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									   Cardiothoracic Forum Programme Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd
                           March 2011
                          ExCeL London

                             Monday 21st March

8.45 to 10.00 ~ Multidisciplinary Shared Session With Papers From
Science, Nursing And Surgical Care Practitioners

08.50 to 09.00 ~  The National Lottery for Lung Cancer Surgery - is 'Hub-
and-Spoke' the Missing Ticket? Kelvin Lau1; D.A. Waller1; S. Rathinam1; M.D.
1Glenfield Hospital, United Kingdom; 2National Cancer Intelligence Network,

United Kingdom

09.00 to 09.10 ~  The Development and Validation of a Model to Assess Total
Morbidity Burden after Cardiac Surgery Julie Sanders1; B.E. Keogh2; J. Van der
Meulen3; J.P. Browne4; T. Treasure1; M.G. Mythen5; H.E. Montgomery1; 6
1University College London, United Kingdom; 2Department of Health, United

Kingdom; 3Royal College of Surgeons, United Kingdom; 4University College Cork,
Ireland; 5University College London and University College London Hospitals,
United Kingdom; 6United Kingdom

09.10 to 09.20 ~     Duration of Red Cell Storage and Acute Kidney Injury
following Cardiac Surgery. Nishith Patel1; H. Lin1; T. Toth2; P. Ray3; G.I. Welsh4;
s.c. satchell4; R. Cardigan5; G.D. Angelini1; G.J. Murphy1
1Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 2Department of

Histopathology, North Bristol NHS Trust, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, United
Kingdom; 3Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Weston General
Hospital, Weston Super Mare., United Kingdom; 4Academic Renal Unit, University
of Bristol, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, United Kingdom; 5NHS Blood and
Transplant Service, Cambridge, United Kingdom

09.20 to 09.30 ~  Post-Operative Outcomes in Patients Managed with INVOS
– a Prospective Audit. Sean Bennett1; C.M. Haworth1; M. Bennett2; D. Walsh3; R.
1Castle Hill Hospital, United Kingdom; 2University of Newcastle, United Kingdom;
3Hull York Medical School, United Kingdom

09.30 to 09.40 ~   Excellent Biventricular Function Following Heart
Transplantation from DCD Donors. Ayyaz Ali1; B. Xiang2; P. White3; T. Lee4; S.
Tsui1; E. Ashley5; R. Arora4; S.R. Large1; G. Tian2; D. Freed4
1Papworth Hospital, United Kingdom; 2National Research Council, Canada;
3Addenbrookes Hospital, United Kingdom; 4St. Boniface Hospital, Canada;
5Stanford University Medical Center, USA

09.40 to 09.50 ~ Outcome Following Thoracic Surgery: The Role of
Preoperative Chlorhexidine Mouthwash in the Prevention of Post
Operative Pneumonia. C.A. Efthymiou1; R. Milton2; K. Abbas1
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, St, James's University Hospital, Leeds, United

Kingdom; 2St, James's University Hospital, Leeds, United Kingdom
09.50 to 10.00 ~  True Inter-Professional Working: A Combined Rota for
Junior Doctors, Cardiac Surgical Care and Nurse Practitioners. D.A.
Tragheim; G. Chilton; G. Cooper
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

Chairs ~ Professor D Taggart (President, SCTS), Tara Bartley, (Nursing
Representative, SCTS) & Tobias Rankin (President, ACSA)

10.00 to 10.45 ~Tea and coffee

10.45 to 10.55~ Opening Remarks, Tara Bartley, Nursing Representative, SCTS

10.55 ~ 11.10 ~ Key Note Speaker Opening Remarks, Andrea Spyropoulos,
President of the RCN

11.10 to 11.40 ~   Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS. The NHS; the
implications of the current changes.

11.45 to 12.30 ~ Heart Research Presentation, Joint Session

Chairs ~ Sir Bruce Keogh (Medical Director NHS), & Ms Christina Bannister,
Deputy Nursing Representative, SCTS

12.30 to 13.30 ~ Lunch

13.30 to 15.00 ~ UK Activity, Joint Session

15.00 to 15.45 ~ Tea and coffee

15.45 to 16.15 ~ Trauma and first line management prior to the hospital setting.
Mr. R Steyn, Thoracic Surgeon, Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

16.15 to 16.30 ~ Paper 1  Developing a Multidisciplinary Complex Pre and
Post Operative Intervention to Reduce Complications and Enhance
Recovery after Lung Resection Surgery. M.Z. Abdelaziz; A. Bradley; P. Agostini;
K. Nagarajan; E. Bishay; M.S. Kalkat; R.S. Steyn; P.B. Rajesh; B. Naidu
Birmingham Heartland Hospital, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, United

16.30 to 16.45 ~ Paper 2 The Introduction of Standardised Guidelines for
Talc Pleurodesis into a Cardiothoracic Unit. Claire Badger; J. Asante-Siaw
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, United Kingdom

16.45 to 17.00 ~ Paper 3.    Impact of a Nurse-Led Clinic in Thoracic Surgery.
S.H. Williams; J.G.E. Williams; M. Bibi; P. Tcherveniakov; R. Milton
St James's University Hospital, Leeds, United Kingdom

Chairs ~ Ms Juliet King, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Guys and St Thomas NHS
Foundation Trust & Ms Rebecca Myatt, Nurse Case Manager Guys & Thomas’s Hospital
NHS Trust, London

17.00 to 18.30 ~ St Judes’ Symposium, Joint Session
                            Tuesday 22nd March

08.45 to 09.15 ~ WHO Checklist - Surgical safety checklists; it is worth the
effort! Mr Stephen Clark, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

09.15 to 09.30 ~ Paper 4. The Missing Link: The Role of the Cardiac Surgical
Care Practitioner in Bridging the Service-Training Gap. Antony Hayden
Walker; S.E. Deacon; L. Hadjinnikolaou Glenfield Hospital, United Kingdom

09.30 to 09.45 ~ Paper 5. Prioritising Non-Elective Patients: Do They All
Need to Wait in Hospital? C. Bannister1; S.A. Livesey2 1Southampton University
Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom; 2Southampton General Hospital, United

09.45 to 10.00 ~ Paper 6. The Impact of the Post-Operative 'Fast-Track’
Protocol on Patient Management and Outcomes Following Cardiac Surgery.
Annabel Sharkey; G. Chetty, Northern General Hospital, United Kingdom

Chairs ~ Mr David O’Regan, Consultant Surgeon, Leeds General Infirmary, &
Ms Helen Munday, Associate Director of Nursing, Papworth Hospital

10.00 to 10.45 ~ Tea and coffee

10.45 to 11.15 ~Measuring quality outcomes, what this mean, Mr. G Bolger,
Former programme director quality in nursing care and outcomes Chief Nursing
Officer's Team.

11.15 to 11.45 ~   National Cardiac Benchmarking Collaborative, Dr Rebecca

11.45 to 12.00 ~ Paper 7 Minimising Patient Morbidity – The Next Challenge
for Cardiothoracic Surgery. C. Tennyson; D.J. McCormack; S. Ibrahim; P.
Lohrmann; A.R. Shipolini The London Chest Hospital, United Kingdom

12.00 to 12.15 ~Paper 8.Secondary Prevention following Coronary Artery
Bypass Grafting: Are we Compliant with the Guidelines? V. Joshi; B.
Bridgewater University Hospital of South Manchester, United Kingdom

12.15 to 12.30 ~ Paper 9  A Survey of Quality of Life Following Surgery for
Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Reflects the Patients’ Commitment to
Learning about the Disease. D. Raffle; A. Barua; A.E. Martin-Ucar
nottingham city hospital, United Kingdom

Chairs ~ Mr Ben Bridgewater, Consultant Surgeon, Wythenshawe & Kelly Anne
Prime, Nurse, The London & Barts NHS Trust

12.30 to 13.30 ~ Lunch

13.30 to 13.45 ~ Regulation and Standardisation at Advanced Levels of
Nursing Practice for Patient Safety and Public Protection." Jenny Aston,
Advance Nurse Practitioner Forum.

13.45 to 14.00 ~ Paper 10    Nurse Practitioners (NPs) can safely provide Sole
Resident Cover for Cardiac Intensive Care Units (CICU). D.A. Tragheim; G.
Chilton; G. Cooper Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United

14.00 to 14.15 ~ Paper 11 Nurse Practitioners (NPs) can safely provide Sole
Resident Cover for Cardiac Intensive Care Units (CICU). Prakash Nanjaiah1; H.
Skinner2; R.S. Jutley1; I.M. Mitchell1; S. McCartney2; D. Richens2
1City Hospital, United Kingdom; 2City Hospital, Nottingham, United Kingdom

14.15 to 14.30 ~ Paper 12  Reflection on the Implementation of a Nurse
Practitioner Training Programme in a Large Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit
Sandra Laidler1; f. thompson2; l. clarke1; r. MacFarlane1; s. naden1; G. newberry1;
s.a. stamenkovic11Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United
Kingdom; 2Newcastle upon tyne hospitals nhs foundation trust, United Kingdom

14.30 to 14.45 ~ Paper 13  The Role of Nurse-led Post-Operative Cardiac
Clinics: a Fifteen Month Experience in Wales A. Parkes; M. Jenkins; D. Mehta
University Hospital of Wales, United Kingdom

14.45 to 15.00 ~ Paper 14    Innovative and Practical Approach to
Multidisciplinary Teaching in the Area of Thoracic Surgery using
Simulation Techniques P. Agostini; T. Starkey-Moore; S. Rathinam; B. Naidu; R.
Steyn; E. Bishay; M. Kalkat; P. Rajesh Heartlands Hospital, United Kingdom

Chairs ~ Mr Tim Graham, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
Birmingham, Mr Ian Mitchell Consultant, Cardiac Surgeon & Mr Tony
Gelsthorpe, Critical Care Practitioner, Trent Cardiac Centre, City Hospital,
Nottingham, United Kingdom

15.00 to 15.30 ~ Tea and coffee

15.30 to 15.45 ~ Paper 15. Nursing Care of Spinal Drains Following Aortic
Surgery. Jim Doolan; M.L. Field; M. Kuduvalli; A. Oo; J. Kendall; M. Desmond
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, United Kingdom

15.45 to 16.00 ~ Paper 16    Pain Control in Cardiac Surgery Patients:
Prospective Study of Intrathecal Morphine versus Patient-Controlled
Analgesia. R Haris Bilal; N. Nazeakor; M.N. Bittar; J. Zacharias; R. Millner; P.
Saravanan; D. Ngaage. Blackpool Victoria Hospital, United Kingdom

16.00 to 16.15 ~ Paper 17How Good is Your Local Anticoagulation Clinic?
Audit of Time in Therapeutic Range of Patients Discharged on Oral
Anticoagulation Therapy. Ishtiaq Ahmed; A. Foster; s. asopa; s. hunter
James Cook University Hospital, United Kingdom

16.15 to 16.30 ~ Paper 18 Introduction of an End of Life Care Process. L.
Truesdale1; T. Williamson2; K. Mouats2 1Golden Jubilee National Hospital;
2Golden Jubilee National Hospital, United Kingdom
Chairs ~ Mr Edward Brackenbury Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Royal
Infirmary of Edinburgh & Mr Neville Rumsby, Charge Nurse Professional
development, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Liverpool

16.30 to 16.40 ~ Closing Remarks, Tara Bartley, Nursing Representative, SCTS

16.45 to 18.15 ~   EWTD Symposium Chair: Professor Marjan Jahangiri

Poster presentations will be displayed in the registration area.

            2011 Annual Dinner, The Silver Sturgeon River Boat Trip

                   For registration log onto the SCTS website
            Details of local accommodation are available on the site

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