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  9th - 10th February 2011
  Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre

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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors                             Stand    Exhibitors                                    Stand
• A&P Group                            B15/16        NETmc Marine Ltd                              13
  AK Industries                             4        Nexans Norway A/S                              4
• ANSYS                                     1        Noordhoek Offshore BV                        A17
  AGR Subsea                               E4        NSRI                                         B13
  Ashtead Technology                    A16b         Nylacast                                     A12
  Atkins                                 B11         Ocean Lab, University of Aberdeen             B3
  Bowtech Products                         24        Oceaneering                                   16
  BP                                     EC1         OMS                                           A6
• BPP-Cables                            A16a         Pegasus Oil & Gas Directory                   28
  Buchan Technical Services                B7        Photosynergy                                  15
  C-Tecnics                              A4a    •    Polar Media                                   11
  Caley Ocean Systems Limited              12        Port Services                                E11
  Castrol Offshore Ltd                     B9        Proserv Offshore                             A15
  Charles Cleghorn Limited                 27        RBG                                          A11
  ClampOn AS                               26        Rotech Subsea                                A19
  Coda Octopus Products Limited            D2   •    Roxar Flow Measurement Ltd                   A20
  Cooper Interconnect                       4        Saab Seaeye Limited                           B5
• Cutting Underwater Technology            E1        Schilling Robotics                           B17
  Decom North Sea                           7   •    SMD                                           A9
• Digital Edge Subsea Ltd                 E12        SMIT Subsea Europe B.V.                       14
  DOF Subsea                               C1        Sonavision                                   A18
  Ecosse Subsea                          A10         Sonomatic                                    A13
  Fathom Systems                           E3   •    Specialist Subsea Services                    A2
  Fisher Offshore                          B7        Strategic Offshore Research                   C2
• flexlife                                  B4        Subsea Skills                                 D1
  Flowline Specialists Ltd               A23         Subsea Supplies Ltd                            4
  Forum Energy Technologies              AB1         Subsea UK                                    E13
• Framo Engineering                        A5        Subspection Ltd                              B3a
• Fugro-Subsea Services Ltd                C4   •    Technip                                       C6
  Global Marine Systems                     2        Teijin Aramid                                E10
  Granherne                              C10         Titanium Engineers                            A7
  Hallin Marine UK Ltd                     B1        The Underwater Centre                         B2
• IHC Engineering Business               B14    •    Tracerco                                      D4
  Imenco                                   D3        Tritech International                         A8
• Infield Systems Limited                   C5        Trojan Crates Limited                          8
  Integrated Subsea Services Limited       C8        Undersea Sense                                25
  Inuktun Europe Ltd.                       9        Underwater Engineering Services              A21
  ITF                                      A3        Universal Engineering                         29
  iXBlue                                   C9        Vector International Ltd                      C7
  J+S Ltd                                   6        Viper Subsea Ltd                              C3
  JDR Cable Systems Ltd                  B12         Weatherford Production Optimisation UK Ltd   B18
• Kongsberg Maritime                     A25         Webtool                                       B8
  L&N (Scotland) Ltd                       10   •    Wellstream                                   B10
  Masto Wire Service A/S                    4        William Hackett Chains Ltd                    E2
  National Hyperbaric Centre             A4b    •    Wood Group Kenny                             A22
• Nautronix                                A1
  NCS Survey                                5       Denotes Triumph Daytona
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Events in

AOG 2011 – Australasia Oil and Gas                                SUBSEA 2011,
Perth, Australia                                                  GLOBAL CONNECTIONS
23rd – 25th February                                              Welcome to Subsea 2011
Conference organised in collaboration with Subsea Energy          Europe’s largest Subsea Conference and Exhibition.
Australia and the Society for Underwater Technology.
                                                                  With a busy year forecast ahead by our members, we are
                                                                  delighted to once again welcome you as our members and
                                                                  guests to our flagship event, which we hope you will find of
Golf Outing                                                       value, and as a place where you can do real business.
19th April 2011                                                   Our conference this year is our biggest ever, with three streams
                                                                  tackling a wide range of subjects such as Subsea Integrity, Skills
                                                                  and Safety, Technology, Diversification and Decommissioning as
Parliamentary Reception                                           well as our very popular business insights and prospects session.
29th June 2011                                                    Last year we set an ambitious challenge to the Subsea sector to
                                                                  grow revenues to double that of 2009. We will be reporting on
                                                                  the progress of this ambition, and we will see how the UK has
Subsea UK’s Offshore Europe Dinner                                performed in a demanding business environment, and I hope that
                                                                  you will be as pleasantly surprised with the findings as we were.
7th September 2011
                                                                  This is a great industry that we work in - one in which we have
                                                                  great people working alongside us, and one in which the UK is
                                                                  very highly regarded at a global level as competitive, safe and
Please visit our website for full details of forthcoming events   competent.                                                  This global presence brings with it many global connections,
                                                                  through people and links to technologies that we export to all the
                                                                  main development regions of the world.
                                                                  Subsea 2011 highlights excellent companies and technologies
                                                                  that are delivering exceptional results in many parts of the world,
                                                                  as well as to UK markets.
                                                                  In this two-day event, you will hear about:
                                                                  • The visions and plans of major players such as BP,
                                                                    Shell and Statoil
                                                                  • How the UK sector is performing in commercial, technology
                                                                    and safety terms
                                                                  • Key strategies and solutions for subsea integrity
                                                                  • Opportunities in diversification across other sectors
                                                                  • Initiatives in skills development and retention of people

                                                                  Please enjoy the show, and thank you for your support.

                                                                  Alistair Birnie
                                                                  Chief Executive, Subsea UK

                                                                  EXHIBITION DIRECTORY                                                  3
Advice and help for students, graduates and anyone seeking a
career in subsea.

The Subsea Skills stand has been set up to assist anyone looking to
get into the industry. Manned by members of the Subsea UK Skills
Forum and experts in their field, the Subsea Skills group is here to help
you, offering advice and answering your questions.

For those seeking to circulate their CV to Subsea UK member
companies, there is now an alternative option that’s much quicker
than visiting all the exhibitors on foot: the Subsea UK website (www. features a new CV upload facility which our 215+
member companies can access. Simply upload your CV and voila! It’s
now available to the vast majority of the exhibitors at Subsea 2011.

                                                                           Event Sponsors

Contact Details

Company Name           Subsea Skills Group

Representative         Trish Banks (initial point of contact only)
Phone                  +44 845 505 3535

Address                Subsea UK, The Innovation Centre,
                       Exploration Drive, Bridge of Don,
                       Aberdeen, AB23 8GX

4                                   SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS
We are a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies              Headquartered in Aberdeen, Bibby Offshore delivers a diverse
with around 101,000 employees in more than 90 countries and               range of subsea construction services and projects for operators
territories.                                                              worldwide.

Our businesses include oil and gas exploration and production;            Using our fleet of dive support vessels we are committed to working
production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids;      closely with our clients to provide a proactive, dedicated service that is
manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals,      responsive to their specific and changing commercial needs.
and renewable energy projects.
                                                                          Our subsea construction capabilities are focused in the following three
Shell makes a major contribution to the UK, not just through products     areas:
and services for our customers, but also employment, tax revenues and
investment that boost the economy. We employ around 8,600 people          • Saturation and air diving support
directly in the UK.                                                       • Full subsea construction and project management
                                                                          • Inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM)
Shell is a key provider of the energy that millions of people use for
heating and powering the UK. Shell produces almost 15% of UK oil and      Our professional teams meet all the demands of subsea construction
gas on behalf of Shell and its co-venturers and our Upstream business     from project management – both onshore and offshore – through
has been a leading player in the North Sea for over 30 years.             engineering and diving support to ongoing repair and maintenance
Shell seeks to reinforce its position as a leader in the oil and gas
industry, while helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible
way. Shell is playing its part to meet the challenge of climate change.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name           Shell U.K. Limited                                 Company Name           Bibby Offshore

Representative         Frank Bee                                          Representative         Tony Evans
Position               Head of Subsea                                     Position               Subsea business manager
Phone                  +44 1224 882000                                    Phone                  +44 1224 284514
                                                                          Mobile                 +44 7793 774344
Website                                            Email        
Address                1 Altens Farm Road, Nigg, Aberdeen AB12 3FY
                                                                          Representative         David Sheret
                                                                          Position               Subsea business manager
                                                                          Phone                  +44 1224 284438
                                                                          Mobile                 +44 7793 774607


6                                  SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – SPONSORS                                           7
Brewin Dolphin offers complete wealth management solutions                   Castrol Offshore – Ensuring Operational Excellence
which combine financial planning expertise with our position as one
of the UK’s largest independent private client investment managers.          Castrol Offshore is a world leading supplier of subsea control fluids.
                                                                             Developed at its state-of-the-art R&D facility in Pangbourne, UK, and
We take great pride in building strong relationships based on trust,         used in the extreme conditions associated with oil and gas exploration
confidence and the highest level of professionalism. Working closely          across the globe.
with clients - from individuals and charities to trusts and businesses -
our focus is on fresh, results-driven investment ideas and advice.           Castrol Offshore is focused on total system reliability for its customers,
                                                                             and employs dedicated research and product performance teams, as
Our service is shaped by our expertise and knowledge of industry             well as the latest subsea testing facilities, to analyse exactly how its
trends locally and globally, allowing us to navigate through the multitude   products and its clients’ equipment work together under stringent field
of options available to deliver clear, impartial and individual advice       conditions.
tailored to your needs.
                                                                             Castrol Offshore is dedicated to helping clients improve their
Working directly with our sister division, Corporate Advisory & Broking,     environmental performance, providing not only expertise, but also
we provide solutions for corporate clients, their senior management and      working with governments and legislators to help shape the industry’s
employees, and are currently advising more than 90 UK clients with a         future and lessen its impact on the environment.
combined market value of circa £10.3 billion (correct as of August 2010).
                                                                             Castrol’s objective is to provide world-class service and support at
We support businesses through all growth stages with our long-standing       every stage of a customer’s subsea development, from initial design
reputation built on identifying and advising unique growth businesses,       through to commissioning and then throughout operational life. It works
and matching these with high quality equity investors and debt               to develop proactive, responsive and open relationships with all of its
providers.                                                                   customers, aligning itself throughout their organisation. With its global
                                                                             supply network, specialist regional distributors and international team
Through our collective strengths and whether it be to protect the long       of subsea experts, Castrol offers its customers a consistent and fully
term wellbeing of your family or business, Brewin Dolphin has been           integrated solution wherever in the world they operate.
tailoring solutions for generations.

The value of investments can fall and you may get back less than you

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           Brewin Dolphin                                        Company Name           Castrol Offshore Ltd

Representative         Susie Macleod                                         Representative         Gordon Clark
Position               Business Development Manager                          Position               UK Sales Manager - Subsea
Phone                  +44 845 213 1110                                      Phone                  +44 1224 258983
Mobile                 +44 7750 794510                                       Mobile                 +44 7747 476287
Email                                    Email        

Website                                            Website      
                                                                             Address                Technology Centre, Whitchurch Hill, Pangbourne
                                                                                                    Berks, RG8 7QR

8                                   SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – SPONSORS                                          9
Forum Energy Technologies is a global provider of manufactured            Based in Aberdeen, Fugro Subsea Services Limited operates within
technologies and applied products to the energy industry.                 the geographical region of the North Sea, the Mediterranean and
Headquartered in Houston, TX, FET’s 2,000+ employees provide              West Africa and are part of the global Fugro Subsea Services Group.
the products and technologies essential to solving the increasingly
complex challenges of the oil and gas industry.                           We operate a modern and diverse fleet of ROV systems and ROV
                                                                          vessels, supporting our clients in a wide range of offshore projects.
Forum’s Subsea Group provides a comprehensive array of products
and services essential to the subsea industry. Leading products include   Our experienced team of project personnel, subsea engineers and ROV
purpose built remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), ROV and custom           operators ensure our clients receive a first class service delivered both
intervention tooling, control systems and integrated system solutions.    safely and on time.
In addition to these products, Forum offer a comprehensive range of
services including rental of ROVs, tooling, and positioning systems,
personnel and training services, seabed coring, geoscience project
management, and subsea pipeline joint coating services.

Forum’s well-respected brand names include Perry Slingsby Systems,
Sub-Atlantic, Offshore Joint Services (OJS) DPS Offshore, UKPS
Offshore, Visualsoft, Geosciences, Earth and Marine Services Inc.
(GEMS) Seafloor Geoservices Inc. (SGI) and VMAX Technologies.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          Forum Energy Technologies                           Company Name           Fugro Subsea Services Ltd

Representative        Mick Jones                                          Representative         David Nicol
Position              Vice President, Subsea Services                     Position               Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone                 +44 1224 748340                                     Phone                  +44 1224 257600
                                                                          Mobile                 +44 7768 508139
Representative        Kevin Taylor                                        Email        
Position              Vice President, Subsea Vehicles
Phone                 +44 1751 431751                                     Representative         Derek Cruickshank
                                                                          Position               Commercial Manager
Website                                            Phone                  +44 1224 257600
Address               Concorde House, Arnhall Business Park,              Website      
                      Westhill, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6UF                   Address                Fugro House, Denmore Road Bridge of Don,
                                                                                                 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB23 8JW

10                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – SPONSORS                                         11
For over 35 years, oil & gas managers, senior engineers, and           OPITO is the industry’s focal point for skills, training and workforce
geoscientists have turned to Offshore Engineer (OE) magazine           development. It is a self-sustaining, employer and trade union
for the most accurate, authoritative and cutting edge industry         led organisation committed to developing and sustaining a safe,
coverage.                                                              skilled and effective workforce now and in the future. This is
                                                                       achieved by working in collaboration with: industry employers,
Driven by an editorial team devoted to impartial and up-to-date        learning & training providers, education & academia and
content, OE covers significant events and developments taking place     partnership organisations.
around the world. With roots in the North Sea, OE has evolved into
a publication with global perspective. Wherever news is happening,     OPITO has been established by businesses and employers in the
be it ground breaking events in frontier regions, or record breaking   industry to respond to its demands for a safe and effective workforce in
accomplishments by early adopters, OE takes a close look and seeks     line with its current and future business plans.
out industry leaders to discuss potential implications worldwide.
                                                                       The production of oil and gas supports almost half a million jobs in the
                                                                       UK, with 380,000 involved in extraction from the UK continental shelf
                                                                       (UKCS) and up to another 100,000 involved in the export of oilfield
                                                                       goods and services.

                                                                       A skilled and competent workforce is vital to the health of the UKCS,
                                                                       in terms of ensuring safe operations, sustaining domestic oil and gas
                                                                       production and supporting the export of the knowledge and expertise
                                                                       that has grown up with it. This business need combined with changes in
                                                                       the way the industry organises itself through Oil & Gas UK, presented an
                                                                       opportunity to review, refresh and refocus commitment and investment
                                                                       in a number of important business areas including skills and safety.

Contact Details                                                        Contact Details

Company Name          Offshore Engineer                                Company Name           OPITO

Representative        Neil Levett                                      Representative         David Binnie
Position              Sales Director                                   Position               Managing Director
Phone                 +44 7774 290522                                  Phone                  +44 1224 787838
Email                                      Email        

Representative        Michael Cramp                                    Website      
Position              Sales Executive                                  Address                Minerva House, Bruntland Road,
Mobile                +44 7919 008622                                                         Portlethen, Aberdeen, AB12 4QL


12                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS     EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – SPONSORS                                        13
Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s main economic development                Simmons & Company International is a specialist corporate
agency, focusing on enterprise, innovation and investment. Our             finance advisor entirely dedicated to the energy industry. From its
aim is to stimulate economic growth in Scotland by supporting              offices in Aberdeen, Houston, London & Dubai the firm provides
business growth and developing a competitive business                      corporate finance, research, institutional sales and trading
environment.                                                               services to clients ranging from small private companies to large
                                                                           public entities.
The Energy & Low Carbon team focuses on Oil & Gas, Thermal
Generation, Low Carbon Technologies and Renewables - particularly          The company’s corporate finance group specialises in advisory services for
offshore wind and marine energy. Working in partnership with               mergers, acquisitions and disposals to finance raising transactions, private
others, we work to support innovation, technology development and          placements and strategic advice.
commercialisation, promote internationalisation and diversification
opportunities and provide market intelligence and analysis to help drive   Simmons provides a complete range of financial advisory services to its
growth across these key sectors.                                           energy clients characterised by three key attributes:

                                                                           Deal-making experience
                                                                           With over 35 years of energy sector experience, our industry specialisation
                                                                           provides the firm with a wealth of historical and in-depth knowledge about
                                                                           companies and trends within a sector that may impact a transaction.

                                                                           Deal-making resources
                                                                           Simmons’ project teams are organised to take full advantage of several
                                                                           decades of oil service deal-making experience. A combination of corporate
                                                                           financiers and industry professionals allows Simmons to provide its clients
                                                                           with an unrivalled breadth and depth of financial advice.

                                                                           Deal-making attitude
                                                                           The firm brings an unwavering level of integrity and intellectual honesty to
                                                                           each transaction.

                                                                           Simmons today employs approximately 120 professionals and around
                                                                           160 employees globally. As one of the largest financial advisory practices
                                                                           serving the energy industry, the firm enjoys a leading market position in its
                                                                           specialised merger and acquisition and public offering practices.

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name          Scottish Enterprise                                  Company Name            Simmons & Company International

Representative        Jim Davis                                            Representative          Alan Dick
Position              Senior Manager, Energy                               Position                Vice President
Phone                 +44 1224 252000                                      Phone                   +44 1224 202300
Email                                   Email         

Website                               Website       
Address               27 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1DB, Scotland         Address                 Simmons House, 22 Waverley Place,
                                                                                                   Aberdeen, AB10 1XP

14                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – SPONSORS                                                15
Stronachs is widely recognised as a highly progressive commercial           Technip in the UK is the leading provider of subsea engineering
legal practice with extensive experience in the energy and energy           and construction products and services to clients operating North
service sector. “Stronachs LLP fields an ‘excellent, professional            Sea assets.
team’ that advises primarily on corporate transactions in the oil
and gas sector. Team head Ewan Nielson ‘provides an excellent               Across four business divisions it employs over 800 people at its
lead’ on deals, while David Rennie is praised for his business              Westhill facility.
acumen. Neil Forbes and John MacRae are also recommended.
The ‘outstanding’ David Sheach, who ‘combines an excellent grasp
of detail with a strong sense of commercial pragmatism’, heads
up the energy group. Ewan Neilson and James Downie are also
recommended; ‘their industry knowledge is exceptional’.” Legal
500, 2010

The firm prides itself on finding practical solutions to legal issues, with
achievement of the clients’ commercial objective paramount and legal
process simply a means of delivery on that.

With high calibre experts based in Aberdeen but working internationally,
Stronachs’ dedicated energy and corporate teams are one of the
best-connected and most effective in the country. The teams work
closely with international operators, service companies and financial

Contact Details                                                             Contact Details

Company Name           Stronachs LLP                                        Company Name          Technip UK Ltd

Representative         John MacRae                                          Representative        Richard Gibson
Position               Partner                                              Position              Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone                  +44 1224 845859                                      Phone                 +44 1224 271 153
Mobile                 +44 7816 879202                                      Mobile                +44 7973 536946
Email                                    Email       

Representative         Neil Forbes                                          Representative        Morag Smith
Position               Partner                                              Position              Strategic Supply Manager
Phone                  +44 1224 845847                                      Phone                 +44 1224 271 709
Mobile                 +44 7740 841284                                      Mobile                +44 7817 173240
Email                                    Email       

Website                                          Website     
Address                34 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1FW                   Address               Technip UK Ltd, Enterprise Drive,
                                                                                                  Westhill, AB32 6TQ

16                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – SPONSORS                                    17
UK Trade & Investment is the Government department that helps
UK based companies succeed in an increasingly global economy.
With services tailored to the needs of individual businesses to
maximise their international success, we provide companies with
knowledge, advice and practical support.

We also help overseas companies bring high quality investment to the
UK’s economy – acknowledged as Europe’s best place from which to
succeed in global business, providing support to investors at all stages
of their business decision making.

UKTI operates through a network of international specialists throughout
the UK, and in British Embassies and other diplomatic posts worldwide.

UK Trade & Investment - The best Trade Promotion Organisation in the
developed world.

                                                                           Event Exhibitors

Contact Details

Company Name           UK Trade & Investment

Representative         Mark Smith
Position               Project Manager
Phone                  +44 141 228 3626
Mobile                 +44 7850 620585

Representative         Marion Reid-Phelps
Position               Deputy Project Manager
Phone                  +44 141 228 3663
Mobile                 +44 7971 839573

Address                Europa Building, 450 Argyle Street,
                       Glasgow, G2 8LH

18                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS
A&P Group is built on a strong marine engineering background              AGR Subsea Ltd specialise in excavation and trenching solutions,
and has emerged as one of the world’s foremost providers of               delivering effective seabed intervention for a huge range of
engineering related solutions.                                            applications. We offer services for trenching, burial, clearance,
                                                                          rock removal, span rectification, BOP recovery and route
We deliver projects across a wide range of sectors and have developed     preparation.
a global client base that benefits from our ‘can do’ approach to marine
based challenges. The A&P Group’s expertise in marine engineering,        As a global leader in the design, manufacture and operation of seabed
ship repair conversion and fabrication means we understand, and more      excavation and trenching systems, AGR Subsea offer a comprehensive
importantly, have the flexibility and capability to partner with a range   range of technical solutions from shoreline facility projects to full ocean
of sectors including the shipping, oil and gas, and renewable energy      depths and we have operational experience in all soil types and seabed
sectors offering support for both on and offshore projects.               environments.

Our fabrication and engineering resources, situated across the North      Our technology includes a range of excavation solutions that can
East and South West coastline of the UK, employs nearly 1,000 skilled     be used individually or together to deliver low-cost, low-risk seabed
workers and are perfectly positioned to deliver subsea structures         intervention.
and marine infrastructure for a wide variety of projects. We have an
experienced and approachable team who welcome the opportunity             SeaVator® - Our versatile and powerful mass flow excavation tool.
to show you our engineering strength, so contact us to discuss your
needs.                                                                    V-Jet system - Improved trenching speed and excavation performance
                                                                          in cohesive and compacted soils.

                                                                          ClayCutter X® - State of the art trenching and pipeline route
                                                                          preparation technology.

                                                                          Pumped Excavation - Suction dredge pumps for specific

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          A&P Group                                           Company Name           AGR Subsea Ltd

Representative        Neil Jarvis                                         Representative         Michael Noble
Position              Sales and Commercial Director                       Position               Business Development Manager
Phone                 +44 191 430 8680                                    Phone                  +44 1224 629284
Mobile                +44 7815 561205                                     Mobile                 +44 7825 076860
Email                                  Email        

Representative        Martin Robertson                                    Website      
Position              Sales and Marketing Manager                         Address                Union Plaza, 1 Union Wynd,
Phone                 +44 191 430 8600                                                           Aberdeen, UK. AB25 1PT
Mobile                +44 7815 563390

Address               Wagonway Road, Hebburn,
                      Tyne and Wear, NE31 1SP

20                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                        21
AK Industries manufactures the Hydrovolt range of rugged low             The most prestigious companies in the world turn to ANSYS for
cost connectors for underwater applications.                             comprehensive, reliable, integrated engineering solutions.

They also supply HydroSplice kits for marine cables.                     Discover the power of Simulation Driven Product Development and
                                                                         how your company can benefit from it.
AK Industries can build custom connectors for specific applications.
                                                                         No single solution meets all needs so ANSYS is committed to
                                                                         addressing your changing requirements through flexible, scalable,
                                                                         integrated and unparalleled simulation solutions that span the design
                                                                         continuum and enable collaboration across your enterprise. Ease-of-
                                                                         use and collaboration features found in the ANSYS® Workbench™
                                                                         platform enable your entire team to get involved with performing
                                                                         simulations, understanding results and making decisions from
                                                                         simulation data quickly.

                                                                         See the value of utilising the advanced technologies of finite element
                                                                         analysis and computational fluid dynamics from one reputable software
                                                                         solutions company – ANSYS. No matter if you are a manager, analyst
                                                                         or design engineer, take control of the multiphysics power unleashed
                                                                         through the ANSYS suite of products that combines these two robust
                                                                         CAE disciplines and offers you ANSYS®, FLUENT® and ANSYS
                                                                         Workbench® ANSYS CFX® ANSYS Explicit® software.

                                                                         Gain insight into your product design development cycle and decrease
                                                                         your time to market with better, more efficient simulations.

                                                                         Visit us on stand 1 and meet our representatives who will be happy to
                                                                         discuss your simulation needs.

Contact Details                                                          Contact Details

Company Name          AK Industries (Sharing with Subsea Supplies Ltd)   Company Name          Ansys

Representative        Allan Kidd                                         Representative        Dan Burton
Position              President                                          Mobile                +44 7818 530446
Phone                 +1 310 762 1600                                    Email       
Mobile                +1 310 762 1616
Email                                          Website     

Address               3115 East Las Hermanas Street,
                      Rancho Domionguez, California, 90221, USA

22                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                       23
Ashtead Technology is a leading International equipment rental          Atkins applies technical excellence to deliver fully integrated,
company specialising in technically advanced equipment for              multidiscipline solutions to the most challenging subsea problems,
Underwater Positioning and Surveying, ROV Operations, Remote            with particular emphasis on deepwater and high pressure,
Visual Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Environmental            high temperature (HPHT) facilities. Our highly skilled teams are
monitoring.                                                             leading technical developments across the globe and, with our
                                                                        input, problems are solved and critical decisions are made with
In the Offshore Division, we carry one of the world’s largest rental    confidence.
fleets of hydrographic, oceanographic, subsea positioning, navigation,
geophysical, diving, inspection, ROV tooling and sensors, and survey    We have class-leading subsea skills in flow assurance, pipeline and
equipment. Our fleet of state-of-the-art equipment can help you find,     subsea engineering, materials and corrosion engineering, system
test, place or retrieve almost anything on or under the sea.            design, integrity management, and risk and reliability. These skills are
                                                                        supported by unrivalled expertise in process, CFD, safety, structural
Our impressive fleet includes equipment from leading manufacturers       design and integrity analysis, naval architecture, geotechnical
such as Sonardyne, Ixsea, Kongsberg, Tritech, Reson, Olympus and        engineering and conductor design.
                                                                        We provide support over the full lifecycle of subsea facilities, within
We have three fully serviced offshore supply facilities in Aberdeen,    early field developments, project delivery, project assurance,
Houston and Singapore as well as various agencies around the world.     operations, and decommissioning.
At Ashtead we specialise in local service with global resources, so
whatever your equipment requirements, we are sure to have a solution.   With offices in the UK, USA and Australia, we can deliver our expertise
All equipment is backed by our 24-hour technical support service.       wherever it is required.

Contact Details                                                         Contact Details

Company Name          Ashtead Technology                                Company Name            Atkins Ltd

Representative        Ian Harvey                                        Representative          Ian Matheson
Position              Regional Manager                                  Position                Division Director
Phone                 +44 1224 771888                                   Phone                   +44 1224 264375
Mobile                +44 7970 141698                                   Email         
                                                                        Representative          Katy Barnes
Representative        Kevin Murray-Taylor                               Position                Consultant
Position              Sales Manager                                     Phone                   +44 1224 264360
Phone                 +44 1224 771888                                   Email         
Mobile                +44 7970 141697
Email               Website       
Website                             Address                 Atkins Ltd, 6 Golden Square, Aberdeen, AB10 1RD
Address               Unit 3, Kirkton Avenue, Pitmedden Road Ind Est,
                      Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0BF

24                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS      EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                          25
Bowtech Products Ltd have been designing, manufacturing                 BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies, providing its
and supplying market leading products to the subsea ROV,                customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail
AUV, Military, Nuclear and Leisure markets for 21 years. With           services and petrochemicals products for everyday items.
patented designs and unique manufacturing techniques, our
Underwater Cameras, Video Systems and Lights operate in harsh
environments, hazardous areas and underwater, to any ocean

Through our appointed global agents, we supply remote intervention
solutions for use in all oceans and harsh environments of the world.
Distributors for Moog Multiplexers, FORJ Slip Rings and SEACON
underwater connectors

Contact Details                                                         Contact Details

Company Name          Bowtech Products Ltd                              Company Name           BP

Representative        Mike Winstanley                                   Representative         Ian Mitchell
Position              Sales Director                                    Position               Subsea Advisor & Performance Manager
Phone                 +44 1224 772345                                   Phone                  +44 1224 832462
Mobile                +44 7974 731364                                   Mobile                 +44 7780 853869
Email                                      Email        

Representative        Andrew Winstanley                                 Representative         Ross Kinnear
Position              Sales Executive                                   Position               Head of Subsea & Pipelines
Phone                 +44 1224 772345                                   Phone                  +44 1224 833720
Mobile                +44 7966 621137                                   Mobile                 +44 7887 823090
Email                                    Email        

Website                                      Website      
Address               Howe Moss Crescent, Kirkhill Industrial Estate,   Address                1-4 Wellheads Avenue, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7PB
                      Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GN

26                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS      EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                           27
BPP-TECH is an engineering consultancy with a very practical                C-Tecnics are a UK based manufacturer of underwater video and
bent. We specialise in the water column, including floating vessels          communications products for the inshore and offshore diving and
and subsea structures. The main components we deal with fall into           ROV industries.
risers, umbilicals, and power cables and moorings.
                                                                            C-Tecnics video systems are available as portable or rack mount units
BPP-TECH has launched a new company “BPP-Cables” to capitalise              and a variety of underwater cameras are available to suit any diving or
on our expertise in cable technology. BPP-Cables is a company that          ROV requirement. Underwater lights using LED Technology and subsea
provides cable technology – design, analysis, procurement, installation     scaling laser modules are also available. High quality HDD video
and service support.                                                        recording is featured on all C-Tecnics Underwater Video Systems which
                                                                            are available in Standard or High Definition format.
BPP-Cables will complement the services offered by BPP-TECH:
We have recently completed the development of a high voltage                •   Underwater Video Systems
dynamic power cable for deep water, with Shell, BP, BG and Technip.         •   Diver Communications
This provides enabling technology for powering offshore facilities from     •   Rack Mount Dive Systems
land based power generation, and for subsea processing in deep water.       •   Underwater Cameras & Lamps
The cable rated for 132 kV can transmit 100 MW.                             •   Subsea Laser Modules
                                                                            •   Cable Assemblies
BPP-TECH’s Riser Management System (RMS) is an on-board system
that provides real-time guidance for carrying out connected and             C-Tecnics also supply a wide range of Diver Communication products
disconnected modes for normally tensioned riser operations onboard          such as Diver Phones, cable assemblies and surface and diver headsets.
a vessel. This is more than monitoring alone. BPP-TECH’s RMS can
provide the full range of sensors and formal reporting for a full picture
of lifetime performance.

With offices in Aberdeen, London and Houston we are well placed to
support your activities.

Contact Details                                                             Contact Details

Company Name           BPP-TECH                                             Company Name          C-Tecnics

Representative         Tony Kenyon                                          Representative        Andy McAra
Position               Marketing Manager                                    Position              General Manager
Phone                  +44 20 7448 9537                                     Phone                 +44 1224 666322
Mobile                 +44 7841 181560                                      Email       
                                                                            Representative        David Owen
Representative         Chris Milner                                         Position              Engineering Manager
Position               Regional Manager                                     Phone                 +44 1224 666322
Phone                  +44 1224 355 470                                     Email       
Mobile                 +44 7590 183460
Email                                      Website     
                                                                            Address               C-Tecnics, 123 Ashgrove Road West, Aberdeen,
Website                                                                 Scotland, United Kingdom, AB16 5FA
Address                Unit F8, The Enterprise Centre,
                       Aberdeen Science & Energy Park Exploration Drive,
                       Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

28                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                    29
                                                                                        Charles Cleghorn Limited

Based in Scotland, Caley has a strong international reputation                Cavitation technology for marine growth removal is developing
for uncompromising design integrity and for developing Marine                 in to specific applications where low risk of damage to sensitive
Handling products of the highest quality.                                     coatings, structures and installations is of particular importance.
                                                                              Further work is in hand to expand the database on the interaction
Caley operates from two locations in Glasgow.                                 between the low pressure (e.g. 150-300 bar) cavitating jet and
• At the company’s modern design centre an experienced team of                modern coatings.
  engineering professionals, using the latest software tools, work with
  clients to develop equipment design and solutions for given projects.       New for 2011 will be the featured WROV attachment (model 1030-ROV,
• At the 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, which is possibly the         also see Cavidyne website) skid mounted and offering a low-power
  best equipped of its type in the West of Scotland, products are built,      facility to the submersible unit with consequent reduction in umbilical
  commissioned and thoroughly tested, in a controlled environment.            componentry.
  Not only does the company benefit from the excellent local
  infrastructure at this location, which is only minutes from Glasgow         A variety of shallow-water works were handled with hire equipment in
  International Airport, but with its own quay facilities, large structures   2010, mainly pier structural cleaning for inspection purposes, and wind
  are directly loaded out to the River Clyde.                                 farm maintenance, either to main support structures or to attached
To compliment the company’s wide range of original design,
manufacturing and professional project management activities, Caley           Some deeper-water tasks were undertaken and extensive film records
also provide clients with a wide range of Engineering Consultancy and         made with works in progress (on view at this exhibition).
Field Support services.
                                                                              The company seeks cooperation with civil and offshore operators,
Products areas include:                                                       specialist coating manufacturers and all others with interest in sub-sea
• Pipelaying equipment (tensioners, carousels, pipe clamps, stingers)         cleaning and maintenance cleaning technologies.
• Submersible handling equipment
• ROV handling systems
• Dive handling systems
• Specialist winches for seismic and oceanographic vessels
• Heavy weather boat davits
• Marine cranes
• Active heave compensation

The creation of a new company, Caley Automation Ltd, is set to further
boost the company’s specialist handling controls capabilities. This year
Caley celebrates 40 years of continuous service to the offshore and
marine industry.

Contact Details                                                               Contact Details

Company Name           Caley Ocean Systems                                    Company Name           Charles Cleghorn Limited

Representative         Gregor McPherson                                       Representative         Charles Cleghorn
Position               Sales Director                                         Position               Managing Director
Phone                  +44 1355 246626                                        Phone                  +44 1223 208384
Mobile                 +44 77689 52348                                        Mobile                 +44 7770 721933
Email                                             Email        

Representative         David Cooper                                           Representative         Martin Craven
Position               Managing Director                                      Position               Sales Manager
Phone                  +44 1355 246626                                        Phone                  +44 1223 208384
Mobile                 +44 77689 52346                                        Mobile                 +44 7823 776636
Email                                             Email        

Website                                              Website      
Address                Mavor Av. East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 4PU              Address                Church Farmhouse, High Street, Croydon,
                                                                                                     Royston, Herts. SG8 0DN

30                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS           EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      31
ClampOn is the leading worldwide supplier of topside and subsea          Specialising in underwater technologies for imaging, survey,
non-intrusive instruments for Sand/Particle, PIG, Leak, Vibration        mapping, construction and defence, CodaOctopus supplies
and Corrosion-Erosion monitoring. All instruments incorporate            customers worldwide. Our comprehensive geophysical product
proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for topside and subsea       range includes Coda systems offering feature rich productivity
hardware applications.                                                   solutions which provide fast and powerful performance to major
                                                                         survey companies. The low cost alternatives in the Octopus range
Our non-intrusive particle subsea system is developed for better and     combine simplicity of operation with reliable performance in one-
easier optimisation of production and earlier erosion detection on       box solutions.
pipelines as well as for reservoir management. The ClampOn DSP-
06 Particle Monitor is unique when it comes to preventing erosion        The all-new Coda Survey Engine Seismic+ is the first software
damages in reservoirs and pipelines. The system has a high sensitivity   product to be released from the Survey Engine suite. Already enjoying
and accuracy, and we can interpolate the sand/particle measuring to      enthusiastic reviews from our survey clients, this sophisticated software
predicted metal loss in pipelines.                                       package brings remarkable improvements to geophysical processing
                                                                         times, even with exceptionally large survey sites.
The ClampOn subsea meters are designed in a ROV deployable and
retrievable monitoring system that has all the necessary electronic      For precision marine survey applications, the Octopus F180 series
features for easier intervention to existing control modules. All        of attitude and positioning systems includes variants with enhanced
instruments incorporate DSP, complete digitalisation eliminating         performance to meet the widest range of requirements. Products
analogue filters, circuits and amplifiers.                                 include the F180R remote inertial measurement unit, complete with a
                                                                         subsea housing, enabling the unit to be located next to a multibeam
ClampOn offers non-intrusive erosion & corrosion monitoring systems      transducer head.
for monitoring wear-rate topside and subsea, reloadable.
                                                                         Visit the CodaOctopus stand (D2) to see the Coda Echoscope and
We work with our customers to optimise their well productivity and to    discover revolutionary underwater three dimensional imagery in real-
safeguard their investments!                                             time. We’d love to show you our numerous examples of enhanced
                                                                         subsea visualisation with impressive data and case studies of
                                                                         underwater construction, ROV operations and dredging.

Contact Details                                                          Contact Details

Company Name          ClampOn                                            Company Name           CodaOctopus Products Ltd

Representative        Kjetil Nysater                                     Representative         Stephen Auld
Position              Area Sales Manager                                 Position               Managing Director
Phone                 +47 9203 6679                                      Phone                  +44 131 553 1380
Mobile                +47 5594 8855                                      Email        
                                                                         Representative         Ben Hinett
Representative        Jarl Gill                                          Position               Sales Manager
Position              Area Sales Manager                                 Phone                  +44 131 561 1506
Phone                 +47 9821 3283                                      Mobile                 +44 7971 096964
Mobile                +47 5594 8855                                      Email        
Website                                         Address                Anderson House, 1 Breadalbane Street,
Address               Vaagsgaten 10, NO-5160 Laksevaag,                                         Edinburgh, EH6 5JR, UK
                      Bergen, Norway

32                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      33
Cooper Interconnect is a connector and cable assembly solutions      Cutting Underwater Technologies Ltd. (CUT UK) based in
provider, incorporating the products and services of the former      Aberdeen, Scotland offer a unique, patented, Diamond Wire
WPI Burton Electrical Engineering.                                   Cutting Technology targeted at the global oil & gas, nuclear,
                                                                     refining and pipeline industries.
To meet the demands of countless, diverse underwater applications,
Cooper Interconnect offers its line of underwater high performance   Since their inception in 1999 over 3,000 operational cuts have been
cable systems and connectors, designed for durability and extreme    performed during some 500+ projects all successfully carried out on
reliability.                                                         behalf of clients from around the globe.

                                                                     Further expansion has seen the opening of a new support base in
                                                                     Brazil which will compliment those already existing in the USA, Norway
                                                                     and Singapore thereby offering local support to an international market.

                                                                     CUT’s headquarters facility in Aberdeen includes the capability to
                                                                     perform test cuts on purpose built ‘mock-up’ pieces either in air or
                                                                     underwater in their 5.5m x 5.5m x 4m test tank.

                                                                     In conjunction with their parent company, Tecnospamec of Genoa,
                                                                     Italy, CUT are able to meet technically challenging projects through
                                                                     the design and build of specialist “one-off” machines which match
                                                                     the clients engineering proposals. Working in conjunction with the
                                                                     client’s representatives, CUT Engineers can provide a complete project
                                                                     management package covering any cutting application. This capability
                                                                     allows CUT to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution to any
                                                                     cutting requirement.

Contact Details                                                      Contact Details

Company Name         Cooper Interconnect                             Company Name           Cutting Underwater Technology Ltd.
                     (Sharing with Subsea Supplies Ltd)
                                                                     Representative         William Cappello
Representative       Dottie Matchett                                 Position               Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Position             Strategic Sales Manager                         Phone                  +44 1224 222950
Phone                001 856-784-9416                                Mobile                 +44 7825 945140
Mobile               001 609-929-8128                                Email        
                                                                     Representative         Fahd Khan
Website                          Position               Project Engineer
Address              Cooper Interconnect, 750 W. Ventura Blvd,       Phone                  +44 1224 222950
                     Camarillo, CA93010, USA                         Email        

                                                                     Address                CUT HQ, Aberdeen Science and Energy Park,
                                                                                            Claymore Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB23 8GD

34                               SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS    EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      35
Decom North Sea is an industry forum set up to maximise the            Digital Edge Subsea Ltd specialises in supplying cost effective
business opportunities presented by North Sea decommissioning.         digital video recording equipment with real time eventing software
The main objective of the forum is to deliver practical industry       for both small and large companies. The software is unique as it
support to improve knowledge transfer and stimulate collaborative      displays the video image of choice, imports work packs, generates
activities across the North Sea supply chain.                          logs, digital overlay, real time eventing, photos and video clips to
                                                                       name just a few of its useful features.
We are working with the North Sea supply chain to create and sustain
jobs and prosperity.                                                   The EdgeDVR is successfully being used within the oil and gas
                                                                       industry at present, assisting in the ROV, diving and surface inspection
We are working with the operators providing reliable, safe and cost-   industries to capture video and events of inspections, surveys and
effective solutions to decommissioning challenges.                     construction projects. The EdgeDVR inspection units can be supplied
                                                                       as a 4U rack mounted computer system or as a semi ruggedised
                                                                       laptop option. The laptop option can be used for those quick inspection
                                                                       projects being mobilised by helicopter.

                                                                       Digital Edge Subsea Ltd is based both in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria,
                                                                       UK and Poole, Dorset, UK.

Contact Details                                                        Contact Details

Company Name          Decom North Sea                                  Company Name          Digital Edge Subsea Ltd

Representative        Sarah Hillyear                                   Representative        Chris Bryant
Position              Marketing Executive                              Position              Director
Phone                 +44 1224 224131                                  Mobile                +44 7881 626920
Mobile                +44 7825 818764                                  Email       
                                                                       Representative        John Benson
Representative        Brian Nixon                                      Position              Director
Position              Chief Executive                                  Phone                 +44 1229 840259
Phone                 +44 1224 224130                                  Mobile                +44 7779 654836
Mobile                +44 7711 465187                                  Email       
Address               Riverside House, Riverside Drive
                      Aberdeen, AB11 7LH

36                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS     EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                    37
DOF Subsea UK Ltd, part of the DOF Subsea ASA Group,                      Established in 1996, Ecosse Subsea Systems is an innovative
provides Construction, IRM, Survey, Vessel, ROV and Integrated            provider of both products and services for all offshore installation
subsea technology services to customers in the Oil and Gas,               requirements and has earned a global reputation for outstanding
Marine Telecommunications and Hydrographic Survey markets.                service delivery in the oil & gas industry. We provide offshore
                                                                          personnel for all types of construction work as well as Expert
The DOF Subsea Group, with headquarters in Bergen Norway, regional        Witness and problem solving Subsea Engineering for pipelay, burial
offices in Aberdeen, Singapore, Perth, Rio de Janeiro, and branch          trenching and spooling. Based on our expertise and operational
offices in Angola and Cairo, has established a permanent presence          experience we have developed a number of cutting edge tools and
in all major offshore regions offering a unique mix of construction and   methodologies as follows:
survey services on our own vessels.
                                                                          Offshore Trenching - SCAR Plough
DOF Subsea is today a world-class offshore subsea construction            • First multi-pass plough in the world
support, project management, engineering, IRM and survey contractor.      • No crane or A frame required to launch
The company covers regions such as Norway, the UK, West Africa,           • 2m trench (pipelines) 3.4m trench (cables)Cost effective alternative
the Mediterranean, the Baltic, Russia, the Americas, Canada and the         to conventional towed ploughs & trenchers
Far East.
                                                                          Gel Buoyancy for Lifting
In total, the DOF Subsea group has offices in 10 countries worldwide       • Proven & patented technology & installation techniques
and employs over 1200 highly qualified staff. Additionally, DOF Subsea     • Transferable “pumpable” liquid buoyancy
has state-of-the-art equipment, including 33 offshore vessels, 41         • Low density (550 Kgs/M3) i.e. 2m3 gives 1 approx tonne of lift
ROVs, 1 AUV and 12 diving spreads. DOF Subsea’s aim is to establish       • No expansion or compression during operations
a permanent presence in all major offshore regions providing subsea       • Will lift & lower large and heavy structures
services on our own vessels.                                              • Controlled ascent & descent
                                                                          • Very cost effective & overcomes bottlenecks from vessel availability
                                                                          • Safer & more precise operations in high currents, strong winds &
                                                                            large sea conditions
                                                                          • Augments capabilities of existing installation vessels

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          DOF Subsea UK                                       Company Name          Ecosse Subsea Systems Limited

Representative        Garry Millard                                       Representative        Mike Wilson
Position              Managing Director                                   Position              Managing Director
Phone                 +44 1224 285999                                     Phone                 +44 1224 289788
Email                                Mobile                +44 7801 307801
Representative        Graeme Mackie
Position              Operations Manager                                  Representative        Maureen Petrie
Phone                 +44 1224 285999                                     Position              Personnel Operations Manager
Email                                Phone                 +44 1224 289788
                                                                          Mobile                +44 7533 508677
Website                                        Email       
Address               DOF Subsea, Geo House, Commerce Street,
                      Aberdeen, AB11 5FN                                  Website     
                                                                          Address               Admiral Court, Poynernook Road,
                                                                                                Aberdeen, AB11 5QX

38                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                        39
Fathom Systems provides engineering solutions and products              Fisher Offshore, a division of James Fisher Plc, are a specialist
to the commercial diving, ROV and underwater engineering                equipment rental / sales & services company based on an 11 acre
industries.                                                             site in Oldmeldrum UK, local to Aberdeen.

We use up to date, proven technology to produce a range of high         Our core business is the rental, sale & operation of pneumatic &
quality and reliable products backed up with unrivalled customer        hydraulic winches, hoists, marine specified cranes, power-packs, diver
support as well as consultancy, project engineering and operations      operated tools, personnel & all associated deck & handling equipment,
support.                                                                primarily to the oil & gas and growing renewables industries globally.

Established in 2005 by a team of experienced engineers, we are          Fisher Offshore is an appointed sales & service centre for Ingersoll
dedicated to creating first-class products and systems that fulfill our   Rand Winches & Hoists for the UK, carrying a comprehensive stock of
motto of “intelligence underwater”.                                     new winches, hoists & spares to ensure availability & response.

                                                                        Fisher Offshore offers a specialist subsea trenching division with
                                                                        our HydroDigger mass flow excavation system, personnel & project
                                                                        management, offering our clients a complete turnkey service.

Contact Details                                                         Contact Details

Company Name          Fathom Systems                                    Company Name          Fisher Offshore

Representative        Hugh Williams                                     Representative        Frank Hall
Position              Director                                          Position              Business Development Manager
Phone                 +44 1569 760888                                   Phone                 +44 1651 871419
Email                                 Mobile                +44 7887 634231
Representative        Gareth Kerr
Position              Director                                          Representative        Keith Burnett
Phone                 +44 1569 760888                                   Position              Technical Sales Engineer
Email                               Phone                 +44 1651 873932
Address               Stonehaven Coastal Radio Station, Dunnottar,      Website     
                      Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, AB39 2TL               Address               North Meadows, Oldmeldrum,
                                                                                              Aberdeenshire, AB51 0GQ

40                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS      EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                    41
Established in 2007, flexlife is an innovative consultancy focused            Flowline Specialists Ltd provide cost effective handling solutions
on providing customers with practical solutions based on technical           for flexible pipes, umbilicals and power cables. We also buy and
expertise and experience. flexlife is an industry leader in delivering        sell flexible pipes, umbilicals and reels.
subsea integrity management and subsea project management
projects through a worldclass team with extensive knowledge of               The company was established in 2001 and is based in Fyvie, 25 miles
subsea project management, delivery and integrity management.                North of Aberdeen. We also have an operations base in Singapore.
                                                                             We manufacture under rollers and tensioners for handling flexible pipe
The company has patented breakthrough ultrasonic scanning                    and umbilical reels. Equipment is available for hire worldwide and most
technology that is first of its kind to be able to successfully scan the      systems can be containerised for quick and economic mobilisation. Our
annulus of flexible risers and flowlines in situ with 100% accuracy.           unique reel carrier can be utilised to lift, move and turn reels up to 300
The application can detect specific locations of any flooding and scan         Te without the need for any cranes. This can offer an economic solution
the armour wires around flexibles to an accuracy of 0.2mm. A further          to reel handling problems especially in remote areas where access to
product incorporates the technology in permanent collars that can            cranes may be limited.
be fitted at manufacture or retrofitted in the field without interrupting
production. Its award-winning ultrasonic scanning technology has             For applications such as well intervention we can supply powered reels
made history in the oil & gas industry and equally innovative products       and HP hoses for ship to rig / ship to seabed hose transfer. Turntables
are in the process of the final stages of commercialisation.                  and subsea pallets are available for deployment of flexible jumpers and
flexlife now employs over 40 people whilst turnover in the past financial
year has soared to £5million. This is expected to rise to £21 million by     Stock solutions include flexible risers, jumpers, reels, umbilicals and
2012-13.                                                                     buoyancy modules, all of which are available for hire or sale. Repairs
                                                                             and pressure testing of flexible pipes can be carried out by our
flexlife has recently received an injection of £5.5million from two           experienced personnel either on location or at Fyvie or Singapore.
private-equity investors which will accelerate their ambitious
internationalisation plans. flexlife continues to grow internationally with
offices in Brazil and Asia-Pacfic.

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           flexlife                                               Company Name           Flowline Specialists Ltd.

Representative         Colin Ballantyne                                      Representative         Jim Smith
Position               Sales Manager                                         Position               Operations Manager
Phone                  +44 1224 443300                                       Phone                  +44 1651 891890
Mobile                 +44 7710 723090                                       Mobile                 +44 7802 538548
Email                                Email        

Representative         Stewart Duthie                                        Representative         Alistair Nieuwenhuyse
Position               Sales Manager                                         Position               Managing Director
Phone                  +44 1224 443300                                       Phone                  +44 1651 891890
Mobile                 +44 7590 927666                                       Email        
Website                                           Enquiries    
Address                flexlife house, 24 Spires Business Centre,
                       Mugiemoss Road, Aberdeen, AB21 9BG

42                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS          EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                        43
Framo Engineering was established in 1983 with the vision of                Subsea Services Group, a division of Global Marine Systems,
developing leading-edge technology for the oil and gas industry,            provides services primarily to the Oil & Gas Industry. Our areas of
and to address the challenges of “brown” and “green” field                   expertise are in umbilical installation, decommissioning, trenching,
developments. We have been the world’s leading manufacturer of              vessel and equipment charter.
multiphase technology for more than 25 years.
                                                                            We also deliver Inshore Project Services, such as: Hull and Harbour
Today, Framo Engineering provides a wide range of products that             Inspections and Marine related Homeland Security Services.
are engineered, manufactured, tested, installed and commissioned
as turnkey enhanced recovery systems or modules. These products             Our Subsea Training School, located in Portland UK is a world leader
include multiphase pumps, multiphase and wet gas flow meters,                in the training and certification for AUV operators and ROV Pilot
multiport selector manifolds, sampling units, wet gas compressors and       technicians through to ROV Superintendents.
swivel stack systems. Framo Engineering is recognised the world over
and is synonymous with enhanced recovery systems.

These systems secure cost-effective means that meet the challenges
in marginal satellite fields, long-distance tie-backs and in deepwater
developments. Installations are backed by an organisation which is
used to serving the oil and gas industry on short notice. Our focus is on
working closely with operators and addressing their needs. Our market
position is a result of this support, commitment and clear strategy.

Contact Details                                                             Contact Details

Company Name           Framo Engineering UK Ltd                             Company Name          Global Marine Systems Limited
                                                                                                  – Subsea Services Group
Representative         Tony Laing
Position               General Manager                                      Representative        Ray Ward
Phone                  +44 1224 355550                                      Position              Business Development Manager
Mobile                 +44 7711 393201                                      Phone                 +44 1508 518046
Email                                        Mobile                +44 7748 486671
Representative         Nicky Jenkins
Position               Marketing Coordinator                                Representative        Peter Howson
Phone                  +44 1224 355554                                      Position              Subsea Services Sales Manager
Mobile                 +44 7590 227203                                      Phone                 +44 1305 82 8091
Email                                 Mobile                +44 7773 337851
Address                1 St swithin Row, Aberdeen AB10 6DL                  Website     
                                                                            Address               Global Marine Systems Limited, ROV Building
                                                                                                  Portland Port, Castletown, Portland, DT5 1PA

44                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      45
Granherne is a multi-skilled organisation providing a wide-range of    Hallin Marine is an integrated subsea services provider to the
consulting services to the oil and gas production and processing       energy industry.
industry for over 25 years with offices located in the UK (London),
USA (Houston), Australia (Perth) and Russia (Moscow). We have          By combining experience, expertise and a wide-range of assets, Hallin
provided solutions leading to the execution development of world       designs and delivers tailor-made, professional, safe and cost effective
class projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East, FSU and GOM.            solutions to clients in the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors
Granherne are involved at any stage of a project from production
forecasting and field development planning, pre-FEED activities and     The Hallin group includes experienced operational teams, an award
technical / commercial assurance through subsequent FEED and           winning engineering consultancy and state-of-the-art manufacturing
project execution phases. Our extensive corporate experience is        facilities, directed by results-focused management.
complemented by a wealth of individual experience among our senior
consultants, allied to systems, tools and procedures developed and     Hallin has a strong team of professional project managers and
continually improved to meet our clients business needs.               specialist personnel with extensive offshore experience. The
                                                                       combination of sound technical knowledge and state-of-the-art subsea
Granherne’s dedicated subsea and pipelines group based in our          systems ensure a customer-focused project delivery service.
Leatherhead (UK) office have a complete and integral understanding of
subsea developments, including:                                        Hallin operates a modern fleet of Subsea Operation Vessels. As a
• Subsurface                                                           group, Hallin continues to expand the fleet in response to customer
• Field architecture and development planning                          demand for cost effective, high quality solutions.
• Pipeline routing and engineering
• Xmas trees, completions and drilling                                 Hallin prides itself on the provision of modern, fully classed, saturation
• Control systems and umbilicals                                       diving systems supported by a wide range of ROVs with the capability
• Subsea separation and boosting                                       and experience of working at depths of up to 3000m.
• Manifold and templates
• Rigid jacket risers                                                  Our operational teams have, to date, established a strong worldwide
• Flexible and complaint risers                                        reputation for providing technically advanced and reliable integrated
• Shallow and deepwater connection systems                             services in support of our customers in the subsea construction, drill
• Installation and surface support                                     support and IRM sector as well as innovative solutions in the offshore
• Subsea intervention                                                  renewable energy sector.

Contact Details                                                        Contact Details

Company Name         Granherne Limited                                 Company Name           Hallin Marine UK Ltd

Representative       Jim Cattanach                                     Representative         Wendy Graham
Position             Subsea Business Development Manager               Position               Exec PA
Phone                +44 1372 864497                                   Phone                  +44 1224 215690
Mobile               +44 7500 109289                                   Email        
                                                                       Representative         Mike Arnold
Representative       Phil Howe                                         Position               Managing Director
Position             Manager Subsea Systems                            Phone                  +44 1224 729944
Phone                +44 1372 864492
Mobile               +44 7827 955283                                   Website      
Email                                 Address                Unit 12 Wellheads Place, Dyce,
                                                                                              Aberdeen, AB21 7GB
Address              Hill Park Court, Springfield Drive,
                     Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7NL, UK

46                              SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                        47
IHC Engineering Business (EB) is a member of the Dutch group               Imenco UK Ltd, is the UK based office for the major ‘Imenco AS’
IHC Merwede which is a world market leader in the construction of          Norwegian Service company.
specialist dredging equipment and complex custom-built offshore
vessels.                                                                   Imenco is a major Sub-Sea contractor with over 30 years’ experience in
                                                                           the North Sea and further afield.
EB designs, builds and supplies engineering solutions for the offshore
oil and gas, submarine telecom, defence and renewables industries.         We are a global supplier to the offshore, onshore and sub-sea sectors
In just over 12 years EB has grown from a start-up company to an           of this industry. We design and manufacture, diving systems, aviation
employer of more than 180 people with an impressive order book for         fuelling systems, under water cameras, surveillance systems, ROV
deliveries in the next few years.                                          manipulators and lifting tooling etc.

With its head office in rural Northumberland, in North East England,
and riverside construction facilities on the Tyne, EB is in an enviable
position to capitalise on the strength of the North East supply chain to
deliver innovative equipment on specification, on budget and in time
(OSBIT) to its international customers.

EB’s core products include subsea trenching systems, pipe and cable
lay equipment and specialist offshore handling systems.

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name           IHC Engineering Business Ltd                        Company Name          Imenco UK Ltd.

Representative         Ben Webster                                         Representative        George Falconer,
Position               Sales Manager                                       Position              Manager UK
Phone                  +44 1434 682800                                     Phone                 +44 1224 701749
Mobile                 +44 7751 624854                                     Mobile                +44 7711 546012.
Email                                        Email       

Representative         Tim Eley                                            Representative        Stuart McConnell
Position               Business Developer                                  Position              Technical Sales Engineer.
Phone                  +44 1434 682800                                     Phone                 +44 1224 701749
Email                                           Mobile                +44 7533 994098
Address                Broomhaugh House, Riding Mill,                      Website     
                       Northumberland, NE44 6EG, UK                        Address               Imenco UK Ltd., The Enterprise Centre,
                                                                                                 Aberdeen Science and Energy Park,
                                                                                                 Exploration Drive, Bridge of Don,
                                                                                                 Aberdeen, AB23 8GX.

48                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                   49
Infield is an independent energy research and analysis organisation      Integrated Subsea Services (ISS) is an independent diving, ROV
that is dedicated to the provision of accurate; data, market sector     and survey contractor with an extensive international track record
and regional forecast reports, mapping, published maps, analysis,       of supporting offshore IRM and construction projects.
business advisory, business strategy and transaction support
products and services to the offshore oil, gas, renewable energy        We own a large fleet of work-class ROVs, observation ROVs and
and associated marine industries. Infield services its clients in over   portable dive systems, and have access to DP2 vessels, including a
40 countries from a wide range of organisations including E&P           long-term charter on multipurpose support vessel Normand Tonjer. Our
companies, contractors, manufacturers, government agencies              Andrews Survey division has provided survey and positioning services
and financial institutions. Infield is widely acknowledged as the         to the offshore market for 30 years.
definitive independent information resource and has been involved
in many merger, acquisition and commercial market due diligence         We have around 100 onshore staff at our headquarters in Aberdeen,
projects.                                                               international offices in Australia, Singapore and South Africa, and very
                                                                        large pools of skilled diving, ROV, survey and inspection personnel.
• Project Databases                • Market Forecast Reports
• Mapping                          • Business Strategy & Analysis       ISS personnel have many years of experience working on offshore oil
• Transaction Services                                                  and gas projects in harsh environments and deep water. More recently,
                                                                        ISS has had success in the offshore renewables market, supporting
Infield has developed a variety of business tools to help companies      wind farm construction and the installation of wave and tidal devices.
make business decisions:
                                                                        ISS is an active member of the International Marine Contractors
• Offshore Fields Databases      • Tailored forecast reports            Association and we operate fully in accordance with all IMCA
• Specialist Vessels Database    • Supply & Demand Models               guidelines. We are accredited by DNV to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
• Market Due diligence           • OFFPEX Market Modelling              standards and operate an independently-audited Safety Management
                                   & Forecasting                        System.
• Global & Regional Market Reports
  o Deepwater                    o Subsea
  o Pipelines & Control Lines    o Fixed Platforms
  o Floating Production          o Offshore LNG
  o FPSO                         o Heavy Lift
  o Subsea Well Intervention     o Specialist Vessels
  o Asia Pacific                  o Heavy Transport
  o Latin America                o ROVs
  o West Africa                  o Offshore Wind
  o Middle East

Contact Details                                                         Contact Details

Company Name          Infield Systems Limited                            Company Name           Integrated Subsea Services Ltd

Representative        Quentin Whitfield                                  Representative         David Gault
Position              Director                                          Position               Renewables Department Manager
Phone                 +44 20 7423 5000                                  Phone                  +44 1224 857795
Mobile                +44 7768 570850                                   Mobile                 +44 7885 409782
Email                              Email        

Website                                         Company Name           Andrews Survey
                                                                        Representative         Andy Dare
                                                                        Position               Business Development Manager
                                                                        Phone                  +44 1224 256846
                                                                        Mobile                 +44 7974 975212

                                                                        Address                Ocean Spirit House, 33 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen,
                                                                                               AB11 5BS

50                               SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                        51
Inuktun Services Ltd. is a world-class designer and manufacturer            Established in 1999, ITF (Industry Technology Facilitator) is a
of advanced robotic crawlers and remote-controlled video                    ‘not for profit’ organisation owned by major global oil and gas
camera inspection systems. Inuktun provides standard off-the-               operator and service companies. Widely regarded as the global
shelf products along with modified systems to meet almost any                funding programme of choice, ITF is a champion for facilitating
inspection or tooling requirements.                                         technology development and, from working with technology
                                                                            developers and members, identifies the exploration and production
For use in confined spaces and hazardous environments, most of               (E&P) technology needs and supports the development and
Inuktun’s products are waterproof to at least 30 metres in depth, with      implementation of new technologies into the industry. To date,
some cameras rated to 4000m. Applications include; pipe, caisson            ITF has been responsible for successfully delivering over 164
and riser inspection, internal and external tank inspection, subsea         collaborative and revolutionary oilfield projects to the market,
inspection, remote sampling, duct inspection, task monitoring, search       securing direct ITF membership funding of around £50 million.
and rescue operations and marine biology activities.
                                                                            The technology challenges which ITF are focusing on for 2011 are:
Built on the principles of modular design, Inuktun’s compact and highly     • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
versatile systems allow customers to select from a range of standard        • Unconventional Reservoirs (Oil)
cameras, crawlers and controllers to create their own off-the-shelf, yet    • Subsea Technologies
customised solutions. These systems can then be reconfigured or re-          • Ageing Assets (incl. Tail-end production)
equipped for alternative operating conditions or inspection tasks.          • Drilling
In addition to designing and producing equipment, Inuktun can offer         • Well Intervention
clients a complete range of services, from conceptual design through
to project completion. Inuktun also offers components to customers for
use in their own applications.

Reliability, efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness are emphasised in
the design of all equipment, with remotely operated vehicles operating
on a rugged, steerable track system and guided by an intuitive control
system for ease of operation.

Contact Details                                                             Contact Details

Company Name           Inuktun Europe Ltd.                                  Company Name          ITF
Representative         Brian Storie
Position               Director                                             Representative        Ashleigh Martin
Phone                  +44 1224 200125                                      Position              Marketing Communications Executive
Email                                  Phone                 +44 1224 222421
Company Name           Inuktun Services Ltd.
Representative         Colin Dobell                                         Representative        Keith Mackie
Position               President                                            Position              Lead Technology Analyst
Phone                  +1 250 729 8080                                      Phone                 +44 1224 222418
                                                                            Mobile                +44 7872 470076
Website                                     Email       
Address                154 Forest Avenue, Aberdeen, AB15 4UN
                                                                            Address               The Enterprise Centre, Exploration Drive,
                                                                                                  Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8GX

52                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                   53
iXBlue: providers of navigation and positioning systems based on           We are an independent engineering and support company,
Fibre Optic Gyroscope and Underwater Acoustic technologies,                providing a range of subsea engineering and operational support
along with a range of seabed mapping solutions and moorings.               services on hardware and peripherals primarily related to subsea
                                                                           control systems.
Navigation and Positioning              Seabed Mapping
• OCTANS SUBSEA                         • SHADOWS                          We design and manufacture electrical and hydraulic subsea distribution
  Subsea gyrocompass and                  High performance mapping         units, umbilical terminations, break-out boxes, pulling heads, stab
  motion sensor.                          sonar (SAS).                     plates, and other related seabed equipment.
• PHINS 6000 INS                        • DELPH Seismic software
  Provides subsea vehicles with           Data acquisition and             We operate project management and support contracts comprising
  position, true heading, attitude,       interpretation software.         subsea and control systems engineering, workshops, materials
  speed and heave.                                                         management, storage and maintenance. We operate a 24/7 service
• ROVINS                                Moorings                           for all products and systems we support. This includes engineering
  Combined survey grade                 • OCEANO                           support, breakdowns, repairs, spares, installation, testing, and offshore
  gyrocompass and full featured           Acoustic releases with remote    diagnostics.
  Inertial Navigation System.             controls.
• RAMSES                                                                   We provide offshore services including fault diagnostics, repair and
  Computes the unknown                                                     replacement of sensors, electrical and hydraulic umbilical connections
  positions of transponders                                                and terminations.
  deployed on the seabed while
  keeping track of its own current                                         We can manage your own dedicated offshore equipment (reeler,
  location.                                                                umbilical, jumpers) or supply ours. We deliver the equipment to the
• GAPS USBL                                                                quayside fully prepared and tested, and we provide trained offshore
  Portable and pre-calibrated                                              personnel to conduct the hydraulic, electrical, or fibre optic fault
  positioning system.                                                      diagnostics.

About iXBlue                                                               We provide a full management service for your operational spares,
The iXBlue group, built around companies well known for their              ensuring the correct parts are available and in full working order at any
continuous innovation, provides a range of high technology equipments,     time.
systems and solutions in the areas of navigation and surveillance,
underwater positioning and communication, seabed imaging and               We store your spares at our premises here in Aberdeen. We offer:
surveying. iXBlue is able to combine its unique technologies, products,    optimisation of spares holding, obsolescence management, condition
systems and services from across its subsidiaries to provide the kind of   monitoring, equipment shelf life monitoring, replacement, and reverse
solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.              engineering.
In 2010, iXBlue employs 500 personnel for a turnover of 100M.

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name           iXBlue                                              Company Name           J+S Ltd

Representative         Fiona Mackenzie                                     Representative         Matt Blair
Position               Sales Manager                                       Position               Oil and Gas Director
Phone                  +44 2392 658 252                                    Phone                  +44 1224 773490
Email                                   Mobile                 +44 7971 493809
Address                Balgownie Technology Centre,                        Representative         Glenn Summers
                       Science & Technology Park, Campus 3,                Position               Engineering Manager
                       Aberdeen, AB22 8GW, UK                              Phone                  +44 1224 773488
                                                                           Mobile                 +44 7971 493823

                                                                           Address                J+S Ltd, Lombard Centre, Kirkhill Place,
                                                                                                  Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GU

54                                    SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS     EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                       55
JDR is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed subsea power             Kongsberg Maritime is a world leading manufacturer of marine
cables, umbilical systems and towed marine cables for a broad             electronics & subsea instrumentation, including AUV/UUV
range of applications.                                                    technology, HiPAP acoustic positioning, hydrographic inspection
                                                                          multibeams and underwater cameras.
JDR’s significant portfolio of product design, manufacture and delivery
extends throughout the oil and gas sector, offshore renewables industry   The company is a prime supplier of systems to the marine, offshore
and seismic and defence markets.                                          oil & gas, renewables, defence industries and the scientific research
JDR’s subsea wellhead, production and workover umbilicals are
installed and used around the world, engineered and manufactured          AUV Technology: Latest developments in AUV technology form
to exacting standards for operation in the most challenging of            the Kongsberg HUGIN and Hydroid REMUS range of products with
environments.                                                             integrated sensors from Kongsberg and GeoAcoustics. Man portable
                                                                          REMUS 100 AUV recently added to the Kongsberg Maritime rental pool.
Interveniton and Workover Control Systems, Umbilical Systems,             Hydrographic Systems: The latest Kongsberg EM2040 inspection
Subsea Power Cables, Towed Marine Cables, Renewable Energy                multibeam for surface and subsea applications depth rated up to
Cables for Wind, Wave and Tidal applications.                             6,000m using chirp technology and user selectable frequency to obtain
                                                                          maximum resolution or greatest range depending on the application.

                                                                          Underwater Positioning Systems: HAIN (Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial
                                                                          Navigation) is now proven by Offshore Operators, Subsea Construction
                                                                          and Survey Companies as a major tool in cost reduction of deepwater
                                                                          field developments in conjunction with HiPAP systems.

                                                                          Underwater Cameras & Imaging Sonar: The latest high performance
                                                                          camera products and accessories include; the new 10 mega pixel
                                                                          OE14-408 higher resolution underwater digital stills camera, the new
                                                                          OE15-110/111 compact low-light camera and a range of feature
                                                                          enhancements for the robust OE10-102 Pan & Tilt unit, and the leading
                                                                          OE14-366/67 colour zoom and OE14-502 HD cameras.

                                                                          Renewable Energy Market Support: Remote Underwater Noise
                                                                          Evaluation System is an autonomous acoustic noise acquisition
                                                                          system providing high quality, broadband data to effectively measure
                                                                          underwater background noise levels in subsea environments.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          JDR Cable Systems Ltd.                              Company Name           Kongsberg Maritime Ltd

Representative        Gavin Rippe                                         Representative         Catriona Ferguson
Position              Sales Director, Oil and Gas                         Position               Marketing Coordinator
Phone                 +44 1353 860022                                     Phone                  +44 1224 226574
Mobile                +44 7771 954185                                     Mobile                 +44 7799 838462
Email                                  Email        

Representative        David Pollock                                       Website      
Position              Sales Account Manager                               Address                Campus 1, Science & Technology Park,
Phone                 +44 01224 224365                                                           Balgownie Road, Bridge of Don,
Mobile                +44 7920 565077                                                            Aberdeen, AB22 8GT


56                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      57
L&N (Scotland) Ltd. is an independent engineering company                    Manufacturers of the Masto Steel Wire Rope and Umbilical
located in Aberdeen. Aberdeen is recognised as the oil capital               Lubricating System.
of Europe and is increasingly exporting products, and more
importantly expertise to the wider world oil & gas industry.

Ideally located to service this industry we offer a comprehensive range of
products & services including:
• Valve & Actuator Supply Services - Tailored procurement solutions
   from oneoffs to large scale projects.
• Weld Cladding - Complete weld cladding capability using the latest
   technology with a comprehensive library of overlay procedures.
• Fabrication Services - Broad variety of services for pipe work and
   structural steel projects.
• Subsea Control Services - Wide ranging catalogue of work in the
   subsea sector.
• Site Support Services - Engineering and technical support, including
   resources, equipment and manpower.
• Control Line Routing Services – An exciting new service developed to
   reduce the lead time for the manufacturing and assembling of subsea
   control lines.

In addition to the products and services we provide around Aberdeen
and the rest of the UK we are also experienced in exporting our
resources, equipment and manpower to various locations across the

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           L&N (Scotland) Ltd.                                   Company Name        Masto Wire Service A/S
                                                                                                 (Sharing with Subsea Supplies Ltd)
Representative         Colin S. Glennie
Position               Q.H.S.E. Manager                                      Representative      Tor Krageboen
Phone                  +44 1224 722544                                       Position            President
Mobile                 +44 7739 498299                                       Phone               +47 38 097 050
Email                                       Email     

Representative         Stuart McIntyre                                       Website   
Position               Field Sales Engineer                                  Address             PO Box 1615, Lundsiden,
Phone                  +44 1224 722544                                                           Kristiansand 4688, Norway
Mobile                 +44 7540 627533

Address                Walton Road, Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce,
                       Aberdeen, AB21 0GZ

58                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS          EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                          59
The National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) specialise in the subsea            Nautronix are ‘Global Leaders in Through Water Communication
industry, providing facilities and knowledge on hyperbaric pressure      and Positioning Technology for the Offshore Industry’. The company
testing, hyperbaric & underwater welding, subsea training,               offer its unique ADS2 (Acoustic Digital Spread Spectrum) technology
consulting and diving emergency response.                                based solutions and products to the global Offshore Market.

The NHC facilities are unlike no other in the world, our saturation      The company’s core products are:
chamber and dive control has daily treatments and hyperbaric pressure    • NASNet® - (Nautronix Acoustic Subsea Network) a revolutionary
tests which allow us to provide training with hands on experience. Our     positioning system offering the benefits an ‘underwater GPS system’
out-door test tank also allows the NHC to provide ROV testing and          to subsea project teams by delivering precise navigational data to
diving familiarisation.                                                    multi-users in a more efficient and timely manner.

The NHC has been involved in the subsea industry for many years          • NASNet® DPR - an ideal back up to DGPS for vessel station
and our understanding of extreme environments enables us to provide        keeping. With DP positioning data derived from the subsea
professional advice and services to customers of all industry markets.     positioning system, NASNet® DPR overcomes the issue of
• Subsea Training                                                          scintillation for robust and accurate vessel station keeping.
• Hyperbaric Pressure Testing & Trails
• Hyperbaric & Underwater Welding                                        • NASeBOP - an acoustic control and monitoring system of the
• Hyperbaric Lifeboat Reception                                            subsea BOP offering dual redundancy and emergency portable
• Medical & Diving Emergencies                                             configuration to ensure maximum levels of system operability and
• Consulting & Auditing                                                    fully meeting Petrobras’ specifications.
• Equipment Servicing
• Research & Development                                                 • NASDrill RS925 - combined SBL and LBL positioning system which
                                                                           provides reliable acoustic positioning for rigs and vessels operating
                                                                           in noisy environments and deep water.

                                                                         If you would like any more information about Nautronix please visit us at
                                                                         stand number A1

Contact Details                                                          Contact Details

Company Name          National Hyperbaric Centre                         Company Name           Nautronix

Representative        David Smith                                        Representative         Chris Booth
Position              Managing Director                                  Position               Sales Manager
Phone                 +44 1224 698895                                    Phone                  +44 1224 775700
Email                       Email        

Representative        Neil Gordon                                        Representative         Rebecca Christie
Position              General Manager                                    Position               Marketing Co-Ordinator
Phone                 +44 1224 698895                                    Phone                  +44 1224 775700
Email                      Email        

Website                        Website      
Address               National Hyperbaric Centre, 123 Ashgrove Road,     Address                Howe Moss Avenue, Kirkhill Industrial Estate,
                      Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, AB16 5FA                              Dyce, AB21 0GP

60                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                       61
NCS Survey is the leading independent UK survey company                  From its headquarters in Aberdeen, Neptune delivers Engineered
providing survey services to the offshore construction and               Offshore Solutions (EOS); a portfolio of high-performance solutions
positioning markets on a worldwide basis. The company                    which can be supplied either as a total package or as an individual
comprises a group of highly experienced onshore and offshore             service, according to the specific client’s requirements.
staff. Now one of the biggest offshore survey companies based in
Aberdeen, it has 46 full-time field staff and 16 onshore staff.           The EOS integrated service offering includes specialist bespoke
                                                                         subsea engineering, inspection and intervention, field extension and
The company works closely with its clients to provide cost effective     development, manufacture, testing and assembly within the oil and gas
and technically advanced solutions, which are tailored to meet project   and renewable industry as well as decommissioning experience.
requirements, including the recently added low logistics, man-portable
Gavia AUVs and real-time seabed visualisation systems (SVS). NCS         In addition, Neptune owns and operates a fleet of inspection and work
Survey has carried out over 550 contracts in 35 different countries.     class ROVs, which provide support for its work in subsea inspection,
                                                                         survey and positioning work. Neptune also has a patented dry
                                                                         underwater welding technology NEPSYS®.

Contact Details                                                          Contact Details

Company Name          NCS Survey                                         Company Name         Neptune

Representative        Andy Gray                                          Representative       Britney Adams
Position              Chief Executive                                    Position             Business Development Manager
Phone                 +44 1224 749499                                    Phone                +44 1224 806888
Mobile                +44 7785 234040                                    Mobile               +44 7966 388701
Representative        Andrew McMurtrie
Position              Business Development Manager                       Representative       Kevin Stephen
Phone                 +44 1224 749499                                    Position             Business Development Director
Mobile                +44 7850 271753                                    Phone                +44 1224 806888
Email                           Mobile               +44 7786 251086
Address               14 Abercrombie Court, Prospect Road, Westhill,     Website    
                      Aberdeenshire, AB32 6FE                            Address              40 Queens Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YE

62                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS      EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                  63
With a track record spanning 10 years, and a commitment to                   Nexans Norway are a leading manufacturer of custom made
leading edge technology, NETmc Marine has become the world’s                 underwater umbilical and tether cables for ROV, plough,
leading supplier of digital video recording equipment to the                 oceanographic and seismic applications.
offshore market.

This commitment to leading edge technology is evidenced by the
launch of our high definition Inspector DVR; not only does it encode
HD SDI signals but it can downscale these signals for recording in
standard definition. This allows the user to record general footage in
standard definition and clips in high definition or vice versa. The unit
also includes a high definition video overlay with the full capability of a
survey grade overlay.

The latest development we are looking at is streaming video
technology. This technology is still in its infancy offshore but NETmc
Marine hope to make its mark in this sector in 2011.

On our stand this year will be the Triops, our pipeline system launched
last year for use with pipeline eventing and survey acquisition software;
our latest integrated diver video system and the Hi Def Inspector.

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           NETmc Marine Ltd                                      Company Name        Nexans Norway A/S
                                                                                                 (Sharing with Subsea Supplies Ltd)
Representative         Raymond Ruth
Position               Sales                                                 Representative      Siri Zimarseth
Phone                  +44 1771 644001                                       Position            International Sales Manager
Mobile                 +44 7751 311890                                       Phone               +47 22 88 62 06
Email                                       Mobile              +47 958 61 570
Address                New Deer, Turriff, Aberdeenshire AB53 6TL             Website   
                                                                             Address             Nexans Norway AS, P.O.Box 6540 Etterstad,
                                                                                                 0605 Oslo, Norway

64                                  SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                               65
Noordhoek is an independent subsea contractor operating within            The National Subsea Research Institute (NSRI) is a partnership
the international oil & gas and renewable industry. From within the       between the UK Subsea industry and Universities. It is a not-for-
offshore business unit Noordhoek provides a comprehensive range           profit company supported by academia, government agencies and
of subsea construction, installation, inspection, maintenance,            23 major companies active across the subsea supply chain.
repair, and decommissioning services whereas the survey business
unit covers our hydrographical, geotechnical and geophysical              A national centre of excellence for subsea research in the UK, NSRI
survey services. These services include both divers and remotely          is developing a co-ordinated research strategy based on a long term
operated vehicles and are performed under the umbrella on a               vision of partnership and collaboration to develop visionary new
service agreement, a long-term contract or on an adhoc / one-off          technologies, techniques and knowledge to the long-term benefit of the
form of contract.                                                         subsea industry. Research conducted by NSRI has applications in the
                                                                          oil & gas, marine renewable, defence, subsea telecommunications and
Noordhoek operates three purpose build offshore support vessels to        marine science sectors.
support the range of subsea activities:
• The Noordhoek Constructor – a DPII Dedicated Diving                     NSRI is a collaborative organisation with strong contacts with the wider
  (SAT and Air) Construction Vessel.                                      subsea industry and other research centres and Universities throughout
• The Noordhoek Pathfinder – a DPII Dedicated Survey                       the UK and with a number of international associations.
  (Geophysical / Hydrographical / Geotechnical) Support Vessel.
• The Noordhoek Singapore – a DPII Multi Purpose                          Focus areas are especially directed towards:
  (Diving / Survey / Construction) Offshore Support Vessel.               • Reliability and integrity modelling
                                                                          • Underwater Devices & Structures
In addition Noordhoek owns and operated a large range of mobile           • Autonomous Operation & Control
assets which include diving equipment, remotely operated vehicles         • Locally generated power
(ROVs), remote operated towed vehicles (ROTVs) and other                  • Subsea environmental regimes
construction and survey equipment.
                                                                          NSRI was established in early 2009 by Subsea UK, The Robert Gordon
With 50 years of relevant subsea experience, the Noordhoek Group          University, the University of Aberdeen, Newcastle University and
policy is to maintain complete customer satisfaction by presenting        the University of Dundee. Its research programme is demand-driven
professional, cost effective and high quality services where health,      according to the long terms priority objectives of the industry.
safety and environmental dedication are the major factors of success in
her approach to business.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          Noordhoek Offshore BV                               Company Name          National Subsea Research Institute (NSRI)

Representative        Patrick Feeleus                                     Representative        Mark Critchley
Position              Commercial Manager Offshore                         Position              Business Manager
Phone                 +31 111456000                                       Phone                 +44 1224 272987
Email                                    Mobile                +44 7900 135877
Representative        Cees Noordhoek
Position              Managing Director                                   Website     
Phone                 +31 111 456000                                      Address               Meston Building, King’s College,
Email                                                        Aberdeen, AB24 3UE

Address               P.O. Box 200, 4300 AE Zierikzee, The Netherlands

66                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     67

With the ability to manufacture and machine a wide range of                  Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services
engineering polymers Nylacast are recognised as a market leader              and products primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a
in the supply of Offshore and Subsea components.                             focus on deepwater applications.

Nylacast has the knowledge and facilities to provide a full range of         Oceaneering offers ROVs and tooling, vessels, umbilicals, IWOCS,
engineering polymer solutions supported by a full R&D and testing            specialty hardware, and mobile offshore production units to offshore
facility. Furthermore, Nylacast are FPAL registered and adopt the            customers. Services include subsea field development solutions;
frameworks of best practice in quality to ISO 9001/TS 16949.                 inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM); engineering and project
                                                                             management; live well wireline intervention; plug & abandonment;
With extensive experience in projects from the Asia-Pacific to the North      manned diving; and non-destructive testing.
Sea, with components as diverse as sheaves, pipe in pipe spacers
and ROV chassis, Nylacast are able to offer assistance from FEED
design and specification through to testing, material certification and

Nylacast Engineering polymers offer many advantages in Offshore and
Subsea applications, including: exceptional resistance to wear and
abrasion, high impact strength, corrosion and chemical resistance,
self-lubricating, eliminating routine and costly maintenance, light
weight - typically 1/7th the weight of steel/neutral buoyancy, in addition
enhanced performance is available by building on the well known
brands of Nylube, Oilon, and Aquanyl, and bringing together the
experience of our engineers and chemists, Nylacast is able to tailor its
materials to suit our customers’ projects.

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           Nylacast Ltd                                          Company Name          Oceaneering

Representative         Howard Bradfield                                       Representative        Dave McKechnie
Position               Offshore Materials Engineer                           Position              DTS Eastern Hemisphere Manager
Phone                  +44 116 276 8558                                      Phone                 +44 1224 758529
Email                                  Mobile                +44 7917 687503
Address                Nylacast Ltd, 200 Hastings Road,                      Representative        Steven Cowie
                       Leicester, LE5 0HL, UK                                Position              ROV Operations Manager
                                                                             Phone                 +44 1224 758573
                                                                             Mobile                +44 7795 954271

                                                                             Address               Oceaneering House, Pitmedden Road,
                                                                                                   Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0DP

68                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS          EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      69
Oceanographic Department of the University of Aberdeen.                  When every fraction of a millimetre makes a difference, Optical
                                                                         Metrology Services (OMS) are the preferred choice. OMS, located
Test Facilities and Product Qualification Testing.                        in both Houston and the UK, is a unique provider of premium
                                                                         dimensional measurement services delivering highly accurate
Oceanlab has a large hanger, with 2.5T overhead X/Y crane and a          and refined results, making it quicker and less costly to complete
comprehensive suit of test equipment for sub sea testing. All this is    major projects within the oil and gas industry. OMS reduces time
available on a commercial basis and includes:                            with less resource to achieve considerably superior results over
• 1800mm x 750mm, 700 bar hydrostatic pressure vessel                    traditional measurement and inspection methods.
• Software driven vibration table
• Software driven environmental chambers                                 OMS have a wide range of capabilities with the main focus on solving
• Indoor test tanks (including seawater)                                 problems when welding pipes prior to installation and for post weld
Environmental Work
Oceanlab is the centre for deep ocean research at the University         Services
of Aberdeen. The University’s scientists provide their international     • Pipe Length                       •   Pipe Straightness
experience and expertise to company projects in biological data          • End dimensioning                  •   End Squareness
collection by lander deployment and by long term submersed platforms     • Bevel geometry                    •   HiLo
designed towards 20 years’ operating.                                    • Laser weld Inspection             •   Camera weld Inspection
                                                                         • Pipe wall thickness               •   Ordering in the firing line
Product Design                                                           • Improving fabrication fit-up       •   Video inspection
The Business Unit supports a full time Design Engineer to address your   • Laser checking                    •   Ultrasonic testing
specific requirements. Current products include:                          • Data analysis                     •   Consultancy/Design
• Sub sea electronics design                                             • Fabrication inspection            •   Fit-up problem solutions
• Sub sea landers                                                        • Expert witness                    •   Corrosion inspection
• housings
• customised stand alone autonomous power units                          Products
• low power autonomous data logging.                                     OMS manufactures a variety of tools to measure just about any critical
                                                                         feature to do with pipes:
All equipment can be rated to max. 12000m.                               • Internal /External HiLo            • Bevel Geometry
                                                                         • Pipe Straightness                  • End Squareness
                                                                         • Ovality, Size, Wall thickness, ID and OD

Contact Details                                                          Contact Details

Company Name           Oceanlab, University Of Aberdeen                  Company Name          Optical Metrology Services

Representative         Dave Sproule                                      Representative        Hugh Davies
Position               Business Manager                                  Position              Director of Client Solutions
Phone                  +44 1224 274403                                   Phone                 +44 1279 656038
Email                                      Mobile                +44 7929 777 286
Representative         Herbie Mitchell
Position               Commercial Technician                             Representative        Jim Buston
Phone                  +44 1224 274406                                   Position              Client Solutions Executive
                                                                         Phone                 +44 1279 656038
Website                                 Mobile                +44 7791 586 486 (Mob)
Company Address        Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, Main Street,
                       Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, AB41 6AA                 Address               11 Twyford Business Centre, Bishops Stortford,
                                                                                               Herts, CM23 3YT

70                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS      EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      71
The Pegasus Oil & Gas & Directory is a well-established publication        PhotoSynergy Limited (PSL) develops unique lighting solutions
containing approx. 400 pages of fully updated information on               utilising optical fibres including LIGHTPATH; a continuous line of
approx. 3000 companies within the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry.              light 75 to 150 metres long that features PSL’s wet-mate Optical
                                                                           Pozi Lock system:
There is a controlled distribution of 8,000 copies to mostly “NAMED”
personnel throughout the industry including promotion at major             • Multi-stranded fibre rope carrying no electrical power
exhibitions globally.                                                      • Outside diameter 5mm with wet mate optical connection
                                                                           • Suitable for submerged and challenging operational conditions
The Pegasus website is a comprehensive, searchable online database,          including explosive environments
providing an immediate and cost effective opportunity for companies to     • Air dive umbilical lighting
promote their products & services to a vast audience.                      • Low power consumption
                                                                           • Operational 24x7
The Pegasus Directory App is now available on your mobile phone.           • DC, Battery or battery back-up
Search “Pegasus Energy” in either iTunes or Android Marketplace to         • Continuous or modulated operation
download your free copy.                                                   • Easily deployed in passageways & stairwells
                                                                           • Identify hazardous areas open hatches etc
New for 2011: The Pegasus Renewable Energy Directory.                      • A variety of systems configured to suit application

Our latest publication contains company information, products and
services within the Wind / Hydro / Wave / Tidal / Bio and Solar sectors.

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name           Pegasus Oil, Gas & Energy Directory                 Company Name         PhotoSynergy Ltd

Representative         Colin Browne                                        Representative       Don Walker
Position               Director                                            Position             Director
Phone                  +44 845 450 9292                                    Phone                +44 1334 463327
Email                                    Email      

Representative         Paul Linnett                                        Website    
Position               Sales & Marketing                                   Address              Photonics Innovation Centre, North Haugh,
Phone                  +44 845 450 9292                                                         St Andrews, KY16 9SS

Address                Unit 1, Quayside Business Centre,
                       School Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 9NW

72                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                   73
Polar Media specialise in producing producing high definition 3D             Port Services Group is a leading offshore support service and
animations and visualisations for the Oil and Gas industry.                 engineering company operating out of a number strategic
                                                                            locations in Scotland, including Invergordon, Aberdeen and
We also produce progress films and interactive subsea system                 Scrabster. We serve the needs of the biggest oil, gas and
photographic records.                                                       renewable energy companies in the world and have built a
                                                                            reputation for quality of service and the provision of tailor-made
Our 3D animation work draws from our experience delivering                  solutions.
documentaries and music programs for terrestrial TV as well as
corporate films for companies including Nokia, Mercedes, Puma and            Port Services Group offer clients a total logistics package tailored to
Starbucks.                                                                  their individual needs. We specialise in the provision of permanent
                                                                            on-site logistics support supplying our own plant including cranes,
We apply the same high visual standards and use the same world class        personnel, transport, fork-trucks and offshore shipping containers, as
talent to deliver our offshore animations, as we do to deliver prime time   well as full agency and engineering support services.
TV shows.
                                                                            We offer both open and covered storage, along with secure berthing
Our experience covers Subsea, Topsides, FPSOs, Onshore terminals            with a full range of associated support services.
and Subsurface and a range of vessels. The work depicts everything
from overviews and field layouts to processes including installation and     Our multi-disciplined and specialist team ensures full and efficient
operations procedures.                                                      project management from project concept to final commissioning. We
                                                                            are proud of our reputation for competency, completing projects on
Our interactive photographic records are self contained DVDs or USB         time and risk mitigation.
keys with thousands of as-built photographs detailing every component
and structure of a Subsea facility, enabling the user to access any
photograph within a few clicks or by typing in a component name.

Each photograph can be exported or printed with the component name
and user annotation.

The records include 360° photographs that allow the user to rotate a
Subsea Tree, SCM, or similar structure to view it photographically from
any angle.

Contact Details                                                             Contact Details

Company Name           Polar Media                                          Company Name           Port Services Group

Representative         Joe Kane                                             Representative         Stephen Clark
Position               Director                                             Position               Managing Director
Phone                  +44 20 8682 0500                                     Phone                  +44 1224 895373
Mobile                 +44 779 6262621                                      Email        
Representative         Matthew Price                                        Address                Hareness Road, Altens Industrial Estate,
Position               Business Devlopment                                                         Aberdeen, AB12 3LE

Address                5A Boundaries Road, London, SW12 8ET

74                                   SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                         75
Proserv Offshore is a leading global provider of subsea                   RBG is the leading provider of construction support, fabric
maintenance, abandonment and decommissioning services.                    maintenance and related services to the international oil, gas and
With over 30 years experience, we provide flexible and reactive            petrochemical industries.
engineering solutions from the installation and maintenance of the
structure through to decommissioning at the end of field life.             Our project expertise covers the full industry value chain,
                                                                          encompassing construction, fabrication, commissioning support,
Proserv Offshore has grown as a company through the acquisition           operations, maintenance and decommissioning. Bringing together the
and organic growth of several niche oil and gas service companies         right people, processes and technology, we offer the highest standards
from around the world. By merging this expertise into our global          of customer service.
infrastructure we are able to provide specialist products and services
to our clients on a much larger scale, whilst keeping innovation at the   Located in principal areas of energy exploration and production activity
heart of what we do.                                                      throughout the world, including Azerbaijan, Trinidad & Tobago, USA,
                                                                          Kazakhstan, Middle East and the UK, we employ over 4,500 people.
Proserv Offshore has global operations in the USA, UK, Norway,
Australia, Far East, West Africa and Middle East.                         RBG launched in 2005 when Rigblast Group, McGregor Energy and
                                                                          Mach-Ten merged. The company then acquired the UK and Gulf of
We specialise in the following areas:                                     Mexico business, Core Technical Service, adding to our subsea and
• Decommissioning Contractors & Engineers                                 specialist engineering expertise.
• Abandonment Services
• Subsea & Marine Technology                                              Since 2005, we have welcomed over 3000 new people into the
• High & Ultra High Pressure Pump Services                                organisation, contributing to a workforce which now stands at 4,500
• Design & Manufacturing                                                  personnel.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name           Proserv Offshore                                   Company Name          RBG

Representative         Kevin Ingram                                       Representative        Calum Buchanan
Position               Sales Manager                                      Position              Director – Marine and Subsea
Phone                  +44 1467 632020                                    Phone                 +44 1224 722888
Mobile                 +44 7713 160438                                    Mobile                +44 7879 427918
Email                          Email       

Website                                 Representative        Nigel Wilmott
Address                Tumulus Way, Midmill Business Park, Kintore,       Position              Operations Manager
                       Aberdeenshire, UK AB51 0TG                         Phone                 +44 1224 722 888
                                                                          Mobile                +44 7825 033499

                                                                          Address               Norfolk House, Pitmedden road,
                                                                                                Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 ODP

76                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     77
Rotech Subsea’s range of mass flow excavation tools are the most           The use of Roxar technology enables our users to increase oil
powerful yet controllable systems available today.                        and gas recovery, accelerate production and reduce capital and
                                                                          operating costs. From high temperature reservoir monitoring
The non contact approach supported by real time image sonar               to multiphase metering, sand erosion sensors and corrosion
assistance and our tools patented gyroscopic stability make Rotech        detection, Roxar allows operators to make reservoir management
world leaders in this field.                                               and flow assurance decisions with the maximum amount of
Constantly upgrading our equipment with feedback from clients
and operations in the field allows us to meet the challenges and           Roxar is in a unique position to act as a “one stop supplier” to serve
requirements required by our increasing client base.                      our customers in all their metering and monitoring needs. Whether it is
                                                                          topside, subsea or downhole – Roxar’s products meet the challenges
All our equipment in house from R&D through engineering and final          of reservoir management and production optimisation. Roxar is part of
fabrication, we maintain a strong training program to keep our offshore   Emerson Process Management, adding subsea reservoir management
teams up to date with changing procedures and our specialised tools       and production optimisation for global upstream E&P customers.
for mass flow applications.

Teamwork is everything and together we engineer solutions to meet our
clients’ increasing challenges in the subsea excavation industry. Our
tools never stand still and neither do we as a company.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          Rotech Subsea                                       Company Name          Roxar Flow Measurement Ltd

Representative        Stephen Cochrane                                    Representative        Sam Amiri
Position              Business Development Manager                        Position              Area Sales Manager Subsea UK
Phone                 +44 1224 789264                                     Phone                 +44 1224 799959
Mobile                +44 7525 128594                                     Mobile                +44 7534 221041
Email                              Email       

Representative        Miranda Sheehan                                     Website     
Position              Logistics & Marketing Coordinator                   Address               Unit 2A Wellhead Crescent, Dyce,
Phone                 +44 1224 789239                                                           Aberdeen, AB21 7GA
Mobile                +44 7860 454727

Address               Rotech House, Whitemyres Avenue,
                      Aberdeen, AB16 6HQ

78                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     79
Saab Seaeye is the world’s leading manufacturer or Electric ROV              Schilling Robotics is a leading global producer of high-technology
systems.                                                                     subsea systems, including control systems, remotely operated
                                                                             vehicles (ROVs), manipulators, and custom-built systems for
With over 500 vehicles produced it has built a reputation for reliability,   subsea exploration and production.
performance, quality and support. It has been providing Electric ROV
solutions for over 24 years to a wide range of industries from Oil and       We bring more than 25 years of technological expertise and innovation
Gas to Defence, Scientific and Environmental companies all over the           to the challenges facing customers in the subsea environments.
world. From the portable Falcon to the work class Jaguar, each system
is carefully configured to meet our customer’s requirements using our in
house team of experienced engineers. Our in house support team and
a large range of spares kept in stock are there to provide the highest
levels of support and advice to our customers.

Saab Seaeye is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saab AB Sweden.

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           Saab Seaeye Ltd                                       Company Name          Schilling Robotics

Representative         D Grant                                               Representative        Ryan Lumsden
Position               Managing Director                                     Position              Commerical Manager
Phone                  +44 1489 898000                                       Phone                 +44 1224 560 900
Email                                               Mobile                +44 7515 298 776
Address                20 Brunel Way, Segensworth East, Fareham,             Website     
                       Hants, PO15 5SD                                       Address               Unit N, Nord Centre, Aberdeen, AB11 5DN

80                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS          EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                   81
SMD is a leading designer and manufacturer of large remotely               SMIT Subsea, part of the SMIT Group - a leading player in the
operated subsea vehicles for the oil & gas, telecoms, military and         global market for maritime services, is specialised in underwater
mining industries. A range of standard products are available              operations, offering diving and ROV services to the offshore oil and
including the highly successful Q-Series Work Class ROVs, Tophat/          gas industry and civil construction industry.
Garage tether management systems, lift winches and launch/
recovery systems. In addition SMD offer the largest range of               SMIT has been actively involved with offshore diving services since
trenching systems available including plough, tractor and jetting          the early 1970’s. During this time we have earned the reputation of
machines suitable for burying a wide variety of subsea cables and          providing top quality equipment and personnel to client worksites in the
pipelines. All components used on SMD machines are available               following core competences:
individually and marketed through the Curvetech brand which
includes control systems, subsea power packs, valve packs,                 •   Surface demand diving services (air/nitrox/mixed-gas).
compensators and junction boxes.                                           •   Saturation diving services.
                                                                           •   ROV services.
If no machine exists, SMD’s special projects division offers customers     •   Associated services: project management, subsea engineering,
a complete turnkey service should they require a bespoke solution for          marine services and vessels.
a complex subsea problem. This service uses the extensive experience
of SMD’s innovative design engineers with ranging skills covering          We offer our clients state-of-the-art Inspection, Repair and
disciplines including soil mechanics, water jetting, subsea engineering,   Maintenance (IRM) and construction solutions whereby excellence
electrical power, control, software, hydraulics and mechanical design.     is the drive in SHE-Q (Safety Health Environment and Quality)
                                                                           performance. SMIT Subsea operates on a global basis from five
SMD offers 24 hour, 365 day support assistance through a dedicated         strategic locations: the headquarters in Rotterdam and regional offices
service department and can supply teams of offshore personnel              in Cape Town, Dubai, Houston and Singapore.
through its Offshore Support Services Division. SMD also offer a range
of training courses through its dedicated training centre with a ROV       In order to support the North Sea offshore oil and gas industry, we are
simulator at its premises on the banks of the river Tyne in Newcastle      operating the DP3 diving support vessel ‘EDT Protea’ on a year-round
                                                                           basis. This vessel is fully equipped to perform subsea construction
                                                                           activities, as well as to support Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
                                                                           contracts for offshore and subsea structures.

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name          SMD                                                  Company Name           SMIT Subsea

Representative        Mike Jones                                           Representative         Jurick Sjouw
Position              Joint Managing Director                              Position               Sales Manager
Phone                 +44 1912 348675                                      Phone                  +31 10 4549236
Email                                        Mobile                 +31 6 51555819
Address               Turbinia Works, Davy Bank, Wallsend,                 Representative         Jillis Koch
                      Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE28 6UZ                        Position               Project Manager
                                                                           Phone                  +31 10 4549746
                                                                           Mobile                 +31 6 81954614

                                                                           Address                SMIT, Waalhaven O.Z. 85,
                                                                                                  Port number 2204 3087 BM Rotterdam,
                                                                                                  The Netherlands

82                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS         EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     83
Sonavision are leaders in the fields of seabed classification,              Sonomatic® is the market leader in the development and provision
imaging sonar, subsea sensors, and through-water emergency                of ultrasonic inspection services and products serving the oil and
voice communications for diver safety.                                    gas, power generation and defence sectors.

Our main focus at Subsea 2011 will be the launch of two brand new         Sonomatic® is a specialist supplier to the offshore industry for more
sonar products, the SV2020, and SV4040, together with an enhanced         than 25 years, for example pioneering the use of techniques such as
performance version of the popular Mercury sonar.                         Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and corrosion mapping, providing
                                                                          independent pigging verification of upstream oil and gas pipelines.
The SV2020 is the replacement for the SV2000 sonar. The 2020
features an all-new tuneable frequency composite transducer providing     In 2009, Sonomatic® was assessed against internationally-recognised
industry leading performance. Its compact size and high resolution        standards to gain certification from the United Kingdom Accreditation
pave the way for a new era in Mechanical Scanning Sonars.                 Service (UKAS) and now accredited as a Type A inspection body
                                                                          in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020:1998 after demonstrating the
Our new SV4040 is designed to deliver sonar performance on a par          necessary competence, impartiality and capability to provide “third
with the “Rolls Royce” SV4000 product, at a highly competitive price.     party” services.
It builds on the reliability of the SV4000 and boasts an all new
composite transducer to further improve resolution.                       Sonomatic® moved into its new flagship facility on Aberdeen’s Bridge
                                                                          of Don Science and Technology Park in 2009 and has expanded its
The SV1010 provides a faster scan rate and improved resolution building   operation with a new base in Perth, Western Australia. The company’s
on the solid foundation set by its successful Mercury predecessor.        head office is in Warrington, Cheshire, with further operational bases in
                                                                          Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Secunda in South Africa, and Charlotte
                                                                          in North Carolina, USA.

                                                                          Developments for 2010 include the completion of Sonomatic’s research
                                                                          and development programme with the manufacture of ROV-deployable
                                                                          ultrasonic inspection tools, which range from specialised weld to
                                                                          deepwater pipe inspection tools.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          Sonavision LTD                                      Company Name           Sonomatic Ltd

Representative        Ross Hardie                                         Representative         Ryan Phipps
Position              Production, Service & Sales Manager                 Position               Subsea Manager
Phone                 +44 1224 707737                                     Phone                  +44 1224 823960
Mobile                +44 7595 691205                                     Mobile                 +44 7912 084456
Email                                      Email        

Representative        Bob Wilkinson                                       Website      
Position              Director                                            Address                Unit 1, The Energy Development Centre,
Phone                 +44 1224 707737                                                            Claymore Drive, Bridge Of Don,
Email                                                              Aberdeen, AB23 8GD

Address               12 Energy Development Centre,
                      Aberdeen Science & Technology Park,
                      Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8GD

84                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                       85
Specialist Subsea Services (S3) is a recent name in the offshore          Strategic Offshore Research is an established independent,
subsea sector which comes with a strong lineage of experience             specialist market intelligence company focused on the subsea and
offering turnkey survey, ROV and intervention ‘life of field’ services     offshore oil and gas markets.
to the Oil and Gas, renewable and telecom industries, it combines
some of the most experienced and knowledgeable brains in the              We find out the things others do not. We provide a level of
business. Following its inception in mid 2007, S3 has successfully        understanding and perception that simply is not available elsewhere.
been involved in key offshore projects in the United Kingdom,
Germany, Norway, Cyprus, Holland, Spain, Egypt and Libya;                 The modern age sees everyone effectively drowning in information.
delivered by key personnel with a wealth of offshore experience.          Most of it is recycled and regurgitated. What’s fresh, different and
                                                                          pertinent really stands out. That’s what we do.
Currently headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, S3 has the backing of
Norwegian investors, Energy Exploration Services (EXS) AS. Through        Strategic Offshore Research has established a strong reputation since
EXS global network and S3’s subsidiary company in Luanda, Angola,         its formation in May 2001. That’s via a clear display of its key principles
S3 has access to global facilities and resources to ensure it can fully   of high-quality, directly-researched information and provocative
support and service an international client base.                         reporting.

With the recent acquisition of Caledonian Geotech, an inshore/            SOR has a very strong subscriber base all around the world.
near shore geotechnical company, S3 hopes to enhance its further          Thousands read our material every day, and more are being added
penetration into the renewable sector and to allow full subsea            all the time – a strong testimony to the quality and integrity of the
inspection capability in regards to Oil and Gas pipelines and shore       information we provide.
                                                                          The main streams of our business are: the first-hand Subsea Newswire;
                                                                          the first-hand Field Development Newswire; the FrontRunner
                                                                          Newsletter; the annual Subsea Market report; plus constant market
                                                                          forecasting and analysis.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name           Specialist Subsea Services                         Company Name           Strategic Offshore Research

Representative         Ka Henney                                          Representative         Jo Slade
Position               Business Sales & Marketing                         Position               Sales & Marketing Director
Phone                  +44 1224 569923                                    Phone                  +44 1224 498020
Mobile                 +44 7854 655465                                    Mobile                 +44 7801 438882
Email                             Email        

Representative         Michelle Burnet                                    Website      
Position               Commercial Co-ordinator                            Address                1 Queens Lane South, Queens Cross,
Phone                  +44 1224 569939                                                           Aberdeen AB10 6XW

Address                31-33 St Clement Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5FU

86                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                        87
An independent company, supplying underwater products to the           Subspection Ltd is a leading provider of Cathodic Protection
offshore, oceanographic, commercial and defence industries.            Services.

The company represents in the UK established manufacturers of          Subspection has earned an enviable reputation for the reliability
proven electrical & mechanical products, including Nexans Norway       and quality of its Independent Consultancy, Measurement Services,
AS, Cooper Interconnect (Burton), AK Industries (Hydrovolt), Sunstar   Impressed Current / Sacrificial Cathodic Protection Systems, CP
Electric Inc and Masto Wire Service A/S.                               Engineering, Ports and Harbours services and Electric Field Sensors.

                                                                       This has been achieved by devoting considerable effort to development
                                                                       of both our people and equipment. With worldwide deployment of
                                                                       skilled personnel and advanced technology to accurately and reliably
                                                                       measure the corrosion potentials, analysis of the results leads to a
                                                                       detailed assessment of the corrosion risk.

                                                                       Debuting at this year’s exhibition:
                                                                       SubCAPSS Topside Interface
                                                                       ICCP Self Orientating Directional Anode (SODA-node)

Contact Details                                                        Contact Details

Company Name          Subsea Supplies Ltd                              Company Name          Subspection Ltd (an iicorr company)

Representative        Bill Roach                                       Representative        Gordon McKinnell
Position              Managing Director                                Position              General Manager
Phone                 +44 1224 705181                                  Phone                 +44 1962 734977
Mobile                +44 7939 501637                                  Mobile                +44 7525 669618
Email                        Email       

Representative        Andy Smith                                       Representative        Ian Moir
Position              Finance & Admin Mgr                              Position              Sales Executive
Phone                 +44 1224 705181                                  Phone                 +44 1224 898282
Mobile                +44 7815 833387                                  Email       
Website                             Company Address       Subspection Ltd, Shelf House New Farm Road,
Address               Unit 27, Murcar Commercial Park, Denmore Road,                         Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9QE
                      Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8JW

88                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS     EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      89
Sunstar Electric specialises in subsea AC electric motors for ROV   DUCO Ltd designs and manufactures bespoke subsea umbilical
systems and tools.                                                  systems to connect between subsea hardware and fixed/floating
                                                                    facilities. DUCO has established a very strong track record,
Sunstar has been supplying subsea motors for 18 years from 5HP      developed over more than 30 years of supplying the offshore oil
through 750HP, 80volt through 6.6Kv                                 and gas industry.

                                                                    Subsea umbilical systems can include high pressure hydraulic hose,
                                                                    steel tubes, electric cables and fibre optic cables. DUCO also provides
                                                                    a full range of subsea products and services, including flying leads,
                                                                    hoses and end fittings, hardware and offshore services. DUCO has the
                                                                    capability to manage client requirements from concept to supporting
                                                                    installation. We have strong expertise in the fields of project
                                                                    management, engineering, research and development, including
                                                                    prototype build and test, analysis and modelling.

                                                                    DUCO and FlexiFrance are part of the Technip Group. FlexiFrance is
                                                                    located in Normandy, 50km east of Le Havre.

                                                                    Serving a diverse and international clientele involved in offshore oil
                                                                    and gas production, FlexiFrance has supplied more than 9,000 km
                                                                    of flexible pipe over the past 40 years. FlexiFrance’s flexible pipe
                                                                    manufacturing capacity today is 300 km per year based on high spec
                                                                    mix product. FlexiFrance is an all-comprising site, where activities such
                                                                    as R&D, manufacturing, and the supply of Coflexip® Drilling & Refining
                                                                    Applications division (DRAPS) are just a few to mention.

Contact Details                                                     Contact Details

Company Name         Sun Star Electric LP                           Company Name           Technip (DUCO Ltd)

Representative       Jim Rice                                       Representative         Mark Jones
Position             President                                      Position               Sales Account Manager
Phone                +1 806 793 2812                                Phone                  +44 7967 366 698
Mobile               +1 806 793 1989                                Email        
                                                                    Company Name           Technip (FlexiFrance)
Website                                 Representative         Yannick Benedek
Address              7722 West 34th Street, Lubbock,                Position               Business Development Manager for North Sea,
                     Texas, 79407, USA                                                     Canada and Arctic Regions – FlexiFrance
                                                                    Phone                  0033 2 35 05 52 57

                                                                    Address                DUCO Ltd, Nelson Road, Walker Riverside,
                                                                                           Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3NL, UK

90                               SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS   EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      91
We are Teijin Aramid, a subsidiary of the Teijin Group with a              The Underwater Centre provides specialist training for commercial
passion for aramid. Our commitment both to our products and to             divers, ROV pilot/technicians and associated support staff at their
our customers has made us a global leader in aramids.                      purpose built and extensive facilities in Fort William. These include
                                                                           a large pier which incorporates multiple dive and ROV stations,
Wherever strength, safety, heat or flame resistance, low weight             welding bays, engineering workshops and hyperbaric chambers;
or sustainability is required, you will find our Twaron®, Sulfron®,         three barges and support vessels alongside various dive stations.
Teijinconex® or Technora®. Our products are used worldwide in many         As well as being an ideal environment to train, the location and
different applications and markets, including automotive, ballistic        facilities at the The Underwater Centre make it the ideal location to
protection, marine, civil engineering, protective clothing, optical fibre   conduct subsea trials and testing, with water depths in excess of
cables, and oil & gas. With our four high performance aramids –            150m plus a 1.5M litre seawater tank. As well as providing a regular
produced at our plants in the Netherlands and Japan – we offer the         testing location for prestigious companies such as Rolls Royce,
widest range of products. And, with unrivalled expertise and experience    recent visitors have included industry leaders such as Weatherford,
we are able to continuously work on further innovations. Often in          Applied Acoustics and Diamould.
cooperation with customers and partners through our worldwide sales
and marketing organisation. That’s the power of aramid. If you would       For an informal discussion of your trials requirements and how The
like to learn more about the world of aramid or to exchange ideas on       Underwater Centre can help you to achieve the best results, contact
developing new solutions, please visit our website.                        Dougie Ormiston.

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name          Teijin Aramid B.V.                                   Company Name          The Underwater Centre

Representative        Jason Aherne                                         Representative        Douglas Ormiston
Position              Business Development Manager Oil & Gas               Position              Marketing Manager
Phone                 +31 88 268 9162                                      Phone                 +44 1397 707104
Email                               Mobile                +44 7771 541272
Address               Velperweg 76, 6824 BM ARNHEM, The Netherlands        Representative        Steve Ham
                                                                           Position              General Manager
                                                                           Phone                 +44 1397 707131
                                                                           Mobile                +44 7810 648758

                                                                           Address               Marine Walk, Carmichael Way, Fort William,
                                                                                                 Inverness-shire, PH33 6FF

92                                 SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     93
                  Titanium Engineers

Titanium Engineers specialises in the development and                         Tracerco is a world leading industrial technology company,
manufacture of components in high strength titanium alloys such               providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and
as Ti-6-4, Ti-6-2-4-6 and Beta-C.                                             measurement solutions.

Applications include downhole oilfield components and undersea                 Our cutting edge, non-intrusive inspection services are used subsea
pressure housings.                                                            to assess the integrity of assets through flow assurance, pig tracking
                                                                              and inspection. Understanding the production system and pipeline
Parts can be manufactured on a turnkey basis for both prototype               transport network is key to ensuring production from reservoir to
and production from extensive stocks of raw material held in our              point of sale. Our flow assurance service can model and measure
Birmingham warehouse.                                                         the quantity of any deposits. We can then assist with the removal,
                                                                              whether it is sand, waxes or any other form of deposit. Our vast subsea
Technical support is available from qualified metallurgists and engineers      solutions offering include flow assurance, pig location and detection,
to assist in the application of the unique characteristics of titanium.       asset integrity; flooded member inspection to unique and novel level

                                                                              The products and services we provide enable solutions to be
                                                                              implemented without intervention and delay. We can add value to
                                                                              your business by improving efficiency, reducing risk and saving
                                                                              money. Offering an unrivalled heritage of over half a century, our highly
                                                                              experienced project management teams can provide the most suitable
                                                                              and well-engineered solution to any measurement problem.

                                                                              Tracerco is a truly global operation with 30 offices, over 300 employees
                                                                              and a network of service centres and agents.

Contact Details                                                               Contact Details

Company Name          Titanium Engineers                                      Company Name           Tracerco

Representative        Tony Lawrence                                           Representative         Matt Wilson
Position              General manager                                         Position               Global Subsea Development Manager
Phone                 +44 1674 464200                                         Phone                  +44 1642 375584
Mobile                +44 7739 884012                                         Mobile                 +44 7730 530751
Email                                     Email        

Website                                    Representative         Adam Lea
Address               Titanium Engineers Ltd, Unit 1, Coleshill Trade Park,   Position               UK Offshore General Manager
                      Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham B48 1AT             Phone                  +44 1224 650654
                                                                              Mobile                 +44 7779 288926

                                                                              Address                Pavilion 11, Belasis Hall Business Park,
                                                                                                     Billingham, TS23 4EA

94                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS            EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                      95
                                                                                      Trojan Crates Limited

Tritech International Limited is an innovative company, specialising       Trojan Crates Limited is a family owned business based in
in the production of high performance acoustic sensors, sonars,            Aberdeen, Scotland since 1979.
video cameras and mechanical tooling equipment for professional
underwater markets including; defence, energy, engineering,                With two local facilities, we specialise in the design, manufacture and
survey and underwater vehicles. Tritech remains the industry               supply of Timber Crates, Flight Transit Cases and Customised CNC
leader in the provision of sensors and tools for ROV and AUV               Foam Inserts to the Oil & Gas, Subsea & Freight forwarding industries
markets.                                                                   in the North East of Scotland

Tritech is based in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with its design
and manufacturing base located in Ulverston, Cumbria, UK. In 2006,
Tritech became part of Halma p.l.c., a global safety, health and sensor
technology group.

Tritech’s mission statement is: “to design and manufacture the highest
quality advanced Subsea equipment in the world.”

Contact Details                                                            Contact Details

Company Name           Tritech International Ltd                           Company Name           Trojan Crates Limited

Representative         Maurice Fraser                                      Representative         Kevin Morrison
Position               Sales & Marketing Director                          Position               Operations Manager
Phone                  +44 1224 744111                                     Phone                  +44 1224 893311
Email                                Mobile                 +44 7989 674852
Representative         Malcolm Johnston
Position               Sales & Marketing Manager                           Representative         Craig Sim
Phone                  +44 1224 744111                                     Position               Sales Director
Email                              Phone                  +44 1224 893311
                                                                           Mobile                 +44 7970 843546
Website                                         Email        
Address                Westhill Business Park, Peregrine Road, Westhill,
                       Aberdeen, AB32 6JL                                  Website      
                                                                           Address                Sinclair Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9PP

96                                  SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                         97
Undersea Sense Ltd is a new company formed in 2009. Based                 Underwater Engineering Services specialise in the design,
in Aberdeenshire, it has been established to provide local sales,         manufacture, sales and rental of support equipment to the diving,
support, service and training in the field of underwater sensors,          ROV, marine, and survey sectors.
including sonar and acoustics.
                                                                          Equipment Rental Fleet
Undersea Sense will have products from R2Sonic and Quester Tangent        We offer an extensive range of equipment including the following:
At Subsea2011, we will be demonstrating R2Sonic’s Sonic 2024 and          • Diver tooling
Sonic 2022 Wideband Multibeam Echosounders, the 5th generation            • ROV Torque tools
in Multibeam technology. Used in shallow water surveys from surface       • Hydraulic power packs
vessel or deployed on ROVs, these give unparalleled flexibility and data   • Umbilical reels
quality in a small lightweight package and at an attractive price.        • ‘A’ frames
                                                                          • Diver deployment ‘A’ frames and manriding winches
We will exhibit examples of Quester Tangent’s Seabed Classification        • Knuckle boom cranes
Techniques including the new Swathview (Sidescan and Multibeam)           • Constant tension winches
and QTRT (Real Time Single Beam) Processing Software.                     • Cable Pull-in winch packages
                                                                          • Deep tow sonar winches
                                                                          • Deepwater deployment winches

                                                                          Cable Spooling Service
                                                                          UES has developed a state of the art cable spooling system for
                                                                          installation and trans-spooling of ROV umbilicals, sonar cables and
                                                                          winch wires. The system provides electronic tension control and cable
                                                                          length measurement.

                                                                          Design and Manufacture
                                                                          UES can provide specialised design and manufacturing service for
                                                                          bespoke plant and tooling equipment including ATEX compliant

                                                                          UES are fully committed to providing a first class service to our clients
                                                                          and operate an integrated Quality Management System which exceeds
                                                                          the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and we are also an FPAL registered

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          Undersea Sense Ltd                                  Company Name           Underwater Engineering Services
                                                                          Representative         Jeff Riddoch
Representative        Andy Williamson                                     Position               Managing Director
Position              Managing Director                                   Phone                  +44 1358 789 824
Phone                 +44 1358 701764                                     Mobile                 +44 7817 022 314
Mobile                +44 7578 120309                                     Email        
Email                                   Representative         Mark Strachan
                                                                          Position               Sales & Rentals Manager
Website                                  Phone                  +44 1358 789 808
Address               Mill of Towie, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 8PZ       Mobile                 +44 7780 577811
                                                                          Representative         Julia Riddoch
                                                                          Position               Director
                                                                          Phone                  +44 1358 789 808
                                                                          Mobile                 +44 7876 053 803
                                                                          Address                West Pitmillan, Foveran, Ellon,
                                                                                                 Aberdeenshire, AB41 6AL, UK

98                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     99
Universal Engineering was formed in 1957 and provides a wide            Vector is a major single source supplier of compact sealing
range of high quality milling, fabrication and design services.         solutions for the Oil & Gas, subsea and topside markets.
Universal is now part of The Bland Group who have instigated
a high level of investment in the business including our subsea         Its core products are the OPTIMA Subsea ROV operable subsea
production facility which provides high pressure testing and is         connector, the SPO Compact Flange, and the TECHLOK Clamp
home to our new Radiographic chamber.                                   connector for use in offshore platforms, subsea installations, FPSOs,
                                                                        production plants, refineries and riser and swivel application. The
We have experience in supplying, Subsea Distribution Units, Umbilical   core features are; high integrity and minimisation of weight and space
Terminal Assemblies, Hydraulic Distribution Modules, Electrical         and allied to installation time and maintenance cost reductions.
Distribution Units, Subsea Control Module Bodies, SCM Guide Funnels,    Vector’s high level of technical expertise, broad industry knowledge
Flying Lead Deployment Frames, Shipping Baskets and Mudmats. We         and problem solving capabilities have earned Vector industry wide
also have experience of producing a variety of valves.                  recognition, helping to build close working relationships with customers
                                                                        whilst delivering high quality products and customised solutions on-
Since its inception Universal have won many prestigious awards          time.
for innovation and engineering excellence, and have developed a
reputation for quality, reliability and dedicated project management    In combination with an efficient supply chain Vector is able to deliver
from conception of an idea to fulfilment of the project and beyond.      both flexible and fast track deliveries in addition to executing larger
                                                                        projects. Its products cover pressure classes up to 15,000 psi and have
Universal are EIC members and registered with FPAL.                     a proven track record within High Pressure / High Temperature and
                                                                        harsh environment applications where fatigue, high bending and stress
At Universal health and safety is paramount.                            loads are of primary importance.

Contact Details                                                         Contact Details

Company Name           Universal Engineering                            Company Name          Vector International Ltd.

Representative         Paul Waring                                      Representative        Steve Mearns
Position               Business Development Manager                     Position              Business Development Manager
Phone                  +44 1305 783525                                  Phone                 +44 1224 775242
Mobile                 +44 7584 282372                                  Mobile                +44 7818 407108
Email                            Email       

Representative         Bob Parkes                                       Representative        Chris Lee
Position               Technical Manager                                Position              Managing Director – Subsea Business unit
Phone                  +44 1305 783525                                  Mobile                +44 7515 327316
Mobile                 +44 7771 998077                                  Email       
Website                                  Address               Vector International UK Ltd.,
Address                18 Cumberland Drive, Granby Industrial Estate,                         Baglan Industrial Park, Port Talbot,
                       Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9TD                                              West Glamorgan, SA12 7BY, UK

100                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS     EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                   101
Viper Subsea offers a range of products and services, specialising        Weatherford Production Optimisation UK Ltd - provides
in subsea controls and distribution systems. Viper Subsea are             comprehensive real-time production optimisation solutions; our
able to offer turnkey supply of complete distribution solutions,          product range includes artificial lift, Surface and Subsea controls,
including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and optical engineering       Reservoir Monitoring, Analysis Software and Flow Metering.
covering all aspects from supply through to equipment delivery.
Viper Subsea can draw on the expertise of the in-house team to            Weatherford are recognised as one of the LEADERS in the design and
ensure that the solutions provided are technically compliant with         manufacture of control systems for Wellhead, Subsea, Process and
all industry standards, fully optimised, and represent industry best      Pipeline Control, encompassing Safety and Automation systems for
practice throughout.                                                      both hazardous and safe area operations. The company recognises the
                                                                          changing philosophy in oil and gas production and provides turnkey
In addition to equipment supply, Viper Subsea offers a range of expert    solutions in control and automation, and has sold over 115 subsea
engineering consultancy services in subsea controls and distribution,     control modules and boosts. Our products are installed on more than
including hydraulic, electrical and optical analyses, detail design and   40,000 wells globally providing total control and monitoring integrated
obsolescence management.                                                  solutions / systems.

The Viper Subsea team has extensive experience of project deliveries
to operating companies, independents and first tier suppliers – our
client’s expectations are always clearly understood.

Viper Subsea invests heavily in research and development and is
constantly striving to push the boundaries of existing materials and
technologies in order to provide technically superior and commercially
attractive products for its customers. The V-LOCK® hydraulic stabplate
is the culmination of over two years of development and testing. More
game changing technologies are set to follow in the coming months.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name           Viper Subsea Ltd                                   Company Name          Weatherford Production Optimisation UK Ltd

Representative         Peter Alexander                                    Representative        Chris Kettlety
Position               Product Development Manager                        Position              Regional Subsea Sales Manager
Phone                  +44 1275 397771                                    Phone                 +44 1493 415265
Mobile                 +44 7795 575440                                    Mobile                +44 7917 167839
Email                            Email       

Representative         Neil Douglas                                       Representative        Jonathan Meen
Position               Managing Director                                  Position              Subsea Proposals Engineer
Phone                  +44 1275 397777                                    Phone                 +44 1493 415265
Mobile                 +44 7824 507730                                    Mobile      
Website                                      Address               Viking Road, Gapton Hall Industrial Estate,
Address                Unit 8, Middle Bridge Business Park,                                     Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 0NU
                       Bristol Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 6PN

102                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS       EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                   103
Design and manufacture of all types of ROV/Subsea/Intervention/           Wellstream is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and
Decommissioning cutting and gripping tools.                               installer of high quality bespoke flexible pipeline products, systems
                                                                          and solutions for offshore oil and gas transportation.
Pipes and section cutters to 610mm diameter, wire rope cutters to
250mm diameters.                                                          Our product portfolio includes established product lines such as
                                                                          dynamic flexible risers and static flowlines qualified to exacting industry
Over 25 years’ reliability and experience supplying solutions worldwide   standards. Our comprehensive product range covers shallow, deep,
to subsea operators.                                                      and ultra-deepwater environments, from 2-19 inch internal diameter,
                                                                          to water depths in excess of 2,000 metres, high temperatures, high
Bespoke tools designed and manufactured.                                  pressures up to 15,000 psi and integrity management solutions.

                                                                          Wellstream’s product portfolio is further enhanced by varied installation
                                                                          offerings, delivering innovative cost effective solutions to meet the most
                                                                          demanding of project needs.

                                                                          Our continued success is based on continuous Research and
                                                                          Development, excellent customer relationships and a focus on working
                                                                          collaboratively with customers and partners. Working in partnership
                                                                          with the oil and gas industry for over two decades, we have seen many
                                                                          new trends and have responded by expanding our product portfolio
                                                                          and service offering, improving our customer service and ensuring that
                                                                          the true, installed cost of flexible pipe is completely transparent.

                                                                          We encourage you to contact us on Stand B10 to find out how
                                                                          Wellstream’s innovative flexible pipeline and installation solutions can
                                                                          work for you.

Contact Details                                                           Contact Details

Company Name          Webtool                                             Company Name           Wellstream International Ltd

Representative        Keith Elliot                                        Representative         James Patton
Position              Engineering Director                                Position               Business Development – UK & Norway
Phone                 +44 1254 615102                                     Phone                  +44 191 295 9069
Mobile                +44 7834 808164                                     Mobile                 +44 7971 232 579
Email                               Email        

Representative        Bob Grant                                           Representative         Keith Robertshaw
Position              Director                                            Position               VP Business Development
Phone                 +44 1465 877613                                     Phone                  +44 191 295 9111
                                                                          Mobile                 +44 7990 807917
Website                              Email        
Address               Allspeeds Ltd, Royal Works, Atlas Street,
                      Clayton le moors, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5LW   Website      
                                                                          Address                Wellstream House, Wincomblee Road,
                                                                                                 Walker Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3PF

104                               SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS        EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     105
William Hackett Chains Ltd are UK manufacturers of chain                     Wood Group Kenny has five subsidiary businesses, namely
products. The company has been based in the UK since 1892                    J P Kenny, MCS Kenny, MSi Kenny, Wood Group Integrity
manufacturing bespoke chain products in all grades of chain                  Management (WGIM) and SgurrEnergy.
and it is now the UK market leader in supply of lifting chains and
components.                                                                  The three Kenny businesses specialise in subsea engineering and
                                                                             project management. WGIM specialises in all-of-asset integrity
In recent years WHC has become heavily involved in the offshore              management, and SgurrEnergy is a leading renewable energy
lifting market firstly designing and marketing the HA range of DNV            consultancy.
approved master links and most recently designing a range of subsea
lifting products. The Tiger shark lever hoist is the first lever hoist        The combined Wood Group Kenny organisation provides engineering
specifically developed for subsea use, the hoist delivers major safety        technology, management and integrity solutions throughout the life
and functionality advantages over standard top side lever hoists. The        cycle of oil & gas and renewable energy projects from concept phase
Tiger Shark will be available for demonstration at subsea 2011. WHC          through detail design into operation and abandonment.
has also developed a range of ROV operated chain hoists with a variety
of drive interfaces that can be assembled from stock to meet specific         Wood Group Kenny has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas
subsea lifting applications. A 10t unit with hot stab hydraulic drive will   industry. We currently have approximately 1700 personnel, largely
be on show on the WHC stand at subsea 2011. Also on show will be             engineering professionals and project and asset management
the company’s ROV hooks and special ROV shackle designs.                     specialists, in 20 offices worldwide.

Contact Details                                                              Contact Details

Company Name           William Hackett Chains Ltd                            Company Name          Wood Group Kenny

Representative         David Inglis                                          Representative        Patrick O’Brien
Position               Director of Operations                                Position              Group Director Strategic Business & Marketing
Phone                  +44 1665 511390                                       Phone                 +44 1224 538400
Mobile                 +44 7855 486440                                       Mobile                +44 7710 779849
Email                                   Email       

Representative         Rod Bell                                              Website     
Position               Director of Sales                                     Address               Caledonian House, 234 Union Street,
Phone                  +44 1665 604200                                                             Aberdeen, AB10 1TN
Mobile                 +44 7885 376342

Address                Oak Drive, Lionheart Heart Enterprise Park,
                       Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 2EU

106                                SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS          EXHIBITION DIRECTORY – EXHIBITORS                                     107
      Notes                                                        Notes

      Notes                                                        Notes

  Conference Program
  9th - 10th February 2011
  Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre

Headline Sponsor                    Event Sponsors   Event Sponsors

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                   Media Sponsors                    Supported by
Conference Programme
Wednesday 9th February 2011
Securing our subsea future - Global Perspectives
Room: Crombie Suite

09:00    Welcome
         Alistair Birnie, CEO, Subsea UK
09:05    Frank Bee
         C eng, Miee, m inst Measurement and Control, Shell
09:25    Ross Kinnear
         Head of Subsea Operations, North Sea SPU, BP
         BP Perspective on Subsea Operations, Developments and Challenges
09:45    Colin Welsh
         Chief Executive Officer, Simmons & Co International
         Making Money For Our Subsea Entrepreneurs
10:05    Halfdan Knudsen
         Vice President Fast Track, Statoil
         Fast track projects on the NCS – a revival of the Norwegian Continental shelf
10:25    Q&A
10:30    COFFEE

         Parallel session A                                              Parallel session B                                                Parallel session C
11:00    Global Horizons                                                 Skills and Safety                                                 Technology
         Room: Gordon A Chair: John Crawford                             Room: Forbes Suite Chair: George Yule                             Room: Gordon B Chair: John Mair
11:05    Alistair Birnie                                                 Ron Cookson                                                       Phil Simons
         CEO, Subsea UK                                                  Managing Director, Technip                                        UK Operations Director, Subsea 7
         Global Business Activity - Results of 2010 Subsea Survey        Collaborating for a safer subsea sector                           The Fundamentals of Bundles

11:25    Mark Rae                                                        Peter Griffiths                                                    Daniele Petrone
         Senior Market Analyst, ODS Petrodata                            Subsea Discipline Team Leader, Shell UK                           Sales Director, Cameron MARS
         Thinking Outside The North Sea                                                                                                    Subsea Liquid Sampling using flow-through technique
11:50    Bill Donaldson                                                  Mike Duncan                                                       Martin van Onna
         Area Representative – NE England & Scotland, Quest              OPITO                                                             Airborne Composite Tubulars B.V.
         Subsea Market Review – From The Contractors’ Perspective        Addressing the industry skills challenges now and in the future   Patrick O’Brien
                                                                                                                                           Group Director Strategic Business & Marketing, Wood Group Kenny
                                                                                                                                           A New Thermoplastic Composite Riser for Deepwater Application
12:10    Mauríco Antônio Costa Diniz                                     Mark McAllister                                                   Ioseba Tena
         Subsea Services General Manager, Petrobras – Petroleo           OSPRAG                                                            Sales Manager, SeeByte
         Brasileiro S/A                                                  OSPRAG: The UKCS Response to Macondo                              Software will be instrumental in the Field of the Future
12:30                                                                                                   Q&A
12:45                                                                                                  Lunch
14:00    Integrity                                                       Diversification                                                    Decommissioning
         Room: Gordon B Chair: Bill Edgar                                Room: Gordon A Chair: Jim Feeney                                  Room: Forbes Suite Chair: Brian Nixon
14:05    Jim Britton                                                     Ian Innes                                                         Brian Nixon
         Senior Corrosion Consultant/CEO, Deepwater EU                   Project Manager, SSE Renewables                                   Chief Executive, Decom North Sea
         Life Extension Technology for Mature Offshore Pipelines &       Wave & Tidal Power – A Diversification Opportunity?                Supply Chain strengths and challenges
         New Cathodic Protection Performance Monitoring
14:25    Steve Rossiter                                                  James Young                                                       Jason Tisdall
         Senior Engineer, BPP-TECH                                       Technical Director, JDR Cables                                    Managing Director, Fugro GRL
         Advances in Subsea Integrity Monitoring                         Vital Connections for a Ground Breaking Wave Energy Project       The Fugro Decommissioning Cut Plan Simulator
14:45    Hugh Davies                                                     Matt Blair                                                        Kenny Anderson
         Director of Client Solutions, OMS                               Director, J+S Ltd                                                 Proserv Offshore
         Pushing back the boundaries of uncertainty                      Development of a cost-effective high voltage subsea connection    Decommissioning Session: Innovative Solutions & Services for the
                                                                         for wave and tidal installations                                  Decommissioning Sector
15:05    Mark Stone                                                      Stephen Auld                                                      Stuart Wordsworth
         Integrity Support Services Manager, Sonomatic                   Managing Director, Coda Octopus                                   Interact Projects
         The role of inspection in the integrity management of subsea    Meeting the challenges of underwater construction for offshore    Challenges & opportunities of decommissioning contracting
         pipelines                                                       renewables with real-time 3D sonar imaging                        strategies
15:25                                                                                                                                      Simon Davies
                                                                                                                                           Business Development Manager Decommissioning,
                                                                                                                                           Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc
                                                                                                                                           Onshore Disposal – The beginning of the end
15:30                                                                                           Close of Conference
                    Alistair Birnie                                                             Ross Kinnear
                    Subsea UK                                                                   Head of Subsea Operations,
                                                                                                North Sea SPU, BP
                    Alistair’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “Global Business Activity - Results of 2010 Subsea                          Ross’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    Survey”.                                                                    “BP Perspective on Subsea Operations,
                    (Welcome & Parallel Session A - 11:05)                                      Developments and Challenges”.
                                                                                                (Morning Session - 09:25)
Alistair Birnie is an Engineering graduate of the University of              Born in Edinburgh, Ross is an engineer by background having
Aberdeen, and a business school Graduate of Robert Gordon                    studied for a BSc in Civil Engineering at Edinburgh University
University. He is also a chartered engineer and a member of the IET.         before completing an MSc in Petroleum Engineering at Strathclyde.
He has 28+ years experience in the offshore and subsea industry,             He joined BP in 1985 as a Petroleum Engineer and spent his early
working for a number of well known service and engineering companies         years in the company in a variety of operational petroleum engineering
in technology development and project management roles, and has in           and production operational roles in both Exploration and the Forties,
his time delivered a number of the world’s first, deepest, and biggest        Beatrice, Buchan and SWOPS fields in the North Sea.
in new technology. Alistair has served as Chairman of the Aberdeen
section of the Society for Underwater Technology and spent two years         He became more heavily involved in operations management and
with the industry technology Facilitator, ITF, in a role that supported      worked as an OIM in the late 1990’s on the Montrose/Arbroath Asset.
field trials and commercialisation of new technology.                         In 2000 he came back onshore to take on the role of harmonising BP’s
                                                                             Safety Management System following the BP/Amoco merger.
More recently he had Global responsibility for Technology in Aker
Solutions’ Subsea Controls division, running their Research and              Over the last decade Ross has filled a number of Operational
Development unit, before taking up his current post as Chief Executive       Management Positions in BP including: Harding Field Ops Manager,
of Subsea UK.                                                                Head of Logistics and Area Ops Manager for Clair/Magnus.

                                                                             He took on his current role as Head of Subsea Operations for the North
                                                                             Sea in April 2010.
                    Frank Bee
                    Frank’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is                                      Colin Welsh
                    (Morning Session - 09:05)                                                   Simmons & Company International
                                                                                                Colin’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
Frank graduated from Nottingham University in 1981 after                                        “Making Money For Our Subsea Entrepreneurs”.
completing degree in Electronic and Electrical engineering . He                                 (Morning Session - 09:45)
spent his first 10 years spent working for BP in the UK and Middle
east in a variety of technical and project management roles.
                                                                             Colin was raised and educated in Aberdeen. He obtained a
                                                                             degree in Economics, Accountancy and Law from The University
Frank spent the next 10 years from 1992 to 2002 working for Enterprise
                                                                             of Aberdeen before going on to train to be a Scottish Chartered
Oil in Engineering, project management and operational management
                                                                             Accountant with Ernst & Whinney. After a spell with Touche Ross
roles with his final role as UK engineering manager.
                                                                             in London, at the age of 26 Colin jointly established the Aberdeen
                                                                             office of RMD, an independent accountancy and corporate finance
Following the takeover of Enterprise Oil by Shell in 2002, Frank moved
                                                                             advisory boutique which, over 12 years, became one of the largest
to Shell in Aberdeen as a project manager on the Pierce redevelopment
                                                                             Scottish independent firms of its kind.
project, followed by a role as head of facilities projects for Shell in UK
and Norway.
                                                                             In 1999, Colin was invited to join Simmons & Company, the world’s
                                                                             leading energy investment bank, to establish and lead the firm outside
Frank moved to his current position as head of subsea across Europe,
                                                                             of the Americas. That business now advises on oil, gas and alternative
responsible for subsea opex and Capex works, in 2008.
                                                                             energy transactions across the world from its hub in Aberdeen and its
                                                                             satellite offices in London and Dubai.

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                            CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                   Halfdan Knudsen                                                           Phil Simons
                   Statoil                                                                   Subsea 7
                   Halfdan’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                         Phil’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                   “Fast track projects on the NCS – a revival of the                        “The Fundamentals of Bundles”.
                   Norwegian Continental shelf”.                                             (Parallel Session C - 11:05)
                   (Morning Session - 10:05)

MS, Mech. Eng., Stanford University. PhD, Norwegian Tech.               Phil is the UK operations director for Subsea 7.
                                                                        Phil has 22 years’ experience in the offshore oil and gas industry with
Norsk Hydro: Project Engineer, Commis. Manager, Platform manager,       over 18 years directly related to subsea construction and offshore
Field manager, Head of production support, Statoil: Head of Process     pipelines. Phil has many years of project management and contract
and Refining Technology, Head of Fast Track projects in Development      experience which includes S-lay pipelay, offshore platform installation,
and Production, Norway.                                                 reeled pipelay, pipeline bundles, pipe in pipe, pipeline landfalls, pipeline
                                                                        trenching, control umbilical installation along with diving and ROV

                   Ron Cookson                                          In his current role Phil is also responsible for the Subsea 7 bundle
                                                                        fabrication site at Wick and the execution and delivery of bundle
                   Technip UK                                           projects.
                   Ron’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                   “Collaborating for a safer subsea sector”.
                   (Parallel Session B - 11:05)
                                                                                             Mark Rae
Over the last 25 years, Ron has accumulated a wealth of                                      Mark’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
experience in the subsea industry in the fields of project                                    “Thinking Outside The North Sea”.
management, tendering and business development. During his                                   (Parallel Session A - 11:25)
career Ron has worked in the UK, Australia, Asia and the United
States and has held a variety of management roles mainly focused
on achieving business growth and delivery.
                                                                        Mark Rae joined ODS-Petrodata as an editor covering the
In 2002, Ron returned from Houston to Aberdeen to take up the role      European and African Field Development markets in 2007. In
of Business Development Manager for Technip’s UK subsea business.       January 2009 Mark joined ODS-Petrodata’s Market Survey System
He was subsequently appointed General Manager, UK in 2005 and           (MSS) team as an Analyst with responsibility for the Offshore
Managing Director, UK in 2007.                                          Installation (DSV/ROVSV) Market Segment.

Earlier this year Ron’s management portfolio was expanded when          In March 2010 Mark was promoted to the role of Senior Market Analyst
he was tasked with growing and developing an offshore wind energy       and assumed responsibility for the Offshore Pipelay and Offshore
business for the Technip Group in Europe.                               Heavy Lift Market Segments. Mark is responsible for analysis of
                                                                        supply and demand, cost modelling, commercial models and market
Outwith his day to day role, Ron is a member of the Oil & Gas UK        segment trends and risks across these vessel markets. Prior to ODS-
Contractors Forum and sits on the board of Aberdeen and Grampian        Petrodata, Mark was an editor in a regional newspaper group and also
Chamber of Commerce.                                                    spent a year with Amec. Mark is a 2002 graduate of Edinburgh Napier
                                                                        University with a BA (Hons) in Journalism.

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                          CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                    Peter Griffiths                                                            Mike Duncan
                    Shell UK                                                                  OPITO
                    Peter’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is                                    Mike’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    (Parallel Session B - 11:25)                                              “Addressing the industry skills challenges now
                                                                                              and in the future”.
                                                                                              (Parallel Session B - 11:50)

Peter graduated from Herriot-Watt University with an Honours              Mike Duncan is the Director of Skills Development at OPITO,
Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1980. He has           the Industry’s focal point for skills, learning and workforce
worked within the offshore subsea oil and gas industry for over           development.
30 years, encompassing offshore operations, onshore discipline
engineering, project management and engineering management.               An industry expert with more than 25 years’ experience in oil and gas,
                                                                          he is an Economics graduate from the University of Aberdeen. He spent
His current role is with Shell Upstream International (European           much of his early career in London working in a variety of Marketing,
Organisation) where he is technical and contract responsible for          Development and Consulting roles latterly with KPMG, before returning
delivering all subsea hardware and systems engineering. In addition       to Aberdeen in 2000, where he has held senior positions with Nexus
he is the Regional Technical Authority and Skillpool Manager and          Consulting, Bristow Helicopters and Sodexo.
represents Shell locally within Industry related to Subsea Technology
and Competence Development. Peter has been a member of the                He joined OPITO in 2008 to head up the Skills Development function,
Subsea UK Skills Forum since 2009 and took up the position of             which champions the Industry skills agenda; working closely
Chairman in 2010.                                                         with companies across the supply chain and a range of partner
                                                                          organisations from Schools and Academia to Local Authorities and
                                                                          Government, to deliver the talent and right skills that Industry needs
                                                                          both now and in the future.
                    Daniele Petrone
                    Cameron MARS
                    Daniele’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                         Martin van Onna
                    “MARS Production Systems”.                                                Airborne Composite Tubulars B.V.
                    (Parallel Session C - 11:25)
                                                                                              Martins’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                                                                                              “A New Thermoplastic Composite Riser for
                                                                                              Deepwater Application”.
Daniele graduated in 1998 with a Masters in Chemical Engineering                              (Parallel Session C - 11:50)
from the Universita’ de L’Aquila (Italy).

Daniele has worked in the oilfield sector since 2000, in technical,        Martin van Onna has over 10 years’ experience in the Oil &
management and sales & marketing roles spanning from subsea               Gas Industry. With a degree in composites and a professional
technologies to cementing, stimulation, sand control and coiled tubing.   background in Oil & Gas, well intervention, manufacturing and
                                                                          business development, Martin heads the business unit Airborne
Experienced in North Sea, Continental Europe, Middle East, India, USA,    Composite Tubulars since 2007.
Daniele currently holds the position of Sales Director in Cameron for
MARS production system in Aberdeen.                                       Airborne Composite Tubulars has the ambition to be world market
                                                                          leader on composite thermoplastic tubulars for the Oil & Gas industry
                                                                          and is the first worldwide to have delivered full thermoplastic spoolable
                                                                          composite pipe for offshore use in 2010.
                    Bill Donaldson
                    Bill’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “Subsea Market Review – From The Contractors’
                    (Parallel Session A - 11:50)

Bill Donaldson has over 30 years’ experience the oil and gas
industry, specifically in the subsea and survey sectors and has
worked in commercial and operations roles in Europe, West Africa
and the Asia-Pacific regions.

As a member of the Quest Offshore team, he is involved in both market
research and sales, covering the Scotland and North England region.

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                          CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                    Patrick O’Brien                                                          Mark McAllister
                    Wood Group Kenny                                                         OSPRAG
                    Patrick’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                        Mark’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “A New Thermoplastic Composite Riser for                                 “OSPRAG: The UKCS Response to Macondo”.
                    Deepwater Application”.                                                  (Parallel Session B - 12:10)
                    (Parallel Session C - 11:50)

Dr O’Brien is Group Director of Strategic Business & Marketing            Mark McAllister was Chief Executive of Fairfield Energy from
for Wood Group Kenny, and is also executive director for MCS              its inception in November 2005 until January 2011. Mark was
Kenny (previously MCS). He is a Chartered Engineer by profession          a founder of Acorn Oil & Gas and served as Acorn’s Managing
and has over 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. His        Director. He had previously been a member of the senior
particular technical expertise includes flexible pipe technology,          management team at LASMO and was Managing Director, Europe
and the dynamic analysis and design of compliant riser systems to         and North Africa at the time of the acquisition of LASMO by Eni
floating production and floating drilling facilities.                       in 2001. Previously, Mark had been on the Executive team at
                                                                          Monument Exploration, where he was Director of Operations.
Dr O’Brien is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland and a
Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.    Mark is a Petroleum Engineer by discipline and began his North Sea
He is an Honorary Professor of Engineering at the University of           career in 1979 at Conoco. He has worked for a number of companies,
Aberdeen and is a Board Member of Subsea UK.                              large and small, mainly in the North Sea but also in the Former Soviet
                                                                          Union and North Africa. He has an MA in Engineering from Cambridge
                                                                          University (1979) and a BA in Theology from the London Bible College
                    Mauríco Antônio Costa Diniz
                    Petrobras – Petroleo Brasileiro S/A
                    Mauríco’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is                                 Ioseba “Joe” Tena
                    (Parallel Session A - 12:10)                                             SeeByte
                                                                                             Ioseba’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                                                                                             “Software will be instrumental in the Field of the
Petrobras is a publicly traded corporation, the majority                                     (Parallel Session C - 12:10)
stockholder of which is the Government of Brazil, and performs
as an energy company in the following sectors: exploration and
production, refining, oil and natural gas trade and transportation,        As SeeByte’s Sales Manager, Joe is responsible for the
petrochemicals, and derivatives, electric energy, biofuel and other       development of SeeByte’s commercial strategies and managing
renewable energy source distribution.                                     the marketing sales process within the company. He has been
                                                                          involved in developing smart solutions for the underwater
A leader in the Brazilian oil industry, Petrobras has expanded its        vehicle industry for more than 10 years and continues to lend
operations, aiming to be among the top five integrated energy              his engineering expertise to the team. Joe’s focus on customer
companies in the world by 2020 and is a presence in 28 countries. The     relationships and needs was the driver behind his transition to
2009-2013 business plan foresees investments in the order of $174.4       SeeByte’s sales team.
                                                                          Joe attended the Product and Channel Management and Marketing
                                                                          Innovative Actions Programme funded by the Scottish Government. As
                                                                          part of this programme, he visited Sun Microsystems in California and
                                                                          worked with the Global Channel Strategy Group. He joined SeeByte
                                                                          as a founding member of the management team and initially led the
                                                                          development of navigation, sonar imaging and sonar processing tools.
                                                                          He has played an integral role in the development of SeeTrack and
                                                                          was the recipient of a SMART Award. Prior to SeeByte he worked
                                                                          as a Research Associate at Heriot-Watt University developing smart
                                                                          software for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                          CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                    Jim Britton                                                                 Brian Nixon
                    Deepwater EU Ltd                                                            Decom North Sea
                    Jim’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                               Brian’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “Life Extension Technology for Mature Offshore                              “Supply Chain strengths and challenges”.
                    Pipelines & New Cathodic Protection Performance                             (Parallel Session C - 14:05)
                    (Parallel Session A - 14:05)

Jim Britton has worked in the offshore corrosion field since 1973.           Brian Nixon’s career in the energy industries spans more than 25
He was educated in the UK and began his offshore career in the              years’ with private sector engineering organisations, including
North Sea in the 1970’s. In 1982 he relocated to Houston, where he          Motherwell Bridge and Wood Group.
formed Deepwater Corrosion Services in 1986. Deepwater EU Ltd,
a subsidiary of DCS, was formed in the late 1990’s.                         Brian also has 9 years of public sector experience which started with
                                                                            an UK industry secondment as 1st Secretary, Oil & Gas, to the British
Jim has published dozens of technical papers and written numerous           Embassy in Angola in 2001, followed by a long period as Director of
articles on offshore-corrosion-related issues. He holds several patents     Energy with Scottish Enterprise.
for technology associated with asset integrity management. For the
last 15 years, he has focused his efforts largely on asset life extension   He accepted his role as Chief Executive with Decom North Sea at
methodologies and cathodic protection retrofit technology.                   the beginning of 2010. Brian is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of
                                                                            the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and a Fellow of the Energy

                    Ian Innes
                    SSE Renewables                                                              Steven Rossiter
                    Ian’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                               BPP-TECH
                    “Wave & Tidal Power – A Diversification
                    Opportunity?”.                                                              Steven’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    (Parallel Session B - 14:05)                                                “Advances in Subsea Integrity Monitoring”.
                                                                                                (Parallel Session A - 14:25)

Ian has worked for SSE in various engineering roles across both
the thermal and renewable divisions of the generation business.
His current role is as a project manager within the marine                  Steven Rossiter works in London with BPP-TECH and specialises
development team working on the development and construction                in dynamic power cables and umbilicals. He works on Oil & Gas
of large scale wave and tidal projects. He also has a role within the       and Renewables projects focusing on the design of cables and
company’s offshore wind team, managing the early stage concept              specifically cable fatigue.
and preliminary engineering of a number of pending projects.
                                                                            Holding a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Steven is working
Previous roles have included a secondment to Aquamarine Power               to develop fatigue life prediction software.
as the project manager for the Neptune tidal turbine, onshore wind
construction, energy strategy, and thermal station maintenance &
project engineering.

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                            CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                    James Young                                                                Hugh Davies
                    JDR Cable Systems Ltd                                                      OMS
                    James’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                            Hugh’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “Vital Connections for a Ground Breaking Wave                              “Pushing back the boundaries of uncertainty”.
                    Energy Project”.                                                           (Parallel Session A - 14:45)
                    (Parallel Session B - 14:25)

James Young is Technical Director of JDR Umbilical Systems,                As Head of Client Relationships for OMS, Hugh has worked
providing custom designed umbilical and cable products for the             extensively throughout the world with major operators, installation
offshore oil and gas industry. James joined JDR in April 2000 as a         contractors and fabricators on critically important projects. These
Senior Design Engineer responsible for new product development.            projects must achieve fit up to <1mm, SCR and Fatigue Sensitive
After working for a number of years on the development of new              matching of pipes to <0.5mm as well as helping determine counter-
high pressure and deepwater hydraulic hose lines, James then               boring parameters whilst removing minimal wall thickness. More
held posts as Design Department Manager and as JDR’s preorder              recently he has worked on projects involving qualifying internal
Engineering Manager for both the umbilical and power cable                 welds where any lack of penetration is unacceptable.
product categories.
                                                                           Projects have included Shell “Amber-Jack” (GOM); Chevron “Blind
During his time at JDR, James has led a number of engineering teams        Faith” (GOM); Shell “BC10” (Brazil); Shell “Gumusut-Kakap” (Malaysia);
working on a diverse range of umbilical and power cable projects.          BP “Block 31 & 18” (Angola); BP “Galapagos” (GOM); Petrobras “P55 &
These include projects for the supply of Subsea Production Umbilicals,     P56” (Brazil); Chevron “Gorgon” (Japan & Australia).
Intervention Workover Control umbilicals and Subsea Power Cables.

Prior to joining JDR James also worked for Dowty Precision Handling
Systems (now Parkburn) designing offshore cable handling equipment.                            Matt Blair
He worked for BICC as cable design and development engineer. James
has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University                            J+S Ltd
of Technology, is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical
Engineers, and has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.                                  Matt’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                                                                                               “Development of a cost-effective high voltage
                                                                                               subsea connection for wave and tidal installations”.
                                                                                               (Parallel Session B - 14:45)
                    Jason Tisdall
                    Fugro GRL                                              Matt Blair is the Oil & Gas Director for J+S Ltd. He joined J+S four
                                                                           years ago as general manager of the Aberdeen office and became
                    Jason’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled        Director a year later as part of a major company reorganisation.
                    “The Fugro Decommissioning Cut Plan Simulator”.
                    (Parallel Session C - 14:25)                           Matt came into the oil and gas business in 1991 after spending his
                                                                           earlier career working with Ferranti in the defence industry, specialising
                                                                           in real time computer simulators for submarine command, sonar and
                                                                           weapon systems.
Following an early career in the theatre, Dr Tisdall crossed the
tracks to study mechanical engineering and progressed to a                 He joined Brown and Root Survey (later Subsea Offshore) as a survey
Ph.D in subsea manipulators at University College London, where            engineer and worked there for eight years, before joining Tritech
he met the GRL team, while working as a consultant on subsea               International where he was sales manager. Following a brief spell
control projects.                                                          outside the Oil and Gas business he joined CDL, a subsea product
                                                                           company specialising in sonar, ROV and survey sensors.
On completion of his Ph.D, he joined a large software development
company where he worked for six years in software and then                 J+S provides independent engineering and operational support to the
business development. In 2004 he joined GRL as Director of Business        subsea controls industry. In technology terms, Matt’s career has come
Development. He was appointed Managing Director in September               full circle as much of the technology in subsea controls grew out of
2006, leading the company to a successful acquisition by Fugro in          defence real-time computer systems developed by companies such as
2009. With Fugro’s backing FGRL continues to grow and provide              Ferranti and Marconi.
technical software solutions both internally for Fugro and externally to
the wider Oil and Gas industry.

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                            CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                    Kenny Anderson                                                              Stephen Auld
                    Proserv Offshore                                                            Coda Octopus
                    Kenny’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                             Stephen’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “Innovative Solutions & Services for the                                    “Meeting the challenges of underwater construction
                    Decommissioning Sector”.                                                    for offshore renewables with real-time 3D sonar
                    (Parallel Session C - 14:45)                                                imaging”.
                                                                                                (Parallel Session B - 15:05)

With over 13 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Kenny         Stephen Auld is the Managing Director of CodaOctopus Products,
is currently Business Development Manager – Europe and Africa.              UK, heading the company in its development, sales and support
                                                                            of leading edge products for the offshore market. In more than 13
Prior to this Kenny held the position of Decommissioning Manager            years at CodaOctopus, he has been instrumental in the company’s
where he played a significant contribution to the international growth       growth and has been involved in many exciting projects, most
and development of the business.                                            notably the commercialisation of the unique 3D real-time sonar, the
                                                                            Coda Echoscope.
Based at the company’s UK office in Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Kenny
is responsible for the strategic sales growth of the business within the    Stephen Auld has an honours degree in Engineering and a Master of
European and African regions.                                               Science in Computing.

                    Mark Stone                                                                  Stuart Wordsworth
                    Sonomatic                                                                   Interact Projects
                    Mark’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled                              Stuarts’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                    “The role of inspection in the integrity management                         “Challenges & opportunities of decommissioning
                    of subsea pipelines”.                                                       contracting strategies”.
                    (Parallel Session A - 15:05)                                                (Parallel Session C - 15:25)

Mark is responsible for developing Sonomatic’s integrity capability         In the past few years Stuart has focused on the well
and leads a team delivering integrity-related services to clients. He       decommissioning market.
is a Mechanical Engineer with many years experience of working
closely with NDT inspection colleagues to ensure better integration         This has involved well categorisation work in support of Acteon
of inspection as part of more effective integrity management                Groups vessel based ‘Suspended Well Abandonment Tool’ (SWAT)
approaches. This experience covers planning for reliable                    operations, to well decommissioning planning work for various UK and
inspection approaches and assessment of inspection results from             International - based operators, to acting as project director on a recent
an integrity perspective.                                                   subsea well abandonment project in the UK in 2010.

A major part of his role covers development of methods to ensure
best use is made of inspection data as input to integrity management
decision making. This covers, in particular, statistical analysis methods                       Simon Davies
for maximising the value of large inspection data sets including
intelligent pigging and automated externally applied ultrasonics for                            Veolia Environmental Services (UK)
pipeline inspections.                                                                           Plc
                                                                                                Simon’s presentation at Subsea 2011 is entitled
                                                                                                “Onshore Disposal – The beginning of the end”
                                                                                                (Parallel Session C - 15:25)

                                                                            Simon is a decommissioning engineer with over 12 years’
                                                                            experience. He is a civil engineer by profession working in the
                                                                            demolition and decommissioning business all of his career; with
                                                                            the majority focused in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical

                                                                            He has worked on various onshore disposal projects including the
                                                                            disposal of the North West Hutton platform and the forward section
                                                                            of the stricken cargo vessel the MSC Napoli. Simon was also heavily
                                                                            involved in the award to Veolia of Shell’s Indefatigable platforms at
                                                                            Veolia’s new facility in Newcastle. Simon has recently been involved in
                                                                            the onshore disposal of subsea assets for BP and ConocoPhillips.

SUBSEA 2011 – GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                                                                             CONFERENCE PROGRAM

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