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Property Disposal


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									    Property Disposal

       UCB Distribution Center
           Property Services
          3300 Walnut St
          Boulder, CO 80301
                Property Services

Presented by:
Jack Brubaker
              Property Services
       Managing the following operations:
•   Property Disposal
•   Moving and Hauling
•   Furniture Sales new and used
•   Internet Sales of specialized equipment
•   Surplus Computer Screening
•   Public Auctions
                   Property Disposal
All surplus university property
 (furniture, equipment, vehicles,
 electronics) must be disposed of
 through Property Services. Property
 disposal services are free for UCB.
UCB departments may initiate and
 track requests for property disposal
 by accessing our online Surplus
 Property Management System
 located here:
We can also help you...
• Get authorization to cannibalize or
  trade in old equipment
• Make a donation to a non-profit
• Transfer research equipment to
  another institution
Surplus Property trade-ins, donations, transfers
To accomplish one the following:
• Get authorization to cannibalize or trade in old equipment
• Make a donation to a non-profit organization
• Transfer research equipment to another institution
Departments will need to:
• Send an e-mail to Jack Brubaker at explaining
  what the department would like to do with the surplus item with as much detail
  as possible, i.e. serial numbers, model numbers and, especially CU ID tag
• Jack will issue a “Disposal Authorization Memo” to departments to document
  request approval.
• If it’s a “trade in” Jack will need the name of the company
• If it’s a transfer to another institution, Jack will need the name of the Institution
  as well as the Professor, if applicable, and, approval from the department.
• If the item was purchased with grant funds, the department will need to get
  approval from the Office of Contracts and Grants and complete a Sponsored
  Projects Equipment Disposal Request form located here:
Surplus Property trade-ins, donations, transfers
If a department wants to do any of these:

• Get authorization to cannibalize or trade
  in old equipment
• Make a donation to a non-profit
• Transfer research equipment to another

They do not have to go through our on-
line Surplus Property Management

The form to the right is an example of our
Disposal Authorization memo issued by
Property Services giving departments
  Online Surplus Property Disposal
Campus Departments can create a Department Profile and initiate Disposal
Requests with our on-line Surplus Property Management System located here:
Jilliandra Watkins, 303-492-6324
Jack Brubaker, 303-492-7207
are both available to help you
with the process of registering
your department and creating
Disposal Requests.
To register your department
                Using the link to
                in your Web Browser, you will
                arrive at a page that looks like the
                sample to the left.

                You may click the Register a New
                Department link (in the upper
                right corner above the e-mail box)
                to get the New Department
                Registration dialog box.
         To register your department
                                                If your department has not yet been defined,
The first field, Dept.#, is your department’s   proceed and fill out the information in the
org number from the PeopleSoft chart            dialog box. Leave the Responsibility level
string. If your department has already          at Administrator, as each department
been defined you’ll receive an message:         should initially have at least one person at
                                                that level to define additional users. Press
                                                Save when finished.
     To register your department

An email will be sent to the address you’ve entered. It will be from Facilities
Management and the subject will be something similar to SPO Registration.
This email may end up in your junk mail folder, so if it doesn’t appear in your
inbox within about 15 minutes check for it there.

When you sign in to the application, you will start at the To Do List screen.
         To register your department
Highlight the Departments and then Department
Profile tab to reach the Department Profile screen.
Press the Edit radio button so that you can enter     Move from field to field, filling in information.
your department information.                          When you encounter a field that is bordered
                                                      in red, that is a required field.
                To register your department
The Short Name can be used if a department is sometimes identified by a nickname. It is not a required
field. The Dept.#, Parent Dept #, and Parent Department will normally be left as is for the first department
defined in an organization. If your department structure includes subsidiary departments these can be set
up at a later time as “children”. For initial setup we will accept the University of Colorado as the “parent”.

    Enter information for each building used by your department and press the disk icon to save each set
    of information. For the most part we try to use the building numbers and addresses listed in the
    Property Accounting and Facilities Management systems. We have downloadable Excel version of
    this “Building Code File” available from our website:
Enter a main telephone number (required) and a main department fax number if
desired. Press the disk icon to save each line entry. Use the trashcan icon to
delete a saved entry.

                              The System requires at least two
                              speedtypes to:
                              1 - receive any revenues (Credit) for
                              those items sold in our public auctions.
                              Revenue speedtypes can be from funds
                              20, 26, 28, 29, 72, or 78.
                              Please use 325500 (Auction Proceeds-
                              Property Sales) as the Credit Account.      Check over your entries for
                                                                          this section of the department
                              2 - to defray expenses (Debit). Debit       profile and press the Save
                              speedtypes can be from funds 10, 20,        radio button to accept the
                              26, 28, 29, 72, or 78.                      information. At this point the
                                                                          Property Services office will
                              Please use 537699 (ID Equip < $5,000)
                                                                          have to review the profile and
                              as the Debit Account.
                                                                          authorize it before any
                              Save each speedtype/account combo           disposal requests can be
                              with the disk icon.                         entered.
                              Multiple entries are allowed.
                  To register your department

                                                                                     To change your password, click the key icon
                                                                                     under Password.

Information can now be modified in your user profile and other department users
can be added. This would be a good time to allow pop ups in your browser for
this website ( as the printing function involves pop
up windows. To edit user information, highlight username in the bottom panel
and press the Edit radio button. If you are to be one of those who will be
approving disposal requests that have been entered by your department, please
make sure the Authorized for box is checked next to the Dept #

Select your Salutation.                                                               Enter the New Password (Repeat) and
Populate the fields: first name, last name, title, e-mail (must be a University e-    press Save to complete the process.
mail address) phone number,
For Security Level choose Administrator..
Check the box next to your Dept # (org) for those users who will be able to
Authorize Disposal Requests for that department.
If you want a list of users who are authorized to approve disposal requests from this department, press the Department
Users tab and then the Print Signature Report radio button. This is for your Department’s use only. Property Services
Administration is able to access this information on-line.

        Use your browser’s print function to print the page or [Ctrl] [P] if that isn’t available in the tool bar.
         To enter a Disposal Request
                               After signing on to the application, the first screen to appear
Use the link to                will be the To Do List. This is a manual reminder list of tasks   needing completion. After you have completed the tasks on
in your Web Browser.           this to-do list, you may click the box to the left of the task and
                               click out of the panel. The next time you land on this to-do list
                               panel, that item will not appear.
          To enter a Disposal Request
To navigate to the Disposal Request screen
click Departments, then click Disposal
                                             Then, click the Add/Edit tab at the top of the
                                             Disposal Request screen.
            To enter a Disposal Request
Click the New radio button at the bottom   The cursor is now in the first box on a “fresh”
of the screen.                             disposal request screen. If you are only rostered
                                           in one department the department name field will
                                           automatically populate. If not, enter the first letter
                                           of the department name and then press the down
                                           arrow in the Select Department box to access a
                                           drop down list of all departments starting with
                                           that letter.
         To enter a Disposal Request
                                  The next information       At this point, before any line items are entered, the
                                  entry is Disposal Type     request can be saved so that it can be retrieved
                                  … the drop down list       later for edit. Press the yellow Save radio button.
                                  has five choices, but      You’ll note that a DR# has been added and all the
                                  we only use the default:   fields have been grayed. You must, then, select the
                                                             Edit radio button to get back in and edit the
                                  Turn into Surplus.         Disposal Request.

                   The Date will default to
                   today’s date, but when
                   highlighted will bring up a
                   calendar function. Either
                   accept today’s date or the
                   use the calendar function
                   to enter the date from the
                   hard copy Disposal

Please leave the “Pickup Type” status as “Property
Services” so that our office can process your items
appropriately. Even if you make arrangements to
deliver your surplus to our warehouse, we will still
need this status to remain.
                To enter a Disposal Request
We’re now ready to begin adding the line items . Press the Edit radio
button at the bottom of the screen. When we highlight the Bldg.# box, a
drop down box will be displayed with the default building at the top of the    Choose the building and enter
list. Select the building from the list. If the building you want does not     the room number. Note that we
appear on the list it will have to be added to your department profile by      are able to enter a different
your department administrator or by Property Services.                         room number for each line item
                                                                               on the disposal request.

                                                                              Note, that as we move from box to
                                                                              box, some boxes are highlighted in
                                                                              red...these are boxes that require
                                                                              information to be entered or we
                                                                              won’t be able to save the disposal
             To enter a Disposal Request
As soon as the Item box is highlighted a Select a Category box will appear. Enter a keyword or scroll up
and down the list to find an appropriate category. Our first line item is a typewriter...entering typewriter in
the keyword box gets us an exact hit., the word typewriter is highlighted in red.Click on the highlighted
word, the highlight will turn to yellow. Close the window using the Close radio button and the Item field
will be populated with Typewriter.
                To enter a Disposal Request
 The next field, Qty, defaults to 1.

                                                            The Condition field is a drop down
                                                            box...choose an appropriate value.
                                                            When in doubt, enter 0 –Unknown.

If there is an Est. Value noted on the hard copy
disposal request, then make an entry in the
Est.Value field, DO NOT check the MinBid box.
When you tab to or highlight the Distribution Account      Select the Credit speedtype, automatically
it will display all the credit speedtype combos that the   linked from your department profile. If you
department has entered, Choose one of these to             have more than one, please select the
populate this field.                                       appropriate speedtype to receive revenue if
                                                           the item sells in our public auctions for $100
                                                           or more.
             To enter a Disposal Request

If there is a CU Tag number on the item for disposal then enter it in the CU Tag# field. If it is in the
current Property Accounting Inventory the Serial #, Model #, Description, Acq.Cost fields will populate.
In our example, tag 117234, is not in the PAS database, so I’ve entered the serial number, model #, and
manufacturer from the disposal request. When you tab to the Acq.Date field a calendar will pop up...we
won’t normally enter an acquisition date, so just go to the Description field without making an entry.

If you do not have a CU Tag#, Serial #, Model# please leave these areas blank. If you type “N/A” or
“None” you will get a message preventing you from saving that line item. Just leave the areas blank for
which you have no information.
        To enter a Disposal Request
Enter an accurate description without punctuation or special characters. To save
this line entry press the “Save line Item” radio button just below the Description box.
This will, then, populate the bottom third of your request with your item.

                     Continue to enter line items by returning to the Room# field, entering values,
                     and closing each line by clicking the “Save line Item” radio button just below
                     the Description box.
To enter a Disposal Request

 To complete the Disposal Request
 1 - Select your name from the drop-down “Authorized By”
 menu, if there is more than one person entered to Authorize
 Disposal Requests.
 2 - Check the “Authorized” box
                 To enter a Disposal Request
Before you are able to authorize your request, you
must first confirm that:
-All sensitive data, social security numbers, personal
information, etc., has been removed from computer

-Equipment does not contain any radioactive materials,
hazardous material, PCP is not biologically
contaminated, etc. (If you have items that need
hazardous material clearance, download an
Environmental Health and Safety Certificate (PDF or
MSWord) and, contact Environmental Health and Safety
to certify your equipment is safe for disposal before this
request can be processed.)

-The equipment is cleared of federal requirements and it
can be disposed. (If Equipment or Furniture was
purchased with SPA funds you'll need to get in touch
with the Office of Contracts and Grants to assist in         Note: After authorization you will not be able
completing a Sponsored Projects Equipment Disposal           to make any additions or changes to your
Request form.)                                               disposal request.
       To print the request, press
       the Print radio button.

To print this screen press [Ctrl] [P].

The person in the Authorized By window will receive an email indicating that there is a Disposal Request that
needs to be authorized. The Property Services department will not be able to process the disposal request
until it has been authorized by the disposing department. Property Services will then create a manifest for
your disposal request. This manifest will generate temporary labels that will be delivered to your department
so you can label and organize your surplus property for pick up.
To Track a Disposal Request
                     To Track your Disposal

                     1. Select “Departments”
                     2. Select “Disposal Requests”
                     3. Select the “Show All” icon in
                         the middle
                     4. Now you will see all your
                         department’s Disposal
                         Requests created in our
                     5. The different categories are:
                        a. “Pending” means your
                           department still needs to
                           authorize the DR
                        b. “In Progress” means the
                           DR has been authorized
                           and assigned to Property
                           Services. The DR will
                           remain “In Progress” until
                           the items have been
                           processed in the
                           warehouse i.e. recycled,
                           trashed, or put back into
                        c. “Completed” means
                           Property Services has
                           processed all the items on
                           the Disposal Request
    Online Surplus Property Disposal
                  What happens next . . .
•     When your Disposal Request has been entered and authorized in the
      Surplus Property Management System, Property Services Staff will
      manifest your disposal request, e-mail the Disposal Request contact
      person with instructions and send labels through campus mail with
      further instructions within 1-2 business days.
•     When labels have been affixed to surplus items by the department
      please, reply to Steve Marvel’s initial e-mail here
•     After Property Services has been notified through e-mail that the
      items are ready, they will come and remove your surplus.
•     On average, it takes Property Services 6 calendar days to pick up a
      disposal request from the date the department notifies us the tags
      have been affixed and the items are ready for pick up.
•     Property Services completes approximately 150 disposal requests
      each month. The scope of one disposal request can range from a
      single item to a multiple-truck pick-up.
       Online Surplus Property Disposal
                Special considerations . . .
• If Equipment or Furniture was purchased with SPA funds
  you'll need to get in touch with the Office of Contracts and
  Grants to assist in completing a Sponsored Projects
  Equipment Disposal Request form located here:

• If you have items that need hazardous material clearance
  download an Environmental Health and Safety Certificate
  located here:

• or, Contact Environmental Health and Safety to certify your
  equipment is safe for disposal here:
                      Steps for our Disposal Process are:

•Department sets up profile on the Surplus Property Management System.
•Department sets up administrators/and-or/managers/and-or/users .
•Department Administrators check the box for those administrators/managers/users
who are authorized to approve disposal requests.
•This could be just the Administrator if departments decide to have only one person
•UCB Property Services administration approves Department profile.
•Departments can now gain access to the Surplus Property Management System.
•Department administrators/managers/users use default passwords to log on and
change their passwords to something more user-friendly.
•Departments enter Disposal Requests.
•Departments authorize Disposal Requests.
•UCB Property Services can then see and print up Disposal Requests and
temporary labels for departments to use for identifying surplus property to be
picked up.
•Temporary labels are delivered to departments through campus mail.
•Departments can then organize and label surplus property to be picked up.
•Departments reply to Property Services’ e-mail from
to let him know labels have been affixed.
•Property Services Material Handlers arrive and pick up surplus property that has
been entered as a disposal request and labeled with temporary labels.
         Used Furniture Sales
• Used Furniture Sales
  – Surplus Furniture picked up
    from UCB departments is
    recycled by selling back to
    other university departments
  – Pricing varies upon cost and
    condition of the furniture.
  – Fair market value is assigned
    to used furniture.
                Public Auctions
• Public auctions are held on an as needed basis and
  are generally held quarterly.
• Campus Departments make 50% revenue from
  auction items selling for $100 or more, per item
  disposed by their department.
• Auction proceeds help fund the UCB disposal
  program. Currently departments are not charged for
  disposal pickups, unless special logistics are required.
                             Internet Sales
•   We utilize on-line auction mediums         Revenues transferred back to
    to maximize asset recovery               CU Departments from Internet Sales
    (, etc.)
•   Surplus property is selected and        0 To $1,000
    researched to optimize resale           CU Departments keep 51% of revenue
    potential and higher revenue
    opportunities for departments; i.e.
    high end lab equipment, gas             $1,001 To $5,000
    chromatographs, test equipment,         CU Departments keep 78% of revenue
    medical equipment, etc.
•   Percentages of Internet Sales           $5,001 To $10,000
    revenues kept by Property Services
    are used to cover labor, online fees,   CU Departments keep 85.5% of revenue
    mileage, etc.
•   For any Internet Sales questions,       $10,001 To $25,000
    please contact:                         CU Departments keep 88.5% of revenue
    Steve Marvel, 303-492-1120               $25,001 and up
                                            CU Departments keep 90.5% of revenue
     Computer and Electronic Screening
• Computer screening provides the final
  oversight ensuring data destruction for all
  data-containing media leaving the university.
• UCB Property Services is compliant with and
  knowledgeable on all Federal, State and
  University regulations regarding sensitive
• Some hard drives are tested and sanitized
  for resale to University Departments and to
  the public in our quarterly auctions.
• Other hard drives meet our “Hard Drive
  Crusher” and are thoroughly destroyed.
Property Services is “Keepin’ It Green”
 Property Services is keeping our campus tidy and surplus property out of our
            landfills by recycling the following amounts of materials:

 126,500 pounds of scrap metal sent to recycling rather than trash.
 212,542 pounds of electronics sent to recycling rather than trash.
 45,000 pounds of electronics re-sold at auctions and to the public.
 252,000 pounds of all other surplus property were sold back to departments or
 otherwise diverted from the landfill.
 In addition to CU-Boulder, we also serve the UCD campuses with their disposal
 Besides the Public Auctions, we also do direct sale to the public and now utilize
 on-line auction mediums (, etc.) to maximize asset
 Property Services facilitated the donation of hundreds of computers, computer
 related equipment, and furniture to non-profit organizations and schools.
Thanks for attending our presentation!
We are working hard to do what’s right.

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