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					                                                                   A Bi-Monthly Publication Of Calvary Church

Issue No:68                                         March-April 2001                                             PP 5911/3/2002

                                       By Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam

“...whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him,
          yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.” 1 Peter 1:8
      The early church was       suffering. If you fully           difficulty, you rejoice for who   in spite of the testing and the
severely tested when faced       understand the basis for the      you are in Christ and what He     trials, which were “for a little
with persecution and the         joy that Peter talked about,      has done for you in eternity.     while”. Peter said that the
apostle Peter was writing to     you too can “believe” and         Your salvation is the best        testing of their faith would
the believers who were           “rejoice with joy inexpressible   reason to rejoice! “Blessed       show if their faith was
scattered abroad,                and full of glory” however        be the God and Father of our      genuine. “In this you greatly
encouraging them to believe      your faith is tested.             Lord Jesus Christ, who            rejoice, though now for a little
and rejoice. Peter said,               Peter explained that this   according to His abundant         while, if need be, you have
“Beloved, do not think it        joy starts when you accept        mercy has begotten us again       been grieved by various
strange concerning the fiery     Jesus as your Saviour. You        to a living hope through the      trials, that the genuineness
trial which is to try you, as    are “begotten” (born again)       resurrection of Jesus Christ      of your faith, being much
though some strange thing        by God’s great mercy. By His      from the dead, to an              more precious than gold that
happened to you; but rejoice     grace, He gave you a Saviour,     inheritance incorruptible and     perishes, though it is tested
to the extent that you partake   Jesus Christ, who died for        undefiled and that does not       by fire, may be found to
of Christ’s sufferings, that     your sin and through His          fade way, reserved in heaven      praise, honor, and glory at
when His glory is revealed,      resurrection, is alive today. A   for you, who are kept by the      the revelation of Jesus
you may also be glad with        living Saviour is what            power of God though faith for     Christ” (1 Peter 1:6-7). Your
exceeding joy” (1 Peter 4:12-    demarcates your faith from        salvation ready to be             faith, like gold, when tried by
13). God is challenging you      other religious faith. Your       revealed in the last time”        fire, will be of greater worth
to live by faith. He wants to    salvation reserved for you in     (1 Peter 1:3-5).                  and value. The testing of your
enlarge your faith and           heaven, an inheritance that             However, Peter              faith will show if you are a
therefore your faith will be     cannot be destroyed. This is      recognised the frailty of the     genuine believer. The
tested. You can be tested in     the basis for your joy. You do    believers who were in the         genuineness of your faith is
more ways than one and it        not thank God for the cancer      midst of persecutions. He         more precious and valuable
does not necessarily have to     or the accident, but in that      encouraged them to rejoice        than the purest of gold. Faith
be by persecution or             sickness and pain or
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LG Ministry Updates
     Praise God for the five new
LGs installed together with 11
newly appointed LG Leaders
during the New Year’s Eve
Service on 31 December 2000.
It was wonderful to be able to
end the year with the installation.
We thank the Lord for the growth
that He has given. Below is the
information concerning these
five new LGs that are meeting                      Helen Read (right) with Linda, her first disciple
from the beginning of this year.

     1-8-2 Genting Court Condo
                                           J-12 Principle Bears Fruit
     PSN 1/50C                                      A Principle of Evangelism and Discipleship
     Taman Setapak Indah Jaya
     Off Jalan Genting Kelang         By David Seah
     Setapak                              Forty-four new souls have been saved since the
     53300 Kuala Lumpur
                                      implementation of the J-12 Principle in the Life Groups (LGs). It
     Tuesday, 8.30pm
                                      is certainly something that we can rejoice about as we continue
                                      to believe the Word of God and put it into practice.
                                            Many of the soul winners have already started discipling these new believers.
                                      One of our LG Leaders, Helen Read, earns the distinction of being the very first to
     17 Persiaran Syed Putra 4        complete discipling a new believer. It was quite a feat for Helen as Linda is her very
     Taman Persiaran Desa             first disciple.
     50460 Kuala Lumpur                     The discipleship lessons provided by the Life Group Ministry made the
     Monday, 8.30pm                   discipling process even easier. Helen also resorted to additional visual aids for
                                      “difficult” lessons like Water Baptism and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. God worked in
                                      a marvellous way for Linda—she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit a few days
                                      before Helen taught this lesson. Linda was able to pray in tongues although she did
     PHANG WAI                        not know what it was about until Helen explained it to her.
     53 Jalan USJ 2/4F                      “I have enjoyed guiding Linda in these lessons and we had wonderful moments
     UEP Subang Jaya                  sharing and praying together,” Helen enthused. “I praise God for giving me Linda as
     Tuesday, 8.15pm                  a disciple. She is receptive and keen to learn.” Linda is now ready to start “My Faith”
                                      classes before being baptised in water. No wonder, Helen is looking forward to her
                                      next disciple!
                                            You too can be actively involved in evangelism and discipleship. When you
     KATHLEEN WONG                    faithfully attend a LG, the LG Leader will be able to share the J-12 Principle with
     6 Lorong Mengkudu Satu           you. You will be provided with resources and material to be an effective soul winner
     Off Ampang Hilir                 and discipler for the Lord Jesus.
     55000 Kuala Lumpur
     2nd and 4th Wednesday, 10am

     WOMEN’S LIFE GROUP               Do you       long to belong to a fellowship group?
                                                    Do you want to visit a LG
     Ampang Satellite Church
     Lot 7.28 A, B & D, 7th Floor         but     are not sure which one to attend?
     Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang                    You can contact the Pastoral Care Department
     50450 Kuala Lumpur                                 at 03-254 6012 ext. 135 (David Seah)
     1st and 3rd Monday, 6.30pm                                or ext. 134 (Yip Wai Leng)
                                                   for more information concerning the LG Ministry.

                                                                                                             Shereen Wong co

                                    God Is Faithful
                                                                                                             the training

                                                                                                            By Shereen Wong

    Tay Poh Gaik and I went on a missions trip to Nairobi, Kenya, in November 2000. The trip was
spiritually uplifting and reminded us over and over again of God’s faithfulness to His children.
     Eight years ago, Calvary Church              Before the end of the workshop, I     brand new in Jesus. It was touching to
sent Tony and Christine Phang as            prayed and asked the Lord to lead me        see the change in their countenance.
missionaries to Nairobi, Kenya. They        to give someone a specific challenge.       We give all glory to God.
“sowed” in the Harvester’s Institute of     During our simple graduation exercise, I           God is real in the lives of these
Ministries (HIM)—a Bible School for lay     turned to a girl, looked her in the eye     children. On the Monday we were there,
people. Today, many of the graduates        and asked, “Would you like to do what I     a ten-year-old boy who attended the
are pastoring churches.                     am doing? Jesus can help you.” Wide-        Sunday School died of HIV and its
     Lucy Njenga, supervisor of the         eyed, Eunice Wangeci nodded a “yes”. “I     complications. Before the body was sent
programme for street children that          will pray for you,” I said. I took off my   for cremation, the boy’s eight-year-old
Calvary Church helps to sponsor, was        nametag, gave it to her and said, “When     brother wrote down the Scripture verse
one of their pioneer students. She is now   you see this, remember what you want        that they had both been memorising for
an ordained pastor and a recognised and     God to do for you.” Later on, I found out   Sunday, and placed it in his hand
licensed social worker for her community.   that she was a Dormitory Monitor—God        because it was the most precious thing
Her husband was an unbeliever when          had led me to the right person.             he wanted his brother to take to heaven.
                                                                                               God never changes and He is
                                                                                        faithful. On a previous trip to Nairobi in
                                                                                        1997, the Lord protected us during the
                                                                                        pre-election riots. It was only on our last
                                                                                        day there that we read of the blood
                                                                                        baths. This time, the university students
                                                                                        caused a riot on the Wednesday that we
                                                                                        decided to stay back in church for a Cell
                                                                                        Group meeting. Apparently, the police
                                                                                        and army were called in and people
                                                                                        were warned to stay away from certain
                                                                                        roads. When we returned to Tony and
                                                                                        Christine’s home after the meeting, we
she was in HIM. He is now a believer and          God further honoured our efforts.     did notice that the place was quieter
her partner in God’s work. Lucy oversees,   Even before the Workshop was                than normal but it was only after the
the feeding of 126 street children, the     completed, a businesswoman                  workshop had been completed on Friday
schooling of 420 orphans and                approached Lucy to make arrangements        night that we heard what had happened
underprivileged children, and looks after   to hire one of the trained girls as soon    on Wednesday. “For he will command
the 66 orphans staying in dormitories.      as was feasible. She had sat in on the      his angels concerning you to guard you
      In the 12 days that Poh Gaik and I    first day of training and was impressed.    in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11).
were there, the Lord enabled us to                God also used the Workshop to                My life has been impacted by this
successfully conduct a five-day             heal girls who had been hurt from           trip. The street children are a vivid
Domestic Skills Workshop for 17 street      sexual abuse. In African culture, sex       reminder of how far God has brought
children and three teachers, teach in       education and awareness is taboo. Lucy      me. Many years ago, I too, had a bleak
two adult Bible study classes and           wanted us to deal with the topic and to     future—the product of an
share in a Leadership Seminar for lay       encourage the children to speak out so      underprivileged family. God sent
leaders. We also visited a home for         that we can help them. The children         someone to invest in my life and to
abandoned HIV positive children and         were encouraged to write down the           teach me to put my trust in Jesus. I am
the dormitories built by Calvary Church     questions that they were too                where I am today because God is real,
for the orphans. Poh Gaik and I are fully   embarrassed to ask. The slips of paper      unchangeable and faithful.
aware that we were never alone in what      came in so fast that I had a tough time            Jesus is coming. Even if He tarries,
the Lord encouraged us to set out to        answering them all. After that, we          I will be going to meet him eventually.
accomplish and we are grateful for all      prayed with the children and assured        My desire is to be where He wants me to
the support that Calvary Church has         them that when Jesus cleanses,              be, do what He wants me to do because
given us.                                   everything is washed away and they are      that is what counts for eternity.

                                                                                                                                                                                           FAith Promise Renewal
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sunday, 14 January 2001                              By Andrew Peter
                                                                                                                                                                                     The finale to the 2001 Missions and Revival meetings came as a
                                                                                                                                                                                 challenging Faith Promise Sunday. Dr. Alton Garrison exhorted the Calvary
                              M E E T I N G S
                                                                                                                                                                                 congregations—Damansara Heights, Bandar Utama, Cheras and Ampang, to
                   10-12 January 2001 at 7.30pm                                                                                                                                  become Faith Promise partners to reach a lost world. The world is hurting
                                                                                                                                                                                 but we have a hope in Christ and we can help.

By Andrew Peter                                                                          The Choir and ensembles presenting special songs nightly

    Dr. Alton Garrison, Pastor of First Assembly, North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, shared a timely message,
especially in view of the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ and the challenge given by our Senior Pastor Prince
Guneratnam for our 21st Century Vision. We, the children of God are challenged to be involved in building the
kingdom of God instead of sitting complacently, warming our pews.

                                                    On the second night, Dr.
                                               Garrison differentiated between
                                               hope and faith. He said that if faith                                                                                             The Pastors, Deacons, Missions Committee and Dr. Alton Garrison praying for the Faith Promise partners
                                               was the stick of dynamite, hope
                                               was the fuse that lit it. Satan uses                                                                                                   As Dr. Garrison put it, the world is starving for what we, as Christians, have in abundance. We
                                               three main ways to destroy our                                                                                                    have the answers to the world’s questions and it is our obligation to share them with the world. He
                                               hope. He makes us:                                                                                                                encouraged the congregations by saying that if we took care of what was on God’s heart, He would
                                               1. React to what we see.                                                                                                          take care of what was on ours. God will honour the seeds that we sow by giving us a great harvest.
                                               2. Question God’s promises.                                                                                                            We thank God for the 2,830 who made Faith Promise pledges for the months of January through
                                               3. Think it is up to us to fulfil                                                                                                 June.
Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam inviting the                                             The people indicating their desire to receive the Lord’s deliverance from their fears
people to open their hearts to receive the
                                                    God’s promises.
Word                                                                                           In order to develop and                    4.   Satan is the accuser. He
      Dr. Garrison was every bit as
entertaining and humorous as                                                             restore our hope in Christ, we have
                                                                                         to realise that:
                                                                                                                                               accuses our hearts and
                                                                                                                                               conscience to bring indictment
                                                                                                                                                                                    The CW Children Learn To Give Cheerfully
described in the handbill inviting us
to attend the meetings. The three                                                        1. God is the source of hope.                         upon us. Our defence against
nights of meetings saw almost the                                                        2. Faith is the substance of hope.                    this attack is the interceding
entire congregation responding to                                                        3. The Holy Spirit is the supplier                    Son of God.
the altar calls either to rededicate                                                          of hope.                                         It is important for us as
their lives or to receive a fresh                                                             Dr. Garrison wrapped up the                 Christians to realise that we have
anointing of the Holy Spirit.                                                            meetings on the last night by                    an effective weapon to defend
      On the first night, Dr. Garrison                                                   sharing 15 benefits of having an                 against each and every one of
challenged the congregation to fight                                                     enemy. He also revealed four                     Satan’s attacks. Even when we do
their fear as fear paralysed,                                                            strategies of Satan and how to                   not seem to be gaining any ground,
controlled and enslaved them. He                                                         battle them.                                     we must always remember that
drew on Psalm 91:13 to give an                                                           1. Satan is a deceiver. He lies to               Satan is fighting a battle that he
analogy of three common types of                                                              make us ignorant of God’s                   has already lost, one that Jesus             Praise God for the 606 Carpenter’s Worskshop (CW) children who participated in the Faith
fears—the lion, symbolising                                                                   Word. Our defence against this              has already won.                        Promise Renewal. At Calvary Church Damansara Heights as well as at the Satellite Churches, the
undisguised fear, the adder,                                                                  attack is the inspired Word of                                                      children were encouraged to give cheerfully towards missions. Various guest speakers were invited to
symbolising unexpected fear and                                                               God.                                                                                help the children realise that they too can give that others may know Jesus.
the dragon, symbolising unfounded                                                        2. Satan is a destroyer. He
fear.                                                                                         attacks our body to make us
Dr. Garrison then gave five ways to
break free from these fears:
                                                                                              impatient with God’s will. Our
                                                                                              defence against this attack is                                                         The Missions Director “Walks on Water”!
1. Choose faith over fear.                                                                    the imparted grace of God.
2. Focus on God for your strength.                                                       3. Satan is a dominator. He                                                                      First, it was falling backwards in slow motion into a swimming pool. Next, it was breaking through
3. Develop a desire that                                                                      dominates our will to make us                                                          a “brick wall”. This time, Associate Pastor Peter Ong, the Missions Director, “walked on water”
      motivates you.                                                                          proud and independent of                                                               because the Church exceeded the Faith Promise target for December 2000! This feat was videotaped
4. Focus on the things you can                 Dr. Alton Garrison—anointed, articulate        God. Our defence against this                                                          and shown to all the congregations.
                                               speaker and talented musician!                 attack is the indwelling Spirit
      control.                                                                                                                                                                            Praise God for His faithfulness in providing and for everyone who gave in faith!
5. When fears return, run to God.                                                             of God.
6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         7
                                                     Associate Pastor Richard Yun declares the VBS officially open u

                                               As early as 7.30am on the morning of
                                                4 December 2000, the chatter of excited
                                                  voices, laughter and activity filled the
                                                  premises of Calvary Church—the event—
                                                 Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2000!

                                                 VBS 2000                                        By Diana Koh          The worship team q

                                                                                                                       The younger ones enjoyed the puppets q

    The Choir with Bobo, the clown, during the opening ceremony

      In the presence of the            carrying the acronym—                 the appearance of Bobo—the               Many took home with them a
Children’s Ministry Pastor,             P.A.R.T.Y.:                           clown. After all, no party               better knowledge of a loving
Assistant Pastor Susan Tan,             PRAISE!                               celebration is quite complete            God and how through the gift of
610 children, parents and               Celebrating salvation—                without a clown, right?                  the person of Jesus, they receive
170 teachers and volunteers,            Salvation is God’s gift to me!             From 4 to 8 December                other gifts from God such as
Associate Pastor Richard Yun            ACCEPTANCE!                           2000, the children aged 4 to             salvation, acceptance, a
burst balloons to declare VBS           Celebrating together—                 13 years old enjoyed a                   relationship, eternal life and a
2000—“It’s A Party—                     I can be in God’s family!             myriad of activities from                special plan for each of them.
Celebrating God’s Gift”                 RELATIONSHIP!                         excursions to The Mines                  They were also taught why it was
officially open. The Church’s           Celebrating my friendships—           Wonderland, Desa Water                   important to share Jesus with
sanctuary was gaily                     I can tell my friends about           Park and Police Museum to                their friends and how to do it.
decorated to reflect a “party”          Jesus!                                Bible lessons, workbook                        For the teachers and
concept, complete with crepe            TOMORROW!                             exercises, handcraft and                 volunteers, it proved a hectic
streamers, ample balloons               Celebrating my new home—              games. To the delight of                 and tiring week but a rewarding
hung high up on the                     a mansion in heaven!                  many, Bobo made impromptu                one. Their hearts were warmed
sanctuary walls, gigantic               YOU!                                  surprise appearances at                  to see the lives of children
colourfully wrapped mock                Celebrating who I am in               worship sessions, in the                 touched during daily altar calls,
presents and ribbons.                   Christ— God has great plans           classrooms, during meals                 during the worship sessions at
      The highlights of the             for you and me!,                      and at outings.                          the sanctuary and in the
opening ceremony included a             a flag parade team                         The children learned the            classrooms. At the end of the
dance by the VBS 2000                   comprising children from the          meaning of the acronym—                  five days, a total of 220
Praise Dancers, a five-                 Royal Rangers and                     P.A.R.T.Y. through all the               children accepted Jesus as
member placard team                     Missionettes and of course,           various classroom activities.            their Lord and Saviour while

Assistant Pastor Susan Tan, teachers and helpers ministering to the
children at the altar q                                                             Enjoying the boat ride at the Mines Wonderland q

                         The children worshipping the Lord together, praying to the One who is the reason for the celebration   q

                                                      At Desa Water Park q                                   One of the 17 who were baptised in water q
428 rededicated their lives. One
hundred and twenty-seven children
received the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
17 were baptised by immersion in water
and 32 were healed of different
ailments. Praise the Lord!
     The closing ceremony was as
exciting as the opening one. Special
highlights of the occasion were the
video showing the different events and
activities held throughout the week and               With Bobo the clown q                                  Receiving an award from Sr. Assoc. Pastor Petrina q
the presentation of prizes to the winners
of the handcraft competition and best-
students in the various age categories
by Senior Associate Pastor Petrina
Guneratnam. Parents were present to
witness this special occasion too.
     VBS 2000 began with a celebration
and likewise, ended on the same note.
After the closing ceremony, the children
trooped back to class for an hour of
more food, fun, games and laughter
with their teachers and friends.                      Singing the theme songq       Some of the 170 teachers and volunteers who worked very hard! q
                                                      at the closing ceremony

                                                                                           his household. “By faith Noah, being
                                                                                           divinely warned of things not yet seen,
                                                                                           moved with godly fear, prepared an ark
 ...continued from front page                                                              for the saving of his household, by which
                                                                                           he condemned the world and became
                                                                                           heir of the righteousness which is
                                                                                           according to faith” (Hebrews 11:7). “But
                                                                                           without faith it is impossible to please
                                                                                           Him, for he who comes to God must
                                                                                           believe that He is, and that He is a
                                                                                           rewarder of those who diligently seek
in Jesus is the way to succeed when you       Israel. Their problem is not a lack of the   Him” (Hebrews 11:6).
are tested. You will be shielded by God’s     knowledge of the Word but a lack of faith.   2. When You Are Tempted.
power through faith. “...taking the shield         God is calling you to a life of faith         Temptation occurs when God
of faith with which you will be able to       and rejoicing regardless of the              withdraws His presence and all you have
quench all the fiery darts of the wicked      circumstances that you go through. Be a      is His Word. Adam and Eve had God’s
one” (Ephesians 6:16). God wants you          dreamer. Have great imagination but let      Word but God was not there when Satan
to have genuine and not fake faith.           the Word of God be the foundation of         came. Satan tempted them on what
      What is faith? Faith believes what      that dream. You cannot see God, yet you      God said. Jesus was tempted in the
it does not see. “Now faith is the            believe Him. Though you have not seen        wilderness. Jesus knew who He was but
substance of things hoped for, the            Him, you love Him because faith tells        Satan tempted Jesus on His identity.
evidence of things not seen. For by it the    you that He is there. So rejoice with joy    Jesus quoted the Word of God, “It is
elders obtained a good testimony”             inexpressible, full of glory just as Peter   written...” in the face of temptation. He
(Hebrews 11:1-2). The substance of            encouraged in 1 Peter 1:8. Your joy does     had faith and the Word. Your faith and
your faith is the Word of God. If you         not depend on circumstances, things or       belief in what God said will help you
believe that God said it or it is a promise   on what happens. Your joy is based on        overcome temptation. The Bible says,
of God, your faith has substance. Faith       faith in what God has said. And when         “No temptation has overtaken you
has the eye to see and imagine what the       you see it in faith, you rejoice! Others     except such as is common to man; but
Word of God says. Have faith in God who       may call you a fool, but you rejoice         God is faithful, who will not allow you to
is able to do what He says He can do.         because you believe. Your joy is the         be tempted beyond what you are able,
      The children of Israel had the Word     expression of your faith in a great God!     but with the temptation will also make a
of God but they still failed to enter the     Were Joseph’s dreams fulfilled? Was          way of escape, that you may be able to
Promised Land. Why? Israel knew the           Joshua victorious? Their successes were      bear it” (1 Corinthians 10:13).
promises of God but they lacked the           based on faith. They believed what God       3. When You Face Trials, Tribulations
faith that would make them rejoice.           said to them and they were victors and             And Troubles.
They murmured, criticised and                 not victims.                                       Your security is “believe and
complained when difficulties arose.           You need faith in three areas:               rejoice”. Paul, while in prison, said,
“...but the word which they heard did not     1. When You Cannot See.                      “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will
profit them, not being mixed with faith in         Noah had never seen rain but he         say, rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4). You
those who heard it” (Hebrews 4:2).            obeyed God’s instructions to build an        rejoice regardless of the circumstances.
Many Christians are like the children of      ark. Noah’s work of faith saved him and      You rejoice because of your salvation,
                                                                                           God’s love and what God has promised
                                                                                           you. “Therefore, having been justified by
Pray                                                                                       faith, we have peace with God through
                                                                                           our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom
   for all the Committees, for God’s wisdom and strength                                   also we have access by faith into this
                                                                                           grace in which we stand, and rejoice in
         as they carry out their responsibilities
                                                                                           hope of the glory of God. And not only
           for effective publicity so that the wonderful message                           that, but we also glory in tribulations,
              of God’s love will be communicated to our city and beyond                    knowing that tribulation produces
     for the choir, the dancers, the dramatists, musicians, technical crew,                perseverance; and perseverance,
                 etc. to be strengthened spiritually and physically so                     character; and character, hope. Now
                      that they can be effective vessels for the Lord                      hope does not disappoint, because the
                for the altar workers, the ushers, security personnel                      love of God has been poured out in our
                                                                                           hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given
            God’s rich anointing upon our Senior Pastor
                                                                                           to us” (Romans 5:1-5).
                    as he brings God’s message of love and salvation                             Get a hold of God’s promises. Start
                                                                                           moving in faith and rejoice! Your
Get involved!                                                                              believing and rejoicing will bring you
                                                                                           many victories. Jesus is coming for this
                                                                                           kind of believer, one whose head is
       We need ushers, altar workers, security personnel,                                  lifted up, who has faith in God and
          technical, electrical and construction teams,                                    God’s Word!
       teams to go tracting, financial support and everyone to pray.                       All Bible quotations are from the New King
                                                                                           James Version.
      Sign up and be a part of the Great Commission!
       It is usually quiet at 7am in Calvary
  Church, but on 27 December 2000, the
    place was filled with chattering youth,
laughter and the reminders of concerned
   parents. After prayer, 135 of us hit the
            road to our campsite, packed in
           two buses, one van and six cars.

  TReaSuRe in JaRs of CLaY
  YOUTH CAMP 27-29 December 2000 at Lutheran Centre, Port Dickson
By Gwenda Soh
      The theme for our Youth Camp this year, was        convictions while others were drawn to lay
“Treasure In Jars Of Clay” (2 Corinthians 4:7). It       themselves before God at His altar—some crying,
was aimed at helping the youths to know the              some laughing, some falling under the power of
Treasure (Jesus) within them and to let Him              the Holy Spirit. Their sins, their problems, their
shine. Our camp speaker, Associate Pastor                hurts and most importantly their hearts were
Richard Yun, shared from his heart and                   surrendered to God. Indeed, God does wonders
challenged the young people to always “stay              and always works in unexpected ways.
free” in Christ and through Christ.                            The theme song of the camp was “Two
      Pastor Richard began by stressing that a           hands, one heart, one life, to offer You...”. This
victorious Christian life is not lived in a cycle of     really was the cry of the camp leaders and co-
“sin, confess, sin, confess, sin, confess....”, but is   ordinators. As Associate Pastor Steven Kum said,          CHRISTCENTRED
                                                                                                                        -                 EVANGELICAL   MISSIONARY

life as a victor, set free by the Truth of Jesus         “...two hands of service to Jesus, one heart of           REA
                                                                                                                              THE C
                                                                                                                                   ITY   OF KUALA LUMPUR AN
                                                                                                                                                           D BE

(1 John 8:23). Subsequently, he shared on the            worship to God the Father and one life for the
three sources of temptation (Ephesians 2:1-3),           Spirit to use...that’s all God wants from us.”
which are: the course of this world, Satan and                 We also saw much of the young people’s           CALVARY
the lust of the flesh. He also shared on the six
areas we need to give attention to in order to
                                                         creativity in almost every activity in the camp.
                                                         The icebreakers brought forth group names like
“stay free”. They are:                                                                                           (Assemblies of God)
                                                         “Tung Ku Kai Keok” (mushroom chicken feet) and
1 Saying “no” to things that are spiritually             “KL Zhi Bao Kai” (KL paper-wrapped chicken or
      wrong (1 Corinthians 10:12-13).                    as someone put it, chicken served in an
2 Choosing the truth (Psalm 32:2).                       envelope). Then, during the games at the beach,        CHRIST-CENTRED
3 Forgiving others.                                      the young people showed that they were sporting
4 Dealing with rebellion and submitting to               and tough. They had to use almost every faculty          EVANGELICAL
      authorities over us.                               of their body including their toes.
5 Dealing with pride as it was the downfall of                 Generous parents also blessed us by                 MISSIONARY
      Satan and many others.                             contributing to give us a sumptuous meal. Led by
6 Dealing with sin that is still in our lives.           Uncle Ronnie Wong and Uncle Sam Ho, a group
      Throughout the camp, there was a very              of young people helped to barbecue 30 chickens.
evident presence of God which caused the young           A big thank you to all parents who contributed!
people to get into worship, yearn for the Word                 Calvary Youth Camp 2000 has left quite a
and yield to the Spirit. Three people accepted           mark in every camper’s life. Physically, we came     2, Jalan Damansara Endah
Jesus as Saviour, 11 were baptised in the Holy           back tanned and weary, but beyond that, we
                                                                                                                 Damansara Heights
Spirit and 22 young people responded to the call         came back knowing Jesus, the Treasure within
to full-time ministry of which six answered this         us and the need to consistently let Him shine.         50490 Kuala Lumpur
call for the first time.                                 We hope that the youths’ encounter with God in
      Every person had an encounter with God.            camp will spur them to seek the same encounter                  Malaysia.
During worship sessions, many campers felt               with Jesus daily, all the days of their lives.
                                                                                                                  Tel: 03-255 2620
Spirited worship sessions! q                             Laying all at the altar to the Lord...q
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