Manmade fibre Manufacturing- post spinning process by sen29iit

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									Post Spinning Operations

                          R.Senthil Kumar,
                Assistant Professor (SRG),
          Department of Textile Technology,
                         Tamil Nadu, India
Spin Finish
                      Spin Finish
• Spin finish application is necessary to make the yarn more
  pliable, antistatic and more moist.

• Without the correct spin finish, no yarn package could be
  wound, no staple fiber produced and no yarn would reach or
  pass through further processing.

• The incorrect or non-optimal spin finish can easily increase
  yarn break rates by one or more factors often.
A good spin finish must satisfy the following conditions:
•   good and stable solubility or dispersability
•   good filament to filament cohesion
•   non-sticky
•   no migration from the yarn surface
•   can be easily washed off
•   effective at minimal oil on yarn levels
•   biologically biodegradable and non-toxic

    There are, additionally, various further requirements which
    depend on further processing, such as good heat stability,
    particular fiber to metal or fiber to fiber friction, and—on the one
    hand—good fiber cohesion and good sl
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