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									                Fairlop Headlines  
                                                                                                                Issue 8
                                                                                                             March 2011

     A Fairlop child was almost hit by a car driving onto the pavement outside school last Thursday
     The boy and his mother were very upset –HE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!!
     Do not stop your car directly outside school and do not drive onto the pavement when children are
     outside school.Thoughtless and dangerous drivers will be reported to the police.

KS2 Sports Day
Oh no! we’ve had to change the date again! Sports day for years 3,4,5 & 6 will now take place on

TUESDAY 28th JUNE at 1.45pm. (Lets hope it doesn’t rain!)

            Calling Reception Parents!                                      Spring is Here!
          Do you have a few minutes to spare                                Do you have any small plant pots which
          during the day to read with some of                               you don’t need?
          our reception children?                                           Please bring them to school so that the
          We want to give children as many                                  children can begin planting and growing!
   opportunities to read as possible. If you
   are able to help for a short time, please
   let reception staff know.

     Don’t forget Open Evening, this Thursday from 4pm-8pm (last appointment 7.50pm). Please see your
     child’s teacher or the school office to book your appointment if you haven’t already done so.
     This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, with the class teacher and your child, to
     discuss targets for future learning. You will also be able to look at a selection of your child’s work.
     We have taken on board some of your suggestions for improvement from feedback sheets completed last
     year and have tried to give you time to get from one class to another . We will endeavour to keep to time
     as much as possible. Unfortunately it is not possible to extend time slots.
     This year we would like you to give us your feedback on Open Evening via the ‘Fronter’ parent room ‘forum’.
     You can access ‘Fronter’ via
     If you do not have access to the internet please collect a form from the office and write your comments
     on it the hand back to the office.)

                        Dhol & Tabla
                        After Easter we will be                 Red Nose Day
                        starting a club for children            The final figure for coffee
                        to play the Dhol and the                morning is £232.72. well done
                        Tabla. The group lessons,               everyone that stayed and had a
                                                                chat and helped raise money for
                        held during a lunch time,
                        cost £27.60p                            the school and Red Nose Day.
                        Please see Mrs Diamond as               Wear something bright raised
                                                                £556.27 for Red Nose Day
                        soon as possible as this
                        club is likely to be popular.
28th March – 1st April    28th                  29th                     30th                                     31st                      1st
                           Y5 Cycling Course    Y6 Weight & Height      Redbridge Mini Games 8.30-3.30          OPEN EVE 4-8pm
                                                       Checks 1.15        Family Numeracy Course 9.20a.m
Week 13                                          FOF meeting 9.30        Full Govs & Finance
4th April                 4th                   5th                      6th                                      7th                       8th
                           Y5 Cycling Course    Year 3- 10am            Family Numeracy Course 9.20a.m          Easter egg hunt &        Easter Assembly
                                                 Performance              1-3 pm. CHS Y2 Indoor Athletics          Easter Bonnet Parade     Fix and Make 2:30-
                                                 Year 4 Production       Year 4- performance preschool                                      3:20pm
                                                 6.30pm (No children       children admitted
                                                 under 12 admitted)       Year 3- 6.30pm performance (No
Week 14                                                                    children under 12 admitted)

                                                   Spring Break- Children return Tuesday 26th April
                                                                          Summer Term
    Week                         Monday                 Tuesday                       Wednesday                        Thursday                    Friday
   25th April            25th                    26th                       27th                                 28th                      29th
                          Easter Monday          School Begins             Finance Govs                        School Street Party      Royal Wedding

    2nd May              2nd                     3rd                         4th                                 5th                        6th
                          MAY DAY                                            Triathlon Y5                       Polling Day-school
                                                                              Tag Rugby 12.30 Ilford              closed
                                                                               Wanderers Yrs 5&6
                                                                              Y4 Colchester Zoo
    9th May              9th                     10th                        11th                                12th                      13th
                                                  Yr1 Natural History                                                                   
 (SATs Week)                                       Museum
   16th May              16th                    17th                        18th Enterprise Day for Year 5      19th                       20th
                                                                            in the upper hall all day                                    Sat 21st Camping FoF

    23rd May             23rd                    24th                        25th                                26th                      27th
                          KS1&2 Speedmark                                   Recorder Festival                  School Closed Staff      School Closed –Staff
                               Assembly                                                                            INSET                     Report Writing Day

    30th May
                                                                                    HALF TERM
    6th June       6th                         7th                       8th                                9th                      10th
                                               New Reception            Governors Standard meeting        Y5&6 boy/girl mixed     Go Bonkers (Fri pm.)
                                                 welcome meeting 9.30     FOF coffee morning                 Kwik Cricket 12-4
                                                                           information about Summer           Wanstead Cricket
                                                                           fete.                              Club
   13th June       13th                        14th                      15th                               16th                     17th
                    Pay Govs Committee         9.30 New Nursery         Yr 6 mixed rounders –Frenford                            
  Shine Week                                     Welcome meeting           1pm
                    School Council visit to
                      the House of
                      Parliament, (15
                      children and 3 adults)
   20th June        20th                       21st                      22nd                               23rd                     24th
                                               Quad Kids Primary        KS1 Sports Day                    Speedmark ‘Sponsored    Speedmark
Sports/Health                                    Athletics 9.30-3                                             Penalty Shoot out)      Year 6 Induction Day –
   Weeks                                         Cricklefields                                                                         West Hatch
                                                                                                                                      25th FOF Summers
                                                                                                                                       Fayre & picnic 12-4
   27th June       27th                        28th                      29th                               30th                     1st
(National Sports    Foundation Stage           Y2 to Southend           Full Govs Meeting                 London Mini Games       Yr 6 take part in
     Week)               Sports                 KS2 Sports Day           Y5 Mini Partnership Festival                                Junior Citizens
 Sports/Health      Sports Presentation                                                                                               Project
     Weeks               Evening

    4th July       4th                         5th                       6th                                7th                      8th
                                                                        ICHS Cultural Day 15 Y6 Pupils    10 Y6 Children to       Picnic on the field
                                                                          Year5 Kentwell                     Redbridge Children
                                                                          Brass Quintet (RMS) 1.45 KS1       Book Awards -JBall
                                                                           & 2.45KS”                         Redbridge Secondary
                                                                                                             OPEN DAY
   11th July       11th                        12th                      13th                               14th                     15th
                                               Year 6 performance to                                      Year 6 party           
                                                parents                                                     Reports go out
   18th July       18th                        19th                      20th                               21st                     22nd
                                               EYFS Open Day –                                                                    School ends at 2pm.
                                                 Transition Day

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