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					AUGUST 2010
 NOV. 14, 2010
 INSIDE:                                 ST MARY
 Spiritual life...................2-3
 Faith formation..............4-5
 Calendar...................... 7-8
 Newcomers................... 12
 Parish life................... 6-12                          Vol 16, issue 5 • St. Mary Parish • 2300 E. Meadowlark • Derby, KS 67037

 You’re on                              Thanksgiving and love
“can&did”                               by Father Wayne

 camera...                                 This Sunday we celebrate
Let your light shine be-                   Now you might be
fore men that they may                  thinking, “Father’s really
see the good that you                   gone over the edge. Everyone
do and give glory to                    knows Thanksgiving is the
God! Here are some                      last Thursday in November,”
folks we caught being                   but the reason I say that is
good stewards:                          that Eucharist literally means
                                        thanksgiving, so every time
                                        we celebrate Mass we are
                                           Thanksgiving and love are
                                        two of the most important
                                        ways that we demonstrate
                                        that we are Christian, and
                                        both traits enrich our own
                                        lives and enrich others’ lives.
                                           Now you might be
                                                                            All 300+ students at St. Mary Parish School walked to raise money for
Fred Debes and other                    thinking, “That sounds all
                                                                            the Katharine Drexel Fund. They raised $2,600 to help financially chal-
Knights of Columbus gave                flowery, talking about              lenged schools, and many gave out of their own pockets.
out Tootsie Rolls and ac-               thanksgiving and love, but
cepted donations from                   give me some concrete
generous kids and adults
for the intellectually chal-
                                        examples of what you’re
                                        talking about and what I
                                                                                    They will know we are
lenged.                                 should be doing, Father!”
                                           Just for you, page 3 has
                                                                                   Christians by our love
                                        a concrete checklist for           True discipleship of Jesus is not about our rhetoric or politics
                                        stewards. The bulletin and         or even our theological knowledge base. One can recite every
                                        other Messenger articles offer     verse in the Bible, but without love, one is a “resounding
                                        additional concrete and            gong or a clashing cymbal,” as St. Paul writes in 1 Cor 13.
                                        specific examples of ways
                                        that we as a parish and as
                                        individuals can give thanks       Stewardship        luncheon           hungry (some people
                                        and love, as well.                conveyed, we are about                mistakenly think that
                                           I hope you experience that     much more than just brick             Stewardship is all about
                                        here in our parish—that you       and stone.                            money), but because it can
                                        receive love and welcome,           It is my fervent hope that          truly make a difference in
                                        and that you’re able to give      something in the Gospel or            your own life and in others’!
                                        love and thanks here and in       something in a homily or in             To talk about Stewardship
Middle School Faith
Formation students are                  the world outside our parish      this Messenger gets you to            or about opportunities in
shown making a thank you                walls, due at least in part to    thinking about your life and          the parish to give
card for the mom who sent               what happens here.                how you want to live. I hope          thanksgiving and love, give
treats for their class                     As our Prayer for Guidance     that you feel called to live a        Vicky Tully or me a call at
recently.                               and     the     video      and    Stewardship way of life . . .         788-5525. It might change
                                        testimonials        at     the    Not because I’m money-                your life.
 Page 2                                                                                      One faith,

         Spiritual                                                                           one baptism,
                                                                                             one LORD.

Made new in faith: Congratulations and welcome to our newly baptized parishioners!

Claire Phillips, daughter of Jason and Lyndsey, Alexis Anne Ealey, daughter of Brent and Ella LouAnn Wondra, daughter of Kirsten and Curtis
granddaughter of Gina and Larry Stephens and Lindsay, granddaughter of Dave and Wondra, granddaughter of Jodie Leeser, was
Shane Phillips, was baptized on October 9.      Sherri Clark, was baptized Oct. 10.      baptized on September 25.

                                                Olivia Melina Bastarache, daughter of       Zoe Cate Torres, daughter of Gustavo and Amy,
Charlotte Renae Kippenberger, daughter of Josh Charles and Candice, sister of Jocelyn       sister of Zachary and Gus (not pictured),
and Kyla, sister of Josh, Reagan and Roman, was and Sasha, was baptized on                  granddaughter of Mark and Darlene Clawson, was
baptized on September 25.                       September 12.                               baptized on Sept. 5.

Hudson Maddox Cornejo, son of Rocky and                  Anna Claire Perren, daughter of
Juliana, brother of Kylin, grandson of Jerry and Janet   Theresa and Chris; granddaughter of Katherine Anne Mendoza and Layla Mae Mendoza,
Fager and Richard and Karol Cornejo, was baptized        Steve and Debbie, and Dave and twin daughters of Andrea and Eloy, were baptized on
on September 25.                                         Sherri Clark, was baptized October 10. September 26.
                                                   Spiritual Life
                                                                                                                        Page 3

RCIA journey                                                             Stewardship Checklist
                                                As I evaluate myself as a steward of St. Mary Parish, I can attest that I
                                                have done at least the following:

                                                  Yes   No
                                                             1. I attended the Stewardship Renewal Luncheon this fall.
                                                             2. I filled out a Stewardship Renewal Form, turned it in and
                                                                honor commitments made.
                                                             3. Both parents attended the Prayer Service in the past year
                                                                and signed the Parish-Family Agreement.
                                                             4. Have attended or will attend one of the Spirituality of
                                                                Stewardship workshops offered by the parish.
                                                             5. We give 8-10% of our income to the parish or are working
                                                                toward the 8-10% as encouraged by our diocese.
Hannah Nguyen, Sam Oglesby and other                         6. We consistently utilize Scrip for gas and groceries.
candidates and catechumens interested
                                                             7. Students are cooperative and respectful at school, giving
in continuing their faith journey as                            their best academic effort.
Catholics have been meeting for RCIA
since August. They will participate in the                   8. We attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Days of
Rite of Entrance next Sunday, Nov 21,                           Obligation (unless illness or employment prevents it).
during the 9 am Mass.                                        9. We give time to the parish in the following ways:

Rosary for U.S.                                              10. We are current on all fees for the parish school, Catholic
                                                                 high school or any other faith formation program.
                                                             11. We set aside time to pray each day.
                                                Use the remaining space to explain any answers or explain anything that
                                                would demonstrate your efforts toward living the stewardship way of life.

                                             Evaluating our own Stewardship
                                             by Father Wayne

                                               I think the form above is invaluable for    than in rough economic times. People
                                             EVERY St. Mary parishioner, although it       need the emotional, spiritual and
                                             was originally developed this fall for        sometimes economic support we
                                             Catholic school families.                     provide as a parish now more than ever.
                                               You might consider it an “examination         Some of the checklist items may not
                                             of conscience” in terms of stewardship. It    apply to you (such as the prayer service
                                             can help you determine the answer to this     or student effort), but consider how
                                             fundamental question: Am I doing all I        each might apply to you, and how your
                                             can to help ensure that people in this        faithful practice of these simple actions
                                             community, including my own family, can       could strengthen our parish, lift others
                                             grow in their knowledge and understanding     up, and enrich your own life along the
                                             of God’s love?                                way, too.
Marie Wolke, Barb Pinaire and others           The opportunities our parish provides for     Our parish is a family, and just as with
prayed the rosary at the grotto north of     people of all ages to grow in our Catholic    our own families, it takes the support
the old church during Praying the Rosary     faith is dependent upon each parishioner’s    and encouragement of every member
for America on Oct 16.                       contribution. This is never more evident      for the family to succeed.
  Page 4

  Faith Formation
Living the Word
by Ann Hughes

  PSR students read the Good News in their
sessions each week, preparing for the coming
Sunday’s gospel. They are asked to live out
God’s Word of love in PSR activities and in
their lives outside the classroom.
  Students were asked to bring pennies to PSR
sessions this month, with the hope that they
would come from the children’s pockets rather                                                          Elyssa Waple and Mckenzi Lynn
than the parents’. The donations are collected                                                         Tanner participate in a kindergarten
in large jars in the children’s classrooms. The                                                        PSR session.
jars will be brought forth at the Gift-Giving
Liturgy on December 1 to be given to
Guadalupe Clinic, a charity sponsored by the
Diocese of Wichita to provide health care for
those who otherwise would not be able to af-
ford it. Last year, PSR students generously
donated $221.
  During the parish food drive, PSR children               Lauren Snavley and other students in Norm
brought non-perishable food items to class,                and Shelly McGeeney’s PSR class discuss
and they may still do so on Nov. 17. Food                  ways to be better disciples.
donated during the drive will go to Catholic
Charities, God’s Food Pantry at Holy Savior,
Guadalupe Clinic and Derby Food Pantry.
        On December 1, students are asked to                     Annual PSR
bring Christmas presents suitable for children
to our annual Gift-Giving Liturgy. These gifts                Gift-Giving Liturgy
will be given to Catholic Charities for their
Christmas Sharing program. They will be
                                                                  is Dec 1 • 6:10 pm
given to needy children from babies to age 17                     Weekday Chapel
(gifts for older children are in particular need).

George Sevick helps his son, Connor, with a project in the PSR classroom.                              Cat Wilson helps Shelby Bussman.
                                               Faith Formation
                                                                                                                            Page 5

                                              At right, Andrew Walsten, Christian
                                              Williams, Matt Chapman, Josh
                                              Smith, Ali Coufal, Austin Williams
                                              and Melynda Bussman were in the
                                              So You Think You Can Dance

                                              Bottom right, Life Teen core team did
                                              a number from Sister Act. From left
                                              to right are Stephen Pham, Karen
                                              Jackson, Cheryl Fulton, Amber
                                              Williams and Janet Clark.

                                              Below, Ada May and Regina
                                              Dowling worked the Halloween

From left, Eli Fulton, Billy Rohr and Caleb
Sattler pull vines from Dee Burnett’s yard.

Service, faith and
fun for teens
by Davi Stuhlsatz

  Service to others is receiving a heavy
emphasis in Life Teen and Confirma-
tion this year.
  Students have already participated in
a variety of service projects directed at
                                              Year I Confirmation students begin studies
children and the elderly, including a
Halloween Carnival and cleanup
projects, and more are to come.
  “I felt like I could fly after the kids
worked in my yard, it just took such a
huge weight off my shoulders and re-
lieved so much stress,” said Dee
Burnett, 78.
  While teens have been busy doing
tasks for those who cannot do chores
themselves due to health or age, they
have still had time for fun.
  LifeTeen has faith formation sessions
for three Sundays a month, and one
Sunday a month is a social planned by
the teens. In October. the teens had a
                                                From left, Richard Zirkle, Sherry Chapman (sponsor), Lake Tully, CeCe Valdez, Alexandra
fun and crazy dance-off patterned af-
ter the popular dance show, So You              Smith, Tim Sherman (sponsor), Alex Sherman and Rachel Shearrer (sponsor) participate
Think You Can Dance.                            in the Rite of Entrance for first year Confirmation students.
  Page 6                                                                                                 many. There is no cost

     Parish Life
                                                                                                         to display; we only ask
                                                                                                         that you put up and take
                                                                                                         down your own display.
                                                                                                            There is no admission
                                                                                                         charge; visitors are only
                                                                                                         asked for a free-will
What is a                          Maybe       you     are
                                 wondering what this is all
                                                                                                         donation. There is also a
                                                                                                         raffle during the event.
Meet & Greet?                    about. Meet and Greet is
                                 a means of making the
                                                                                                            This year the Anthony
                                                                                                         Family Shelter Advisory
by Sandy Rau                     Council accessible to all                                               Board is hosting an
                                 parishioners for their         No Room at the Inn nas nativities from
                                                                whimsical to works of art.               additional event: The
  Meet and Greet – what is       ideas. Several council                                                  Stable Experience, a
that? I am sure you have         members are in the                                                      private viewing from 6 to
heard Father announce it or
seen in the bulletin that
                                 gathering space before
                                 and after Mass the
                                                                There’s room                             8 p.m. with a $25 ticket
                                                                                                         per person as admission.
Pastoral Council members
would be in the gathering
                                 weekend prior to our
                                 monthly meeting, in order
                                                                for you here                                The Stable Experience is
                                                                by Barbara Pinaire                       a wine and cheese affair
space after Mass for Meet &      to hear any concerns,                                                   with quiet music and a
Greet. Or you may have           questions or kudos. They         The sixth annual No Room               small silent auction of
noticed someone wearing a        will take your questions       At The Inn nativity display              nativity items. Admission
small gold Pastoral Council      and name and get the           hosted by St. Bernadette Guild           to The Stable Experience
member badge as you entered      answer back to you if the      to benefit St. Anthony Family            is by advance ticket sales
or left the church.              question      can’t    be      Shelter will be Dec. 11 and 12           only. No tickets will be
  One question that comes to     answered on the spot.            The event is modeled after a           sold at the door. It is the
mind might be who are they?        You ask when and             nativity display started in              hope of the guild and
The Pastoral Council is made     where does this take           California over 15 years ago by          advisory board that we
up of active members of the      place. So watch for your       two ladies with large                    can raise over $5,000 for
parish entrusted to ensure       Council member in the          collections of nativities. Last          the shelter. If you are
that our parish is about the     gathering space before         year we had over 350 nativities          interested in displaying
work of God. They represent      and after Mass on the          and nativity items. The mood             your nativity(ies) or wish
the many voices of St Mary       weekend prior to the third     is serene and beautiful and a            to purchase tickets for
Parish. Your council members     Tuesday of each month.         great way to get into the true           The Stable Experience,
advise and collaborate with      They welcome your input,       spirit of Christmas.                     call Barb Pinaire, guild
the Pastor in carrying out the   or even your greeting and        Anyone interested is able to           chairman, at 253-4943.
Parish Pastoral Plan and         conversation.                  display nativities – one or
setting parish policy.

Family matters                   Springfield. She is currently a
                                 Personal Banker with US Bank
by Davi Stuhlsatz                in St. Louis.
                                   Ben graduated from St. Mary
  Together we mark the           Parish School in 2001and
milestones of our lives, cel-    Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School
ebrating the joys and shar-      in 2005. He received a Master’s
ing the sorrows.                 of Accounting degree from the
                                 University of Kansas in May
Marriages                        2010. He is employed in the
  Ben Westerman married          International Tax department at
Michelle       Krispin    on     Deloitte in St. Louis. The couple
September 4, 2010 at St.         resides in St. Louis.                                                                 Westerman
Francis of Assisi Catholic
Church in St. Louis, Mo.         Deaths                                Rachel Ross, died on                Marvin D. Wasielewski,
  Ben is the son of Jim and      Beatrice Jarchow, mother to           October 20.                         brother of Audrey Lehr,
De-De Westerman of Derby.        Gary Jarchow, died on                                                     died on July 9.
Michelle is the daughter of      November 4.                           Matthew Mans, father of
Jim and Eileen Krispin of St.                                          Carol Betzen, died on Oct           Walter     Landwehr,
Louis.                           Marie Foral, mother of Chris          18.                                 brother to Kathy
  Michelle is a 2005 graduate    Coufal, died October 22.                                                  Klassen, died on June
of Cor Jesu Academy in St.                                             Marcellinus Jacobs, father          11.
Louis and a 2009 graduate of     Sharon Wallace, mother of Sara        of Clyde and Glen Jacobs,
Missouri State University in     Gulick, Amanda Wallace and            died October 2.
                                                                                                                      Page 7

                                                 November-December 2010
                                                 Sun, Nov 21   RCIA Rite of Acceptance/Welcome, 9 am, Faith Center Church
                                                               Coffee & Donuts, 10–11 am, FC Knights Hall
                                                               RCIA, 10 am, FC Rm 112, babysitting, Rm 114
                                                               Children’s Liturgy of the Word, 11 am Mass
                                                               Christmas Garage Sale and Craft sale, noon - 3 pm, School Gym
                                                               LifeNight, after 6 pm Mass, FC Rm 114
                                                               Choir Rehearsal,7:15 pm FC Rm 112, 7:45 pm FC Church
St Mary alumni, fans and friends…                Mon, Nov 22   SMPS Teacher in-service, No School
Catch up with old friends, and browse                          LifeTeen Core Team, 7 pm, FC Rm 114
through old photos on the St Mary                              Grief Support Group, 7 pm, FC Rm 112
Catholic School Alumni page on                                 K of C officers, 7:30 pm, KC Hall
Facebook! If you have questions or               Tue, Nov 23   SMPS Teacher in-service, No School
have photos you’d like scanned and                             Sunday by Sunday Scripture Study, 1:30 pm, FC Rm 114
added to the page, contact Davi at 788-          Wed, Nov 24   SMPS Thanksgiving Break through Nov 26
4234 or                                      NO PSR or MSFF, NO Confirmation sessions
                                                               Anticipated Thanksgiving Eucharist, 7 pm, Faith Center
                                                 Thu, Nov 25   Thanksgiving, Parish Offices closed
                                                 Fri, Nov 26   Parish Offices closed
    Generous hearts and the                      Sun, Nov 28   1st Sunday of Advent
       pretty purple box                                       Coffee & Donuts, 10–11 am, FC Knights Hall
  Parishioners often ask Father Wayne                          Children’s Liturgy of the Word, 11 am Mass
and Sister Marie, especially during the                        NO RCIA, Thanksgiving weekend
holidays, how they can help parish families                    No Choir rehearsal
or individuals who might be struggling to                      LifeNight, after 6 pm Mass, FC Rm 114
make ends meet.                                  Mon, Nov 29   LifeTeen Core Team, 7 pm, FC Rm 114
  When Father and Sister are asked, they         Tue, Nov 30   Sacred Heart Guild, 8:45 am, Neumann Hall
may not know of anyone in particular right                     Sunday by Sunday Scripture Study, 1:30 pm, FC Rm 114
then, but then someone might ask them                          Understanding the Faith, 7 pm, School Library
for assistance on the weekend or just
before Christmas, when help isn’t readily        Wed, Dec 1    Guadalupe Prayer Service, 8 am, School Gym
available. The people who ask for help                         PSR, 6 pm, School classrooms
are often embarrassed to ask and don’t                         MSFF, 6 pm, Annex
want anyone else to know.                                      PSR & MSFF Gift Giving Liturgy, 6:15 pm, Weekday Chapel
  We generally keep some non-                                  Confirmation Sessions, 7:30 pm, Faith Center
perishables on hand to help parishioners                       Centering Prayer, 7:30 pm, Weekday Chapel
in need, but we’d like to try something          Thu, Dec 2    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, noon – 10 pm, FC Rm 112
new this year, to help the folks who may         Fri, Dec 3    First Friday Coffee & Donuts, 8:45 AM, Neumann Hall
be having a rough patch maintain their           Sat, Dec 4    God’s Food Pantry weekend
dignity and to make it easy on Father and                      The Lord’s Diner, Team A – G & A Kleman
Sister to help them.                             Sun, Dec 5    Second Sunday of Advent
  We’ll have a purple gift box on the Scrip                    Baptism Session, 9 am, FC Office Conf room 106
table, and if you’d like to buy a gift card                    Santa Breakfast, 10–11 am, FC Knights Hall
(such as Wal-Mart or Dillon’s) to put in                       RCIA, 10 am, FC Rm 112, babysitting, Rm 114
the box, the cards will be passed along to                     NO Children’s Liturgy of the Word this week
Father and Sister to provide a little help                     LifeNight, after 6 pm Mass, FC Rm 114
to parishioners who ask for assistance.                        Choir Rehearsal,7:15 pm FC Rm 112, 7:45 pm FC Church
                                                 Mon, Dec 6    LifeTeen Jr Core, 6 pm, FC Rm 114
                                                               LifeTeen Core Team, 7 pm, FC Rm 114
             NEWSLETTER                          Tue, Dec 7    Sunday by Sunday Scripture Study, 1:30 pm, FC Rm 114
                                                               Understanding the Faith, 7 pm, School Library
Davi Stuhlsatz, 788-5525 •                    SMPS Music Concert K-2, 7 pm, School Gym
                                                               Anticipated Eucharist Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 7 pm, FC
Submit articles, photos, family news and         Wed, Dec 8    Feast of the Immaculate Conception
information to St Mary Church, 2300 E                          Eucharist, 9 am, Faith Center
Meadowlark, Derby 67037 or email to Davi                       No SMPS, No PSR or MSFF, Parish Offices Closed
(above). Call Davi with suggestions or           Thu, Dec 9    Altar Society, all members, 7 pm, Knights Hall
comments or to share your gifts regularly as a                                                                           (cont.)
digital photographer, writer or editor.
 Page 8

          Our Calendar
December 2010
Sat, Dec 11   No Room At The Inn, 10 am – 7 pm, School Gym
Sun, Dec 12   Third Sunday of Advent
              No Room At The Inn, Noon – 4 pm, School Gym
              Parish & Welcome Breakfast, 10-11 am, KC Hall
              RCIA, 10 am, FC Rm 112, babysitting, Rm 114
              Children’s Liturgy of the Word, 11 am Mass
              Articles of Faith Gift Shop after 9 and 11 am Mass, FC North Hallway
              Columbian Squires, 1 pm, FC Rm 114
              LifeNight, after 6 pm Mass, FC Rm 114
              Choir Rehearsal,7:15 pm FC Rm 112, 7:45 pm FC Church
Mon, Dec 13   LifeTeen Core Team, 7 pm, FC Rm 114
              Grief Support Group, 7 pm, FC Rm 112
              K of C members, 7:30 pm, KC Hall
Tue, Dec 14   Sunday by Sunday Scripture Study, 1:30 pm, FC Rm 114
              Understanding the Faith, 7 pm, School Library
              SMPS Music and band concert MS, 7 pm, School Gym
              Pastoral Council, 7 pm, location TBA
Wed, Dec 15   PSR, 6 pm, School classrooms
              MSFF, 6 pm, Annex
              PSR & MSFF attending Mass, 7 pm, Weekday Chapel
              Centering Prayer, 7:30 pm, Weekday Chapel                              Second graders helped people find their tables. Pictured
Thu, Dec 16   Parish Advent Reconciliation Service, 7 pm, Faith Center               is Cale Curtis with his dad, Craig.
Sun, Dec 19   Fourth Sunday of Advent
              Coffee & Donuts, 10–11 am, FC Knights Hall
              RCIA, 10 am, FC Rm 112, babysitting, Rm 114
              Children’s Liturgy of the Word, 11 am Mass, FC
              K of C Childrens Christmas Party w/Santa, 1 – 3 pm, School Gym
              HSYM deliver gifts to adopted family, 4 – 5 pm, FC RM 114
              No LifeNight
Fri, Dec 24   Christmas Eve Mass, 5 pm (children’s choir begins at 4), Faith Ctr
              Christmas Eve Mass, 8 pm (adult choir begins at 7:30 pm), Faith Ctr
Sat, Dec 25   Christmas Day Mass, 9 am only, Faith Center

                                         The Mixx –
                                      St Mary’s young                                The second graders also sang at the luncheon. Pictured

                                        adults group                                 are Lexy Daniel, Sophie Brubaker and Niki Wood.

                                       Are you 21-35 (single
                                     or married)? Come to
                                     The Mixxer at Madrocks
                                     on Sun, Nov 14 at 3 pm
                                     to watch the Chiefs
                                     game and have some
                                     fun with other young
                                     adults in the parish!                                          Mike and Traci Brown
              Thank you
                    for coming to the
 Stewardship Renewal Luncheon
           and to all our host families!
Videos from the luncheon are posted on YouTube:
  • The video shown at the luncheon about the difference
our parish makes:
  • The meal blessing and second graders singing:
  • Father Wayne’s Stewardship talk:
  • Ray Kennedy’s Stewardship talk:
  A special thank you goes out to the members of the Faith
in Action team (FIAT) who organized the event: Vicky Tully,
Dee Burnett, Suzie Compton, Andrea Eastman, Gail
Schmeidler, Audrey Ronnfeldt, Terisa Kramer, Katie McHenry,
Father Wayne and Davi Stuhlsatz.
                                                                                  Gary Tully led the color guard.

           Ken and Rose Bruggeman                                           Jim York and Dan Klosterman

         Dee Burnett and Pat McHenry          Laurie Ford and Nicole Ford                  Sister Marie and Barb Oglesby
                                  S A I N T M A RY PA R I S H
                       Memorials and Honorariums as of October 31, 2010
Thank you for your gifts!     Memorials (in tribute of someone who has died, marked with a ) and honorariums
(made to honor someone living) are beautiful and enduring gestures of love and faith that recognize
 a special person and also provide for the Church's future. Gifts made since December 16, 2009 are in bold font.
                                                                             Joe Fanello
Dee Acosta                             Richard & Karol Cornejo Family        Joe Fanello's grandchildren
Michael Adams                          Twila Cosentino                       Louis Fannello
Altar Society                          Benita Cox                            Mary E. Fanello
Rachel Arehart                                                               Frank Fanning
Jerry Armstrong                        Kevin Dana                            Marcia Fanning
Phil Armstrong                         Jacqueline Jo Davis                   Makinsey Renee Farber
George Arnold                          Lana Dawdy                            Maddie Farber
Mary Arnold                            William Dawdy, Sr                     Danny Farve
Arturo P. Atencio                      Floyd Dawson                          George & Sadie Favreau
Marie Avello                           Tiny DeCou                            Bobbie D. Feikert
                                       Marian Deiter                         Dr. Fisher
Laurence Bachman                       Basil Delgado                         Geraldine A. Fisher
Baker                                  Ken Delgado                           Jenna Fisher's birthday
Everett Balster                        Sharon Desborough                     Nina Flattery
Kevin & Kathy Barker                   Jerry & Mary Devore                   Sister Alberta Foley
Preston Barr's birthday                Albert Dextras                        Kathryn J. Fontaine
Jocelyn Bastarache's birthday          M.L. Dextras                          Marie Foral
Marion Beaver                          Virleen & Al Dickman                  Colleen Ford
Rosie Benner                           Tom Dillon
Mary P. Bernard                        The Dinner Group                      Agnes Gengler
Aloys & Mary Ann Betzen                Howard Dixon                          Edna Gentry
John & Barbara Betzen                  Janice Dixon                          Bill & Sue Gessler
Nick Billaci                           Harry Dobson, Jr                      N.J. Gessler Jr.
Normand A. Bissonnette                 Mary Dobson                           Elizabeth Gibbs
Vincent & Amelia Bitel                 Lawrence & Vicki Doughty              Gilbert
Betty & Jake Boardman Family           Caroline Douvia                       Eileen Gilbert
Elizabeth J. Boardman                  Diane Doyon                           Patrocinio Gonzalez
Eddie and Verna Bouchey                Annette Dreiling                      Gabriele A. Gordan
Tom Bowen                              Bud Dreitzler                         Stan & Margie Gress
Wanda Braciszewski                     Helen Dreitzler
Cari Brennan                           Jim Dubetsky                          Anna Haney
Irma Jean Brown                        Father Richard Ducate                 Walter Haney
Donald J. Bruggeman                    Keith & Marcia DuLac                  Ashley Hankins
Ken & Rose Bruggeman                   Jean Dumont                           Gladys Hays
Carlos Buell                           Raymond Dupree                        Robert Hein
Paul Burnett                           Connie Duran                          Mary Heinrich
                                                                             Billie Herrmann
Tejae Carlson                          Andrea Eastman (joined the Church)    Danielle Hoch
Zita M. Carlson                        Bayley Eastman (baptism,1st           Thelma M. Hoffman
Carolyn Sue Carpenter                  Communion)                            Zachery Hollingsworth
Marion & Grace Carroll                 Gwendolyn Eastman (baptism)           John Holm
Ronnie & Mary Carver                   Rod & Andrea Eastman                  James & Dianne Houchin
The Debbie Chapman Family              Shelby & Bayley Eastman               Lucille R. Houchin
Chvilicek family                       Francis Edmond                        William J. Houchin
Chvilicek family - Christmas           Ann Egan                              Hudson
Taylee Chvilicek's birthday            Pat and Ann Egan                      Margaret Hug
Albert A. Coccetella                   Jane Engels                           Mae Hundley
Gerald & Ellen Cochran                 Leo Engels                            Rena Jo Hurst
James D. & Sara Gonzalez Coffey        Marj Engels                           Francis E. Hurtig
Carl & Suzie Compton                   Pat Engels                            Helen I. Hurtig
Christian Compton                      Blanche Erbert
Suzie Compton                          Julia Erway                           Ron Igo
Joe Condic
Tom Cook                               Gerald Fager                          Clyde & Vicky Jacobs
                                       S A I N T M A RY PA R I S H
                      Memorials and Honorariums as of October 31, 2010

Marcy Jacobs                               Vernon Lang                                Doug Nolting
Dortha Johnson                             Father John Lanzrath                       Richard Noone
Jessica Johnson                            Ron & Norma Lee Leabo's 50th Anniversary
Julianna Johnson                           Milton Laurie                              Virginia Odle
Kent & Margie Johnson's 25th anniversary   Donald Lehr                                Gertrude Olliges
Lonnie Johnson                             Pete & Becky Leidich
Robin Johnson                              Al Leiker                                  Christopher Palmer
Steve Johnson                              Mary E. Leiker                             Douglas Palmer
Eulalia W. Joines                          Kevin & Rachel Lewis                       Michael Palmer
Charley W. Jones                           LIFE TEEN Core Team                        Scott Palmer
Mary Ellen Jones' 80th birthday            Edward A. Lind (of Iola)                   Bob Pawloski Birthday
James A. Jordan                            Eugene H. & Regina Lindner                 Richard Pawloski Birthday
Jerrie Joseph                              Marguerite Linot                           Keyton Pappas' 1st Communion
                                           Alonzo A. Lollar                           Nikki Parks
Kandlbinder                                Pat Lollar                                 Loretta Pater
Carol Keller                               Joseph Longar                              Rachel Patterson
John Keller                                Bruce & Anita Luehring                     Monte Peterson
Ed Kelly                                   Gilbert & Carolyn Luehring                 Gerald Pierce
Ed & Carole Kelly's 50th anniversary       John & Betty J. Lux                        Katy Pinaire's 6th birthday
John Kelly                                 James W. Lyle, Jr.                         Marge & Bob Plagmann
David Kelsey                                                                          Mary Lou Potter
Brother Hugh Kennedy                       Ben Maimer                                 Walter L. Powers
JoAnne Kennedy                             Pat Maimer                                 Jeanie Provenzano
John & Connie Kennedy                      Father Pat Malone
Leo & Ida Kennedy                          Joseph L. Mamary                           David M. Rabe
Ray & Christine (Tommie) Kennedy family    Marian Guild                               Laverne M. Rabe
Ray Kennedy, Father's Day 2009             Cleo Marlow                                Nancy Rader
Ray Kennedy (2010 Father’s Day)            Eva Marlow                                 Gerald Rafferty
Charles W. Kenyon                          José Martin                                Hiram Rank
Lucille Kerby                              José and Patricinio Martin                 Greg & Sandy Rau
John P. Ketzner                            Madalyn Antoniana Martin                   Edna Reyes
Leonard & Arlee Killion                    Jamie Maugans                              Roman Rau
Kippenberger Family                        Roseanna Maxwell                           Jay Vincent Rhodes
Tillie Kisner                              Clem & Martha May                          James Rinke
Matthew Klein                              Orsman McCammon                            Jess Rodriguez
Sister Rose Klein                          Jack McCarthy                              Dr. Steven A. Rohr
Leona Kling                                Daniel J. McCoy                            Mike & Audrey Ronnfeldt
Knights of Columbus                        Annie McHenry                              Anthony Roman
Knights of Columbus                        Greg & Katie McHenry                       Joaquina Flores Rosa
Reginald Knowles                           Ben & Mary Mendoza                         Henny Penny Rosen
Leo Konecny                                Benito & Mary Mendoza                      Marjorie Russell
Lawrence Korphage                          Ray & Myrna Messer
Paul & Zita Kreutzer                       Ministers of the Homebound                 Jose’ G. Sanchez
Walter Kreutzer                            Clarence Mitchell                          Pat Satterfield
Daniel Kriszcziokaitis                     Best Principal, Richard Montgomery         Richard Schaffer
Gerry Kroening's 74th birthday             Richard & Audrey Montgomery                Margie Schieber
Rick Kuehn                                 Manuel Rosa Moreira                        Gail Schmeidler
Mary Kuntz                                 Jack Morgan                                James Schmeidler
Joann Kuszak                               Liddie Mossey                              Tom & Gail Schmeidler
                                           Patricia L. Murrow                         Sister Louise Schmid
Dr. Amber & Don J. Lambert                                                            Mildred Schmid
Rosemary Lambert                           Mamie Neeland                              Father Wayne Schmid
Xavier Lambert                             Jim Neises                                 Milton Schmidt
Michael Lamers                             Armond & Ruby Newell                       J D Schoenhofer
Jack Landes                                Dr David & Cindy Niederee                  Bill Schrader
Lola Landis                                Jennie Nolan                               The Sekerak family
John & Gertrude Landwehr                   Bud and Dorothy Nolting                    September 11 Terrorist Victims
Harold B. Lane
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                                         S A I N T M A RY PA R I S H
                        Memorials and Honorariums as of October 31, 2010

 Lexie Shelton                                Nadine C. Tiemeyer                         Joe & Laura Wendling
 Carl Simon                                   Mary E. Titus                              The Cynthia Wentworth Family
 St Mary Parish members                       Irene Trainer                              Kaitlyn Wentworth
 All the wonderful St Mary teachers & staff   Reagan Marie Tran                          Paul and Mary Wilber
 St Mary Parish staff                         Tully family                               Ellen Wilbert
 St Mary middle school teachers               Jane Turner                                Brianna Wildoner
 Julia Stamps                                                                            Al & Norma Williams' 50th anniversary
 Margaret L. Stanberry                        Norm Urban                                 The Bryan Williams Family
 Nora Stewart                                 Jane Ullom                                 The Greg Williams Family
 Bert, Kay and Terri Stieger                                                             The Jim Williams Family
 Brett & Katie Stout                          K Vaughn                                   The Mike Williams Family
 Bill & Marilyn Stuhlsatz                     Frances Vicik                              Clara J. Witters
 Bob & Davi Stuhlsatz                         William Vicik                              Lillian Wittman
 Davi Stuhlsatz                               Geraldo & Florentina Villar                Marie Wolke & family
 John & Kathy Stuhlsatz                       Volunteers to the Parish                   Ralph Wolke
 Bryan Swank                                                                             Dalton Wright
                                              Kathleen Wade                              Harlan Wright, Sr.
 Dorothy Takach                               Sharon Wallace
 Greg Talley                                  Eric & Kathy Walsten                       Victor & Louise Zeringue
 Gai Thi Tan                                  Ray Warren                                 Steven L. Zirkle
 Darlene Dulac Thompson                       Virginia J. Warren                         Sister Marie Zoglman
 George & Irene Thyfault                      Bert Wendling                              Roman Zoglman
     Envelopes to make an honorarium or memorial gift are available in the gathering space, or call Andrea, 788-5525.

                Welcome to St. Mary - say hi to these new families!
ADULTS                                 CHILDREN
Luis and Crystal Bachica
John & Janet Brown                                            Newkold                                              Mataxen &
Ryan Cassidy                                                                                                       Hinnenkamp, Jr
Weston and Dana Coffindaffer
Tom Cooper & Michelle Marcotte
Brent and Lindsay Ealey                  Alexis
Pat and Diana Hinson
Teresa Mataxen and
   Robert Hinnenkamp Jr                  Ashly, Robert
Greg and Sheri Newkold
Mark and Julie Nutsch                                           Hinson
Aaron and Miranda Palmer
Chris and Theresa Perren                 Anna
Jason and Lyndsey Phillips               Claire
Bob and Sandy Potyandy
Ray and Jennifer Raymo                                                      10.5

Lynessa Rico                             Makayla
James and Renee Rogers
Scott and Michelle Stewart
Theresa Waitley                          Kelsey
Ron and Deana Waltrip
Joy Ward                                                                                    Ward            Rico
Ron and Kay Wiederien
Lisa Wiederien                                    * The Ealeys, Perrens and Phillips are pictured on pg. 2 – baptisms.

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