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					                            LWF Internship Program

Department      Desk    Program Number:      Global/Regional/    New/ongoing:     Total request:
DMD-Youth               PYD 9001             Global              Ongoing          USD 164,000

Program Name            LWF Internship Program
                        Thematic:                                Synergy:
                        Youth                                    The program requires co-
                                                                 operation with the Office
                                                                 for Personnel. Depending
                                                                 on the interns’ placement,
1. Cross-cutting                                                 the LWF Youth Desk will
   themes and                                                    cooperate closely with
   synergy                                                       other   units   in LWF.
                                                                 Synergy characterizes the
                                                                 program especially when
                                                                 an intern serves in two
                                                                 departments or units.

                           Priority area: 1.   Strengthen the communion of Lutheran
                            churches in mission
                           Direction: 1.3. Capacity building that empowers the whole people
                            of God for participation in God’s mission
2. Links to Strategic      Programmatic Goal: 1.3.1. Leadership in churches is further
   Plan                     developed, in ways that ensure fair and equal participation of
                            women and youth
                           Programmatic Goal: 1.3.2. Member churches are better
                            equipped and empowered for proclamation and diakonia as an
                            integral part of God’s holistic mission promoting peace, resolve
                            conflicts and further Social and economic justice in church and

                        Through the program, interns bring the perspectives of youth and
3. Concurrence with     concerns of their own churches to the work of the LWF secretariat.
   the pressing         The program provides skilled and equipped young leaders in
   concerns of the      member churches on completion of their internship. Within the
   member               program, priority is given to youth with little opportunity for
   churches.            international leadership training, taking into consideration a fair
                        balance between regions.

4. Program                 To provide leadership training for young people coming from
   objectives               LWF member churches
                           To increase participation of youth in the work of LWF
                            headquarters and/or regions and to provide a youth perspective
                           on the work in which an intern is assigned

                        The LWF Youth Internship program is a way of providing leadership
                        training for young people from and for LWF member churches. It
                        offers them the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the life of
                        the LWF, either in the LWF headquarters or in one of the regions.
                        Thus, interns are both resource persons and trainees. They
                        contribute their skills and fresh perspective in various activities for
5. Program              and with the member churches. The program equips them
                        internationally and ecumenically through their experience with the
                        LWF and wider communion. Through international exchange and
                        discussions with the interns, the program provides LWF staff with
                        input from the perspective of youth. This allows them to integrate
                        youth concerns and ideas in the work of their respective

                        The program strives for strong collaboration with the internship
6. Cooperation with     programs of other international ecumenical organizations (World
   global and           Council of Churches, World Alliance of YMCAs, World YWCA, World
   ecumenical           Student Christian Federation, Conference of European Churches
   partners             etc.). It is well established practice to have an internship retreat and
                        weekly learning sessions together.

                        1. Available internships will be announced among the youth
                        constituency in the member churches and the member churches. Up
                        to three interns will be placed each year in the LWF secretariat for a
                        period of 10-12 months.
                        2. The youth desk facilities the hiring process and coordinates
                        together with the Office for Personnel the welcome of the intern
                        including the availability of an apartment. In the selection the need of
                        the churches and the personal qualification are the guiding principles
7. Methodology &        together with gender and regional balance.
                        3. Organization of Internship retreat with other ecumenical
                        organizations (WCC, CEC, YWCA, WSCF, YMCA; main
                        responsibility: LWF) - Goals: Introduction into wider ecumenical
                        movement, reflection on faith and personal objectives.
                        4. Several conversations between the youth desk, the intern and the
                        supervisor take place in order to ensure a good learning experience
                        for the intern.
                        5. A final report of the intern serves as an opportunity for reflection
                        and evaluation of the program.

8. Sustainability and   A comprehensive evaluation was completed in 2006 to study the
   impact of            impact of LWF Youth programs. The impact of some programs,
   program and/or       including the internship program, will only become visible in the long
   human resource       term. However, one can already identify several former LWF youth
                        interns, who are currently providing important leadership for their
                              churches, for church-related institutions or agencies, or for the
                              ecumenical movement. In this way, the program has an impact on
                              the human resources development of LWF member churches and on
                              the communion at large.
                              The Youth Desk and the Office for Personnel have the necessary
                              human resources for the program. Interns need good supervisors,
                              who are willing to give them their time. Because the secretariat sees
                              the program as an enriching experience and an added value for its
                              work, supervisors readily accompany interns.

                              Interns prepare a mid-term and final report and discuss them with
9. Monitoring &               their supervisors and the Youth Secretary. The Youth Secretary is in
    evaluation                touch with the interns for a year after their internship to assess their
                              contribution to the life of the church based on their experiences.

10. Communication,            The program provides space for mutual sharing when bringing young
    Accountability            adults from member churches to work for a period of 10-12 months
    and Mutual                in the LWF secretariat. As a consequence, it also enhances
    Sharing                   accountability in the communion.

11. Implementation            The Desk for LWF Youth in collaboration with the Office for
    responsibility            Personnel and the departments or units where interns are placed.


Account      Expenditure                                      2010          2011          TOTAL
     6005    Participants travel                                  3,000         3,000             6,000
     6040    Other expenses                                       3,600         3,600             7,200
     6045    Support for interns                                 75,400        75,400         150,800
                                         Total expenses USD      82,000        82,000         164,000

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