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									Position description

Title                        General Manager                     Last update                 March 2011

Reports to                   Managing Partner                    Agreed                      March 2011

Position purpose


   Manage and implement the firms marketing and strategic plan.

   Monitor communication and style guide compliance.

   Ensure effective cross referrals and maintaining relationship programs are in place.

Human resources

       Manage the human resource services for the firm to facilitate staff effectiveness.

   Foster positive employee relations by providing appropriate human resource advice and assistance.

Knowledge information

   Manage firm precedents.

   Ensure all firm precedents comply with Hynes style guide.

Information Technology

       Manage the information technology services for the firm.

Quality assurance

   Manage and implement the firm’s quality systems manual.

Key result area              Accountability

Marketing                       Develop and implement marketing strategies for the firm in conjunction with
                                 the managing partner including:

                                 -   marketing initiatives to promote individual sections of the firm;

                                 -   assist partners and senior lawyers to build their individual business areas
Key result area      Accountability

                             through the use of appropriate marketing initiatives;

                         -   raise public awareness of the firm and its services generally and, in
                             particular, raise awareness in targets groups; and

                         -   increase brand awareness through strategic partnerships and

                        Manage any tender processes from initial research through to completion.

                        Produce or co-ordinate the production of marketing material to support
                         marketing initiatives.

Communication           Maintain communication and style guide manual.

                        Monitor compliance with communication and style guide manual.

                        Train staff members to ensure appropriate style and communication
                         techniques are applied throughout the firm.

Business                Assist partners and senior lawyers to build and manage the firm’s key clients
development /            using relationship plans to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships.
management              Develop business plans and implementation strategies through facilitating
                         workshops with specialised teams within the firm.

Cross referrals         Assist partners and senior lawyers to build and manage cross referral

                        Manage SharePoint pages and follow-ups.

Corporate               Increase brand awareness through advertising, tailored brochures, specifically
communication            designed seminars and client entertaining.

Event management /      Recommend and co-ordinate marketing and other appropriate events as part
sponsorships             of the overall marketing plan.

                        Evaluate sponsorship opportunities and recommend to managing partner
                         showing how benefits will be utilised.

                        As required prepare or co-ordinate the preparation of marketing material to
                         support presentations.

Website                 Ensure website is maintained to a high standard.
Key result area     Accountability

Publications           Manage the preparation and distribution of all e-newsletters and articles for

Human resources        Polices and procedures – Develop (when necessary) and maintain all firm
                        policies and procedures to complement the firm’s strategic direction and
                        objectives including responding to any queries.

                       Knowledge base – oversee the firm’s knowledge base.

                       Recruitment and selection – Manage and participate in the recruitment and
                        selection of new staff in conjunction with the managing partner and partners.

                       Performance management – Manage the performance management system
                        and participate as required. Gather market data in relation to remuneration
                        and benefits.

                       Employee relations – Actively foster positive employee relations and advise
                        management of any potential issues. Point of contact for all staff.

                       Personnel files and correspondence – Oversee and ensure files are
                        maintained and in a well ordered and confidential manner and ensure any
                        necessary actions are actioned appropriately.

                       Statutory compliance – Advise on statutory regulations compliance applicable
                        to our work environment.

                       Inductions – Oversee the firm’s induction plan and ensure it is communicated
                        to appropriate staff members.

                       End of probation reviews – Oversee all end of probation reviews with
                        applicable section leader.

                       Exit interviews – Conduct all exit interviews and communicate results in broad
                        terms to the managing partner.

                       Annual reviews – Conduct all annual staff reviews with applicable section

Quality assurance      Create the firm’s quality systems manual.

                       Provide proposal to managing partner regarding quality assurance

                       Undertake the necessary steps to achieve quality assurance.

                       Manage and implement quality assurance process.

Training programs      Arrange attendance at any applicable external seminars and training courses
Key result area     Accountability

                        as required.

Firm functions /       Organise all staff functions and social events in consultation with the
activities              managing partner.

Administration         Analyse and manage office operations, procedures, purchases, maintenance
                        and administrative systems for the efficient and effective running of the firm’s

                       Manage the office services team ensuring the team’s accountabilities are
                        effectively discharged.

                       Identify training opportunities.

Knowledge              Manage all firm precedents.
                       Ensure all precedents comply with the Hynes style guide.

                       Manage firm precedent development.

Information            Manage the provision of convenient, flexible, secure and reliable access to
management and          information resources by staff.
                       Oversee the research and assess technologies relevant to the operation of the

                       Manage the delivery of information technology services by external providers
                        for electronic communications equipment.

Information            Manage the development, implementation and review of the firm’s information
technology policy       technology policies and procedures relating to the use and protection of the
and procedures          firm’s information technology resources.

Help desk support      Oversee the IT help desk support.

                       Ensure efficient troubleshooting solutions are being provided as and when

Budget compliance      Manage the development of the business support budget for marketing.

                       Manage the development of the business support budget for human

                       Manage the development of the business support budget for administration.
Key result area   Accountability

                     Carry out marketing and human resources activities within budget parameters,
                      reporting on deviations or recommending appropriate action to ensure that
                      they are achieved or bettered.

Learning and         Participate in, and contribute to, any learning and development activities as set
development           out in the firm’s training plan.

Team membership      Participate as an effective member of the business support team.

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