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Homework Grid 6_ 2010


									                     Homework Grid: Year 6, 2009
       Please Note: This homework is for a TWO WEEK period.
   Week Beginning: Monday 03-05-2010                         Due Date: Friday 14-05-2010

Reading: (Every school            Housework: (3 times per            Social Time.
night. Min. 20 minutes.)          week)                              Talk to your family about
                                      Wash the dishes.              something you have
      Read to someone                Hang washing out.             learned.
       else.                          Help prepare                       A new Maths skill.
      Listen to someone                dinner.                           A new game.
       read to you.                   Make lunches.                      An interesting
      Read silently.                 Take the rubbish                      piece of
      Read aloud to your               out.                                 information from
       pet cat, dog,                  Clean your room.                      Rich Task.

Spelling:                         Physical Activity:                  Writing:
Learn your two lists of 15            Club training.                Choose a country of the
spelling words from                   Swim                          world that you would like to
                                                                     find out more about. Write
Spelling Conventions.                 Walk
                                                                     10 questions about this
Look-Cover-Write-Check                Jog                           country that you would like
each word you don’t know              Ride a bike                   to answer. Write these
three times at least.                 Play a physical               questions as full sentences.
Complete Units                          game.                        You do not need to
12 and 13 of the                                                     answer the
textbook.                                                            questions.
Maths:                            Extra Maths:                 Rich Task:
                                                               Use an atlas or map to
Complete the Problem-             Measure the Area of three of locate the following
Solving worksheets you            the rooms in your house.     countries. Name the
were given. Make sure this        Measure the length and width Continent that these
                                  of each room and multiply
week that you include all                                      countries are part of.
                                  the lengths to get your
of your working.                  answer. Your answer will be Norway, Spain, Bolivia,
                                  in Square Metres.            Mexico, Ghana, Vietnam,
                                                               Libya, Surinam, Albania,
                                                               Laos, Canada, Tanzania.

Teacher / Parent comments.

   -   Please complete every section/box above during the fortnight.
   -   Dot points are examples only. You can choose a different activity if it fits the heading.
   -   Parents, please initial each box to indicate that the activity was completed.
   -   Please write a number in each box to show how many times each activity was completed

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