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             FALL 2007

 Teachers lead classrooms of the heart
                       By David J. Spittal, president             teachers who are the heroes of a
                       Southern Wesleyan University               new generation.

                                 hen asked to identify            Southern Wesleyan is a teaching-
                                 individuals who have             centered university. As we celebrate
                                 influenced our lives, we          enrollment growth, new campus
                       often give the name of a special           facilities and expanding academic
                       teacher. Even with the passage of          programs, the heart of our
                       time and faded memories, many of           mission is found in the powerful
                                                                  relationship between teachers and
                       us seem to remember one teacher
                                                                  students. Our mission statement
                       who seems to stand above the
                                                                  centers our purpose on Jesus Christ
                       others. Time does not diminish it
                                                                  and calls us to be agents of Christ
                       and perhaps even increases his or
                                                                  for the transformation of lives.
                       her influence and stature.
                                                                  In Deuteronomy, Moses affirms
                       Today’s teachers are the targets           God’s commands to Israel and he
                       of criticism for all of the world’s        reminds them to fix the words of
                       ills and for poor scores on yet            the Lord in their hearts. Moses
                       another of many tests. Often               commanded the people to treasure
                       teachers are blamed for poor               these words of God and, most
                       student performance, but the               importantly, to teach them to
                                 same critics usually fail        their children.
                                    to cite the impact of
                                      apathetic parents           What constitutes a great teacher?
                                       and communities            I have discovered that truly great
                                       or to recognize the        teachers are those who somehow
                                        devastating impact        teach from the heart. They seem
                                         of chronic poverty.      to create a powerful connection
                                          Surrounded by           with us that is much like learning
                                                                  something “by heart” and years
                                           this pandemic of
                                                                  later we rediscover these words
                                            critics, there are
                                                                  again and again.
                                             teachers who
                                              quietly, and
                                                                  Those who teach from the heart
                                               without much
                                                                  truly transform lives. God has
                                                                  commanded us to learn from him
                                                 invest           and to learn his words “by heart.”
                                                  themselves      Jesus Christ came to reside within
                                                   in the lives   us and teach us in the classroom
                                                    of their      of our hearts. It is not coincidence
                                                     students.    that those who followed Jesus
                                                      There       called him “Rabboni” meaning “the
                                                      is an       teacher.” Perhaps that is a title we
                                                       army of    should all seek to possess.

2 FOCUS FALL ‘07 ‘07
Fall 2007
                                                    CONTENTS                        Southern Wesleyan University/

      Magazine is published four times a year
Focus M
 by Southern Wesleyan University, Central, SC       4    Construction begins                 12   Men’s and Women’s
                                                         for new chapel                           Basketball schedules
                        President’s Cabinet
                    David J. Spittal, President
                     R. Keith Iddings, Provost      5    WANTED: Businesses to
   W. Joseph Brockinton, V.P. for Student Life           provide experience                  13   SWU national baseball champs
       Marshall L. Atcheson, V.P. for Finance
    James E. Wiggins, V.P. for Development
                                                    6    Fall brings start
                                                                                             14   Summer Jazz at SWU
                           Board of Trustees             of annual Phonathon
                       Charles L. Joiner, Chair
                   Martin R. Hotle, Vice Chair
                    Sherry Alloway, Secretary
             Dr. Thomas E. Armiger, Ex Officio
                                                    7    Golfers hit the greens              15   SWU convocation
                             William L. Benton           in support of SWU
                                Daniel A. Berry
                                Donald L. Carr
                                E. Keith Carroll    8    Showdown in Central:                16   FEATURE: Project Read
                         David M. Chambers               Homecoming
                               David M. Emery
                             Richard L. Emery
                                      J.D. Fralin   10   Alumni Snapshots                    18   2006-2007 Donors
                                  Darl L. Fowler
                    Melvin L. Gentry, Emeritus
                           Harold R. Gunsalus
                         Ronald L. Haithcock
                           Ronnie L. Hamilton
                              Kenneth R. Heer
                        W.D. James, Emeritus        Breakfast salute
                            Lowell E. Jennings
                  James H. Johnson, Emeritus
                               Sharon L. Jones      Southern Wesleyan University
                         Kerry Kind, Ex Officio      applauded the efforts of Laurens
                                Ronald D. Kelly
                                                    District 55 High School teachers
                              Ray A. Lattimore
                               Daniel E. LeRoy      and staff members with a catered
                                   Dan Loggins      breakfast to welcome the employees
                     Frances Mason, Emeritus
                          Donald W. Milstead        back to school. At right, JoAnn
                  George I. Newton, Emeritus        Johnson, director of corporate
                      W. Marshall Rampey, Jr.       relations for the adult program at the
                                   Jerry D. Rott
                                Charles A. Ruff     university, talks with Laurens High
                              M. Lee Schenck        Principal John Hendricks. Johnson
                               Henry F. Shigley
                             Herschel A. Smith
                                                    thanked the school’s employees for
                                 Keith W. Smith     their contributions to education
                           Joseph W. Stallings      and offered information on the
                              D. Ken Whitener
                                                    university’s college degree programs
               Alumni Association Officers           for adults. For details on earning
               Joan Rampey, Past President
                  Nancy Edwards, President
                                                    a degree at Southern Wesleyan
               Sue Rickman, President-Elect         University, visit
                      Joan Crain, Secretary
                       Joy Bryant, Treasurer,
                     Executive Director and
                       Constituent Relations

                                Editorial Staff
                                                     On the cover
                              Janelle Beamer         Southern Wesleyan University has captured the national championships
                                     Ed Welch        in women’s basketball and in baseball. See page 13 for details or go to
                           Stephen Hoffmann
                               James Wiggins

                                                                                                               FOCUS FALL ‘07 3
Construction begins for chapel and fine arts center
After an April 10 groundbreaking
ceremony, work is in progress for
Faith Newton Hobson Chapel on the
university’s campus in Central.

The new chapel and fine arts center
will provide seating for 1,200 in
its main auditorium and will be
used for student chapel programs,
university and community concerts
and other larger gatherings, such as
community and conference events.

The three-story facility will also
house offices for the university
chaplain, fine arts faculty and
support staff, in addition to music
studios, practice rooms and
rehearsal halls for the university’s
growing fine arts department.
                                          Construction is underway on Aug. 20 as workers clear land for the new Faith Newton Hobson Chapel on
The new 47,000-square-foot building       Wesleyan Drive on Southern Wesleyan University’s campus in Central.
is part of the university’s master plan
for expansion and has been designed       the university and has numerous                      Building Foundations for a New
to accommodate growth in university       personal and family ties to                          Generation capital campaign project.
enrollment and to provide expanded                                                             Sufficient funds are in hand to begin
                                          the institution.
space for community programs on                                                                the construction; however, the
the campus.                                                                                    campaign is still in progress.
                                          The funding for this $6 million
The facility is named in honor of         facility is being provided through                   Construction on the new building
a Southern Wesleyan University            contributions from alumni, trustees                  is scheduled to be completed in
graduate. Hobson grew up near             and friends of the university’s                      August of 2008.

                                          Promise Fund moving toward goal
                                          Southern Wesleyan University contributors gave $302,087 to the
                                          Promise Fund for the 2006-2007 fiscal year. The Promise Fund helps
                                          keep tuition low as well as providing support for various academic and
                                          student programs.

                                          “We are optimistic that we can attain the goal of $360,000 that is set for
                                          the 2007-2008 fiscal year,” said Mary Costello, executive director for
                                          development. “Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many
                                          students. Please join us both in support and prayer, as we strive to meet
                                          our goal. Every gift is important and Southern Wesleyan University would
Mary Costello                             not be the same without the love and support of our alumni and friends.”

           Businesses that can provide experience
It has been said that             options is that students are paid
experience is the best teacher.   during the internship process.

But for many Southern             According to Dr. Keith Iddings,
Wesleyan graduates who have       Southern Wesleyan University
engaged in practicums and         provost, practicums and
internships with businesses,      internships are part of the
their experiences have not        university’s academic culture.
only served as an educational
opportunity, but the key to       “These opportunities are
employment after graduation.      invaluable to students because
                                  the entire process involves
Many programs offered at SWU       reflection and action from the
require juniors and seniors       students,” Iddings said. “It is
to be involved in experiential    ideal to place what a student is
                                                                       Dr. Jeff Moore
learning. Practicums and          learning in the classroom into
                                  practice in these settings.”
internships involve placing                                           SWU has to offer. The premise
students in businesses so                                             is to get students involved
                                  Iddings also said one of the
they can gain experience. Both                                        in an environment within
                                  requirements of the school’s
practicums and internships                                            their major so they are better
                                  Adult and Graduate Studies
require 100 to 120 hours of                                           prepared when they graduate,”
                                  program is for each student to
work throughout the summer                                            Moore said.
                                  be employed.
break or during the spring or
fall semesters. The primary       “The idea is that the students      Local companies who have
difference between the two         provide a venue for experiential    provided internship and
                                  learning by sharing what            practicum opportunities for
                                  they have experienced in the        the university include Easley
                                  workplace,” he said.                Custom Plastics, First Citizens
                                                                      Bank, Greenville Hospital
                                  Although the process is             System, Pickens County YMCA,
                                  designed to give students “real     Clemson Optometry and KPMG.
                                  world experience,” several
                                  companies have hired interns
                                                                      Many schools of study within
                                  on a permanent basis upon
                                                                      the university require each
                                  their graduation. Jeff Moore,
                                                                      graduate to maintain practicum
                                  dean of the university’s
                                  School of Business said, “Some      or internship hours. To host
                                  employers use practicums and        a student in one of these
                                  internships as a pre-screening      programs, please contact Carla
                                  process for employment.             Whitlock, director of community
                                                                      development and government
 Dr. Keith Iddings                “These programs are a core          relations at (864) 644-5014 or
                                  component of the degrees  

                                                                                         FOCUS FALL ‘07 5
                                         Fall brings
                                         start of annual
                                         Every fall, student callers begin
                                         contacting alumni and friends
                                         of Southern Wesleyan University
                                         in support of the Promise Fund,
                                         which provides funds for student
                                         scholarships and various academic

                                         The annual Phonathon raises money
                                         throughout the year and also
                                         maintains contact with many SWU
                                         alumni and friends.

                                         College tuition is on an upward
                                         climb, and Southern Wesleyan
                                         University students need help
                                         now more than ever. The Promise
                                         Fund attempts to keep costs low
                                         for students so they can not only
                                         attend SWU, but graduate as well.

                                         By answering their call, donors
                                         can change the lives of students. A
                                         tax-deductible gift can give many
                                         students the chance to pursue a
                                         Christ-centered college education.
                                         All pledge commitments have
                                         until June 30, 2008, to be paid.
                                         And any donation can be paid in
                                         installments or as a one-time gift.

                                         For details or to donate, please
                                         contact Erin Fellers at (864) 644-
                                         5006, or

SWU School of Business hosts networking breakfast
Southern Wesleyan University
business alumni are invited to catch
up with old friends and meet fellow
graduates at a networking breakfast
Nov. 6. at 7:30 a.m. at the Hilton off
Haywood Road in Greenville, S.C.
For details, contact Carla Whitlock at
(864) 644-5014 or

                                                                                                      Southern Wesleyan University/

                                                                                                             SWU wins four
                                                                                                             Matrix awards
                                                                                                             Southern Wesleyan University’s
                                                                                                             Public Relations Department
                                                                                                             received four awards at a recent
                                                                                                             banquet. The Greenville Chapter
                                                                                                             of the Association for Women in
                                                                                                             Communications presented the
                                                                                                             awards. Pictured is Janelle Beamer,
                                                                                                             the university’s director of public
                                                                                                             relations, with the awards. Beamer
                                                                                                             accepted Matrix awards for her
                                                                                                             feature article, “‘Lost Boy’ goes
                                                                                                             Home;” and for a special four-
                                                                                                             part centennial series of Focus
                                                                                                             Magazine, a quarterly Southern
                                                                                                             Wesleyan University publication,
                                                                                                             featuring articles from Dr. Bob
                                                                                                             Black, SWU religion professor
                                                                                                             and historian. Focus Magazine
                                                                                                             also received a certificate of
Alumnus Larry Hooks’ (‘74), third from the left, pauses with his team from the 2006 P.B. Wood Tournament.
                                                                                                             achievement for Best Overall
                                                                                                             External Magazine – Non-profit.
                                                                                                             And the university also received
Golfers to hit the greens in support of SWU                                                                  a certificate of achievement for a
                                                                                                             brochure advertising an alumni
Southern Wesleyan University is                       who gets the ball closest to the                       event, “Two Great Trips.”
hosting the annual P.B. Wood Golf                     pin. Door prizes and a hole-in-one
Tournament on Oct. 22, 2007, at                       contest will round out the prizes
Pickens Country Club.                                 for the day.

The tournament helps raise                            The entry fee is $100 per player
money for the Promise Fund,                           or $400 per team. This fee covers
which provides scholarships as                        greens fees, cart, lunch and a golf
well as academic and student                          trunk organizer.
program support. This event is
                                                      Sponsorships are also available.
held in honor of Dr. Paul Baker
                                                      Hole sponsorships are $250
Wood, psychologist and Southern
                                                      and tee sponsorships are $100.
Wesleyan University professor
                                                      Corporate sponsorships are
                                                      $1,000 and include one player’s
                                                      registration fee. Co-sponsorships
The P.B. Wood Golf Tournament is a                    are $2,500 and include one team’s
captain’s choice style tournament,                    registration fee.
which will consist of 36 four-
person teams.                                         Space is limited for this event, so
                                                      register early to book your spot.
Prizes will be awarded to the
members of the first, second and                       To play, sponsor or support the
third place teams. Other prizes will                  Promise Fund, please call Erin
be awarded to the player with the                     Fellers at (864) 644-5006, or                            Janelle Beamer
longest drive, as well as the player                  1-800-282-8798, ext. 5006.

                                                                                                                                FOCUS FALL ‘07 7

                                                        September 29,
                                                          w c m te will e located on Wesley Drive.
                                                          welcome tent i
                                                        A welcome tent will be located on Wesleyan Drive.
                                                                                o at d
                                                                                  ated    Wesleyan ive
                                                                                               eyan      ve.
                                                        The first 100 guests to check in at the tent will
                                                              rst 100           he             t t il
                                                                         t to check in at the tent will
                                                        receive special gift.
                                                        receive a sp

                                                        Breakfast with Champions

                                                        8 a.m.           Everyone is invited to join the
                                                        Parents’ Council in the university Dining Commons as we

Schedule of Events                                      celebrate the national championships of the Lady Warriors
                                                        Basketball Team and Men’s Warrior Baseball Team. Bring
                                                        your cameras and autograph books. Kids of all ages

                                                        will celebrate with the athletes of Southern Wesleyan
                                                        University and enjoy a “Breakfast with Champions.”
                                                        Members of all the SWU athletic teams will be at the

September 28,
                                                        breakfast. At 8:15, both teams will be introduced to the
                                                        community and a grand celebration will kick off a fun-
                                                        filled day on the campus of SWU.

6 p.m. until midnight:
Plan to attend the Tennessee Walking Horse Show,
located at T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena just a
                                                        9 a.m.          Women’s Cross Country meet (start and
                                                        finish on Clayton Drive near SWU’s main entrance).
few miles from Southern Wesleyan University’s
Central campus. Alumni, students, faculty and staff
will meet at the arena for an evening of fun and
entertainment. There will be exhibits, crafters, food   9:45 a.m.              Men’s Cross Country meet
                                                        (start on Fernway and finish on Clayton Drive).
vendors and an opportunity to see the most beautiful
horses in the Southeast.

Cost is $5 per person and
proceeds will go to the
Ronald McDonald House.
                                                        10:15 a.m.               Presidential reception to be held
                                                        in the Evatt Heritage Center in Rickman Library.

                                                                                                              u ed
                                                                           Southern Wesleyan University/

10:50 a.m.                Round-up
Homecoming Chapel to be held in
                                                               3 p.m.         Women’s Soccer Team will
                                                               take on Brenau University. After the game, the
Folger Fine Arts Auditorium. Special                           Homecoming Court will be presented and the
speakers for the morning will be                               2007 Homecoming King and Queen will
“partners” Eddie Smith (IWU) and the                            be crowned.
little lady from SWU, Martha Marie.
Come and hear how this showdown of
IWU and SWU ended in a happily-ever-                              3:30 p.m.
                                                                 Bluegrass/Gospel group Tugalo Holler
after marriage.
                                                                will be performing.

11:30 a.m.                Vittles will be served
in the university Dining Commons. All you can eat for
$6.50 per person.

11:45 a.m.              Special class reunions will
be gathering for lunch. (Class of 97, 87, 77, 67, 57,                            For detail
or *seniors class – anyone who graduated between                           or to regis       s,
1906-1947). *If you would like to help round up your                   Southern        ter, call th
                                                                                 Wesleyan           e
classmates for this lunch, give the Alumni Center a holler
at 864-644-5384.                                                              Alumni C
                                                                           at 1-800-
Noon             “Swing your bat round and round.” A
favorite event for boys and girls of all ages - the Southern
                                                                                ext. 5384
                                                                        or email jc
Wesleyan University Homerun Derby. Get a little help
with your swing from the NCCAA National Championship
baseball team. Coach Mike Gillespie will present an
award to the winner in each age category.

1 p.m.
               Enter the gym to cool off and watch
the net heat up as Southern Wesleyan University’s Lady                         North vs. South
Warriors take on North Greenville in volleyball.               Southern Wesleyan University Warriors expect to cast a
                                                               shadow over the Indiana Wesleyan University Wildcats.
Enjoy a walking tour of SWU. Tours will leave from the         Fix your plate of barbeque, fill up your glass with sweet
square in front of the library every 30 minutes, beginning     tea and sit back and watch the afternoon showdown.
at 1 p.m., with the last tour leaving at 3 p.m.

Grab a partner and play a game
or two of checkers on the front
                                                                            7:30 p.m.               Alumni will
                                                                             showcase their talent during the evening
porch of Bryant Lodge. Around                                               over a drink from Java City. Anyone
the corner, you can find a rocking                                      i
                                                                       interested in this coffeehouse reunion should
chair where you can sit and talk awhile.                           contact Alumni Board member Sarah Hayes via e-mail:
Supper will be served at Bryant Lodge from           
4-7 p.m. (barbeque plate, baked beans, slaw,
roll, tea or lemonade, and pound cake or brownie               When all is said and done, we hope that you will enjoy
for dessert, for $6.50 per person).                            your weekend back on the campus of SWU.

                    Ya’ll come back now - ya hear?
                                                                                                      FOCUS FALL ‘07 9
NEWS FLASH                                                                                     WEDDINGS
                                                                                               Russell Lynn Gregg and Paige
                                                                                               Danielle Kausler were married
                                                                                               June 17, 2006.

                                                                                               ’03 & ‘05
                                                                                               Jamie Marlana Buford and
                                                                                               Douglas William Hypes were
                                                                                               married April 13, 2007.

                                                                                               Wanda Nicole Sumter and Carlos
                                                                                               Robinson Jr. were married
                                                                                               April 7, 2007.

  Lieutenant Colonel Bob Dreyfus, left, swears in Captain Dwayne W. Keener as a major in the
  United States Air Force.

Air Force chaplain receives promotion

Air Force Captain Dwayne W. Keener, received a promotion to the
rank of major in a ceremony at Northern Lights Chapel, Minot Air Force
Base in North Dakota on March 30, 2007. Major Keener serves as senior
Protestant chaplain at the Minot Air Force Base.

Chaplain Major Keener is an ordained minister of the North Carolina West
District of The Wesleyan Church and a 1991 graduate of SWU. He has
served a total of 20 years in the military. Before receiving his appointment
as an Air Force chaplain, he pastored the Clyde Wesleyan Church and the
Northview Wesleyan Church of the N.C. West District.

Keener is married to the former Donna Ray Brown of Watford City, N.D.
They are the parents of two daughters, Deanna and Danae. His parents are
Milton and LaVon Keener of Lincolnton, N.C.

’01                                                  ’71
Paul Randall (Randy) Belcher,                        Hazel Smith Payne, of Gastonia,
a chaplain in the U.S. Army, was                                                               Matt Alan Dixon and Laura
recently promoted from 1st                           N.C. (wife of Rev. Albert Payne)          Danielle Hollingsworth-Dixon
lieutenant to captain.                               June 3, 2007                              were married March 31, 2007.

DEATHS                                               ’97 & ’98 Student                         ’07
’31                                                  Terri Latanya Rucker, of                  Jaime Lynn Blackwell and
Gertrude Myra Mahaffey Alexander,                                                               Philip Bryant Jr. were married
                                                     Greenville, S.C., July 10, 2007
of Chesnee, S.C., July 10, 2007                                                                March 31, 2007.

                                                     AGS Student                               ’07
’64                                                  Julie Dixon Sizemore,
                                                                                               Cheryl Ann Batson and Robert
Patsy Byrd, of Ponce De Leon, Fla.                                                             Matthew VanderWiele were married
April 7, 2007                                        of Easley, S.C., March 19, 2007           Nov. 11, 2006.

                                                                     Southern Wesleyan University/

                                                                            Association for India’s Development
                                     OTHER NEWS                             at Clemson University. She previously
                                                                            received the Walter T. Cox Award for
                                     SWU graduate receives
                                                                            Community Outreach and Excellence
                                     R.C. Edwards Award                     in Leadership. While at SWU, Shah
                                                                            received the Gladys Glover Parker
                                                                            Award. She was also enrolled in
                                                                            Southern Wesleyan’s Honors Program
                                                                            and was its first graduate.
Joseph Austin Porter and Teresa
Leigh Sexton were married                                                   Collins Ole Town welcomes
May 19, 2007.                                                               SWU grandparents

Allison Dawn Simms and
Neil John Shepherd were married
May, 2007.                           Rupal Shah, a 2004 Southern
                                     Wesleyan University graduate, left,
’07                                  received the R.C. Edwards Award
Shanequa Simone Gilliard and         for Excellence in Research and
Edwin Y. Coakley were married        Teaching, presented by Dr. Gail
June 23, 2007.                       DiSabatino, right, Vice President
                                     of Student Affairs at Clemson
Student                              University.
                                                                            The Parent’s Council greeted about
Katie Leigh Phillips and Phillip                                            40 grandparents of SWU students
                                     Shah graduated magna cum laude
Dean Goodson were married                                                   with a welcome at Freedom’s Hill
                                     from SWU, where she received
December 16, 2006.                   bachelor’s degrees in biology          Church on April 26. Events for the
                                     and chemistry. She is pursuing a       day included a tour of the Southern
Student                              master’s degree in microbiology        Wesleyan University campus, a
John Paolucci and Jennifer Kelley    at Clemson University. The             chapel service and lunch with their
were married April 21, 2007          award, named in honor of former        grandchildren.
                                     Clemson President R.C. Edwards,        After lunch, the group took a tour
                                     is given to a graduate assistant       back in time at Collins Ole Town,
                                     who shows a high level of support
NEW ARRIVALS                         to the mission, vision, goals and
                                                                            where memories of days long ago
                                                                            came alive. Their day ended with
                                     objectives of his or her department,   the jazz concert performed by SWU
’68 & 69, ’92 & ’93                  and who maintains an excellent         students under the leadership of
Trey William Milstead, was born      academic record and commitment         Greg Day, assistant music professor.
July 26, 2007, weighing 8 lbs. He    to the respective field of study.
was 19 ½ in long. He is the son of   Shah is a cardiology technician and    Mayor visits
Ben and Mahalie Geer Milstead.       phlebotomist at Oconee Memorial        elementary school
He is the grandson of Don and        Hospital, where she has worked for
Carol Milstead.                      five years.                             Pendleton Mayor Carol Burdette,
                                                                            1982 SWU graduate, visited
                                     Shah also volunteers for Hospice       Elizabeth (Payseur) Atcheson’s
’04                                  of the Foothills in Seneca and the     first grade classroom at Pendleton
Samuel Grant Banks was born July     American Red Cross in Easley.          Elementary to talk about recycling
7, 2007, weighing 8 lbs. 11 oz. He   She has served as president of         and the importance of community.
was 21 ½” long. He is the grandson   the Biological Sciences Graduate       Atcheson graduated from SWU
of Sam Banks.                        Student Association and the            in 2006.

                                                                                             FOCUS FALL ‘07 11
                    29      Mon         Spartanburg Methodist (Scrim)      Central, SC              7 p.m.

                    1      Thu          Erskine College (Scrim)            Central, SC              7 p.m.
                    6      Tue          Allen University                   Central, SC              6 p.m.
                    8      Thu          Morris College                     Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    10     Sat          Charleston Southern Univ.          Charleston, SC           5:30 p.m.
                    13     Tue          Atlanta Christian                  East Point, GA           TBA
                    16     Fri          Bluefield College Tournament        Bluefield, VA             TBA
                    17     Sat          Bluefield College Tournament        Bluefield, VA             TBA
                    20     Tue          Morris College                     Sumter, SC               TBA
                    24     Sat          Lander University                  Greenwood, SC            5:00 p.m.
                    26     Mon          Reinhardt College*                 Central, SC              6 p.m.

                                                                                                                 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL
                    29     Thu          Lee University*                    Central, SC              6 p.m.

                    6      Thu          Emmanuel College*                  Franklin Springs, GA     6 p.m.
                    8      Sat          Brenau University*                 Gainesville, GA          TBA

                    3         Thu       Auburn-Montgomery*                 Central, SC              6 p.m.
                    8         Tue       Shorter College*                   Rome, GA                 6 p.m.
                    10        Thu       Berry College*                     Mt. Berry, GA            6 p.m.
                    12        Sat       MLK Tournament (Voorhees)          TBA                      TBA
                    17        Thu       Southern Polytechnic State*        Central, SC              6 p.m.
                    19        Sat       Brewton Parker College*            Central, SC              3 p.m.
                    26        Sat       Columbia College*                  Central, SC              TBA
                    31        Thu       Lee University*                    Cleveland, TN            6 p.m.

                    2        Sat        Reinhardt College*                 Waleska, GA              2 p.m.
                    5        Tue        Brenau University*                 Central, SC              TBA
                    7        Thu        Emmanuel College*                  Central, SC              6 p.m.
                    12       Tue        Columbia College*                  Columbia, SC             6:30 p.m.
                    14       Thu        Auburn-Montgomery*                 Montgomery, AL           7 p.m.
                    21       Thu        Berry College                      Central, SC              6 p.m.
                    23       Sat        Shorter College                    Central, SC              3 p.m.
                    28       Thu        Southern Polytechnic State*        Marietta, GA             6 p.m.

                    1-Mar     Sat       Brewton Parker College*            Mt. Vernon, GA           TBA
                                        SSAC Tournament                    TBA                      TBA
                                        NCCAA South Regionals              TBA                      TBA
                                        NCCAA Championship                 TBA                      TBA
                                        NAIA Championship                  TBA                      TBA

                    3      Sat          Benedict College (Exhibition)      Columbia, SC              TBA
                    6      Tues         Allen University                   Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    8      Thu          Morris College                     Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    13     Tues         Montreat College                   Montreat, NC             7:30 p.m.
                    20     Tues         Morris College                     Sumter, SC               7:30 p.m.
                    24     Sat          Lander University                  Greenwood, SC            7 p.m.
                    26     Mon          Reinhardt College*                 Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    27     Tues         Allen University                   Columbia, SC             7 p.m.
                    29     Thu          Lee University*                    Central, SC              8 p.m.

                    4      Tues         Emmanuel College*                  Franklin Springs, GA     8 p.m.
                    17     Mon          Savannah College Art & Design      Savannah, GA             7 p.m.

                                                                                                                 MEN’S BASKETBALL
                    3         Thu       Auburn-Montgomery*                 Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    5         Sat       Faulkner University*               Central, SC              5 p.m.
                    8         Tues      Shorter College*                   Rome, GA                 8 p.m.
                    10        Thu       Berry College*                     Mt. Berry, GA            8 p.m.
                    12        Sat       HBCU Classic vs Voorhees College   TBA                      TBA
                    17        Thu       Southern Polytechnic St.*          Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    19        Sat       Brewton Parker College*            Central, SC              5 p.m.
                    24-25     Thu-Fri   Mountain State Coal Classic        Beckley,WV               TBA
                    31        Thu       Lee University*                    Cleveland, TN            8 p.m.

                    2        Sat        Reinhardt College*                 Waleska, GA              4 p.m.
                    5        Tues       Mountain State University          Beckley, WV              7 p.m.
                    7        Thu        Emmanuel College*                  Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    14       Thu        Auburn-Montgomery*                 Montgomery, AL           9 p.m.
                    16       Sat        Faulkner University*               Montgomery, AL           3 p.m.
                    21       Thu        Berry College*                     Central, SC              8 p.m.
                    23       Sat        Shorter College*                   Central, SC              5 p.m.
                    26       Tues       Mountain State University          Central, SC              7:30 p.m.
                    28       Thu        Southern Polytechnic St. Univ.*    Marietta, GA             8 p.m.

                    1         Sat       Brewton Parker College*            MT. Vernon, GA           4 p.m.
                    6-8       Thu-Sat   SSAC TOURNAMENT                    TBA                      TBA
                                        NCCAA South Regionals              TBA                      TBA
                    17-20               NCCAA Championship                 Oakland, Indiana         TBA
                                        NAIA Championship                  Kansas City, MO          TBA

                                                                   *Indicates Southern States Athletic Conference games
                                                                        Southern Wesleyan University/

SWU: National baseball champs
Warriors defeat Faulkner for NCCAA title
Southern Wesleyan won their fifth       also collected two hits in the game
and deciding game of the NCCAA         to help produce the victory.
National Baseball Tournament in
Struthers, Ohio, as the Warriors       While Douglas and Hightower
defeated Faulkner University 9-6 on    shared MVP honors, Kmiecik and
May 19.                                Brandon Brown were also named
                                       to the squad for their play during
Ben Douglas picked up his second       the tourney. Douglas picked up two
win of the series and scattered        wins in the series including the first
10 hits, while allowing just three     win of the tourney for the Warriors
earned runs in the game. Michael       on Wednesday.
Land worked the final inning to pick
                                       “Our guys battled all year and stayed
up the save in the championship
                                       with the theme of ‘prove it,’” said
                                       head coach Mike Gillespie. “They
                                       did just that and proved they are
Kody Hightower had three hits in
                                       champions. It was a total team effort       Mike Gillespie
the game and scored three runs.
                                       all year. I can’t express how proud and
Hightower was named NCCAA All-
                                       excited I am for them. What a year.”
American earlier in the week and
shared tourney MVP honors with Ben                                               “I can’t speak highly enough of
                                       Southern Wesleyan and Faulkner
Douglas. The junior shortstop was      played nine games this season             Andy Priola and his team at
also the key to starting the five-run   that included a regular three-game        Faulkner,” Gillespie said. “We have
rally that helped spark the Warriors   series in the Southern States Athletic    had a season within a season with
to a 9-6 win after trailing 6-4.       Conference. The two teams squared         those guys. They are a great team
                                       off again in the SSAC tourney, the         and it was exciting that both squads
Kellen Kmiecik, named to the All-      NCCAA South Region, and concluded         from our conference were in the
Tournament team, had three singles,    the series in the championship game       final game.”
including a hit to load the bases in   of the NCCAA National Tournament.
the rally during the seventh inning.   The win in the title game gave SWU a      The Warriors ended the season
Brandon Brown and Davey Blackburn      5-4 series advantage.                     40-23 overall.

                                                                                                   FOCUS FALL ‘07 13
                                                A student goes over some jazz saxophone techniques at Southern Wesleyan University’s jazz camp.

                                                Summer jazz at SWU
                                                Students jammed with top jazz musicians during Summer Jazz Camp June
                                                5-9 at Southern Wesleyan University.

                                                This year’s camp drew students from across South Carolina and Georgia.
                                                Organizer and SWU music professor Greg Day says students get to
                                                work with jazz performers from as far away as California who are kid-
                                                friendly and promote a relaxed, non-competitive environment. The camp
                                                finale was a student performance in Folger Fine Arts Auditorium on the
Instructor Pat Harbison of Indiana University
                                                university’s main campus in Central.
works with students during combo practice at
Southern Wesleyan University’s Folger Fine
Arts Auditorium.
                                                For details about the university’s jazz program, contact Day at
                                                (864) 644-5295 or

The world comes to Southern Wesleyan University
Members of the Canadian baseball
team take a break on Southern
Wesleyan University’s Central
campus before the start of the Big
League World Series this summer.
Each year SWU houses and feeds
more than 200 players from across
the nation and around the world
participating in the Big League
World Series, which takes place in
nearby Easley.

                                                                                               Southern Wesleyan University/

SWU convocation
Fall semester classes started Aug. 21 at Southern Wesleyan University in
Central. Faculty, staff and students marked the first day of class with a
campus-wide convocation. Dr. Walt Sinnamon, dean of the university’s
College of Arts and Sciences, addressed the students, asking them to be
prepared to face real-world issues like drugs, corporate greed, ecological
irresponsibility and terrorism. Faith in God compels Christians to seek
solutions to the world’s problems, he said. Sinnamon is the 2007-2008
Faculty Member of the Year.

At Southern Wesleyan’s convocation ceremony, from left, are Dr. Don Campbell, Rev. Ken Dill,
Dr. David Spittal, Dr. Keith Iddings and student Brian McClusky.                                       Dr. Walt Sinnamon

                                                                                                     Passing the Mantle
                                                                                                     New students at Southern Wesleyan
                                                                                                     University marked the transition
                                                                                                     into a new chapter of life Aug.
                                                                                                     17 during a Passing the Mantle
                                                                                                     ceremony. At left, Scott and
                                                                                                     Christine Stegenga of Pickens read
                                                                                                     the inscription on the medallion
                                                                                                     before presenting it to their son, Ben
                                                                                                     Stegenga, a freshman planning to
                                                                                                     major in biology. The theme for the
                                                                                                     ceremony was “Journeying toward
                                                                                                     your Destiny,” based on Proverbs
                                                                                                     20:24. Dr. Joe Brockinton, vice
                                                                                                     president for student life, shared
                                                                                                     an inspirational message before a
                                                                                                     blessing of students and parents by
                                                                                                     Rev. Ken Dill, university chaplain.
                                                                                                     Music from the University Singers
                                                                                                     set the tone for the ceremony, held
                                                                                                     in Founders’ Hall, on Southern
                                                                                                     Wesleyan’s Central campus. This is
                                                                                                     the fourth year for the Passing the
                                                                                                     Mantle ceremony at SWU.

                                                                                                                           FOCUS FALL ‘07 15

    Project Read
                      unlocks mysteries of the written word
   f you can read this, thank          coordinator for the Project Read           used statewide as school districts
   a teacher.                          grant. “Teachers who have been             see the important impact this
                                       trained in Project Read are better         program can have on its learners.”
Southern Wesleyan University           prepared to teach reading and
is helping hundreds of teachers        writing. At-risk students are learning     The program shows teachers how to
across the state learn new ways to     to read, which helps them develop          use hands-on techniques to reach
teach their students how to read       a greater level of self confidence          students with a broad range of
through a program called Project       and more positive self esteem. What
Read. The project asserts: “Reading
     d.                                                                           learning styles.
                                       better gift can you give a child than
is confidence. Reading is survival.     the ability to read, which changes
Reading is a human right.”
     ding                                                                         “Project Read trains language
                                       his or her life forever?”
                                                                                  arts teachers in how to teach
But reading is not always easy for                                                reading and writing,” Hall said.
                                       Hall has spearheaded the program for
students. That’s where the creative                                               “The program has four strands:
                                       the past four years, with the assistance
techniques of Project Read come in.                                               phonology, linguistics, reading
                                       of Betty Hayes, project secretary.
                                                                                  comprehension and written
“I often see teachers’ and students’
                                       Southern Wesleyan University               expression. These strands stress
lives change as I work with this
                                       became involved with the grant             multisensory strategies to reach
program,” said Dr. Linda Hall, state
                                       with the assistance of former state        students with all learning styles.
                                       legislator Bud Webb, who helped            Current research says that post-
                                       the institution receive the statewide      secondary institutions are not
                                       grant. Initially, Southern Wesleyan        teaching students how to teach
                                       was allotted $50,000 for a pilot           reading. This program fills this gap
                                       program. Since then, Southern              by providing that critical training.”
                                       Wesleyan has received $500,000             Project Read has touched lives
                                       annually for Project Read.                 across the state, according to Hayes.

                                       “We are very thankful to former            “We have taught more than 1,000
                                       state representative Bud Webb for
                                                                                  teachers in South Carolina,” Hayes
                                       his support of this program, which
                                                                                  said. “The program teaches how
                                       makes it possible for hundreds of
                                                                                  to unlock the magic of reading for
                                       teachers to be trained in Project
                                                                                  students who are having difficulty
                                       Read methodology each year,” said
                                                                                  with the written word. It engages
                                         Dr. Ray Locy, associate dean of
                                           Southern Wesleyan University’s         students by integrating touch,
                                            School of Education.                  counting and other senses. It’s a
                                                                                  true hands-on education.”
                                          “We are now seeing data that
                                        indicate significant gains in the          Teachers believe Project Read is
                                        reading test scores among learners        a valuable tool, according to Dr.
                                       whose teachers use Project Read in         Fred Woodworth, dean of Southern
                                       their classrooms,” Locy said. “It is       Wesleyan University’s School
                                       our hope that Project Read will be         of Education.

                                                                     Southern Wesleyan University/

“The feedback from teachers in
terms of the enhancement of
reading and writing skills has
been overwhelmingly positive,”
                                     changing lives across the state.

                                     “I believe that the Project Read team
                                     and Southern Wesleyan University
                                     are serving a mission through this

Woodworth said. “The School of       grant. Providing this training to
Education is a proud collaborator    teachers touches the lives of so
with its public school partners in   many individuals: teachers, students
this effort to improve learners’      and parents. This, in turn, has a
reading skills.”                     positive impact on the communities
                                     in South Carolina, as well as the
Hall agrees that Project Read is     state as a whole,” she said.

                    This year’s Project Read schools:
                     Angel Oak Elementary, Johns Island
                Edith Frierson Elementary, Wadmalaw Island
                   James Island Elementary, James Island
                        Lambs Elementary, Charleston
                  Murray-LaSaine Elementary, Charleston
                     St. Stephen Elementary, St. Stephen
                   Berkeley Intermediate, Moncks Corner
                       Bishopville Primary, Bishopville
                       Sampit Elementary, Georgetown
                     Slater-Marietta Elementary, Marietta
                      Pendleton Elementary, Pendleton

             Other Project Read schools from past years:
                         Marshall Primary, Belton
                   J.K. Gourdin Elementary, St. Stephen
                     Horrell Hill Elementary, Columbia
                      Malcolm C. Hursey, Charleston
                Westminster Elementary, Oconee County
                 J.N. Kellett Elementary, Oconee County
                 Port Royal Elementary, Beaufort County
                  Beaufort Elementary, Beaufort County

                     Brockington Elementary, Florence
                   Parker Elementary, Edgefield County
                               Union County

                                                                     H                     FOCUS FALL ‘07 17

                      Honor Roll of Donors 2006-2007
   Members of the President’s Club, the Trustees Club, the Legacy Club and the Citation Club are partnering with
   Southern Wesleyan University in a significant way. Leadership giving and prayer support continue to make it
       possible to deliver a quality Christian education to the students Southern Wesleyan University serves.

                                                                 Brooksville Wesleyan          Walt and Carol Sinnamon           Rev. and Mrs. David Emery       Mr. Ray G. Klumb
Citation Club                     Legacy Club
                                                                  Church, FL                   Herschel and Evangeline           Ms. Sallie Evatt                Martin and Faye C. LaBar
Jim and Barbara Bross
             ra                   Edward and Lisa
                                                                 Ms. Joyce A. Brown             Pressley Smith                   Faith Wesleyan Church,          Dale and Julia Lappin
Mr. and Mrs.                       Thornberry Bright
                                                                 Mrs. Lillian G. Bryant        Tom Winkopp Realtor LLC,           Greensboro, NC                 Rev. and Mrs.
 David M. Chambers
             mbers                Stephen and Lou Ann
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. E. Ray Camp       Clemson, SC                      Paul and Ruth Faulkenberry       Daniel E. LeRoy
Mr. Robert M. Clayton              Houser Calhoon
                                                                 CAP Care Group Inc.,          USA Health Care Services,         Brad and Pam Lane Fipps         Dale and Sheryl Link
Mr. Sam B. Cole
              e                   Mr. Lawrence A. Clayton
                                                                                                Inc., Fort Worth, TX             First Wesleyan Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.
               bert               CWI Benefits, Greenville, SC     High Point, NC                                                                                 Ron and Tracy Lippard
                                                                                               James and Dora                     Central, SC
 Edwards                          Mrs. Maria R. Clayton Estate   Rev. and Mrs.                                                                                   Dan and Jill Lappin Loggins
                                                                                                Coile Wiggins                    First Wesleyan Church
Edwards Auto Sales Inc.           Mr. Clyde W. Gibson Estate      James M. Capps                                                                                 Charles W. ‘Sonny’ Lusk
                                                                                               Dr. Mary “Katie” Wood-Ray          Greenville, SC
Ivan L. Sisk Estate
                 te               Larry and Judy                 Donald and Judy Carr                                                                            Dr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                 Darl and Mary
Mr. and Mrs.                       Carlton Golden                Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                     Wilbur J. Mahony
                                                                                                                                  Cockman Fowler
 William M. Phillippe Estate
                                  Michael and Nicole Lamb         James H. Cashion             President’s Club                                                  Floyd and Muriel Mast
                                                                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Gentry
                                  Mr. Ray A. Lattimore           Cornell Dubilier Marketing,   Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Andrews
First Citizens Bank,
                 nk,                                                                                                             Mrs. Wanda W. Hagood            Mr. and Mrs.
                                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nash                                  BellSouth Corp., Stuart, FL
 Clemson, SC                                                      Incorporated, Liberty, SC                                      Mr. Bobby Haithcock              Tommy R. McBride
                                  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Newby                                   Bob and Judy Black
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Fralin
               mes                                               D. L. Scurry Foundation,                                        Herbert H. and                  Dr. and Mrs.
                                  Mr. and Mrs.                                                 Mrs. Sandra Bolick
Greenwood Hills Wesleyan
             ls                                                   Columbia, SC                                                    Marjorie J. Harmon              Roger W. McKenzie
                                   George I. Newton                                            Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Bowers
 Church, High Point, NC                                          First Sun Management, Inc.,                                     Hayworth Wesleyan Church        Ms. Marlene B. McWhorter
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Chad E. Peters                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Brank
Lowell and Mary Faith
             ry                                                   Clemson, SC                                                     WWI, High Point, NC            James H. and Sheryl
                                  Mr. Keith W. Smith                                           Devon and Leanne
 Gibson Jennings
             ngs                                                 Galax Wesleyan Church, VA                                       Ken and Nancy Heer               Smith Medders
                                  South Carolina Wesleyan                                       Black Broome
Mrs. Genevieve                                                   Mrs. Janet Carriker Green                                       High Point Area                 Ms. Jana L. Mervine
                                   Women, Westminster, SC                                      Robin and Joy Dodson Bryant
                                                                 Dr. and Mrs.                                                     Wesleyan Men, NC               Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Miller
 Herring Johnson
                                  The Duke Energy                                              Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Bussa
                                                                  Harold R. Gunsalus                                             Mr. and Mrs.                    Mrs. Yvonne H. Morgan
Charles and Gloria                                                                             Jonathan and Sandra Catron
                                   Foundation, Charlotte, NC                                                                      M. Wallace Hobson
 Holt Joiner                                                     Paul and Deborah Hilson                                                                         John and Becky Newby
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Voncannon                                  Chick-Fil-A,
                                                                                                                                 Ms. Deborah L. Holcombe
Drs. Chuck and Betty Mealy                                       Mrs. Faith Newton Hobson                                                                        Bill and Peggy Overstreet
                                  Mr. and Mrs.                                                  Anderson, SC                     Mr. John Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Shigley                                    Milliken and Company,                                                                           Ms. Ernstena Phillips Parker
                                   D. Kenneth Whitener                                         Mr. and Mrs. James P. Clark       Dr. and Mrs. R. Keith Iddings
South Carolina Independent                                        Spartanburg, SC              Community Foundation of                                           Rev. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Carmella Crawley
                                                                 Mrs. Florence M. Parker                                                                          T. Wayne Preusz
 Colleges and Universities,       Trustees Club                                                 Greater Greensboro, NC            Johnson Coleman
 Columbia, SC                     Mr. Michael and Judge          Pepsi Bottling Group Inc,     Keith and Jamella Harris Connor                                   Mike and Sandy
                                                                                                                                 Rev. and Mrs.
David and Donna Spittal            Sherry Alloway                 Columbia, SC                 Don and Mary Costello                                              McJunkin Preusz
                                                                                                                                  David Livingston Keith
Sunland Dristribution Co., Inc.   Marty and Ruth                 Ms. Sharon E Pierce           Ray and Elizabeth Crawford        Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Kelly    Rev. and Mrs.
 Greenville, SC                    Cox Atcheson                  Ram Technologies,             Jeff and Sheryl Karns Dennis      Jimmy and Robinette              Buddy Rampey, Jr.
Trehel Corporation,               Ron and Laura Black             Greer, SC                    Mr. and Mrs.                       Speer Kimble                   Mickey and Sue
 Clemson, SC                      Brevard Wesleyan Church, NC    Rev. Jerry D. Rott             Kenneth D. Dickens               Rev. and Mrs. Kerry Kind         Johnson Rickman
Walker McElmoyle                  Dr. and Mrs.                   SC Department of Public       Elbert W. Rogers                  David and Roxana                Mr. Colbert Robbins
 School Farm, Liberty, SC          William J. Brockinton          Safety, Columbia, SC          Foundation, Greenville, SC        Putman King                    Hal and Lillian Robbins

                                                                                                                   Southern Wesleyan University/

Mr. and Mrs.                   Jim and Angela                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs.                     Jon and Laura Childs
                                                                  Southern Wesleyan University
 James T. Roberts               Davis Bross, Jr.                                                                                David Paul Blackburn            Mr. Nathan M. Childs
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ross      Mrs. Lisa Gatlin Bryant
                                                                   appreciates members of the                                  Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Willyne Correll Sanders   Mr. James L. Burnett               President’s Club for joining its                              Robert B. Blackmon               Edwin A. Chriscoe
Mr. and Mrs. M. Lee Schenck    Mrs. Peggy Ann Camp              mission. To become a member of                                 Ms. Margaret L. Blair            Ms. Rhonda J. Christopher
Jimmy and Ann Sheriff          Dr. and Mrs.                      the President’s Club, please call                             Blue Ridge Orthopaedics,         Mr. and Mrs.
Signature Architects,           Elmer Keith Carroll                                                                             Seneca, SC                       M. E. Christopherson
                                                               Mary Costello, excutive director for
 Clemson, SC                   Howard and Patricia Castle                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Boel        Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Sims       Danny and Melissa Childs        development, at (864) 644-5004 or                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bolger     William T. Clayton
Southern Wesleyan Auxiliary    Morris and Vinelle                  1-800-282-8798, ext. 5004.                                  Mr. Bob Bolin                    Clemson Opthamology
 Central, SC                    Phillips Davis                                                                                 Michael J. and Jean               PA, SC
State Farm Co. Foundation,     Ken and Jane Dill               Long Shoals Wesleyan           Mr. and Mrs. Dan Alberts          Cleveland Bonham                Catherine Sutton Cloy, CAE
 Bloomington, IL               Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dowden         Church, Lincolnton, NC        Lonnie and Debra                 Dennis L. and Jill               Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs.                   Mrs. Elvera Duvall              Dr. Nancy B. Mann               Kauffman Alewine                 Rickman Boone                    Samuel G. Cochran
 Leonard D. Stowe              Dr. and Mrs. O.D. Emery         Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L Marcum    Mrs. Nancy Sparks Alexander      Danny and Nancy Boone            Dr. Gareth L. Cockerill
Charles and Deanna Tegen       Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Evatt    Marketplace Staffing,           Ken and Tammie                   Ms. Brenda M. Bowen              Lois Cole
The Silty Lady LTD,            Dr. and Mrs.                     Greenville, SC                 McJunkin Alexander              Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bowen      Collegiate Risk Mngnt. Inc,
 Portsmouth, VA                 George E. Failing              Dr. and Mrs.                   Alexander and Patricia           Mr. and Mrs. H. Daniel Boyer      Tarpon Springs, FL
The UPS Foundation,            Faith Wesleyan Church,           Robert G. McDonald             Mudrak Trust                    Margarett E. Boyer               Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Collins
 Atlanta, GA                    Lakeland, FL                   Mrs. Hardie Davis Medders      Mr. and Mrs. William C. Allen    Mrs. Rhonda B. Bracken           Communities That Care
Ms. Frances Tomlin             Jason and Erin Fellers          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rees Mills   Mr. and Mrs. Lee R Allen         Mr. and Mrs. James L. Brackett    of Pickens County, SC
Trinity Wesleyan Church,       Fellowship of Christian         Ms. Mary Misenheimer           Rev. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Kathleen E. Conner
 Central, SC                    Athletes, Clemson, SC          Mr. and Mrs.                    C. Robert Allred                 Richard J. Bradford             Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Connor
Wachovia Bank, N.A.,           Firestone Wesleyan Church,       Alan David Molloseau          Mr. Paul E. Allred, Jr.          Mr. David Bradshaw               Ms. Ruth M. Cook
 Winston Salem, NC              Gastonia, NC                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs.
                                                               Warren and Evelyn Morgan       Mr. and Mrs.                                                      Ms. Krista Marlee Coots
Mr. and Mrs.                   First Wesleyan Church                                                                            Ronald R. Brannon
                                                               Mr. Tim Newton                  Douglas N. Allsop                                                Mr. and Mrs.
 Weston W. Warren               Bessemer City, NC                                                                              Rev. and Mrs. Don Bray
                                                               Mr. and Mrs. James R. Owens    American Family Day                                                William L. Copeland
Dr. Harold M. Waters           Darl and Kim                                                                                    Robert and Corrie
                                                               Mr. David R. Pelfrey            Corporation, Marietta, GA                                        Mr. Nick H. Corontzes
Dr. Jonathan and Mrs. Karen     Dowdy Fowler, Jr.                                                                               Milstead Brayerton
                                                               Pickens View Wesleyan          Mrs. Mary Sellers Andrews                                         Mr. Zachary J. Corontzes
 Young Watts                   Scott and Dana Frost                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Roger Breazeale
                                                                WWI, SC                       Rev. and Mrs.                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Daryl D. Couch
Dr. and Mrs. Byron K. Webb     Eleanor C. Gardiner                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brewer
                                                               Piedmont Landscaping            Frederick D. Andrews                                             Christopher and Deanna
Webber Potterfield              Mr. and Mrs. T. Ed Garrison                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brinkley
                                                                and Maintenance Inc.,         Ms. Myra A. Armistead                                              Dorsey Counts
 Equipment Inc.,               Dr. Marianne Gonlag                                                                             Mr. James M. Brown
                                                                Piedmont, SC                  Ed and Miriam Arnold                                              Mr. David W. Cox
 Rocky River, OH               W. Charles and Jeanette                                                                         Mr. Keith D. Brown
                                                               Rev. and Mrs.                  Thomas J. and Carolyn Arnold                                      Jerry and Joan B. Crain
Ms. Julia K. Williams           Stamey Graves                                                                                  Mrs. Andrea C. Bryan
                                                                 W. Marshall Rampey           Gary and Yvonne Arrowood                                          Ms. Stephanie Craker
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams     Ronald and Susan                                                                                Mrs. Melissa T. Bryant
                                                               Mr. and Mrs.                   Mrs. Mary Edith Cole Ashby                                        Frank and Paula
Dr. and Mrs. Earle L. Wilson    Davis Haithcock                                                                                Mrs. Janene Jennings Bryson
                                                                David H. Ramsey               Mr. and Mrs. Neal Atkinson                                         Thomas Crook
Dan and Kelly                  Hampton Inn - Clemson, SC                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bryson
                                                               Mrs. Evelyn Tucker Rickman     Auntie Ann’s, Pickens, SC                                         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Crosby
 Dodgen Wood                   Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Hayduk                                                                   Ms. Carol E. Burdette
                                                               Riverview Camp for Girls,      Mrs. Laura Tossey Austin                                          Ms. Betty Crowley
Don and Sally Wood             Joseph and Vicki                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Burgin
                                                                Mentone, AL                   Dr. Stephen F Babby                                               Mr. Thomas W. Crumpton
Mrs. Sally Schram Wood          Kennemore Hayes                                                                                Mrs. Pamela Nelson Burnett
                                                               Ms. Priscilla Sanders          Mrs. Tonda Lee Bagwell                                            Mr. and Mrs. Alton B. Cumbie
Paul and Christine Wood        Neal and Sandy Hegeman                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. James P Burns
                                                               Mr. and Mrs.                   Mr. Kenneth Bailey                                                Mr. and Mrs.
Fred and Deana Woodworth       Hubert and Bonnie                                                                               Mr. Scott D. Burrow
                                Taylor Hicks                    Donald E. Schaupp             Mr. Mike Bailey                                                    Jeffrey Keith Dacus
                                                                                                                               Mr. Orval C. Butcher
University Club                Gilbert and Olivia Hine         Dr. and Mrs.                   Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John T. Caldwell
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. R. Allison Dalton

Gary M. and Yvonne H.          Steve and Suzanne                James L. Schmutz               Donald F. Baker                                                  Mr. Michael E. Daniel
                                                                                                                               John P. and JoAnn Calhoon
 Arrowood                       Keller Holcombe                Mr. and Mrs.                   Tony and Donna K. Baker                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davis
                                                                                                                               Calhoun Corners,
Mrs. Elizabeth Joiner Baker    Larry and Susan Cash Hooks       Richard A. Stanley, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Banas                                      Dr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                Clemson, SC
Basic Concepts,                Mr. and Mrs.                    Dr. Sharren E. Sutter          Bank of America NA,                                                Michael H. Davis
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs.
 Sandy Springs, SC              W. Talmadge Hughey             Mr. and Mrs.                    Providence, RI                                                   William T. Davis
                                                                                                                                Robert L. Callicutt
Dr. Gloria Jean Bell           Dr. and Mrs. B. Philip Jeon      Elmer Joe Tankersley          Rev. E. Stanley and                                               Billy and JoAnn McCoy Davis
                                                                                                                               Mr. Albert M. Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Berry   Drs. Billy R. and               Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Thomas        Mrs. Evelyn E. Banker                                            Mrs. Rebecca Eades Davis
                                                                                                                               Ms. Shirley T. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs.                    Gloria D. Jones                Rev. and Mrs.                  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Barnes    Dr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs.
 Joseph W. Board               Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Jordan      David M. Tolan                Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barnwell         Don R. Campbell                  Walter H. Davison
                                                               Dr. and Mrs.                   Mrs. Betty McLeskey Baskin       Ms. Louise Carlton               Rev. Donald A. Dawalt
                                                                Graydon F. Vadas              Kenneth and Jane (Annie)         Carolina Ad Specialty,           Mr. C. Grayson Day
    Donor Club Giving Levels                                   Verizon Foundation,             Richardson Bauer                 Lyman, SC                       Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Day
                                                                New York, NY                  Douglas L. Bayse                 Carolina First Bank,             Mrs. Jean Jackson Day
      Citation Club              $10,000 +                     Willett and Mary Nell Vess     Ms. Janelle Elizabeth Beamer      Greenville, SC                  Charldon Ward Dennis
                                                               Wakefield Spiritual Retreat     Mr. Greg E. Bearden              Mr. Walter L. Carpenter          Mr. and Mrs.
      Legacy Club                $5,000-9,999.99                Conference, Hampton, VA       Mrs. Yvonne Wilcox Beasley       Rev. Richard Carr                 Samuel G. Denton
                                                               Mrs. Betty Jo Walker           Randy and Tiffany Belcher        Mr. Brett Landon Cash            Devore and Associates Inc,
      Trustees Club              $2,500-4,999.99
                                                               Whitener Pettigrew and         Ms. Mary R. Bender               Ms. Luann B. Certain              Anderson, SC
      President’s Club           $1,000-2,499.99                Weaver, Clemson, SC           David M. Bennett                 Ms. Amy P. Chambers              Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Dezendorf
                                                               WKFM South Carolina            Mr. and Mrs. William L. Benton   Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dickey
      University Club            $500-999.99
                                                                District, Seneca, SC          Bergens Department Store,         John S. Chapman                 Ms. Jennifer A. Dickey
      Century Club               $100-499.99                                                   Seneca, SC                      Mr. G. Harold Chapman            Dr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Dieter
                                                               Century Club                   Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berger          Mrs. Melissa Moore Chastain      Mr. William D. Dill
      Heritage Club              $1-99.99                      Mrs. Elaine L. Addis           Black Electric Supply Inc.,      Mr. Ronald A. Cheney             Mr. James C. Dill
                                                               Mrs. Joni Lesley Addis          Greenville, SC                  Mr. David Childress              Mrs. Marilyn Shigley Dilling

                                                                                                                                                             FOCUS FALL ‘07 19
2006-2007 DONORS
Mr. R. B. Dilworth                 Ms. Velma Gentry                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Marlin B. Mull
Diversified Electric and            Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                                                       Paul and Esther
 Installation, Franklinville, NC    Richard F. Gettings                                                                                                                Lovin Mullinax
Mr. Donald R. Doster               Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Gillespie                                                                                                     Mr. Thomas G. Munson
Andrew and Tonya                   Mr. Christopher C Gillespie                                                                                                        Mrs. Betty S. Munson
 Dotterweich                       Mrs. Melanie                                                                                                                       Mrs. Judy McDowell Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dover            Bresch Gillespie                                                                                                                  Dr. and Mrs.
Dow Chemical Company,              Mr. Shannon Gilliard                                                                                                                Travis Hugh Nation
 Midland, MI                       Mrs. Wilma C. Gilstrap                                                                                                             Gary and Teresa Neely
Mr. and Mrs. James Dowden          Mr. Joseph E. Goings                                                                                                               Mrs. Jean Munyer Nesnow
Scott and Elizabeth Drury          Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                                                       New York Life Foundation,
Ms. Yvonne A Duckett                Washington Gomez                                                                                                                   New York, NY
Duckett-Robinson Funeral           Ms. Ruth J. Gonlag                                                                                                                 Mrs. Ruth Parks Newby
 Home, Central, SC                 Mrs. Brenda F. Goodman                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Newman
David and Shirley                  Marvin and Joyce Gordon                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs.
 Locklear Duncan                   Mr. and Mrs. Don Grant                                                                                                              Robbie N. Newton
Mr. Phillip C. Edmonds             Dr. and Mrs. Velon H. Gray                                                                                                         Mr. Philip E. Newton
Preston and Donna                  Kenneth Neal and Joan                                                                                                              Mr. Nathan Newton
 Loftis Edmonds                     Allison Gray                                                                                                                      Mr. Kenneth E Nix
Lewis and Nancy                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Green                                                                                                            Mr. Tillman Noles
 Posey Edwards                     Mr. and Mrs. James G. Green                                                                                                        Norfolk/Southern
Mrs. Virginia Jones Elder          Mr. James L. Greenway                                                                                                               Foundation, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Rayford F. Elgin      Mr. Christopher A. Guest
                                                                                                                                                                      Mr. M. Norris
Elite Custom Paint and Body        Ms. Elinor M. Guinn
                                                                                                                                                                      Ms. Yvette Norris
 Shop, Inc., Simpsonville, SC      Ms. Doris R. Gunsalus            5 years: Employees were honored at Southern Wesleyan University’s annual                          Mrs. Louise Whitton Nygren
Dr. and Mrs. Mark R Elliott        Mr. and Mrs.                     Employee Awards Dinner at Founders’ Hall Aug. 14. The dinner featured a
                                                                    Hawaiian theme. Five-year awards were presented to SWU employees, from left,                      Oakway Wesleyan Church,
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Emery       James R. Gurley
                                                                    Pam Burnett, Diana Moody, Yvonne Duckett, Rocky Nation, Ron Snyder and Larry                       Westminster, SC
Omar and Charlotte                 Mr. Roger M. Gwinn               Lynn. Award recipients not pictured are Benita Butler, Krista Coots, Lee Kizer,                   Mr. Jerry A. Odell
 Newton Estes                      Mr. and Mrs.                     Lynn Lindsey and Joan Underwood.                                                                  Mrs. Ruth Rampey O’Shea
K. Todd Etheredge                   James Harold Haithcock
                                                                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Bryan J. Owens
Ms. Gale M. Evans                  Sherry Haithcock                 Mrs. Ellen W. Hurst            Mrs. Virginia Kohler             Mr. and Mrs.                      Mrs. Joycelyn B. Owings
Dr. Marie Evatt                    Mr. Jeffrey E. Hall              Mrs. Louise B. Hussey                                            George McCallum
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Tom and Mary
Mrs. Martha S. Evatt               Dr. Linda Crawley Hall           I H Services Inc,                                               Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                    Kenneth L. Kruse                                                   Beth Oxendine
Mr. Joel Farlow                    Dr. and Mrs.                      Greenville, SC                                                  Alvin A. McCammon
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Mr. W. Larry Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Farmer        Ronald L. Hamilton              IBM International                                               Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                    Kenneth W. Kurtz                                                  Mr. Christopher J. Painter
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Faust         Mrs. Evangeline French Hane       Foundation, Durham, NC                                          Cecil L. McCaskill
                                                                                                   Mrs. W. F. LaBar                                                   Mrs. Norma C. Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Gary P. Fellers       Thomas and Lisa Bross Harding    Indexx Inc. Printing                                            Ms. Carole C. McClimon
                                                                                                   Mrs. Ethel L. Langston                                             Palmetto Appraisal
Ms. Kerian Simone Ferguson         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harris       Solutions, Greenville, SC                                      Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                   Ms. Nadeen Lawrence                                                 Services, Clemson, SC
Mr. Dean S. Fichtel                Mr. Brantley Hart                Mr. and Mrs.                                                     Phillip L. McCluskey
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lawton                                          Pancho’s Mexican
First Wesleyan Church              Rev. and Mrs.                     Robert E. Jameson                                              Mr. and Mrs. William R. McCoy
                                                                                                   William H. and                                                      Restaurant, Central, SC
 Lincolnton, NC                     Franklin D. Hartsell            Bill and Linda Jenkins                                          Melvin “Hank” McCoy
                                                                                                    Janna Richey Lee                                                  Khristy A. Parham
Five Forks Chiropractic PA,        Mrs. Billie Faye                 Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Johnson                                     Mr. Billye P. McCrary
                                                                                                   Mr. James Derrick and                                              Don and Mary Ann Parham
 Simpsonville, SC                   Morrison Harvey                 Rev. James T. Johnson                                           Ms. Barbara McDonald
                                                                                                    Dr. Paula Preusz Lemons                                           Sam Parker
Dr. Rosalyn A. Flanigan            Ms. Cheryl L. Hayes              Mr. and Mrs.                                                    Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan                                              Samuel Lee Parker
Mr. Ray Flasch                     Mr. and Mrs.                      James A. Johnson                                                Robert W. McIntyre
                                                                                                    Michael Lenarz                  Mr. John W. McKenzie              Mr. Michael Parker
Mr. and Mrs.                        Marvin Haygood                  Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                   Dick Leopard                     Mr. and Mrs.                      Joey and Cheryl Parris
 Kenneth Fletcher                  Ms. Donna Heasley                 Dale W. Johnson
                                                                                                   Liberty Wesleyan Church,          Billy McKnight, Sr.              Pendleton United Methodist
Mrs. Verline Folwell               Mr. Jonathan S. Hegeman          Mr. and Mrs. Tex A. Johnson
                                                                                                    Summerfield, NC                  Mr. and Mrs.                       Church, SC
Forms and Supply Inc.,             Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Hess         Mrs. Gail Campbell Jones
                                                                                                   Ms. Margaret E. Lindsey           Steve C. McNeely                 Mrs. Margaret Gunby Penrod
 Charlotte, NC                     Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hite          Barney and NaDean Jones
                                                                                                   Mr. Charles Little               Sam and Suzanne                   Mrs. Lorene Perry
Mrs. Syvilla Masters Fortune       Kedar and Paula Hodges           Sharon Lynnette Jones
                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs.                      Bross Medders                    Nina and Gary Phaup
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Fowler           Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Jordan
                                                                                                    Raymond S. Locy                 Merrill Lynch, Jacksonville, FL   Mr. and Mrs. Reid Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fralin         Robert P. Holcombe              Anton W. and
                                                                                                   Rev. Ronald Logan                Mr. and Mrs. George Michael       Piedmont Pest Control,
Mr. Oliver H. France               Mr. and Mrs.                      Wanda R. Joseph
                                                                                                   Ms. Virginia Losey               Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Milburn      Laurens, SC
Larry and Judy Sawyer French        Joseph R. Holland               Ms. Beatrice D. Joseph
                                                                                                   Dr. Milton and Mrs. Verna Lowe   Mrs. Mary
Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. Christopher Holliday         Kearns Corp., Easley, SC                                                                          Pixie and Bills, Clemson, SC
                                                                                                                                     Camelia Chambers Miller
 David O. Funderburk               Mr. and Mrs. John Holloman       Mike and Jenny Keaton          Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lyon                                            Pizza Pro, Central, SC
                                                                                                                                    Ms. Valeri H. Miller
G7 Inc, Clemson, SC                Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Holmes     Mrs. Lavon P. Keener           Ms. Marilyn Madden                                                 Rev. and Mrs. Don H. Polston
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lee Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gantt      Mr. Craig Homan                  Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. Kiker     Dr. James R. Mahanes                                               Marvin C. Poole
                                                                                                                                    Don and Carol
Mr. and Mrs.                       Mrs. Jessie L. Hopkins           Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. King      William and Lula                                                   Precision Concrete Inc,
                                                                                                                                     Childs Milstead
 George B. Garman                  Mr. Perry C. Hopkins             Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. King    Spearman Major                                                     Anderson, SC
                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Mary Parks Mitchell
Mr. Donald Garner                  Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. King     Ms. Wanda V. Marshall                                              Dr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mizanin
Danny and Rhonda Garrett            Donald Bruce Hopper             Mrs. Judy P. King              Mrs. Virginia M. Marullo                                            Paul Newton Prichard
                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Diana Tovrea Moody
Mr. Ryan R. Garrett                Mr. Eddie Horne                  Wilton and Debbie King         Mrs. Mary Masters                Mr. H. Dean and                   Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pritchard
Gary Durham Auto Sales,            Dr. and Mrs. Marlin R. Hotle     King Asphalt Inc.,             C.B. and Geraldine                Dr. Emma Moore                   Ms. Dorothy M. Pritchard
 Pendleton, SC                     Ms. Glenda Shockley Hoyle         Liberty, SC                    (Fortune) Masters               Ms. Esther Moore                  Ms. Elyse Proulx
Gastonia First Church of the       Mr. Billy G. Hughes              Mr. and Mrs.                   Mr. Thomas R. Matherlee          Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore         Nathan and Brenda Putney
 Nazerene, NC                      Ms. Janelle Lynn Hunton           Kenneth L. Kirsch             Rev. and Mrs. R. C. Mathis       Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morgan          Rev. J. Marvin Quarles, Sr.,
Ms. Mildred Gaylor                 Donald and Gail                  Dr. and Mrs. Lee E Kizer       Mr. Larry McAlpine               Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. David Quattlebaum
Mrs. Susan Poore Gentry             Cox Hurlburt                    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Knupp    Mr. W Reaves McCall               James C. Morrison                 Quick

                                                                                                                       Southern Wesleyan University/

                                 Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brock       Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clark    Ms. Carol J. Dey                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Ford
Heritage Club
                                  Douglas M. Barnett              Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. William H. Clayton         Mrs. Georgia Brown Dickard         Raymond T. and Nancy
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Abad
                                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barton        Thomas R. Broome               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clayton   Ms. Letha Dickerson                 Welborn Ford
Ms. Florence H. Abel
Ms. Thaylia Abercrombie          Lamar and                        Mrs. Shirley Briggs Brown       A. C. and Betty                Mr. and Mrs.                       Kenneth and Alice Foutz

Ms. Verna                         Pamela H. Bass, Jr.             Mr. Jerry D. Brown               Cromer Clemens                 Stanley Dickerson                 Rev. and Mrs. Leon D. Fowler

 Mae Abercrombie                 Ms. Ruth C. Bassett              Ms. Joan P. Brown               Mr. and Mrs.                   Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franklin

Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. George Baughman              Ms. Tena O. Brown                Londel Cleveland               Joseph J. DiMarco                 Ms. Mary R. Fraser

 James C. Abrams                 David and Mae Bayse              Dr. and Mrs. Noel T. Brown      Ms. Erica Corinne Cleveland    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dixon          Ms. Evelyn Free

Mr. Frank H. Adams               D. Steve and Heather Beard       Mrs. Shirley Williams Brown     Mr. Joey Cline                 Dr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs.

Affordable Cleaning Service,     Mrs. Elizabeth Benton Beard      Wes and Terry Brown             Ms. Natalie M. Cloninger        Herbert H. Dongell                 Henry W. Fuseler, III

 Inc., Gastonia, NC              Ms. Sarah C. Beasley             Alan and Elizabeth              Mr. and Mrs.                   Ms. C. Patricia Donlevy            Ms. Hellen Schuster Gable

Mrs. Isidore Ah Kuoi             Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Beaver    Porter Brownell                 Ronald G. Cloninger           Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dorsett         Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Gardze

Mr. Phillip L. Albertson         Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Brownell      Rev. Paul E. Coates            Mr. Jim Dove                       Jewayne and Rebecca

Ms. Nina C. Albertson             Charles A. Beckman              Mr. Arthur L. Bruce             Dr. Anita Cara Cochran         Dr. and Mrs. Tom Drake              Robinson Garmon

Ms. Alice Albertson              Rev. Dan L. Belcher              Mr. and Mrs. Jackson            Mr. and Mrs.                   Ms. Julie B. Dubose                Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Garrett

Mr. and Mrs.                     Mrs. Diana Ollis Bell             Anthony Brunson                 W. Lee Cockerill              Ms. Carolyn J. Dudley              Mr. and Mrs. William Garrett

 David M. Albertson              Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bell          Ms. Michelle L. Bryant          Capt. Wesley E. Cockman        Mr. Scott A. Duerk                 Mrs. Edith A. Garrett

Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Susan G. Belrose             Mr. Scott T. Bryant             Ms. Deana G. Coker             Mr. and Mrs.                       George B. and Margaret

 Tommy J. Albertson, Sr.         Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Rachel L. Bryson            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cole         Joseph L. Dunlap                   Pardue Gasperson

Mr. and Mrs.                      Patrick A. Bennett              Mr. Scott Edward Bryson         Glenn and Barbara              Ms. Julie A. Dunlap                Mr. Adam Gawason

 Richard J. Alderman             Mr. and Mrs. John Benson         Mr. and Mrs.                     Stokes Cole                   Mr. and Mrs.                       Ms. Ruth Gearren
Mr. Thomas C. Alexander          Mrs. Sheila Suttles Bernett       Phillip E. Buchanan, Jr.       Mrs. Lois B. Coleman            Edwin F. Dunlap                   Lyle R. and Carolyn
Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Mona Denise Berry            Mr. Bryan E. Buck               Mr. and Mrs. Allen Connor      Mrs. B. Dianne                      Snipes Geist
 Robin M. Alexander              Ms. Barbara A. Berry             Mr. and Mrs. Russell Buck                                       Gilliard Dunnagan                 Mr. Kenneth Genobles
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Constance
Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. Gene A. Best                 Mrs. Susan Mulz Bullard                                        Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. Thomas Michael George
                                                                                                  Mr. Franklin D. Cooper
 Jason B. Alexander              Mr. and Mrs. Ken Best            Ms. Gayle Bumgarner                                             Michael D. Dunsmuir               Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Giles
                                                                                                  Ms. Jill Cooper
Ms. Linda Cooke Alexander        Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Biddix     Mr. Michael Burnette                                           Mrs. Teresa Hudson Dupuis          Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                  Mrs. Susan Cooper
Alexander Law Firm,              Ms. Janice B. Bishop             Mr. and Mrs. William Buschner                                  Mrs. Edith Durham                   John C. Gillespie
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Nick Corley
 Pickens, SC                     Dr. and Mrs. Watson H. Black     Ms. Gisele Butler                                              Mr. Alan R. Dutschke               Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gingerich
                                                                                                  Mr. Dwaine Cornett
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Alford     Mrs. Jewell                      Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Butler                                   Jim Dyer                           William and Tina
                                                                                                  Mrs. Kimberly M Cotton
Mr. and Mrs.                      Richards Blackstone             Mrs. Patsy Cowan Byrd                                          Ms. Clara H. Eads                   Richard Ginn, Jr.
                                                                                                  Thomas and Loney
 Ronald David Allen              Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Eulane Byrd                                                Dr. and Mrs. Roland Keith East     Ms. Wilma H. Glunk
                                                                                                   W. Cowart
Mrs. Nancy Gillespie Allgood      Michael D. Blackwell            Mrs. Joan Bell Byrum                                           Mrs. Edna O. Eberwine              Mr. and Mrs. Leo Glunk
                                                                                                  Mrs. Valeta Suggs Cox
Mrs. Deborah                     Mr. John L. Blackwell            Ms. Christina L. Cabe                                          Mrs. Tracy Lytle Eckerley          Ms. Susan Godfrey
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Cox
 Crenshaw Allgood                Ms. Mildred C. Blaha             Dr. Wayne E. Caldwell                                          Mr. Paul F. Eckert                 Ms. Sonya B. Goodman
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. W.E. Allgood                 Dr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs.                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Eckley          Ms. Pricilla F. Goodman
                                                                                                   Joey Lenn Craig
Ms. Georgia C. Allison            Dave Blanchard                   Clarence Caldwell                                             Gregory and Heidi Edmonds          Mr. Donald E. Gorman
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crane
Drew and Julie Dills Allison     Mr. Rex James Blankenship        Mrs. Patricia                                                  Rev. Joseph Edwards Jr.            Mr. Ronald W Gormong
                                                                                                  Mrs. Mary Ella Craner
Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Doris H. Blythe               McLoughlin Caldwell                                           Mrs. Lisa Smith Eister             Mrs. Kimberly Goforth Gracey
                                                                                                  Mrs. Kelli D. Crawford
 Robert W. Allred                Mr. Bruce E. Board               Rev. and Mrs.                                                  Karl Ekberg                        Ms. Valree Landa Green
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil and Anne Allred            Mr. and Mrs.                      Arthur J. Calhoon                                             Jason and Michelle                 Mrs. Betty DeHart Greenwale
                                                                                                   Charles W. Crecelius
Mrs. Linda Fraizer Allred         William H. Boatman              Mr. and Mrs.                                                    Hucks Eller                       Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                  Crescent Music Club,
Mr. Sherman L. Altick            Mr. Rubin Bocanegra               Allen P. Cameron                                              Mr. and Mrs. Carl Elliott           Dorsey Edward Greer
                                                                                                   Greenville, SC
Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. Christopher                  Mrs. Oneida Newton Canoy                                       Kenneth E. and Valerie             Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                  Mr. Gary Crisp
 Charles L . Andrews              Ruben Bocanegra                 Mr. Spencer Capps                                               Martin Ellison                     Hansel T. Greeson
                                                                                                  Mr. Jerry D. Crocker
Mrs. Penny Biddix Anthony        Ms. Charlotte A. Bodenhorn       Mr. and Mrs.                                                   Tony and Deborah W. Ellison        Mr. and Mrs. John F. Griffin
                                                                                                  Mrs. Kaver Crouch
Anthony J. Gugino DDS PC,        Ms. Regina Kay Bolding            Anthony Carbone                                               Ms. Danielle Nicole Elsberry       Ms. Luzanne M. Griffith
                                                                                                  Ms. Nell R. Cude
 Leroy, NY                       Mr. Tim Bolding                  Rev. Doug R. Carr                                              Mr. and Mrs.                       Ms. Kimber L. Griffiths
                                                                                                  Mr. H. Kenneth Culbertson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Archer       Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Boles       Mr. and Mrs.                                                    Calvin L. Emerson                 Dr. John W. Groce
                                                                                                  Ms. Cathy B. Culbreth
Dr. and Mrs.                     Mrs. Delores L Bolt               Richard C. Carson                                             Ms. MaryBeth English               Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                  Ms. Joan Carter                 Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Brandon F. Grooms
 Thomas E. Armiger               Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                    Mrs. Betty Butler Enlow
                                  Gordon Cromer Boone             Mr. Louis M. Carver              Douglas M. Dacko              Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Epps          Troy D. and Deborah
Mr. and Mrs.
                                 Ms. Theresa M. Bouchillon        Mr. and Mrs.                    Dacusville Pizza Stop Inc,     Mrs. Kathryn Erickson               Phaup Guhr
 Robert E. Arnold
                                 Mr. Marty Bowen                   Anthony R. Casey                Easley, SC                    Ms. Laurie G. Esler                Scotty and Rachel
Mrs. Lucrettia Arnold
                                 Mr. and Mrs.                     Mrs. Lorine Cathey              Mrs. Joyce Stancell Dalton     Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Esser       Preusz Gulledge
Mrs. Mona Joyner Arrington
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Atkins         Robert B. Bowling               Roland and Cindy                Rev. W.G. and Mrs.             Mrs. Brenda Lee Evatt              Mr. and Mrs. Farroll E. Gunter
Mr. Greg Ayers                   Mr. Lowell Boyd                   Lanier Cavanaugh                Phroney W. Davidson           Mr. and Mrs. James Evatt, Sr.      Ms. Tina Guptill
Mrs. Waydene Badgett             Mr. James R. Boyer               Mrs. Wanda Chalmers             Mrs. Elizabeth B. Davis        Mr. Stephen Everhart               Dr. Lee M. Haines
Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Deborah A Chandler          Mr. James E. Davis             Mr. and Mrs. Randle Lee Evett      Randy A. and Joy
 Donald ‘Ken’ Baer                David R. Bradberry              Charlies Trim Shop,             Mrs. Pauline C. Davis          Mrs. Arlaine Babcock Faneytte       Nance Haithcock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bailey   Mr. Nicholas R. Bradford          Wilmington, NC                 Mr. and Mrs. Tommy E. Davis    Mr. and Mrs. Don Farlow            Mr. Curtisee Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Baker     Mrs. Opal Sheets Bradley         Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. Terry W. Day               Mr. R. Ensley Feemester            Mrs. Karla Pilgrim Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Banton      Elmer A. Bradshaw                 Stanley W. Childs              Mr. and Mrs. Jordan A. Dean    Dr. Joseph I. Fernandez            Mrs. Kathy Muckelvaney Hall
Barbot, Steuart and              Mrs. Margaret M. Brank           Rev. Thomas C. Childs           Ms. Catina Lynn DeBord         Mr. and Mrs. James P. Finnell      Mr. William C. Hallums
 Associates, Fort Myers, FL      Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. Jon O. Childs, Jr.          Daniel and Judy Smith Dees     Ms. Pauline K. Fiscus              Mr. and Mrs.
Monty and Christine               Allen Roger Brewer              William and Mary                Rev. and Mrs.                  Mr. and Mrs. Henry F Fishel, Jr.    James E. Hamilton
 Walker Barker                   Ms. Mildred H. Brewer             Bowers Clardy                   James L. Denny                Mrs. Doris Mitchell Flint          Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hampton
Dr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Carolyn Brice                Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Clark      Mr. Kevin Ray DeRossett        Mr. and Mrs. John Flowers          Ms. Peggy L. Hanchey
 William B. Barlage              Ms. Joyce C. Britt               Mrs. Doris C.                   Rev. William B. Derr           Ms. Grace O. Floyd                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Harder
Ms. Laura J. Barnett             Mr. Jeffrey S. Brock              McCracken Clark                Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Derr        Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Forbis        Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harley

                                                                                                                                                                FOCUS FALL ‘07 21
2006-2007 DONORS
Mrs. Kerry Hiott Harper          Duane and Montess                Mr. Jerry Kicklighter             Mrs. Doreen Garrett Mack        Mr. Flen D. Mobley               Ms. Thelma Parrish
Johnnie and Raylene               Gravley Huff                    Mrs. Phyllis Gentry Kidd          Mrs. Jean Barton Macon          Monumental Life Charitable       Ms. JoAnne Parrish
 Rodriguez Harrell               Mr. Kenneth L. Huff              Mr. John J.P. Kincaid             Mr. Tomas Joel Manchego          Foundation, Baltimore, MD       Mr. John W. Parrish, Jr
Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Hull     Mr. Stephen R. Kindschi           Mrs. Linda Mann                 Ms. Olga E. Moody                Rev. and Mrs.
 Ronald O. Harrelson             Mrs. Carolyn Meeks Hunnicutt     Mrs. Wanda Tucker King            Mrs. Doralee Mann               Mrs. Janice Davidson Moon         James Trent Patterson
Mr. Robert J. Hawk               Ms. Valerie C. Hunter            Mrs. Kate Parks King              Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mann      Mrs. Shirley Moore               Mr. and Mrs. Allen E Payne
Ms. Barbara B. Hawkins           Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Hurd    Mrs. Wanda Adkins King            Mr. Robert G. Mann              Mr. Joseph S. Moorefield          Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hawkins     Mr. and Mrs. Junior Hussey       Butch and Jeanette                Rev. Jeffrey A. Mansell         Ms. Teran Butler Moorer          Mr. Doyle E. Pearson
Mrs. Bobbie C. Hayes             Mr. Tom Hyll                      Lowdermilk King                  Manufacturers Tool and Die      Mr. Daniel B. Moorhead           Ms. Christina Ruth Peed
Mrs. Johnnie Hodge Hayes         Mrs. Peggy L Iannolo             Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. King       Co., Inc, Spenceport, NY       Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Morden     Rev. and Mrs.
Mr. Charles C. Heatherly         IKON Office Solutions             Helen Kington                     Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marshall       Mrs. Frankie L. Morgan            William F. Peed
Mr. Colin D. Heaton               Foundation, Malvern, PA         Rev. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin       Mr. Robert Morrell               Pelzer Wesleyan Church, SC
Ms. Katrina                      Ms. Sarah H. Ingerick             Thomas D. Kinnan                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Garland Morris      Ms. Beverley D. Peoples
                                                                                                    Rev. and Mrs.
 Gertruda Hegeman                Ms. Jane S. Isley                Mrs. Mary Kirk                                                    Mrs. Louise H. Morris            Ms. Jan Davis Petersen
                                                                                                     Donald R. Martin
Ms. Amy L. Heintz                Dr. and Mrs. H. Boyd Israel      Ms. Sharon Ann Kirkland                                           Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Morris      Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peterson
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Heizer      Dr. and Mrs. Darryl L. Jachens   Larry and Joy                                                     Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Peterson
                                                                                                     George M. Martin
Mr. Chris Hellams                Ms. Dorthea M. Jackson            Hutcheson Klotzle                                                 Anthony K. Morton               Ms. Joan D. Pettigrew
                                                                                                    Mrs. Melanie Pitts Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Henderson     Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Holly Brooke Kneisley                                         Ms. Myrtle R. Mosley             Raymond and Mary Ann
                                                                                                    Mr. Ben Martin
Mr. and Mrs.                      Charles E. Jackson              Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Knight                                       Ms. Camilla A. Moss               Munyer Phaup
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.
 Hugh C. Henderson               Mrs. Ruth Finley Jackson         Ms. Linda Knorr                                                   Theresa J. (Fleet) Mullinax      Rev. Robert W Phaup
                                                                                                     Julius M. Martin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Amber Renee James            Mrs. Sara Pierson Kornegay                                        Ms. Edythe Humphrey Mullis       Ms. Dorothy Pilgrim
                                                                                                    Anna Lou Carrington Marvin
                                 Rev. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Krider                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joe N. Munson       Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Pilgrim
 Stephen B. Henderson                                                                               Ms. Esther F. Mason
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kropelnicki                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.
Henderson’s Plumbing              William D. James                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Murray
                                                                                                    Rev. W.A. and
                                 Mr. J. C. Jarrell                Heather Nicole Kupitz                                             Ms. Mary B. Myers                 Paul D. Pilkington
 Services, Inc., Easley, SC
                                                                                                     Mrs. Louise Massey
                                                                  Ms. Angela L. La Faille                                                                            W.E. and Elaine Pinion
Mr. Todd Hendley                 Mr. Donald A. Jeffers                                                                              Ms. Martha H. Nalley
                                                                                                    Mr. Roddre Y. Massey
                                                                                                                                                                     Robert and Donna Pittman
Ms. Thelma R. Hendren            Dr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Lackey                                     Mr. Jerry Nalley
                                                                                                    Mr. Wayne Massingill                                             Rev. Clarence O. Pittman
Mrs. Gilda A. Hendricks           Thomas E. Jennings              Mr. Tim R. Lackey                                                 Harold and Gale Nash
                                                                                                    Ms. Elaine C. Matheson                                           Mrs. Frances D. Pitts
Ms. Elise C Herman               Mr. Mike G. Jewell               Mr. and Mrs. Daryl R. LaFave                                      Mrs. Louise Nash
                                                                                                    Mr. Jeffrey M. Matlock                                           Allan and Deborah Platzer
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Herman         Wayne and April                  Mrs. Sandra Stafford Lamm                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nathan
                                                                                                    Mrs. Rachael S. Matthews                                         Mr. and Mrs. Steve Plummer
Mr. and Mrs.                      Hatcher Johnson                 Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Land                                        Mrs. Carmen McCollum Neal
                                                                                                    Mr. Ronald Maw                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Poe
 James W. Herman                 Mrs. Ruby B. Johnson             Mr. and Mrs. Conrad P. LaRosa                                     Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Nealy
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.                                                     Mrs. Gail Swain Pohl
Mrs. Lori Maxie Herron           Ms. Patricia Johnson             Larry Penley Golf Inc,                                            Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                     James M. Mayfield                                                Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Poole
Aaron Hess                       Mr. Ronald E. Johnson             Central, SC                                                       Alvin C. Newcomb
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.                                                     Mrs. Sherry Roper Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Hibner     Mr. Luther Johnson               Dr. Barbara Panhorst Lassiter                                     Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                     Harold McCluskey                                                Mrs. Sandra Randolph
Ms. Margaret K. Hickman          Ms. Corrie Danielle Johnson      Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Lassiter                                         Randy O. Newman
                                                                                                    Mrs. Evelyn N. McCollum                                           Jones Poppell
Mr. Clyde Hicks                  Mr. Walter H. Johnson            Mr. and Mrs.                                                      Mr. George
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.                                                     Mr. Howard D. Porter
Rev. Raymond R. Hicks            Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie D. Jones      Richard A. Laughridge                                             “Donald” D. Newton
                                                                                                     Richard L. McCord                                               Mr. Daniel G. Potts
Ms. Suzanne Y. Hicks             Ms. Karen Diane Jones            Michelle Darice Lavengood                                         Ms. Frances Newton
                                                                                                    Ms. Tracy Krieg McCowan                                          Ms. Kalliope K. Pournaras
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hill        Mr. Stephen F. Jones             James W. and Kaye C.                                              Ms. Teresa Pearson Newton
                                                                                                    Mr. Robert C. McCoy                                              Ms. Edna L. Powell
Mr. Chester A. Hill              Ms. Carole S. Jones               Lawson                                                           Fred and Ruth
                                                                                                    Ms. Rebecca                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Powell
Mr. Robert J. Hines              Mr. and Mrs. Quinshay L. Jones   Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Layne                                         Gorveatte Neyman
                                                                                                     Joiner McCracken                                                Paul and Doris
Mrs. Barbara Kiser Hodge         Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jones          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leagan                                         Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Kay A. McCurry                                       Gibson Powers, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hoff           Mr. Demetrius D. Jones           Ms. Janet A. Lee                                                   Tommy Joe Neyman
                                                                                                    Mr. Ronald B. McGaha                                             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pressley
Ms. Sandra L. Hoffman            Ms. Ruth B. Jones                Mrs. Bronwyn Jones Lester                                         Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nicholson
                                                                                                    Ms. Ruby McGuire                                                 Mrs. Mary Simmons Pressley
Mrs. Martha                      Mr. and Mrs. William E. Julson   Mrs. Lillian Lorene Lindsey                                       Mrs. Ruth G. Nodine
                                                                                                    Mrs. Jackie McJunkin                                             Thomas M. Price
 Hubbard Holcombe                Mr. John T. Karns                Ms. Michelle L. Lindstorm                                         Mr. William M. Norris
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.                                                     Mr. Thomas V. Price
Mr. John E Holcombe Jr.          Donald G. and Laura              Ms. Amanda Beth Link                                              Northwestern Mutual Life
                                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Ruth Agner Pruitt
                                                                                                     James Kevin McKay
Mr. and Mrs.                      Cheaney Karns                   Mr. and Mrs. Art Lipina                                            Foundation, Princeton, NJ
                                                                                                                                                                     Dr. William F. Purkey
                                                                  Ms. Esma Lister                   Mr. and Mrs. James H. McKay
 H. R. Holladay, Jr              Ms. Hattie D. Kearse                                                                               Mrs. Bernice Quarles Nyberg
                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Pusker
                                 Mr. and Mrs. Palmer E. Keaton    James and Patricia                Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McKie       Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsey O’Barr
Mr. Charles Holland                                                                                                                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Everett Putney
Holland Bible Class,             Mrs. Opal M. Keeran               Hughes Lockaby                   Ms. Deborah H. McNeely          Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. Max D. Rabon
 Christ Wesleyan Church,         Rev. W. Lawrence Keever          Mrs. Janice Newton Loggins        Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Means     G. Michael Obrien               Mrs. Jane Chambers Rackley
 Greensboro, NC                  Mr. Fred Keith                   Mr. Sidney A Loggins, Jr.         Ms. Sadie L. Meetze             Mr. and Mrs. B. Wayne O’Dell     Ms. Sheena Collins Rader
Mrs. April Fletcher Holliday     Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Keller         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Long      Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mervine    Mrs. Joyce O’Donnell             Mrs. Myrtle Cude Radford
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holliday    Pete and Melissa Keller          Mr. Rick Long                     Mr. Willard W. Metz             Ms. Laura M. Oliver              Ms. Dorothy R. Raimondi
Mr. Walton Holliday              Ms. Elizabeth Miller Kelley      Mr. and Mrs. David Earl Long      Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. Jerry O’Shields              Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rainey
Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Elvin R. Kelley     Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Long            Robert J. Miersma              Ms. Julie Allred Osteen          Mr. and Mrs.
 V. Edward Holloway              Ms. Pat C. Kelly                 Mr. Eddie Looney                  Mr. Norm Miller                 Ms. Charlotte L. Owens            William G. Rainey
Mr. William J. Holmes            Mr. and Mrs.                     Dr. Sally M. Lorbach              Mr. and Mrs.                    Ms. Sallie Bartles Owens         Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Dorothy B. Honea             Dennis R. Kendrick              Art and Ruth Lovelace              Donald O. Miller               Mr. and Mrs.                      Robert E. Rampey
Rev. Wyatt Hoogkamp              Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kendrick      Mrs. Peggy Lovin                  Mr. John W. Miller               Jacob L. Oxendine               Ms. Valerie R. Ramsey
Ms. Virginia E. Hooker           Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kennedy         Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Lowe        Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Miller   Ms. Louise M. Page               Mrs. Helen Anderson Raper
Ann Marie Bell Hope              Ralph and Mary Beth              Ms. Autumn E. Luciani             Ms. Caroline B. Mills           Mr. Barry Keith Page             Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rash
Ms. Elaine A. Horton              Mull Kensell                    T. Joseph and Laura Davis Lusk    Mr. Larry S. Milstead           Kenneth and Janice               Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Horton   Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. and Mrs. Jody L. Lusk         Mrs. Iris B. Mitchell            Scott Page                       Donald J. Ravan
Ms. Hazel Hostetter               William M. Ketchum              Rev. J. Arnold Luther             Ms. Virginia C. Mitchell        Mrs. O’Della M. Palmer           Mrs. Judith Dye Read
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Howard   Mr. and Mrs.                     Mr. Larry Eugene Lynn             Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mitchell     Mr. Andrew S. Pardue             Mrs. Rachel Mills Reagan
Ms. Heather Leeann Howell         Robert E. Keuther               Rev. and Mrs. Lewis G. Lyon       Mrs. Verna Cole Mitchell        Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Pardue      Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Renshaw
Mr. Jeffrey Paul Hubbard         Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Key      Mr. Gary E. Lyons                 Mr. Jeffrey Matthew             Mrs. Peggy Hibbs Parnell         Mrs. Martha C. Reubert
Mr. Joey Hudson                  Rev. and Mrs. Joel Key           Mr. Aaron Lyons                    Mitchell, Jr.                  Ms. Kristi Parnell               Ms. Mollie C. Reubert

                                                                                                                         Southern Wesleyan University/

Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Towner     Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wiles
 Gregory Reynolds                                                                                                                   Rev. Dale E. Travis              Donald A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rhodes                                                                                                         Trophies Unlimited and Laser     Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. William Wade Rhoney                                                                                                              Engraving, Easley, SC            Christopher R. Williams
Ms. Betty R. Rhyne                                                                                                                  Mrs. Patricia Duke Troyer        Mr. David Williams
Rev. and Mrs. Leon Rice                                                                                                             Mrs. Betty Weathers Tucker       Mr. James Williams
Ms. Linda J. Rice                                                                                                                   Ms. Nancy M. Turpin              Mr. and Mrs. B. Craig Williams
Keith A. Rice                                                                                                                       Ms. Joan H. Underwood            Mr. and Mrs.
Ms. Ruth B. Rice                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Carroll M. Upton     Darrin S. Williams
Mr. Wayne Rice                                                                                                                      David Valentino                  Mrs. Elizabeth Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Don Richardson                                                                                                                                          Mr. Joe Williams
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Parkes Richey                                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Williamson
                                                                                                                                     Kenneth R. Van Laeke
Ms. Brenda Riddle                                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Willis
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E Riddle                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Willis
                                                                                                                                     Edward R. Vanhorn
Ms. Roberta Rae Roberge                                                                                                                                              Mrs. Margaret Few Wilson
                                                                                                                                    Mr. William F. Vermillion
Mrs. Noralee H. Robert                                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Vernon
Mr. Joseph A. Roberts                                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Vess
Mr. and Mrs. Horace D. Roberts                                                                                                                                        Charlie M. Wilson
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William B Vess
                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson
Rev. and Mrs.                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Carol Gray Wilson
 Glen L. Roberts                                                                                                                     Michael Lance Vischer
                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Sarah King Wilson
Ms. Alma Robertson                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wade
                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Hilda Shoaf Wilson
Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                    Mr. Troy E. Wagers               Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Winters
 John B. Robinson
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Wagner     Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Wolfe
Mrs. Sandra Lain Robinson
                                                                                                                                    Mr. John Ray Wagner              Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wolfe
Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart Roe         10 years: Employees honored at Southern Wesleyan University’s annual                              Terry and Vickie Wagner
                                  Employee Awards Dinner for 10 years of service included, from left, Jeff                                                            Mr. and Mrs.
Ms. Hallie O. Roesch
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Waldrop      Aaron J Wolfe-Bertling
Ms. Angela Hurlburt Rogalski
                                  Dennis, Joan Crain, Ken Alexander and Holly Wood. Not pictured is awardee
                                  Mike Gillespie.                                                                                   Ms. Carolyn Walker               Dr. D. Clifton Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Rogers
                                                                                                                                    Colon and Sondra Wall            Ms. Rebecca H. Wood
Mrs. Vicky Green Rogers
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wallace       Ms. Lois Woodiwiss
Ms. Priscilla A. Roper           Rev. Phillip Siebbeles          Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Spivey, Jr.   Dr. Richard N. Sykes
                                                                                                                                    Mr. Ronald C. Wallace            Ms. Vanessa Carter Woods
Ms. Leeann Rose                  Mrs. Deborah E. Sigworth        Square D Foundation,               Ms. Wilma Bryan Sykes-Brown
                                                                                                                                    William and Dianne               Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Wooten
Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Kathy J. Simmons             Palatine, IL                      Mrs. Emma Lou M. Talley
                                                                                                                                     Vandiver Wallace                Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wright
 Jeffrey Rosenberger             Janet R. Simmons                Mrs. Irene Stack                   Mrs. Lisa Shuping Tantillo
                                                                                                                                    Mr. Raji Ward                    Ms. Adrie S. Wyatt
Gaines and Wanda                 Rev. George Simmons, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs.                       Ms. Edna M. Taylor
                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Warden        Ms. Carolyn R. Wynn
 Lewis Ross                      Mr. and Mrs.                     Sidney D. Stallings               Onie and Ashley
                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Julie B. Wardlaw            Eric and Anita Mathis Yelton
Ms. Mary W. Ross                  Glenon A. Simpson              Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Stancell         Edwards Taylor
                                                                                                                                    Mr. Alan E. Warney               Mr. Brian David Young
Mrs. Renee Roughton              Mr. Marvin Sisk                 Mrs. Martha N. Stansell            Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor
                                                                                                                                    Rev. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Luther E. Young
Mrs. Paula H. Rouse              Mr. Bill M. Slater              Mr. Mark Steadman                  Scott Taylor
                                                                                                                                     Fred W. Warrington              Mrs. Lucille B. Young
Mr. and Mrs.                     Ms. Lucille K. Slaughter        Mr. Ronnie A. Stegall              Dr. Victoria Brand Teague
                                                                                                                                    Ms. Betty Lou Washburn           Ms. Mary P. Zabriskie
 Chester Neil Rowan              Mr. Christopher E. Small        Mr. James W. Stephens              Team Design Drywall,
                                                                                                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. M Austin Zekeri
                                 Ms. Mamie Smith                 Ms. Elisabeth Gale Stephens         Mansfield, GA                   Ms. Patricia P. Watkins
Mrs. Carolyne Cobb                                                                                                                                                   Ms. Carole Kafer Zimmerman
                                 Ms. Peggy M. Smith              Rev. and Mrs. Michael Stepp        Mr. Matthew Tegen               Ms. Lois Watkins
 James-Rudd                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs.
                                 Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith          Mr. Ian K. Steuart                 Mrs. Yvette Walters Terhune     Ms. Phyllis Watson
Mr. Dave Sack                                                                                                                                                         Ron Zimmerman
                                 Mr. Kenneth Donald Smith        Ms. Gladys Stewart                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Terry   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Watson
Mrs. Edna Sorrells Sams
                                                                                                    Mrs. Karen Suddeth Thacker      Rev. Dennis Waymire
Mr. Dean Sanders                 Ms. April Yvette Smith          Mr. John N. Stewart
                                                                                                                                    Mari L. Weast
Ms. Phyllis S. Sawyer            Rev. William D. Smith           Ms. Janet P. Stollberg             The Owens Family Trust                                           Unknown Class Dates
                                 Ms. Billie R. Smith             Mrs. Jean R. Stone                 Mr. and Mrs. W. Ray Thomas      Mrs. Jean Richards Weathers
Dr. and Mrs. Joe C. Sawyer                                                                                                                                           James L. Burnett
                                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Smith    Ms. Nancy P. Stone                 Ms. Linda G. Thomas             Mr. and Mrs. James Webb
Mrs. Judy S. Saxon                                                                                                                                                   Joyce Stancell Dalton
                                 Mrs. Ruth Butts Smith           Annette B. Stoney                  Mr. Kenneth L. Thomas           Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Weems
Ms. Jeannette Strong Scott                                                                                                                                           George E. Failing
                                 Robert E. and Julia A. Smith    Mrs. Vera Parks Storey             Ms. Patricia T. Thomas          Mr. and Mrs.
Ms. Clara B. Scott
Mrs. Vivian Searcy               Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs.                       Ted and Kay Thomas               Charlie L. Welborn              1925
Mr. Joseph H. Sears               Kenneth M. Smith                James L. Stoudenmier              Ms. Annie Thompson              Nevin and Kimberly               Velma Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Sedich     Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Smith        Robert and Sandra                  Mrs. Nadine                      Fields Westurn
                                                                                                                                    Ms. Linda J. Whaley              1930
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Segers      Hoover and Rose Smith            Knox Stricker                      Broome Thompson
                                                                                                                                    Rev. and Mrs.                    Nathan Newton
Mr. and Mrs. William Senn        Ms. Mary Frances Smith          Ms. Mary C. Strickland             Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thompson
Ms. Betty W. Seward              Mr. and Mrs.                    Ms. Jean W. Stroud                 Mr. and Mrs.                     Paul A. Wheeler
Glenn and Julia Nash Seward       George E. Smith                Stuart Heights Baptist Church,      Leon E. Thompson               Mr. Donald C. Wheeler
                                                                                                                                                                     Willyne Correll Sanders
Mr. Dempsey Sexton               Ms. Betty R. Smith               Inc., Chattanooga, TN             Mrs. Kathleen Atkins Thompson   Mr. John W. Wheeler
Mrs. Sylvia Braswell Sexton      Rev. and Mrs. James C. Smith    Mrs. Allison Joy Sullivan          Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thompson      Ms. Lillie B. White              1933
Mr. and Mrs. Olyn Ray Sexton     Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Smith   Mr. Willie L. Sullivan             Mrs. Pamela Dean Thomson        Ms. Robbie Ann W. White          John W Miller
Ms. Maggie Seymore               Mr. and Mrs. William L. Smith   Mrs. Joan Smith Summey             Mr. and Mrs.                    Ms. Susan McCall Whitfield
                                                                                                     Oscar A. Thorsland             Mr. and Mrs.                     1934
Mr. George F. Shaffer            Mrs. Laura Lovin Smith          Mr. Mark T. Summitt
                                                                                                                                     Stanley Whittaker               William M. Major
Ms. Janice K. Shanahan           Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Smith    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sutherland      Dr. and Mrs. W. Allan Tinsley
                                                                                                                                    Ms. Sharon Whitten               Laura Lovin Smith
Mr. Carl W. Sharpe               Ms. Sandra Philyaw Snider       Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Swaney       Mr. and Mrs.
Danny and Karen                  Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder     Mrs. Ruth M. Sweeney                Charles Tolliver, Jr           Mr. Jim Widdows
 Frisbee Sharpe                  Mrs. Carolyn Culp Soukup        Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sweet          Jean Elizabeth Toole            Ms. Barbara Widen
                                                                                                                                                                     Lillian G. Bryant
Ms. Amy Gilliam Shealy           Mr. and Mrs. Bill Spangler      Mr. Walter G. Sweet, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs.                    Robbie Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Sherrill      Mr. Ernest Spaur                Mr. and Mrs.                        Stuart A. Torgerson            Mrs. Melinda Wilbanks            1936
Mr. Richard Byron Shirley        Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Spear      Gerald W. Sweitzer                Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wiles          Sallie Evatt
Ms. Sondra O. Shuping            Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Spears    Mrs. Sandra Day Swift               Peter W. Tourtellot            Tracy Leigh Wiles                Frank W. Warren

                                                                                                                                                                  FOCUS FALL ‘07 23
2006-2007 DONORS
During the 2006-07 fiscal year, Southern                                  Top 30 classes by Total Giving                                     Top 30 classes by Percent of Donors
Wesleyan University alumni contributed                                                           No. of     Alumni                                                   No. of     Alumni
$810,146.00 to the university. These                                                  Class      Donors    of Record          Total Gifts                Class       Donors    of Record        Total Gifts
donations enable the university to                                       1                43         5           16        $141,665.00      1               34         2             4               50.0%
provide a quality Christian education                                    2                60         8           33        $110,182.00      2               33         1             2               50.0%
to the students on a beautiful and                                       3                62        11           36          $40,266.00     3               48        14           32                43.8%
well-maintained campus.                                                  4                39         4           10          $38,916.00     4               46         9           21                43.0%
                                                                         5                59         7           31          $19,820.00     5               44         8           19                42.1%

Southern Wesleyan University                                             6                76        14           94          $19,147.00     6               61        15           36                41.7%
                                                                         7                40         2           19          $18,341.00     7               64        17           42                40.5%
commends alumni for their annual
                                                                         8                50        10           29          $14,093.00     8               39         4           10                40.0%
financial support. Please take note of
                                                                         9                69         9           44          $10,894.00     9               51        10           26                38.5%
the following alumni giving highlights.
                                                                         10               88        27        201            $10,170.00     10              63        13           34                38.2%
                                                                         11               38         3           13          $10,085.00     11              66        19           50                38.0%
Alumni Gifts By Decade                                                   12               72        15           81            $8,320.00    12              56        15           41                36.6%
                                                                         13               74        23           83            $7,946.00    13              45         4           11                36.4%
                No. of     Alumni           Rate                         14               61        15           36            $7,735.00    14              50        10           29                34.5%
Decade          Donors    of Record       of Partic.       Total Gifts
                                                                         15               64        17           42            $7,677.00    15              55        11           32                34.4%
Kernersville        65          392         16.6%           $9,554.00    16               85        21        127              $7,557.00    16              65        12           36                33.3%
                                                                         17               56        15           41            $7,140.00    17              25         1             3               33.3%
20’s                  1           6         16.6%            $200.00
                                                                         18               99        13        271              $6,944.00    18              43         5           16                31.3%
30’s                16           67         24.0%          $54,251.00    19               82        20           91            $6,351.00    19              62        11           36                30.6%

40’s                57          223         25.0%         $186,051.00    20               84        16        104              $6,070.00    20              53        13           43                30.2%
                                                                         21               75        21           74            $5,549.00    21              54         8           27                29.6%
50’s                95          353         27.0%          $77,511.00
                                                                         22         2006            13        709              $4,807.00    22              75        21           74                28.4%
60’s              128           420         30.5%         $273,496.00    23               68        15           72            $4,777.00    23              67        12           43                27.9%
                                                                         24               90        20        203              $4,758.00    24              74        23           83                27.7%
70’s              140           719         19.5%          $89,544.00
                                                                         25               58         9           38            $4,680.00    25              32         1             4               25.0%
80’s              176          1,367        13.0%          $64,805.00    26               89        23        198              $4,574.00    26              60         8           33                24.2%

90’s              216          3,270          6.6%         $40,339.00    27               53        13           43            $4,284.00    27              80        23           95                24.2%
                                                                         28               92        23        247              $4,241.00    28              58         9           38                23.7%
2000’s              70         3,718          2.0%         $14,395.00
                                                                         29               63        13           34            $4,188.00    29              38         3           13                23.1%
Total           964        10535              9.2%       $810,146.00     30               95        24        347              $3,991.00    30              59         7           31                22.6%

 1937                                  Kate Parks King                   Thomas E. Cowart                 Paul D. Faulkenberry              1954                              R. Sam Parker
 Pauline Collins Davis                 Sara Pierson Kornegay             Montess Gravley Huff             Ruth Calhoon Faulkenberry         Thomas J. Arnold                  Robert E Rampey
 Mary Parks Mitchell                   Doris Gibson Powers, Jr.          Naomi Davis Hughey               Mary Cockman Fowler               Barbara Stokes Cole               Paul B. Wood
                                       Edna M. Taylor                    W. Talmadge Hughey               Ethel L. Langston                 Rebecca Eades Davis
 1938                                  Edgar B. Thomas                   William D. James                 Louise Herring Morris             Melvin H. McCoy                   1957
 Genevieve Herring Johnson                                               Charles Little                   W Marshall Rampey                                                   Kenneth Bauer
                                                                                                                                            Bobbie J. Strand
 Helen Anderson Raper                                                    Elizabeth Lindsey O’Barr         Ruth Pressley Rampey                                                William L. Benton
                                       1945                                                                                                 Fred Thompson
 Ruth Butts Smith                                                        Hal G. Robbins                   Clara Williams Warnke                                               Rex J. Blankenship
                                       Elizabeth Norman McIntyre
                                                                         Marion Gaines Ross                                                                                   Carmella Crawley
                                       Lillian Andrews Robbins                                                                              1955
 1939                                                                    Joe C. Sawyer                    1952                                                                 Johnson Coleman
                                       Orr Neal Lynn Robinson                                                                               Mae Wade Bayse
 Evelyn Elliott Banker                                                                                                                                                        Roxana Putman King
                                                                         Bonnie Pridemore Tippey          W. G. Davidson
                                       Mary Will Wood Thomas                                                                                Shirley Briggs Brown
 Ivan L Sisk Estate                                                                                                                                                           Jean Munyer Nesnow
                                                                         D. Clifton Wood                  Syvilla Masters Fortune
                                                                                                                                            Doris Mitchell Flint              Linda Crawford Smith
                                                                                                          Donald Garner
 1940                                  1946                                                                                                 Martha Hubbard Holcombe
                                                                         1949                             Betty DeHart Greenwale
 Mary Faith Gibson Jennings            Clyde Hicks                                                                                          Lee A. Johnson                    1958
                                                                         Loney Warren Cowart              Thomas R. Matherlee
 Clyde W. Gibson Estate                Bonnie Taylor Hicks                                                                                  Billy and Gloria Jones            James H. Cashion
                                                                         James E. Davis                   Donald O. Miller
                                       Barbara Kiser Hodge                                                                                  Shirley Stokes Neyman             Jo Ann McCoy Davis
                                                                         Margaret Gunby Penrod            Clarence O. Pittman
 1941                                  Henry B. Israel                                                                                      William F. Purkey                 Ellen Williams Hurst
                                                                         Wanda Lewis Ross                 Maggie Seymore
 Martha S Evatt                        Louise Whitton Nygren                                                                                Pat Duke Troyer                   Tommy Joe Neyman
                                                                         Mary N. Vess                     Vera Parks Storey
 Melvin L. Gentry                      Mary Ingram Parham Jr.                                                                               Herschel A. Smith                 Edna Sorrells Sams
 Margaret Few Wilson                   Don H. Polston                                                                                                                         Joseph H. Sears
                                                                         1950                             1953
                                                                                                                                                                              Hilda Shoaf Wilson
                                       Nathan Rainey                                                                                        1956
                                                                         Joyce A. Brown                   Joyce C. Britt                                                      James E. Wiggins
                                       Glen L. Roberts                                                                                      Carolyn Dillard Arnold
 Virginia Jones Elder                                                    Stephen Calhoon                  John P. Calhoon
                                                                         Lou Ann Houser Calhoon           James W. Clark                    Jane Richardson Bauer
 Faith Newton Hobson                                                                                                                                                          1959
                                       1947                              Phroney Warren Davidson          Valeta Suggs Cox                  Glenn Cole
                                                                                                                                                                              James B. Bross
                                       Donald E. Gorman                  Omar H. Estes                    Rachel Sawyer Dickens             Jean Jackson Day
 1943                                                                                                                                                                         Eugene W. Cox
                                       Bobby Haithcock                   Johnnie Hodge Hayes              Kenneth D. Dickens                Arlaine Babcock Faneytte
 Marie Evatt                                                                                                                                                                  Duane Huff
                                       Lula Spearman Major               Janice Newton Loggins            Darl L. Fowler                    Gloria Deese Jones                Bernice Quarles Nyberg
 Ruth Parks Newby
 Paul Powers, Jr.                      Hardie Davis Medders              Douglas Ridley                   Virginia E. Hooker                David L. King                     Edward E. Shepherd
 William M. Phillippe Estate           Curtis Newman                     William C. Wright                Patricia Hughes Lockaby           Charles W. Lusk                   Dora Coile Wiggins
                                                                                                          Robert C. McCoy                   R. C. Mathis
 1944                                  1948                              1951                             Samuel M. Miller                  Ronald Maw                        1960
 James L. Brackett                     Betty Comer Clemens               Oneida Newton Canoy              Evangeline Pressley Smith         Verna Cole Mitchell               Gloria Holt Joiner
 Thomas C. Childs                      Harry R. Connor                   A. C. Clemens                    Ruth Outen Smyrl                  Janice Davidson Moon              Dennis R. Kendrick

                                                                                                        Southern Wesleyan University/

Curtis S. Lackey            1965                                                                                                               1978
Esther Lovin Mullinax       Linda Fraizer Allred                                                                                               Jason B. Alexander
Mary Simmons Pressley       Jewell Richards Blackstone                                                                                         Capt. Wesley E. Cockman
Henry F. Shigley            Larry D. French                                                                                                    Jamella Harris Connor
Frances Tomlin              Joan Allison Gray                                                                                                  Judy Smith Dees
W. Colon Wall               Glenda Shockley Hoyle                                                                                              Sharon D Haithcock
                            Gail Campbell Jones                                                                                                Laura Cheaney Karns
1961                        Larry McAlpine                                                                                                     B. Timothy Rickman
Billy T. Davis              Larry S. Milstead                                                                                                  Sandra Lain Robinson
Gloria J. Bell              Rachel M. Quarles                                                                                                  Glenn R. Seward
Jon O. Childs               Fonda Asbury Rist                                                                                                  Julia Nash Seward
Kenneth Foutz               Shelby J. Simmons
David O. Funderburk         Donald D. Wood                                                                                                     1979
Jeanette Stamey Graves                                                                                                                         Marshall L. Atcheson
James G. Green              1966                                                                                                               Mary R. Bender

Geraldine Fortune Masters   Marilyn Wishart Allred                                                                                             Sheila Suttles Bernett

Paul Mullinax               Tony Baker                                                                                                         Pamela Lane Fipps

Robert R. Nash              Noel T. Brown                                                                                                      Ronald L. Hamilton

Alvin C. Newcomb            Doris C. McCracken Clark                                                                                           Colin D. Heaton

Mary Ann Munyer Phaup       Gareth L. Cockerill                                                                                                Paula Bender Hodges

George Simmons, Jr.         Vinelle Phillips Davis                                                                                             R. Kedar Hodges
                            Marilyn Shigley Dilling                                                                                            Donald G. Karns
George E. Smith
                            Linda Jenkins                                                                                                      Barbara Panhorst Lassiter
James L. Schmutz
                            William P. Jenkins                                                                                                 Ernest R. Leopard

                            Lewis G. Lyon                15 years: Honored for 15 years of service to Southern Wesleyan University             Joey D. Parris
                            Wayne H. Rice                are Devon Broome and Nancy Boone. Not pictured is Graydon Vadas.                      John B. Robinson
James M. Capps
                            Claude M. Rickman                                                                                                  Ronald P. Spinharney
Morris Davis
                            Sandra Day Swift             Laura Davis Lusk          1973                         William C. Hallums             Lauretta Derr Spivey, Jr.
Janet Carriker Green
                            Elmer Joe Tankersley         Donald W. Milstead        James Ronald Brock           Charles C. Heatherly
Dorothy B. Honea
                            Michael J. Thomas            Robert W. Phaup           Susan Mulz Bullard           Gilda Alexander Hendricks      1980
Charles L. Joiner
                            Kathleen Atkins Thompson     Joan Wood Rampey          Susan Davis Haithcock        Ralph F. Kensell               James M. Brown
Jewell Duncan Key
                            William W. Wallace           W. Marshall Rampey, Jr.   Joseph S. Moorefield          Mary Beth Mull Kensell         Daniel L. Dees
Jimmy J. Kimble
                            Dianne Vandiver Wallace                                Nathan Putney                Theresa J. Mullinax            Jeffrey W. Dennis
Robinette Speer Kimble
                                                         1970                      Danny R. Sharpe              Joan D. Pettigrew              Shirley Locklear Duncan
Joycelyn B. Owings
                            1967                         Michael J. Bonham         Ronnie A. Stegall            Leon Rice                      David E. Duncan
Raymond L. Phaup
                            Sue Duke Barnwell            Lewis B. Edwards          Sandra Knox Stricker         Vicky Green Rogers             B. Dianne Gilliard Dunnagan
Frankie Simpson Snyder
                            Yvonne Wilcox Beasley        Kenneth L. Huff           Rhonda Parker Swaney         James W. Stephens              Deborah Waldrop Ellison
                            Lyle R. Geist                Larry Klotzle             Jean Richards Weathers       Deanna Putney Tegen            Kim Dowdy Fowler, Jr.
                            Carolyn Snipes Geist         Tommy R. McBride          Wanda Young Whitener         Pamela Dean Thomson            George B. Gasperson
Eulane Byrd                                                                                                     Robert W. Wiggins
                            Kenneth Neal Gray            Sherry Roper Poole                                                                    Margaret Pardue Gasperson
Allen Connor                                                                                                    Norman G. Yates
                            Joy Hutcheson Klotzle        Elizabeth A. Smith        1974                                                        Rachel Preusz Gulledge
Clyde Keith Connor                                                                                              Julian H Yelton, Jr.
                            Peggy Hibbs Parnell                                    David W. Cox                                                Keith E. Hibner
Marlin B. Mull
                            Martha N. Stansell           1971                      Michael E. Daniel                                           James T. Johnson
Sandra Randolph                                                                                                 1976
                            W. Ray Thomas                Joan Bell Byrum           Kenneth E. Ellison                                          William H. Lee
 Jones Poppell                                                                                                  Deborah Crenshaw Allgood
                            Bob E. Black                 Wanda Staley Chalmers     Ronald Haithcock                                            Virginia Cadaret Marullo
J. Marvin Quarles, Sr.                                                                                          Sherry F. Alloway
                            Judy M. Black                Preston Edmonds           Walton K. Holliday                                          Camilla A. Moss
Sheena Collins Rader                                                                                            Barbara B. Bross
                            Sally Schram Wood            Donna Loftis Edmonds      Larry E. Hooks                                              Judith Dye Read
Carolyne Cobb Rudd                                                                                              Charlotte Newton Estes
                                                         Wanda Brown Hagood        Charles E. Jackson                                          Gregory Reynolds
Anne Campbell Sheriff                                                                                           Joy Nance Haithcock
                            1968                         Stephen R. Kindschi       Eddie Looney                                                Kenneth M. Smith
Lucille K. Slaughter                                                                                            Susan Cash Hooks
                            C. Robert Allred             T. Joseph Lusk            Milton Lowe                                                 Wayne A. Spear
John Q. Taylor                                                                                                  Sheryl Tippey Link
                            Yvonne Herd Arrowood         Carmen McCollum Neal      Verna Johnson Lowe                                          Earl J. Spivey, Jr.
                                                                                                                Sharon E. Pierce
                            Donna Kindschi Baker         Dave Pritchard            Kenneth E. Nix
1964                                                                                                            Howard D. Porter
                            Elizabeth Joiner Baker       Ronald C. Wallace         Gary B. Phaup                                               1981
                                                                                                                Richard A. Stanley, Jr.
Nancy Sparks Alexander      Ray Barnwell                                           William G. Rainey                                           Penny Biddix Anthony
                                                                                                                Joan Smith Summey
Georgia C. Allison          Jean Cleveland Bonham        1972                      Sherry Harrison Rainey                                      Keith D. Brown
                                                                                                                Karen Bisel Swinney
Mary Edith Cole Ashby       Ronald L. Brank              Robert W. Allred          Dean Sanders                                                Sheryl Karns Dennis
                                                                                                                Rebecca F. Tankersley
Patsy Cowan Byrd            Stephen L. Everhart          Gary Arrowood             Karen Frisbee Sharpe                                        Kenneth D. Dill
Wilma Cheek Gilstrap        Leon D. Fowler               Nancy S. Boone            Jerry D. Swaney                                             Valarie Martin Ellison
Brenda Freeman Goodman      W. Lawrence Keever           Frank Crook               Charles A. Tegen                                            Kerry Hiott Harper
                                                                                                                Ruth Cox Atcheson
W Charles Graves            Carol Childs Milstead        Paula Thomas Crook        Karen Young Watts                                           Janna Richey Lee
                                                                                                                Gordon Cromer Boone
Velon H. Gray               Harold H. Nash               Dale Dowden               D. Jonathan Watts                                           Jill Lappin Loggins
                                                                                                                Kaver Hicks Crouch
J. Paul Hilson              Betty Sue Johnson Rickman    Nancy Posey Edwards       Donald C Wheeler                                            Martha H. Nalley
                                                                                                                G. Tony A. Ellison
Sandra Stafford Lamm        Robert L. Taylor             Judy Carlton Golden       D. Kenneth Whitener          Randy A. Haithcock             Teresa Pearson Newton
Ruth Rampey O’Shea          Joe Williams                 Brantley Hart                                          C. E. Lawton                   Judy S. Saxon
Elizabeth Rankin                                         Gail Cox Hurlburt         1975                         John W. McKenzie               Peter H. Wood
Marilyn Bennett Rust        1969                         Phyllis Gentry Kidd       Sandra Haithcock Albertson   Flen D. Mobley
Jimmy D. Sheriff            Ruth C. Bassett              Brenda Jones Putney       Janene Jennings Bryson       Rachel Mills Reagan            1982
Roy L. Sims                 Sam B. Cole                  Robert Stricker           Charles E. Bryson            Shirley H. Sarlin              Myra A. Armistead
Richard N. Sykes            Joseph Edwards Jr.           Linda G. Thomas           Robert S. Evatt              J. Willett Vess                Dan L. Belcher
Arminia Smith Thomas        Faye C. LaBar                John W. Wheeler           Larry Golden                 Jan Stamey Wiggins             Jill Rickman Boone

                                                                                                                                            FOCUS FALL ‘07 25
2006-2007 DONORS
Lowell Boyd                      Anita Cara Cochran            Bill M. Slater            Nancy Welborn Ford         David E. Vanderpool         Angela Hurlburt Rogalski
Carol E. Burdette                Christopher Counts            Kenneth L. Thomas         Jessie Wayne Garmon        Leroy J Woods               Priscilla A. Roper
Jonathan P. Catron               Kelli Deadwyler Crawford      Julie B. Wardlaw          Max L. Giles                                           Jeanette Marie Walters
Bradford L. Fipps                Georgia Brown Dickard         Patricia P. Watkins       Farroll E. Gunter          1995                        Kenneth L. Willis
Alice W. Foutz                   Lisa Smith Eister             Kevin S. White            Cheryl L. Hayes            Margaret L. Blair           Amanda Stephens Young
William Ginn, Jr.                John D. Fralin                Carol Gray Wilson         Robert P. Holcombe         Gary J. Clark
Tina Richard Ginn, Jr.           John T. Karns                 Carolyn R. Wynn           April Hatcher Johnson      Jerry D. Crocker            1998
Raylene Rodriguez Harrell, III   Nancy B. Mann                                                                      Joseph J. DiMarco           Robert C. Brayerton
                                                                                         Ray G. Klumb
James A. Johnson                 Stephen A. Storey                                                                  David Emery                 Patricia McLoughlin Caldwell
                                                               1990                      Jeffrey W. Long
Angela L. La Faille                                                                                                 Rebecca Robinson Garmon     MaryBeth English
                                                               Edward L. Bright          J. Edwin Pilgrim
Ray A. Lattimore                 1987                                                                               Vicki Kennemore Hayes       Kenneth R. Heer
                                                               Joan P. Brown             Mary W. Ross
Daniel N. Loggins
                                 Robin M. Alexander            Sandra R. Catron          James L. Stoudenmier       Hattie D. Kearse            Bronwyn Jones Lester
Jean Barton Macon
                                 Nancy Gillespie Allgood       Jon O. Childs, Jr.        Ashley Edwards Taylor      Leslie R. King              Joseph A. Roberts
Samuel G. Medders
                                 Miriam F. Arnold              Rhonda J. Christopher     Patricia T. Thomas         Julius M. Martin, Jr.       Jeannette Strong Scott
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                                 Barbara A. Berry              Cathy B. Culbreth         Gary W. Woolbright         Winnie L. Molloseau         Steven K. Smith
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                                 J. Wesley Brown               Kimber L. Griffiths                                   Julie Allred Osteen         Carolyn Culp Soukup
Vivian Searcy
                                 Alan G. Brownell              April Fletcher Holliday   1993                       Robert E. Pittman           Michael Thompson
                                 Franklin D. Cooper            Wayne L. Johnson          Julie Dills Allison        Jerry E. Riddle             Lillie B. White
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Pamela Hulme Bass, Jr.
                                 Tommy E. Davis                Wanda R. Joseph           Cecil R. Allred            Clara B. Scott              Greg E. Young
Dennis L Boone
                                 Scotty D. Gulledge            David Earl Long                                      Kimberly D. Sexton
Johnnie Harrell, III                                                                     Raymond L. Bass, Jr.
                                 Deborah L. Holcombe                                                                Ronda Tucker Sheets         1999
Carolyn Meeks Hunnicutt                                        Valerie R. Ramsey         Michael D. Blackwell
                                 Wilbur A. Key                                                                      Christopher E. Small        Lee R. Allen
Sheryl Smith Medders                                           Ruth B. Rice              Thomas J. Bolger
                                 Jan Davis Petersen                                                                 Vincent S. Smith            Douglas N. Allsop
Fred Neyman                                                    John M. Segers            Lisa Gatlin Bryant
Peter W. Tourtellot                                                                                                 Sharon L. Stark             Laura J. Barnett
                                                               Elaine Lilge Segers       Clarence Caldwell
J. Daniel Wood                   1988                                                                               Donna Bolin Swords          Deborah A. Chandler
                                                               Sylvia Braswell Sexton    John S. Chapman
Kim Williams Wood                Hugh L. Boles                                                                      Jonas M. Vassey             Mary Floyd Costello
                                                               Hazel J. Thomas           Stanley W. Childs
                                 Rachel L. Bryson                                                                   Steve M. Womack             Jason L. Eller
                                                               Robbie Ann W. White       Rebecca Childs Drury
1984                             Louis M. Carver                                                                                                Nicole J. Lamb
                                                               Susan McCall Whitfield     Gary M. Gillespie
Jeffrey S. Brock                 Anthony R. Casey                                                                   1996                        James W. Herman
                                                                                         John C. Gillespie
James B. Bross                   Robert L. Davis                                                                    Elizabeth Beard             Debbie H. King
                                                               1991                      Valerie C. Hunter
Susan Richardson Cooper          Tracy Lytle Eckerley                                                               Diana Ollis Bell            Teran Butler Moorer
                                                               James O. Alford           Donald E. Hurlburt
C. Patricia Donlevy              Sonya B. Goodman                                                                   Gayle O. Bumgarner          Thomas E. Southern
                                                               Douglas M. Barnett        Michael P. Keaton
Christopher Holliday             Troy D. Guhr                                                                       Amy P. Chambers             Vanessa Carter Woods
                                                               Greg E. Bearden           Kaye C. Lawson
Wanda Adkins King                Debbie Phaup Guhr                                                                  Kathleen E. Conner          Anita Mathis Yelton
                                                               Gene A. Best              Sally M Lorbach
Robert G. Mann                   Lisa Bross Harding                                                                 Jeffrey Keith Dacus
                                                               Janice B Bishop           Bryan J. Owens
Carole C. McClimon               Stephen F. Jones                                                                   Scott A. Duerk              2000
                                                               Jerry D. Brown            John T. Rhodes
Suzanne Bross Medders            Rachael S. Matthews                                                                Michael D. Dunsmuir         David Ronald Allen
                                                               K. Scott Drury            Carolyn Pough Sutton
Michael W. Preusz                Robert W. McIntyre                                                                 Phillip C. Edmonds          Shirley Williams Brown
Catherine Clark Rosenberger                                    Julie B. Dubose           Jeffrey S. Terry
                                 Robert A. Means                                                                    Kevin T. Etheredge          Tena O. Brown
Keith W. Smith                                                 Teresa Hudson Dupuis      Nancy M. Turpin
                                 Willard W. Metz                                                                    Henry W. Fuseler, III       Ryan R. Garrett
Emma Lou M. Talley                                             Raymond T. Ford           Betty Jo Walker
                                 Daniel B. Moorhead                                                                 Shannon Gilliard            Suzanne Y. Hicks
B. Craig Williams                                              Mary R. Fraser            W. M. Watson
                                 Anthony K. Morton                                                                  Ronald O. Harrelson         Wanda V. Marshall
Angie Williams Wright                                          Susan Poore Gentry        Carole Kafer Zimmerman
                                 John M. Newby                                                                      Joseph R. Holland           Randy O. Newman
Adrie S. Wyatt                                                 Thomas L. Harding
                                 Robbie N. Newton                                                                   Ruth Finley Jackson         Laura M. Oliver
                                                               Margaret K. Hickman       1994
                                 Allen E. Payne                                                                     Jennifer Black Keaton       John W. Parrish, Jr
1985                                                           Marlene B. McWhorter      Drew Allison
                                 Andrea Erbe Payne                                                                  James W. Lawson             Doyle E. Pearson
Tammie McJunkin Alexander                                      Mary Camelia              Donald ‘Ken’ Baer
                                 Jeffrey Rosenberger                                                                Michelle L. Lindstorm
Danny Boone                                                     Chambers Miller          Leanne Black Broome
                                 Bruce E. Sedich                                                                    Jeffrey M. Matlock          2001
Angela Davis Bross                                             Jerry O’Shields           Catherine G. Cloy
                                 John N. Stewart                                                                    Ronald B. McGaha            Debra Kauffman Alewine
Roland Cavanaugh                                               James R. Owens            Deana G. Coker
                                 Mark T. Summitt                                                                    Mark B. Poe                 Paul Randall Belcher
Cindy Lanier Cavanaugh                                         Paul D. Pilkington        Michael H. Davis
                                 Kimberly Fields Westurn                                                            Betty Weathers Tucker       Tiffany M. Belcher
Alan R. Dutschke                                               Peggy M. Smith            John H. Dickey             Carolyn Walker              Krista Marlee Coots
Thomas E. Jennings
                                 1989                          Thomas A. Smith           Julie A. Dunlap                                        Donald R. Doster
Ronald E. Johnson
                                 Lisa Thornberry Bright        Sandra Philyaw Snider     Christopher A. Guest       1997                        William S. Frost
Dale D. Link
                                 Elizabeth Porter Brownell     Mary C. Strickland        Jeffrey E. Hall            Susan G. Belrose            Sadie Lee Meetze
James H. Medders
                                 Luann B. Certain              Yvette Walters Terhune    Donald L. Harder           Theresa M. Bouchillon       Frankie L. Morgan
Ruth G. Nodine
                                 Melissa Moore Chastain        Nevin L. Westurn          Elizabeth Miller Kelley    Corrie Milstead Brayerton   William W. Rhoney
Davida M. Sabine
                                 H. Kenneth Culbertson         Rochelle Moretz White     Jeanette Lowdermilk King   Gregory P. Edmonds          Richard A. Scruggs
Virginia Null Stine
                                 R. Ensley Feemester           Charlie M. Wilson         James Derrick Lemons       Michele Hucks Eller         Amy Gilliam Shealy
Walter G. Sweet, Jr.
                                 Karla Pilgrim Hall                                      Paula Preusz Lemons        Donald Bruce Hopper         Allison Joy Sullivan
Lisa Shuping Tantillo
Troy E. Wagers                   Billie Faye Morrison Harvey   1992                      Rebecca Joiner McCracken   Wanda Tucker King           Willie L. Sullivan
Kelly Dodgen Wood                Kenneth R. Hull               Ronald David Allen        Kristi D. Parnell          Donald A. Jeffers           Vanessa Carter Woods
Mary “Katie” Wood-Ray            Gary E. Lyons                 Monty Q. Barker           John T. Rainey             Kenneth L. Kruse            John Eric Yelton
Darlene Hall Wyrick              James M. Mayfield              David R. Bradberry        Horace D. Roberts          Jody L. Lusk
                                 Kay A. McCurry                Joy Dodson Bryant         Bobby H. Robinson          Melanie Pitts Martin        2002
1986                             George “Donald” D. Newton     Michelle L. Bryant        Keith E. Strickland        Gregory L. Murray           Joni Lesley Addis
Christine Walker Barker          Ruth Agner Pruitt             William D. Dill           Wilma Bryan Sykes-Brown    Randy O. Newman             Mona Joyner Arrington
John L. Blackwell                Terry L Schiazza              Betty Butler Enlow        Onie O. Taylor             Gail Swain Pohl             Don Steven Beard
Ronald A. Cheney                 Carl W. Sharpe                Fred W. Ford              Christine Bowen Terry      Kalliope K. Pournaras       Kathy Muckelvaney Hall

                                                                                                                  Southern Wesleyan University/

Charles E. Jackson            Alexander and Patricia                                                                                                            SC Independent Colleges
Allison Joy Sullivan           Mudrak Trust                                                                                                                      and Universities,
                              Frederick D. Andrews                                                                                                               Columbia, SC
2003                          Sondra McNurlin Andrews                                                                                                           Square D Foundation,
Janelle Elizabeth Beamer      Kenneth Bailey                                                                                                                     Palatine, IL
David M. Bennett              Rubin Bocanegra                                                                                                                   Stancil Cooley Estep and
Mary Floyd Costello           Bryan E. Buck                                                                                                                      Stamey, LLP, Clemson, SC
Dana L. Frost                 Louise Carlton                                                                                                                    State Farm Co. Foundation,
Melanie Bresch Gillespie      Richard Carr                                                                                                                       Bloomington, IL
Debbie H. King                Edwin A. Chriscoe                                                                                                                 Sunland Dristribution Co. Inc.,
Virginia Kohler               Jill Cooper                                                                                                                        Greenville, SC
Kerian Simone Ferguson        Barbara Copeland                                                                                                                  Team Design Drywall,
Jeffrey Matthew Mitchell      William L. Copeland                                                                                                                Mansfield, GA
Cheryl Waddell Parris         Ralph Dorsett                                                                                                                     The Duke Energy Foundation,
Chester Neil Rowan            Don Farlow                                                                                                                         Charlotte, NC
Matthew C. Tegen              Joel Farlow                                                                                                                       The Silty Lady LTD,
Jeffery S. Terry              Peggy Farlow                                                                                                                       Portsmouth, VA
                              Judy Sawyer French                                                                                                                The UPS Foundation,
2004                          Ruth Gearren                                                                                                                       Atlanta, GA
John O. Benson                Pricilla F. Goodman                                                                                                               Tiger Town Animal Hospital,
                              John W. Groce
Mona Denise Berry                                                                                                                                                Clemson, SC
                              Evangeline French Hane
Mildred H. Brewer                                                                                                                                               Tom Winkopp Realtor LLC,
                              Marjorie J. Harmon
Joy Dodson Bryant                                                                                                                                                Clemson, SC
                              Donna Heasley
Natalie M. Cloninger                                                                                                                                            Total Comfort Service
                              Ralph L. Holmes
Joey Lenn Craig
                              A. J. Kendrick
                                                             20 years: Southern Wesleyan University employees honored for 20 years of                            Center Inc, Greenville, SC
Kimberly Goforth Gracey                                      service are, from left, Mike Preusz, Darryl Jachens and Jim Bowen.                                 Trehel Corporation,
                              Joel Key
Amber Renee James                                                                                                                                                Clemson, SC
                              Cynthia LeRoy
Elizabeth Miller Kelley                                                                                                                                         Triad Auto Specialty Inc,
                              J. Arnold Luther               Anthony J Gugino DDS PC,      Diversified Electric and            Marketplace Staffing,
Eugene McKie                                                                                                                                                     Greensboro, NC
                              Barry Lee Miller                Leroy, NY                     Installation, Franklinville, NC    Greenville, SC
Noralee H. Robert                                                                                                                                               Trophies Unlimited and Laser
                              Frances Miller                 Auntie Ann’s, Pickens, SC     D. L. Scurry Foundation,           Merrill Lynch, Jacksonville, FL
Olyn Ray Sexton                                                                                                                                                  Engraving, Easley, SC
                              Gordon Miller                  Bank of America NA,            Columbia, SC                      Milliken and Company,
Neil A. Tuck                                                                                                                                                    Upstate Process Service,
                              Yvonne Miller                   Providence, RI               Dow Chemical Co.,                   Spartanburg, SC
Tracy Leigh Wiles                                                                                                                                                Clemson, SC
                              Edythe Humphrey Mullis         Barbot, Steuart and            Midland, MI                       Monumental Life Charitable
                                                                                                                                                                USA Health Care Services,
                              Judy McDowell Nance             Associates, Fort Myers, FL   Duckett-Robinson                    Foundation, Baltimore, MD
2005                                                                                                                                                             Inc., Fort Worth, TX
                              Janice Scott Page              Basic Concepts,                Funeral Home, Central, SC         New York Life Foundation,
Lee R. Allen                                                                                                                                                    UST, Greenwich, CT
                              Ernstena Phillips Parker        Sandy Springs, SC            Edwards Auto Sales Co. Inc.,        New York, NY
Gisele Butler                                                                                                                                                   Verizon Foundation,
                              Judy Creed Peabody             BellSouth Corp., Stuart, FL    Walhalla, SC                      Norfolk/Southern
Brett Landon Cash                                                                                                                                                New York, NY
                              Wayne Peabody                  Bergens Department Store,     Elbert W. Rogers                    Foundation, VA
Erica Corinne Cleveland                                                                                                                                         Wachovia Bank, N.A.,
                              Myrtle Cude Radford             Seneca, SC                    Foundation, Greenville, SC        Northwestern Mutual Life
Kathryn Erickson                                                                                                                                                 Winston Salem, NC
                              Leo Record                                                   Elite Custom Paint                  Foundation, Princeton, NJ
                                                             Black Electric Supply Inc.,
Joseph E. Goings                                                                                                                                                Webber Potterfield
                              Marietta Phillips Record                                      and Body Shop, Inc.,              Palmetto Appraisal Services,
                                                              Greenville, SC                                                                                     Equipment Inc.,
Valree Landa Green
                              Don Richardson                                                Simpsonville, SC                   Clemson, SC
Katrina Gertruda Hegeman                                     Blue Ridge Orthopaedics,                                                                            Rocky River, OH
                              Leola Sheffield Richardson                                    First Citizens Bank,               Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant,
Holly Brooke Kneisley                                         Seneca, SC                                                                                        Whitener Pettigrew and
                              Jewel Smith Richey                                            Clemson, SC                        Central, SC
Frankie L. Morgan                                            Calhoun Corners,                                                                                    Weaver, Clemson, SC
                              Parkes Richey                                                First Sun Management, Inc.,        Pepsi Bottling Group Inc,
Janet R. Simmons                                              Clemson, SC                                                                                       Yarid Investments, Inc.,
                              Evelyn Tucker Rickman                                         Clemson, SC                        Columbia, SC
Mari L. Weast                                                CAP Care Group Inc.,                                                                                Anderson, SC
                              James C. Smith                                               Five Forks Chiropractic PA,        Piedmont Landscaping
                                                              High Point, NC
                              Ruth Surbrook Smith                                           Simpsonville, SC                   and Maintenance Inc.,
2006                          William D. Smith
                                                             Carolina Ad Specialty,
                                                                                           Forms & Supply Inc.,                Piedmont, SC                     Churches &
J. Phillip Bowers             Evelyn Summers
                                                              Lyman, SC
                                                                                            Charlotte, NC                     Piedmont Pest Control,            Organizations
Scott Edward Bryson                                          Carolina First Bank,                                                                               Brevard Wesleyan
                              Samuel R Swinney                                             G7 Inc, Clemson, SC                 Laurens, SC
Jason Pierce Fellers                                          Greenville, SC                                                                                     Church, NC
                              Victoria Brand Teague                                        Gary Durham Auto Sales,            Pixie and Bills, Clemson, SC
Hellen Schuster Gable                                        Charlies Trim Shop,                                                                                Brooksville Wesleyan
                              Leon E. Thompson                                              Pendleton, SC                     Pizza Pro, Central, SC
Marvin Haygood                                                Wilmington, NC                                                                                     Church, FL
                              Virginia Key Trueblood                                       Hampton Inn - Clemson, SC          Precision Concrete Inc,
Ann Marie Bell Hope           Carolyn Upton                  Chick-Fil-A,                                                                                       Communities That Care of
                                                                                           Henderson’s Plumbing                Anderson, SC
Corrie Danielle Johnson       Carroll M. Upton                Anderson, SC                                                    Quick Communications Inc.,         Pickens County, SC
                                                                                            Services, Inc., Easley, SC
Doreen Garrett Mack           Leroy Vernon                   Clemson Opthamology                                               Greenville, SC                   Crescent Music Club,
                                                                                           IBM International
Chad E. Peters                Phyllis Watson                  PA, SC                        Foundation, Durham, NC            Ram Technologies, Greer, SC        Greenville, SC
David D. Reaney               Edwin Wiles                    Collegiate Risk               I H Services Inc,                  Sardis Den Inc, Clemson, SC       Faith Wesleyan Church,
Amy Gilliam Shealy            Lorraine Midkiff Wiles          Management Inc,               Greenville, SC                    SC Dept. of Public Safety,         Greensboro, NC
April Yvette Smith            Allen L. Wooten                 Tarpon Springs, FL           IKON Office Solutions                Columbia, SC                     Faith Wesleyan Church,
Kenneth Donald Smith                                         Community Foundation of        Foundation, Malvern, PA           Seneca Light and Water             Lakeland, FL
Annette B. Stoney             Businesses &                    Greater Greensboro, NC       Indexx Inc. Printing Solutions,     Plant, SC                        Fellowship of Christian
Neil A. Tuck                  Foundations                    Cornell Dubilier Marketing,    Greenville, SC                    ServiceMaster of                   Athletes, Clemson, SC
                              Affordable Cleaning Service,    Inc., Liberty, SC            Kearns Corp., Easley, SC            Central Ohio, Galloway, OH       Firestone Wesleyan Church,
Kernersville                   Inc., Gastonia, NC            CWI Benefits, Greenville, SC   King Asphalt Inc., Liberty, SC     Seven Oaks                         Gastonia, NC
Alice Albertson               Alexander Law Firm,            Dacusville Pizza Stop Inc,    Larry Penley Golf Inc,              Pharmaceutical Corp,             First Wesleyan Church
David M. Albertson             Pickens, SC                    Easley, SC                    Central, SC                        Easley, SC                        Bessemer City, NC
Sheila Strum Albertson, Sr.   American Family Day            Devore and Associates Inc,    Manufacturers Tool and Die         Signature Architects,             First Wesleyan Church WWI
Tommy J Albertson, Sr.         Corp., Marietta, GA            Anderson, SC                  Co., Inc., Spenceport, NY          Clemson, SC                       Central, SC

                                                                                                                                                             FOCUS FALL ‘07 27
2006-2007 DONORS
First Wesleyan Church            Mr. Danny Boone                                                                                                          Mrs. Delores L. Bolt
 Central, SC                     Mr. Jim Bowen                                                                                                            Ms. Brenda M. Bowen
First Wesleyan Church            Mr. Robert Bowling                                                                                                       Mr. Marty Bowen
 Greenville, SC                  Dr. Margarett Boyer                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. H. Daniel Boyer
First Wesleyan Church            Mrs. Rhonda Bracken                                                                                                      Mr. James R. Boyer
 Lincolnton, NC                  Mr. Brad Bradshaw                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs.
Galax Wesleyan Church, VA        Mrs. Willa Brockinton                                                                                                     Richard J. Bradford
Gastonia First Church            Dr. Joe Brockinton                                                                                                       Mr. Nicholas R. Bradford
 of the Nazerene, NC             Mr. Devon Broome                                                                                                         Mrs. Opal Sheets Bradley
Greenwood Hills Wesleyan         Dr. Jim Bross                                                                                                            Mr. David Bradshaw
 Church, High Point, NC          Mrs. Joy Bryant                                                                                                          Mrs. Margaret M. Brank
Hayworth Wesleyan Church         Mrs. Missy Bryant                                                                                                        Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Brannon
 WWI, High Point, NC             Mrs. Pam Burnett                                                                                                         Rev. and Mrs. Don Bray
High Point Area                  Dr. Don Campbell                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Roger Breazeale
 Wesleyan Men, NC                Mr. Jonathan Catron                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brewer
Holland Bible Class,             Mrs. Sandra Catron                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Allen Roger Brewer
 Christ Wesleyan Church,         Ms. Amy Chambers                                                                                                         Ms. Carolyn Brice
 Greensboro, NC                  Mrs. Melissa Childs                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brinkley
Liberty Wesleyan Church,         Mrs. Mary Clardy                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs.
 Summerfield, NC                  Dr. Keith Connor                                                                                                          Thomas R. Broome
Long Shoals Wesleyan             Ms. Krista Coots                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Brownell
 Church, Lincolnton, NC          Mrs. Mary Costello                                                                                                       Mr. Arthur L. Bruce
Oakway Wesleyan Church,          Mrs. Kim Cotton                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs.
 Westminster, SC                 Dr. Daryl Couch                                                                                                           Jackson Anthony Brunson
Pelzer Wesleyan Church, SC       Mrs. Joan Crain          25 years: Honored for 25 years of employment at Southern Wesleyan                               Mrs. Andrea C. Bryan
Pendleton United                 Mrs. Liz Crawford        University is Walt Sinnamon, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.                          Mr. Scott T. Bryant
 Methodist Church, SC            Mr. Walt Davison                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Russell Buck
Pickens View                     Mr. Greg Day                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Burgin
                                                          Dr. Roger McKenzie          Dr. Harold Waters                 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Atkins
 Wesleyan WWI, SC                Ms. Catina DeBord                                                                                                        Mr. Michael Burnette
                                                          Dr. Betty Mealy             Mrs. Laurel Whisler               Mr. and Mrs. Neal Atkinson
Riverview Camp for Girls,        Mr. Jeff Dennis                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. James P. Burns
                                                          Dr. Chuck Mealy             Ms. Carla Whitlock                Mrs. Laura Tossey Austin
 Mentone, AL                     Rev. Ken Dill            Mrs. Cami Miller                                                                                Mr. Scott D. Burrow
                                                                                      Mr. Chris Williams                Mr. Greg Ayers
Rushwood Park Wesleyan           Mrs. Jane Dill           Mrs. Winnie Molloseau                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. William Buschner
                                                                                      Ms. Samantha Wilson               Dr. Stephen F. Babby
 Church, Asheboro, NC            Ms. Yvonne Duckett       Mrs. Diana Moody            Mrs. Fran Wilson                  Mrs. Waydene Badgett              Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Bussa
SC Wesleyan Women,               Dr. Roland East          Mrs. Frankie Morgan         Dr. Don Wood                      Mr. Mike Bailey                   Mr. Orval C. Butcher
 Westminster, SC                 Dr. Mark Elliott         Ms. Ruth Mosley             Mrs. Sally Wood                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bailey    Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Butler
Sigma Pi Fraternity Eta-Psi      Ms. Laurie Esler         Dr. Rocky Nation            Mrs. Donna Wood                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Baker      Ms. Christina L. Cabe
 Chapter, Seneca, SC             Mrs. Brenda Evatt        Mrs. Khristy Parham         Dr. Fred Woodworth                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Baker      Mr. and Mrs. John T. Caldwell
South Carolina Wesleyan          Mrs. Erin Fellers        Mrs. Cheryl Parris          Mrs. Amanda Young                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Banas      Rev. and Mrs. Arthur J. Calhoon
 Women, Westminster, SC          Dr. Brad Fipps           Mr. Chad Peters             Dr. Austin M. Zekeri              Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley Banker    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Callicutt
Southern Wesleyan Auxiliary,     Dr. Rosalyn Flanigan     Mrs. Sherri Peters                                            Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Banton       Mr. and Mrs.
 Central, SC                     Mrs. Dana Frost          Mrs. Donna Pittman          Friends                           Dr. and Mrs. William B. Barlage    Allen P. Cameron
Stuart Heights Baptist Church,   Mr. Ryan Garrett         Mr. Mike Preusz             Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Abad           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Barnes     Mr. and Mrs. E Ray Camp
 Inc., Chattanooga, TN           Mrs. Edith Garrett       Mr. Tom Price               Ms. Florence H. Abel              Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barton        Mrs. Peggy Ann Camp
The Wesleyan Church              Mr. Mike Gillespie       Mrs. Jane Rackley           Ms. Thaylia Abercrombie           Mr. George Baughman               Mr. Albert M. Campbell
 Shenandoah District,            Mrs. Melanie Gillespie   Mr. Randolph Rankin         Ms. Verna Mae Abercrombie         Mr. Douglas L. Bayse              Ms. Shirley T. Campbell
 Saluda, VA                      Mr. Chase Gillespie      Dr. Mickey Rickman          Mr. and Mrs.                      Ms. Sarah C. Beasley              Mr. Spencer Capps
Trinity Wesleyan Church,         Dr. Mari Gonlag          Mrs. Beth Roe                James C. Abrams                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Beaver    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Carbone
 Central, SC                     Dr. Linda Hall           Dr. Susan Rouse             Mr. Frank H. Adams                Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. Walter L. Carpenter
Vinton Wesleyan Church, VA       Dr. Steven Hayduk        Mr. Don Schaupp             Mrs. Isidore Ah Kuoi               Charles A. Beckman               Rev. Doug R. Carr
Wakefield Spiritual Retreat       Mrs. Vicki Hayes         Dr. Paul Schleifer          Mr. and Mrs. Dan Alberts          Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bell           Mr. and Mrs.
 Conference, Hampton, VA         Mrs. Lori Herron         Mr. Derek Schmitt           Ms. Nina C. Albertson             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Bennett    Richard C. Carson
Walker McElmoyle School          Mrs. Paula Hodges        Dr. Jim Schmutz             Mr. Phillip L. Albertson          Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berger           Ms. Joan Carter
 Farm, Liberty, SC               Mr. Steve Holcombe       Mr. Bob Sears               Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs. Ken Best             Mrs. Lorine Cathey
WKFM South Carolina              Mrs. Suzanne Holcombe    Mrs. Roberta Sears           Richard J. Alderman              Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Biddix      Mr. G Harold Chapman
 District, Seneca, SC            Dr. R. Keith Iddings     Ms. Vickie Sexton           Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Debra         Mr. Ron and Dr. Laura Black       Mr. David Childress
                                 Dr. Darryl Jachens       Mr. Byron Shirley            Kauffman Alewine                 Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. Nathan M. Childs
Employees                        Dr. Philip B. Jeon       Mrs. Carol Sinnamon         Ms. Linda Cooke Alexander          David Paul Blackburn             Mr. and Mrs. Danny Childs
Mrs. Joni Addis                  Mr. Tex Johnson          Dr. Walt Sinnamon           Mr. Thomas C. Alexander           Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
Mrs. Elaine Addis                Dr. Paul Jordan          Dr. Ronald Snyder           Mr. and Mrs. William C. Allen      Robert B. Blackmon                Christopherson
Mr. Ken Alexander                Dr. Lee Kizer            Dr. David Spittal           Mr. W.E. Allgood                  Ms. Mildred C. Blaha              Mr. William and
Mr. Drew Allison                 Mr. Jonathan Lenarz      Mr. Wayne Stancil           Mr. Michael and                   Dr. and Mrs. Dave Blanchard        Mrs. Mary Bowers Clardy
Mrs. Mary Andrews                Mrs. Lynn Lindsey        Mrs. Darlene Stancil         Judge Sherry Alloway             Ms. Doris H. Blythe               Mr. and Mrs. James P. Clark
Mr. Marty Atcheson               Mrs. Tracy Lippard       Mr. Keith Strickland        Mr. Paul E. Allred, Jr.           Mr. Bruce E. Board                Mr. and Mrs. William T. Clayton
Mrs. Tonda Bagwell               Dr. Ray Locy             Mrs. Deanna Tegen           Mr. Sherman L. Altick             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Board      Mr. Robert M. Clayton
Mrs. Betty Baskin                Mr. Jody Lusk            Mrs. Nadine Thompson        Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Andrews   Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs.
Ms. Janelle Beamer               Mr. Larry Lynn           Ms. Nikki Thrasher          Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Andrews         William H. Boatman                Richard Clayton
Dr. Bob Black                    Dr. Nancy Mann           Ms. Joan Underwood          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Archer        Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Boel         Mr. William H. Clayton
Mrs. Judy Black                  Ms. Wanda Marshall       Dr. Graydon Vadas           Ed and Miriam Arnold              Mr. Tim Bolding                   Mr. Lawrence A. Clayton
Ms. Regina Bolding               Ms. Muriel Mast          Mrs. Betty Walker           Mrs. Lucrettia Arnold             Mrs. Sandra Bolick                Mr. and Mrs. Londel Cleveland
Mrs. Nancy Boone                 Mr. Rock McCaskill       Ms. Jenny Walters           Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Arnold     Mr. Bob Bolin                     Mr. Joey Cline

                                                                                                                         Southern Wesleyan University/

Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs.                    Ms. Ruth J. Gonlag                 Mr. John E. Holcombe Jr.           Mr. and Mrs.                        Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marshall
 Ronald G. Cloninger             Joseph L. Dunlap               Mr. Marvin and                     Mr. and Mrs.                        William M. Ketchum                 Mr. Ben Martin
Rev. Paul E. Coates             Mrs. Edith Durham                Mrs. Joyce Gordon                  H. R. Holladay, Jr                Mr. and Mrs.                        Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mrs. Elvera Duvall              Mr. Ronald W. Gormong              Mr. Charles Holland                 Robert E. Keuther                  Rev. and Mrs.
 Samuel G. Cochran              Mr. Jim Dyer                    Mr. and Mrs. Don Grant             Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holliday      Mr. Jerry Kicklighter                Donald R. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee Cockerill   Ms. Clara H. Eads               Mr. and Mrs. Mark Green            Mr. and Mrs. John Holloman         Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. Kiker          Mr. and Mrs.
Lois Cole                       Mrs. Edna O. Eberwine           Mr. James L. Greenway              Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. John P. Kincaid                  George M. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cole         Mr. Paul F. Eckert              Mr. and Mrs.                        V. Edward Holloway                Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. King          Mrs. Anna Lou
Mrs. Lois B. Coleman            Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Eckley        Dorsey Edward Greer               Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. King            Carrington Marvin
Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Collins     Mrs. Heidi C. Edmonds           Mr. and Mrs. Hansel T. Greeson      William J. Holmes                 Mrs. Judy P. King                   Ms. Esther F. Mason
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Griffin        Mr. Craig Homan                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. King        Rev. W.A. and Mrs.
 C. M. Constance                 Robert L. Edwards              Ms. Luzanne M. Griffith             Rev. Wyatt Hoogkamp                Mr. Wilton and                       Louise Massey
Ms. Ruth M. Cook                Karl Ekberg                     Mr. and Mrs.                       Mrs. Jessie L. Hopkins              Mrs. Debbie King                   Mr. Wayne Massingill
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Corley        Mr. and Mrs. Rayford F. Elgin    Brandon F. Grooms                 Mr. Perry C. Hopkins               Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. King        Dr. Floyd and
Mr. Dwaine Cornett              Mr. and Mrs. Carl Elliott                                          Mr. Eddie V. Horne                 Helen Kington                        Mrs. Muriel Mast
                                                                Ms. Elinor M. Guinn
Mr. Nick H. Corontzes           Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Horton     Rev. and Mrs.                       Mrs. Mary Masters
                                                                Ms. Doris R. Gunsalus
Mr. Zachary J. Corontzes         Calvin L. Emerson                                                                                     Thomas D. Kinnan                   Ms. Elaine C. Matheson
                                                                Ms. Tina Guptill                   Ms. Elaine A. Horton
Ms. Stephanie Craker            Dr. and Mrs. O.D. Emery                                                                               Mrs. Mary Kirk                      Mr. W. Reaves McCall
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gurley       Ms. Hazel Hostetter
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crane         Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Epps                                                                             Ms. Sharon Ann Kirkland             Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Mr. Roger M. Gwinn                 Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Mary Ella Craner           Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Esser                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kirsch       George McCallum
                                                                Dr. Lee M. Haines                   William L. Howard
Mr. Ray and                     Mrs. Maria R Clayton Estate                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Knight         Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Mr. and Mrs.                       Ms. Heather Leeann Howell
 Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford        Ms. Gale M. Evans                                                                                     Ms. Linda Knorr                      Alvin A. McCammon
                                                                 James Harold Haithcock            Mr. Joey Hudson
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. Billy G. Hughes                Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Knupp
 Charles W. Crecelius            James Evatt, Sr.
                                                                 James E. Hamilton                 Ms. Janelle Lynn Hunton            Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Krider            Phillip L. McCluskey
Mr. Gary Crisp                  Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hampton           Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs.                        Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Paula         Randle Lee Evett
                                                                                                    Jonathan J. Hurd                   Steven Kropelnicki                  Harold McCluskey
                                                                Ms. Peggy L. Hanchey
 Thomas Crook                   Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                   Mrs. Louise B. Hussey              Mr. and Mrs.                        Mrs. Evelyn N. McCollum
                                 Harry C. Farmer                Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harley
Ms. Betty Crowley
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Junior Hussey          Kenneth W. Kurtz                   Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. Thomas W. Crumpton          Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Faust      Mr. Herbert H. and
                                                                                                   Mr. Tom Hyll                       Mrs. W. F. LaBar                     Richard L. McCord
Ms. Nell R. Cude                Dr. and Mrs. Gary P Fellers      Mrs. Marjorie J. Harmon
                                                                                                   Mrs. Peggy L. Iannolo              Dr. Martin and                      Ms. Tracy Krieg McCowan
Mr. and Mrs.                    Dr. Joseph I. Fernandez         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harris
                                                                                                   Ms. Sarah H. Ingerick               Mrs. Faye C. LaBar                 Mr. and Mrs.
 Alton B. Cumbie                Mr. and Mrs.                    Rev. and Mrs.
                                                                                                   Ms. Jane S. Isley                  Mr. Tim R. Lackey                    William R. McCoy
Mr. and Mrs.                     James P. Finnell                Franklin D. Hartsell
                                                                                                   Ms. Dorthea M. Jackson             Mr. and Mrs. Daryl R. LaFave        Mr. Billye P. McCrary
 Douglas M. Dacko               Ms. Pauline K. Fiscus           Mr. Robert J. Hawk
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Land          Mrs. Loretta M. McCurry
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hawkins
                                                                                                    Robert E. Jameson                 Dale and Julia Lappin               Ms. Barbara McDonald
 R. Allison Dalton               Henry F. Fishel, Jr.           Ms. Barbara B. Hawkins
                                                                                                   Mr. J. C. Jarrell                  Mr. and Mrs.                        Dr. and Mrs.
William T. Davis                Mr. Ray Flasch                  Mrs. Bobbie C. Hayes
                                                                                                   Dr. Bill and Mrs. Linda Jenkins     Conrad P. LaRosa                    Robert G. McDonald
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Davis         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fletcher   Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Vicki
                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Lassiter          Ms. Ruby McGuire
Rev. Donald A. Dawalt           Mr. and Mrs. John Flowers        Kennemore Hayes
                                                                                                    Thomas E. Jennings                Mr. and Mrs.                        Mrs. Jackie McJunkin
Mr. C. Grayson Day              Ms. Grace O. Floyd              Dr. Ken and Mrs. Nancy Heer
                                                                                                   Mr. Mike G. Jewell                  Richard A. Laughridge              Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. Terry W. Day                Mrs. Verline Folwell            Mr. Jonathan S. Hegeman
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs.                       Ms. Nadeen Lawrence                  James Kevin McKay
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Forbis     Mr. Neal and
                                                                                                    Dale W. Johnson                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Layne          Mr. and Mrs. James H. McKay
 Jordan A. Dean                 Mr. and Mrs. Dean Fowler         Mrs. Sandy Hegeman
                                                                                                   Mr. Luther Johnson                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leagan           Mr. and Mrs. Billy McKnight, Sr.
Charldon Ward Dennis            Mr. Darl and Mrs. Kim           Ms. Amy L. Heintz
                                                                                                   Ms. Patricia Johnson               Ms. Janet A. Lee                    Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. McNeely
Rev. and Mrs.                    Dowdy Fowler, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Heizer
                                                                                                   Mrs. Ruby B. Johnson               Ms. Margaret E. Lindsey             Ms. Deborah H. McNeely
 James L. Denny                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franklin   Mr. Chris Hellams
                                                                                                   Mr. Walter H. Johnson              Mr. and Mrs. Art Lipina             Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mervine
Mr. and Mrs.                    Ms. Evelyn Free                 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Henderson
                                                                                                   Barney and NaDean Jones            Ms. Esma Lister                     Ms. Jana L. Mervine
 Samuel G. Denton               Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                   Ms. Carole S. Jones                Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia         Mr. and Mrs. George Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Derr          William A. Gantt
                                                                 Hugh C. Henderson
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jones             Hughes Lockaby                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Miersma
Rev. William B. Derr            Eleanor C. Gardiner
                                                                Mr. and Mrs.
Ms. Carol J. Dey                Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Gardze                                        Ms. Karen Diane Jones              Rev. Ronald Logan                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Milburn
                                                                 Stephen B. Henderson                                                 Mr. Sidney A. Loggins, Jr.          Ms. Valeri H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Dezendorf    Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie D. Jones
                                                                Mr. Todd Hendley                                                      Mr. Rick Long                       Mr. Norm Miller
Ms. Letha Dickerson              George B. Garman                                                  Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Ms. Thelma R. Hendren               Quinshay L. Jones                 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Long             Ms. Caroline B. Mills
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. Danny and
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Dean Herman           Ms. Ruth B. Jones                  Ms. Virginia Losey                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rees Mills
 Stanley Dickerson               Mrs. Rhonda Garrett
                                                                Ms. Elise C. Herman                Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Jordan       Mr. Art and                         Ms. Mary Misenheimer
Ms. Jennifer A. Dickey          Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Hess           Ms. Beatrice D. Joseph              Mrs. Ruth Lovelace                 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Dieter    Wade C. Garrett
                                                                Aaron Hess                         Mr. and Mrs. William E. Julson     Mrs. Peggy Lovin                    Mrs. Iris B. Mitchell
Mr. James C. Dill               Mr. and Mrs. William Garrett
                                                                Rev. Raymond R. Hicks              Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Lowe          Ms. Virginia C. Mitchell
Mr. R. B. Dilworth              Mr. and Mrs. T. Ed Garrison
                                                                Mr. Hubert and Mrs. Bonnie          Palmer E. Keaton                  Ms. Autumn E. Luciani               Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mizanin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dixon       Mr. Adam Gawason
Dr. and Mrs.                                                     Taylor Hicks                      Mrs. Lavon P. Keener               Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lyon             Mr. and Mrs.
                                Ms. Mildred Gaylor
 Herbert H. Dongell             Mr. Kenneth Genobles            Mr. Chester A. Hill                Mrs. Opal M. Keeran                Mr. Aaron Lyons                      Alan David Molloseau
Mr. Andrew and                  Mr. Thomas Michael George       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hill          Mr. Fred Keith                     Ms. Marilyn Madden                  Ms. Olga E. Moody
 Mrs. Tonya Dotterweich         Mr. and Mrs.                    Mrs. Deborah K. Hilson             Rev. and Mrs.                      Dr. James R. Mahanes                Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore
Mr. Jim Dove                     Richard F. Gettings            Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Olivia Hine    David Livingston Keith            Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Mahony       Mr. H. Dean and
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dover        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gingerich     Mr. Robert J. Hines                Rev. A.L. Keller                   Mr. Tomas Joel Manchego              Dr. Emma Moore
Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Leo Glunk          Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hite            Mr. Pete and Mrs. Melissa Keller   Mrs. Doralee Mann                   Ms. Esther Moore
 James F. Dowden                Ms. Wilma H. Glunk              Mr. and Mrs.                       Mr. and Mrs. Elvin R. Kelley       Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mann          Mrs. Shirley Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Drake          Ms. Susan Godfrey                M. Wallace Hobson                 Ms. Pat C. Kelly                   Mrs. Linda Mann                     Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Morden
Ms. Carolyn J. Dudley           Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hoff             Mrs. Martha D. Kendrick            Rev. Jeffrey A. Mansell             Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Dunlap     Washington Gomez               Ms. Sandra L. Hoffman              Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kennedy           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Marcum        Mrs. Yvonne H. Morgan

                                                                                                                                                                       FOCUS FALL ‘07 29
2006-2007 DONORS
Mr. Warren and                    Mr. Marvin C. Poole             Rev. Hoover and                      Mr. Jeff and                      Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Willis      G.H. Allred & F.A. Mason
 Mrs. Evelyn Morgan               Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Poole      Mrs. Rose Smith                      Mrs. Karen Trogdon               Dr. H.C. Wilson                  Grad. Scholarship
Mr. Robert Morrell                Mr. Daniel G. Potts             Ms. Mamie Smith                      Mr. William H. Tucker             Mr. and Mrs.                   Brank Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Morris       Ms. Edna L. Powell              Ms. Mary Frances Smith               David Valentino                    William Gaines Wilson         Cap Care Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Morris       Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Powell   Rev. Robert E. and                   Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs.                     Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pressley     Mrs. Julia A. Smith                  Kenneth R. Van Laeke              James M. Wilson               Church Matching Scholarship
 James C. Morrison                Rev. and Mrs. T. Wayne Preusz   Mr. and Mrs. William L. Smith        Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson        Matthew Dellinger
Mrs. Betty S. Munson              Mr. Thomas V. Price             Dr. and Mrs. Donald Snyder            Edward R. Vanhorn                Dr. and Mrs. Earle L. Wilson
                                                                                                                                                                          Business Scholarship
Mr. Thomas G. Munson              Dr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder          Mr. William F. Vermillion         Harold and Patricia Windus
                                                                                                                                                                        Foutz Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Joe N. Munson         Paul Newton Prichard           Mr. and Mrs. Bill Spangler           Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Vess       Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                                        Goff Scholarship
                                  Ms. Dorothy M. Pritchard        Mr. Ernest Spaur                     Mr. and Mrs. William B. Vess       Gary G. Winters
Ms. Mary B. Myers                                                                                                                                                       Good Shepherd
                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Wolfe
Mr. Jerry Nalley                  Ms. Elyse Proulx                Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Spears                                                                            Ministerial Scholarship
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wolfe
Mrs. Louise Nash                  Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Pusker   Mrs. Donna L. Spittal                 Michael Lance Vischer                                           Adult and Graduate
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nathan        Dr. and Mrs. Everett Putney     Mrs. Irene Stack                     Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Studies (AGS) Scholarship
                                                                                                                                          Aaron J. Wolfe-Bertling
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Nealy      Mr. David Quattlebaum           Mr. and Mrs.                          Samuel C. Voncannon                                             Michael D. and Saranne F.
                                                                                                                                         Ms. Rebecca H. Wood
Gary and Teresa Neely             Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Rabalais     Sidney D. Stallings                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Voncannon                                        Whitney Scholarship
                                                                                                                                         Dr. and Mrs.
Dr. John and                      Mr. Max D. Rabon                Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Stancell          Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wade                                        Roy S. Nicholson Christian
                                                                                                                                          Philip W. Woodbury
 Mrs. Becky Newby                 Ms. Dorothy R. Raimondi         Mrs. Avahlee G. Stanley              Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Ms. Lois Woodiwiss               Service Scholarship
Mr. Philip E. Newton              Mr. and Mrs. David H. Ramsey    Ms. Judith Staser                     Jason W. Wagner
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Deana Woodworth           Parker Senior Award
Ms. Frances Newton                Mrs. Annis M. Rankin            Mr. Mark Steadman                    Mr. John Ray Wagner
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. James R. Young            Palmetto Scholarship
Mr. Tim Newton                    Mr. and Mrs. JH Rash            Ms. Marietta Y. Steele               Mr. Terry and
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Lucille B. Young          Ridgon Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nicholson      Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Ravan    Rev. and Mrs. Michael Stepp           Mrs. Vickie Wagner
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Luther E. Young   Ken Scruggs
Mr. Tillman Noles                 Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Renshaw      Mr. Ian K. Steuart                   Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Ms. Mary P. Zabriskie            Memorial Scholarship
Mr. M Norris                      Ms. Mollie C. Reubert           Ms. Madeline C. Stevens               John W. Waldrop
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ron Zimmerman     Scurry Scholarship
Ms. Yvette Norris                 Ms. Betty R. Rhyne              Ms. Gladys Stewart                   Mrs. Fern R. Walker
                                                                                                                                                                        Mary Alice Smith Scholarship
Mr. William M. Norris             Keith A. Rice                   Mr. E. P. Stillwell                  Rev. and Mrs.                     Trustees                       Surbrook Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Obrien    Ms. Linda J. Rice               Ms. Janet P. Stollberg                Edwin B. Wallace                 Judge Sherry F. Alloway          Ministerial Scholarship
Mr. Jerry A. Odell                Ms. Brenda Riddle               Mr. and Mrs. C. David Stone          Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wallace        Dr. Thomas E. Armiger          *David L. Watts
Mr. and Mrs. B. Wayne O’Dell      Mr. Colbert Robbins             Mrs. Jean R. Stone                   Mr. Raji Ward                     Mr. Bill L. Benton               Memorial Scholarship
Mrs. Joyce O’Donnell              Ms. Roberta Rae Roberge         Ms. Nancy P. Stone                   Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Warden          Dr. Daniel A. Berry
                                                                                                                                                                        SC Wesleyan Kids for
Bill and Peggy Overstreet         Mr. and Mrs. James T. Roberts   Mr. and Mrs. Leonard D. Stowe        Mr. Alan E. Warney                Mr. Donald L. Carr
                                                                                                                                                                          Missions Scholarship
Ms. Charlotte L. Owens            Ms. Alma Robertson              Ms. Jean W. Stroud                   Ms. Betty Lou Washburn            Dr. E. Keith Carroll
                                                                                                                                                                        SC Wesleyan
Ms. Sallie Bartles Owens          Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Orr          Ms. Elizabeth G. Suri                Mr. and Mrs. Danny Waters         Mr. Mike Chambers
                                                                                                                                                                          Women Scholarship
Tom and Mary Beth Oxendine         Neal Robinson                  Mr. and Mrs.                         Ms. Lois Watkins                  Rev. David Emery
                                                                                                                                                                        Uebele-Dowden Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs.                      Ms. Hallie O. Roesch             Steve Sutherland                    Mr. David Watson                  Dr. Richard L. Emery
                                                                                                                                                                        Wood Fund
 Jacob L. Oxendine                Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Rogers    Dr. Sharren E. Sutter                Mr. and Mrs.                      Mr. Darl L. Fowler
                                                                                                                                                                        *New Scholarships Established in 06-07
Mr. W Larry Pace                  Ms. Leeann Rose                 Mrs. Ruth M. Sweeney                  Daniel R. Watson                 Mr. James D. Fralin
Mr. Barry Keith Page              Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ross       Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sweet            Rev. Dennis Waymire               Mr. Oliver H. France
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Janice       Mrs. Renee Roughton             Mr. and Mrs.                         Mr. and Mrs. James Webb           Dr. Melvin L. Gentry
 Scott Page                       Mrs. Paula H. Rouse              Gerald W. Sweitzer                  Dr. and Mrs. Byron K. Webb        Dr. Harold R. Gunsalus
                                                                                                                                                                        J. D. Andrews Family
Ms. Louise M. Page                Mr. Wally Russell               Mr. Nathan Swords                    Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Weems          Dr. Ronald Haithcock
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Ron Hamilton                 Endowed Scholarship
Mr. Christopher J. Painter        Mrs. Davida M. Sabine           Scott Taylor                         Mr. and Mrs. Charlie L. Welborn
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Kenneth R. Heer            William Marshall Arnold, Sr.
Mrs. Norma C. Palmer              Mr. Dave Sack                   Ms. Kathleen R. Tegen                Dr. Theodore West
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Marlin R. Hotle              Endowed Scholarship
Mrs. O’Della M. Palmer            Ms. Nanette G. Sackett          Rev. Ronald W. Terry                 Ms. Linda J. Whaley
                                                                                                                                         Rev. William D. James          Allen Baker Memorial
Mr. Andrew S. Pardue              Ms. Priscilla Sanders           Mr. James D. Terry, Sr.              Rev. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Lowell E. Jennings           Endowed Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Pardue       Ms. Jean B. Sanderson           Mrs. Karen Suddeth Thacker            Paul A. Wheeler
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Charles L. Joiner          Baxter and Dovie Gibson
Mr. Don and                       Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sarlin       The Owens Family Trust               Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Sharon Lynnette Jones       Memorial Endowed
 Mrs. Mary Ann Parham             Ms. Phyllis S. Sawyer           Ms. Hazel Thomas                      Michael D. Whitney
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Ronald D. Kelly              Scholarship
Mr. Michael Parker                Rev. Gene Schenck               Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Thomas       Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Rev. Kerry Kind                Bross Endowment Fund
Samuel Lee Parker                 Mrs. Jewell S. Schram           Mr. Ted and Mrs. Kay Thomas           Stanley Whittaker
                                                                                                                                         Mr. Ray A Lattimore            John H., Dora G.,
Mrs. Florence M. Parker           Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schupp   Ms. Annie Thompson                   Mr. E. J. Whitten
                                                                                                                                         Rev. Daniel E. LeRoy             and Maudie Brown
Ms. JoAnne Parrish                Rev. and Mrs. Julius Scipio     Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thompson            Ms. Sharon Whitten
                                                                                                                                         Mr. Daniel N. Loggins            Endowed Scholarship
Ms. Thelma Parrish                Ms. Nancy S. Scruggs            Mr. and Mrs.                         Mr. Jim Widdows
                                                                                                                                         Rev. Donald W Milstead         Buel Memorial
Rev. and Mrs.                     Mr. Tommy Seigler                Oscar A. Thorsland                  Ms. Barbara Widen
                                                                                                                                         Mr. George I. Newton
 James Trent Patterson            Mr. and Mrs. William Senn       William F. Tinder                    Mrs. Melinda Wilbanks                                              Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                                         Rev. Buddy Rampey, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs.                     Ms. Betty W. Seward             Dr. and Mrs. W. Allan Tinsley        Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wiles                                          Butner Memorial Endowed
                                                                                                                                         Rev. Jerry D. Rott
 William F. Peed                  Mr. Dempsey Sexton              Rev. Wayne and                       Rev. and Mrs.                                                      Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                                         Mr. M. Lee Schenck
Mr. David R. Pelfrey              Ms. Janice K. Shanahan           Mrs. Bonnie Tippey                   Henry D. Williams                                               Stephen and Louretta
                                                                                                                                         Mr. Henry F. Shigley
Ms. Beverley D. Peoples           Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Sherrill     Maurice and Fern Tolan               Mr. and Mrs.                                                       Calhoon Endowed
                                                                                                                                         Mr. Herschel A. Smith
Mrs. Lorene Perry                 Ms. Sondra O. Shuping           Rev. and Mrs.                         Darrin S. Williams                                                Scholarship
                                                                                                                                         Mr. Keith W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peterson       Rev. Phillip Siebbeles           David M. Tolan                      Mr. David Williams                                               *Darvin B. Camp
                                                                                                                                         Mr. D. Kenneth Whitener
Mr. and Mrs.                      Mrs. Deborah E. Sigworth        Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tolliver, Jr.   Donald A. Williams                                                 Endowed Scholarship
                                                                                                                                         Rev. James E. Wiggins
 Wesley J. Peterson               Ms. Kathy J. Simmons            Jean Elizabeth Toole                 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Williams                                       Clyde T.and Lillian G. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Phillips        Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. Brian C. Torgerson               Mr. James Williams                Restricted                       Endowed Scholarship
Ms. Dorothy Pilgrim                Glenon A. Simpson              Ms. Muriel G. Torgerson              Mr. and Mrs. John Williams        (Annual)                       Esther Baker Roberts
Mr. W.E. and Mrs. Elaine Pinion   Mr. Edward Michael Sioma        Mr. and Mrs.                         Ms. Julia K. Williams             Scholarships                     Endowed Scholarship
Mrs. Frances D. Pitts             Mr. Marvin Sisk                  Stuart A. Torgerson                 Mr. and Mrs.                      *Excellence in                 George and Grace Bross
Mr. Allan and                     Ms. Betty R. Smith              Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Towner          David M. Williamson               Accounting Scholarship          Endowed Scholarship
 Mrs. Deborah Platzer             Ms. Billie R. Smith             Rev. Dale E. Travis                  Mr. and Mrs.                      Archippus Fund-                James L. Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Plummer        Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Smith        Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Trogdon             Mark R. Williamson                Ministerial Scholarship         Endowed Scholarship

                                                                                                                              Southern Wesleyan University/

April Camp                                                                                                                               Maria Clayton                     Lucy M. Musgrove Stanley
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                     Mr. Lawrence Clayton
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Andrews
Clark Camp
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Jimmy D. Belcher
Class of 1998                                                                                                                                                               Phillip E. Buchanan, Jr.
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler
 Endowed Scholarship
*Clayton Genealogical                                                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                         Moses Player
 Center Endowed Fund                                                                                                                                                        Ronald G. Cloninger
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Mary S. Pressley
Lawrence Garvin Clayton, M.D.
                                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Edna L. Powell
 Endowed Scholarship
Correll Ministerial                                                                                                                      Bernice G. Johnson                Mr. and Mrs.
 Scholarship Fund                                                                                                                        Mrs. Elizabeth J. Baker
                                                                                                                                                                            Richard A Stanley, Jr.
Edmond A. Cash
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Vess
                                                                                                                                         Ruth Hine
Gail Pierce Connor Memorial                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Hine      Mr. and Mrs. William B. Vess
 Endowed Scholarship
Haskell and Emma
                                                                                                                                         Dianna Freeman Lemons             Dr. Virgil Mitchell
 Cleveland Family Memorial
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Marie Evatt
James G. Childs Memorial                                                                                                                                                   Mrs. Martha Evatt
                                                                                                                                         Viola Fore
 Endowed Scholarship
                                                                                                                                         Ms. Sharon E. Pierce              Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler
John F. and Ethel N. Childs
 Endowed Memorial                                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Billie Faye Harvey
 Scholarship                                                                                                                             Grace Cagle Oates                 Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Joiner
Walter Thompson Cox              30 years: Chemistry professor Jim Schmutz, right, accepts a plaque from                                 Mrs. Edna O. Eberwine
                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Mahony
 Endowed Scholarship             SWU President David Spittal as Provost Keith Iddings looks on. Schmutz was
Calvin Dennis Memorial           honored for 30 years of employment at Southern Wesleyan University.                                                                       Mrs. Virginia C. Marullo
                                                                                                                                         Dr. and Mrs.
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nash
                                                                                                                                          George Failing
Dillon Memorial                 Jimmy F. Johnson                 John M. and Rebecca J.
                                                                                                          Memorials                      Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler       Mr. Ruth P. Newby
 Endowed Scholarship             Endowed Scholarship               Newby Endowed Scholarship
                                                                                                          Gail Pierce Connor                                               Mr. William M. Norris
Dongell, Elliot, Fipps          Frances and Gordon Miller/       Newton Endowed Scholarship
                                                                                                          Ms. Sharon E. Pierce           Ethel Langston
 Endowed Scholarship             Kernersville Endowed            Jeffrey Alan Patton Memorial                                                                              Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                          Joseph Holcombe                Ms. Donna Hutson
Dowden-Tegen                     Scholarship                       Endowed Scholarship                                                                                      W. Marshall Rampey
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs.
 Endowed Scholarship            Michael S. Ketchem               B.H. and Dorothy Phaup                    Joseph Steven Holcombe                                          Dr. and Mrs. David J. Spittal
John Lee and Tarva Davis                                                                                                                 Joel Robbins
                                 Endowed Scholarship               Holiness Lecture
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler       Mr. EP Stillwell
                                Arthur and Ruth Lovelace           Series Endowment
Morris and Vinelle Davis                                                                                  Timothy Mark Holcombe
                                 Endowed Scholarship             Anita L. and Melvin K.                                                                                    Rev. and Mrs. J. Willett Vess
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs.
                                C. Wesley Lovin                                                                                          Kathryn Beaver
                                                                   Richardson Scholarship                  Joseph Steven Holcombe
Kathleen Embler Memorial                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lyon
                                 Endowed Scholarship
 Endowed Scholarship
                                                                 Levi Rigdon                                                                                               Honorariums
                                Dedra C. Lewis Memorial            Endowed Scholarship                                                   Ms. Lois Watkins
Malcome E. and Lois S. Ellis                                                                              Dr. Claude R. Rickman                                            Brandon Gilbert
                                 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                     Bobby Ray Dyar
                                                                 Betty Morgan Robbins                     Drs. W. Charles and
 Endowed Scholarship
                                Raymond Lawson                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler       Mr. and Mrs. James P. Clark
Gallimore Memorial                                                 and Colbert Robbins, Jr.                Jeanette Graves
                                 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                     Drs. Billy and Gloria Jones
 Endowed Scholarship                                               Endowed Scholarship
                                C. V. Marchanks
General Endowed Scholarship                                      Stephen T. and Susan                     Golda McKinnon Pierce                                            Dr. Martin Labar
                                 Endowed Scholarship
Rev. Foster D. Gentry, Sr.                                         P. Rushton Endowed                     Ms. Sharon Pierce              Hazel Payne
                                Mauney Scholarship Fund                                                                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Calhoon
 Endowed Scholarship                                             Encouragement Scholarship                                               Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler
                                *Walker McElmoyle College
*Melvin Gentry                                                   *Reverend Ivan L. Sisk                   Vera Mitchell Peek             Rev. William Jonathan Payne
                                 Endowed Scholarship
 Endowed Scholarship                                               Endowed Scholarship                    Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler                                      Julia Quarles
                                Dewey O. Miller Ministerial
Ruth Goff                                                        Stanley Endowed Scholarship                                             Sara Taylor                       Mrs. Rachel M. Quarles
                                 Memorial Endowed
 Endowed Scholarship                                             John Storey                              Mrs. Helen Calhoon             Mr. and Mrs. James P. Finnell
Goizuetta                                                          Endowed Scholarship                    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Calhoon
                                Frances and Gordon Miller                                                                                Ms. Jane S. Isley
 Foundation Scholarship                                                                                                                                                    Morris Clayton
                                                                 *David J. Summey                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Luther E. Young
                                 Music Scholarship
John and Thelma Hendren                                            Endowed Scholarship                                                                                     Mr. Tim Newton
                                Morrison-Harvey Alumni                                                    Mrs. Hattie Calhoon
 Endowed Scholarship                                             Teacher Excellence Award
                                 Endowed Scholarship                                                      Dr. and Mrs.                   Wanda Norris
Hilson Student
                                                                 Rennie, Sr. and Lillian Tomlin            Stephen Calhoon
                                Rebecca C. Marks                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cochran       Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cole, Jr.
 Endowed Scholarship
                                                                   Endowed Scholarship
                                 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                     Mr. M. Norris                     Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler
Marion Wallace Hobson
                                Robert W. and Laura V.           Fonda C. Von Cannon                      Mrs. Houston Houser
 Memorial Endowed                                                                                                                        Ms. Yvette Norris
                                 Morgan Endowment                  Memorial Endowed                       Dr. and Mrs.
                                Robert W. and Yvonne H.            Scholarship                             Stephen Calhoon                                                 Lillian Bryant’s 90th Birthday
Honor Thy Father and Mother                                                                                                              Margaret Brank
                                 Morgan Endowment                John Wesley
 Endowed Scholarship                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bell           Mr. Scott T. Bryant
                                Virgil A. and Mary P. Mitchell     Memorial Scholarship                   Ms. Agnes Houser
House Memorial Fund                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Darl. L. Fowler      Mr. and Mrs.
                                 Endowed Scholarship             Miriam C. Warren Endowed                 Dr. and Mrs.
Larry Dean Hoyle
                                                                   Memorial Scholarship                    Stephen Calhoon               Dr. and Mrs. Charles Joiner        Hugh C. Henderson
 Endowed Scholarship            Virgil A. Mitchell Trust Fund
                                                                 Robert L. White                                                         Mrs. Virginia C. Marullo
Paul Hardin Endowed             Nash Family
                                 Endowed Scholarship               Endowed Scholarship                    Mae Ruth Rich Sawyer           Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nash
 Ministerial Scholarship                                                                                                                                                   Darl and Mary Fowler
Randall A. Hill                 NC West District Wesleyan        James Ralph and Mary                     Ms. Phyllis S. Sawyer
                                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Christina L. Cabe
 Endowed Scholarship             Youth Endowed Scholarship         Louise Gurley Young                                                   Bob Harvey

Charlie Johnson                 Neff Endowed Scholarship           Endowed Scholarship                    Kenneth S. Allen               Mrs. Elizabeth M. Crawford        Ms. Deborah M. Dunlap

 Endowed Scholarship            Nellie Linder Trust              *New Scholarships Established in 06-07   Mr. and Mrs. Darl L. Fowler    Mrs. Billie Faye Harvey           Ms. Virginia C. Mitchell

                                                                                                                                                                        FOCUS FALL ‘07 31
                                                                                              NON PROFIT ORG
                                                                                                US POSTAGE
                                                                                               GREENVILLE, SC
                                                                                                PERMIT # 232
    PO Box 1020
  Central, SC 29630

Return Service Requested

                           OCTOBER 1                      be presented as the            NOVEMBER 27
                           The Commedia
                                 Comm                     ensemble kicks off its          Jac Mandel, guitarist,

         2007              Pied Piper
                           Bring the wwhole family
                           to see the TTarradiddle
                                                          fall season. Admission
                                                          is free.

                                                          NOVEMBER 9
                                                                                         and Jane Dill, pianist
                                                                                         SWU Alumnus Jac
                                                                                         Mandel and Professor

Fine Arts Events           Players in this zany,
                           slapstick-style version
                           of an originally-tragic
                           story that h a
                                                          Intercollegiate Choral
                                                          Invitational Festival
                                                          This choral festival
                                                                                         Jane Dill join forces
                                                                                         to present two
                                                                                         concertos for classical
                                                                                         guitar and piano. The
                           hilarious happy ending.        features choirs from           performance begins
                           The show begins at 7:30        South Carolina, Georgia        at 7:30 p.m. in Folger
                           p.m. in Folger Fine Arts       and North Carolina.            Fine Arts Auditorium.
                           Auditorium. Admission          Come for an evening            Admission is free.
                           is free.                       of choral music at
                                                          First Baptist Church in        DECEMBER 3
                           OCTOBER 18                     Easley, S.C. The program       Sounds of the Season
                           Dr. Phillip Hayner,            begins at 7:30 p.m. and        Join the SWU Wind
                           pianist                        admission is free.             Ensemble for a light
                           Dr. Hayner’s program                                          evening of holiday
                           features pia
                                    piano sonatas         NOVEMBER 18                    favorites and new
                           by two great Romantic          SWU Music Majors               works. A relaxing
                           composers, Franz Liszt         Formal Recital                 evening brings in
                           and Johannes Brahms.           SWU music majors are           the Christmas season
                           The performance begins         featured in this Sunday        in Folger Fine Arts
                           at 7:30 p.m. in Folger         afternoon performance          Auditorium. Admission
                           Fine Arts Au
                                     Auditorium.          in Folger Fine Arts            is free.
                                                          Auditorium. The concert
                           Admission is free.
                                                          begins at 3 p.m. and is
                                                                                         DECEMBER 7
                           OCTOBER 22                                                    Lessons and Carols
                           An Evening of                                                 Luminaries light the
                                                          NOVEMBER 19
                           Instruments                    SWU Music Majors               way to Folger Fine Arts
                           The SWU W  Wind Ensemble       Honors Recital                 Auditorium for this
                           presents an evening            Selected SWU music             community celebration
                           of symphonic music             majors are presented           of Christ’s birth through
                           in Folger Fine Arts            in this evening                scripture and song. Led
                           Auditorium at 7:30             performance in Folger          by Southern Wesleyan’s
                           p.m. Sacred, secular,          Fine Arts Auditorium.          Music Department, this
                           contemporary and               The concert is free and        special service begins at
                           classical literature will      begins at 7:30 p.m.            7:30 p.m. and is free.

                               Folger Fine Arts Auditorium is located on the university’s campus in Central, S.C.
                                          For event details, visit or call 864-644-5294.

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