        As you contemplate      UNTIL 5:00 PM. SIGN UP SHEETS, IN
marriage, contact the Rectory.                VESTIBULE OF CHURCH
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
      St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Parish Welcomes All

   (You can register online. Website address on                        READINGS FOR THE WEEK
                 cover of bulletin)                            Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

 No matter what your present status in the Catholic                            Sunday
 Church, no matter what your current family or marital         Zec 9:9-10; Rom 8:9, 11-13; Mt 11:25-30
 situation; no matter what your past or present                               Monday
 religious affiliation; no matter what your personal                  Gn 28:10-22a; Mt 9:18-26
 history, age, background, race, etc.; you are Invited,                       Tuesday
 Welcomed, Accepted, Loved and Respected at St.
                                                                       Gn 32:23-33; Mt 9:32-38
 Mary of Mt. Carmel Parish.
 -----------------------------------------------------------   Gn 41:55-57, 42:5-7a, 17-24a; Mt 10:1-7
                  Parish Registration
           (Please drop in collection basket)
 Name: _____________________________                           Gn 44:18-21, 23b-29, 45:1-5; Mt 10:7-15
 Address: ___________________________                                          Friday
 City: _____________________ Zip ______                             Gn 46:1-7, 28-30; Mt 10:16-23
 Phone: Home: ______________________                                          Saturday
 Daytime: ___________________________                           Gn 49:29-32, 50:15-26a; Mt 10:24-33

 ( ) New Parishioner        (   ) Address Change
SAT 07/02                                          THURS 07/07
8:30 am (SJ)    Nicoletta Gazzara                  7:00 am (SJ)    Tom Costello
Req by          Estelle Gazzara                    Req by          Mr. and Mrs. Gary DiBlasi
4:15 pm (SJ)    Kathryn Lucas Sceia                8:00 am (SJ)    Antoinette Pullia Kolodzie
Req by          Gerhart & Anne Sceia Klein         Req by          Catherine Amendolia
                Nello Benedetti
Req by          Mr. and Mrs. Nuncio Sergi          FRI 07/08
                Eric Zimmerman                     7:00 am (SJ)    Joseph Capella
Req by          Donald Ambrose                     Req by          Catherine Amendolia
                Nicholas Fortis                    8:00 am (SJ)    William Flood
Req by          Jean & Dave Liberto                Req by          Leon & Jean Marino
                Mark Gentile
Req by          Peter & Kathy Lucca                SAT 07/09
5:15 pm (SA)    Nancy Rizzotte                     8:30 am (SJ)    Phil Zinno
Req by          Betty                              Req by          Carl & Dottie Mortellite
                                                   4:15 pm (SJ)    Frances Pagano
SUN 07/03                                          Req by          Mildred Barresi
7:00 am (SA)    Dr. Silvio Fittipaldi                              Nello Benedetti
Req by          Joe & Barbara Coia                 Req by          Emma Caruso & Family
8:00 am (SM)    Norman Manzo                                       Eric Zimmerman
Req by          Charlie, Lisa & Brian Tomasello    Req by          Donald Ambrose
9:00 am (SJ)    Charles Craig                                      Mildred Carina
Req by          Wife and Family                    Req by          Family
                Millie Pino                                        Ann Osborn
Req by          Phillip & Josephine Franchina      Req by          Marion Presti
                Barbara Ann Perna                  5:15 pm (SA)    Theodore Varga
Req by          Mr. & Mrs. Pepe Donato & Charlie   Req by          Lou & Deletta Pinto
                Beverly Frank                                      John E. Ordille
Req by          Joe & Ginny Hiltwine               Req by          Betty Ann & Chic
                Serafina Serpentini                                Dennis E. Ross
Req by          Anna & Frank Pecora                Req by          Anthony & Mary Ann Lucca
11:30 am (SM)   Joseph & Nina Ezzi                                 Nicholas Prestipino
Req by          Family                             Req by          Charles & Marie Gazzara
11:30 am (SJ)                                                      Rose Arico
Spanish         Gilberto Ramos                     Req by          Joe & Barbara Coia
Req by          Wife and family
6:30 pm (SA)    Nicoletta Gazzara                  SUN 07/10
Req by          Pauline Triboletti                 7:00 am (SA)    Dr. Silvio Fittipiladi
                                                   Req by          John & Ann DeMarco
MON 07/04                                          8:00 am (SM)    Ed Riley
7:00 am (SJ)    Angelina Domenico                  Req by          Family
Req by          Family                             9:00 am (SJ)    Millie Pino
8:00 am (SJ)    Lorenzzo Munno                     Req by          Cosmo & Georgia LaMazza
Req by          Giuseppa Munno                                     Barbara Perna
                                                   Req by          Anna Berenato
TUES 07/05                                                         Beverly Frank
7:00 am (SJ)    Nick Petruzzi                      Req by          Emilio & Josephine Figueroa
Req by          Mr. & Mrs. Jack Campanella                         Millie Pino
8:00 am (SJ)    Joseph and Mary Presti             Req by          Rose J. Berenato
Req by          Family                                             Mary Ward
                                                   Req by          Jack & Sylvia Olivo
WED 07/06                                                          Nicholas G. Polito
7:00 am (SJ)    Jeanette Tierney                   Req by          Wife Jean Polito & Family
Req by          Silvio Ruggiano                    11:30 am (SM)   Charles Duble
8:00 am (SJ)    Cosimo Ricco                       Req by          Cliver Family
Req by          Dolores                            11:30 am (SJ)
7:00 pm (SJ)                                       Spanish         Mangual & Rodriguez
Span            People of the Parish               Req by          Family
                                                   6:30 pm (SA)    Joseph J. Capelli
                                                   Req by          Tony Macrie
                         FOURTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME - JULY 3

                                                             PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: Pete Alotto, Al
                                                                                          Ammirato, Linda Bertino,
                                                                                          Michael Bucci, Rose Ann
  Dear Friends:                                                                           Carlin, Karl Carlone, Emma
                                                                                          Caruso, Charles Caruso,
  Resuming with the counted weeks in Ordinary                                             Diane Cicchino, Anita Curran,
  Time, we hear a oft-heard passage from the                                              Jeannette Dawidczyk, Frank
  Gospel of Matthew which has offered much                   Domenico, Keith Dunnigan, Reno Farinelli, Barbara
  comfort, consolation and perhaps a bit of                  Foster, Elna Mae Friedrich, Butch Gillis, Robert
  challenge. “Come to me all you who labor and               Greenbaum, Max Guzman Sr., Max Guzman Jr., Baby
  are burdened and I will give you rest. Take my             Ava Lynn Hudak, Jean Liberto, Ben Massara, Eleanor
                                                             Mazzeo, Virginia Pagano, Angie Paggi, Jean Paynter,
  yoke upon you and learn from me…” What is
                                                             Anthony J. Puleo, Jackie Rehmann, Tom Rizzotte,
  this yoke to which Jesus refers? Yokes were                Shana Santell, Nanci Santoni, Paula Sarno, Edwin
  placed upon beasts of burden when a farmer                 Silipena, Nick Sirolli, Elberta Staiger, Stephen Terruso,
  plowed his fields in order to prepare them for             Jean Tratta, Shirley VanKeuren, Emmanuel Jesus
  planting.    During Jesus’ time the growing                Vasquez, Please call the Rectory to add a name to
  number of laws to which the Jewish people ,           2011 our Prayer List and please let Father Tom know if
  were bound was considered a yoke or heavy                  any parishioners are in the hospital. After three
  burden for the people. Thus a yoke implies                 months, the names will be removed unless you
  something which binds and restricts freedom.               inform us otherwise.
  However the yoke Jesus intends for all would-
                                                              DECEASED-Andrew J. Griffith, Clara Maffei, Estelle
  be disciples to carry is simply his love. This is a
  burden which is neither heavy nor restrictive.
  Carrying the love of Christ on our backs is most              OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL FESTIVAL -
  freeing. The challenge is that we must let go in                               JULY 11-16TH
  order to free ourselves to receive and truly feel             IT’S CRUNCH TIME! We are still in need of
  God’s love. We are called let go of control, let              volunteers to help with set up through clean up of
  go of power, let go of manipulation—let go of all             the Festival. Please take a moment to sign up by
  that impedes our sharing the saving love of                   calling the parish office at 704-5945 or by sending
  Jesus Christ. The first part of this particular               an email to stmp@comcast.net. We look forward to
                                                                hearing from you!
  Gospel passage has Jesus praising the Father
  who has made known this love to the simple                    CARNIVAL RIDE TICKETS for the Mt. Carmel
  rather than the wise who think that they                      Festival are available at the Parish Office for half
  understand all. As we hear in the Beatitudes,                                                     th
                                                                price now through Monday, July 11 . Office hours
  “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the              are 9:00 to 3:00 pm (closed 12:00 to 12:30 for lunch)
  earth.” The meek are open to the yoke of                      Monday through Friday. For more information,
  God’s love. May we be so open.                                please call 704-5945.

  With peace and joy!
                                                                                      SANCTUARY CANDLE
                 Fr. Tom                                                                 Week of July 3

                                                                                    St. Joseph Church
                                                                                  In memory of Joan Reading
                                                                                  Requested by: Family

                                                                         St. Anthony of Padua Church
                                                                           In Memory of Bill Cessato
                                                                    Requested by: Anthony & Mary DeMarco
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help mow the lawn
at either St. Martin or St. Anthony once a month on                         St. Martin dePorres Church
a rotating basis. If interested, please contact Jokey                        In Memory of Paul Pullia
at 561-1092. Thank you.                                                         Request by: Family
THIS AND THAT                                                ST. VINCENT DEPAUL SOCIETY SERVICES -
The feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is just around the       Besides operating the parish food pantry, the St.
corner. We all talk about "down sizing". Now's your          Vincent dePaul Society also provides assistance
chance to do it for a great cause. We are looking for        to those who are experiencing financial problems.
new or gently used, clean items that we can sell
                                                             Clients are directed to public assistance programs
during the week of the feast (no clothing please). Last
year, because of your generosity, we were able to raise      where possible. If that is not sufficient, the Society
almost $1,500.00 for the parish with no expense. If you      can provide direct financial assistance. Anyone
have some things you would like to donate, please drop       needing assistance should contact the parish office
them off at the Parish Center on French Street, attention    at 705-5945 for more information. All inquiries are
Pat Provnick. Thank you for your continued help and          kept in strict confidence.
support. Any questions, call 561-2084.
                                                             Donate Your Used Vehicle to St. Vincent dePaul
SWEET TREATS - CALLING ALL BAKERS!!!!!                       - You can now make a tax-deductible donation of
It's Cookie Time.       "Sweet Treats" is looking for        a used vehicle to the St. Vincent dePaul Society.
homemade cookies (Italian - Old home style recipes).         Unlike most vehicle donation programs, the
Call the Rectory at 704-5945 or Maria at 561-2303.           proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will be
                                                             automatically credited to our St. Mary of Mt. Carmel
                                                             Conference where they will be used to meet the
 HOUSE OF CHARITY...We have already                          needs of our local community. The vehicle does
 raised an incredible $71,040.00.                            not have to be in running condition. To make a
 This year’s theme for the House of Charity is               donation, or obtain more info, call 1-800-322-8284
 Changing Hearts. Our Parish Goal is $135,000.               or visit us on line at www.svdpusacars.com. Your
 If you have not given yet, all checks should be             vehicle will be picked up within 24 hours and the
 made directly to House of Charity.                          proper tax forms will be filled out for you. Donor
                                                             pamphlets are available in the vestibules of the
                                                             parish worship sites.
                                                             Servicios Sociales deSan Vicente dePaul.
St. Joseph Regional Elementary School will be holding a
Summer Science Camp for Grades 1-6 the week of               Ademas de dirigir la despensa de alimentos de la
July 11-15. The camp, provided by Camp Invention, will       parroquia, San Vincente de Paul tambien ofrece
consist of five hands-on activity modules designed to        ayuda a aquellos que estan experimentando
stimulate the thinking and creativity processes. For         problemas financieros. Los clientes so dirigidos a
more information, contact Camp Invention at 1-800-968-       programas de asistencia publica cuando es
4332 or www.campinvention.org.                               posible. Si eso no es suficiente, la Sociedad puede
                                                             proporcionar     directa    asistencia    financiera.
St. Joseph Regional Elementary School is now taking          Cualquier persona que necesite ayuda debe
registrations for the Second Annual Pre-K Summer             comunicarse con la oficina de la parroquia al 704-
Camp, August 1-19. Camp hours are 8:30 am - 12:00
                                                             5945 para mas informacion. todas las consultas se
Noon. Camp prices are: 5 half days - $75.00 per week;
3 half days - $50.00 per week; 2 half days - $40.00 per      mantienen en estricta confidencialidad.
week. Daily drink and snack will be provided, however,
if you prefer, you may send in drink/snack for your child.   Congreso Diocesano de Sanación
Our Pre-K summer camp incorporates Religion, crafts,         La Renovación Carismática Católica de la Diócesis
games, special themed days, painting, songs, finger          de Camden les invita a participar al Congreso
plays, science experiments, etc. If you are interested in    Diocesano de Sanación que se realizará los días
registering, please contact the school office at 609-704-    25 y 26 de junio de 2011 en la Parroquia de la
2400 ext. 0.                                                 Divina Misericordia en Vineland, NJ con el lema:
                                                             “Jesús dijo: Quiero, quedas sano” (Lc. 5,13).
RELIGIOUS ED. NEWS                                           Contaremos con la presencia de la cantautora y
We welcome NEW registrations for 2011-2012 from              predicadora Martha Reyes (California) y varios
Grades K to 8. You may register your child at St. Mary
                                                             sacerdotes de nuestra Diócesis. El Obispo Joseph
of Mt. Carmel Parish Center on French Street from 9am
to 3pm (Monday-Wednesday-Friday).            WE WILL         Galante presidirá la Eucaristía de Clausura. El
EXTEND THE CUT-OFF DATE UNTIL JULY 15TH.                     congreso comienza el sábado con un concierto de
New registrations must present a copy of their Baptismal     adoración y alabanza de 6:00pm a 9:00pm. El
certificate. Fee $85. per child or $150 per family (2 or     domingo de 8:00am a 6:00pm tendremos
more children).                                              enseñanzas,     música,    alabanzas,   adoración
                                                             Eucarística y mucho más. Para mayor información
                                                             llamar al (856)583-6135 o rcccamden@gmail.com
 COLLECTION the week of June 25 June 26, 2011
                                                         1ST ANNUAL ST. MARY OF MT. CARMEL
           lst collection $10,128.00                     CHRISTMAS BAZAAR ... will be held on
           2nd collection                                November 27, 2011 at St. Anthony Church on
                    SVDP $ 3,590.00                      Rt. 206. Anyone interested in being a vendor,
                                                         please contact Stella 609-561-1371 or Marie
  2nd Collection for Pastoral Solidarity Fund-July 10
                                                         609-561-0343. More information to follow.
 All donation checks should be made payable to St.
 Mary of Mt. Carmel, regardless of which worship site   ANNOUNCEMENTS OUTSIDE THE PARISH
 you attend.
                                                        St. Simon Stock Parish, 178 W. White Horse Pike
                                                        in Berlin, NJ will offer PRE-CANA this fall for
                                                        couples preparing for marriage. It is a two-day
                   WEDDING:                             session (you must attend both days) which will be
                                                        held on Friday, October 14, 2011 from 6:00 - 9:00
      Kyle Snyder and Jaime DeRenzis                    pm and on Saturday, October 15, 2011 from
         Friday, July 8, 2011 at 4pm                    8:00 am - 3:00 pm in the School Hall. Both parties
             St. Joseph Church                          must attend! To register, Call Betty at 856-767-
             Celebrant Fr. Tom                          2563.

                                                        The Young Christian Leaders Scholarship is a
                                                        $500,000     commitment     from     a   Christian
                                                        businessperson who wants to support emerging
 BIBLE STUDY ....There will be NO Bible Study           young Christians in the marketplace - where in law,
 for the next two weeks. Bible Study will resume        education, government, the sciences, media, arts
 on Tuesday, July 19th.                                 or the private sector. Four scholarships will be
                                                        awarded on a monthly basis to high school seniors
                                                        and undergraduates up to age 24 for the next ten
ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL ....computer                     years! The student MUST be from the tri-state
classes this summer. Introduction to Computers I        area (NJ, NY, CT) but can be attending college
will be held July 25th - July 29th from 10:00 am to     anywhere      in      the   country.           Visit
11:00 am. This 5 session course covers the              www.YCLscholarship.org to get further details.
fundamentals of using a personal computer with
Microsoft Windows.                                      MEN'S RETREAT - For more than 30 years St.
                                                        Ignatius Shore Retreats has helped organize a
Introduction to Computers II will be held August        men's weekend retreat at the an Alfonso Retreat
1st - August 5th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. This        House, a Redemptorist Spiritual Center on Ocean
5 session course is a follow-up to Introduction to      Avenue in West End, Long Branch. The theme of
Computers I. The cost for each session is $60.00        this year's retreat is The Extraordinary Holiness of
including a $10 registration fee. For more info         the Ordinary Catholic, with St. John Neumann as a
and/or to register, contact Michael Falciani at 609-    backdrop. It begins Friday evening, September 30
865-6035.                                               and ends with lunch Sunday, October 2. The
                                                        fee is $175. All are welcome, and newcomers
                                                        encouraged. Visit www.sanalfonsoretreats.org and
      PRIESTS FOR MASSES THE WEEK OF                    call San Alfonso at 732-222-2731 x140, or send
                  July 9-10
                                                        email to John Fraraccio at 732-272-7572,
 Sat 7/9          4:15 pm (SJ)            Fr. Neal      johcafra@hotmail.com.
                  5:15 pm (SA)            Fr. Tom
 Sun 7/10         7:00 am (SA)            Fr. Neal      THE SISTERS OF MERCY ANNUAL GOLF
                  8:00 am (SM)            Fr. Tom       CLASSIC will take place on Monday September
                  9:00 am (SJ)            Fr. Ron       12th at the beautiful Navesink Country Club in
                  11:30 am (SM)           Fr.Conaty     Middletown, New Jersey. "Fore" all the details on
                  11:30 am (SJ Span)                    this most worthwhile event, which benefits our
                                       Fr.Amando        retired and infirm Sisters, please call Linda Cavallo
                  6:30 pm (SA)             Fr.Tom       at     908-756-0994      ext.    4006      or  email

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