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									Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (IRS form 2290) On Time with Express Truck Tax

As anyone who is a veteran of the Trucking Industry will tell you, there are many more business
and economic responsibilities other than simply getting something delivered at the right time
and place. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, or HVUT, is one of the most common taxes on heavy
highway vehicles in the United States. Paying this tax properly involves filing the IRS Form
2290. This Form is so easy to E-File online, and thanks to Express Truck Tax, there is no
reason to be late, as evidenced by these points:

      IRS Fines
            o Unless you enjoy IRS Audits and spending time in courtrooms, it is a terrible to
               not pay your taxes. The IRS can add all kinds of interest and late fees, but if you
               end up in court over the matter it will lead to the court costs as well as heavy
      Not filing or not paying is a felony
            o Fines are bad enough, but it could be worse. Going to court can lead to criminal
               charges. The IRS & state governments could prosecute anyone who purposely
               cheats to avoid paying the truck tax. It can also lead to time in prison.
      Stay focused on your business
            o If these are not paid in a timely manner, the previously mentioned fines, court
               appearances, and possible jail time could seriously put a halt on your business.
               The time and energy spent worrying about IRS Audits, Fines, and Court Dates is
               not worth it. Especially when the taxes are not typically very high.
      Taxes help improve public roads
            o Paying taxes is never a joyful experience, but you should get some gratification
               in the fact that much of the taxes paid for HVUT go back into the cost of roads
               and highway expenses. It just makes sense; if you enjoy using something, you
               shouldn’t mind paying for it.
      It’s So Easy
            o With Express Truck Tax, their team of Truck Tax experts will guide you through
               the process. All you need to do is login to and start
               entering the vehicles that you need to file for. If there are any questions, you can
               call them at 704.234.6005 or send an email to

E-file IRS form 2290 with on time. It’s made as easy as 1-2-3 to e-file truck
tax 2290 and get IRS stamped Schedule 1 in few minutes. Avoid IRS penalties and Audits by
keeping your 2290 records with express truck tax. E-file IRS 2290 VIN Corrections for free of

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