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					Volume 37 No. 18                      Organ of the SOCIALIST UNITY CENTRE OF INDIA
May 1, 2004                          Founder Editor-in-Chief : COMRADE SHIBDAS GHOSH                                                            Price : Rs. 2.00

Iraq up in arms against US imperialism
    To say that the position of the      with a concentration of Sunni            and therefore not much opposed to        Baghdad itself, Kufa, Amara, Kut,
US forces in Iraq at the first           population,        there        was      US occupation. Had not the USA           Hawijah, even Basra in south Iraq
anniversary of occupation of that        understandably       some      Iraqi     taken care to pack the puppet Iraqi      and other places. In a word, the
country is not a happy one, would        resistance in favour of the deposed      Governing Council set up by it with      whole of Iraq is up in arms against
be an understatement. For the past       President Saddam Hussein, who            Shias who were expected to be            the US invaders. Iraqi resistance is
few months, US media had given           was a Sunni, which would die out as      relatively friendly?                     on from Kirkuk in North Iraq to the
the world to understand that except      the mopping up operation by US                                                    far south of the country. A militia led
for the so-called Sunni-triangle         troops continued; most other areas       Mounting Iraqi Resistance                by Al-Sadr, known as the Al-Mahdi
comprising Tikrit-Ramadi-Fallujah        of the country were inhabited by the     Jeopardizes Bush’s Plans                 army, is spearheading the Shia
areas, the rest of Iraq was under US     majority Shias who were considered           But the developments of the past     uprising. Reportedly, in many cities,
control; as for the triangle itself,     to be anti-Sunni and anti-Saddam         one month or so have changed all         followers of Al-Sadr control the
                                                                                  that. Iraqi resistance in the triangle   streets and hold the police stations;
                                                                                  has stiffened. Following the killing     the authority of the US-appointed
                                                                                  of 4 US security contractors by Iraqi    Governing Council is virtually
                                                                                  freedom fighters at Fallujah, US         nonexistent; the Iraqi security force,
                                                                                  marines supported by the US-formed       a US creation, is reportedly ‘‘melting
                                                                                  so-called Iraqi security force           down’’ at the sight of Al-Mahdi
                                                                                  launched a full-scale attack against     militia. US administrators have
                                                                                  them. But having failed to defeat        declared Muqtada Al-Sadr an
                                                                                  them, the US-led coalition force has     ‘‘outlaw’’ and ordered his arrest ‘‘if
                                                                                  had to negotiate a cease-fire with       he can be found’’! Al-Sadr, on his
                                                                                  them, an ignominy hitherto               part, has declared himself head of an
                                                                                  inconceivable for the only super         Iraqi government. Before the
                                                                                  power on the planet.                     invasion, the USA assessed, based
                                                                                      Most      disconcertingly,     the   on intelligence reports, that there
                                                                                  majority Shias too, have swung into      was animosity between the Shias and
                                                                                  action against the occupying forces.     the Sunnis. It thought it could utilize
                                                                                  Muqtada Al-Sadr, a radical Shi’ite       the Shia-Sunni divide in its favour.
                                                                                  leader, is leading the Shia uprising.    But in pratice, it found no Shia fifth
                                                                                  There have been fighting in Najaf,                            Contd. on page 2
             Iraqis rejoicing over a destroyed US military vehicle

    Vajpayee’s overture to the Muslims                                                                                     Modi too did oblige. After
                                                                                                                           butchering thousands of innocent

  Height of hypocrisy
                                                                                                                           people including women and
                                                                                                                           children, Modi is now busy in
                                                                                                                           helping the perpetrators of this
                                                                                                                           worst crime, most of whom are
    Until the last election, the BJP     hands with the blood of innocent         the Goa conclave of the party            Sangh Parivar members, to get away
pretended as if it did not care what     carnage victims. After the state-        immediately after the Gujarat            without any punishment. Even the
the people       belonging to the        sponsored pogrom in the BJP-ruled        genocide, Narendra Modi, the             Supreme Court observed that
minority communities thought about       Gujarat that took an unprecedented       criminal chief minister of that state,   Modi's cruelty and bestial proclivity
them. It was overzealous with its        toll on the life and livelihood of the   who supervised the planned               made him comparable to Nero, the
Hindutva agenda, spewing venom           minorities, Atal Behari Vajpayee         savagery on the hapless religious        hated autocratic Roman emperor
against the religious minorities,        blamed the Muslims by saying that        minority, was given a hero's             known for reaping a grim harvest of
pandered to Hindu-fanaticism and         wherever Muslims lived, “they            welcome in presence of Vajpayee          the lives of innocent slaves. But
made     hero     of     the   worst     create trouble and cannot live in        himself. In fact, Vajpayee advised       Vajpayee did not utter a single word
communalists who stained their           peace with others.” Not only this. In    Modi to perform his rajdharma.                                 Contd on page 3

PAGE TWO                                                                   MAY 1, 2004                                                   PROLETARIAN ERA

  Iraqi resistance grows defying US savagery
Contd. from page 1                         predetermined one to fulfil its           important rating for an incumbent             USA and Britain are reportedly
columnists. When the going became          imperialist design and clamour about      President, had fallen to a                working on the resolutions to be
tough during the invasion, the USA         Iraqi WMD was motivatedly                 dangerously low 43 per cent.              placed before the UNSC to spell out
tried to incite the Shias against          orchestrated to provide the excuse,                                                 the UN role and that of the proposed
Sunnis, but that too failed. And now,      the ‘‘justification’’ for the invasion    US Imperialist Plans to                   new international force. Outlines of
all Iraqi’s, Shias and Sunnis alike,       of a sovereign country ravaging it.       Wriggle Out of Tight Situation            this latest US scheme would be clear
have risen up in countrywide               The ‘‘proof’’ of Iraq’s possession of         The message is not lost on            when these are finalized.
rebellion against US occupation.           WMD was provided by US                    President Bush. With the US                   A sinister long-term US
The US troops are resorting to             Intelligence reports cooked up to suit    presidential poll not far off, and also   imperialist plan came to light on 19
beastly barbarity like mass killings       the evil purpose. This is getting more    because of the 30 June date line for      April when it became known that
of Iraqi civilians and savage torture      and more corroborated in course of        Iraq already announced by his             President Bush had approved a plan
on the Iraqi prisoners.                    investigation by an independent           administration, he must act fast, with    to commit $ 660 million over the
     President Bush’s plan for Iraq is     committee that is on in the USA.          the twin objective of reducing US         next five years to train, equip and
in a quandary. The plan was to effect      Faced with this inquiry, the White        troop involvement in Iraq and             provide logistical support to forces
a reduction of US troops in Iraq to        House has been forced to release an       organizing the show of handing over       to be raised in third world countries
assuage outraged US public opinion         intelligence memo that had been put       power to the Iraqis while keeping         to participate in peace keeping
and to organize a show of ‘‘transfer       up before President Bush on 6             the US control over Iraq unimpaired.      operations anywhere on the globe.
of sovereignty to the Iraqis’’ by 30       August, 2001, 36 days before 11/9/            The USA, having failed this time      This scheme, named Global Peace
June this year through modalities to       2001 that mentioned about possible        to use the UNO as rubber-stamp to         Operations Initiative (GPOI), is
be worked out by the Iraqi                 terrorist attack in NewYork,              endorse its nefarious imperialist         aimed at relieving the pressure on
Governing Council which would              hijackings,       air   planes     and    designs as has been its practice, went    US troops to join such operations.
keep US imperialist control over Iraq      involvement of Al Quaeda. But the         ahead with invasion of Iraq in total      The idea is simple. The USA is
intact. But hardly a day passes now        administration did not act upon it.       disregard of the UN. But now, in the      finding it difficult to man its
without fresh US casualties, official      Richard Clarke, a former US               face of the Iraqi imbroglio, it wants     imperialist military expeditions with
US figures for which have rapidly          counter-terror chief who worked           the UN to rescue it, and is poised to     the American youth in the face of
mounted to 600 plus from 200, the          under both Clinton and Bush,              cunningly pass on to it the onus of       mounting pressure of domestic
last figure given out. As per US           testified that the Bush administration    working out and installing an interim     public opinion. Through the GPOI,
Congress resolutions, the number of        showed no urgent concern about the        Iraqi administration that would           the USA plans to have a permanent
US troops was to be reduced.               Al Quaeda threat before the 11/9/         succeed the Governing Council on          pool of armed personnel at its
Accordingly, the Pentagon had              2001 attacks and even after it, it was    30 June. Lakhdar Brahimi, an UN           disposal for this purpose, luring
announced the plan to reduce troops        more obsessed with Iraq. To quote         envoy, is already engaged in drawing      them with money and bribing their
from the present 135,000 to around         him, Iraq was ‘‘ an idee fixe, a rigid    up a plan for this. But who will          governments for providing them.
100,000 by the summer. But the             belief, received wisdom, a decision       protect the UN personnel that will
current adverse military situation has     already       made’’     within    US     have to be in Iraq for this from the      Latest Sinister US Moves On
meant that instead of a reduction,         administration. And Colin Powell,         wrath of the Iraqi people who can         Palestine
fresh reinforcement is on the cards.       the US secretary of state, has had to     never forget the murderous sanctions          The ugly face of US
Spain, a member of the US-led              publicly admit recently that the US       imposed on their country by the UN        imperialism has once more been
invading coalition, witnessed a            intelligence data that he had             at the behest of USA for over a           nakedly revealed by some recent
change of government due to                presented as evidence before the UN       decade, bleeding Iraq white ? So, it      developments about Palestine.
mounting public pressure against           Security Council to justify the           is necessary to have more troops in       Pursuing its programme of state
closeness with the US, and the new         Iraq invasion might not have been         Iraq, from countries other than the       terrorism named ‘‘targeted killing’’,
Spanish premier has ordered the            ‘‘that solid.’’                           USA but under overall US                  Israel has physically annihilated
Spanish troops in Iraq to ‘‘withdraw            The inescapable conclusion is        command, ostensibly for protecting        scores of leading Palestinian
as soon as possible.’’ The Governing       that       the      US      imperialist   the UN personnel but fitting into the     freedom fighters through launching
Council is loosing its utility as a tool   administration is not really              overall US design to keep Iraq            attacks within Palestinian territory
to implement US imperialist design.        concerned about the safety and            ‘‘pacified’’ with less number of US       at will. It has even threatened to
One of its leading members, Ahmed          security of US citizens or serious        troops, although about 100,000 of         target and anihilate Yasser Arafat
Chalabi, chosen for being a pet of the     about fighting terrorism. The bogey       them would still continue to be in        himself, the Head of the Palestinian
US administration and the Pentagon         of terrorism was raised and               Iraq to protect its sovereignty ! The     state ! In the latest strike, Hamas
for long, is so unpopular in Iraq for      intensified to justify the pre-           USA has already asked over a dozen        leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi was slain.
being a traitor to his country that        mediated invasions of first               countries including India, Pakistan       While a host of countries including
reportedly, even the USA may be            Afghanistan and then Iraq, the latter     and France to join a new                  Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iran,
forced to drop him from the new            sought to be justified by cooked up       international military force for this     Jordan, Malayasia, China, Russia,
Iraqi administration that is slated to     intelligence data to suit the evil        purpose. The Vajpayee government          France, Germany and Japan have
take over from the Council on 30           design, and the 11/9/2001 terrorist       in Delhi has not yet responded            condemned the assassination and
June. And Ayatollah Ali Sistani, who       strikes in the USA provided a handy       officially, presumably to avoid           even Britain, the European Union
has considerable influence on the          opportunity. It is not that the US        adverse public reaction on the eve of     foreign policy chief and the UN
Shias, has called for direct               electorate is blind to this and does      the Indian election. But it is not        Secretary General Kofi Annan have
democratic elections to effect a           not perceive the potential of Iraq to     unlikely that the new government          had to do so, the USA defended the
transfer of power to the Iraqis, and       embroil USA in a long conflict, of        that would be set up in Delhi after       assassination ! Any right-thinking
refused to talk to the Americans.          Iraq developing into another              the election, led by either of the two    person should ponder : If it goes on
     Despite concerted propaganda          Vietnam, although President Bush          combinations trusted by Indian            like this, where will it end up ?
by the US administration that              resolutely rebuffs that idea as he        monopolists, would agree to the US        Whither Zionist terrorism is taking
Saddam Hussein had stockpiled              must. This has been reflected in a        proposal to get closer with the USA       the world ? And it should be an eye
WMD which justified the US                 recent opinion poll in the USA that       and Indian troops would be in action      opener to those in this country who
invasion, few believed that to be          has revealed that President Bush’s        in Iraq as cannon fodder to further       may still have some illusion about
true. The US invasion was a                job approval figure, the most             US imperialist design.                                          Contd. on page 8
PROLETARIAN ERA                                                           MAY 1, 2004                                                           PAGE THREE

Minorities must see through Vajpayee’s hoax
Contd. from page 1                        taking steps against those who            publicity of ‘development’ and           sqaubbles and cover-up the RSS and
against him. Nor has he protested         planned and executed the Gujarat          ‘shining image’ would not dissuade       Sangh Parivar link. Once again, the
against any of the actions or             mayhem? Rather when he is putting         people from bursting in protest and      class and the party felt the necessity
provocative speeches of Togadia-          such enigmatic frown on his               embrace the course of movement. It       to repeat the old ploy. So Vajpayee
Singhal brigade of the VHP, the           forehead, chief ministers hailing         is the democratic mass movement,         wears a radical mask, rues the
Hindutva zealots who thrive on            from his party, such as Uma Bharti        the conscious united mass action         felony, sheds crocodile tears and
minority        bashing      and          are openly pursuing Hindutva              that the class and its servitors dread   plays the ususal rhetorics to the
fundamentalist paranoia.                  agenda and bullying the minorities        most. Hence they seek to divide and      gallery to indicate as if he is
                                          to accept the same. Modi remains          disunite the toiling people by           repudiating the Hindu-communal
Have Vajpayee and BJP                     unfazed       at     the      rampant     fomenting casteist, communalist and      line of the BJP. But the entire drama
‘Shifted’?                                discrimination against the riot-          other separatist thoughts. The           is enacted to woo the Muslim
    But suddenly Vajpayee has been        ravaged minorities in his state. A        political parties subserving the         community for votes. This is
overenthusiastic in establishing his      harrowing fear-psychosis and sense        ruling capitalist class carry out this   deception and cunningness par
catholicity of outlook and belching       of insecurity continue to haunt the       agenda of driving a wedge among          excellence !
out sympathy for the Muslims.             minority community people. The            the people. The BJP, too, is                 Once the elections are over,
"What happened in Gujarat should          BJP leaders have also not distanced       implementing the same class design       Vajpayee and his party would take
not have happened", has been his          themselves from the controversial         by espousing rabid Hindutva and          no time to revert back to their
lamentation in one election meeting       Babri Masjid demolition and Ram           religious fanaticism. Vajpayee, as       original colour, chant Hindutva at
in a Bihar constituency, where a          Mandir issue that sparked off worst       leader of the BJP, is a key player in    higher pitch and give renewed thrust
sizeable section of the electorates       communal riot and frenzy in the           this game of duping and disarming        on the rancorous campaign against
belongs to the Muslim community.          country in which the Muslims              the people in order to shield and        the minority community.
He also announced an economic             became the worst victims. In fact,        protect the ruling capitalism
package for them, and promised            the Ram Mandir issue has found a          breeding all miseries and maladies.      Minority People Must Rise
employment for two lakhs of Urdu          place in the manifesto of the BJP-        The BJP was born in the lap of the       Against This Affront
teachers     from     the     Muslim      led NDA. The VHP, RSS, Bajrang            RSS whose main plank has been                 People     particularly    those
community, which some has                 Dal are not the least ashamed of          Hindu communalism and spreading          belonging to the minority segment
commented to be another fraud             flaunting their crudity. Vajpayee is a    hate against the minorities. Like        ought not to be duped by this
perpetrated on the Muslims. Going         silent beholder. Advani, Vajpayee's       Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and          fraudulent posture of Vajpayee and
a step further in his sudden pro-         second-in-command,         has     just   other bigwigs of the BJP, Vajpayee       his party. They must take it as an
Muslim posture, he prevented Modi         completed        another       hi-tech    too is a product of the RSS. He          affront to their esteem, a calculated
and Uma Bharti, the rabid                 Rathayatra, which, under the              boastfully flaunts his credential as     move to subvert their honour and
communal chief ministers of the           pretext of election campaign, was         an RSS Pracharak. These communal         dignity by categorising them as a
BJP, from entering his election           nothing but an open clamouring of         wolves can never shed their teeth        ‘‘community vote bank’’. How can
constituency in an effort to blunt the    Hindutva. Vajpayee himself greeted        and talon. What apparently makes         these       hypocrite       bourgeois
hostility of the Muslim voters.           Advani for such a yatra. One would        Vajpayee wear a goat skin is the         politicians and their lackeys take
Alongside, he went on romping in          recall that such yatras by Advani in      election exigency. He and his            them for granted, assume that they
aspirant     opportunist      Muslim      the past stoked the fire of communal      colleagues have found that with the      do not have their independent
politicians and clergies to solicit the   conflagration in many parts of the        passage of time, the takers of Ram       thinking, sense of judgement, ability
minority support for him and his          country. Vajpayee during the course       Mandir frenzy and Hindutva               to determine right or wrong and the
party in the elections. And of late,      of his current exercise of coaxing        passion are steadily on the wane.        freedom to act on their own ? Are
he has flagged off a Muslim               the minority voters is repeatedly         Playing of Hindutva card at this         they pawns in the hands of power-
Himayat Yatra to feign repentence         referring to the peace process            moment is not eliciting the desired      hungry politicians and a few self-
for Gujarat and exhorting the             with Pakistan and saying that it          response from the majority               seeking socalled community-leaders
Muslims to back the BJP in the            would normalize the relationship          community. Hence for securing            or clergies ? Would they allow
elections. One would recall that it       between the Hindus and the                another term in the central ministry,    even a bourgeois election to be
was the same Muslim community             Muslims. Is it not equating the           it would be electorally unwise to        conducted         on       communal
whom the BJP leaders, including           Indian Muslims with Pakistan,             antagonise the Muslims who form          polarisation or would like to ensure
the echelons in the hierarchy, called     questioning their patriotism and a        bulk of the voters in many               that voting is based on principles,
anti-national and linked them with        surreptitious reiteration of the hated    constituencies. Hence the mantle         policies, ideology, values and
Pakistan and the ISI. It is the BJP       two-nation theory based on religion       fell on Vajpayee to initiate the         ethics ?
and Sangh Parivar who strategised         that entailed vivisection of the          exercise of deception doning a                They must rise up against the
precipitation of mistrust between         country after independence? Where         radical cloak and exhibiting an          chicanery of these bourgeois
the majority and the minority             is then the so-called departure from      apparent volta-face in regard to the     politicians like Vajpayee. Only
communities, engineered Babri             the saffron-doctrine?                     minorities. It may be added that the     deterrent to such politics of
Masjid demolition, instigated                                                       BJP which has emerged as an              treachery and stultification is the
Mumbai riots and continued to             Why is this MinorityWooing                extremely trusted representative of      massive participation of the
patronize anti-minority moves and             So there is hardly any scope for      the ruling capitalist class, has         people in conscious democratic
measures. All along they treated and      believing even for a moment that          always, with the backing of the          movement against all anti-people
projected the Muslims as necessary        the BJP is changing its facade or         class and support of the media,          policies and measures of the
adversaries, categorized them as the      Vajpayee is having a soul-searching.      sought to project a sane neutral         bourgeois class and bourgeois
archetypal     'others'.    Vajpayee,     The ruling capitalist class,              tolerant image of Vajpayee.As if he      governments. We call upon the
putting a veil on his face, is now        submerged in indissoluble crisis, is      is above the party and supra-class.      toiling people irrespective of caste,
saying, " Let us resolve not to allow     mounting increased onslaughts on          Many a times, the class and the          creed or religion to come forward
another Gujarat to happen anywhere        the people devastating their life and     party used this pitchforked image of     and join the course of united
else. Hindus and Muslims should           livelihood. It knows that there is        Vajpayee to hoodwink the people,         democratic mass movement that
not see each other with mistrust". If     bound to be resentment and revolt         suppress hostility against the party,    only can excortiate this baneful
he is so repentent, why is he not         against this all-out attack. So-called    control intra-party feuds and            bourgeois politics.
PAGE FOUR                                                               MAY 1, 2004                                                   PROLETARIAN ERA

 Abject Surrender of NDA Partners                                                                                           so-called ‘secular’ Congress too had
                                                                                                                            a significant role in the rise of the
                                                                                                                            communal BJP to such a powerful

   to BJP’s Communal Agenda
                                                                                                                            position. It was Rajiv Gandhi who,
                                                                                                                            in order to garner majority
                                                                                                                            community votes by fomenting
    The Vision document released         Jharkhand. Graham Steins, an             communal BJP to feed on the               Hindu religious passion, broke open
by the BJP and the manifesto issued      Australian missionary and his two        remains of power. Such has been           the hitherto locked Babri Masjid to
by the NDA bring to the fore one         sons were ghastly burnt to death.        their lust for power that civilization,   rake up RamlalaPujan issue that
thing — abject surrender of the          Proveen Togadia of the VHP rakes         social cause, human life, least of        snowballed       into     a    major
NDA partners to the rabid Hindutva       up the Mandir issue, spits venom at      human values are all relegated to         controversy, drove a wedge between
of the BJP. Such is the extent of        the minorities and Advani holds          abandonment. To keep the master           the two communities on religious
their yielding that one could hardly     brief for him, advocates Hindutva as     BJP happy, they do not hesitate to        line and ultimately triggered
find any independent identity of any     a way of life and cunningly lends        be accomplice to the crimes of their      massive attacks on minorities. The
of these political outfits. During the   credence to minority-bashing.            kingpin by way of acquiescing in all      BJP took full advantage of the
last Lok Sabha polls, the BJP allies     While the well-meaning people of         its moves and acts.                       divide, ratcheted up the Mandir
at least did not openly endorse the      the country, infuriated at the                                                     construction       issue,     roused
arch     communal        agenda     of   arrogance and hostility of the           Increased Strength Helped                 communal passion, vitiated the
Rammandir construction, abolition        Hindutva zealots, are voicing            BJP to Dictate Terms                      atmosphere of the country and
of article 370, introduction of          protest, the NDA partners are                 With such tame submission of         ultimately paved the way for its
uniform civil code and ban of cow        conspicuous in their observance of       the allies, the BJP consolidated and      riding to power.
slaughter. So the BJP, in order to       the code of silence. Some of them        concentrated its strength within the
ride to power, had to concede to         have even demonstrated their             NDA to such an extent as to dictate       Role of Sham Marxists
exclude these issues from the NDA        allegiance to the communal BJP in        terms to these spineless alliance             The so-called Marxists like the
manifesto. And the others also at        one or the other form. Naveen            partners. Trinamool Congress had a        CPI(M), CPI who now are so eager
that time pretended as if they were      Patnaik, the BJD chief minister of       bitter taste of it. Allured by a          to "defeat the communal BJP and
distanced from the BJP on such           Orissa, refused to lend a ear to the     prospect of climbing to the               form a secular government with the
controversial matters.                   people suffering at the hands of the     governmental power in West                Congress at the Centre", also had
                                         Hindutva brigade. Chandrababu            Bengal, Trinamool Congress and its        lent a helping hand to the BJP in
Political bankruptcy of NDA              Naidu, the TDP chief minister of         leader Mamata Banerjee deserted           rising to the centrestage of Indian
partners                                 AP senses a conspiracy against the       the BJP and NDA, albeit raising hue       politics with so much strength. In
    But it took no time for the          BJP if someone resents the acts of       and cry over Tehelka episode, and         1977, the CPI(M), CPI in the name
political bankruptcy of the NDA          the Sangh Parivar goons. Mamata          combined with the Congress, the           of fighting the authoritarianism of
partners to get exposed. None of         Banerjee, the chief of Trinamool         party they moved out of as a splinter     the Congress supported the Janata
them sounded a voice of                  Congress, famous for her exhibition      group. But routed in the elections,       conglomerate government at the
disapproval, not even verbally, of       of gimmicks and piety, not only          Trinamool        Congress      severed    Centre which had Vajpayee-Advani
the persuasion of the hidden agenda      remains tight-lipped over these          relation with the Congress and            as ministers. When Rajiv Gandhi
of Hindutva by the BJP. Rather on        issues but even attends RSS              sought re-entry into the BJP-led          allowed the "Shilanyas" at the
occasions, many of them were             convention to seek support to her        coalition. But it was not so easy for     disputed Babari Masjid premises,
found to shamelessly support some        candidature for ministership.            Mamata. She had to eat a humble           CPI(M) called him and his party
of the hated acts of fomenting                Encouraged          by      such    pie to get a berth afresh. Because        "more communal than the BJP".
communal passion and upholding           approbation of its allies, the RSS-      she and her party had no way out.         Subsequently, the CPI(M) and the
Hindutva by the BJP. The BJP, as         Bajrang Dal-VHP combine, with the        Bereft of ministry and power, they        BJP joined hands to dislodge Rajiv
everyone is aware of, in connivance      full backing of the BJP, ran amok in     are non-entities even in the vote         and install V.P. Singh's government
with the RSS and other Sangh             Gujarat, killing, maiming and raping     politics. Devoid of any ideology,         at the Centre. At that time in the
Parivar     members,      boastfully     the members of the minority              their ‘feel’ for the people is a parade   words of the CPI(M) Rajiv was
flaunted its Hindutva credential,        Muslim community at will in bestial      in utter deception. All the NDA           "worst communalist" and "far worse
aroused      communal       passion,     pleasure and thereby precipitating a     partners      including Trinamool         than the Hindutvabadis and the
provoked fratricidal bloodbath,          permanent fear psychosis and             Congress, TDP, BJD are equally            BJP". It would thus be clear that the
instigated murders and engineered        insecurity among this segment of         responsible for adding strength to        CPI(M) as per convenience
worst pogrom and carnage to              Indian citizens.       Through such      the communal BJP. They owe an             alternated its alliance between the
buttress its political ill-motive.       cowardly acts, mayhem and carnage        explanation to the people for such        Congress and the BJP for making
Incidents have been galore during        as well as exacerbated communal          conduct.                                  election gains. So when it found that
the rule of the BJP-led coalition at     polarization, the forces of Hindutva          With this increased strength and     combining with the BJP would be
the Centre.      Father George, a        gained strength to perpetuate a reign    consolidation, the BJP could              more profitable, it posed the
Christian priest was hacked to death     of terror and violence. RSS, it may      succeed in getting the balance of         "authoritarianism" of the Congress
in the compound of a school in           be mentioned, finds their hero in        power in the coalition appreciably        as the main enemy and underplayed
Mathura. Uday Barik, a poor              Hitler who similarly unleashed a         tilted towards enabling it even to        the communal character of the BJP.
preacher of Christianity was             hate campaign against the Jews and       incorporate the Hindutva issues in        But when aligning with the Congress
dastardly killed in Orissa. Four         finally executed them en masse to        the joint manifesto. One can easily       is considered more beneficial in
simultaneous explosives rocked four      demonstrate ‘Aryan purity’ of the        understand that if the BJP returns to     order to improve the position in the
churches in Andhra Pradesh, Goa          German fascists. The BJP as the          power, it would immediately swing         parliamentary vote politics, the
and Karnataka on a particular day.       political outfit of the Sangh Parivar,   into action to implement these arch       BJP's "communalism" is targeted as
Copies of the Bible were burnt in        used this communal divide and            communal and fundamentalist               the principal foe and the Congress
Gujarat.     Christian nuns were         pogrom-ravaged situation to ascend       programmes. One had a glimpse of          credited with "secular" credential.
gangraped in Madhya Pradesh.             to the throne through a blood-           it when Uma Bharti, the BJP chief         This brazen opportunism of the
Construction of a Christian              stained hoax on the electorates.         minister of Madhya Pradesh,               pseudo-Marxists helped the BJP to
community prayer hall was banned         None of these had been unknown to        marked her tenure with an                 gain ground, increase its number of
and collective prayer disbanded in       the NDA partners. Yet they did not       overwhelming suffronised environ,         seats from meagre two to
the    Singhbhum       district   of     hesitate to join hands with the          moves and pronouncements. The                                   Contd. on page 8
PROLETARIAN ERA                                                              MAY 1, 2004                                                                  PAGE FIVE

Millionaires Vie For Serving Pampers
    Hoarse may cry, the watchdogs           or jointly by both. In each case,           amass even this staggering declared        media. These in turn are sponsored
of      bourgeois        parliamentary      figures in the affidavit and the            asset and by which means ?                 and maintained by the moneyed
democracy eulogizing their system           market value assessed by valuers are        Obviously the source must be huge          class, the vested interests, the
and its electioneering processes;           gulf apart. For instance, for the New       and fluid, to help these people            capitalists, the big business, jotedars
pages after pages may fill up, their        Delhi property the affidavit value is       roaming around the seat of power           or big landowners and industrialists.
paid ‘writers’, to create the hype          25 lakh, while the value estimate is        acquire their wealth fast. There is no     This way they meet a number of
about their ensuing and ongoing             between 3.5 and 4 crore, both in            dearth of such a source. Thousands         ends. They invest from their huge
14th parliamentary election in India.       rupees. For other properties the            of crore of rupees are now added to        reserve of black money earned
Facts remain, the sacred election of        affidavit values are Rs 2 lakh against      government funds in the name of            through illegal and immoral means
the bourgeoisie has now been                the real value of Rs 1.2 crore, or Rs       development, or on account of              only to ensure political protection of
reduced to a farce. Parliamentary           30 thousand against 13 lakh or Rs           relief measures for drought, flood or      their interests and wealth; at the
parties of different shades, from           40 lakh against Rs 3 crore. With            such other natural calamities. A           same time, helping candidates of
rightists to so-called leftists, parties    Pranab Mukherjee, a veteran leader          simple and silent siphoning of that        their own choice win, they make way
big or small, national, regional or         of Congress, the story is the same.         money is the most lucrative and            for earning ten, twenty, hundred, or
local, they have all turned the             Reportedly he or his wife or the two        dependable means. Much of this             even more, times of investment. The
electioneering and election itself          together, owns residential premises         money comes as loans from different        legislators, too, faithfully serve their
into a plain and simple business,           two in New Delhi, two or more in            sources, internal or even external to      sponsors, the moneyed class; when
albeit clamouring at the same time          Calcutta and in West Bengal                 the country. This tightens the debt-       returned to power, they pay back
slogans and jargons of democracy.           districts, like Birbhum and                 trap on people, but adds cream to          through legislative measures that
They have found here a field of             Murshidabad. For each the market            those around power. For instance,          help price hike to keep earning
investment, which ultimately pays           value is several times more than the        the AP government led by                   profit on, raise fees for education,
back many times more, if and when           declared value. ( Source : The              Chandrababu had Rs 50000 crore as          medical and other services, increase
they can ensure their win. So all of        Statesman, Kolkata Edition, 22 April        loans from different sources for           power-tariffs, exempt taxes for the
them, all the big names like BJP or         2004). It can be assumed very well          development of the state. One third        rich or arrange means to evade tax
its so-called alliance of NDA and           that if the top-ranking leaders of the      of which had come from the World           and so on. The process feeds them
Congress, in the national arena, or         parties show this record of honesty,        Bank. And what has been the result?        too; they make their political career
Trinamul, Telegu Desham, ADMK ,             what the others will have in their          Per capita income has come down in         and material fortune. And when it
Samajbadi Party or such others in           store. And the pattern is not               this cyber- state from the eighties to     comes to repeat the whole act in the
regional folds including leftists by        restricted to West Bengal too. The          the nineties. The state is still among     next election, they dole out crumbs
name, like CPI(M) or CPI , are              ‘high-tech’       chief       minister,     those in India, that lead in the rate of   to the illiterate, unconscious poor
spending crores of rupees to see that       Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra                 death for want of medical attention        people to buy their votes. To what
their respective candidates meet            Pradesh has declared asset of Rs 21         and treatment, or in child death out       depth the process has plunged, is
success. And who are these candi-           crore, owned by him and his wife.           of      malnutrition. Drought is           amply clear in the Lucknow
dates they have chosen to vie for           But it remains undisclosed that he          perpetual in some parts of this state;     incident, where the poor womenfolk
power for them? As the reports go,          owns a mammoth industrial estate of         suicide among poverty and debt             were lured with the prospect of a
most, if not all of these candidates        worth Rs 400 crore. In Orissa, which        stricken peasants is a regular news.       saree for their vote. The stampede
are expressedly wealthy persons. By         includes perpetually drought- and           On the other hand, most of the             that followed to get hold of the
the rules of the Election Commi-            femine-stricken Kalahandi with              legislators, be it to the Assembly or      sarees thrown to the air caused
ssion, candidates have to declare           more than 400 starvation deaths             the Parliament, are themselves the         pathetic death of 25 women. The
their assets to the public. It shows        even in the last year, there are at least   contractors in the run of                  dead could have only one
that the candidates have assets not         19 millionaires in fray. Among them,        ‘development’ or act as the kingpin        consolation. The incident was
just to the tune of lakhs of rupees,        Pinaki Mishra, the Congress                 of a set of contractors under their        brought to the attention of the nation
many reach the mark of crores in the        candidate from Puri declares a more         respective fold. Added to this, there      only at the cost of their lives!
value of their assets; in cases the         than Rs 20 crore asset of his family.       has been the new flourishing busi-             The fourteenth parliamentary
total soars up to hundreds or even          The BJD chief minister Navin                ness of ‘education’, as the MLAs           election has laid bare such a putrid
thousands of crores of rupees. It           Patnaik owns more than Rs 2 crore           and MPs own dozens of engineering          skeleton of bourgeois democracy.
means, they are not just rich, they are     by the affidavit. The new state of          or medical colleges and English            What once emerged on the slogans “
millionaires, even billionaires.            Jharkhand has more than half the            medium schools, by courtesy of             of the people, by the people, for the
    Obviously in a country where            population living below the poverty         unbridled privatization of education.      people” has now been reduced to a
corruption has crept in to the very         line. Here too, there are numbers of             With variations in details the        system “of the millionaires, by the
root of the system, these declarations      millionaire candidates, with the BJP        same pattern is repeated in other          millionaires, for the millionaires”. It
are only tips of icebergs. Actual           contestant from Giridih constituency        states from Gujarat under the rabid        has become the highway for earning
figures of assets, legal or illegal, kept   declaring an asset of Rs 1.7 crore.         rightist BJP to West Bengal with so-       a fortune. Naturally, it no longer
in one’s own name or of others, must        The Congress candidate from                 called leftist rule. Thus results are      intends to, nor does it have the
be manifold more. A few instances           Mysore of Karnataka hails from the          also     the      same.      “Peoples’     potentiality to solve any of the
already made public, reveal this            erstwhile Mysore court. His declared        representatives” grow richer, while        burning problems that confront
clearly. Somnath Chatterjee, a well         asset is more than Rs 1500 crore. His       peasants and workers face starvation       people’s life. The pack of
known figure from no other a party          opponent, the BJP candidate CH              death or take to suicide, or plunge        millionaires and criminals that adorn
than CPI(M), has declared various           Vijayashankar owns 525 running              into hopeless misery.                      the legislative houses today, can
assets in the affidavit, apparently fair    ships. Another chief minister, S M               So that is the story of who are       never be regarded as peoples’
and frank. They include a property          Krishna, jointly owns with his wife         contesting this election and how on        representatives. They represent
in New Delhi, shares of landed              an asset of more than Rs 3 crore.           the strength of money power. Of            exploiters, owners-industrialists-big
properties in different            prize        The list can be made longer. The        course money is not the only power         business-capitalists-monopolists;
localities of South Calcutta, similar       crux remains the same. So we stop           that matters; added to it are the          they represent the plunderers. How
properties in Birbhum district of           here to avoid fruitless repetition.         musclepower of mafias and                  can then people at large expect their
West Bengal or in Varanasi in UP,           The first question that should be           propaganda power, turned hi-tech           interest to be served by these people,
owned either by him or by his wife          addressed is: From where do they            these days, of print or electronic         by this system?
PAGE SIX                                                                   MAY 1, 2004                                                   PROLETARIAN ERA

56th Anniversary of SUCI Observed in States
[ We give below some of the reports received so far from states about                movement, fighting on the burning        the parties in power through
observance of 56th anniversary of the party foundation day. ]                        problems and demands of the              election, the problems of the people
    On the occasion of 56th it wants to share power at the Centre                    people.                                  cannot be ended. Since its
anniversary of the party foundation in combination with Congress,                                                             foundation by Comrade Ghosh,
day, a mass meeting was organized should the opportunity arise.                      Delhi                                    SUCI has been relentlessly
by the Calcutta District Committee          Continuing, Comrade Manik                    Delhi      State     Organizing      organizing mass and class struggles
on 24 April at the University Mukherjee said : The ruling                            Committee of SUCI observed its           conducive to anti-capitalist socialist
Institute Hall, Calcutta. Comrade capitalist class wants to establish                56th Party Foundation Day with a         revolution throughout the country.
Kalika Mukherjee, member, West two-party system in the country by                    well-attended public meeting on          Comrade Harish Tyagi said that
Bengal State Committee of the party projecting the BJP and the Congress              25th April evening at Transformer-       SUCI views elections as an
presided.                               as the two main contenders.                  wali Gali, C-Block, Shraddhanand         extension of the people’s struggles
    Comrade Manik Mukherjee, Whichever of these two parties                          Colony. The meeting was addressed        and as an opportunity to strengthen
Calcutta District Secretary and forms the government, the real                       by Comrade Satyawan (Secretary,          people’s struggles through the
Central Staff, was the main speaker. power would remain in the hands of              Haryana State Committee), who            presence of its leaders in legislative
In his speech, he said, interalia, that the capitalist class. The great leader       was the main speaker. SUCI               bodies. He also said that developing
BJP and the NDA have spent a few Comrade Shibdas Ghosh showed                        candidate from East Delhi Comrade        an independent Left democratic
hundred crores of public money to that in the present era, attempt is                Harish Tyagi also spoke. Comrade         force to fight communalism on the
spread the false propaganda about being made to establish fascism                    Pratap Samal (Secretary, Delhi State     ground was the only way to defeat
the ‘‘feel good’’ factor and ‘‘Shining through the two-party system from             Organizing Committee) presided.          communalism.
                                                                                         In his presidential address,
                                                                                     Comrade Samal recalled the historic      Kerala
                                                                                     struggle of      Comrade Shibdas             In Kerala Party Foundation Day
                                                                                     Ghosh and his handful of                 was observed with flag hoisting,
                                                                                     compatriots in building up the SUCI      wearing of GS badge and public
                                                                                     as the genuine communist party           meetings in different places.
                                                                                     braving all odds and spurred by a            In the public meeting organized
                                                                                     firm ideological conviction.             in this connection at Trivandrum on
                                                                                         Comrade Satyawan said that the       24th April, Comrade Chhya
                                                                                     uncompromising stream of the             Mukherjee, in her address as the
                                                                                     Indian freedom struggle, led by          main speaker said : the fundamental
                                                                                     leaders like Bhagat Singh and            analysis upon which this party took-
                                                                                     Subhas Bose had been sidelined,          shape under the leadership of a
                                                                                     and the national bourgeoisie had         great Marxist philosopher Comrade
                                                                                     gained control over the Congress.        Shibdas Ghosh has been fully
                                                                                     The Indian national bourgeoisie had      vindicated by history. The scenario
                                                                                     thereafter actually strengthened         of the 14th Loksabha elections
                                                                                     capitalism in India under slogans of     brings forth this truth all the more.
                                                                                     Nehruvian socialism raised by the        The bourgeois parties as well as the
                                                                                     Congress, followed by slogans like       sham Marxists like the CPI(M), CPI
    Comrade Manik Mukherjee addressing in Calcutta with Comrades Anil                Garibi Hatao and Mera Bharat             are indulging in all sorts of
   Sen, Sukomal Dasgupta (Central Committee members), Kalika Mukherjee
     (West Bengal State Committee member) and Provash Ghosh (Central
                       Committee member) on the dais.
India’’. For crores of the poor in the    country to country. If the attention of
country, this is nothing but a cruel      the people can be confined between
joke. It is not that there has been no    the two parties serving capitalism,
development in the country after the      they will not think about any third
independence. But development for         force. Therefore, the bourgeoisie
whom ? Not for the 100 crore              brings two such parties to the lime-
common people, but for the handful        light through money, muscle power
owners of capital, rich and the           and propaganda so that the people’s
affluent. On this there is no policy      own alternative of mass-movement,
difference between the BJP and the        revolution are kept away from their
Congress. But since the ruling            attention, thinking. The revolutiona-
capitalist class wants to pit these two   ries participate in election in order                         A part of huge gathering in Calcutta
major faithful subservient parties of     to develop the consciousness that          Mahan. Capitalism, which was in a        unethical and immoral deeds to
their own against each other as the       voting right carries no real meaning       historically moribund stage, was         somehow grab the power while the
main contender, it has become             in people’s life, to dispel the illusion   unable to solve the problems of the      toiling millions are pushed to
necessary to highlight the ‘‘political    about election in mass mind. This is       people, rather, the basic problems of    extreme ruination due to the most
difference’’ between the two. That is     why, we contest elections, we tell         poverty      and       unemployment      intensified and ruthless exploitation
why the slogan has been raised that       the people that even if election is        intensified.                             under globalization policies.
this election is a battle between         totally free and fair, which is an             The working class and the                 SUCI is the only party holding
communalism and secularism. But is        impossibility today, exploitation of       common people must realize that          aloft the noble banner of Marxism-
the Congress secular ? Its                man by man cannot be put an end to         the root cause of exploitation lies in   Leninism and relentlessly trying to
antecedents belie it. Today, the          through that. Revolution is needed         the     system      of    capitalism-    build up democratic mass movement
CPI(M) is very vocal about                for that. It is with this objective that   imperialism. Without overthrowing        on the edifice of higher ethical and
secularism of the Congress, because       the SUCI is conducting mass                this system, and by merely changing                           Contd. on page 8
PROLETARIAN ERA                                                          MAY 1, 2004                                                             PAGE SEVEN

Exit Poll Survey                                                                                                            basis of principle, politics, character

Conspiracy to Confine People’s Choice
                                                                                                                            or struggle — these are all made not
                                                                                                                            only secondary but totally irrelevant
                                                                                                                            and the sole and all important

to Bourgeois Combinations
    It is now an undeniable fact that    public interest, they were seen to be     franchise basing on firm and
                                                                                                                            question appears to be ‘who will win
                                                                                                                            and who will lose’. Thus they
                                                                                                                            project the whole election process
elections     today     are    mostly    proactive enough. Naturally the           independent political outlook            before the people as something for
controlled by the moneybag of the        question arises, what actuates them       without being influenced by other        electing, within the most narrow and
industrialists and monopoly houses       all — the media, the EC and the           factors. Because they know it very       distorted bounds of bourgeois
and they also create illusion among      Supreme Court even — to sanction          well that if political consciousness     politics, either of the two particular
the masses about the parties or          practising this exit poll gimmick         and cultivation of politics grow and     big parties or combinations serving
candidates they want to bring to         inspite of objections from all            develop among the masses, their          the same bourgeois class. And this is
power. And in that game, media           corners, let alone the question of        trickery on the masses will get          nothing but foisting two-party
play a vital role which are also         veracity of predicting future result      exposed one day or other. People         parliamentary system by the ruling
controlled by the same capitalist        of the polls by the media in this way.    will realize that whatever be the        capitalist class. Side by side, the
class. Through continuous and                 It goes without saying, free and     apparent differences among the           media also try to create a credibility
orchestrated propaganda in the           fair election is an indispensible part    ruling bourgeois and petty bourgeois     of the rigged results using exit poll
name of report, review, analysis,        of democracy and it requires such an      parties, they are all alike — they all   reports in favour of that party or
exit poll, interview, debate etc.,       atmosphere where people can judge         serve the interest of the owners and     combination whom the bourgeois
starting from long before before         the views and characters of all           their hirelings. Side by side they       class wants to bring to power.
and upto the last day of the election    contesting political parties or           will be able to distinguish between          The exit poll survey is of
process, the media project only          candidates and the candidates'            genuine Lefts or pseudo-Lefts,           another great service to the
those parties or combinations which      personal life etc. and can freely vote    identify who are the forces of mass      bourgeoisie. The newspapers, radio,
are favoured by the ruling               accordingly. But the fact is that the     movement, who will lead them             TV, etc., by constantly focusing exit
bourgeoisie. They thus foist on the      country miserably lacks such an           along the path of revolution, to their   poll results, surveys, analyses, etc.,
electorate an induced polarization in    atmosphere and election has turned        emancipation. And if that happens        create such an atmosphere in which
the election process — both the          to be farce to the great majority of      then it will no more be possible to      the rigged election results also
sides or poles subserving the same       the people.                               keep them helplessly stuck in the        appear as true and normal to the
class interest of the bourgeoisie.            Today both the ruling and            quagmire of election politics of         people.
    Recently a controversy centring      opposition parties are winning the        bourgeois democracy.                         Thus there is no doubt that all
round publishing exit poll result        elections with false promises to the          Thus the bourgeoisie wants that      such drama is enacted by the
before the completion of the last        people using money and muscle             let there be elections, let people       bourgeoisie through the media
phase of election has come to the        power. But after being saddled to         participate in these, but people’s       solely in their interest to befool the
fore. Publication of exit poll results   power they take up anti-people            political sight must remain confined     people. That is why, the Election
forecasting fate of the contending       measures in the interest of the           within the bounds of the bourgeois       Commission refuses to ban exit
parties has started just after the       vested class. Year after year, people     politics. In election politics the       poll on flimsy legal plea. Neither
completion of the first phase of the     are witnessing how the elections are      media is just providing this service.    the Election Commission nor the
polls in the different parts of the      being rigged in different ways to         In their propaganda barrage they         Supreme Court is a supra-class
country. Taking opinions of a            exemplify butchery of democracy.          project parties/candidates not on the    body.
minutest fraction of the total voters    People are rapidly losing all faith in
, the TV channels like Aaj Tak,
Sahara, Star, ZeeTV etc., began to
                                         elections as a result of, on the one
                                         hand, treachery of the ruling parties
                                                                                        AIMSS protests stampede
foretell the possible results of the
election posing the survey process
                                         to them and on the other,
                                         intimidation and forcible voting etc.
                                                                                          deaths in Lucknow
as scientific and error-proof. Be that   Thus in spite of continuous                     Comrade H. G. Jayalakshmi, General Secretary, All India Mahila
as it may, this way the print and        propaganda campaign voting rate             Sanskritik Sangathan (AIMSS) in her immediate reaction to the
electronic media, no doubt, are          does not go above 50 to 55 per cent,        stampede deaths in Lucknow issued the following statement on
heating up the election atmosphere       that too including enormous false           13.4.2004 :
to a great extent and artificially       voting. In the midst of such a                  The All India Mahila Sanskritik Sangathan (AIMSS) expresses its
creating extra interest in public        scenario, even demand for provision         deep shock and dismay over the death of twentyone women and serious
mind, already disillusioned greatly,     of voting opining ‘none acceptable’         injuries caused to many more women out of whom more than twenty
about election fanfare and influen-      is being raised. Thus it has now            are said to be in a critical condition as a result of stampede caused in a
cing subsequent phases of polls.         been difficult for the ruling               programme organised for distributing sarees. That it has happened in
    Before the start of the elections,   bourgeois class to preserve the mask        the Prime Minister’s own constituency that too on the occasion of the
all the parties objected against         of ‘shining’ democracy over the             birthday celebration of the Prime Minister’s campaign manager, Mr.
publication of such heresay result of    crude dictatorship of the bourgeoisie       Lalji Tandon is a cruel joke. It is very sad that these poor women had
the polls before completion of the       in the Indian state. So the                 to die just for the sake of a saree and this lays bare the hollowness of
last phase of elections before the       bourgeoisie in it own class interest        the “Feel Good” and “India Shining” slogans of the BJP. One may
Election Commission and the              is trying to create an atmosphere of        wonder whether for the BJP leaders India shines on the dead bodies of
Supreme Court was also moved on          interest in elections among the             those women.
this question. But both the              masses using the media to the                   AIMSS demands of the Election Commission to take immediate
Commission and the Supreme Court         maximum. In this design, exit poll          action against the BJP for holding such a programme without taking
declined to actively interfere for       has proved to be a very handy tool.         prior permission- that too in a prohibited area as reported in the Press-
stopping such exit poll exercises of          The bourgeoisie always wants to        with the sole purpose of bribing innocent and helpless people. It
the media on the plea of legal           keep the parliamentary facade in            demands of the UP government to give adequate compensation to
intricacies involved in it and           tact. They try to see that the illusion     families of the bereaved and those seriously injured. AIMSS calls upon
upholding ‘fundamental right’ of         of the people towards election is not       the women and also the common people to defeat BJP and such parties,
expressing opinion. But in the past,     shattered at the least, but they never      which play with the lives of the common people with scant regard for
in so many other cases involving         want the people to exercise their           their safety and dignity just for electoral dividends.
Postal Regd. No. SSRM/KOL/RMS/WB/RNP-145/2004-06                                                                                        Regd. No. 13932/67

                                                                                Surrender to communal agenda
                                                                                Contd. from page 4                        Left-Democratic Movement
                                                                                comfortable 150 plus and be saddled       Alone Can Resist
                                                                                in power. This might pay dividend         Communalism
                                                                                to the CPI(M) in vote-based politics,          Taking full advantage of absence
                                                                                but surely it would neither prevent       of a countrywide mass movement,
                                                                                communalism           nor        thwart   the BJP surreptitiously went on
                                                                                authoritarianism.       Crisis-ridden     projecting Ram Mandir construction
                                                                                moribund capitalism, in its bid to        as a key national issue to divert
                                                                                provide extra lease to its life, does     attention from the gruelling
                                                                                need      both      authoritarianism-     problems of unemployment, layoff,
                                                                                despotism as well as communalism-         retrenchment, price rise, rent hike,
                                                                                fundamentalism as succour.                food and shelter, healthcare,
                                                                                     The BJP made full use of such a      education, wrenching poverty and so
                                                                                congenial environment to win              forth afflicting the life of the
                                                                                confidence of the ruling bourgeois        common people. Regrettably, it has
                                                                                and soon turned out to be an              to some extent succeeded also.
                                                                                extremely trusted representative of            The well-meaning people of the
 In Kultali, South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, CPI(M) murdered well    it. The Congress provided a fertile       country as well as the left
  over 100 leaders and cadres over the years. Recently CPI(M) goons abducted    ground       for    cultivation      of   democratic forces must be alert of
Comrade Ajit Pal and killed Comrade Sahidul Sarder on 24th April last. On the   communalism-fundamentalism. The           this impending danger of cultural
same day Comrades Anil Sen and Provash Ghosh, Central Committee members,        BJP spared no time to sow the seed        fascism that seeks to retrograde the
 SUCI led a protest demonstration in Calcutta and on 28th April a successful    of Hindutva on it. And the NDA            mental process by incessant
                    24-hour bandh was observed in Kultali.                      partners with all dedication watered      propagation of age-old obsolete
                                                                                and manured the soil to grow a giant      creeds, obscurantist and backward

Iraq up in arms against US
                                                                                tree out of the seed. Time and again,     ideas, fundamentalist thoughts and
                                                                                the SUCI had called upon the left         killing of reasoning faculty. The
                                                                                and democratic forces to come             BJP is ahead of others in the race to
Contd. from page 2                      all land unlawfully occupied by it      forward and build up a nationwide         impose this cultural fascism that, as
prime minister Vajpayee that the        on the West Bank and the Gaza           democratic mass movement to               Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, our leader
Indian government has kept mum on       strip, and that the Palestinian         realize the just demands of the           and teacher, showed, would kill the
the issue.                              refugees had the right to return to     people. The menacing rise of the          very process of creating MAN. So
    But a far more dangerous move       Israel. But now, at one stroke, the     BJP as a rabid Hindutva outfit and        this has to be resisted at any cost.
has just been taken by President        brute force of US imperialism seeks     rapid spread of communal virus            All the political        parties and
Bush. After consultations with the      to shatter the dream of Palestinian     could only be resisted by such a mass     elements who are helping such a
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, he has just    refugees to return to their homeland    movement which could also place           devilish force to gain strength, must
declared that Israel could keep some    and to allow Israel to convert the      before the people a left democratic       be isolated from the people.
of the areas it had unlawfully          promised Palestinian state, at least    alternative politics as against the       Unleashing a massive democratic
captured on the West Bank during        on the West Bank, into isolated         right-wing vote politics of the           mass movement on the burning
the 1967 war and the USA would          Palestinian cities surrounded by        Congress, the BJP and others. But         problems of life can only repel the
not henceforth recognize the right of   security walls and fortified Jewish     the CPI(M), CPI never wanted that.        menacing attack of communalism-
the Palestinian refugees to return to   settlements and highways.               Otherwise they would have                 fundamentalism. There is no other
Israel from where they had been              But the Palestinian freedom        responded to such call. Both of them      way. The election battle must also
evicted. How sinister this US move      fighters will not be cowed down.        were too eager to be partners of the      be fought in such a way as to
is can be understood if one             They have vowed that thousands of       bourgeois vote-based politics, albeit     conduce to the development of this
remembers that the so-called US         Rantisis would spring up and take       with their "left" signboard, for pelf     massive democratic movement
Road Map to Peace in Palestine,         revenge. They will continue to fight    and power and hence refrained from        embracing toiling people from all
sponsored by the USA and now            heroically as they are doing, till US   indulging in any activity that might      walks of life. History enjoins this
under implementation, was itself        imperialist     machinations      and   irk the ruling capitalist class.          task on us.
heavily     tilted     against    the   perfidy and Zionist state terrorism
Palestinians and forced upon them       are finally rebuffed and given the
                                                                                     CPI(M) finds
since they had no option but to
accept it. But even so, nobody ever          In Iraq, the heroic people will        Mascot in Sonia
questioned that Israel must vacate      fight on and their struggle will grow        Chandigarh: It is an irony. Congress
                                        from strength to strength till the US    president Sonia Gandhi seems to have
24 April                                imperialism is given a crushing
                                                                                 become the mascot of the Communist
                                                                                 parties here.
Contd. from page 6                           Such is the inexorable law of           During a trip to the CPM office on
moral values in this country and        history.                                 Sunday, this correspondent saw rows of
expose oppressive capitalism.                    We salute the heroic Iraqi      CPM posters with portraits of Sonia
   On the same day there were                             freedom fighters !     Gandhi adorning them.
public meetings, one at Kottayam          We salute the heroic Palestinian           .. the Left parties here unabashedly rely
and another one at Alleppey                               freedom fighters !                                                        Graffiti in Nagarcoil
                                                                                 on a quote ...“Let's shed our differences and
addressed by Comrade C. K.               Patriotic Indians, beware of and                                                          (Tamilnadu) Lok Sabha
                                                                                 strengthen the nation.”...from Sonia Gandhi     constituency for the CPI(M)
Lukose, State Secretary and                   foil the Indian government’s       to inspire their workers and voters in the       candidate A. V. Bellarmin.
Comrade. V. Venugopal, State               conspiracy to develop closeness       run up to the Lok Sabha polls on May 10.           Malayala Manorama
Secretariat Member respectively.                      with USA and Israel !       (excerpts from Times of India dated 29.4.04)   published this on 10 March.

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