COMPUTECH INFO SOLUTIONS
                                                CORE JAVA
Generation of Java                           String                                      Difference between AWT and
Features of Java                             StringBuffer                              Swing
Java programming format                      Math                                        Component hierarchy
Reserved words                             Wrapper classes                             Applet
Arrays                                     Multi threading                               Life cycle
Data types                                    Introduction                               Animation graphics
Features of OOPS                              Thread creation                          Networking
Class                                         Thread life cycle
Object                                        Synchronization                          Collection Framework
 Abstraction                                  Thread priorities                        Collection
 Encapsulation                                Daemon thread                            List (ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector,
 Inheritance                                  Inter thread communication               Stack)
 Polymorphism                              File I/O streams                            Set (HashSet, LinkedHashSet,
  Over loading                                Byte stream                              SortedSet, TreeSet)
  Over riding                                 Character stream                         Queue (PriorityQueue)
Constructor                                   File                                     Map (HashMap, Hashtable,
This keyword                                  Serialization                            Properties, SortedMap, TreeMap)
Super keyword                              AWT                                         Collection Vs Collections
Control Statements                            Introduction                             Cursors (Enumeration, Iterator,
Access Modifiers                              Components                               ListIterator)
Exception Handling                            Event Handling                           Var – arg methods
  Exception Types                             Listeners                                Static import
  Try, catch, finally blocks                  Layout Managers                          Generics
  Throw, throws keywords                   Swings                                      For each loop
Fundamental classes in java.lang              Introduction                             Boxing – unboxing

                                          ADVANCED JAVA
JDBC                                       Servlet Life Cycle/Architecture             JSP Standard Actions
Introduction to JDBC                       Http Methods                                useBean tag
JDBC Architecture                          Configuration of Web Application            setProperty tag
Types of JDBC Drivers                      web.xml (Deployment Descriptor file)        getProperty tag
Establishing a JDCB Connection             Specifying welcome file                     include tag
Integration Java to Database using         ServletContext                              forward tag
JDBC API                                   ServletConfig                               plug-in tag
Using Statement                            RequestDispatcher                           param tag
Using PreparedStatement                    Session Management                          Custom Actions
Using CallableStatement                              Using HttpSession                 Classic
Establish ResultSet                                  Using Cookie                      Simple
ScrollableResultSet                                  Using URL Rewriting               JSP Scripting tags
Batch Updates                              Filters                                              Declaratives
Inserting BLOB&CLOB type of                FilterConfig                                         Scriptlets
columns                                    FilterChain                                          Expressions
Managing Transaction Management            Jar file creation                           EL implicit Objects
                                           War file creation                           JSTL & Tag library
Common Gateway Interface                                                               JavaBeans
Introduction to CGI                        Java Server Pages (JSP)                     IDE
Disadvantage and Limitations of CGI        JSP Architecture                                     MyEclipse
                                           JSP implicit objects                        Servers
Servlets                                   JSP Directive Tags                                   Tomcat
Servlet as an improved CGI                         Page Directive                               Weblogic
Servlet fundamentals                               Include Directive
Web Container & WebServer                          Taglib Directive
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                          COMPUTECH INFO SOLUTIONS
STRUTS                                                            Spring Web
MVC Design Pattern                                                Spring Context
Singleton Design Pattern                                          Spring MVC
Front Controller Design Pattern
Application Controller Design Pattern                             HIBERNATE
DTO/Value Object Design Pattern                                   Introduction
Struts Navigation Flow                                            Advantages of Hibernate compared to JDBC
Action Form & Action classes                                      ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
Web.xml file                                                      Hibernate Architecture
Struts-config.xml file                                            Configuration file
Validations                                                       Mapping file
          By using validate() method                              Relations
          By using Validation Framework                           One-to-one
Different Types of Action Forms and DynaActionForms               One-to-many
          ActionForm                                              Many-to-one
          DyanaActionForm                                         Hibernate Query Languages
          ValidatorForm                                           Criteria API
          DynaValidatorForm                                       Native SQL
          ValidatorActionForm                                     Hibernate Caching
          DynaValidatorActionForm                                 Servlet-Hibernate Communication
Local forwards and Global forwards                                Struts-Hibernate Communication
Local Exceptions and Global Exceptions
DataSource                                                        RMI
Predefined Action classes                                         Introduction
          ForwardAction                                           JNDI
          IncludeAction                                           RMI Architecture
          DispatchAction                                          Stub
          LookupDispatchAction                                    Skelton
          SwitchAction                                            Simple RMI Application
Internationalization (I18n)                                       Importance of RMI Registry
Tiles Framework
                                                                  EJB (Enterprise Java Bean)
SPRING FRAME WORK                                                 Introduction
Introduction                                                      EJB Architecture
IOC(Inversion of Controle)                                        Implicit Middleware Services
Spring Containers                                                 Security
BeanFactory                                                       Transaction
ApplicationContext                                                Connection pooling
Spring Configuration file                                         Life Cycle Management
Bean                                                              SessionBean
          Injucting dependences using                                        Stateless Session Bean
          Setter Injuction and                                               State Full Session Bean
          Constructor Injuction                                              Role of Business Interface
Bean Scopes                                                                  Remote and Local Interfaces
Auto Wiring                                                                  Session Bean Lifetime
Spring Modules                                                               Standalone and Web Clients
Spring Core                                                       EntityBean
Spring AOP                                                        MessageDrivenBean
Spring ORM                                                        Ear file creation
Spring DAO

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