Pine Hills Task Force - Minutes 03-21-2011

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					                         Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force
                                        Meeting Summary
                                     Monday, March 21, 2011
                            Orange County Library, Hiawassee Branch

The meeting was called to order by Lavon B. Williams at 11:15 a.m.

Present Members included:
Barbara Anderson                       Tim Haberkamp
Michael Arrington                      Anderson Hill
Braswell Allie                         Julie Salvo
Capt. Eric Dahl                        Frank Thompson
Kenneth Dwyer                          JaJa Wade
Susan Fortini                          Pinkie Freeman
Gwen Parrish

Absent Members:

Staff Present
Lavon B. Williams, Manger, Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division
Jason Reynolds, Planner II, Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division
Michelle Owens, Planner III, Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division
Yvette D. Luckett, Administrative Assistant, Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division
Antwan Nelson, Sr. Program Coordinator, Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division

Guests Present
Tiffany Moore Russell, County Commissioner, District 6
Roberta Walton
Bertina Busch, Pine Hills Community Council/Pine Hills Press
David Smith, Orange County Government
C. Horace Kitson, Pine Hills Community Council
Yuam Cochran, Orange County Government Fiscal and Business Services
Bill Thomas, Orange County Government
Charlene Sears-Tolbert, Evans High Community School
Sarah Fowler, Orange County Government
Bro. Delano Bogel, Pine Hills Community Development Corp.
Renee Ligon, Chase Bank

Welcome and Introductions
Lavon B. Williams, welcomed everyone to the meeting. She also welcomed Commissioner Moore Russell,
District 6.

Approval of the Minutes
A motion was made by Kenneth Dwyer and seconded by Gwen Parrish to approve the February 28, 2011
minutes. The minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.

                          Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force
                                         Meeting Summary
                                      Monday, March 21, 2011
                             Orange County Library, Hiawassee Branch

General Discussion
Pine Hills Trail Update
Bill Thomas updated the task force on the progress of the Pine Hills Trail. The task force has discussed the
Pine Hills Trail and the economic development in the area. Most of the acquisitions are between Alhambra
and Silver Star and none north of Silver Star. Bill also stated that funds from Florida Department of
Transportation (FDOT) have been approved with allocation of 4 million for the years of 2014 and 2015.
The task force expressed concern for funding of the trail. The task force would like to invite a
representative from Metro Plan to speak about the trail project in order that the Task Force may lobby for
potential funding.

Presentation by Ken Dwyer
Ken is advocating for overlay on W. Colonial from Good Homes Road to Pine Hills. He discussed the
rezoning overlay from 2004 and the zoning on Pine Hills Road. Ken is concerned with the perception of
Pine Hills and he would like to see a more unified marketing strategy in the Pine Hills area. Ken is
advocating the redevelopment of apartments along W. Colonial Drive. Allie Braswell expressed gratitude
for Ken’s hard work on this presentation, and asked Ken what specifically is the target? Ken stated the
zoning level is primary and restructuring of Pine Hills Road are his specific targets.

Logo Request
Pine Hills on the Rise
The Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Partnership would like to use the logo on banners that will be displayed
at the installation of the Kaboom Playground kick off celebration on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. The
playground will be located at the Orlando Metro Urban League, 2804 Belco Drive, Orlando, FL 32808. A
motion was made by Frank Thompson to allow the use of “Pine Hills on The Rise” logo. The motion was
seconded by Ken Dwyer. The vote was approved by unanimous vote.

Neighborhood Improvement District
Lavon B. Williams along with David Smith of the Orange County GIS reviewed the revised NID
boundaries and addressed the questions and concerns from the task force. Lavon addressed the concern of
the boundaries being contiguous for the NID which where previously separated by three areas, but the OC
Attorney and the finance representative agree that it can be contiguous as long as they run along the
roadway which is the connecting factor. A second concern was the inclusion of the Colonial Drive
properties and they are included in the revised NID boundaries. A third concern was the connection of the
Orlando Metro Urban League property to be included into the NID.

The goal of the task force was to present the 75% of commercial district to create incentive programs and
proved aesthetic improvements. The NID can fund improvements outside of these boundaries however any
revenue raised from a special tax or a special assessment must be used only within the district boundaries.

Commissioner Moore Russell, stated that if the Task Force was looking to create a taxing district that the
properties along W. Colonial and N. Hiawassee should be considered because of the high taxable value.
Her concerns is t hat the current proposed NID boundaries will not capture enough properties to raise a
significant amount of revenue for the district. Lavon stated that the voting power is based on the taxable
value, per the Florida Statutes and County ordinance. Therefore, a few properties with high taxable value
could block the vote of smaller properties. By combining like properties, this will allow equal weight in
voting power if a special assessment or taxing district was proposed for referendum. Lavon reviewed with
everyone the amount of revenue which could be raised annually for this district, based on the proposed
                           Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force
                                          Meeting Summary
                                       Monday, March 21, 2011
                              Orange County Library, Hiawassee Branch

boundaries. Lavon reminded the members that the creation of a NID was not based on the potential
revenue, but being able to have a redevelopment entity in place that could tap into state and federal funds to
use for redevelopment projects. Commissioner Moore-Russell’s concern is that state and federal funding is
declining and she would like to see the district be able to raise revenue on its own to fund redevelopment

A motion was made by Ken Dwyer to recommend the creation of a separate NID that includes W. Colonial
Drive from Dorcheser to Pine Hills Road, to be formed after the initial NID. The motion was seconded by
Frank Thompson. The vote was approved by unanimous vote.

A motion was made by Ken Dwyer to approve the proposed boundaries for the NID which includes Silver
Star Road from Hiawassee to Pine Hills Roads and Pine Hills Road from Silver Star to Colonial. The
motion was seconded by Pinkie Freeman. The vote was approved by unanimous vote

Public Comment

The Evans High Community School will have a community focus group on Thursday, March 31, 2011 @
7:00 p.m. at the Pine Hills Community Church on N. Pine Hills Road.

Bertina Busch would like the task force to look at the whole interest of Pine Hills, think bigger about
community improvements. There may be funding available, if a CRA was created for the corner at Pine
Hills and Silver Star.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm.

Minutes prepared by: ____________________________________Date_______________
                       Lavon B. Williams, Manager, Preservation and Revitalization Division

Approved by:    _______________________________________Date_________________
                JaJa Wade, Chairperson, Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force


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