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									December 2009                   Celebrating 50+ Years of Zonta Together

                                Zonta Club                                    Zonta West – Illinois and
                                                                            St. Charles - Geneva - Batavia

       Officers                  President’s Message                               ~ NEXT MEETING ~
     President                                                                       Tuesday, Dec. 1
  Bobbie Gerbrecht                                                                   Holiday Party &
zonta@bobbiegrayson.com          Thanksgiving is one of my favorite                Ornament Exchange
                                 holidays, and I have so much to be         Bring a wrapped ornament, please.
   Vice President
  Brandy Harrington
                                 thankful for this year. Home, family,
    630-254-2452                 friends, country, and a life filled with       Prairie Landing Golf Club,
   blh@trustcoil.com             abundance. One of the greatest joys in     2325 Longest Drive, West Chicago
                                 my life is Zonta; the club, its mission,    Cocktails & Networking–5:30 pm
      Treasurer                                                              Dinner–6:30pm; $25 per person
       Robin Hill
                                 and our local achievements and
     630-845-7962                contributions help fulfill my life. I am
rhill@privatebankandtrust.com    particularly thankful for each of you,             All Zontians are on the permanent
                                 for your friendship, commitment to                reservation list for meetings, unless
Recording Secretary                                                               you’ve made previous arrangements.
  Christie Plotzke               Zonta, and for all that you have                   If you cannot attend, you must
   847-931-2292                  contributed to our club the last two            notify Christie Plotzke (847-931-2292
     cplotzke@the-               years.                                            or cplotzke@the-association.org)
     association.org                                                              one week prior to the meeting date.
                                                                                 Please let her know if you are bringing a
      Directors                  The December Holiday Party promises            guest and/or have any dietary restrictions.
    Carol Patterson              to be an enjoyable evening. The
    630-377-7192                 program committee has surprise
                                 entertainment in addition to our
      Leslie Martin              ornament exchange, and Prairie             Holiday Party Menu
     630-443-0143                Landing always looks festive for the       •     House salad, rolls & butter
lammartin@sbcglobal.net          holiday.                                   •     Chicken Noel: braised chicken
 Mary Beth Markwell                                                               breast stuffed with brie cheese
847-741-5521 ext. 112            As we head into the New Year, we                 with a chambord cranberry
marybeth@gs-sybaquay.org         have a very busy winter and spring.              sauce,
                                 Six months to the end of our Zonta         •     Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
    Theresa Stiven
    630-945-3057                 year seems like a long time, but with      •     Grilled vegetables
   stiven@sbcglobal.net          our busy schedules, it will pass in a
                                                                            •     Coffee, hot tea or iced tea
                                 flash. The January program will be a
  Newsletter Editor                                                         •     Holiday special chocolate lava
     Erika Young                 speaker from the 99’s, an organization
                                                                                  cake dessert and a…
    630-513-4319                 of women pilots that also boasts
eyoung@st-charlesparks.org                                                  •     Champagne toast, compliments
                                 Amelia Earhart as a charger member.
                                                                                  of Prairie Landing
                                 January also finds our Status of
   For more contact              Women Committee working hard at
 information, please             choosing our scholarship recipients
  refer to the Club’s            and reviewing our donation allocations
membership directory.
                                 to our local agencies. In February, our
                                 Nominating Committee will be working

                                 continued on page 2…
Zonta West – Illinois & Zonta St. Charles ~ Geneva ~ Batavia                                     Page 2

 President’s Message
 continued from page 1…                Save The Dates                            MARK YOUR
 on the slate for next year. March     District Conference
 is the United Nations panel on        March 20, 2010                           December 15
 Domestic Violence. And, we host                                                Board Meeting, 6pm
 the District Conference on March      Zonta Club of St. Charles,               Citizen Kane Restaurant
 20. April brings our elections,       Geneva & Batavia is hosting the          in Geneva
 May - our Annual Awards Dinner,       District Conference. This
 and June - the installation of our    promises to be a great
 new Board and Officers.               conference, convenient location,
                                       good food and great programs.
 I look forward to celebrating the     Mark your calendars to network
 beginning of the holiday season       with your District Zontians.
 with you on December 1. To
 those of you who are unable to        International Conference                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
 attend, I wish you a safe, happy,     June 25-30, 2010
 and blessed holiday season.           San Antonio Texas

 Wishing everyone a Happy              This is a marvelous opportunity to
 Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas &       attend an International
 Happy Chanukah!                       Conference state side.
                                       International conferences are
 Bobbie Gerbrecht, Club President      wonderful places to make new             January 5
                                       friends around the world and to          Zonta Membership
                                                                                Meeting, Prairie Landing
                                       learn more about Zonta. An               Golf Club, Networking
                                       International Conference is a            5:30pm; Dinner 6:30pm
                                       definite high point in life.
                                       It always makes clearer the              January 11
                                                                                Amelia Earhart Day
                                       wonderful work we do and the
                                       incredible impact we make on the         January 19
                                       lives of women. You don’t want to        Board Meeting, 6pm
                                       miss this event!                         Citizen Kane Restaurant
                                                                                in Geneva

                                                                                February 2

                                      Christmas Quotes                          Zonta Membership
                                                                                Meeting, Prairie Landing
                                      Christmas waves a magic wand over         Golf Club, Networking
                                                                                5:30pm; Dinner 6:30pm
     Zonta International              this world, and behold, everything is
   is a worldwide service             softer and more beautiful. ~Norman
       organization of                Vincent Peale
   executives in business
     and the professions
     working together to              Love is what's in the room with you
   advance the status of              at Christmas if you stop opening
     women worldwide.                 presents and listen. ~Author
  This newsletter is published        unknown, attributed to a 7-year-old            Jane Gregory
 monthly by & for the members         named Bobby                                    December 16
   of Zonta West – Illinois and
   St. Charles-Geneva- Batavia
         P.O. Box 811                 Even as an adult I find it difficult to        Leslie Martin
     St. Charles, IL 60174                                                           December 27
                                      sleep on Christmas Eve. Yuletide
                                      excitement is a potent caffeine, no        Mary Beth Markwell
                                      matter your age. ~Carrie Latet                December 30

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