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					                 BROOKS COMPOSITE
                    HIGH SCHOOL
            Home of the 2010 zone champions in 3A Girls Volleyball and
               Host of the 2012 Provincial Cheerleading competition
650 – 4th Ave. East, Brooks AB T1R 0Z4                                                 February 2011
403-362-4814 or

                IN THIS ISSUE                                          STAFFING NEWS
       Staffing News            ……..... p 1             Counseling Staff Update
       Final marks for Semester 1….. p 1                        We are thrilled to announce that Tara Odland
       Semester 2 Info        ………….      p2             has re-joined our counseling team this year. She joins
       Interviews / teachers ………… p 2                   Allyson Honig and Patty Helmer-Desjarlais on our
       School Fee Info …………….            p2&3           counseling team. Personal counseling services will
       Commencement Information… p 3 & 4                be available according to the following schedule.
       Rutherford Scholarship Info …. p 4 & 5           Although appointments are suggested, drop-ins may
                                                         be accepted on an as-need basis.
       Accountability Surveys ………… p 5
       School Resource Officer …...      p6
       Prevention Counselor News… p 6 & 7               Patty Helmer-Desjarlais Joins Counseling
       Career Counselor News ………. p 7                   Staff from Alberta Mental Health
       News from Around the School... p 7-9
        o    Band News …….…………. p 7                      Patti Helmer-Desjarlais (a former BCHS student)
        o    Cafeteria News …………... p 8                  started on Monday, January 10 to help out with
        o    Pi Day ………………………. p 8                       counseling some of our students. She is the new
        o    Cheerleading News ……… p 8                   mental health worker assigned to BCHS to work with
                                                         our students. Patti will only be here Monday
        o    Spirit Council / IEP News .. p 9
       Inclement Weather Policy …….. p 9
       Off Campus Education ……….. p 9
       BCHS Web Site ………………… p 10                               Mon       Tues       Wed       Thur       Fri
       Board Bits ……………………….. p 10                      AM     Allyson   Allyson    Allyson   Allyson   Allyson
                                                                Patty     Tara       Tara        X         X
                                                         PM     Allyson     X        Allyson     X       Allyson
        PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                       X       Tara       Tara      Tara        X

Dear Parents:                                                       SEMESTER 1 FINAL
          This is the third newsletter from Brooks
Composite High School. Please take the time to read                MARKS STATEMENTS
through the newsletter and note important dates and
information as it pertains to you and your child. The             Semester one final mark statements were
first semester has gone very well. The second            made available to all students February 2, 2011.
semester should begin without incident with a variety    Students are expected to take this home to share with
of activities anticipated. The first day of the second   you. If this did not occur, please call the school and a
semester is January 31, 2011. If you have any            copy will be sent home. The only reason a student
questions about information in this newsletter or        may not receive their mark statement would be due to
school in general, please call me at 362-4814.           outstanding textbooks or school fees. For more
Sincerely                                                information about fees please call Mrs. Berringer at
                                                         the school office at 362-4814
Grant Jensen, Principal
2 NEWSLETTER                                                             FEBRUARY 2011

 SEMESTER 2 COURSE OUTLINES                                    Mr. P. Cashato                     2015
                                                               Mr. P. Connor - Off- Campus        1125
                                                               Mr. R. Cowan                 counselors office
         Course outlines will be given to each student
                                                               Ms. T. Elliot                     1509
for each course they are enrolled in. Please feel free
                                                               Ms. Jennifer Friesen              1106
to review these with your child and make any inquiries
                                                               Mr. J. Friesen           (Shop) 1302
to the teacher or school administration.
                                                               Mrs. K. Gilborn                   2017
                                                               Ms. B. Hess                       1115
    SEMESTER 2 REPORT CARDS                                    Ms. C. Johnson                    1516
                                                               Ms. S. Laverty                    1620
        The first report card will be issued to                Ms. M. Macdonald                  1517
students on March 18, 2011. This will be a formal              Mrs. L. Morris                    2035
report card, which will provide you with a summary of          Mr. S. Muir                       1518
progress in all subjects to date with the exception of         Mr. W. Nelson                     1501
work experience and related programs. Please                   Mrs. J. O’Farrell                 2018
review these results with your child.                          Ms. M. Perkins                    1107
                                                               Ms. G. Rebere                     2016
       The second report card will be issued                   Ms. C. Rousson                    2014
between May 2 and May 6, 2011. Each teacher will               Mrs. O. Stroeder                  1106
schedule their own release dates based on the                  Mrs. L. Skriver                   1532
completion of a unit of work in each individual course.        Mr. B. Stone             (Music) 1617
Although there will be no formal interviews with the           Ms. R. Tannant                    1118
second report card, interviews may be initiated at             Ms. R. Thompson                   2021
anytime of the semester by parents or teachers.                Mr. J. Vaage                      2020
                                                               Mr. D. Vandervelde                1519
         The final report card for this semester will          Mr. B. Watson             (Shop) 1308
be available for pick up in late June or early July. The       Mrs. K Wiens                      1528
date will be announced closer to the exact date. You
are reminded that all Diploma Exam marks are                               SCHOOL FEES
mailed directly to the student from Alberta Learning.

         I hope the process of communicating your               There are still a number of school fees that have
child’s progress provides you with the information you     not been paid. If you have outstanding fees, a letter
require. If you would like any further information at      has just been sent out. Students in options courses
any time during the semester, please feel free to          may now have projects to pay for. These can also be
contact the school about your child’s progress.            checked on at the office. For more information
                                                           contact Mrs. Berringer at the school.

                                                           EXPLANATION OF SCHOOL FEES
           Parent teacher interviews will be held on
March 23 and March 29 from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. A                   I had someone ask about the extra amount of
staff list is below to assist you with your planning.      money it cost to have a student take some of our CTS
You are encouraged to bring your child to                  courses. In most cases, students are required to pay
parent/teacher interviews. Please be reminded there        for the materials they use. This is true of students
will be no school for students February 21 - 25,           taking Construction Technology where the cost of the
                                                           wood is a direct cost to the student and is dependent
                                                           upon the project the student might choose to build. In
                                                           other CTS courses, the costs are perhaps not as
    TEACHER                               Room #           easily apparent.
                                                                For example, in Foods Class, a student taking a
    Mr. G. Jensen - Principal             Office           five-credit course is charged only $30 dollars. This
    Mr. B. Scholz  - Vice Principal       Office           amount only begins to cover some of the food
    Mrs. S. Gausman – Vice-Principal      Office           supplies used by the students in that class.
    Mr. D. Angell                         1530             Recognizing that these students do a great deal of
    Mr. R. Ball                           1523             cooking over the course of the semester and
    Mrs. M. Baumgartner                   2019             generally eat their own cooking, this $30 is not really
    Mr. Cam Bernhard                      1530             close to reflecting actual costs.
3 NEWSLETTER                                                                FEBRUARY 2011

     Similarly, there are costs associated with                    iii)      A three-year non-credit Certificate
Cosmetology as well. A student registered in a five                          program in Special Education leading
credit Cosmetology course is charged a $15 dollar                            to a local school-leaving certificate
fee. The supplies used includes shampoos and                 b. The student must be eligible to complete all of
conditioners, the exclusive use of a hair mannequin to            the requirements of one of the above programs
develop hair cutting skills, the use of hair colors/ gels/        by June 30 of the current school year.
sprays, perming solutions and supplies, materials for        c. Students using Distance Learning courses as part
finger nails and facials and make up supplies. Again,            of their program requirements must have 2/3 of
the charge does not reflect the actual value of the             their lessons completed and graded
materials and supplies used.                                     satisfactorily prior to inclusion on the final
     In all cases, the balance of the cost of supplies is        commencement list.
paid for out of the general budget of the school. It         d. Judgement for inclusion on the first draft of the
has been a conscious decision on our part to keep                commencement list will be made on the basis of
extra fees to a minimum in order to encourage as                Final Semester 1 marks, and 1st Report Card
many students as possible to explore the CTS                    marks for second semester subjects. Students
options.                                                        who are failing Second Semester courses
     If you have any questions about the relative cost
                                                                which are necessary for the criteria described
of these or any other programs offered at our School
                                                                in a) above, or who have not completed 2/3 of
please call Mr. Jensen at 362-4814.
                                                                their required distance learning lessons
                                                                satisfactorily, will receive a written warning
         COMMENCEMENT 2011                                      (with a copy sent to parents) following the first
            INFORMATION                                         report card marks indicating that they may not
                                                                be included in the commencement program. If
                                                                these courses are not improved to a passing level
                                                                by the 2nd report card, the student will not be
                                                                included on the final commencement list.
                                                             e. Judgement for inclusion on the final
                                                                commencement list will be made on the basis of
                                                                the Final Semester 1 marks and the 2 report
                                                                card marks for the second semester subjects.
                                                                Students who are failing second semester
                                                                courses which are necessary for the criteria
                                                                described in a) above, or who have not completed
                                                                2/3 of their required distance learning satisfactorily
                                                                will not be included in the final commencement
                                                                list. (NOTE: Distance Learning lessons needed
                                                                 to fulfil this requirement must be submitted
                                                                for grading no later than April 15, 2011.)
                                                                Students who were passing subjects required
         Within the past month you should have
                                                                to meet the criteria listed in a) above at the
received an events bulletin with information about
fund raising events, grad photos, and                           time of the first report card but are failing
Commencement.                                                   those subjects at the time of the 2 report
         With the arrival of the second semester,               card will not be included in the final
many of our Grade 12's thoughts are turning to                  commencement list.
Commencement Ceremonies on May 28 2011. We
                                           th,               f. Students must be in good standing with the
thought it would be of interest to review the                   school. Students who are under suspension from
requirements/criteria that must be met to allow a               school, or who are not extending reasonable
student to participate in commencement 2011.                    efforts on their academic progress will not be
                                                                permitted to participate.
Participation in the Commencement Program in May             Any student not on the first Draft of the
will be based on the following criteria:                     commencement list, and feels that there are some
a. The student is registered in a program leading to         extenuating circumstances which should be
  one of the following:                                      considered, may appeal in writing prior to April 4,
       i)       An Alberta High School Diploma               2011 to the principal. Students who have no
       ii)      An Alberta High School Certificate of        extenuating circumstances are unlikely to have a
                Achievement                                  successful appeal. The Commencement Appeal
4 NEWSLETTER                                                           FEBRUARY 2011

Committee will hand down a binding decision by May              Prize Committee: Tammy Dewhurst
3, 2011. Appeals will not be accepted following the             (H)-501-0033 (
determination of the final commencement list in the             Entertainment: Sherry Charlton
program.                                                        (H)-378-3220 (C)-363-1724
     Besides meeting the criteria for commencement,
grade 12 students still have the opportunity to earn
grad hours (to lower grad fees). There are plans for a          Food: Donna Luchies
second bottle drive in March. No other activities are           (H)-362-8330
being sponsored by the school and grad council.       
 Also, the program and decorating committees will               Decorating & Clean up: Nancy Lyster
begin meeting in the next couple of weeks as                    (H)-362-5833
planning for commencement 2011 continues.             
                                                                Security: Brenda Griffiths
The grads will receive a commencement letter on
                                                                (H)-793-8046 (C)-363-0625
March 9, 2011. This letter will contain important
information about the week preceding                            Coat Check: Gail Volek
Commencement as well as the day of                    
Commencement. Watch for this letter and if you                  (H)-377-2368
have any questions, concerns, or comments, or your              Publicity: Donna Timko
son or daughter fails to bring home the March 9       
letter, please call the grad advisor, Ms S. Laverty.            (H)-377-2753
Thank you for your support.                                     Grand March: Alison Patton
                Important Note                                  (H)-501-5774 (C)-363-5774
                                                                Tickets: Heather Grosse
   Student grad fees will be accepted and
   students will be allowed to take part in
     commencement only after all other                          Tickets: Donna Timko
    school fees have been taken care of                         (H)-377-2753 (C)-363-8918

 GRAD 2011 PARENT COMMITTEE                                  RUTHERFORD SCHOLARSHIP
The Grad Parents have met a few times and work on
various committees is well underway. If you are not
yet on a committee and wish to help out, please                  There are two levels of Rutherford
contact any of the people below.                         Scholarships available, one for students with
    Co-Chair: Heather Harbinson                         averages between 75.0% and 79.9%, and another for
                                                         students with an average over 80%. The Department
      (H)-362-5045 (C)-793-3890
                                                         of Education uses the following requirements for                             determining eligibility for Rutherford Scholarships:
    Co-chair: Carmen Stopanski
     (H)-898-2373 (C)-793-3610                           GRADE 10                                   Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in 5 subjects
    Vice Chair: Carmen Thompson                         $300
     363-5759                                            Average of 80.0% or higher in 5 subjects                                $500
    Treasurer: Mike Young                               One of English 10-1 or 10-2, Français 10, 13 or 10-2
     (H)-501-3722 (C)-363-1203                           and
                                                         At least two of the following:
                                                               Math 10 Pure or Math 10 Applied
    Secretary: Maureen Lea                                    Science 10
     (H) 362-6796 (C)-793-5268                                 Social 10-1 or 10-2
5 NEWSLETTER                                                          FEBRUARY 2011

       a second language other than the one used
        above at the Grade 10 level                    C.T.S. COURSES:
Any two other courses with a minimum three credit
value at the Grade 10 level (1000 or 4000 series)      Three one credit modules can be combined and used
including those listed above and combined              as an option at the Grade 10 and/or Grade 11 level.
introductory CTS courses.                              Five one credit modules can be combined and used
                                                       as an option at the Grade 12 level.
GRADE 11                                               To be combined:
Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in 5 subjects                     all courses must be from the same level i.e.
$500                                                           Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced,
Average of 80.0% or higher in 5 subjects                    courses can be from different streams or
$800                                                           subject area, i.e. computer courses with
One of English 20-1 or 20-2, Français 20, 23 or 20-2           welding courses, and
                        and                                 marks will be averaged
At least two of the following:
      Math 20 Pure or Math 20 Applied
      Science 20                                      Note: Applications are due May 1 , and are available
      Biology 20                                      through the counseling department.
      Chemistry 20
      Physics 20
      Social 20, Social 20-1 or 20-2
                                                        ALBERTA EDUCATION SURVEYS
      a second language other than the one used          TO BE COMPLETED IN FEB
         above at the Grade 11 level
Any two other courses with a minimum three credit               Grasslands Public Schools want a quality
value at the Grade 11 level (2000 or 5000 series)      education system than prepares our young people for
including those listed above and combined                    st
                                                       the 21 century. Improved results and more
intermediate CTS courses.                              openness and accountability are important in
                                                       achieving that goal. In order to accomplish this we
GRADE 12                                               require your cooperation in completing a survey.
Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in 5 subjects
$700                                                            Between the end of January and the end of
Average of 80.0% or higher in 5 subjects               March, students and parents will have the opportunity
$1300                                                  to complete a survey from Alberta Education that
One of English 30-1 or 30-2, Français 30, 30-2 and     seeks the input from Grade 10 students and their
At least two of the following:                         parents.
      Math 30 Pure
      Math 20 Applied                                          For parents, this survey will be mailed directly
      Math 31                                         to your home where you will have an opportunity to
      Science 30                                      answer some questions about your child’s education
      Biology 30                                      in either an on-line or pen and paper type of
      Chemistry 30                                    questionnaire. Please help us by completing this
      Physics 30                                      survey as it guides many of our decisions for the next
      Social 30                                       year and your input is invaluable.
      a second language other than the one used
         above at the Grade 11 level                   For students, all Grade 10 students will be asked to
Any two other courses with a minimum five credit       complete this survey in class in late February.
value at the Grade 12 level (3000 or 6000 series)
including those listed above and combined advanced
CTS courses.

*Averages are not rounded up for Scholarship
6 NEWSLETTER                                                              FEBRUARY 2011

   SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER                                         those not alcohol dependent.
                                                                  Alcohol causes loss of body heat despite the
        INFORMATION                                                feeling of warmth.
                                                                  A number of cancers are frequently
        Many of you know that Bruce Myers is the                   associated with the excessive use of alcohol
School Resource Officer associated with BCHS. In                   including:
addition to BCHS, Cst.Myers is also working at BJHS                -        Throat cancer
and Sunrise Schools. He has set up an initial                      -        Mouth cancer
schedule of when he will be available at BCHS.                     -        Esophageal cancer
                                                                   -        Liver cancer
                                                                  Blood Alcohol Level refers to the ratio of
          MON        TUE     WED       THUR        FRI
                                                                   alcohol to blood in the bloodstream; if one
AM       BCHS       BJHS     BCHS    BJHS         BJHS
                                                                   drop of blood is replaced with one drop of
PM       BCHS       BJHS     BCHS    BJHS         BCHS             alcohol, the BAL is 0.01 percent
         SUNRISE                     SUNRISE                      Alcohol mixed with carbonated beverages will
         SCHOOL                      SCHOOL                        be absorbed more quickly into the
        Cst.Myers can also be reached at                          Combining heavy drinking with aspirin or Or, you can call the                  ibuprofen may promote gastro-intestinal
school at 362-4814 or on his cell at 363-8610.                     bleeding.
        Also, please be aware that the local RCMP                 Acetaminophen and heavy drinking may
have added a traffic enforcement officer. As a result,             promote liver disease.
please be reminded to drive safely in and around all              A hangover is actually alcohol withdrawal.
school zones and playgrounds.
                                                               If you suspect that they are using, after reviewing
   PREVENTION AND EDUCATION                                these signs then speak to them about your concerns.
                                                           Make sure they are sober when you discuss your
   COUNSELLOR INFORMATION                                  concerns with them. You can also refer them, either
                                                           to Chelsea Opperman, the Prevention and
                                                           Education Counselor at BCHS, or a counselor at
Alcohol Awareness – Did you Know?                          Alberta Health Services – Addiction (formerly
         Alcohol is a depressant that slows down the      AADAC) or call Roberta Rogers at 362-1265.
          activity of the Central Nervous System
                                                               If you have any questions or are looking for other
         Adding one glass of wine a day can result in a
                                                           resources please contact Chelsea. There are various
          weight gain of 10 pounds in a year.
                                                           materials that anyone can take out and use.
         Consuming one drink per day sharply
          increases the risk of breast cancer in women.
         Heavy use of alcohol in men is associated           CAREER COUNSELLING NEWS
          with testicular atrophy and breast
          enlargement.                                               Planning for Post-Secondary?
         Women who drink during pregnancy risk the              Apply for College or University TODAY!
          occurrence of fetal alcohol syndrome in their
          unborn babies.                                        It’s time to apply for post-secondary! Most
         Alcohol is toxic to muscle tissue and the        Alberta Colleges and Universities began accepting
          chronic use of alcohol will result in muscle     applications October 1 and now that students have
          loss throughout the body.                        their 1 semester report cards it is important to submit
         An individual in an alcohol –induced blackout    their applications.
          may appear to be conscious, be able to carry          This year there is a new way to apply to Alberta’s
          on a coherent conversation or may be able to     Post Secondary institutions. ApplyAlberta is a
          carry out complex tasks.                         secure online application system that students will
         And alcohol induced- blackout can last from      use to apply to one or more post-secondary
          less than an hour to several days.               institutions, and transfer their Alberta high school to
         Consuming alcohol can cause Alcohol-             different participating institutions.
          induced depressive episodes. These                    Students will start by creating a secure logon
          episodes will usually clear after 2-5 weeks of   account that is password protected. To do this, a
          abstinence.                                      student will need to know their Alberta Student
         Alcohol dependent individuals are 58 – 85        Number, if they do not know their number, they can
          times more likely to commit suicide than         come to the Guidance Department or the School
7 NEWSLETTER                                                              FEBRUARY 2011

Office and it will be provided.
                                                           MAKING THE TRANSITION TO
     Students will authorize transcript transfer
requests and fill out a profile with their personal and    POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION FOR
academic history. This is sent automatically to each       STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:
institution the student selects. Once the students
select their institution/s of choice, they will complete   Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 at St. Mary’s University
the institution-specific part of the application           College. 14500 Bannister Road SE, Calgary, AB
(program/term).                                                      This session is for prospective post-
                                                           secondary students, parents, and other partners.
     Finally, students will pay the institutions           Topics include resources and strategies, academic
application fee and submit the application (a credit       accommodations, funding options and more.
card will be needed). The institution will then process    This is being hosted by Bow Valley College, Mount
the application and deal directly with the student.        Royal University, St. Mary’s University College,
     To start visit                    SAIT and the University of Calgary. If you are
Should you have additional questions, or concerns          interested, please contact Ms. Ferris at BCHS 403-
just drop by the Career Counselor’s office, my door is     362-4814
open and I’m happy to help you and your student with               .
their applications.
     Now is the time for you to be making some             BCHS BAND TRIP TO VANCOUVER
decisions, being sure that you are taking the right
courses for your designated career, exploring your
                                                                    The BCHS band trip is an annual event with
options at different universities and colleges and
                                                           destinations varying every year. This year’s
looking at what scholarships you may want to apply
                                                           destination is Kelowna, B.C. in late April to compete
                                                           at the 2011 Kiwanis Music Festival. This nationally
                                                           recognized competition is affiliated with Musicfest
Here are some upcoming events happening                    Canada and a great learning opportunity for any who
in the Guidance Department that you might                  attend. This year, both the BJHS and BCHS Concert
want to mark in your calendar.                             Bands will be attending.
SAIT OPEN HOUSE is February 4 . Students
interested in attending must contact Ms. Ferris and
                                                                  BAND TRIP FUNDRAISER
have permission slips returned by January 31
                                                                     The BCHS and BJHS Band programs, in
                                                           partnership with the Newell County Band Association,
                                                           presents its' 5th Annual "Beef Bids and Bands"
February 10th. Students interested in attending must
                                                           fundraiser, at the Evangelical Free Church, Saturday,
contact Ms Ferris and have permission slips returned
by January 31.                                             Mar 12th at 5:30. This is our biggest and best
                                                           fundraiser of the year with a roast beef dinner, silent
                                                TH         auction and music! This is a great opportunity for
                                                           people in the community to get behind the students
Thank you to Youth and Career Development for
                                                           and help send them to Vancouver.
allowing us to participate on a trip to SAIT Polytechnic
                             th                            Tickets are $15 and are available from the school
open house on February 4 . Youth Career
                                                           office and from any band student. You will enjoy the
Development is sponsoring the transportation to and
                                                           fun filled evening, so we hope to see you there!
from Calgary this year. BCHS is very appreciative of
the opportunity for our students to take part in these
ventures.                                                      NEWS FROM COSMETOLOGY
          The students will receive specific information
regarding their program of interest and participate in
campus tours, hands on demonstrations and program                   The cosmetology students here at the Brooks
exhibits. With over 70 applied degree, diploma and         Composite High School have excellent skills and
certificate programs, there are many options to            knowledge in Hairstyling and Esthetics. They are
choose from. Several of our students have indicated        eager to offer their various skills and expertise to
their desire to attend SAIT.                               everyone in the community (children, teens, adults
                                                           etc.) Some of the services that they offer are; Wash
                                                           & styles, Colors, Cuts, Perms, Scalp treatments,
                                                           Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures, and Facials. The
8 NEWSLETTER                                                              FEBRUARY 2011

prices range from $2 to $30. They also offer products
like Bed head by TIGI, Paul Mitchell, ISO, Oasis etc...
Feel free to stop by for a service; the students in the
cosmetology lab would be more than happy to help
Appointments can be made in the cosmetology Lab,
or by phoning the school @ 403-362-4814.

                                                                     PI DAY COMING SOON
                                                                    Pi, Greek letter ( ), is the
                                                           symbol for the ratio of the
                                                           circumference of a circle to its
                                                           Spirit Council and the Mathematics
                                                           department are co-sponsoring a Pi
                                                           Day Scavenger Hunt. Participants will be asked to
                                                           locate 14 different categories of items; the number of
                                                           each item required will be related to a digit of pi. Each
                                                           item must be turned in as explained on the Scavenger
                                                           Hunt list, and all entries must be school appropriate.
                                                           In order to qualify for the first-place prize, a student
                                                           must correctly meet the requirements for at least 10
      CAFETERIA INFORMATION                                of the 14 items. The person who first turns in the most
                                                           items (correctly meeting the requirements) will win a
          Our cafeteria is open most of the day            prize of $31.41. Other prizes will be awarded to some
beginning at 8:10 AM. We are closed for one hour           of the runners-up. Listen for announcements and
after lunch. We have a policy to not sell candy or         watch for posters to know when and where to sign up
chips prior to the morning classes but will have on        for the Scavenger Hunt list. Get your list as soon as
hand a breakfast bun which is a tasty combination of       you can, as collecting all the items may take a few
bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted bun. This is sold       days. Deadline for turning in entries is Monday, March
for only $1.50. There are also varieties of muffins,       14, at 1:59 p.m.
milk, juice, granola bars and fruit to start the day. We
prepare a different lunch special each day, assorted
sandwiches, fresh vegetable and fruit baskets,
cookies, and other sweet items. In consideration of
healthier eating, we use non-hydrogenated margarine
in our baking. A variety of beverages are also               BCHS TO HOST CHEERLEADING
available. Menus and prices are posted in the
cafeteria. Every lunch special costs $4.00.
          A lunch card is available if you wish to
purchase one. The value of the card is $32.00 but                   We are pleased to announce that Brooks has
it is sold for $30.00. As you purchase items, their        been awarded the Cheerleading Provincial
value is crossed off the card. This eliminates the         Championships for 2011-2012. They will take place
need to keep cash on hand but you are responsible          here in Brooks in March 2 & 3, 2012. We are very
for keeping your card in a safe place. If you wish to      excited about the honour and challenge of hosting
purchase a lunch card, please see Mrs. Hawes.              such a large competition and look forward to
Make cheques payable to B.C.H.S. Cafeteria.                showcasing our sport to the community. We will be
                                                           looking for sponsors and volunteers. If you are
                                                           interested you may contact the teacher liaison,
                                                           Melanie Macdonald at BCHS.
9 NEWSLETTER                                                             FEBRUARY 2011

         SPIRIT COUNCIL NEWS                              welcome any donation to help make this trip a
                                                          memorable one.
The Christmas season was a                                                       AND
busy one for the BCHS Spirit
Council. In addition to our                                         2. This semester our students are beginning
ever-popular “Reindeer                                    their work experience. We are in need of placements
Games,” Spirit Council                                    for groups of students and TA's. Again if you have
sponsored a number of fun                                 suggestions or contact information, we would be
events. We had Pyjama Day, a                              grateful.
Christmas Song Lyric                                                Thank you for your continued support of the
Competition, and Santa Claus                              LEVELS program here at BCHS!
even came for a visit and
handed out candy canes to all of our students!
                                                                        STUDENT DRESS

                                                                The staff would like to remind parents and
                                                          students to remain mindful of the way students dress
                                                          to come to school. Please remember that the school
                                                          is a public place and as such the dress should be
                                                          reflective. Clothing that advertises alcohol and other
                                                          drugs or uses profanity is not appropriate. Female
                                                          students are asked to dress in a manner that covers
                                                          the majority of their body parts. Bare shoulders,
                                                          cleavage, midsections and backsides should be
                                                          covered during school hours. For our male students,
                                                          we would ask that you wear clothing in such a way
                                                          that it sufficiently covers your undergarments. If you
                                                          have questions about appropriate dress, please call
                                                          the school.

                                                             GRASSLANDS POLICY DURING
                                                                INCLEMENT WEATHER
A group of representatives from Spirit Council have
volunteered to give up a day off of school to offer up
their assistance at the teachers’ Professional                      As we enter the cold winter months, it might
Development Day.                                          be helpful to try clear up any confusion there might be
                                                          about whether or not the school would continue to
                 Look out for the annual Matchmaker       operate.
                 activity to be held around Valentine’s   In general terms, the school will always be considered
                 Day. Students have already filled out    open under all weather circumstances. We do this
                 questionnaires and printouts will be     because not everyone will hear the announcement on
                 sold that list compatibility matches     the local radio station and may arrive at the school.
                 with other students in our school.       For this reason the school is to be open.
                                                          Bus drivers from the county will determine whether it
                                                          is safe to run busses to the school and will endeavor
                    IEP NEWS                              to phone the riders on their busses to inform them.
                                                          If you ride a bus in town, the bus drivers operate in
ALL WE WANT FOR AFTER CHRISTMAS IS...                     conjunction with the Superintendent to decide
        Hello everybody! We have some exciting            whether or not the in-town busses will run.
opportunities coming up this semester for our IEP         Ultimately, the decision on whether or not your child
students and we need your help with the following:        should attend school during inclement weather rests
        1. We are having a field trip in May to Mount     with the parents. If you decide that traveling to school
Royal University and to the Calgary Science Centre        poses a risk then you should keep your child at home.
and we are short on Funds. If you or the companies        However, if you decide to send your child to school,
you work for are in a generous mood, we would             the school will be open to accommodate your child
                                                          and we are able to spend some quality time with the
10 NEWSLETTER                                                            FEBRUARY 2011

students reviewing and providing individual                  WALL OF FAME NOMINATIONS

                                                          The BCHS courtyard area is home to a respected part

          WANTED!!!                                       of our school called the Wall of Fame. This wall is
                                                          adorned with 18 former graduates from BCHS that
      Tradespeople and                                    have gone above and beyond what would be
                                                          classified as normal careers and have succeeded in
   businesses interested in                               areas such as music, athletics, literature and others.
     employing students                                   Our last addition to the Wall of Fame was in 2007
                                                          when Shelly Russell – Mayhew was inducted for her
   interested in the trades.                              work on health promotion and illness prevention
                                                          programs for teenagers.
                                                          If you are aware of an individual that has special
         The Off-Campus Education Program is
                                                          qualities and deserves to be added to our collection,
currently seeking employers for the Work Experience
                                                          or if you have any questions about the Wall of Fame,
Program and the Registered Apprenticeship Program
                                                          please contact Bert Scholz @ the school.
for the second semester and the summer of 2011. If
you have a desire to work with young people to assist
them with their job skills development and have a              BOARD BITS for FEBRUARY
business or trade contact Patrick Connor, Off-
Campus Education Coordinator at                           In November, two important documents were posted or call (403) 427-        on the Grasslands website: our 2009/2010 Audited
0319 or (403) 362-4814. You could make a difference       Financial Statements and our 2010/11 Budget Report
in a student’s life.                                      Form.

                                                          The Grasslands Regional Division’s 2009/2010
    REMINDER TO USE THE WEB                               Audited Financial Statement shows a deficit of
             PAGE                                         $1,196,317, which is within 3% of the total revenues.
                                                          This overall deficit reflects the jurisdiction’s actual
        Please remember to make use of the BCHS           expenditures over the actual revenues of $455,987 in
website. This site includes some additional interactive   addition to the jurisdiction’s contribution to the fiscal
features that students and parents should appreciate.     correction of $740,330. The jurisdiction’s contribution
Many parents who have used these interactive              to the fiscal correction was calculated by Alberta
features are extremely pleased with the ability to stay   Education based on the reported operating reserves
in touch with what is happening at the school.            at August 31, 2008. Grasslands’ contribution
                                                          amounted to 10.54% of its accumulated operating
Some features will include:                               reserve.
    A place to check for homework
    A new and improved calendar                          Our jurisdiction’s budget is approximately $40 million.
                                                          About 90% of our operating revenues come from
    An easy way to contact teachers
                                                          Alberta Education and about 75% of our expenses
    Access to more school information than was
                                                          are salaries & benefits. About 77% of the Board’s
       previously possible
                                                          operating expenditures go directly to student
                                                          instruction; the remainder goes to other departments
Keep checking our website at
                                                          in the jurisdiction such as transportation, to see the changes.
                                                          maintenance, caretaking and system administration.
                                                          In total, Grasslands spends approximately $12,000
                                                          for each student in a school year.

                                                          Please visit our jurisdiction’s website at
                                                 to review these financial

                                                                GRASSLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOLS -

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