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Swifts Creek College

   Information Booklet for Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This booklet is designed to give you all the relevant information you will need in order to
prepare yourself and your child for the upcoming two week residential at Typo Station. The
dates for the residential are 2 – 15 May, 2011. This package also includes important health
assessment, living agreement and risk waiver forms that need to be completed and returned
to the school ofice as soon as possible.

The expected outcomes of the residential are;
    A sense of cohesion amongst the group
    Developing an understanding of leadership through experiential learning
    Learning new skills such as navigation, art, drama, blacksmithing, hand joinery,
      camping and many others
    Developing a sense of connectedness and ownership of Typo Station
    Building student/teacher relationships
    Developing an understanding of one‟s strengths and weaknesses

High standards for the acceptance of staff and quality program planning are important
features of Evolve at Typo Station. Student safety is our highest priority and as such, close
supervision and personal support will be provided to your child by our experienced Program
Coordinators, Youth Workers and School Staff. School staff members will be with the young
people at all times throughout the residential and will look after their pastoral care needs as
well as contribute significantly to the outcomes of the program. The Evolve at Typo Station
staff who will be working with your child will be led by Andrew Peach and all are qualified
and experienced at working with young people in the bush. All are experienced educators
and have worked with youth developing leadership skills in the outdoors for some time. They
all have an Advanced Leaders Wilderness First Aid Qualification and will be responsible for
handling any first aid issues as well as delivering the majority of the program. We also need
your cooperation as parents in order to maximize the benefits your child will gain as a result
of their time at the Station.

The same behavior standards apply at Typo Station as they do at school. Students are
expected to treat each other and the staff respectfully. They are expected to eat three full
meals a day and help with jobs including some cleaning, dishes and chopping wood. They
are also expected to treat the equipment respectfully. As most of our equipment is donated
and difficult to come by, any damage or loss through mistreatment will be charged to you. In
the unlikely event that your child cannot maintain high standards of behavior and respect
and must be repeatedly spoken to, you may be asked to come and pick up your child from
Typo Station or pay for their transport back home.

Students will participate in a number of activities whilst at the station including blacksmithing,
hand joinery, art, drama, catering and a six day hike. Specifics about each of these activities
will be discussed at the parent information evening. Needless to say, each of these activities

caters specifically for year 9 students on the Leadership Development Program and they will
be taught the skills required in a safe and secure environment. Students will work in groups
of 10 as they move through each of the activities. They will have the opportunity to choose
one other person they would like to share a tent with and be in a group with. The rest of the
group will be chosen by the teachers attending the residential.

Please read the following information carefully as it provides essential information and dates
relating to the residential that will help you and your child plan and prepare carefully.

I look forward to meeting you all at the upcoming parent information evening.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Peach

Education Program Manager

    Introduction to the Evolve Program
    The program has been designed to offer opportunities to Government Secondary Colleges
    to develop a strong leadership team over three years from Year 9-11. Thirty young people
    are selected from Year 9 in a school and undertake three years of leadership development
    both at Typo Station and in school. Schools are asked to select young people who they
    believe have leadership capacity and will be able to provide a positive influence to their
    peers across the school. This program is designed to assist schools in not only providing an
    exciting learning opportunity for the young people involved, but also to have those young
    people influence others in a positive way and play a role in challenging the way education is

    Elements of the program include:

          Three-year program from Years 9-11
          Three week annual residential experience at Typo Station
          Leadership development skills
          Project management skills
          Community linked real-life learning projects
          In-school project support from our skilled coordinators.
          Extended career opportunities for participating students
          Skilled leadership team development to impact on the whole school
          Possible overseas community expedition in final year of program

    Program Objectives

    The overall objectives of the program are;

          Provide opportunities for emerging leaders to excel.
          Provide opportunities for students to learn and practise extended project
           management skills.
          Provide opportunities for students to learn about and reflect on their own strengths
           and weaknesses.
          Build teacher/student relationships
          Develop positives links with the local community.
          Build a positive culture of learning in the school.

    The program will endeavor to achieve these goals through;

•          Timetable flexibility and designating specific teachers to work with the students
•          Considering the social and emotional needs of adolescents
•          Provide opportunities for deep engagement with learning
•          Provide opportunities for students to engage with community
•          Give students adult-like responsibilities
•          Have special events and programs that interest the students
•          Celebration and recognition of achievements
•          Create special relationships with an adult from within or beyond the school
•          Intensive off-campus learning experiences
•          Develop an understanding and provide opportunities for students to use a clear
           process for problem solving and managing extended projects.

    Required Forms
    1. Evolve Health Assessment Form - You must compete and sign the Health Form in order
    to permit your child to attend Typo Station and to receive medical care if required.

    2. Evolve Living Agreement Form – Both you and your child and yourself must read and sign
    the Living Agreement Form in order to permit your child to attend Typo Station. The form
    ensures that your child understands the Station‟s rules and regulations.

    3. Evolve Waiver and permission Form - You must read and sign the Waiver Form in order
    to permit your child to attend Typo Station.

    Student Arrival and Pick Up
    Students and staff will catch the train from Southern Cross Station to Wangaratta and will be
    picked up by Typo Station staff and driven out to the property. Students will be met at
    Southern Cross Station by teachers and the whole group will journey up on the train
    together. Specific information regarding travel times and ticketing will be discussed closer to
    the date, as V/line have a habit of changing their timetables regularly!

    Health Procedures

    All medications must be given to the Station staff upon arrival. The exceptions to this are
    inhalers for asthma and other respiratory conditions and “epi-pens” for severe allergic
    reactions. All medications must be in a secure container, labeled clearly with the student’s

name and directions for administering. No medication may be kept in the cabins except at
the specific request of the family physician and with the approval of the Head of Operations.
All medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the kitchen.

It is essential we receive the health assessment forms back promptly so that we can call you
if we have any questions about specific conditions. We may ask to speak to your family
doctor as well if we have further questions.

Should your child require any medical attention, they will be assessed by the Typo Station
staff. We have a sick bay on premises for minor ailments. If a more serious matter arises
they will be driven to Wangaratta Hospital and you will be notified by phone as soon as

Food Allergies

If your child has a food allergy, carefully note the specifics on his or her Health Assessment
form and return it to school promptly so we can let our kitchen staff know.


Limited use of laundry facilities is available. Water is both a scarce and valuable resource at
the station. Please mark all clothing, luggage and other belongings clearly with the
student‟s name. The station can not be responsible for lost clothing or property.

Contact with a Student
Evolve at Typo Station maintain a “no news is good news” policy! Mobile phones do not
work up at Typo Station and it is not expected you will have any contact with your child for
the two weeks they are up at the Station. In an emergency, you can contact the school who
will in turn contact Typo Station.

In case of an emergency please contact:

Robert Boucher – 0427 594 366

Gear List for Students.
Typo Station will supply all other equipment needed such as hike gear, sleeping gear and
general living needs. Please do not bring your best clothes. You WILL get dirty whilst at
Typo Station and your best clothing could get ruined.

2 x pair of synthetic track suit pants (or     What NOT to bring
similar)                                       Jeans or denim clothes
1 x pair old jeans                             Cotton jumpers
2 x shorts                                     „Best‟ clothes
6 x underwear (or more!)                       Hairdryers/straighteners or other electrical
3 x T-shirts                                   appliances
4 x wool socks                                 Sporting equipment (there is plenty already
1 x flannel shirt (or similar, with collar)    up there)
2 x woolen or polar fleece jumpers (100%       Excessive make-up or cosmetics
wool)                                          Pocket knives
Work clothes (clothes that can get dirty and   Aerosol cans (eg. spray deodorant)
well worn)                                     Computer games
1 x pair of work overalls (Typo Station can    Mobile phones (they won‟t work anyway!)
supply)                                        Lighters/matches
1 x pair of elastic sided work boots (Typo     Flammable liquids (eg. zippo lighters)
Station can supply)                            Ipods, MP3 players etc.
1 x pair of runners                            Cigarettes or tobacco
1 x pair sturdy walking shoes or boots (well   Non prescribed drugs or alcohol
worn in)
Toothbrush & toothpaste                        **IF ANY OF THE ABOVE ARE BOUGHT
1 x towel                                      TO THE STATION THEY WILL BE
Hairbrush/comb                                 CONFISCATED AND NOT RETURNED
Roll-on deodorant                              UNTIL THE END OF THE PROGRAM**
Small torch (Optional)
Rubber thongs (optional, only to be worn
camera (optional)
Journal (essential!)
Pens or pencils

If you have trouble getting any of the above items, please let Andrew or Rob know as
Evolve can most likely supply you with whatever is missing!

                        Evolve contact Information.
Don‟t hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding the station visit.

Andrew Peach (Program Manager)
Mobile – 0427 670 383
e-mail –

Head Office
2 Alexandra Pde.
Ph – 9416 2322

Typo Station
Rose River Rd.
Ph – 57 298223

To stick on the fridge…
   Parent information evening Tuesday 16th March
   Health assessment, living agreement and risk waiver form
    returned to school by Friday 25th March.
   On Monday 2 May travel to Typo Station
   On Sunday 15 May return to Swifts Creek

Important contacts -

Andrew Peach (Program Coordinator) –
9416 2322 (w)
0427 670 383 (m)

Evolve at Typo Station, Melbourne office –
(03) – 9416 2322

Typo Station, Cheshunt –
(03) – 57298223

In an emergency whilst your child is at Typo, please contact –
Rob Boucher - 0427      594 366


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