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					Asbestos Defendant Profile                                                         Page CR-1

                                   ConRail Inc.
ConRail Inc.                                        Employees              :       Unknown
2001 Market St., 16th Fl.                           Revenue              :     $ 903,000,000
Philadelphia, PA 19103                              Net Income (Loss)        : $ 174,000,000
Phone: 215-209-2000                                 Assets            :       $ 8,082,000,000
Fax: 215-209-4068                                   Liabilities        :      $ 3,977,000,000
Web site:                    No. Of Asbestos Claims :              524
                                                    (For the year ended December 31, 2001)

Description: Conrail is the holding company for Consolidated Rail, a freight railroad in the
heavily industrialized Northeast. Most of its former lines and facilities have been divided
between its joint owners, rail operators CSX (42%) and Norfolk Southern (58%), following an
agreement that took effect in 1999. Conrail continues to manage and operate some lines and
facilities in the Philadelphia and Detroit metropolitan areas and in much of New Jersey. To serve
customers along those lines, both CSX and Norfolk Southern pay a fee to Conrail for line
access; Conrail acts as the local switching and terminal management agent.

Asbestos Discussion from SEC filings:
From the Company’s Form 10-K for the period ending December 31, 1996 at
Filed On: March 25, 1997

Occupational Disease Litigation.
Conrail has been named as a defendant in            (4) personal injury or death caused by
lawsuits filed pursuant to the provisions of        exposure to deleterious substances (mixed
the Federal Employers' Liability Act                dusts, fumes, chemicals, etc.).      As of
("FELA") by persons alleging (1) personal           December 31, 1996, Conrail was a defendant
injury or death caused by exposure to               in 559 pending asbestos suits, 545 pending
asbestos in connection with railroad                hearing loss suits, 1,318 repetitive motion
employment;                                         injury suits and 374 pending deleterious
                                                    substance suits, and had notice of 1,293
 (2) complete or partial loss of hearing            potential asbestosis claims, 2,734 potential
caused by exposure to excessive noise in the        hearing loss claims,        2,112 potential
course of railroad employment;                      repetitive motion injury claims and 56
                                                    deleterious substance claims.
(3) repetitive motion injury in connection
with railroad employment; and

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