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Personal Trainer


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									                                                       Job Profile: Personal Trainer

                                      Personal Trainer

The work                                               • have good organisational skills

Personal trainers provide individual programmes        • have good communication skills and an outgoing
for clients to enable them to achieve their personal   and approachable personality
health and fitness goals.
                                                       • have patience and the ability to motivate and
They educate, motivate and coach clients to help       enthuse people from a wide range of backgrounds
them follow their programmes safely and
effectively, and advise them on health, nutrition      • have a responsible attitude to health and safety
and lifestyle changes on a one to one basis.
Initially personal trainers carry out a consultation   • have knowledge of anatomy and physiology
to determine the client's fitness levels and health
history. This enables them to set realistic short-     • be informed about nutrition and healthy diet
and long term goals and devise appropriate
programmes to meet them.                               • be tactful, diplomatic and discrete.

Personal trainers usually work with clients in
sessions, during which they help them with their       Entry
workouts, typically using cardiovascular, strength
or flexibility exercises. Often these exercises are    Personal trainers are fitness instructors with a high
freestyle and require extra coaching and support       level of experience and advanced qualifications.
from the personal trainer. They monitor and record     You will need at least a level 3 certificate linked to
progress, using various methods such as                the National Occupational Standards developed
measuring heart rate and body fat levels.              for the industry by SkillsActive, the Sector Skills
                                                       Council (SSC) for Active Leisure and Learning.

Hours and Environment                                  This will enable you to gain entry on the Register
                                                       of Exercise Professionals (REPs), which is also
Personal trainers may work a 37-hour week, but         known as the 'Exercise Register'. REPs has been
this is variable as hours are allocated on a client-   set up to help safeguard the health and interests
centred basis and can include evenings and             of people who are using the services of exercise
weekends. Many personal trainers work within a         and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers.
number of clubs and travel time may increase the
working week considerably.                             The Register uses a process of self-regulation that
                                                       recognises industry based qualifications and
Many trainers are self-employed and work hours         practical competency, and requires fitness
to suit themselves and clients. Other trainers work    professionals to work within a Code of Ethical
as gym instructors and personal train outside their    Practice.
normal hours of work.
                                                       Qualifications at level 3 which will give eligibility for
Personal trainers may rent space in a gym, have        entry to the REPs are:
theirown facilities or visit clients in their own
homes.                                                 NVQ Level 3 in Instructing Physical Activity and
                                                       Exercise in both gym and exercise to music
                                                       contexts is awarded by OCR and CYQ. City and
Skills and Interests                                   Guilds are currently still awarding NVQ Level 3 in
                                                       Coaching Teaching and Instructing in the context
To be a personal trainer you should:                   of exercise and fitness.

• be determined and enthusiastic

• be willing to learn new skills and committed to
your own professional development
                                                         Job Profile: Personal Trainer

Related Vocational Qualifications (RVQ) at level 3       Opportunities
as follows:
                                                         Personal trainers are often self-employed and
• CYQ Certificate in Advanced Fitness Instructing        promote themselves as businesses. Others may
(Gym and Exercise to Music)                              work in settings such as health clubs owned by
                                                         large chains, in spas, resorts, on cruise ships and
• CYQ Certificate in Personal Training (general          for large companies providing workplace fitness
populations and special populations)                     facilities. Some trainers may work exclusively for a
                                                         single prestigious client.
A range of providers offer these types of courses
such as Loughborough College. Details of                 The National Register of Personal Trainers has an
approved training providers can be obtained from         online and offline directory, which promotes
REPs. See the further Information section for            qualified and insured UK personal trainers with at
contact details.                                         least 12 months' experience. Their membership
                                                         area also provides business, VAT and tax advice.
Level 3 entry is also possible with:                     Contact details are in the Further Information
• Teachers Certificate from the Keep Fit                 section.
association, Fitness League or Medau Society
                                                         Some personal trainers may move into careers in
• PTI Class 1 Certificate from the military.             sports injury therapy, sports physiotherapy or
                                                         health centre management on completion of the
For more details please contact REPs.                    necessary training.

There are also relevant BTEC HNCs or HNDs,
foundation degrees, degrees and postgraduate             Annual Income
qualifications in exercise and sports science,
sports therapy and sports studies. Graduates with        Figures are intended as a guideline only.
relevant degrees plus six months current work
experience may be given provisional entry to the         Personal trainers are usually paid by the hour for
REPs at level 3. In order to gain full entry they will   each session with a client. There are no set salary
need to show competence in the workplace by              scales. Earnings depend on location, number of
achieving an NVQ.                                        clients and on whether the trainer is independent
                                                         or works for a gym.
Personal trainers must hold adequate public
liability insurance and a first aid certificate          Freelance instructors could earn between £20 and
including a cardiopulmonary resuscitation                £40 an hour. Some popular instructors with high
certificate (CPR).                                       profile clients may earn between £50 and £100 an
                                                         hour. Trainers in full-time employment will typically
                                                         earn between £18,000 and £24,000 a year.

Continuing professional development is necessary         Further information
for ongoing membership of the Register. Training,
workshops, seminars and qualifications are               Loughborough College
available to widen the repertoire of technical skills    Loughborough College
that a personal trainer can offer (eg Swiss ball,        Radmoor Road
walking, cycling and exercise physiology).               Loughborough
Personal trainers are also likely to receive training    Leicestershire
on business planning and consultation skills.            LE11 3BT
                                                         Tel: 01509 215831
Apprenticeships may be available for those under         www.loucoll.ac.uk
the age of 24. In England these are currently
Apprenticeships (level 2) and Advanced
Apprenticeships (level 3). To find out more about
these, visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk
                                                      Job Profile: Personal Trainer

National Register of Personal Trainers

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)
3rd Floor
8-10 Crown Hill
Tel: 020 8686 6464

Castlewood House
77-91 New Oxford Street
Advice line: 08000 933300

Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ)
112 Great Russell St
Tel: 020 7343 1800

City and Guilds
1 Giltspur St

Progress House
Westwood Way
Westwood Business Park
Tel: 02476 470033

   Job profile reproduced with kind permission of SkillsActive Careers – www.skillsactive.com/careers

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