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					                                     MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

Full name of institution                       Macquarie University

Academic Calendar                              Semester 1: February – June
                                               Semester 2: July – December

General University web site          

Information web site for exchange students

Pre-nomination                                 24 March for Semester 2
Deadlines                                      24 October for Semester 1

Application Deadlines                          Applications to be received from individual AEN universities
                                               no later than:
                                               21 April 2008 for Semester 2, 2008
                                               17 November 2008 for Semester 1, 2009

Contact details for exchange students          Name:      Matthew Louie
                                               Position:  Education Abroad Advisor
                                               Address:    Macquarie International
                                                           Macquarie University
                                                           North Ryde NSW 2109
                                               Telephone: 61.2 9850 6945
                                               Fax:        61.2 9850 7733

Areas of study open for UN exchange            Online handbook
(Please list all or provide a web site where   Restricted units below
areas of study are listed)

Areas of study open for UN students            Students are able to study all subject offered at Macquarie
restricted to prior bilateral agreements       except for Media Production, Teacher Education Practice,
between the exchanging departments             Chiropractic, Community Management and Graduate School
                                               of Management.

English Language requirements                  TOEFL Paper test: 580 overall, 5.0 TWE with a minimum of
                                               53 in Listening, 51 in Structure and Writing, 52 in Reading.
                                               TOEFL Computer-based test: 237 overall, 5.0 TWE, with a
                                               minimum of 19 in each section.
                                               TOEFL Internet based: 92 overall, 23 in Speaking, 18 in
                                               Listening, 22 in Writing and 17 in Reading.
                                               IELTS: 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in each of the
                                               reading writing, listening and spoken components.

                                               Sending institutions recommendations considered
Housing assistance offered                     ( X ) YES             ( ) NO

                                               Contact Details: Anne Markarian
                                               Position:        Accommodation Manager
                                               Address:         Macquarie International
                                                                Macquarie University
                                                                 North Ryde NSW 2109

                                               Telephone:        61.2 9850 6328
                                               Fax:              61.2 9850 7733

Housing deadlines                              Semester 1: As soon as possible
                                               Semester 2: As soon as possible

Examination period                             Semester 1: 3 weeks in June
                                               Semester 2: 3 weeks in November
                                               Specific dates change yearly

Orientation dates for incoming exchange        Semester 1: One week prior to start of the semester
students                                       Semester 2: One week prior to start of the semester
                                               Specific dates change yearly. Optional Orientation 3 day
                                               escapes run the week before the start of classes. Cost approx
                                               AUD$250 Contact Matthew for more information

English language courses offered for           CAPP100 – concurrent English for academic purposes
incoming exchange students                     (semester program) or ELICOS program on a fee paying basis

Dates and costs for English language courses   CAPP – free
                                               ELICOS – prices on application

Contact person for English language courses    Name:         Nicole Lam
                                               Position:    Information Office, ELP
                                               Address:     NCELTR, Macquarie University
                                                             North Ryde NSW 2109

                                               Telephone: 61.2 9850 7956
                                               Fax:       61.2 9850 8129

Last update of this information                31 January 2008