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A Holistic Community Redevelopment Project

    Avondale Meadows is a collaborative effort between the following organizations:
The Meadows, Indianapolis – Aerial View

The Meadows, Indianapolis - THEN
  1950’s and 1960’s:
   ― The Meadows was “the” place in Indianapolis to live, work & play
   ― Home to business professionals many of whom subsequently assumed
     leadership roles in Indianapolis
   ― Meadows Shopping Center and popular restaurants
   ― Avondale Playhouse: A 1,200-seat theater founded by Allen Clowes and W.
     Taylor Wilson, it was regarded as on the Midwest’s top professional summer
     stock theaters and contracted nationally recognized stage and screen
   ― Residents and retail relocated to the suburbs due to concentrated poverty in 5
     low- income public housing apartment complexes
   ― High crime made the Meadows a place most were afraid to go

The Meadows, Indianapolis - NOW

Cycle of Poverty
  Concentrating people in low income housing communities creates a cycle
  of poverty and despair that is difficult to break.

  To be successful in breaking this cycle, many factors must be combined
  with a long-term commitment such as creating affordable housing,
  reinvestment in the larger community, introducing services for residents
  and encouraging employment opportunities.

  By providing means and opportunities for residents to improve their
  housing and neighborhood conditions, they can work within their
  community to interrupt the cycle of abandonment and neglect by
  reinvesting in the community in ways that will improve the housing and
  create jobs.

The Cousins Vision –
Holistic Transformational Redevelopment
   East Lake – In the beginning (1995)
    ―   “Little Vietnam”
    ―   14% employment rate
    ―   33 – average age of grandmother
    ―   Highest crime rate in all of Georgia
   East Lake Today
    ―   90% + employment rate
    ―   3rd lowest crime rate in all of Georgia
    ―   Charter school among the highest achieving schools in Georgia
    ―   Quality, mixed-income housing, recreation, healthcare
   Requirements for Success
    ― City government and community leaders committed to change (both leadership
      and funding)
    ― A champion (individual, not-for-profit, corporation)
    ― Entrepreneurial talent
    ― Institutional capital
Purpose Built Communities
 Strategic Capital Partners has partnered with Purpose Built Communities of Atlanta,
 Georgia. Established in 2009, Purpose Built Communities is a non-profit
 organization founded by Tom Cousins (developer of East Lake in Atlanta), Warren
 Buffett and Julian Robertson, who are all dedicated to replicating the success of the
 East Lake revitalization across the country.

 Purpose Built Communities assists its Network Members in developing the strategies
 and partnerships needed to holistically transform neighborhoods suffering from
 intergenerational poverty and associated crime.

 SCP is one of seven Network Members:
       Indiana               Meadows Community Foundation (Indianapolis)
       Georgia               East Lake Foundation (Atlanta
       Louisiana             Bayou District Foundation (New Orleans)
       Mississippi           Jackson State University (Jackson)
       North Carolina        Cornerstone Children’s Group (Charlotte)
       Tennessee             Soulsville Foundation (Memphis)

Charter Schools – A Bright Spot in the Meadows

The New “Avondale Meadows” - Overview
   $150 million, 100-acre holistic redevelopment

   Public/Private Partnerships
    ― Strategic Capital Partners, LLC
    ― Meadows Community Foundation
    ― City of Indianapolis
    ― Numerous foundations, organizations and not-for-profit entities - such as State
      Farm Insurance, Citizens Energy Group, Sterling Group, Kite Realty Group,
      YMCA, Goodwill Industries, Clarian Health, Purpose Built Communities (Atlanta),
      Forest Manor Multi-Service Center & United North East CDC

Meadows Community Foundation
 Our Mission
 The mission of the Meadows Community Foundation, Inc. is to support quality education, renew pride and
 confidence, promote reinvestment, and revitalize the distressed Indianapolis neighborhood known as the
 Meadows by creating collaborations among residents, businesses, community leaders, foundations and

 Our Vision
       You cannot transform the dynamics of a neighborhood without providing quality educational
       opportunities. The Meadows Community Foundation, Inc. is a financial partner with two Indianapolis
       charter schools: The Challenge Foundation Academy and Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School. These
       two schools provide high-level, college preparatory, K-12 education to approximately 800 children.
       Our schools are the nucleus for an initiative that will create a bright, new neighborhood filled with parks
       and green space, new single and multi-family residential homes, commercial investment and small
       business opportunities and, most importantly, hope for residents of the economically-challenged
       neighborhoods where we work.
       Meadows Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.                    Revitalizing
       neighborhoods requires access to capital, intellectual property and resources that are only possible
       through partnerships with a wide array of businesses, individuals and other not-for-profits. We could
       not achieve our important work without our community partners.
Partners – Government

City of Indianapolis Mayor’s Office              U.S. Senator Evan Bayh

Indianapolis Housing & Community Development     Congressman Andre Carson

Indianapolis Dept. of Metropolitan Development   Indiana State Senator Jean D. Breaux

Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA)                Indianapolis Mayor Gregory A. Ballard

Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership    Deputy Mayor Mike Huber

Indianapolis Private Industry Council            Director, Dept. of Public Works David Sherman

IndyGo                                           City Councilwoman Christine Scales

US Housing and Urban Development (HUD)           IN State Representative William A. Crawford

                                                 IN State Representative Ed DeLaney

                                                 Marion County Auditor Billie J. Breaux

Partners – Corporate
  A2S04 Architects                 PNC Bank

  B&W, Inc.                        SGN+A Architects

  Baker & Daniels, LLP             Shiel Sexton

  Citizens Energy Group            Shrewsberry & Associates

  Cripe Engineering + Architects   State Farm Insurance

  Enterprise Community Partners    Strategic Capital Partners

  Garcia Construction Company      The Sterling Group

  JHP                              WalMart

  Kite Realty Group                Wellpoint

  Mansur Real Estate Services

Partners – Not-For-Profit
  Audubon Gardens Neighborhood Association               Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

  Butler Avenue-Culver Street Neighborhood Association   Ivy Tech Community College

  Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF)            Keystone/Millersville Neighborhood Association

  Challenge Foundation Academy                           Lilly Endowment, Inc.

  Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School                  Meadows Community Foundation, Inc.

  Clarian Health                                         National Equity Fund

  Coalition of Northeast Neighborhoods (CNN)             Oxford Neighborhood Association

  Concerned Clergy, Inc.                                 Purpose Built Communities

  Devington Communities Association                      United North East Community Development Center

  Forest Manor Multi-Service Center                      United Way of Central Indiana

  Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana                 Wishard Hospital

  Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County         YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

  Indianapolis Black Chamber of Commerce
Avondale Meadows – Phase I
   Master plan completed and accepted by community. Countless community
   meetings to overcome suspicion and obtain community support (pastors,
   neighborhood groups, social service agencies, politicians)

   Site control of 80+ acres and environmental studies complete on majority of

   Multi-family residential development - Construction start Fall 2010

   130,000 SF commercial retail center – Construction start Spring 2011
    ― Working with four grocery store chains for potential anchor

   80,000 sq. ft. community center
    ― Building design and tenant space programming needs are 80% complete
    ― Building budget and fundraising initiated ($12 million)
    ― Goal – to have project funded by Spring 2011
Avondale Meadows – Features
    ― Over 800 housing opportunities including home ownership for low, moderate and middle income residents
    ― Improved environment so the two existing charter schools can continue to thrive
 Community Center
    ― A 75,000 SF facility to offer recreational, health, human and social services to the residents (YMCA, Forest
    Manor, Clarian and United North East CDC)
 Green Space/Connectivity
    ― 5-acre active use park, green spaces, community gardens, walking and biking trails and connectivity to
        surrounding neighborhoods
    ― Job training and placement programs: over 700 jobs during construction and over 450 permanent jobs
        upon completion
    ― Reduced crime by replacing concentrated poverty with mixed-income housing
 Grocery and Retail
    ― A 120,000 SF retail area with a grocery store as well as other retail outlots
 Green Building and Environmental Sustainability
    ― Use of LEED green construction standards and technology to build energy efficient homes and buildings in
        order to lower utility costs and minimize environmental impact
    ― A health campus with Clarian and Wishard with cutting edge research and treatment for urban challenges
        like diabetes, obesity, childhood diseases, etc.
East Village at Avondale Meadows – Phase I
     Strategic Capital Partners/The Sterling Group   LP Equity, Federal & State    $14,326,142

  partnership                                        City of Indianapolis            $500,000

     $27 Million, 248-unit, Mixed-Income Apartment   NSP – City of Indianapolis     $1,000,000

  Housing Development                                HOME – City of Indianapolis     $750,000

    Funding – Unique Capital Stack                   CDBG – Disaster                $3,376,553
     750 Construction jobs and 450 Permanent Jobs    1602 Funds                     $5,884,909
                                                     Deferred Development Fee        $660,000
    Groundbreaking Slated for October 2010           Note

                                                     TOTAL SOURCES                 $26,497,604

Avondale Meadows – Watercolor Sketch
                        Community  Center
  Charles A. Tindley 
  Accelerated School
                                              Challenge Foundation 

                                5 Acre Park

Community Center
 Preschool, elementary and teen programs
 After school and summer camp programs
 Community college courses (Ivy Tech, Marian University)
 Life Skills classes (parenting, financial, home ownership)
 Music, dance & art programs/classes
 Community meeting rental space
 Reading programs
 GED program
 2 Gymnasiums
 Outdoor play area
 Health clinic

The New “Avondale Meadows”
   Senior housing (150 units)

    ― Start 2011 (projected)

    ― In partnership with United North East Community Development Corporation

   Town center, multi-family project (200 units)

    ―   Phased 2012 – 2015

   For-sale townhouses and single family homes (175 units)

    ― Phased 2012 – 2016

   Health Campus – Beta site for developing strategies for preventing and treating
   urban diseases such as diabetes, obesity, children’s diseases, etc.

   Sustainable/Green Neighborhood

   Miscellaneous commercial – Town Center and 38th Street

Avondale Meadows – Proposed Site Plan


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