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									Creating Simple and More
Elegant Lifestyle: 11 Ways
  to Slow Down for More
       Joyful Living!

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“Life is full of beauty. Notice it.” – Ashley Smith

We always hear it that life was always easier when we were younger. All we think of
was play and have fun. But as we grow older, the same life we have seems to be more
complex, problematic, and pressure packed? But how so, when we are at a stage
where we are more mature and must therefore already possess the abilities to live
life the way we want?

In reality though, life has always been simple. Each of us is entitled and possesses the
right to a joyful living. The only problem is that we make a big deal out of every
challenge we encounter, thus making life seem to be more complicated than it is.

In order to create a simpler and more elegant lifestyle, you have to slow it down a bit.
Life runs so fast that it seems like we feel the need to chase it. On the other hand,
there’s actually no need to. Remember that you have the control over it, which means
that you can always dictate the tempo. Thus, in order to allow a rather joyful and
more elegant lifestyle, consider these eleven ways of slowing down:

   1. Purchase your needs with cash. Most people don’t realize it but credit cards
      are making their lives more complicated. With a simple piece of plastic on their
      hands, they can easily and conveniently buy anything without and eventually
      ending up regretting the credit card bills by month’s end. But with cash on
      hand, you have no choice but to stop shopping when you run out of it.
   2. Keep your health in check. Living a simpler and more elegant lifestyle isn’t
      possible without your health with you. If you want to make things simple, do
      not compromise your health for worldly desires such as substance addiction
      and bad food.
   3. Avoid reading the minds and actions of other people. Life is complicated
      because we are ought to make it that way. Good and honest communication
      with other people is the key if you want to keep it simple. Sometimes, we
      create conflict and disagreements with others because we tend to see and read
      them in erroneous ways. If we live by the rule of “first impressions, last”, it’s
      always easier to get along with other people out there.
   4. Wake up early. Life is always a rush when you wake up late. It’s a common
      scenario seeing people skip breakfast in order to rush to the office or work. As
      a result, you end up messing up your day simply because you failed to wake up

  5. Get rid of the things that clutter your space. While many things in your home
      are full with sentimental value, they are also the reason why you feel so
      congested. Live a more graceful lifestyle by arranging your space and
      organizing everything. In general, get a fresher environment around you.
  6. Keep your honesty intact. Being simple and elegant means being honest.
      Complicated lives are aggravated when people lie. We fail to see the beauty in
      life if we always resort to lying as a way to escape things.
  7. Get rid of jealousy as well. Jealous people are also those who live ugly lives.
      Creating a simple and more elegant lifestyle requires loyalty and trust to the
      people around you. Thus, don’t build the mentality of always being jealous
      especially when there’s no reason to.
  8. You don’t have to serve and please everyone. If you are a person who loves to
      follow than to lead, one of your probable weaknesses is you are always a
      subject of other people’s command. Put in mind that you’re the boss of your
      own life and you really don’t need to spend all of your time in this world in
      trying to impress everyone. For once in your life, learn to be selfish.
  9. Cook your own food. Fast food chains and preserved foods are part of the life
      of majority of us. As a result, we also tend to believe that life is similar to them
      – instant and fast. But if you spend time cooking your own dinner or preparing
      your own breakfast, you get the feeling of going back to a simpler life. You feel
      more satisfied and with a very minimal effort and time needed, you’re also
      putting yourself into better health.
  10. Love anything that’s worth it. Love makes your world running smooth. If only
      you could maintain an atmosphere of love and prevent hate and anger, there is
      no reason to complicate and cause difficulties in your life.
  11. Emphasize beauty. Life is beautiful and there is no better way to see it that way
      than noticing all the good things life has to offer. Remember that an elegant
      lifestyle does not really mean having all the opportunities, chances, and wealth.
      It is all about making the most out of anything that you have with it.

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