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2011 COOPERSTOWN Dream Park - Fundamental Baseball by yaofenjin


									                       Cooperstown Dreams Park
                               "The Crown Jewel of Youth Baseball"

                      2011 COOPERSTOWN Dream Park
                               Baseball Education Experience
If you love baseball and have the skills to compete at the highest level and would like to be part
 of a once in a lifetime baseball dream opportunity, learn the history of the game and play in a
             national tournament against some of the best u12 teams in the country
                                Call 925-989-1092 for tryout dates.
                   Some player will be invited and others will have to tryout for open positions.

What you will experience
     Play baseball at the national level in a world-class baseball complex. Each Player
      receives Cooperstown Dream Park Home and Away Uniforms (jerseys, sox, hat and
      batting practice top. You keep these!
     Coaches receive a polo shirt pullover jacket and hat.
     Pin Trading with 104 teams
     22 Lighted enclosed baseball stadiums, 104 clubhouses in a baseball village on 105
     All players, coaches, umpires stay in the baseball Dream Park village for six nights and
      seven days.
     Photo session with Kodak (Pictures players and coaches)
     Six nights and seven days lodging accommodations in the Baseball Village.
     Three nutritional meals provided daily.
     Every team will be entered into the "King of Swat" (home run competition), "Golden
      Arm" (Throwing Contest), "Road Runner" (Base Running) and "Around The Horn
      PLUS" (Team Event) competitions.
     Each team is guaranteed 7 games (weather permitting) with a championship playoff
     Tickets for players and coaches to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Learn the
      history of the game.
     All players and coaches, regardless of finish, are inducted along with their picture into
      the American Youth Baseball Hall Of Fame.
     Every player, coach, and umpire receives the prestigious American Youth Baseball
      Hall of Fame Ring.
     Learn the history of the game.
     Travel and be part of a Class Act baseball experience.
 Be coached by Paul Benzer and other top coaches.

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