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					             Update from the Office of Instructional Technology and Library Services
                     Performance Objective:
                     By the year 2005, after a comprehensive needs assessment process, teachers, and administrators will seamlessly
                     integrate technology into their daily operations, as well as model information and technology literacy to students
                     and the community.

Date                 Project                               Vision 2005 Outcome                     Date & Update Info
10/8/02,             Staff Assignment                                                              Will dedicate one support staff member to libraries if and when new
Wednesday                                                                                          Director is approved by school board.
10/8/02, Tuesday     Middle School TA:TEKS                 Strategy 2: Auditable Step #2- 4        This project is behind on timed implementation. Still need to gain
                     Curriculum Writing Project &                                                  CICO approval before moving ahead with hiring of staff to write the
                     Budget Proposal                                                               TA:TEKS curriculum for this course. Due to delay, development
                                                                                                   will not be complete until March, if not later, of 2003.
10/8/02, Tuesday     Campus Visitations                    Strategy 3: Auditable Step #3           Have visited 10 campuses and done the LOTI presentation at each
                                                                                                   one with principal and faculty.
10/8/02, Tuesday     Data-Driven Decision-Making           Strategy 1: Auditable Step #1           Listened to presentation from ePrincipal vendor (Media-X). Prepared
                     Proposal                                                                      proposal for review at Director’s meeting. Recommend a pilot for
                                                                                                   $3000 to begin in Spring, 2003.
10/8/02, Tuesday     Internet Driver’s License Program     Strategy 1: Auditable Step #8           After month of research, developed a proposal for Internet Driver’s
                     Proposal                              Strategy 2: Auditable Step #1           License Program. Different costs involved depending on district’s
                                                           Strategy 3: Auditable Step #3           level of commitment.
10/8/02, Tuesday     Alexandria Server Replacement for     Strategy 5: Auditable Step #3           Discovered that replacement will be $2000 per library. Rather than
                     Libraries                                                                     pay this at the district level, I recommend we let campuses absorb
                                                                                                   this cost of $188K
10/8/02, Tuesday     SAISD to TEA Library Standards        Strategy 5: Auditable Step #3           Working with Sheridan to do a complete needs assessment that
                     Correlation                                                                   measures SAISD compliance with TEA Library Standards.
10/7/2002,           LOTI Consultant Contract              Strategy 1: Auditable Step #1           Spoke with Dr. Chris Moersch and he is preparing the Consultant
Monday                                                                                             Contract in line with our phone conversations and planned
                                                                                                   implementation in the Spring, 2003.
10/7/2002,           ESC-20 Correspondence on the          NA                                      ESC-20’s Beverly Alcott is requesting that urgent attention be given,
Monday               TARGET Grant                                                                  citing that Dr. Olivarez has given approval for SAISD to participate
                                                                                                   in the netVision members grant. Miguel Guhlin referred her to Dr.

             Submitted by Miguel Guhlin, Office of Instructional Technology and Library Services
                                                                                                         Torres, Debbie Morgan and Dr. Olivarez regarding TARGET grant
10/7/2002,           Director of Library Media Services    Instructional Services Organizational Chart   Emailed Miles Morris and mentioned that we were still working on a
Monday                                                                                                   date for him to meet Mr. Alfaro. We had more time since the Board
                                                                                                         meeting was pushed back until October 25th.
10/7/2002,           CIT/CTR Meeting Planning              Strategy 3: Auditable Step 1                  Planning for the Campus Instructional Technologist/Campus
Monday                                                                                                   Technology Representative meeting to take place on October 14 th.
10/7/2002,           StaR Chart                            Strategy 1: Auditable Step #10 COMPLETED      Noticed incomplete StaR Charts for 3 campuses in Area 3. These
Monday                                                                                                   were completed on 10/8/2002 and submitted to TEA by the
                                                                                                         campuses at the behest of Liz Melson and ITLS. Copies were sent to
                                                                                                         Becky Landa, Dr. Torres, and Mr. Alfaro.
10/7/2002,           StaR Chart Binder                     Strategy 1: Auditable Step #10                StaR Chart binders were dropped off to Becky Landa, Dr. Torres and
Monday                                                                                                   Mr. Alfaro.
10/7/2002,           StaR Chart Analysis Powerpoint        Strategy 1: Auditable Step #10                The StaR Chart Powerpoint analyzes the needs assessments
Monday               presentation                                                                        completed thus far by district, cluster area, and presents campuses
                                                                                                         with a way of comparing their data. It is apparent that SAISD
                                                                                                         campuses have rated themselves too high. This may affect our ability
                                                                                                         to apply for grants based on our “need.”
10/7/2002,           Integrated Learning System Packets    District Initiative                           Packets for the ILS meeting taking place on October 11 th were sent
Monday                                                                                                   to all ILS Selection Committee members for their review.
10/4/2002, Friday    Room 206: Wireless Classroom                                                        Room 206 is being updated. Promethean (electronic white board) has
                                                                                                         been installed and digital projector suspended from the ceiling.
10/4/2002, Friday    Filemaker Pro Training                Inter-departmental support to C&I             Filemaker Pro training was conducted for C&I and ITLS staff on
                                                                                                         how to web-enable databases.
                                                                                                         Also contacted Patti Holub about information request for TARGET
10/3/2002,           ILS Committee member contacts         District Initiative                           ILS Selection Committee members were contacted by phone
Thursday                                                                                                 regarding their participation
                                                                                                         Also provided information to Dr. Torres regarding the TARGET
                     TASA Technology Leadership            Strategy 1: Auditable Step #1                 Currently, 34 principals have registered.
10/2/2002,           Budget Ready for Review               Strategy 4: Auditable Step #4                 Budget is ready for Mr. Alfaro’s review. Working on additional
Wednesday                                                                                                projects not covered by the budget. Two positions funded. Is it
                                                                                                         possible to drop NetVision $16,000 project if it hasn’t been paid for?
10/1/2002,           Alignment of all Professional Dev     Strategy 1: Auditable Step #6

             Submitted by Miguel Guhlin, Office of Instructional Technology and Library Services
Tuesday           sessions to LOTI,TA:TEKS
                  Barkley/Ruiz Meeting                  Strategy 4: Auditable Step #1 & 2       Met with the CIC from Barkley/Ruiz campus regarding the
                                                                                                establishment of a Parents’ Technology Institute.
                  MARC Records Proposal                 Strategy 5: Auditable Step #6

          Submitted by Miguel Guhlin, Office of Instructional Technology and Library Services

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