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									"Best New Security Products"
"Avigilon's High Definition Video Surveillance Systems,
 which include cameras up to 16 megapixels and high
    capacity recorders, offer much sharper images,
  improving public safety, and protecting companies
              against theft and vandalism."
Sales and Marketing Intelligence
 ▌   Introductions-the team behind your efforts
 ▌   Grow with us-positioning for the win
 ▌   Recent press announcements
 ▌   Training and Certification-The Avigilon University plan
 ▌   4.0 Avigilon Control Center Licensing scheme
 ▌   4.0 Avigilon Control Center Point Of Sale
      Transaction Module
 ▌   4.0 Avigilon Control Center Alarm Module
 ▌   Avigilon 180° and 360° camera introduction and pricing
  The Avigilon Sales and Marketing Intelligence Process

Field Sales                                  Marketing

  • Customer Reaction                            • Product Updates
      • Large Opptys                              • Pricing Updates
• Competitive Activities      Market Info            • Promotions
     • Support Needs          Product Info      • Channel Activities
 • Win/Loss Reporting                         • Sales Support Tools
                                                     • Positioning

    The Avigilon Team
    Beyond Your Sales Director

•Inside Sales
          Krishna Kumari
                                                              •Credit Manager
•Pre & Post Sales Support                                          Andy Fyfe
          Robert Lay (EMEA)                                   •Manufacturing Director
          Robert.lay@avigilon.com                                 Manny Gill
          Andrew Mansell (Americas)   1-888-281-5182              Manny.gill@avigilon.com
                                                              •Vice President of Engineering and Product Development
•Director of Technical Services                                    Andrew Martz
           Amir Javidan                 1-888-281-5182             Andrew.martz@avigilon.com
                                        604-629-5182 x 2133
          Amir.javidan@avigilon.com                           •Vice President/Global Sales and Marketing
                                                                   Dave Tynan
•Product Manager                                                   Dave.tynan@avigilon.com
          Rick Ramsay
          Rick.ramsay@avigilon.com                            •President/CEO
                                                                   Alexander Fernandes
          Building the brand
Our objective: #1 end-user satisfaction by
 providing greater performance, value,
ease of use, reliability, customer service,
         and market innovation

   ▌ To date, over 2000 systems installed
   ▌ 39 countries worldwide

   ▌ Growing an average of 25% quarter on quarter

   ▌ Expanding by doubling the global sales force
   and adding companies in EMEA and Asia Pacific
   w/in the past year to respond to market reception
Two Key Slides to Remember
The Avigilon game changer:
“It’s the engine”

  Avigilon develops and markets High Definition video
 surveillance content management systems that enable
the user to instantaneously identify details necessary for
     positive identification of events and evidence.

-The world’s first open performance platform that was designed to
manage millions of pixels of information, vs. previously introduced
 Network Video Management Systems that were designed for
                       thousands of pixels

 -The only solution worldwide that provides the ability to recover
                 visually lossless archived video

          -We also happen to have the broadest range of megapixel
                      cameras in the world!
 The Simple Threefold Equation
 Avigilon path to value and performance

  Pixels on target
+ Ability to manage video effectively
= Saves time and money

                               Avigilon Confidential
Vertical Market Fit
HD systems provide justification as a business and compliance tool
as well as security and surveillance in the challenging economy

    •Education (campus)

    •Infrastructure (petrochemical/water treatment/power stations)

    •Corporate/Hospitals (campus and process)

    •Public Venue (stadiums/arenas/metropolitan grids/first

    •Transportation (rail/airport/ports)

    •High value distribution/manufacturing (food
    processing/pharmaceutical/computer chips)

                                           Avigilon Confidential
Recent Global Press Releases
▌   Avigilon Named Founding Partner of
    University of Southern Mississippi National Center
    For Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4)

▌   Avigilon Links High Definition Video with
    Point of Sale Transaction Data

▌   Avigilon Introduces New Version
    of Popular Online System Design Tool
Avigilon Named Founding Partner of
University of Southern Mississippi National Center
For Spectator Sports Safety and Security

   ▌    NCS4 is dedicated to studying techniques to mitigate the
        security risks inherent with large spectator sport venues
   ▌    Avigilon making three year commitment
   ▌    Contributing to the professional development of students,
        faculty and programs
   ▌    Providing training, research, technology, and scholarly
   ▌    High Definition surveillance represents a major
        advancement in the tools available to effectively ensure
        spectator safety and security
     Version 4.0 Open System and Enterprise
▌   Support for third party IP cameras
▌   Support for alternate industry compression technologies: H.264,
▌   Ability to configure redundant mirrored recording to multiple NVRs
▌   Automatic failover recording of cameras to an alternate NVR
▌   Ability to backup and restore video to an offline device
▌   Audio support for streaming and recording
▌   Integrated evidence reports
▌   Bookmark protection
▌   Alarm Management
▌   Advanced Mapping Integration
▌   Web Page Integration
     Avigilon Links High Definition Video with
          Point of Sale Transaction Data
▌   Module links live and visually lossless recorded High
    Definition video with transaction
▌   Helps users reduce shrinkage and theft, liabilities, address
    compliance requirements, service level improvements and
    process efficiencies
▌   HD video provides indisputable and instantaneous evidence
▌   Associates multiple transactions with single camera for
    reduced system costs
▌   Industry’s fastest search engine
▌   Exception reporting can be mapped to on screen alerts, email
    alerts and other system functions
        Avigilon Introduces New Version
     of Popular Online System Design Tool

▌   Updated version to accommodate enterprise
    system designs and multiple compression

▌   Resulting design a predictable and stable end-to-
    end Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System
                Avigilon Introduces New Version
             of Popular Online System Design Tool
1) Recommends the appropriate camera and lens combination defined by
   pixels on target

2) Select retention time
          -Option for data aging
          -Tool chooses appropriate NVR
          -Camera and system bandwidth calculated
          -Processor requirements identified

          Tool capable of combining
                   -Avigilon cameras
                   -Third party analog Cameras
                   -Third party IP cameras

3) Bill of materials generated with all configurations needed for reliable
   installation and performance
Avigilon University

▌   4 Separate Streams
    ▌   Sales
    ▌   End-User
    ▌   Field Engineer
    ▌   Advanced Field Engineer
▌   All content hosted online, 4-6 modules per stream, ~10 minutes per
▌   Online exams for each stream will generate a certificate that can be
▌   Streams will be complete and available on the web in December,
Avigilon University – Sales

▌   Corporate presentation

▌   Camera & Lens Selection

▌   Building an HD Surveillance System Using the NVR Storage Estimator

▌   Demonstrating the Avigilon HD Surveillance System

▌   System Value Engineering & Growing With Avigilon
Avigilon University – End User

▌   Viewing Live HD Surveillance in ACC

▌   Identifying, bookmarking, and exporting events in recorded HD Surveillance

▌   Avigilon Control Center Player

▌   Using Maps & Saved Views
Avigilon University – Field Engineer

▌   Camera Installation Tool

▌   Setting ACC HD NVR Settings

▌   Setting up ACC HD IP Camera, 3rd party cameras, and Encoder Settings

▌   HD Point-of-Sale Transaction Engine Setup

▌   Avigilon HD Dome Camera installation
Avigilon University -
Advanced Field Engineer
▌   Advanced Network Design

▌   ACC HD LPR System Design and Installation

▌   ACC Integration Modules Installation and Configuration

▌   Advanced HD Point of Sale Transaction Engine Setup
Understanding Licensing
▌   Every NVR is independent for licensing and manages it’s own
    licensing and connections
▌   All licensing is ‘connection’ based, no license is needed until a
    connection is made
▌   Licensable features
     ▌    # of connected cameras
     ▌    # of connected clients
     ▌    # of audio channels
     ▌    # of POS streams
     ▌    # of LPR lanes
     ▌    SDK connection allowed
     ▌    Integration Module connection allowed (Lenel, etc)
Understanding Client Licensing

▌   Every NVR can always connect to a single client, additional client connections can
    be purchased via one of two part numbers
     ▌   HD-VIEW-CLIENT, a single client connection
     ▌   HD-VIEW-CL-SITE, an additional client connection for all NVRs at a single site
▌   A site is defined as a single contiguous network, all NVRs must be on a network
    that allows communication between NVRs
▌   All installations of the ACC Client software can connect to multiple NVRs, this
    feature is always available and is independent of the licensing model in place on
    the NVRs
Understanding Client Licensing

              8C-2.5TB-HD-NVR        16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR     16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR

    ▌   Without any additional licenses this would work, the single client could
        simultaneously connect to all three NVRs
Understanding Client Licensing

              8C-2.5TB-HD-NVR        16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR     16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR

    ▌   In this case only one client could be connected to a single NVR at any
        given time, it could be either of the clients of a mix but each NVR would
        only allow a single client connection
Understanding Client Licensing

              8C-2.5TB-HD-NVR       16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR    16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR

              1 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT   1 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT   1 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT

    ▌   Purchasing 3 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT would allow both clients to
        simultaneously connect to all three servers
    ▌   Purchasing a single HD-VIEW-CL-SITE would accomplish the same thing
Understanding Client Licensing

              8C-2.5TB-HD-NVR        16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR    16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR

               1 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT   1 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT    1 x HD-VIEW-CLIENT

    ▌   When a fourth server is added it would only be able to connect to a single
        client if standard client licenses were purchased
Understanding Client Licensing

              8C-2.5TB-HD-NVR       16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR                 16C-5.0TB-HD-NVR

                                                   1 x HD-VIEW-CL-SITE

   ▌   If a site client license had been purchased they would reference the
       original project/PO when ordering the fourth server and would receive the
       additional client license required for that machine at no charge
ACC Alarm Management
▌   Expanded alarm handling functionality to allow bi-directional
    communication of alarms and events with access control products
▌   Initial integrations to GE FcWnx and Cardax are being completed
    others will follow, functionality will be also be useful in non-
    integrated systems as well for managing video alarms
▌   Allows information to pass between systems including alarm
▌   Structured workflows of assignment and acknowledgement from an
    integrated Alarm stack or queue
▌   Enables ACC to be the top level GUI when completing an integrated
    video / access control installation
    ACC HD POS (Point-of-Sale) Transaction Engine
▌    Transaction information is linked to associated video to allow instant review of
     the associated video for all recorded transactions
▌    An intuitive interface allows for filtering of the transaction data and the creation
     of exception events when transactions match certain Boolean criteria
▌    Exception events can be mapped to on-screen alerts, e-mail alerts, and other
     system events
▌    All transaction data is stored in a high performance database allowing rapid
     searching for transactions from a specified time period, that contain specific text,
     or meet specific criteria
▌    Multiple streams of transaction/text information can be associated to a single
     HD/Megapixel camera allowing multiple registers to be covered by a single
ACC HD POS (Point-of-Sale) Module Pricing

        Model No.       Description                                           MSRP

                        Avigilon Control Center Point of Sale (POS)
                        Module Licensing and Serial Servers - Available
                        Q3 2009
        ACC-POS-1STR    Avigilon Control Center POS Module SW license for      $ 225
                        recording a single stream of transaction details. A
                        serial server like ACC-POS-HW-2S is required.

        ACC-POS-HW-2S   2 port serial server to allow two streams of RS232     $ 513
                        serial transaction information to be converted and
                        transmitted over the network to an Avigilon Control
                        Center server.
8.0MP-HD-DOME-180 & 8.0MP-HD-DOME-360
▌   4 x 2MP sensors, up to 7 ips
▌   Total horizontal resolution of 6400 pixels
▌   Available commercially at the end of Q4
▌   Fixed focal length lenses pre-installed, f/2
▌   Color only, no day/night functionality
▌   Single Cat5 cable, single ACC license
▌   4 separate image streams organized in a
▌   Same mounting accessories as the
    standard Avigilon HD-DOME-DN cameras
    (IP66 base and pendant, indoor electrical,
    and in-ceiling)
▌   MSRP $1495 USD
8.0MP-HD-DOME-180 & 8.0MP-HD-DOME-360
                   Service Level Update
• Avigilon Control Center shipment within one business day of order

• HD Box Body Camera shipments up to 30 pieces within 3 business days

• HD Dome Cameras shipments up to 10 pieces within 3-5 business days

• Pro Series Cameras (and EF Mount Lenses) shipment within 7-10 business days

• Encoder shipments up to 10 pieces within 3 business days

• Expansion Units have a 2-3 week lead time, several are stocked

                                 Avigilon Confidential

 Thank you for your time and interest!

For more information, please visit avigilon.com or
email us: sales@avigilon.com

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