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 Serving the men and women of the Colorado Springs Police Department since 1971
                                                                                                         Volume 13, Issue 8
                                                                                                         August 2009

CSPPA Office
559 E. Pikes Peak #102
                                               ~VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS! ~
Colorado Springs, CO
                                                           Chance to win a Joe Sakic signed
Phone: 719-634-0058                                                 hockey stick!
Fax: 719-634-0755
                                                           Tickets to win the hockey stick for sale now
                                                              at the PPA office $5 each or 5 for $20.
Free: 866-471-6308                                            (Golfers will receive one free ticket at
Critical Incident:                                                          tournament.)
       719-229-9227                                        ~Golf With The Cops~ Fallen Officers Fund~
Hours of Operation                                                     Last chance to sign up!
M-F 8:00-4:00                                              August 14, Friday Shining Mountain Golf Course
Wed 8:00-2:00                                                     Woodland Park- $75 by August 7.
                                                            Christmas at the Broadmoor!
NEW: Introducing Birthday                            CSPPA Holiday Party Sat. December 19th
 Sundaes at Culvers! For
                                                        Rooms at the Broadmoor-$115 !!!
member’s children ages 12
and under, contact the PPA                                 Call 577-5775 for reservations
office to get your certificate                  State you are with the Police Protective Association
for a free birthday sundae.                            And hold that date on your calendar!
Thanks to Culvers for your
      ongoing support!

     ~Vice President’s Letter to the Members~
     Dear Members,

     The last two months have seen our department and our organization mourn the loss of two members, and the serious
     injury of a third. Our collective thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families of those three officers.

     During that period of time I personally authorized money or funds to be released or used for the families of these officers.
     The PPA paid for or spent money to fly loved ones in, to put loved ones in hotels during the days directly after each
     tragedy, and to provide food for the families. It is my personal opinion that this is one of the fundamental cornerstones to
     why this organization was founded and exists today.
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                Having trouble with your health benefits or working with Ameriben?
   Aug 11 from 2-4:00 representatives from Ameriben will be at the PPA office to work one-on-one
    with members who have issues/questions/concerns. Call 634-0058 to reserve a time slot for


Vice President Letter- Continued from page 1

When our members are involved in a tragedy or unfortunate event the PPA’s goal should be to assist that officer and the
loved one’s through those times, although our own bylaws are unclear on our fiscal responsibilities in these situations. I
make no apologies for the decisions I made. In the future the PPA board will concern itself with clarifying our fiscal
responsibilities in these matters.

For years the PPA was considered primarily a social activity organization, however now we are completely focused on
advocating for our members on the issues of pay, benefits, discipline and morale. Some of our recent accomplishments:
A short time ago, the PPA initiated a dialog with staff over our departmental disciplinary process. An officer or department
employee will soon have an established process for requesting a review with a Deputy Chief outside of their line of
command for a Written Reprimand or a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). We also were able to discuss our health
benefits with representatives from the City HR department to promote the possible increase in value of benefits to us since
the cost of our benefits continue to rise. We are working with our attorney in on-going conversation with the department
staff and city attorneys on a proposal to the Civil Service Commission regarding the 30 day continuance without pay as
well as back-pay for officers charged with a felony. We are optimistic that an appropriate compromise can be reached in
these discussions. Additionally, we are in constant meetings with our city council members keeping them in touch with the
issues facing our department, the city, and our members.

Recently our department has experienced several incidents where supervisors have made decisions on the street, which
have caused numerous members to express a myriad of opinions. I have been contacted by many members about these
incidents and have listened intently. I urge all members to trust in the process and relationship we have established with
our staff. Please be assured that during the next Chief’s meeting that these issues will be the focal point of our
conversation. Rumors and emotions serve no one’s cause, and again, I ask that all police officers remain professional and
use the organization and systems in place to voice your frustrations and opinions. The PPA is one of those voices that
members can and should use and I appreciate the amount of people who reached out to me in the last week. I would also
ask and challenge those same people to continue to stay passionate and let that frustration turn to motivation.

This organization is in the midst of a transformation. In November several ballot initiatives may have the potential to
change this city’s political and fiscal futures for the positive. The PPA is and will continue to be very active in supporting
these political initiatives. I would finally like to ask again the members of this organization to recognize the direction where
the PPA is going and the return on investment. The PPA will be asking for a dues increase that will be used specifically
and intentionally to further the interests of all members as demonstrated in this and last month’s news letter.

Thank you,
Pete Tomitsch


                      The world is round and the place which
                      may seem like the end, may also be only
                                   the beginning.
                                                               ~Ivy Baker Priest~

We really ARE a family……..

When Otto Knollhoff hired me, back in January of 2007, he said to me “Welcome to the family” - you
are now a part of something like you have never experienced before. I thought I knew what he was

Over the years I have pondered his comment many times. As I have come to know so many of you, I
thought that I was realizing what this meant- the Family in Blue. However, in recent times, the
demonstration of that sentiment has become truly evident in its reality.

I have never before witnessed the support and outpouring of compassion towards members of
officer’s families as has been seen in the last few months. As we reach out to Officer Kinterknecht’s
family in Montrose (killed in a DV ambush), Officer Heath’s children and in-laws, Officer Builta’s entire
family, and Officer Davis and his family, the selflessness has been incredible and moving.

I wish to acknowledge the ladies of the Officer’s Wives Club. I don’t think they realized how many
times our family would lean on them for assistance when they signed up!  Yet they have done an
exceptional job of taking care of everyone’s needs with just a moment’s notice. And they always do it
with a smile on their face and gladness in their hearts. What about all the officers who have mowed
lawns, and carted drinks to the hospitals, and picked family members up at the airport, and stayed
behind at the hospital to make sure that family wishes were carried out? Selfless isn’t a strong
enough word to express how each and every one of you reacted when your friends and peers were in

You know that your job is not an easy one, and you understood the dangers of it when you took that
oath. But as our community progresses into these unchartered times, I beg each and every one of
you to proceed with caution. I love the way Dick Reisler puts it: “be careful out there… and watch
their hands.”

It is an honor to work with you, to witness your strength and caring for each other, and to have the
opportunity to apply my assets and skills in a way that will best advocate for you. Thanks to Otto, for
seeing the potential fit between this association and my talents. And thanks to all of you, for not only
allowing me~ but also welcoming me into your tremendous family in blue. Now, can we please take a
break, no more incidents, and go back to business as usual for a while?

Robin Rogers

 Absolute Defense Handgun Training
           ~New at the PPA!!!~
 Dennis Juhl and Troy Ward will be teaching certified handgun training classes needed for anyone
 to get a concealed weapons permit. Cost of the class for families of PPA members is $40.00. The
 class for others is $ 50.00. Classes will be conducted at the PPA.

  Dennis Juhl: 719-351-2067
     23 years full time employment in Law Enforcement
     21 years firearms instruction experience.
     3 years as full time firearms instructor Colorado Springs Police Department
     13 years firearms instructor Pikes Peak Community College Public Safety Academy, the last
        4 years as lead instructor.
     Colorado Certified Master Firearms Instructor able to train and certify Law Enforcement
        firearms instructors.
     Armorer Smith &Wesson Pistols and Revolvers
     Armorer Glock Pistols

 Troy Ward:
     10 years full time Law Enforcement Officer
     Certified by State of Colorado as Police Firearms Instructor
     7 years Colorado Springs Police Firearms Instructor

 The class provides training in:
     Safe Handling/Shooting of Pistols and Revolvers
     Home Defense
     Defense away from home
     Deadly force and non lethal force options
     How to properly clean handguns
     How to clear Pistol Jams
     Range instruction and proper shooting techniques.

 Our class is 10 hour course which includes the shooting of Pistols and Revolvers. We provide
 handguns for training in the class, as well as ammunition (if needed). Cost for Ammunition if we
 provide it is $25.00. (1 Box - 50 rounds). Students may also use their own handgun and
 ammunition during the shooting portion of the class.

 Classes start at 8A.M and are completed no later than 6 P.M.

 Web site for more details is:

                                            FROM THE PRIVATE SIDE

By: Dick Reisler (Ret.)                                                                                                 4

If you are the victim of an accident and the “at fault” driver is an unknown, unidentified, hit and run person, under
Colorado law, the driver is considered uninsured and your insurance company pays under the Uninsured Motorist
                                      ~CODE 7 SURPRISE~
Anonymous citizens wish to show their sincere appreciation for all that you do for our community. They are
funding one gift card a month for one lucky PPA member and have asked staff to randomly draw a name once
a month. The winner will be announced in the Centurion, at the PPA board meeting and on
This month’s winner is:

                                                Mike Palmer- 1115
            Please stop by the PPA office no later than Aug 31st to pick up your $10 gift card for lunch at Chipotle!
            Congratulations Mike- and thanks for all that you are doing to serve the citizens of Colorado Springs!

                           ~CSPD Wives Association Monthly Update~
           CSPD Wives Association would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of

   Officer Michael Builta. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

            In light of all the recent tragedies and crises, we invited a grief counselor and a CSPD chaplain to
   our July meeting. If you are struggling with recent events, you are not alone, please seek help. There are
   many resources available to you including EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Counselors and CSPD
                     As novices, we think we’re entirely responsible
                    for the way people treat us. I have long since
                   learned that we are responsible only for the way
                   we treat people.
                                                                ~Rose Lane~

EVENT                                AUGUST                                SEPTEMBER
PPA Board Meeting                   Thursday August 6                     Thursday Sept 3
Extra Hours                         Tues Aug 18                           Tues Sept 22
Extra Duty                          Wed Aug 12                            Wed Sept 16
                                    Thurs Aug 13                          Thurs Sept 17
Retiree Luncheon- Maggie Mae’s      Mon Aug 10, 11:30 am
Informal City Council               Mon Aug 10                            Mon Sept 21
                                    Mon Aug 24
Formal City Council                 Tues Aug 11                           Tues Sept 8
                                    Tues Aug 25                           Tues Sept 22
Office Closed                       Friday Aug 14 (Golf Tourn)            Sept 7 Labor Day

Civil Service Commission Mtg.       Tuesday Aug 4                         Tuesday Sept 1

Absolute Defense Handgun            Sat Aug 8                             Sat Sept 12
Training- PPA Board Room                                                  Sat Sept 26

    CSPPA officially endorses Emergency Network as a state of the art security provider. Thank you to
  Emergency Network for the ongoing donation of the equipment and monthly monitoring for security at the
 PPA office. If members are interested in a security system, please contact Emergency Network at 328-0911.

                                         They offer a 20% discount.

Members, thank you for supporting the businesses that actively support us!



  Shining Mountain, Woodland Park
  Friday, August 14, 2009 RSVP by 8/7
                 8:00 am
                 Shotgun Start
                 Price $75 by 8/7/09
                         $85 at the door

                                                  HURRY- LAST CHANCE-
  Includes:                                        SPACE IS LIMITED SO
  18 holes of golf
  (4 person scramble)                                SIGN UP NOW!
  Cart                                          CSPPA
  Continental Breakfast                         559 E. Pikes Peak Suite 102
  Lunch                                         Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  * One free ticket to win a signed Joe Sakic   634-0058 phone 634-0755 fax
  hockey stick- chance to purchase more
  tickets available at the door!

                         2009 Golf Signup Sheet
Name___________________________ Date______________
Phone________________         _ Pager_____________
Others in foursome: ___________________________________

Amount paid _____________Cash ___ Check____ #_____                            8
July 16

Robin Rogers and the PPA,

I just wanted to thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I know that it was a competitive
process and I am flattered that you chose me to receive this scholarship. College is so
expensive and any money to help me afford tuition and living is greatly appreciated. Thank you
so much for making my hard work pay off.

Amanda Whittington

July 16

Dear CSPPA and Robin Rogers,

I would like to thank you for this wonderful scholarship that will help me to reach my academic
goals. I will be graduating from Colorado State University in December with a Wildlife Biology
degree. Thank you so much for helping me throughout the years of my college career. Again,
thanks so much!

Lauren Lujan


July 24,

Dear PPA Board, Members, Robin and Rhonda,

Thank you so much for the generous donation to assist with Officer Builta’s reception. Your
assistance allowed more money to go to his family and we are grateful for that!

Thank you!
Joel Kern and Shift 3, Sand Creek

Members to Members- Discounts and Deals
     Advertisements are displayed on the website: sponsors and donors/ discounts and
deals. Please check out the discounts offered to members of the PPA on line by the businesses of this
                                       community. Thank you.

                               COPS TO THE RESCUE!
 Many members have a second business providing services to our community. We want to develop a list
 for those who are interested in hiring their peers by including cops and their specific business skills!

 Please contact the office at 634-0058 if you would like to be included on this list. This list IS
 published on the website, which is accessible to the general public. If you
 have concerns about your name and phone number being available to the public please
 contact 634-0058 so that we can remove you from the list. Thank you.

 *Brett Poole                    drywall/ construction                            491-7356
 *Chris Garcia                   power raking/aeration                            320-5003
 *Brian Grady                    tile/ bathrooms/basements                        238-8712
 *Lance Lazoff                   marble/granite countertops                       499-2586
 *Stan Padalski                  painting                                         598-1543
 *Rob McPike                     decks                                            237-6074
 *Paul Malchow                   tree removal                                     339-9981
 *Pete Szentmartoni              frame/trim carpenter/basements                   331-1145
 *Jim Waters                     hardwood flooring/ tile                          235-1875
 *Bob McCafferty                 hardwood flooring/ tile                          330-8204
 *Scott Wisler                   real estate services                             210-4775
 *Judd Tyson                     retirement planning services                     287-0168
 *Lee Doll                       Sprinkler Sys. Install/Repair/Winterization      535-9238
 *Noel Peterson
 *Vern and Stacy Thomson
                           Franklin Gothic to w
                                 NRA Instructor
                                 Children’s Clothing/ and consignment

2009 CSPPA BOARD     Colorado Springs Police Protective Association
Alan Roman           559 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Suite 102
President            Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Pete Tomitsch
Vice President
Shawn Compton
Patrick David
Dave Henrichsen
Sergeant at Arms
Brandon Castro
Colby Doolittle
James Keller
Otto Knollhoff
Roberto Williamson

Robin Rogers
Rhonda Keller                                                         12

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