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									                                           BASIC HACCP COURSE                              ADVANCED HACCP COURSE
                                           PRELIMINARY AGENDA                              PRELIMINARY AGENDA

                                           DAY ONE                                         DAY ONE
                                           Introduction to HACCP                           HACCP Review
  Basic HACCP Workshop:                    Management Support & Commitment                 Overview and Design of Prerequisite Programs
          $400.00                          Prerequisites to HACCP                          Verification of Prerequisite Programs
Annapolis, MD        October 18-19, 2010   Preliminary Tasks to HACCP                      Validation of Food Safety Control Measures
                                           Work Group Exercise # 1                         Verification of Prerequisite Programs Working
                                           Work Group Exercise # 1 Presentation            Group
  Advanced HACCP Workshop:                 Overview of Food Safety Hazards                 Exercise Task 1
Verification and Validation of HACCP       HACCP Principle # 1 Conduct a Hazard            Verification of CCP’s
          Plans and Systems                Analysis                                        Working Group Exercise Task 2
                                           HACCP Principle # 2 Identify critical control   HACCP System Verification
                $500.00                    points                                          Role of Microbiological Testing in Food Safety
Annapolis, MD        October 20–21, 2010   Work Group Exercise # 2                         Systems
                                           Work Group Exercise # 2 Presentations
***On site classes available; please
   call for details. Basic course can      DAY TWO                                         DAY TWO
   be taught in Spanish & French;          HACCP Principle # 3 Establish Critical Limits   HACCP Plan Assessments & Audits
   please call for details.                HACCP Principle # 4 Establish Monitoring        HACCP Plan/System Validation and
***Both courses fully meet the HACCP       Procedures                                      Reassessment
   training requirements of USDA, FDA,     HACCP Principle # 5 Establish Corrective        Working Group Exercise Task 3
  SQF, BRC, and ISO 2000.                  Actions                                         Regulatory requirements for Verification and
                                           Work Group Exercise # 3                         Validation
***Special GFSI, SQF, BRC, ISO 22000,
                                           Work Group Exercise # Presentations             General Review
    and PRIMUSGFS course certificates      HACCP Principle # 6 Establish Verification      Post-training Exam
    available.                             Activities
                                           HACCP Principle # 7 Establish Recordkeeping
  WRITING HACCP/SSOP PLANS                Work Group Exercise # 4
  PRE-REQUISITE PROGRAMS                  Work Group Exercise # 4 Final Presentations
                                           Implementation of HACCP / FSIS HACCP
  FOOD SAFETY SYSTEMS                     Examine
  NOIE’S, NR’S                            Overview of Exam – Present Certifications
  FSA’S, RECALLS                          Adjourn Course
  ISO 22000:2005
BASIC HACCP COURSE OVERVIEW                           WHAT PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE                              REGISTRATION FORM
The course curriculum provides hands-on
training in developing a HACCP program for all        HACCP course notebook and workshop manual.             Print or type your name as you want it to appear
types of meat slaughtering and processing             Copies of each group's HACCP plan upon                 on your Certificate of Completion.
facilities. The course includes case studies and      completion of the course.
small working group sessions to provide               A certificate of completion with the industry
participants with a working knowledge of              recognized International HACCP Alliance                Name:
HACCP and enable them to incorporate HACCP            accreditation seal.
principles in their own facilities. Course is fully   Entry into the International HACCP Alliance's          Company:
accredited for all GFSI formats including             Participant Registry.
SQF, BRC, ISO 22000, and PRIMUSGFS.                                                                          Address:
                                                      GENERAL INFORMATION
OVERVIEW                                              The cost of the basic workshop is $400.00 per
The course curriculum provides an in-depth            person and the advanced workshop is $500.00            City:
understanding of verification and validation of       per person for the two day event. This fee
HACCP plans and Food Safety Management                includes course materials. Class begins at 8:00        State/Providence:               Zip:
Systems The course includes case studies and          AM. Training participants may cancel up to ten
small working group sessions to provide               working days prior to the training to receive a full   Phone:
participants with a working knowledge of              refund. Cancellations received less than ten
verification and validation and enables               working days prior to the training are subject         FAX:
participants to enhance food safety in their own      to the full registration fee. Substitutions may
facilities. Course is fully accredited for all        be made at any time. Upon receipt of enrollment        E-mail:
GFSI formats including SQF, BRC, ISO                  and payment, TJH Consulting, LLC will email or
22000, and PRIMUSGFS.                                 fax a confirmation letter and directions to each       Payment:      CHECK ENCLOSED (PAYABLE TO
                                                      registrant for the site.                                            TJH CONSULTING, LLC)
QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                               Charge to:    VISA        MASTERCARD
TJH Consulting, LLC provides technical and            To register on-line go to www.tjhconsulting.com
                                                      and follow the directions.                                           AMERICAN EXPRESS
managerial assistance for the development,                                                                   Exp. Date:
implementation, and maintenance of HACCP                                                                     Cardholder:
programs. Their experts work within the               Other registration, complete the attached
                                                                                                             Card No:
guidelines of the U.S. Department of Agriculture,     registration form and submit with your payment
                                                      by mail or fax to:                                     Expiration Date:
the Food and Drug Administration, industry                                                                   Signature:
associations and the framework of the
International HACCP Alliance (IHA) to provide         TJH Consulting, LLC
                                                                                                             Course Location:        BASIC HACCP Workshop
support and specific services.                        617 Woodsmans Way                                                              ADVANCED WORKSHOP
                                                      Crownsville, MD 21032-2417                             Date:
                                                      Office (410) 266-3332
WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                    Cell (410) 693-2815                                    For registration questions, please contact TJH
                                                      Fax (410) 573-1784                                     Consulting, LLC (410) 693 – 2815 or (410) 266-
Any Food Safety Professional - those in               E-mail tjhconsult@cs.com                               3332.
industry, government and academia interested
in further developing their understanding and         Pre-registration is required. On-site registrations
skills in HACCP. Participants should have some        will not be accepted.
prior training and experience in working with

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