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									10/09/07                                  Sharon Brennan www.wholehealthyliving.com

Green Is Clean…and Smart

By Rebecca Jacoby

Green energy is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle. Learn more about going green
from Gary Skulnick, President of Clean Currents Green Energy Solutions,
Rockville, MD.

Q: Please tell us briefly how Clean Currents was conceived and started.

A: Clean Currents was the vision of my partner, Charles Segerman and myself
   which joined our two worlds. Charles was working for a local developer in
   charge of green buildings. I was working in advocacy for global warming.
   When we met, we realized we wanted to start something new, a for-profit
   business that is mission-oriented and dedicated to fighting global warming
   while providing sustainable resources. We’ve now been in business about 13

Q: What exactly is clean power?

A: Green energy refers to resources that can be processed without a negative
   impact on the environment. Our definition of clean power is when energy
   produces zero or few emissions, is carbon-neutral and renewable. Categories
   of green energy are solar, bio-mass (crops grown to produce carbon-neutral
   energy), wind and geothermal.

Q: We sometimes hear about trash-to-steam energy in the news. Would this be
   an example of effective renewable energy?

A: Trash-to-steam or waste energy is not clean energy as it is not renewable and
   it produces toxic emissions.

Q: There are myths surrounding “going green” such as the stereotype of people
   who are interested in it. Yet, the truth is that everyone on the planet seems to
   be more aware of our connection to the earth and each other. Would you
   explain some of the myths that you hear most frequently and provide the
   reality that dispels them?

A: One popular myth is that going green is expensive. That may be true in
   certain parts of the country, but in many states that is not true. In some
   states, the state laws mandate solar energy, and other renewable energy
   sources, bringing the price down to the consumer.

   Take a look at the real economics. Clean energy can save money. It may cost
   5-10% more to convert, but that’s a worthwhile price to help the environment
10/09/07                                Sharon Brennan www.wholehealthyliving.com

   and our future. In Maryland and DC, we can often save money for businesses
   that switch to clean energy.

   People need to go green because we all need to do our part to help the
   environment. Unfortunately, if we are to tackle the worst aspects of global
   warming, we will have to require lifestyle changes. We ask people to contact
   their state and local legislatures to push for mandates to make going green

   Changing what we value requires mass awareness of what causes global
   warming. For example, CO2 is the main greenhouse gas. It’s the prevalent by-
   product when we drive our cars or turn on electricity.

Q: What are the benefits of using Clean Currents electricity for businesses?

A: More than anything, it’s peace of mind. However, because businesses have
   converted, they want people to know. Letting the public know has resulted in
   favorable public relations with major media outlets, even commendations from
   the state. We provide display materials that help the businesses get their
   conversion information to the public. We partner with businesses to publicize
   and educate their consumers. That’s part of our mission.

   Another benefit is that some businesses save money because they can count
   on stable electric rates.

Q: Where does Clean Currents operate?

A: At this time, we operate in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and the
   Chicago area.

Q: Are there other members of the Clean Currents team?

A: We recently added a new partner, Lee Keshishian, and have sales and
   administrative staff now to help us meet demand.

Q: How does one purchase green power electricity?

A: In brief, buy Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Renewable energy
    technologies contribute to sustainable energy and reduce dependency on
    fossil fuel resources which are not carbon-neutral.

   It’s easy to switch. No special equipment is needed, and sometimes one can
   save money.
10/09/07                                     Sharon Brennan www.wholehealthyliving.com

Q: What do you predict as the future of fossil fuel?

A: It is possible to predict that fossil fuels will be a declining part of history. As oil
   is debated, and we have reached our peak of oil reserves, prices will keep
   rising as demand increases. Coal is too polluting to use. If we want the world
   to survive and to bequeath a better place to our grandchildren, we will curtail
   the use of fossil fuels.

Q: What have you found as your greatest challenge introducing green power?

A: Clean Currents offers sustainable energy options to businesses and people
   who like to embrace positive environmental solutions. Making people aware is
   critical, but we’re growing.

Q: What one thing would you like people to know about Clean Currents?

A: Clean Currents is ready to serve anyone who is interested in clean energy
   solutions. We’re excited about what we do. Just ask us; we’re eager to tell

Rebecca Jacoby is a copywriter and graphic designer dedicated to helping
businesses get the most from their marketing. For more information, visit

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