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					Champion Custom
Exhibitor Graphics
Get Noticed.

    Want to stand out from the crowd? Champion Custom Exhibitor Graphics can help with custom
    signage and printed materials to deliver your message with flair and ensure your brand promise
    is reflected. Our experienced and certified design professionals and high-quality printing will fit
    your budget.

    Deliver Your Message with Style
    We know that one of the most crucial aspects of your exhibiting experience is delivering your message
    to potential customers. The certified design professionals on Champion’s Custom Exhibitor Graphics
    team offer personalized service, working with you or your advertising or marketing agency, to ensure a
    compelling portrayal of your brand through booth graphics and banners, pre- and post-show marketing,
    citywide advertising, and collateral materials.
Endless Possibilities for Reaching Your Audience
Put your brand front and center—at the show, with attendees before and after, and throughout the
country. Our custom exhibitor graphics solutions include:
   n	 Hanging signs, banners and booth graphics to make your trade show display pop
   n	 Pre- and post-show marketing, to introduce your company, drive traffic to your booth, and
      thank attendees for their interest in your company after the show
   n	 Outdoor and traditional advertising, including billboards, taxis, print and any other ad buy
      you can imagine, that will promote your participation in the show city, or even nationwide
   n	 Collateral and giveaways, including marketing pieces, product packaging, business cards
      and giveaways

One-stop Printing and Display
We can design, print and display your graphics for you, while reducing the complexity and cost of using
multiple vendors. At shows where we’re the contracted provider, we’ll ship your materials to your booth
free of charge.

Personalized Service to Make it Easy and Impactful
Let us know how we can create custom graphics to help bring your brand to life. Email us at

                     Elevating the Impact. Easing the Process.

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