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					Coral Springs High School
     Varsity Softball

   Parent and Athlete
             Softball Team Rules and Regulations


In order for athletics to be a good representative of Coral Springs High, its
athletes need to show good academic grades. As part of the Lady Colts
softball team, you are expected to maintain a “C” average the entire time
you are on the team. No “Ds” or “Fs” will be tolerated.

   - Each player will have grades in each class that are a “C” or better.
   - It is your responsibility to make sure you complete all homework and
     assignments in every class.
   - SCORE will be set up every day after school to give you an opportunity to
     finish homework and/or study before practice.
   - Anything below a “C” will result in consequences.
   - Players are expected to turn in a Pinnacle report every Friday for review.

1. “F” – SCORE after school until the grade is brought up to a “C”. This
includes Juniors and Seniors
2 “Fs” – SCORE after school and miss practice and games until the “F”s are
brought up to a “C”
3 “Fs” you will be dismissed from the team for academic ineligibility


** You need to attend 10 practices starting 1/10/10 to be eligible
to play in the 1st game on February 8th!**

In order for athletics to be a good representative of Coral Springs High, its
athletes need to follow all school rules. As part of the Lady Colts softball
team, you are expected to follow these rules and show fellow students that
athletes respect the rules set by administration. If you fail to follow the
school rules you will have to deal with the consequences.


   -   Each player will be allowed 2 excused tardies. That includes tardies to
       1st period and any other period.
   -   No unexcused tardies will be tolerated

  - You will be allowed 3 excused absences and 2 unexcused absences
     from school.
  - If you are absent you need to let Coach Brust or Coach Eggemeyer know
     you will not be at practice.
  - If you are not in school, you cannot participate in practice. If you miss
     practice without notifying either Coach, you will be benched for 1 game.

Class Cuts:
   - Cutting class will not be tolerated. Cutting class will result in immediate
      dismissal from the softball team.

Consequences: 1st offense: running for the amount of time late
              2nd offense: sitting the bench during game(s)
              3rd offense: Dismissal from softball team

Dear Parent,

       The softball coaching staff would like to thank you in advance
for the support of family interest and commitment to this phase of our
school program. When your daughter was selected as a member of
the Lady Colts softball team, she committed herself to certain
responsibilities and obligations. As parents, we feel that you too have
committed yourselves to certain responsibilities and obligations. It is
our role as coaches to set guidelines and expectations to ensure a
well-organized athletic program. We expect hard work,
perseverance, leadership, and positive attitudes to be portrayed
within the program to ensure individual and team unity.

     Parents play a huge role in the success of this team. we cannot
succeed without you. We need your positive support at all times. As a
parent of the Coral Springs High softball program you are expected to
adhere to the following:

A) assist your daughter to meet her requirements as laid out in the
athlete section

B) provide or coordinate punctual transportation to and from practices
and games

C) be a fan of your daughter and her teammates, not a coach or a

D) act as good ambassadors of the Coral Springs High softball
program at all functions in which we have an interest

E) treat all members of the Coral Springs High softball programs
coaching staff with respect

F) assist all other parents of the Coral Springs High Softball program
with fundraising and other team functions when able.

      When parents have a concern that is specific to their
daughter, we encourage them to talk to the coach. What coaches
will not do is discuss “coaching decisions". Coaching decisions
include, among other things, specific game decisions (who

played when, who played where and how much etc.). The
amount of time any given athlete is on the field is the result of a
complex determination, in that coaches’ opinion, of the athlete's
ability, the athlete's potential, the athlete's position, the teams
needs at the moment, and the teams needs for the future. The
coach will not be required to defend her thought process or
conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a
parent to make that request.
      In addition, coaches have been instructed not to discuss any
athlete with a parent other than the parents own child. It is
inappropriate for an athlete or parent to approach other parents about
a problem the athlete or parent is having with a coach or about
objections to coaching decisions. Asking uninvolved persons to take
sides in an issue is unfair to the third party and to the team. Any
parent who is approached and asked to listen to or express an
opinion about matters between two other parties on the team, is
strongly encouraged to direct the complaining party to take the matter
up with the coach.
      Repetitive complaining by an athlete or parent that interferes
with the teams efforts to pursue its stated pledge and purpose, may
be cause, in sole determination of the team, for an athlete to be
removed from the program. In a situation where a parent should need
to speak to the coach on behalf of an athlete, meetings are to be at
times and locations other than practices, games, or tournaments. If a
parent approaches a coach before, after, or during a practice, game
or tournament, we have instructed the coaches to refuse to discuss
any such matter and to walk away from the situation. The
recommended time for a parent or athlete to talk to a coach about a
problem is at a previously arranged meeting time.

Coaching Staff

                       Kristen Brust
                          Head Coach
                       (c ) 631-897-2328
                   (w) 754-322-3000 -CSMS


                   Stacey Eggemeyer
                        Assistant Coach

                     Dianne Sanzari
                      Athletic Director

                       Kim Dugdale
                     Athletic Trainer

        Expected Requirements for EVERY Athlete
Equipment Brought Every Day:      Glove
                                  Cleats (rubber ones preferred)
                                  Batting Gloves (optional)
                                  Bat – Must have ASA 2009 Stamp (optional)
                                  Tennis shoes for conditioning
                                  Water bottle

Team Attire for Practice:         Tee shirt
                                  Shorts or pants (no sofies)
                                  Black softball socks

Team Attire for Games:            Jersey
                                  Black Pants
                                  Black Socks
                                  Black Under Armor – Long or short sleeve

Practice Schedule: M, T, TH, Fr 3:30 – 5:30, Wed 4:00 – 6:00, and Sat -8:00-

These times are general and will be modified at the coach’s discretion.

All practices are mandatory unless previous arrangements have been made. The
player, not friends or parents, must do any communication about attendance
prior to the absence.

Date           Opponent                  Location        Time

2/8/11(TU)     Everglades                CSHS            6:30
2/10/11(TH)    Monarch                   Monarch         6:30
2/11/11(F)     Piper                     CSHS            6:30
2/15/11 (TU)   Coral Glades              CSHS            6:30
2/17/11 (TH)   Boyd Anderson             Boyd Anderson   6:30
2/22/11 (TU)   Taravella                 CSHS            6:30
2/24/11 (TH)   Coconut Creek             Coconut Creek   6:30
3/1/11 (TU)    Deerfield                 Deerfield       6:30
3/3/11 (TH)    Douglas                   CSHS            6:30
3/8/11 (TU)    Monarch                   CSHS            6:30
3/11/11 (F)    Coral Glades              Coral Glades    6:30
3/22/11 (TU)   Boyd Anderson             CSHS            6:30
3/24/11 (TH)   Taravella                 Taravella       6:30
3/29/11 (TU)   Coconut Creek             CSHS            6:30
4/1/11 (F)     Deerfield                 CSHS            6:30
4/4/11 (M)     Western                   Western         6:30
4/5/11 (TU)    Douglas                   Douglas         6:30
4/7/11 (TH)    Northeast                 CSHS            6:30
4/14/11 (TH)   Hallandale                Hallandale      6:30

                       Head Coach: Kristen Brust
                  Assistant Coach: Stacey Eggemeyer

                Away Games - School Addresses

Coral Glades High
2700 Sportsplex Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065

Monarch High
5050 Wiles Rd, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Boyd Anderson High
3050 NW 41st St, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33309

Coconut Creek High
1400 NW 44th Ave, Coconut Creek, FL 33066

Western High
1200 SW 136th Ave, Davie, FL 33325

Taravella High:
10600 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071

Hallandale High:
720 NW Ninth Ave., Hallandale 33009

Stoneman -Douglas High:
     5901 Pine Island Rd., Parkland 33076

Deerfield Beach:
910 SW 15th St., Deerfield Beach 33441

Game Procedures

Home Game Procedures

  1. Be at the field at 4:45 and be doing your pre game job.
  2. Put out helmets, and bats on the outside of the dugout so the Umpire can
     check them.
  3. Start warm up lap at 5:15
  4. When the game is over, we will shake hands of the opposing team and
     have a short talk in the outfield.
  5. Gather your belongings and go do your after game job.
  6. Once everyone has completed her, job, you may go home.

Away Game Procedures

  1. Change BEFORE we leave school
  2. Someone will be in charge of gathering a bucket of balls, the med kit and
       a cooler of water. These jobs will rotate and everyone will do it.
  3.   Be at the bus at designated time. Times change due to travel distance
       and game time. You will know what time you need to be there the day
       before. (everyone MUST ride the bus to the away game. That is school
       board policy)
  4.   Put out helmets, and bats on the outside of the dugout so the Umpire can
       check them.
  5.   Start your warm up lap
  6.   When the game is over, we will shake hands of the opposing team and
        have a short talk in the outfield.
  7.   Gather your belongings, the buckets, water cooler, and med kit and go on
       the bus. (you may leave with YOUR parent only)

                           Team Expectations
      Our athletes are expected to be committed to the sport and more
importantly to one another on the team. Make arrangements around your
commitment to the softball program (job, work schedule, college visits, etc.)
Non-school sports should NEVER be a conflict with the softball program.

       As individuals of a team sport, it is important that we embrace each
person’s strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is expected to be a positive
leader. As the old saying goes “there is no I in team”. Listed below are specific
expectations all members are to follow:

             -   being ready 15 minutes before practice time.
             -   Come prepared to practice with your equipment
             -   No back talk or disrespect of any kind to coaches or
             -   No tardiness for practice, games, or meetings.

Consequences for not following expectations will result in running or loss
of game playing time.

            -    Academics need to given the same amount of attention if not
                 more, as your dedication of the softball team. Respect your
                 teachers and fellow classmates.
             -   NO tolerance of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Anyone caught will
                 follow the policy set by CSHS. This is your only warning!
             -   Give 100% of what you are worth each day (game or practice).
             -   To respect your teammates, managers, athletic trainer,
                 coaches, and most importantly YOURSELF.
             -   Challenge yourself and teammates to become stronger
             -   Have a positive attitude (ex: good sportsmanship during
             -   To accept constructive criticisms
             -   Play HARD and with class.
             -   Listen and ask questions of coaches/teammates to learn
             -   When on the bench during games, pay attention, and
                 support your teammates.
             -   When substituted in games/practices, hustle off. DO NOT
                 throw your bat, glove, etc. If you do, you will remain on the
             -   Report injuries to your coach ASAP.

             -   Remember, when your coach is talking, you are NOT. Pay
                 attention and listen to your next directions.
             -   Players are asked to remain focused at all games/ practices and
                 asked not to talk to family or friends until dismissed.
             -   No cell phones are to be out during practice and/or games.

Expectations of Coaches
            - To be enthusiastic leaders for players to follow.
            - To treat all players with respect.
            - To provide positive reinforcement as well as constructive
               criticism to all players.
            - Treat all players fairly (yet it may not be the same).
            - To be organized and prepared for practice and games.
            - To listen and offer advice.
            - To be firm, yet reasonable.

Parents Expectations
           - Please do limit yourself from yelling at umpires, players, and
           - Please do not coach from the stands
           - Please understand that your daughters playing time in not
              negotiable. The following steps need to be taken: first she
              needs to meet with the coach individually, and secondly a
              meeting can be set up with the parent(s), daughter, and coach
              to discuss playing time.
           - Please be respectful of other parents sitting around you and
              refrain from negative statements of other players and coaches
           - Please respect the game time length. Do not bother your
              daughter on the bench, during the game, or between innings.
           - Please be patient. After the game, a quick reflective meeting
              will take place. Allow your daughter and team the space
              needed for the meeting.
           - Please trust the decisions made by the coaching staff as they
              are in the best interest of your daughter and softball program.

                   Varsity Letter Requirements

        Earning a Varsity Letter requires commitment, dedication, and
hard work. By playing on a Varsity team, you are not guaranteed a
Varsity letter. In order to earn a Varsity letter for this season, you
must meet the following requirements:

   1.   Be at every practice on time
   2.   Attend every game
   3.   Help your teammates with positive feedback
   4.   Participate in all fundraising activities
   5.   Show improvement in your softball skills from the beginning of
        the season to the end

      Throughout the season you will take parting fundraisers that will
   help support our program. This fundraising money will help pay for
   equipment, tournaments, and a banquet at the end of the season.
   We hope that the athlete and the parents can help us in our
   fundraising efforts.

***Details will be announced at a later date!

Districts are a single elimination tournament. Only the top six teams
in our district will play. We will not know our status until the last week
of the season.

To follow our teams progress follow the steps below
   1. Go to
   2. Scroll down a little and on the right you will see a “Find your
      School” box.
   3. Just below that there is a link for standings. Click on it.
   4. Fill in the appropriate boxes. We are girls softball for the 2011
      season class 6A district 10.
   5. When you print the page, it puts the teams in correct standing

      Handbook Verification Form

We, ___________________ and ______________________,
          Athlete’s Name                     Parent’s Name
have read the 2011 Coral Springs High School Softball Handbook.
We understand the process and procedures that are required to
remain and play on the varsity softball team. We agree to abide by
all the rules and regulations. If rule is broken, we understand the
consequences that will occur. If we do not understand a rule, we will
ask for clarification.

_______________                                 _______________
Athlete’s Name                                  Athlete’s Signature

_______________                                 ________________
Parent’s Name                                   Parents Signature



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