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ABC Countdown 2006


									                ABC Countdown 2009
04/24   A   Aloha Day—We will be learning about and celebrating Hawaiian customs,

            food, and its people; we will also be making something Hawaiian.

            Wear Hawaiian attire!

4/27    B   Bear Day —Bring your favorite teddy bear, or stuffed animal!

4/28    C   Cookie Day-Your teachers will bring you cookies on this day!

4/29    D   Dress in Sports Attire Day- Dress up in sports attire-just no hats


4/30    E   Envision Day— Envision yourself in sixth grade

5/1     F   Field Trip Day – We will be visiting the Challenger Learning Center today!

5/4     G   Game Day— Play a board or card game with a classmate. You may bring

            school appropriate board or card games today!

5/5     H   Help a Friend Day – Do a good deed and help

            someone today.

5/6     I   Inspirational Woman Day – Make a card for a special woman in your

            life, such as your mom, grandma, auntie, Godmother, etc. (Mother’s Day is


5/7     J   Jam Day—Jam to some music during the school day.

5/8     K   King Day—The gentlemen are ―kings‖ for the day.

5/11    L   Lollipop Day—Enjoy lollipops in class!
5/12   M   Money Day-No, we will not be giving you money. We will be doing

           Activities that involve money management. 

5/13   N   No Homework Day -No homework tonight.

5/14   O   Over Day- Over halfway to the end.

           (complete a preposition activity)

5/15   P   Pajama Day- Wear your PJ’s to school today.

5/18   Q   Queen Day—the ladies are ―queens‖ for the day.

5/19   R   Recess Day- enjoy an extra recess.

5/20   S   Summer Birthday Day- share birthday treats, if your birthday is in the

           summer!              HAPPY BIRTHDAY
5/21   T   Twin Day… Find a friend and dress like twins!

5/22   U   Uno Day-play Uno, the card game, today.

5/26   V   Video Day—Enjoy watching a video today!

5/27   W   Workout Day! Today is field day and you will be getting a


5/28   X   Xtreme Class/Desk/Locker Makeover Day-we’ll be cleaning those

           lockers, desks & our classroom!

5/29   Y   You can be a STAR              Day….If you could be famous for one day,

           what would you do?

6/1    Z   Zip Up Your Bag and Go Home Day—Last day of school

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