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                                                                     Information & Policies
                                                                      On-Campus Living

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   American University in Bulgaria
Department of Residence Life and Housing
                                                                          UNIVERSITY IN
         Skaptopara Room 49                                                 BULGARIA
           Blagoevgrad 2700
         Tel: 359 73 888514
         Fax: 359 73 883228
                                                                                      Emergencies, Routine
Table of Contents                                                              Movie Nights and Activities
Living On Campus Overview                                                      Musical Instruments
      Principles of Diversity                                                  Occupancy/Late Arrivals
      Residence Hall Living                                                    Part time students
      Residence Life Staff (Bldg. Mgrs, RA’s etc.)                             Party Permits
      Residence Hall Accommodations                                            Personalizing your room
                                                                               Power Failure
Guidelines for Living in Residence Halls                                       Recycling
      Disciplinary Procedure                                                   Refrigerators
      Contracts and Contract Termination                                       Room Changes
      Appeal Process                                                           Room Consolidation
                                                                               Roommate Agreements
Information about AUBG Residence Halls                                         Room Selection
      Arrival at AUBG                                                          Room Use
      Billiards, Games and equipment                                           Security/Thefts
      Breaks and Closing Periods                                               Single Rooms
      Commencement Housing                                                     Skaptopara Block C Basement
      Computer Services                                                                (Student Union)
      Community Service                                                        Storage
      Disability Services                                                      Study Rooms or Lounges
      Definition of Common Area                                                Telephones
      DVD’s and Videos                                                         Temporary Housing
      Emergencies/Fire Drills                                                  Trash Collection
      Equipment                                                                TV lounges
             Campus Living, Clubs, Games, Housekeeping and Sports              Visiting Other Residence Halls
      Furniture                                                                Waterbeds
      Gyms                                                                     Water Regime
      ID Cards                                                                 Wellness Programs & Activities
      Incident Reports                                                         Work Study Positions
      Inspections and Repairs
      Kitchen Facilities                                                Policies (with fines/judicial consequences for violation)
      Laundry Services
      Leave of Absence Housing                                                 Alcohol
      Linens                                                                   Antennas and Cables
      Living off campus                                                        Appliances
      Married Student & Family Housing                                         Balconies
      Mail Services                                                            Bicycles/Roller blades/Skateboards
Damages/Student Care of Facilities
Disruptive Behavior
Endangering Self or Others
Firearms, Explosives, Other Weapons and Chemicals
Fire Safety
Floor Sports (In-line Skating & Skateboarding)
Guests / Visitors
Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination
Quiet and Consideration Hours
       Consideration Hours Defined/24 Hour Quiet Hours
Sexual Assault, Harassment
Throwing Objects

Living on Campus Overview                                                                    Bulgarian laws. In this respect, students may not interfere with, mistreat or
                                                                                             otherwise abuse and/or undermine a staff member’s responsibility and authority.
Why is it part of the AUBG mission to live in Residence Halls?                               University Guards are stationed at both front desks. There is always someone
                                                                                             available to help you. Their job is to check ID cards of people entering the
The mission of Residential Living at AUBG is to promote the personal, social,
                                                                                             buildings, register guests, be available for student emergencies, work with parking
emotional and physical well being of each student. Integral to an American style
                                                                                             issues and note any suspicious concerns. In addition, they may assist with lockout
liberal arts education is the residential component with a programmatic element
                                                                                             keys or other items at the front desk. They report directly to the Director of
included. The residential experience involves the acquisition of skills that can be
                                                                                             Campus Security but work closely with the Residence Hall Manager of each
best developed in a group living/learning environment. Residence hall programs,
                                                                                             building. See them for any emergencies.
staffing patterns, and procedures are designed to carry out and support the
university mission and assist in creating an environment for this learning to take           Residence Hall Directors are on duty from 3 pm to Midnight on rotating shifts for
place. Students who live, work, cry, study and develop together will be more                 all 7 days of the week. They are in your buildings to address your concerns.
effective in living in the “real world” when they leave the college environment.             They will work directly with student concerns-the Resident Assistant staff,
                                                                                             roommate disagreements, discipline and any other concerns you may have.
Principles of Diversity                                                                      Skaptopara I Residence Hall Director office is just as you enter the lobby on the
                                                                                             right-room 100, Skaptopara II Office is just to the right in the lobby, next to the
Residential Life believes that diversity is integral to developing a healthy                 computer lab on the first floor. Both Residence Hall Directors are available for
living/learning community. Living with and getting to know people from diverse               emergencies after hours and live in your buildings. Notify the guards in an
backgrounds assists AUBG students to throw away stereotypes and work together                emergency and they will contact them, or in a life threatening emergency, contact
to achieve common goals.                                                                     them directly (remember they have families and a life at home)
To facilitate a common understanding, diversity refers to people whose ethnic,               Resident Assistants are students like yourselves who have been hired based on
racial or religious identities, whose gender, sexual orientation, age, or disabilities       their maturity level, social skills, enthusiasm and desire to serve the campus
place them at risk of being consciously or unconsciously, discounted, excluded,              community. They have gone through extensive training in teamwork, counseling
abused, or otherwise discriminated against.                                                  skills, conflict mediation, diversity, crisis management, programming, and first
                                                                                             aid. They live in the residence halls on your floor. They rotate shifts and RA’s
Residence Hall Living:                                                                       are on call in their rooms from 9pm until 8 am in each hall. You will have one or
                                                                                             two RA’s that live on your floor. Get to know them. They will assist you through
• Offers an environment to welcome and celebrate the expression of diversity.                counseling, roommate mediation, policy enforcement, planning activities and
• Encourages everyone to be actively engaged in the process of exploring and                 parties, and help you meet with others on your floor. They will put on programs,
  challenging life and diversity.                                                            workshops and activities to help with your stress relief and to increase your out of
                                                                                             the classroom learning experiences. You may contact the RA on call through the
• Expects all members of the community to confront those individuals who                     front desk or at their rooms for assistance. RA selection takes place in the spring
  intimidate or harass members of diverse populations.                                       semester of each year and upper class, full-time students who have worked as
                                                                                             work study students in the Student Services/Skaptopara area are eligible to apply.
• Could exclude people from this community for harassing or intimidating
                                                                                             There are currently 14 RA’s in each building.
                                                                                             Senior Resident Assistants. There will be a Senior RA in each building, charged
Residence Life Staff                                                                         as a liaison between the Residence Hall Managers and the RAs. They will be
                                                                                             available to assist students who have been unable to resolve their room and/or RA
Resident Assistants (RA), Residence Hall Directors, The Director of Residence                concerns. This year they are Stanko Stankov in Skaptopara I, and Tsvetan
Life and Housing, and the Assistant to The Director of Residence Life and                    Mladenov in Skaptopara II.
Housing, are the key staff to represent student needs and concerns in the hall.
Support staff are: Cleaning Ladies, Gardeners, University Guards, Facilities and             Campus Living Office Staff: All other concerns not addressed above should be
Maintenance Department, and Dining Services employees. Residence hall staffs                 directed to the Residence Life and Housing Office. They are open M-F from 8
are university officials charged with upholding all university policies and
am to 5 pm and are located in the Skaptopara I Basement office complexes.                   Disciplinary Procedure
Room 49.
                                                                                            Residential Life staff members as part of their job responsibilities are charged
Residence Hall Accommodation                                                                with upholding policies and referring incidents to appropriate staff. Alcohol and
                                                                                            other drug violations and concerns may be referred to the Counseling Center
Skaptopara I and II are the first purpose built residence facilities owned by               and/or the Security Department.
AUBG. They each feature, gyms, TV lounges, a computer lab, outdoor
basketball, kitchens, soccer and volleyball, and laundry facilities.                        The residence halls are integral part of the academic community of the university.
                                                                                            The goal of the residence hall program is to maintain high standards of living that
Skaptopara I has a multipurpose activity room/classroom/mini theatre, an                    allow students to pursue a healthy academic, cultural, and social life.
aerobic room, a party room, digital photo lab, and a café. In addition to these, the
basement houses the Counseling Center, Student Government, Student Advising                 Students who violate campus living policies or endanger people or property shall
Center, Career Services, music practice rooms, Student Services & International             face campus judicial charges. Violation of these policies is a violation of the
Programs and the Residence Life and Housing offices.                                        contractual agreement you made when you signed your housing contract with the
                                                                                            Campus Living Department.
Students live in suites of two rooms with a shared bathroom for 6 students or in a
two person room with a shared bath. 434 residents live in Skaptopara I.                     All policies are written for the benefit of resident students. All violations of
                                                                                            policy have consequences. The severity of the consequences depends on:
Skaptopara II in addition to student housing hosts the English Language
Institute. They have a separate entrance and are not allowed in the residence               1. Attitude/compliance of the perpetrator towards Residence Hall & University
facilities unless they are living in AUBG housing. It also has a game room, and a           staff.
party room with plans for a café and a sauna in the future.                                 2. Prior disciplinary record-especially for the same infraction.
432 students live in Skaptopara II in double and triple rooms. Suites have 5                3. Damage/physical harm/emotional harm to other parties as a consequence of
students to one bathroom and rooms have two, three or four per bath.                        their action or behaviour.

Both are non-smoking facilities along the Bistritza river near the outdoor market.
These are the first buildings to be built on the future AUBG Campus location in             There are two categories of violations:
Blagoevgrad.                                                                                1.   Fineable violations will be referred to the Residence Hall
                                                                                                 Director/Skaptopara Building Manager for assessment and billing. These
                                                                                                 violations may be noted while on rounds, fire inspections, walk through of
                                                                                                 the building. An incident report may not be written, but notification of the
Guidelines for All Students Living in Residence Halls                                            student will be made by email and the student will have a week to appeal to
All residents are reminded that consideration for others is the basic component of               the Residence Hall Director. After a week, the billing will go in to the
the hall community. The resolutions of issues concerning privacy, cleanliness,                   accounting office and there will be no appealing the fine. This process
noise, etc. call for sensitivity to others’ needs and appropriate changes in student             should be accomplished within two weeks of the incident or inspection so as
behavior. Residents are expected to be aware of the effect of their actions upon                 not to prolong notification or payments.
others and respond appropriately (even before being asked).                                      Students with three or more fines will be referred to the judicial system for
Policies and Procedures are provided to maintain an atmosphere conducive to                      harsher sanctions. Depending on the seriousness of the offense (especially if
community living in an academic environment. Since the residence halls house                     it involves fire safety or personal injury), judicial violation sanctions may
individuals with a wide variety of lifestyles, goals, and needs, it is important that            also apply.
students recognize that as in every community, they have the responsibility of                   Fines in this category include: non approved appliances in room, bicycles
constructively enhancing and contributing to the environment. Students are                       inappropriately locked in hallways, exiting through alarmed exits and lounge
encouraged to learn to understand and appreciate each other’s differences.                       windows in non-emergency, false fire alarms and removing a fire
Students are held individually responsible for their behavior and incident reports               extinguisher, housekeeping violations, improper check out, lounge furniture
are written for each incident that must be referred. Each case is dealt with in a
fair and consistent matter.
     or plants in student rooms, quiet hour violations, throwing objects from
     balconies, smoking violations.
2.   Judicial violations will be referred to the Director of Residence Life and           Arrival at AUBG
     Housing and incidents will result in warning, probation or other appropriate
     sanctions is:                                                                        When students arrive at AUBG their first year, they should go directly to
     Suspension of privileges, community service, fines, removal from on-                 Skaptopara I Residence Hall to check-in. Bulgarian law requires that all new
     campus housing—revocation of contract with no financial refund, other                students must have completed health forms prior to sleeping in a residence hall.
     sanctions as deemed appropriate.                                                     The Health Center staff will be in Skaptopara I on opening day to help you
                                                                                          comply with this law. New students will be assigned rooms upon check-in unless
     All members of the campus community may fill out an incident report and              they have made previous triple arrangements through After you
     refer it to the Residence Hall Director or the Director of Residence Life and        move in, you will then be directed to the main building to get your ID card and
     Housing. Incident reports will be dealt with immediately.            Extreme         pay your bills.
     violations may bypass the Director of Residence Life and Housing and be
     referred directly to the Student Conduct Council, the Security office, the
                                                                                          When entering your residence hall, you should check in with the main reception
     Provost, Associate Dean for Student Services.
                                                                                          desk to: 1) sign in, 2) receive your keys and orientation information, and 3)
                                                                                          check-in the room with your RA’s. At this time you will fill in an inventory form
Contracts and Contract Termination                                                        and will check the condition of all linens, furniture, etc. Anything not in this
Each resident student will sign a contract for housing that will be on file in the        same condition at checkout will be charged to your student bill .
Office of Residence Life and Housing. Refunds for paid housing fees are only
available through the first week of school unless a medical emergency. Refunds            Breaks and Closing Periods
are prorated on a $6. per day basis. No refunds (for any reason including medical)
                                                                                          During Official University Breaks, (i.e. Spring, Fall or Summer,) residence halls
will be given after the first break of the school year.
                                                                                          will close or shut down specific services such as heating or hot water, and or close
The Director of Residence Life and Housing is entitled to terminate the housing           certain buildings. Only International Students who have signed in advance with
contract of any student found in violation of any policies of the Campus Living           their Residence Hall Managers are allowed to stay during these breaks. Other
Department. Such termination shall become effective upon delivering a written             students desiring to stay may be granted permission by signing up with the
notice to the student which includes information of the violations.                       Residence Hall Directors one week in advance. They will be billed at a daily rate
                                                                                          of $6. per night. Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to reassign
The termination would be effective at the time stated in the termination letter,
                                                                                          students during the breaks to maximize energy conservation.
normally three days from the date of the letter.
                                                                                          Before students leave their room for any break they should:
In cases where a student presents danger to a person or property or continues to
violate policy, Campus Living reserves the right to remove the student                             • Unplug all electrical appliances (if there is a power surge your
immediately.                                                                                         appliances could be destroyed, also, fires have been caused by lamps
                                                                                                     left on in rooms).
Contracts terminated for discipline are binding and bills must be paid through the
end of the contract year, even if the student is no longer in campus housing.                      • Clean refrigerators (food tends to mold after several weeks left alone)
                                                                                                   • Remove all food from rooms except unopened boxes and cans.
Appeal Process                                                                                       (Please…we know you will not enjoy returning to a smelly, insect
If a student objects to the disciplinary sanction s/he may appeal within three days                  infested room)
in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Services.                                             • Turn off all lights (especially lamps)
                                                                                                   • Close and lock all windows and doors (with less people around it is
                                                                                                     easier to break in unobserved if left unlocked or open)
Information about AUBG Residence Halls
         • Dispose of all trash outside, do not leave in the room. (you do not             night to receive a room in housing for any other night during commencement
           want this smell when you return…)                                               week.
         • Clean your room (Especially if you have an empty bed and will be                Parents of graduating students who live outside a 150 km area will be
           getting a new roommate…we need to let them know which place is                  accommodated on a first come, first serve, space available basis at $15. per day.
           theirs.)                                                                        Reservations for campus housing will be accepted until April 10, 2005. The
                                                                                           application form for this is found on the AUBG web page in the commencement
In addition to the above, at the end of the semester, students who are not returning       section. A limited number of guests will be allowed per senior. We would first
should:                                                                                    encourage patronage in the local hotels.
         • Sign up for a check out time with your RA/Residence Hall Director
           (if you don’t sign up and leave without checking out, a $25 fine will           Community Service
           be added to your bill).
         • Go through room inspection with your RA/Residence Hall Manager                  Students at AUBG have the opportunity to be involved in several
           and check off your inventory form.                                              community service projects beginning with the opening event at
         • Return all keys, linens, etc. (or be charged for them)                          orientation.

         • Vacate the residence hall within 24 hours of your last final (others
                                                                                           Opportunities are available for students to tutor and play with children in
           are studying for finals too).
                                                                                           the local orphanages, help build a Habitat for Humanity home in Sofia,
Residence hall officials will enter your rooms during breaks to conduct a health           work with the local Red Cross, and other organizations and services
and safety inspection. Fines will be issued for unclean rooms. There will be no            where they would like to be involved.
other official notice of entries during the breaks than this information written
                                                                                           Working in these areas helps students develop leadership skills, learn
                                                                                           compassion, and assist the local community where it is needed. Please
Commencement Housing                                                                       join in these events.
Due to the increasing numbers of people involved in commencement ceremonies
and the need for housing guests and parents of graduates, the following policy has         Computer Services
been developed.
All non-graduating students are reminded that they must officially move out of             Each hall has a computer lab where students may write papers or check email.
their residence hall room (officially checking out through their RA or Residence           Labs are not for game playing. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the
Hall Director) by noon the day following their last final and by the Saturday              labs and you are requested to clean your area when leaving. Please be
following the end of final exams. Travel preparations should be made well in               considerate of others needs and treat kindly the furniture and the computers in the
advance especially in the case of international students. Non-graduating students          labs. In addition to the labs, each room is wired to the internet services of the
wishing to stay for commencement must find alternative housing off campus and              University and students may hook into this system by filling in a form through the
no items may be stored in student rooms during this time.                                  computer office in Skaptopara II basement. Computers and special labs are
Undergraduate students who are employed by the Commencement Office will be                 available in the main building for between class use.
allowed to stay in AUBG rooms, but may be reassigned rooms by the Campus
Living office staff.                                                                       Disability Services
Seniors who are graduating may stay in their rooms until after the state exam in           The University will make every effort to be accommodating to students that have
their discipline and/or 5pm of Commencement day.                                           notified our office of their disability needs. Students with these needs should
                                                                                           contact the Director of Residence Life and Housing to see what reasonable
Seniors who are not currently living in Skaptopara housing will not be charged for
                                                                                           accommodation may be made. Bulgaria is not ADA (American Disabilities Act)
housing during the Senior Exam in their discipline, but will be charged $6. per
compliant, but there are some ways we can help students if we know in advance
what they need. Skaptopara Residence halls have capability for some
accommodation, but notice for modification is required in certain cases. Please
                                                                                         Emergencies/Fire Drills
contact us early to insure your needs may be filled.
                                                                                         In all emergencies students are expected to follow the directions of designated
Definition of Common Area                                                                residence hall staff.

A common area is defined as any space other than individual student rooms, i.e.          A guard is on duty 24 hours at the residence hall front desk. A Resident Assistant
bathrooms, hallways, stairways, lounges, lobby areas, etc.                               is on duty each evening from 9 pm until 8 am, and a Residence Hall Manager is
                                                                                         on duty from 3pm- Midnight. Please contact them in case of emergency or
Individuals causing damage to a common area will be held financially responsible         incident violations.
to the Department of Residence Life and Housing and will be billed immediately.
                                                                                         Evacuation procedures are posted in the buildings. Each student should be aware
In common areas, where responsibility is not placed, the occupants of the section,       of where to assemble outside the building with their floor mates and Resident
floor, or building where the damage occurs will be billed.                               Assistant following any disaster or fire drill. Know your closest exit from your
Anyone who observes someone damaging common area property should notify                  room in the event of emergency.
the RA or Residence Hall Manager.                                                        Remember that in the event of a fire your worst enemies are smoke, heat and
                                                                                         gases. If you are caught in smoke, use your towel or a cloth to make breathing
DVD’s and Videos                                                                         less difficult, get down on the floor and crawl out. Before opening a door in your
                                                                                         evacuation route, smell for smoke and check the door to see if it is hot.
Residence Life has a collection of DVD’s and Videos from their                           Anytime a fire alarm goes off, all students should immediately exit the building.
collection and the Student Cinema Club that are available for check out                  Fire drills will be conducted by the Security department at least once per
from the Residence Hall Managers.                                                        semester. All students should exit the building during these drills. These
                                                                                         emergency procedures are for your safety and these and other safety precautions
                                                                                         will be discussed with your RA at your first floor meetings.
The Video collection is in the Skaptopara II Residence Hall Directors
office, and the DVD collection is in the Skaptopara I Residence Hall
Directors office.                                                                        Equipment
                                                                                         All Residence Hall Equipment and inventory is the responsibility of the individual
Up to 3 items are available on a 2 day check-out basis through these                     Residence Hall Managers in association with the Security Guards.
offices. Specific hours for check out are posted on the office doors. A
student must leave an ID card as well as sign for the items borrowed.                    Theft or Damage of equipment will be investigated by the AUBG Security office
                                                                                         and/or the local police.
This service is for Full-time AUBG students, staff and faculty only.
                                                                                         Missing items in yearly inventory from student rooms (linens, furniture, towels,
This semester a $2. Late fees will apply to each item borrowed and not                   etc.) must be accounted for and will be charged to student bills.
returned on time. Items not returned in good condition will be charged to                         Residence Life Equipment
the borrower for full replacement costs as well as shipping charges from
                                                                                         Campus Living has equipment for use in its programs and it is not available for
the US.                                                                                  student, staff or faculty use or for use outside of Skaptopara Residence Halls. It
                                                                                         may be available for rent at times within Skaptopara only if staff are available to
A full listing of current movies is available on the AUBG Web page                       monitor the equipment.
under Campus Living.

         Club Equipment                                                                    staff/faculty use. Work-study students are available for assistance when the gyms
                                                                                           are open. All gyms are under the direction of the Sports Coordinator Jason
Student Government keeps an accounting and inventory of all student clubs and
                                                                                           Nedelchev (office in Skaptopara basement by the Aerobic room- 888516).
organization equipment purchased through University funds and stores it in their
office in Skaptopara I. Missing items are charged to student organization leaders          Gym use is at your own risk. The University assumes no liability for injury. No
bills or the student responsible for the item.                                             gyms will be open without a trained work study student on duty.
A club or organization will not receive further funding if items have not been             Maintenance and upkeep of outside use gyms will be according to current
accounted for yearly.                                                                      contracts, under the direction of the Sports Coordinator. Skaptopara gyms will
                                                                                           close at quiet hours if they are disruptive to students living in the adjacent areas.
Student Government has musical amplification equipment. This equipment is
stored in the Student Government room and is available for student use by                  Boxing and Aerobic facilities in Skaptopara gyms must be scheduled through the
contacting Student Government. They are responsible for the inventory, repair              Sports Coordinator
and loss of this equipment.
                                                                                           ID Cards
         Games and Housekeeping Equipment
                                                                                           Students will receive ID cards in the Registrar’s office on the first day of
Both Residence Halls have items you may check out from the front desk. Leave               Orientation. The ID card is used in the canteen, library, entrance to the residence
an ID card with the receptionist or guard for this service. Items usually available:       halls, gyms, Campus Living Video/DVD check-out, entrance to the main
1) board games-chess, checkers, Risk, Scrabble, Uno, Scruples, Pictionary 2)               building, and in the bookstore. Take care not to lose them. Replacement cards
Ping Pong, Billiard Equipment-only in Skaptopara II, 3) Frisbee, sport balls; and          are available at the Business office for a fee and take one to three days to process.
4) irons, ironing board, vacuums, TV remotes.                                              Do not loan or give your cards to others as this violates the integrity of our
                                                                                           system. A new card access system may be installed for the fall semester. If this
         Sports Equipment                                                                  takes place, details for use will be available at the residence hall front desks and
                                                                                           through the Security office.
All sports equipment is stored in the Skaptopara Residence Hall Sports office.
The Sports Coordinator, is responsible for its maintenance and check-out. Items
not returned at the end of each semester are automatically included in the bill of         Incident Reports
the student who checked it out.                                                            Incident Reports may and should be written by ANY member of the University
                                                                                           community on any incidents or damage within residence halls.
Furniture                                                                                  All parties in a conflict/incident are encouraged first to solve the issue on their
                                                                                           own or with the help of the Resident Assistants. If they cannot, please report to
All student rooms will have a bed, desk, dresser , wardrobe and bookshelf                  the Residence Hall Directors or guards for additional assistance.
where possible. Unfortunately, in the current triple situation there is not                Students involved in incidents will be asked to sign the report (if possible) as an
enough space for each person to have all of these items. Please share                      acknowledgment that they have seen the report. Reports should be handed in to
your furniture with your roommates. We will gradually upgrade and                          the Assistant Dean of Students as soon as possible and within 12 hours of the
replace furniture as funding is available. If you have concerns, please                    incident. Incident Reports are available from all Resident Assistants, or at
contact your Residence Hall Director to see what can be done to help.                      Residence Hall front desks as well as on the AUBG web page . They may also be
                                                                                           sent in an email to or .
                                                                                           Inspections and Repairs
All rented gyms and residence hall gyms are available for the use of the AUBG
community only. You must leave an AUBG ID with the attendant to use the                    The University reserves the right to enter and inspect residence hall rooms and to
facilities. Non-students and guests may not use the facilities. Students have              regulate the use of the premises in accordance with the University and Residence
priority over staff/faculty use, although special times will be dedicated to
Hall rules and regulations, and local laws-including fire safety, suspicion of rules         months in advance of the semester start. They must also be fully registered for
violations, and cleanliness.                                                                 classe through the on line registration process by August 1st or they will be
                                                                                             excluded from their room choice. (please note “Storage” section also.)
Where possible, 24 hours notice will be given in writing by posted notices or
emails to all students. Exceptions to this notice are made for fire safety,                  Students who do not arrive for housing within the first day of classes from a
housekeeping issues, and during breaks.                                                      leave of absence may be reassigned to a different room unless notice of late
                                                                                             arrival has been given to
An inspection may not include a search of the student’s effects without his/her
express consent except by law enforcement officers with the appropriate legal                Students returning from Leave of Absence must live in Campus Housing unless
status except in a fire safety emergency.                                                    they will be a Senior student.
                                                                                             Students who have signed a contract and then decide to take a leave of absence
Residential staff will inspect each apartment or room before each break prior to             must notify Residence Life prior to Auguat 1st to be released from their housing
the last resident’s checking out. If the student fails to get a residence hall staff         contract obligations. An email to and a follow up to make sure it
person to perform the checkout, the room or apartment will be inspected without a            has been received is sufficient notice. Housing space is tight so please let us
resident present, and a fine assessed. All damages within a room and missing                 know as soon as possible.
items will be charged to the students account.
Residents are held financially and legally responsible during their occupancy for
the condition of their individual rooms and assigned items.
                                                                                             A pillow and a blanket will be assigned to each resident. All other linens and
                                                                                             towels must be provided by the student.
There is a designated cooking area in each of the residence halls.
Skaptopara I has a kitchen area on the 4th floor of Block A. The                             Damages to these linens will be charged to individual students.
Skaptopara II kitchen is on the 4th floor of the new block B.
                                                                                             Living Off Campus
 The RA who lives closest to these areas will have the key, equipment, and
reservation schedule. Please contact them in advance to reserve the area.                    As part of the University Mission as a residential campus, all students are
                                                                                             required to live in University housing for four years. Housing contracts are
Laundry Services                                                                             binding for an entire academic year. Occasionally exceptions are made. Any
                                                                                             exceptions to this must be requested in writing. Approval in writing for
Token operated laundry machines are currently available in both residence halls.             exceptions will be given by the Director of Residence Life and Housing.
They are operated by an outside vendor and all concerns (except in an emergency              Exceptions will be made only for Seniors. Currently students from Blagoevgrad
ie: fire) should be directed to the telephone number listed in the laundry rooms.            will not be assigned to campus housing as there is a shortage of available places.
Please empty pockets prior to use. Laundry and Dry Cleaning services are also                This year, due to a housing space concern, a temporary agreement has been made
available in town.                                                                           to allow all Senior students the opportunity to live off campus. This policy has
                                                                                             been approved for 2004-5 only.

Leave of Absence Housing
                                                                                             Married Student & Family Housing
Students, who leave the University for any reason, will not have housing priority
when returning to school unless they are requested by a current resident as a                Family housing is currently not available on campus. Married students who can
roommate during room selection.                                                              show documentation are not required to live on campus unless required by their
This space will only be reserved if the student officially notifies the Registrar and
the Department of Residence Life and Housing that they are returning, two
Accommodations for married student housing (without children) may be made in                Routine maintenance or repair will be made under one of the following
the current Residence halls, but no provisions for cooking are available. Couples           conditions:
with only one AUBG student will be charged the full room rate for their spouse.
                                                                                            •   when a 24 hour notice has been given
Preference for housing will be given to AUBG students.
                                                                                            •   when resident is present and gives permission
                                                                                            •   when maintenance has been requested by residents in a room in the
Mail Services                                                                                   maintenance log book at the front desk.

All mail will be delivered to the Residence halls daily. Skaptopara mail is                 Movie Nights and Activities
delivered under the suite/bedroom doors. All room changes should be prompt to
alleviate the mistaken delivery of mail. If you receive mail in error, please return        Skaptopara I Multipurpose room will feature many opportunities for fun
to the front desk for redelivery. Any packages will be at the front desk and a note         events this year. Among those will be the Big Screen movie Series.
delivered to your door to inform you of its arrival.
                                                                                            Wednesday night “Make and Remake” night where original and remade
                                                                                            films will be viewed with a discussion by a Professor., Cinema Club
Your mailing address on campus is:                                                          nights will show a selection from their classic collection, and on Friday
                                                                                            nights we will present a up to date, current feature of latest blockbusters
                  Bulgaria                                                                  we can find. Popcorn will be available at some events and other treats and
                                                                                            games also.
                  2700 Blagoevgrad
                                                                                            In addition to the movies there will be discussions, panels, presentations,
                  (room number) Skaptopara (I or II)                                        sport activities, debate tournaments, Student Government meetings, and
                                                                                            intercultural workshops in Skaptopara I.
                  Your Name
                                                                                            Other events to look forward to are the Halloween Party, RA game
Maintenance                                                                                 shows, Romance and Responsibility Week and outdoor parties and
Requests for maintenance should be made on                              activities around Skaptopara and the Baseball field.

Once you have made the request you automatically authorize entry for repair staff           Murals
in your room.
                                                                                            Resident students may paint murals in the basement public areas of the residence
Emergency Repairs                                                                           halls with prior approval from the Residence Life Department. A written design
                                                                                            must first be submitted and/or contest held. Final decisions will be made through
Please report all emergency repairs to the Residence Life office, Residence Hall            Student Services. Paint will be provided for approved projects. We will be
Manager or guard so that appropriate personnel may be called. Emergency                     looking for ideas for both party rooms this year, so start to plan!
maintenance may be made without notice upon authorization from the Residence
Life office or Director of Facilities. This is defined as maintenance that, if not
made, would immediately and/or substantially damage the room and/or its                     Musical Instruments
contents. (floods, fire, etc.) Under these circumstances your room will be entered          Musical instruments used in the residence hall can create a disturbance. Practice
whether or not you are there.                                                               rooms are available. Residents who wish to play their instruments in the residence
                                                                                            hall should go to the appropriate rooms in Skaptopara II basement. Keys may be
Routine Maintenance                                                                         checked out with your ID at the front desk. There are 2 pianos and 1 drum set

available. Because they are located in office areas, they are only available after 5        Unless you are in a new room many other students and summer conference guests
pm and on weekends before quiet hours begin.                                                have lived in your room and many will live in your room after you leave. Please
                                                                                            help us minimize remodeling costs after each entry and exit.
Occupancy/Late Arrival
                                                                                            Rearrange your furniture as you like, but do not remove any or add any lounge
Initial occupancy is required on the first day of classes. Rooms unclaimed after            furniture to your rooms. Furniture may not be used in a way not intended. (Beds
the first class day of a semester will be forfeited and reassigned unless the Office        on dressers etc.) Do not block windows with furniture. Be careful not to nick the
of Campus Living has received a request for late arrival in writing.                        walls while moving furniture.

The student agrees to retain occupancy in the residence hall for the entire                 Feel free to add to your room-a TV, approved appliances, pillows, safe lamps.
academic year (fall and spring semesters).
                                                                                            Decorate your walls, but use only materials that do not leave a residue. Do not
Students who have flight or visa problems will be accommodated as necessary,                damage the walls. No nails, wallpaper or heavy tapes may be used in the new
but should be aware that additional charges may apply to early arrival and late             buildings.
                                                                                            All decorations visible to the public must be in alignment with the University
                                                                                            values and mission. Beer, tobacco, alcohol, pornographic or other signs, which
Part time students
                                                                                            create an uncomfortable living environment to the community, are not acceptable
                                                                                            in windows or on the outside of room doors. All signs must be affixed without
Part time students (those with under 12 current credit hours attempted)                     destroying or leaving residue on the outside of doors.
will only be allowed to live in Skaptopara housing with special
permission from the Director of Residence Life and Housing.                                 Power Failure

Party Permits                                                                               The power in Skaptopara is designed to shut off after the fire alarm is activated.
The main purpose of residence halls is to provide a living-learning environment
consistent with the educational purposes of the University.                                 The power may also go out due to an overload of the circuits. Please contact the
                                                                                            guard if this happens and he will call in an electrician.
Party permits for the party rooms, decks, and occasionally lounges will be
allowed and will be issued through the Residence Hall Directors. In emergency
situations, an RA may sign the form, but all common area gatherings must have a             Please have a flashlight available in your room for these emergencies and do not
permit and a host who will be the responsible person.                                       use candles.

 Directions and responsibilities for hosting a party are outlined on the party
permit. According to University policy, the only official way to have alcohol at
parties or in student rooms is through a party permit.
All parties must end by quiet hours-11pm Sunday-Thursday, 1 am Friday and
Saturday due to sother students needing quiet and peace.
                                                                                            The EcoTerra student club has had a program to recycle papers and plastics. If
                                                                                            the club is active, bins will be available on each floor of the residence hall.
Personalizing your Room                                                                     Please follow directions and do not use the designated recycling bins for garbage.
                                                                                            Bottles should be emptied with the caps removed. All papers except glossy ones
Please make your room your home away from home, with the following                          are accepted. All residents are urged to participate in the recycling program.

Refrigerators                                                                               After the first three weeks of school, students living in this situation will be given
                                                                                            3 days to do one of the following: 1) accept a new roommate, 2) move to another
A limited number of small refrigerators are available for rent through the                  space that fulfills the requirement. 3.)Pay a premium price to live in a single if
Residence Hall Manager. Charges for rent will be split between roommates.                   space is available on campus. If you choose to do nothing within these three
Students who return unclean refrigerators at the end of the semester will be billed         days, you will automatically be billed for a single.
accordingly. Any student who brings a refrigerator must check it with the
Residence Hall Manager to make sure it meets appropriate appliance standards.               Residence Life reserves the right to relocate students in order to consolidate
                                                                                            spaces within the halls.
Room Changes                                                                                Roommate Agreements
Students are encouraged to get to know new roommates and enjoy the diversity of             Living in close quarters with a new person (or an old friend) can sometimes be a
the experience. When absolutely necessary and after a short trial period, room              unique experience. Sample Roommate agreements are available through the
changes may be allowed.                                                                     Resident Assistants to help you get to know your roommate and set up mutual
All room changes must be completed within the first 3 weeks after the first day of          agreements concerning guests, quiet in the room, use of each other’s belongings,
classes. All room changes at the first of each semester (3 week deadline) will be           study and other habits. We recommend that all residents use these agreements. It
made through the Residence Life Office. A form will be available at the                     will help avoid problems later.
Skaptopara front desks, which you must have signed by Residence Hall Managers
involved in the changes. All room, linen and key exchanges and check out/in
inventory forms must be officially made through the Residence Hall Manager.                 Room Selection
Housing and safety laws require that Residence Hall Managers have an accurate               First year/first time at AUBG students: All first year students are randomly
daily resident listing.                                                                     assigned housing. This year they will be given assignments upon arrival at
Any time you make a room change, leave for leave of absence or any other                    Skaptopara residence hall unless they have emailed with a triple
reason, or move at the end of the semester, you must follow these procedures                request to fill their room prior to August 10th.
through the Residence Hall Director: 1) Fill in a room change form and have it              Returning Students: Room selection for the next fall is held in the spring
signed by the Residence Hall Director(s) involved. 2) clean the room, 3) return             semester prior to the close of the academic year. A student committee with
keys 4) Sign a room inventory sheet 5) check out with a building representative. If         representatives from each hall decides the room selection procedure. The
you do not follow the above procedures, your student bill will be fined $25.                procedure is usually by seniority and roommate choice.
The Residence Life Department reserves the right to make all room assignments               Residence Life reserves the right to fill any room places that become vacant over
and reassignments as considered necessary.                                                  the summer months. If students know a roommate will not return, they should
Room Consolidation                                                                          notify as soon as possible to fill that space with a friend or we
                                                                                            will fill it over the summer with the next student in line.
All student are expected to have the designated amount of roommates for their
living space. Whenever you have a free bed in your room, you are not at the                 Students who choose to sign up as a roommate to Resident Assistants do so at
capacity of your room. Consolidation is the process of combining persons who                their own risk. If the Resident Assistant loses their job or quits over the summer,
are living in these conditions without paying for that privilege or are deliberately        the new RA has the right to choose their own room (not suite) mates and the
not allowing others to move into their room to meet capacity. This process is in            original roommates will be reassigned spaces.
fairness to the persons who have more roommates than others. Students will not
be allowed to live in a room, which is under capacity unless Campus Living has
no one to place there.                                                                      Room Use
During the first three weeks of school. Residence Life will immediately fill those          Students continuing in residence may leave their belongings in their rooms at their
places unless you agree to fill that space within 12 hours. After 12 hours,                 own risk during the fall, winter, and spring breaks. No items may be left in rooms
Residence Life will assign a new roommate to that space. (Changes will need to              from May-September as the rooms will be used for summer school and
be made through the Residence Hall Director).                                               conference groups.
Security/Thefts                                                                                      The Multipurpose room -Is only available for use through the Residence
                                                                                                     Life office. Priorities for use are:
University Security guards are available 24 hours per day at the front desk of the
residence halls. They do rounds twice an hour, but will not leave the desk
unguarded. During the rounds someone else will watch the desk and front door                                  1.   Residence Life Activities
                                                                                                              2.   Residence Hall Student Activities
Residents are responsible for locking their doors and keeping their own valuables
in a secure place. The University has no legal liability for thefts. Students should
use caution in bringing any valuables to Residence Halls.                                                     3.   Faculty activities/classes, other AUBG office activities
                                                                                                                   approved by Residence Life
Students should report any concerns to the guards as soon as detected. Local
police will handle investigations with the assistance of University Security.
                                                                                                              4.   Outside groups (rental fees will apply).
Please report any suspicious persons or behavior to the guards.
Please walk in lighted areas to and from the residence hall and go in groups to                      Equipment and staff needed for events in these rooms may carry a fee.
minimize safety concerns.
                                                                                                     Any other facilities in the residence halls such as the party room, lounges
All guard and security questions should be directed to the Director of Security.
                                                                                                     may be reserved through the Residence Hall Manager. The kitchens
                                                                                                     may be reserved through the designated Resident Assistant.

Single Rooms
Due to our space restraints this year there are no single rooms available. Should
there be space, a premium charge will be added for students desiring to live in a           Limited storage of two computer boxes may be available for the summer months
single.                                                                                     for the students within their residence hall. Storage for students not living on
                                                                                            campus or on leave of absence is not available. No plastic bags or other items will
Skaptopara Block C Basement (Student Union)                                                 be stored.

The basement of the Skaptopara C wing has been designed for Residence Life                  A week after the start of each semester the storage rooms will be cleaned and
use. The offices of Residence Life will operate from here and be the central                anything left and unclaimed will be donated to the library, the orphanage, or
office for reservations and room use unless otherwise specified. Please note that           disposed. Please note: If you think you may be taking a leave of absence, do
this area as well as all of Skaptopara is a no-smoking area. Anyone smoking in              not leave belongings.
these areas will be denied future access to them.
         Piano and music practice rooms-are available for student use. Please               All items in storage MUST be in cardboard boxes clearly labeled on the end with
         leave your ID at the front desk of Skaptopara to obtain the key. Return            the students name and fall residence hall address. All storage boxes must be
         key after use. The time limit on these key checkouts is two hours.                 checked in through the Residence Hall Manager. Once items are put into storage,
         Students not returning keys within this time will lose their checkout              access to these items will not be available until 3 days before the beginning of fall
         privileges. If these keys are “lost” by the students, a minimum 50 lev.            semester classes.
         will be added to the student bill plus the cost of replacing the lock and a
         new key.                                                                           The University and Campus Living staff is not responsible for items left in
                                                                                            summer storage.
         The Digital Lab-Is available only to AUBG students/staff authorized by
         Professor Dinka Spirovska. Entrance to this room will be regulated by
Study Rooms or Lounges                                                                     may reserve the main TV in advance for a special event through their Residence
                                                                                           Hall Manager. Local cable TV is provided in the lounges and includes (at the
Study lounges are available in each building. There are also lounges to watch              moment) many regional and other popular channels: MTV, Hallmark, CNN,
TV/ DVD’s, play cards and board games, visit etc. Please straighten lounges and            HBO etc.
remove all trash after use. Please do not remove furniture from these lounges as it
is for all residents use.                                                                  Visiting the other Residence Hall

Telephones                                                                                 When visiting the other residence hall, you should show your ID to the guard and
                                                                                           let them know whom you are visiting or where you are going.
Telephones are not currently available in rooms. Each residence hall has two
front desk telephones where students may receive calls, and lobby pay telephones
where calls may be placed. Guard and office telephones are not available for taxi          Waterbeds
or other services- only for guard emergency use.                                           Waterbeds are not allowed in AUBG housing.
Telephone Betkom and Bulfon cards are available for purchase throughout town
and in the Bookstore. Students working at the front desks will post incoming
messages on a central message board if residents cannot be located.                        Water Regime
Skaptopara I Student Telephones:888512, 888513                                             During times of drought or the periodic pipe-cleaning regime, water may be
                                                                                           limited or unavailable-often without prior notice. Please plan in advance and
Skaptopara II Student Telephones:888543, 888544                                            store water for personal hygienic use. Residence Life will do its best to notify
                                                                                           you in advance of a situation when we know.
Temporary Housing
If Residence Hall space is not available, hotels, apartments or other buildings may
be used temporarily. All Residential Life rules will apply to students living in           Wellness Programs and Activities
these accommodations as well as any other rules given out by the facility.
Students assigned to this housing will be moved as other housing is available and          Your Resident Assistants will plan a variety of events that will be offered
may not be given a room or roommate preference with these changes. Any                     in the Residence Hall this year. They will be in the areas of Society, Self
student temporarily living off-campus will have to have the housing approved by            Spirituality, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Cultural, Vocational. They
the Assistant Dean of Students and will be assigned an RA during this time.                invite you to attend these programs they will create with you in mind.
                                                                                           Please be a part of these workshops and join in learning about your self
Trash collection                                                                           and others around you.
Students may either take their individual garbage out to the bins in the roadway or
leave it tied in bags in any of the lobby trash bins. These will be emptied several        In addition to the wellness programs, your Resident Assistants will plan
times per day by the cleaning ladies. If you need additional trash bags, please ask        various activities and socials to help you relieve stress and get to know
at the front desk.                                                                         others.

TV Lounges                                                                                 Work Study Positions
Each residence hall has a television lounge for public viewing. No pornographic            Several work study positions are available in the residence halls and associated
or erotic shows may be shown on these televisions in public areas. The television          areas. Please enquire upon arrival at the financial aid office or through the
/VCR/DVD is available 24 hours per day and may be used by leaving your ID                  following people:
with the guard and receiving the remote control. Since there is only one DVD
player in the building, preferences will go to DVD’s over TV and VHS. Students             Residence Hall Directors: positions for front desk receptionists, furniture movers.
Sports Co-ordinator: gyms and activity area supervision, intramural referees and        Judicial Consequences for violation.
sport team leaders.
Residence Life-Community Service, Residence Life planning staff, office                 Antennas and Cables
workers, even Monsters for Halloween!
Counseling Center-Peer Counselors and Office Assistants                                 Skaptopara is wired for all cables within the rooms. No cables or antennas may
Student Services, Career Center, International Office, -Office Assistants               be attached to the outside of the building or through windows, hallways or
                                                                                        doorways to other rooms.
                                                                                        Consequences for non-compliance, cables will be cut and students fined $10.

Policies (with fines/judicial consequences for violations)
                                                                                        Bulgarian and fire safety law forbids heaters and cooking appliances of all types
The Residence Hall Directors will handle most of these violations in hall.              in sleeping areas and bathrooms. Cooking appliances would include microwave
Repeat offenders or serious offenses will be referred to the Director of                and toaster ovens. The list of illegal appliances includes tea and coffee boilers,
Residence Life and Housing for judicial procedures. Some will be                        electric heaters (especially with open coils), hot plates, appliances operating on
referred immediately to the Security office, Counseling Center, local                   gas or flame, items with high electronic output or those with open electric wires.
police and/or the Student Conduct committee.                                            Any other appliances (irons, curling irons, hot pots, lamps, extension cords, etc.)
                                                                                        in residence hall rooms are subject to approval by the Residence Hall Director.
Fines listed are subject to change. All amendments will be posted on the                Students should show appliances to the Residence Hall Director upon check-up
AUBG web page.                                                                          for inspection.
                                                                                        If your room is cold, please report it to the Residence Hall Director so that proper
Alcohol                                                                                 adjustments may be made, do not use space heaters.
The following guidelines apply for all functions that involve the consumption of        Fine for non-compliance is confiscation and $25. per room.
alcohol. Students found in violation of the alcohol policy may face judicial
consequences.                                                                           Balconies/Ledges

• The common areas in the residence halls for parties, dances, or other                 No items may be thrown from balconies. Please be careful for your safety while
  amusements with consumption of alcohol may only be used if the Residence              on the balconies. Judicial consequences for violation.
  Hall Manager through a Party permit has granted permission. An equal                  Smoking is allowed on the Skaptopara balconies or decks only where ash trays
  number of non-alcoholic beverages must also be served in order to qualify for         are provided. (If students do not use the ash trays, this privilege may be revoked).
  this party permit.
                                                                                        Food, shoes and other items are not allowed on the outside room ledges. Fne for
• At any event where alcohol is present, the host (permit holder) is responsible        non-compliance $25. per room
  to follow the law. If any violation of policy or damage occurs, the hosts will
  be held accountable and disciplinary action will follow, through the Director
                                                                                        Bicycles/Roller Blades
  of Residence Life and Housing. Injuries and accidents are also the
  responsibility of the permit holder. A host is also responsible for all guest
  behavior while in University facilities.                                              There are bike racks outside the Skaptopara halls. Students may store bicycles
                                                                                        only in these areas, not in the lounge areas, locked to heaters, or in corridors etc.
• No alcohol may be sold within the University facilities in accordance with            Bicycles may not be brought into bedrooms unless tires are cleaned first and there
  Bulgarian law.                                                                        is space in the room for storage. Fine for violation $25.

Roller Blades and skateboards destroy the tiles and carpets and are not to be worn        appeal damage/charges may send a written appeal to the Residence Hall Manager
or used inside the residence halls. In-line skating and skateboarding along with          within two weeks of the close of the school period.
other floor sports are not allowed in the Residence Halls. Please put on skates
                                                                                          All students will be assessed a partial damage charge for unidentified
outside the building. Students caught in-line skating in the halls (even to and
                                                                                          common area group damage in the residence halls at the end of each
from their room to outside) may face judicial charges and will pay for all
                                                                                          semester. This amount will be charged to each students account and is not
damages. Fine for violation $25. per person.
                                                                                          subject to appeal.

Damages/Student Care of Facilities                                                        It is the residents’ responsibility to care for the condition of their individual rooms
Damages in residence hall common areas cause an increase in student bills and             and bathrooms. Residents are held financially and legally responsible during their
often interrupt services. Damage will be classified as either accidental or               occupancy for the condition of their individual rooms and assigned items.
malicious. Accidental damage is damage occurring through unintentional, chance            The hall janitorial staff will clean public areas including bathrooms, gyms,
happening. Restitution will be assessed for accidental damage and charged to the          computer labs, corridors, elevators, and fire extinguishers. Please help them in
student’s account. Malicious damage is damage occurring intentionally. This is            their job by cleaning up after yourself.
often related to alcohol use, or through disruptive behavior. Malicious damage
charges will be assessed to students involved and possible judicial procedures            Theft or vandalism to University property is prohibited and will be punished
may follow.                                                                               severely.
                                                                                          Students apprehended damaging University property will be held financially and
To avoid damage charges in Skaptopara rooms’ please note:                                 legally responsible.
                                                                                          Structural modifications to the residence hall facilities or room painting are
    No nails, staples, tape, glue etc. may be used on walls                               prohibited without prior written authorization from the Director of Residence Life
                                                                                          and Housing and The Director of Facilities.
    Be kind to the carpets and tile lobby. Do not drag boxes or abrasive things
    across them.                                                                          Students will be assessed the cost of repairing and/or refinishing damaged
                                                                                          surfaces resulting from the use of tape, adhesive, tacks, nails, etc.

    Do not dry clothing on wood surfaces over the carpeting, or outside your              All damages will be paid in cash. No waivers, scholarships, or University funds
    room windows. Use clothing dryers in the bathrooms.                                   will be applied for student damages.

Toilet paper should be put in the trash bins, not in the toilet due to the septic         Disruptive Behavior
system at Skaptopara.
                                                                                          Disruptive Behavior includes physical or verbal abuse, assault, harassment,
Charges for damage to individual student rooms and doors will be made                     threats, excessive noise, destruction, public intoxication and boisterousness.
immediately upon the determination of the cost of repairs or replacement, and will        Acts, which compromise the physical facilities, the peace, safety and/or health of
be appropriated as follows:                                                               other residents or compromise the educational purposes of the University, are
• to any individual who accepts responsibility or is found to be responsible for
  the damage, or                                                                          Judicial consequences for violation.

• to occupants of a room or area where the damage was done and direct
  responsibility is not placed.                                                           Drugs
After room checkout at the end of each semester, a damage bill will be given to           The use of illicit drugs and drug related appliances at the University, in residence
the accounting office for all missing items and damages to individual rooms as            halls, and off campus is strictly forbidden by Bulgarian Law and University
well as group damages. Students desiring to know this amount prior to leaving             Policy. (Please note recent drug legislation in Bulgaria concerning marijuana
must speak with their Residence Hall Manager at checkout. Students wishing to             possession.) Students will be referred to the Security office and the local police.

Endangering self or others                                                                     Fire safety inspections without notice may be made in residence halls and student
Any student who endangers or attempts to harm their self or others through their               Students exiting or entering the building through lounge, bedroom windows or
actions or behavior may be immediately removed from housing. Cases will be                     through exit doors not during an alarm will be fined $50.
forwarded to the Student Conduct Committee, Security Office, and/or counseling
services as appropriate.                                                                       Judicial and financial consequences for violation.

Firearms, Explosives, Other Weapons & Chemicals
                                                                                               Floor Sports
Firearms and ammunitions create a potential safety hazard in the residence halls
and therefore are not permitted. Hunting knives, martial arts equipment and any                “Floor sports” can be classified as playing any outside activity indoors.
other potentially dangerous weapons are not permitted in the residence halls. The              Residence halls are not to be used for indoor tennis, Frisbee, golf, basketball in-
use of or possession of firecrackers, fireworks, gunpowder, fusion caps, primers,              line skating, skateboarding, or other activities that could be injurious to residents
chemicals, sparklers or any type of explosives in any residence facility is strictly           or cause damage. Floor sports are prohibited inside the residence halls.
banned. Inappropriate use of candles, matches, tobacco products and incense is                 Fine for violation $25.
also forbidden.
Judicial consequences for violation.
                                                                                               University furniture or plants are not to be moved from student rooms or common
                                                                                               areas without permission of the Residence Hall Manager.
Fire Safety
                                                                                               The Residence Hall Manager must authorize dismantling of beds.
Students must evacuate the building in case of fire or fire drill. Periodic fire drills
may be made to promote safe evacuation techniques.                                             No University furnishings may be taken off-campus.
Theft or improper use of fire fighting, detection, and/or alarm equipment is                   Student room inspections may be periodically made for missing lounge furniture.
prohibited. Students who violate fire safety rules or misuse equipment may be                  Fines will be levied to student accounts when lounge furniture is found in their
immediately removed from on-campus housing and will be fined $100.                             rooms. Fine for moving furniture or plants from the lounges $10 per person.
Any student who causes a false alarm in the Residence Halls will be immediately                No University furniture may be taken outside to decks, balconies or lobbies
fined $100.                                                                                    unless designed for outside use. Ie: plastic tables and chairs only.
Furniture, decorations, and other items that are easily inflammable in the                     Please do not block door and window exits with furniture.
resident’s room or public area may be prohibited at the discretion of the                      If you see furniture that has been left outside, please bring it in or notify someone
Residence Hall Manager. Cloth or other flammable materials should not be                       on staff immediately.
placed over or near light bulbs.
                                                                                               Please help prolong the life of our equipment. Do not sit on ping pong or pool
Ignition of combustible materials for the purpose of cooking, heating, lighting or             tables or put food or drinks on them.
display is prohibited (including candles).
Smoking in resident bedrooms is prohibited by Bulgarian law and is extremely                   Gambling
dangerous. Fines of $25. for first infraction will be doubled for each infraction
                                                                                               Gambling which violates any Bulgarian or US law is prohibited in residence halls.
                                                                                               This included internet gambling in violation of OCC rules.
Judicial and legal consequences for violation.                                               1.   When possible, and if they feel safe, speak with the person responsible.
                                                                                                  Explain how their behavior affected the targeted victim, and request that the
Guests / Visitors                                                                                 inappropriate action/behavior cease.

Residents may entertain an overnight guest in the resident’s room at any time for            2. Report the situation to a staff member - Resident Assistants, Campus Security,
a maximum of two (2) consecutive nights, with all the roommates’ consent. All                   Residence Hall Director, or the Director of Residence Life and Housing.
overnight guests must be registered with the guard and/or Residence Hall                     3. All incidents should be reported to the Residence Life and Housing
Director. The sponsor of a guest is accountable for the actions of the guest and                immediately.
for the official guest registration. A roommate permission slip for guests is also
available at the front desk. RA’s should be notified of guests on their floors.              4. The staff involved will discuss the incident with the Residence Life and
                                                                                                Housing to determine what response and implementations should be made for
All residence hall staff and University security have the right to refuse entrance or           both the individual and the community.
ask guests to leave if they are causing disruption to the community environment.
                                                                                             5. Consultation and advice will be offered where necessary.
There is no additional charge for the guest in a student’s room for up to two days
                                                                                             6. All violent, or dangerous incidents, or incidents with community or political
The maximum stay for a guest per semester that moves from room to room to                       implications must be reported immediately to the Residence Life and Housing
room in University housing is one week. A fee of $6. per night will be charged                  and the Director of Security.
after 2 days.
                                                                                             7. The Director, or his/her designee, will notify the appropriate members of the
It is the basic right of every student to have privacy in his/her assigned room. No             University Administration.
student should at any time feel obligated to relinquish that right. Visitors should
be mutually agreed among roommates. Any person visiting the room must have                   See also: Campus Policy on Sexual Harassment, available in the Student Services
the consent of all roommates, any one of whom may ask the visitor to leave in the            Office, and in the Student Handbook.
interest of preserving privacy.
All students must accompany guests in residence halls; guests may not stay
unaccompanied in residence hall rooms.                                                       Residents are expected to maintain a level of cleanliness in their rooms and the
                                                                                             common areas compatible with reasonable health and safety standards. The
No more than 2 overnight guests will be allowed per night, per room.
                                                                                             University reserves the right to establish these expectations for individuals in
Additional rooms for guests are not currently available in the residence hall.               order to insure reasonable compatibility with roommates as well as health and
Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination                                                     Residence Hall Directors may enter rooms without notice if a written complaint
The above is defined as any action, written or spoken word, sound, or public                 has been filed concerning health and safety issues in a room.
display of visual material which may make a person or group feel harassed,                   Students may be given judicial sanctions and/or fines for non-compliance. All
intimidated, discriminated against, create an inequity for them, or in any way               damages and cleaning charges will be billed to the student account. Minimum fine
create a hostile or unwelcome living/learning environment. Any action that is                $10. per person in the room.
violent or presents a clear or perceived danger should be reported to security and
residence hall staff immediately. Staff will respond immediately to this danger
and protect the victim as far as possible. Any one who interferes with a Resident
Assistant in the performance of their job duties could be considered in this                 A room, suite, and possibly a wardrobe and desk key will be issued to each
category.                                                                                    resident. These keys must be returned to the Residence Hall Director when a
                                                                                             room change takes place and at the time of final check out. Keys are not to be
Any individual who perpetrates this activity may face judicial consequences. In
                                                                                             duplicated or loaned to others. Carry your keys with you at all times. Please turn
the event that any student or staff member feels that a harassment, intimidation or
                                                                                             all found keys in to the guards.
discrimination activity is directed at them, they should:

Lost keys should be reported to the Residence Hall Director immediately-don’t             Stereos, TV's, and/or Radios may not be played so as to be disruptive to any other
put your roommates at risk. A labor charge plus the cost of replacement of all            room occupant or neighbor. This provision is 24 hours a day, not just during
keys and the lock will be billed to the student account for a lost or non-returned        assigned quiet hours.
                                                                                                  Quiet Hours are defined as follows: No sound may emanate from any
A lockout key is available from the guard station. A student must leave their ID          room or common area during the following hours:
in exchange for the key. The key must be returned within 15 minutes to the guard
                                                                                                   23:00 until 8:00 am-Sunday through Thursday
station or the lockout privilege will be suspended for that student.
                                                                                                   1:00 am-8:00 am Friday and Saturday.
In the future we may have a key code access system. Information on this system
will be announced when it is available.                                                          This is applicable to all Residence Halls. Residents in an individual hall
                                                                                          may choose to lengthen this time, but no reductions will be allowed.
Parking                                                                                            Consideration Hours are defined as follows:
                                                                                                    Consideration of others is expected 24 hours a day. Students are
Currently there is no student parking available.                                          expected to respect the needs of other residents; specifically, the need to live in an
                                                                                          environment with minimum annoyances to academic pursuits. Residents should
Visitors and students should park in municipal or paid lots. Parking in a fire            curtail at all times social or recreational activities that infringe on others’ rights
access lane or handicapped space will resort in a tire clamp and a fine from the          without being asked. This would include musical instruments, loud music, or
city police department.                                                                   excessive talking at high volumes at times other than the stated quiet hours.
                                                                                          Students should talk with neighbors about the appropriateness of such activities in
Please contact the Department of Security for questions.                                  order to create a community living environment. If asked by another student or
                                                                                          Resident Assistant to abstain from an activity, students should be considerate and
Pets                                                                                      cooperate. Judicial charges will be applied if necessary.
Pets in residence constitute a nuisance and a health hazard and therefore are not                  24 Hour Quiet Hours
permitted. People may have allergies to certain pets. An exception to the rule is
                                                                                          Quiet Hours will be in effect 24 hours per day beginning the Sunday evening of
made in the case of small fish kept in a bowl or an aquarium with the permission
                                                                                          Final exam week through the last exam.
of the roommate.
                                                                                          Fine for violation of quiet hours $15. per event.
Any pets found in residence must be removed immediately.
Dogs, cats or other stray animals outside the residence hall should be reported to        Registration
the guards for removal. They may not remain at the halls as they may be a danger
to students and or fleas, ticks and other insect problems. Please do not encourage
their stay by feeding them.                                                               Bulgarian law requires registration with local police of all residents, guests, and
                                                                                          overnight visitors within 48 hours. It is the responsibility of the students to
Fine for violation $25.                                                                   register through the front desk upon arrival, and use the correct forms and
                                                                                          authorized stamps and signatures.
Quiet and Consideration Hours
                                                                                          Bulgarian Immigration police have the right to inspect residence hall rooms for
The University has certain fundamental obligations to its residents. Among these
                                                                                          foreign guests and can send them to the border with a large fine for failure to
is the need to sustain an atmosphere of study and rest for the students within the
                                                                                          comply with the law.
confines of their rooms. In keeping with the spirit of this objective, certain
limitations on student activities are essential to protect the rights of others.
                                                                                          Sexual Harassment, Assault
Noise, of whatever nature, that emanates from any students room or common area
must not disturb the students in adjacent rooms.
The University has a policy concerning sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Please contact your Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Manager, guard, or
Director of Residence Life and Housing immediately for assistance. (See
Harassment, Intimidation and Discrimination policy)

Due to Bulgarian law smoking is not allowed in resident’s rooms or in residence
halls. Skaptopara Residence Halls are smoke-free, non-smoking buildings. There
are no smoking lounges available. Balconies, decks, and entrances to the building
are smoking areas only where an ashtray is present. Please be considerate and do
not leave cigarette butts around. Fines will be assessed to violators. Hosts of
parties where smoking occurs will be charged $100.
Fines of $25. for the first offense will be assessed to individual violators. Fines
double for each occurrence thereafter. Ie: First offense $25. Second offense $50.
Third offense $100.

The University has no legal liability for thefts. Students should use caution in
bringing any valuables to Residence Halls.
Entering rooms assigned to other students or non-public areas such as mechanical
rooms, guard desks or other area without appropriate authorization is prohibited.
Please close and lock all doors and windows when not in your room, especially
those living on the first floor.
Theft of individual or University property will be handled through the appropriate
Students should report any concerns to the guards as soon as detected. University
Security will handle investigations with the assistance of Local police.

Students who enter or leave rooms through the windows will be fined $25. per
All Security concerns should be directed to Ilko Vangelov, Director of Security,

Throwing Objects
Throwing objects out windows, from balconies, roofs or decks poses a serious
danger and litters the surroundings of the residence halls. Students caught
throwing objects will be brought up on charges through the judicial system and
will be fined $50. at the outset.
                                             Ravshan Abitov
                                             Snezhina Kovacheva
                                             Revi Panidha
                                             Vasil Petrakov
2005-6 Residence Hall & Housing Staff        Nemanja Gruicic
                                             Goran Temkov
                                             Victor Genev
Residence Hall Managers:

Skaptopara I-Arben Kondarov -888530          Skaptopara I Guards,             883184
Skaptopara II-Ilko Drenkov –888542           Skaptopara I Reception           888512, 888513
                                             Skaptopara II Guards-            883186
                                             Skaptopara II Reception          888543, 888544

Resident Assistants:
                                             Cleaning Ladies                 888523
Skaptopara I
                                             Tony Mihtarska, Ruska Duilgerova, Stefka Zaharinova, Liliana Traikova,
Stanko Stankov-Senior RA                     Margarita Angelova, Tsvetanka Radoeva, Dimitrina Ilieva, Yordanka Kaloynova
Stoyan Stoyanov
Emanuil Sirakov                              Snejana Zasheva, Dimitrina Deleva, Nikolina Chaushka, Olga Arnaudska, Slavka
Lyubka Tsirova                               Dacheva, Valentina Trendafilova Roza Diamandieva, Svetla Ivanova, Tzanka
Aisuluu Eralieva                             Cholakova, Antoaneta Dzhaleva
Neli Kostova
Tenyo Arabadzhiev
Yana Yaneva                                  Residence Life and Housing Asistant
Spasimir Dinev
Pavel Volosciuc                              Kristina Zhecheva                888514
Gavril Gavrilov
Aleksandra Yordanova
Yana Velkova                                 Residence Life and Housing Director
Magdalena Fedeva
                                             Todor Kehaiov                    888515
Magdalena Gospodinova
Skaptopara II
Tsvetan Mladenov-Senior RA                   Sports Coordinator
Hristina Dzharova
Mladen Petrov                                Jason Nedelchev                  888516
Bela Geneva                                                                   088-456-900
Sonila Troka
Vesna Dejanovska                             Counseling Center
Katia Georgieva
Nita Gojani                                  Rayna Tuzlukova                  888517


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