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Who are we?
Where are we?
When are we open?

IT Services

Computers, software, Internet,
printing, advice, AV, ECDL

Issue Desk Services

Lending, fines, stationery

Learning Centre Code of Conduct

Studying in the Learning Centres

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Learning Resources Service Standards

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Who are we?

This guide aims to give you an outline of the services,
resources and facilities available to you from Learning
Resources. Learning Resources includes IT, Library, e-
learning and audiovisual support.
In the Learning Centres, we aim to create an environment
where all students and staff have access to high quality
information and support.

Where are we?

We have Learning Centres at all three College Campuses, in
Chester, Capenhurst and Ellesmere
Port. We also have a library website, http://library.west-
cheshire.ac.uk, where you can access our subscribed e-
resources from home 24/7. Please see page 10 for details.

When are we open?


Monday        8.30am-
Tuesday       8.30am-
Wednesday     8.30am-
Thursday      8.30am-
Friday        8.30am-
Saturday      Closed

Monday          8.30am-
Tuesday         8.30am-
Wednesday       8.30am-
Thursday        8.30am-
Friday          8.30am-
Saturday        Closed

Ellesmere Port

Monday          8.30am-
Tuesday         8.30am-
Wednesday       8.30am-
Thursday        8.30am-
Friday          8.30am-
Saturday        10.00am-

All times are subject to change. We are usually not open in
the evenings during the College holidays, so please check
with us if you are making a special visit. Our contact details
are on the back cover.
IT Services

Networked computers

All computers in the Learning Centres are networked and to
gain access a username and password is required. This will
be issued at the beginning of your course in accordance with
the User Agreement.


Microsoft Office is available on all computers. Course-
specific software may only be available in workshops or
lecture rooms.


The Internet is available to all students. The Internet should
be used to support your studies and not for leisure purposes.
Printers & colour printing

Printers are located around each Learning Centre. Paper for
printing is charged at 20p for 10 sheets. Colour Printing is
available and costs 35p per sheet.

Advice and support

Fully-qualified Learning Centre staff are available at all times
for IT advice and support issues.

Audio visual

We have a selection of audio visual equipment, such as CD
players and digital cameras, which can be borrowed with
your tutor’s permission. These may be borrowed for you to
complete work and assignments, however, you will need to
show your library card.

ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)

Gain a Level 2 IT qualification by completing the ECDL by
distance learning.
Issue Desk Services


The number of books you can borrow depends on the level
of your course. Please ask at the desk and we will advise
You can borrow fiction books, videos, DVDs, CDs, CD-
ROMs and journals in addition to your text book allowance.
There is no charge for borrowing items from the Learning
Centre and most books are issued for four weeks. Most
multi-media items are issued for one week.
You can use the library catalogue to search for the item you
are looking for. We can reserve an item for you at no charge
if it is on loan.
You can borrow and return books at any College Learning


We do charge fines – most items are charged at 5p for each
day they are overdue. We will renew borrowed items twice if
no-one else is waiting for them. If you build up £1 worth of
fines, you won’t be able to borrow any items until you pay

We have a selection of stationery items for sale, including
paper for the printers and pen drives (USB sticks).

Learning Centre Code of Conduct

 Please treat other users and staff with courtesy and
 No membership card, No service!
 Do not lend your card to anyone else.
 Use the computer network responsibly.
 Bottled drinks only
 No food allowed.
 All mobile phones should be switched off, or on silent.

Studying in the Learning Centres

Study areas

Our Learning Centres are designed to provide an
environment where all students can use computers and do
research to suit their needs. We have study areas for groups
working with tutors and quiet rooms for students who prefer
to work alone. There are study tables for small groups to sit
together. We have computing areas for students to use in
their own time and computer areas which can be booked in
advance by tutors for group work in class time. We can book
you a computer in advance if you wish.
Advice and support

All Learning Centres are staffed by enthusiastic and
knowledgeable learning resource officers who will be happy
to give you help and advice. We have many years of
experience and are constantly keeping up to date with
changes in the education and information environments. If
you need assistance or cannot find what you are looking for,
do not hesitate to come to our information point and we will
be happy to help.

Learning Resources Web Pages

The Learning Resources website has web pages dedicated
to each curriculum area. Visit our home page:
http://library.west-cheshire.ac.uk where you will be able to
locate useful information about our services, use the library
catalogue, access online resources and read our IT user
guides and library leaflets.

RSS Feeds

The RSS feed allows you to directly access our online library
resources from any compatible news reader. Please ask at
any Learning Centre for a demonstration.
The Library Catalogue
The Library Catalogue is available online and in your
Learning Centres. From our web pages (http://library.west-
cheshire.ac.uk) click on Library Catalogue to access our full
records of resources in stock in your Learning Centres. Enter
your search terms in the boxes and press enter, eg,
‘business’. This brings up several records.
For more details on a given item click into any part of the
record. This will bring up the Catalogue Record Details.
Electronic Resources

Learning Resources pay annual subscriptions to allow you to
access the most authoritative, reliable and relevant services
on the Web. We subscribe to a number of subject-specific
electronic resources, such as MarketLine and TRILT:
You can search the content of thousands of journals and
reports to find articles, statistics and images on a particular
topic and newspaper databases containing full-text articles
(updated daily).

Please ask us to help you find the best resources for your

How to access the online resources from home

e-mail: library@west-cheshire.ac.uk

All students and staff at West Cheshire College may access
our electronic resources 24/7. If you wish to access from
home, you will require an Athens username and password.

If you wish to apply for a username and password, please e-
mail us at library@west-cheshire.ac.uk or by telephoning
01244 670579 and we will set you up with an account.

Using Infotrac

One of our most popular services is Infotrac, a one-stop
shop for news and periodical articles.

These articles provide the most up-to-date and reliable
information in your area of study - no matter what the
subject! There are millions of full-text articles, many with
images, and it is updated daily.
On our website, access Infotrac via your subject area on the
home page or via Electronic Resources and Web links in the
left hand column. Once Infotrac is open, click on Advanced
Search in the left hand column. Use the drop-down menus
next to the search box to modify the search, as illustrated:

Learning Resources provide hands-on training sessions and
expert staff to guide you through all our resources — just ask
and we will be delighted to help!


Students can work together on the internet; develop reports
by working together on the same document; exchange
information; pass messages to each other; share ideas and
opinions and create a portfolio that reflects their learning.
Staff and managers can publish messages to participants;
publish lecture notes, minutes of meetings, presentations
and other documents so that they will always be available;
create tests and surveys that can be administered and
marked automatically by Fronter; monitor the activities and
performance of participants at any time.

Room Selector

Each course is stored in Fronter as a room. Users are only
allowed to access rooms that are relevant to them as
determined by their Learner Passport. This is quite important
as there can be several thousand rooms available on
Fronter. The room selector tool provides a list of all of the
rooms that a user has access to. It is located in the top left
corner of the screen just below the‘My Today Page’ link.

Many Tools - Many possibilities

You can choose from a variety of tools in Fronter.

Rooms can have different functions - there are work rooms,
lecture halls, group rooms, cafés etc. A Room can be used
as a shared workplace for project management, teamwork,
teaching and learning. In these Rooms, you can discuss,
publish your ideas, read news, take examinations etc.
Logging in on Before you can start working you will need to
log in on Fronter.

Either select the link from the West Cheshire College
Website or Intranet or enter http://fronter.com/cheshire in the
address bar of your browser. This will take you to the log-in
screen where you should enter your username and
password in the relevant boxes:

Note: you can load Fronter in English, French or German if
you wish. When you click Log in you are taken to your ‘My
Today Page’: The Today Page is your personal start page. It
includes all published information relevant to you, and is
always up-to-date. The information that is relevant to you is
displayed automatically.

Learning Resources Service Standards

 Provide a range of services and facilities appropriate to the
  needs and requirements of the College community.
 Identify and provide access to a wide range of learning
  resources appropriate to supporting teaching and learning
  in the College.
 Manage learning resources efficiently and effectively.
 Support and guide customers in the use of learning
 Establish an environment conducive to study which caters
  for a range of learning styles.
 Gather feedback from learners and staff and act upon it
 Liaise with staff to establish their curriculum delivery
  requirements and determine effective expenditure on new
Chester Campus Learning Centre
01244 670579

Ellesmere Port Learning Centre
01244 670348

Capenhurst Learning Centre
01244 670451

e-mail: library@west-cheshire.ac.uk
website: http://library.west-cheshire.ac.uk

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