AUGUST 5, 2008

Buster Mowles called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Gayle Furrow, President, requested all cell phone to be turned off.
Gayle started the meeting with the State of the Flock from PHIP. PHIP wants to know
what charities; the clubs are participating in during the year. The PHBR Flock Report
was announced at a total of $3,842.20 raised/donated for charities and man hours was 424
hours, this included the Relay for Life, Childrens Miracle Network, Adopt a Highway,
etc. Other clubs in this area, such as the Square Society are also reporting a smaller
donation figure; the PHBR was down for the last four quarters. The fact is all clubs are
seeing a reduction this year, although, PHBRs man hours were up. There are other
charities that are to be added, in the last quarter of the year, such as the yard sale for the
Memory Walk that will be added. Gayle reported the PHBR is still growing.

Other functions coming in this month are the First Pool Party for the club and of course,
the Concert at Nissan and the bus trip. This club is definitely giving back to our
community. And this is the main reason, we are all here, and personal feelings should
not be a problem, we are here to have fun and raise money for our local charties.

Gayle stated, the State of the Flock would be on our website if any one wanting to review
the report.

The Committees were asked for their reports for the month:

Gail Law, reported on the VT and UVA Basket Gail reports the basket are falling
behind, but the committee had decided to allow the basket to continue until October 7th
monthly meeting and extend the function for another month, giving the club more time to
sell the tickets and collect more donations. Gail stated this money would go directly to
the clubs treasurer for club expenses.

Pool Party Gail reported for Carolyn Wagoner, the Pool Party will be August 23rd and
there will be a sleep over for anyone wanting to spend the night. There will be live
music, games, a DJ, and food provided. The committee is asking for the members to try
to sell more tickets, which are $20.00 each and the party is open to members and non-
members. Members are asked to bring a dish also. The cut off for tickets will be TGIF,
Tuesday social, which will be August 19th; anyone wanting more tickets can pick up
tickets at the social. Wristbands will be provided for persons paying for the party.

Membership Committee Jim Blake reported the total for the club is 129 members, 7
Keets. Jim said this is a slow time for the membership and at Corn Beef, with the Key
West Band; we gave out a lot of application.
Yard Sale Jim Blake reported the Yard Sale date will be October 4th and that donations
are now being taken, if you have large items, to please keep them until the sale. Jim
reports it appears this year Yard Sale maybe larger than last year.

Bus trip to Concert Gayle Furrow reports the bus will be leaving on the north side of
town, since the bus will be coming from Covington and the bus company has requested a
pick up point to be on this side of Roanoke. The cost will be $50.00 per seat and will
leave at approximately 10 or 10:30 a.m. and return at approximately 3:30 or 4:00 am.
There will be a stop on the way up, but no stops on the way back. The company agreed
the driver will stay on the bus.

Tickets to the concert - The club can get more tickets if anyone needs more tickets,
please let Gayle know by August 6th. If a person is not a member, they must join and pay
for the ticket. Babs Allen has tickets on the lawn for sale, if anyone wants a non-member

Becky Asher reported the Memory Walk, will be September 27, 2008 at Hollins
University. The club has committed to a $1,000 pledge and the Famous Chair will be
raffled off at the Pool Party and we still the sales from the yard sale to be added

Gayle Furrow reported the clubs Monthly Newsletter should be submitted to PHIPs for
the national contest, but the club needs a Logo for the Newsletter, and asked for
suggestions. Also, the committee chairpersons, need to get their reports to Becky and
Beth for the newsletter for articles.

Social Committee The 5th Tuesday social was a success at Blues 5 last month. It was not
known this time period was also a Pre-party for the BB King concert, and Glenn and
Becky Asher won tickets to the concert, while attending our 5th Tuesday social. The
restaurant is smoke-free. The club would like to have more suggestions of locations
which are also smoke-free to try at the next 5th Tuesday coming up September.

By-Law Committee Gayle Furrow reports the committee is working on the by-laws and
the next meeting will be tomorrow night at the Mexican restaurant on Peters Creek and
Thirlane Road, at 6:00 pm, anyone wanting to participate please attend. The committee
is hoping to finalize tomorrow night and have a review at the September monthly meeting
for a vote by the members.

Gayle requested the members to start thinking about the nomination committee. The
committee needs to be formed in September and by the November meeting the committee
should have a slate of members for positions.

Gayle reported the Key West has a busy schedule, Charlotte, and Myrtle Beach, please
check their schedule and support our club band.

Tickets are available for the VT and UVA basket, Ron and Gail have the tickets, if
anyone wants to take them tonight.
Della is working on the shirts, hats and possible other items with the clubs logo.

Door prize were drawn, 50/50 was $48.00 and Carolyn won $24.00

Progressive 50/50 is up to $82.00 and no one won this month

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