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                                                                                 change the future
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                                                                                 plant a tree
protect a species


                    enrich lives   feed the hungry            make a di erence

                      Now, more than ever.

                                    The 3 Rivers/Pennsylvania West
                                      Combined Federal Campaign

                                          2010 DIRECTORY
                                                                LETTER FROM THE CHAIR                                                                                                                                                   Quick Index
                                                           Welcome to the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)! As                                                                                                                      (Note: This index is a quick guide to the major groups of organizations by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        location (Local, National, International) as well as by federation grouping or
                                                           we begin this year's CFC, we should pause to consider our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        unaffiliated listing. For a COMPLETE INDEX, listing all agencies
                                                           good fortune and reflect on ways we can make a difference.                                                                                                                   individually, refer to the back of this brochure - Pages 38-45.)
                                                           The CFC allows you to make that difference and provides an
                                                           annual opportunity for you to respond to the needs in our                                                                                                                    ORGANIZATION                                                             PAGE
                                                           communities, our nation and our world. If you have never                                                                                                                    NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS                                       5
                                                           contributed to CFC before, I offer my personal 'thank you' for                                                                                                              Health First - America’s Charities Federation and Member Organizations       5
                                                           taking this opportunity to review and select a charity that fits                                                                                                            Human Service Charities of America Federation and Member                     5
                                                           your passion and concern. If you are an annual contributor, I                                                                                                               National Black United Federation of Charities and Member Organizations       5
                                                           truly 'thank you' for your contributions over the years and                                                                                                                 Human & Civil Rights Organizations of America Federation and Member          5
                                                           remind you that you are indeed making a difference take pride                                                                                                                    Organizations
                                                           in your generosity.                                                                                                                                                         Conservation & Preservation Charities of America Federation and              6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Member Organizations
                                           For a second year, we are using the “iCan” theme…allowing                                                                                                                                   CancerCURE of America Federation and Member Organizations                    7
                                           the opportunity for all federal employees to make a difference.                                                                                                                             Peace and Reconciliation Charities Federation and Member Organizations       8
                                           Donations through CFC can be designated to charitable                                                                                                                                        Arts Federation and Member Organizations                                    8
                                           agencies that provide meals for hungry children, relief for                                                                                                                                 Military, Veteran & Patriotic Service Organizations of America Federation    9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and Member Organizations
families in need of counseling, further work on cures for diseases, comfort for the dying, access to water                                                                                                                             Wild Animals Worldwide Federation and Member Organizations                   10
in the Third World, environmental protection, and better lives and renewed hope for millions of people in                                                                                                                              Women, Children & Family Service Charities of America Federation and         10
our global community. CFC offers federal employees a way to easily and conveniently make a                                                                                                                                                  Member Organizations
contribution to the good of society as a whole based on their own values.                                                                                                                                                              Aging and Disabilities Charities of America Federation and Member            11
Please remember that no contribution is too small and no act too trivial. I encourage you to participate                                                                                                                               Community Health Charities Federation and Member Organizations               11
generously in the CFC this year and to donate using payroll deduction. By spreading your gift out over a                                                                                                                               AIDS Global Action Inc. Federation and Member Organizations                  12
year with a small donation per month or pay period, we can build to a larger total sum. If all 19,000 of                                                                                                                               Christian Service Charities Federation and Member Organizations              12
our current federal employees were to donate $10 per month, this campaign would raise over $2.2                                                                                                                                        Jewish Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations              13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Animal Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations              13
million dollars! Just think what we can do to help the missions of our charities.                                                                                                                                                      Children First - America’s Charities Federation and Member                   14
I am proud to announce that last year, federal civilian employees and military personnel throughout the 3                                                                                                                              Earth Share Federation and Member Organizations                              14
Rivers/Pennsylvania West region demonstrated exceptional commitment to our community by raising a                                                                                                                                      National/International Independent Organizations                             15
record breaking $1,156,476 for charity. This year the goal is to again raise $1.1 million and allow all                                                                                                                                Sports Charities USA Federation and Member Organizations                     19
federal employees a chance to be a part of the CFC.                                                                                                                                                                                    Medical Research Charities Federation and Member Organizations               20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mental Health, Addiction and Retardation Organizations of America            20
The 3 Rivers/Pennsylvania West CFC serves all federal agencies and branch offices in the following                                                                                                                                          Federation and Member Organizations                                     20
counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Clarion, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Lawrence, Mercer,                                                                                                                                    Children's Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Health & Medical Research Charities of America Federation and Member         22
Venango, Washington and Westmoreland Counties (PA). Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio and Wetzel                                                                                                                                              Organizations
Counties (WV). Belmont and Monroe Counties (OH).                                                                                                                                                                                       USO, Inc. Federation                                                         24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Christian Charities USA Federation and Member Organizations                  24
Please know that this directory lists hundreds of organizations in need of your assistance. You can also                                                                                                                               Children's Medical Charities of America Federation and Member                25
search online at www.3riverscfc.org. Look for organizations that are important to you…because you are                                                                                                                                       Organizations.
definitely important to them. Thank you in advance for your support of this year's 3 Rivers/Pennsylvania                                                                                                                               Human Care Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations          26
West Combined Federal Campaign.                                                                                                                                                                                                        American Red Cross Federation                                                27
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       America's Charities Federation and Member Organizations                      27
Very truly yours,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Educate America! Federation and Member Organizations                         27
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hispanic United Fund Federation and Member Organizations                     28
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Child Aid USA Federation and Member Organizations                            28

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS                                                  29
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Global Impact Federation and Member Organizations                            29
Colonel William H. Graham                                                                                                                                                                                                              Child Aid International Federation and Member Organizations                  29
District Engineer of the US Army Corps of Engineers                                                                                                                                                                                    Do Unto Others Federation and Member Organizations                           30
Chair of the 3 Rivers/Pennsylvania West CFC                                                                                                                                                                                            Village By Village Federation and Member Organizations                       30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Aid to Africa Federation and Member Organizations                            31
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       International Independent Organizations                                      32
                   Sincere thanks to our 2010 Corporate Sponsors*                                                                                                                                                                      Jewish Aid Worldwide: America, Israel, and Beyond, Inc. Federation and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Member Organizations

                                  2010 GOLD EAGLE SPONSORS                                                                                                                                                                             LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Local Independent Organizations                                              34
                               Allegent Community Federal Credit Union                                                                                                                                                                 Earth Share of Ohio Federation and Member Organizations                      36
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley Federation & Member                      36
                                             GEICO                                                                                                                                                                                         Organizations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       United Way of Westmoreland County Federation and Member                      36
                                          2010 EAGLE SPONSORS                                                                                                                                                                              Organizations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Community Health Charities of Pennsylvania Federation and Member             37
                      BlueCross BlueShield - Federal Employee Program                                                                                                                                                                      Organizations
                           NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union                                                                                                                                                                          United Way of Beaver County Federation and Member Organizations              37
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Community Health Charities of Ohio Federation and Member                     37
                                     Trib Total Media                                                                                                                                                                                      Organizations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Community Shares of Mid Ohio Federation and Member Organizations             37
The 3 Rivers/Pennsylvania West CFC acknowledge the sponsors' generous contributions, but this does not constitute an
endorsement of any of the sponsors' products or services.

 Step 1 - Date,        Step 2 - Fill in the appropriate     Step 3 - If    Step 4 - Fill in the 5 DIGIT CFC
 then Print name,      boxes for either military or         applicable,    agency code number (as listed in
 work address,
                       civilian, the monthly /
                       periodical deduction, and the
                                                            check the
                                                                           the Agency Brochure or on the
                                                                           website www.3riversCFC.org) and
 number, and your      total. Fill out the “Other”          awards level   the annual amount of the
 Federal Agency.       section if making a cash or          donation       designation to each (up to 5 are                                                                                                     PLEDGE C
                       check contribution.                  boxes.         accepted).                                                                                                                                    ARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Use the following steps as a guide if you have any
                                                                                                                                                                                                          questions about filling out the pledge card.
                                                                                                                                           Copy #3 - Contributor's Copy - Keep for Personal Tax Records

                                                                                                                                                                                                          If you are unsure of where to turn in your pledge card,
                                                                                                      Copy 2 - For Central Receipt Point

                                                                                                                                                                                                          or who the keyworker is for your unit, office, or
                                                                                                                                                                                                          location, contact the installation representative for your
                                                                                                                                                                                                          location listed on the next page.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          If you are having trouble finding an agency or cause
                                                                                                                                                                                                          that you would like to donate to, try downloading this
                                                                                                          C                                                                                               agency listing from our website (www.3riverscfc.org)
                                                                                                          O                                                                                               and then use the “find” function (CTRL F) to locate
                                                                                                          P C                                                                                             keywords that describe your cause or agency.
                                                                                                          Y O
                                                                                                          2 Y
                                                                                                                                                                                                           TOP 5 COMMON ERRORS
                                           Copy #1 - Payroll Office
                                             Copy #2- Central Receipt & Accounting

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Illegible. If it is unreadable, the pledge may not be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 processed correctly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Monthly gift is listed as the annual gift - when
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 specifying your gift to each agency fill in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank You!
                                               Copy #3 - Contributor Copy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ANNUAL AMOUNT.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           3.    Designation to an invalid agency code. Pledges can
 Step 5 - If you would like your name, HOME                Step 6 - Make sure     Step 7 - Keep copy #3 for                                                                                                      only be made to agencies listed in this region’s
 address, E-mail address and/or the amount of your         the pledge form is     Your records. Give copies                                                                                                      brochure.
 pledge released to the agencies you designated            signed and dated and   #1 and #2 to your                                                                                                        4.   Form isn’t signed - payroll deduction can not be
 funds to, fill out this section. If you do not fill out   that your social       Keyworker or CFC point of                                                                                                      authorized if the form isn’t signed.
 this section your information will not be released.       security number is     contact.                                                                                                                 5.   Social Security Number is not provided - payroll
 This information will only be released to the             provided if using                                                                                                                                     deduction can not be authorized without the SSN.
 agencies you have chosen - NO OTHERS.                     payroll deduction.
CFC AWARDS                                                                                  All gifts are appreciated, and as a
                                                                                                                                                         Giving Guides
OUR SMALL WAY OF SAYING THANKS                                                              "thank you" for making a
                                                                                                                                    No one can or should tell you how much to give, but a good rule of thumb in fundraising
                                                                                                                                    is to give one hour of pay per month. If you would like to calculate 1 hour's pay for
                                                                                            contribution, every donor will
                                                                                                                                    yourself, multiply your gross annual salary by .006 (this is your annual gift), then divide
                                                                                            receive a custom CFC Pen
                                                                                                                                    this amount by 12 to determine your monthly military deduction or by 26 to determine
                                                        CFC Pen for All Donors                                                      your bi-weekly civilian deduction.

                            Silver Award givers ($250-$499)
                                                                                                                                                    (Gross Annual Salary)
                                                                                                                                                                            X .006 =                        (Annual Gift)
                            will receive a custom CFC
                                                                                                                                                       I.e., $50,000        X .006 =                       $300.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Annual Gift)
                                                                                                                                    Payroll Deduction Lets You Help All Year Long
                                                                                                                                    Payroll deduction makes it convenient for you to give by letting you spread your
                                                                                                                                    contribution across the entire year. Last year, more than 90% of all CFC funds raised were
    Silver Award                                                                                                                    given through payroll deduction. Payments on payroll deduction pledges begin on the
                                                                                                                                    first pay period in January. Because there is no simpler way for you to make good things
                                                                                                                                    happen for so many people, payroll deduction helps you care for your community and
                                                                                                                                    your world.

                                                                                                                                    You Control Where Your Gift Will Go
                                                                                                                                    All Federal employees have the right to contribute or not to contribute to the CFC. The
                                                                                                                                    choice is yours. Through your designation, you ensure that your donation goes to meet
                                                                                                                                    those needs that you feel are most important. You may designate to the organizations of
                                                              Gold Award givers ($500-$749) will
                                                                                                                                    your choice where indicated on your pledge card. Additional designations must be
                                                              receive a custom CFC Umbrella
                                                                                                                                    completed on a second pledge card. Except for documented expenses for the operation of
                                                                                                         Gold Award                 the local CFCs and uncollected pledges, all contributions are distributed as designated.
                                                                                                                                    Every local campaign has a Local Federal Coordinating Committee, comprised of Federal
                                                                                                                                    employees, which must approve and monitor campaign expenses.

The Eagle Clubs…
For those of you who are able to give at higher levels and are motivated to do so, a special recognition is well deserved. As an
Eagle Club member you make a gift of great sacrifice to help others and everyone whom benefits from your generosity joins in
thanking you.

  Eagle Club givers ($750 to $999) will receive a 2010                 Gold Eagle Club givers (over $1,000) will receive a
  U.S. Mint Presidential Gold Coin Dollar Set                          2010 U.S. Mint Proof Collectors 14 Coin Set, featuring
                                                                       the 2010 quarters and the 4 Gold Presidential Dollars

                                       Eagle Club

                                                                                                                                                  Last Year’s Local
                                                                                                                                                Average Gift Was $266
PLEDGE FORM INDICATING WHICH GIFT YOU WOULD                                                              Gold Eagle Club
LIKE TO RECEIVE.                                                                                                                                 Last Year’s National
                                                                                                                                                Average Gift Was $258

                 Thank You 2009 Loaned Executives                                                                     2009 Designations by Federation/Group
                   for your Dedication to the CFC                                                                    International Contributions                                                       Total         Total%
                                                                                                                          Aid for Africa                                                                $ 5,838.00          0.50%
                                                                                                                          Child Aid International                                                       $ 2,152.00          0.19%
      !     Joyce Terrano - United States Postal Service                                                                  Do Unto Others                                                               $ 14,720.39          1.27%
      !     Arlene Saltsman - VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System                                                             Global Impact                                                                $ 29,399.42          2.54%
                                                                                                                          International Independent Organizations                                      $ 11,550.72          1.00%
                                                                                                                          Israel Fund, Inc.                                                               $ 921.00          0.08%
                              2009 Excellence Awards                                                                      Latin America Fund, Inc.
                                                                                                                     Local Contributions
                                                                                                                                                                                                          $ 278.99          0.02%

 The sector, or federal agencies, that best maintained/increased participation and                                        Community Health Charities Of Ohio                                            $ 2,314.60      0.20%
 overall campaign performance in 2009:                                                                                    Community Health Charities Of Pennsylvania                                   $ 47,850.29      4.14%
                                                                                                                          Community Shares Of Mid Ohio                                                    $ 333.96      0.03%
                                                                                                                          Earth Share Of Ohio                                                             $ 468.00      0.04%
       !     316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command                                                                      Local Independent Organizations                                             $ 311,932.46     26.97%
       !     Department of Energy - National Energy Technology Lab                                                        The United Way Of Butler County
                                                                                                                          United Way Of Beaver County
                                                                                                                                                                                                       $ 32,196.60
                                                                                                                                                                                                        $ 7,724.00
       !     SSA - Office of Disabilities, Adjudication & Review - Pittsburgh                                             United Way Of Upper Ohio                                                     $ 10,470.10      0.91%
       !     US DOL - MSHA - Pittsburgh Safety & Health Technology Center                                                 United Way Of Westmoreland                                                   $ 22,917.66      1.98%
       !     VA Butler Healthcare                                                                                    National Contributions
                                                                                                                          Aging and Disabilities Charities of America                                     $ 280.00          0.02%
       !     Internal Revenue Service                                                                                     AIDS Global Action Inc.                                                         $ 156.00          0.01%
       !     VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System                                                                              America's Charities                                                          $ 26,328.74          2.28%
                                                                                                                          American Red Cross                                                           $ 10,548.36          0.91%
                                                                                                                          Animal Charities of America                                                  $ 48,792.95          4.22%
                                                                                                                          Arts Federation, Inc.                                                           $ 167.00          0.01%
                          2009 GEICO Hero Awards                                                                          CancerCURE of America
                                                                                                                          Children First - America's Charities
                                                                                                                                                                                                       $ 18,286.52
                                                                                                                                                                                                       $ 15,007.01
  CFC Hero Award Criteria                                                                                                 Children's Charities of America
                                                                                                                          Children's Medical Charities of America
                                                                                                                                                                                                       $ 24,467.46
                                                                                                                                                                                                       $ 18,467.91
  The criteria for selecting the Local CFC heroes encompasses an exceptional                                              Christian Charities USA                                                      $ 17,230.00          1.49%
  commitment to the CFC as a federal worker, and also demonstrated                                                        Christian Service Charities                                                  $ 47,171.82          4.08%
                                                                                                                          Community Health Charities                                                   $ 88,193.84          7.63%
  commitment to volunteerism on a personal level outside the workplace.                                                   Conservation & Preservation Charities of America                             $ 10,412.06          0.90%
                                                                                                                          Earth Share                                                                  $ 18,001.57          1.56%
                                                                                                                          Educate America!                                                              $ 1,769.00          0.15%
  Civilian                                                                                                                Health & Medical Research Charities of America                               $ 36,867.01          3.19%
  Kim Howland - OPM/Retirement Operations Center                                                                          Health First - America's Charities                                            $ 6,843.71          0.59%
                                                                                                                          Hispanic United Fund                                                          $ 1,404.34          0.12%
  Cynthia Evans - Department of Housing and Urban Development                                                             Human & Civil Rights Organizations of America                                 $ 3,974.44          0.34%
  Military                                                                                                                Human Care Charities of America                                               $ 8,285.61          0.72%
                                                                                                                          Human Service Charities of America                                            $ 5,644.00          0.49%
  Staff Sergeant Holly Marie Ball - 316TH Expeditionary Sustainment Command                                               Jewish Charities of America                                                   $ 1,434.00          0.12%
  Lieutenant Christopher Preffer - 171st ARW - PA Air National Guard - Coraopolis                                         Medical Research Charities                                                   $ 16,454.65          1.42%
                                                                                                                          Mental Health, Addiction and Retardation Organizations of America             $ 1,153.00          0.10%
  Veteran’s Affairs                                                                                                       Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America             $ 107,255.96          9.27%
  Amy Friel Capretto - VA Butler Healthcare                                                                               National Black United Federation of Charities                                 $ 2,692.00          0.23%
                                                                                                                          National Independent Organizations                                           $ 43,870.23          3.79%
  Cherie Clamidori - VA Butler Healthcare                                                                                 Peace and Reconciliation Charities                                              $ 547.00          0.05%
  U.S. Postal Service - Lifetime Achievement                                                                              Sports Charities USA                                                         $ 28,357.41          2.45%
                                                                                                                          USO, Inc.                                                                     $ 3,586.04          0.31%
  Terry Stokes - United States Postal Service                                                                             Wild Animals Worldwide                                                        $ 2,193.60          0.19%
  Gail A. Carr - United States Postal Service                                                                             Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America                      $ 5,755.97          0.50%
                                                                                                                     Undesignated Contributions
  2009 Regional Hero                                                                                                      Undesignated Contributions                                              $       33,809            2.92%
  Staff Sergeant Holly Marie Ball - 316TH Expeditionary Sustainment Command                                          Total                                                                        $1,156,476 100.00%

       Total Raised by Agency - 2009
National Total
Local Total
316th Sustainment Command, Expeditionary (ESC)
911th Airlift Wing-CC
Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Det. 730
Bureau of Labor Statistics
CDC-NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory
                                                                                                                                              3 Rivers / PA West
                                                                                                                                              Combined Federal Campaign
Comptroller of the Currency                                     $          4,192
Defense Contract Audit Agency                                   $          1,412
Defense Contract Management Agency                              $             -
Department of Education - Office of Inspector General           $            338
Department of Energy
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division
DHHS-Food & Drug Administration
                                                                                                            Campaign Update
Drug Enforcement Administration                                 $          1,147
Employment Standards Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Executive Board
Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Federal Protective Service
Federal Public Defender


                                                                                                     2 0 0 9
Federal Railroad Administration                                 $             -
Fort Necessity National Battlefield                             $            260
General Services Administration                                 $          2,428
Geological Survey                                               $          1,300
Internal Revenue Service                                        $         60,056
International Trade Administration                              $            400
Military Entrance Process Station                               $          2,704
Mine Safety and Health Administration                           $         18,650
National Cemetery of the Alleghenies                            $              52
National Credit Union Administration                            $            780
National Labor Relations Board                                  $         10,608
National Weather Service, NOAA                                  $          3,510
Navy Recruiting                                                 $            289
Navy ROTC                                                       $          2,540
Nuclear Regulatory Commission                                   $            650
Occupational Safety and Health Administration                   $            100
Office of Administrative Law Judges                             $          1,430
Office of Labor Management Standards                            $            446
Office of Personnel Management                                  $         87,296
Office of Surface Mining                                        $         10,636
Office of the Solicitor (Field)                                 $          1,768
Office of United States Trustee                                 $            520
Pennsylvania Air National Guard                                 $         15,281
Railroad Retirement Board                                       $            260
Social Security Administration                                  $         31,269
Special Events                                                  $            120
Surgical Company Alpha                                          $            326
U.S. Air Force 311th Recruiting Squadron                        $          4,058
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                    $         33,544
U.S. Army Reserve                                               $             -
U.S. Attorney's Office                                          $          8,432
U.S. Bankruptcy Court                                           $          1,866
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service                          $          3,149
U.S. Coast Guard - Marine Safety Unit                           $          1,428
U.S. Department of Agriculture                                  $          1,075
U.S. District Court                                             $          7,978
U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting                                    $            325
U.S. Marines Corp - Inspector Instructor                        $            154
U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center                         $             -
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office                                $          1,197
U.S. Postal Service                                             $        267,128
U.S. Probation & Pretrial                                       $          3,735
U.S. Secret Service                                             $          2,687
U.S. Small Business Administration                              $          1,014
Veteran's Affairs                                               $        364,768

     Participation Rates by Agency - 2009                                      Average Gift by Agency - 2009                                        Per Capita Gift by Agency - 2009
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission                 100.0%       Employment Standards Administration                     $   1,170      Equal Employment Opportunity Commission                 100.0%
    Federal Executive Board                                 100.0%       Federal Executive Board                                 $   1,040      Federal Executive Board                                 100.0%
    National Credit Union Administration                    100.0%       National Weather Service, NOAA                          $     878      National Credit Union Administration                    100.0%
    Navy ROTC                                               100.0%       DHHS-Food & Drug Administration                         $     845      Navy ROTC                                               100.0%
    316th Sustainment Command, Expeditionary (ESC)           98.9%       National Credit Union Administration                    $     780      316th Sustainment Command, Expeditionary (ESC)           98.9%
    National Labor Relations Board                           78.6%       Office of Surface Mining                                $     626      National Labor Relations Board                           78.6%
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office                         71.4%       Office of the Solicitor (Field)                         $     589      U.S. Patent and Trademark Office                         71.4%
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission                            66.7%       Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Det. 730      $     567      Nuclear Regulatory Commission                            66.7%
    Surgical Company Alpha                                   66.7%       Office of United States Trustee                         $     520      Surgical Company Alpha                                   66.7%
    U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service                   65.0%                                                                              U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service                   65.0%
                                                                         National Labor Relations Board                          $     482
    U.S. Small Business Administration                       62.5%                                                                              U.S. Small Business Administration                       62.5%
                                                                         U.S. Probation & Pretrial                               $     467
    U.S. Secret Service                                      57.1%                                                                              U.S. Secret Service                                      57.1%
                                                                         Department of Labor                                     $     463
    Environmental Protection Agency                          56.5%                                                                              Environmental Protection Agency                          56.5%
                                                                         Federal Bureau of Investigation                         $     458
    Department of Labor                                      52.4%                                                                              Department of Labor                                      52.4%
                                                                         Geological Survey                                       $     433
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                    52.2%                                                                              Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                    52.2%
                                                                         U.S. District Court                                     $     420
    Department of Education - Office of Inspector General    50.0%                                                                              Department of Education - Office of Inspector General    50.0%
    Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Det. 730       50.0%
                                                                         International Trade Administration                      $     400
                                                                         CDC-NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory                $     388      Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Det. 730       50.0%
    Railroad Retirement Board                                50.0%                                                                              Railroad Retirement Board                                50.0%
    Drug Enforcement Administration                          46.4%       Military Entrance Process Station                       $     386
                                                                                                                                                Drug Enforcement Administration                          46.4%
    Department of Energy                                     46.0%       Pennsylvania Air National Guard                         $     382
                                                                                                                                                Department of Energy                                     46.0%
    Department of Housing and Urban Development              45.0%       Comptroller of the Currency                             $     381
                                                                                                                                                Department of Housing and Urban Development              45.0%
    U.S. Marines Corp - Inspector Instructor                 40.0%       Department of Energy                                    $     364
                                                                                                                                                U.S. Marines Corp - Inspector Instructor                 40.0%
    Office of Administrative Law Judges                      33.3%       Navy ROTC                                               $     363
                                                                                                                                                Office of Administrative Law Judges                      33.3%
    Office of Labor Management Standards                     33.3%       Office of Administrative Law Judges                     $     358      Office of Labor Management Standards                     33.3%
    Office of the Solicitor (Field)                          33.3%       Office of Personnel Management                          $     355      Office of the Solicitor (Field)                          33.3%
    Veteran's Affairs                                        32.6%       Internal Revenue Service                                $     349      Veteran's Affairs                                        32.6%
    Office of Personnel Management                           29.0%       Nuclear Regulatory Commission                           $     325      Office of Personnel Management                           29.0%
    National Average                                         27.0%       Department of Housing and Urban Development             $     324      National Average                                         27.0%
    Social Security Administration                           26.9%       U.S. Air Force 311th Recruiting Squadron                $     312      Social Security Administration                           26.9%
    General Services Administration                          26.5%       Environmental Protection Agency                         $     307      General Services Administration                          26.5%
    Geological Survey                                        25.0%       U.S. Attorney's Office                                  $     291      Geological Survey                                        25.0%
    CDC-NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory                 24.9%       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                            $     287      CDC-NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory                 24.9%
    U.S. Coast Guard - Marine Safety Unit                    24.0%       Mine Safety and Health Administration                   $     283      U.S. Coast Guard - Marine Safety Unit                    24.0%
    Federal Bureau of Investigation                          23.3%       General Services Administration                         $     270      Federal Bureau of Investigation                          23.3%
    Office of Surface Mining                                 22.7%       U.S. Department of Agriculture                          $     269      Office of Surface Mining                                 22.7%
    Local Average                                            22.0%        Local Average                                          $     266      Local Average                                            22.0%
    Comptroller of the Currency                              21.6%       Veteran's Affairs                                       $     263      Comptroller of the Currency                              21.6%
    Internal Revenue Service                                 21.0%       911th Airlift Wing-CC                                   $     261      Internal Revenue Service                                 21.0%
    911th Airlift Wing-CC                                    20.8%       Fort Necessity National Battlefield                     $     260      911th Airlift Wing-CC                                    20.8%
    Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service                 20.0%       Department of Homeland Security                         $     259      Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service                 20.0%
    International Trade Administration                       20.0%        National Average                                       $     258      International Trade Administration                       20.0%
    Military Entrance Process Station                        19.4%       Social Security Administration                          $     254      Military Entrance Process Station                        19.4%
    U.S. Attorney's Office                                   18.1%       U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service                  $     242      U.S. Attorney's Office                                   18.1%
    Mine Safety and Health Administration                    17.8%       Federal Aviation Administration                         $     242      Mine Safety and Health Administration                    17.8%
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                             17.5%       U.S. Patent and Trademark Office                        $     239      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                             17.5%
    U.S. Air Force 311th Recruiting Squadron                 17.3%       U.S. Coast Guard - Marine Safety Unit                   $     238      U.S. Air Force 311th Recruiting Squadron                 17.3%
    U.S. Postal Service                                      16.2%       Equal Employment Opportunity Commission                 $     237      U.S. Postal Service                                      16.2%
    National Weather Service, NOAA                           16.0%       Defense Contract Audit Agency                           $     235      National Weather Service, NOAA                           16.0%
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration            15.8%       U.S. Bankruptcy Court                                   $     233      Occupational Safety and Health Administration            15.8%
    DHHS-Food & Drug Administration                          15.4%                                                                              DHHS-Food & Drug Administration                          15.4%
                                                                         U.S. Secret Service                                     $     224
    Employment Standards Administration                      15.4%                                                                              Employment Standards Administration                      15.4%
                                                                         U.S. Small Business Administration                      $     203
    Defense Contract Audit Agency                            15.0%                                                                              Defense Contract Audit Agency                            15.0%
                                                                         U.S. Postal Service                                     $     202
    U.S. Probation & Pretrial                                14.5%                                                                              U.S. Probation & Pretrial                                14.5%
                                                                         Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                   $     190
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court                                    10.5%                                                                              U.S. Bankruptcy Court                                    10.5%
                                                                         Department of Education - Office of Inspector General   $     169
    Department of Homeland Security                          10.3%                                                                              Department of Homeland Security                          10.3%
    Pennsylvania Air National Guard                          10.3%       316th Sustainment Command, Expeditionary (ESC)          $     154
                                                                                                                                                Pennsylvania Air National Guard                          10.3%
                                                                         Office of Labor Management Standards                    $     149
    U.S. District Court                                      10.1%                                                                              U.S. District Court                                      10.1%
                                                                         Federal Public Defender                                 $     146
    U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting                             10.0%                                                                              U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting                             10.0%
    Federal Public Defender                                   8.9%       Railroad Retirement Board                               $     130
                                                                                                                                                Federal Public Defender                                   8.9%
    National Cemetery of the Alleghenies                      8.3%       Drug Enforcement Administration                         $       88
                                                                                                                                                National Cemetery of the Alleghenies                      8.3%
    U.S. Department of Agriculture                            7.8%       Surgical Company Alpha                                  $       81
                                                                                                                                                U.S. Department of Agriculture                            7.8%
    Federal Aviation Administration                           7.4%       Navy Recruiting                                         $       58
                                                                                                                                                Federal Aviation Administration                           7.4%
    Office of United States Trustee                           5.9%       National Cemetery of the Alleghenies                    $       52
                                                                                                                                                Office of United States Trustee                           5.9%
    Fort Necessity National Battlefield                       4.0%       U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting                            $       41     Fort Necessity National Battlefield                       4.0%
    Navy Recruiting                                           2.3%       U.S. Marines Corp - Inspector Instructor                $       39     Navy Recruiting                                           2.3%
    Bureau of Labor Statistics                                0.0%       Occupational Safety and Health Administration           $       33     Bureau of Labor Statistics                                0.0%
    Defense Contract Management Agency                        0.0%       Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service                $       25     Defense Contract Management Agency                        0.0%
    Federal Protective Service                                0.0%       Bureau of Labor Statistics                              $     -        Federal Protective Service                                0.0%
    Federal Railroad Administration                           0.0%       Defense Contract Management Agency                      $     -        Federal Railroad Administration                           0.0%
    U.S. Army Reserve                                         0.0%       Federal Protective Service                              $     -        U.S. Army Reserve                                         0.0%
    U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center                   0.0%       Federal Railroad Administration                         $     -        U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center                   0.0%
    U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting                              0.0%       U.S. Army Reserve                                       $     -        U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting                              0.0%
    U.S. Marshals Service                                     0.0%       U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center                 $     -        U.S. Marshals Service                                     0.0%

                                  Combined Federal Campaign Contacts:
Regional Executive Committee                                                                      Local Federal Coordinating Committee Members
CHAIR:                                                                                            Richard W. Cotter, Associate Director, Veterans Affairs Butler
Colonel William H. Graham, District Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers                          TEL: 724-285-2545                 E-mail: richard.cotter@med.va.gov
TEL: 412-395-7103              E-mail: william.h.graham@usace.army.mil
                                                                                                  David Cowgill, Public Affairs Officer, VAPHS
Co-CHAIR:                                                                                         TEL: 412-822-3578                   E-mail: david.cowgill@va.gov
Sharon Appel,                                                                                     John J "Casey" Lengyel, Resource Advisor, 911 ARW

Program Analysis Officer with Benefits Officers Training and Development,                         TEL: 412 277 8288               E-mail: john.lengyel@pittsburgh.af.mil
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
TEL: 724-794-2005x3127          E-mail: sharon.appel@opm.gov                                      Ron Nalepa, President, AFGE Local 1627, VA Regional Office
                                                                                                  TEL: 412-395-6169              E-mail: rnalepa701@msn.com
Michael Palus, Administrative Assistant, U.S. District Court                                      Jane Rahenkamp, Manager, Customer Relations, Pittsburgh District, USPS
TEL: 412-208-7400               E-mail: michael_palus@pawd.uscourts.gov                           TEL: 412-359-7832             E-mail: jane.rahenkamp@usps.gov

George Buck, Executive Director, PGH Federal Executive Board                                      Linda Reed, Administrative Officer, IRS-Pittsburgh Post of Duty
TEL: 412-395-6223              E-mail: george.buck@opm.gov                                        TEL: 412-395-5626                  E-mail: linda.j.reed@irs.gov
                                                                                                  Janice Sauchin, Field Attorney, National Labor Relations Board
Robert Cessar,                                                                                    TEL: 412-395-6886                 E-mail: janice.sauchin@nlrb.gov
First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania
TEL: 412-894-7329                  E-mail: robert.cessar@usdoj.gov                                Lt. Col. (ret) Brian Schill, PA Air National Guard
                                                                                                  TEL: 412-833-6229                     E-mail: BLSchill@aol.com
Richard Mort, Team Manager, IRS-Pittsburgh Post of Duty
TEL: 412-395-6384             E-mail: rich.r.mort@irs.gov                                         Ginette Simpson, Postmaster, U.S. Postal Service
                                                                                                  TEL: 724-244-5272               E-mail: ginettesimpson@comcast.net
Ginny Yelland, AA/Chief of Staff, Veterans Affairs Butler
TEL: 724-285-2423                 E-mail: virginia.yelland@va.gov                                 Debbie Storch, Administrative Assistant, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                                                                                  TEL: 304-234-0235                 E-mail: storch.debbie@epa.gov
                                                                                                  Joyce Voynick, Executive Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Principal Combined Fund Organization (Administrative Staff)                                       TEL: 412-396-7448                 E-mail: joyce.a.voynick@usace.army.mil
Amy Ervin, Director                                                                               Sue Wargo, Program Analyst, CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention
TEL: 412-330-7667                     E-Mail: threeriverscfc@verizon.net                          TEL: 412-386-6860              E-mail: skw9@cdc.gov

Barbara Barfield, CEO                                                                             Michael Whitelock,
TEL: 719-531-5501                                                                                 Field Environmental Officer, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
CELL: (719) 623-9688                  E-Mail: peakcfc@comcast.net                                 TEL: 412-644-6932                  E-mail: michael.e.whitelock@hud.gov
                                                                                                  Lori Wiles, Human Resources Assistant,
Doug Bannick, Finance Officer                                                                     U.S. Office of Personnel Management -Employee Services- Boyers HR Services
TEL: 650-712-1988             CELL: 719-331-2922                                                  TEL: 724-794-5612x7704          E-mail: lori.wiles@opm.gov
FAX: 650-712-2116             E-Mail: Bannick@aol.com

                                                  Making an Online Gift through Employee Express
                                                CFC-EEX E-Pledge offers employees in specified agencies the choice of making a CFC payroll deduction pledge on-line through Employee Express
                                                (EEX). Employee Express is a convenient, user-friendly automated system that gives employees direct control over key payroll and personnel
                                                information without having to use forms or visit a personnel or payroll office.
                                                CFC-EEX is not mandatory for CFC pledges. CFC-EEX is another option for the Federal donor in agencies using EEX (see attached list).
                                                Employees utilizing CFC-EEX E-Pledge should not submit an additional paper pledge form for their payroll deduction pledge. However, paper
                                                pledge forms are required for one-time and cash contributions.
 Benefits of CFC-EEX E-Pledge include:
     -     Confidential and Secure: EEX has secure links directly to your payroll providers. No SSN information is passed to a campaign or mailed to another office for input.
     -     Accurate: All pledges are received electronically by the payroll office and no math calculations to correct or printing to decipher.
     -     Searchable: Query the charity database to search for and select charities from your local campaign area and the National-International list.
     -     Flexibility: Donors can pledge to up to 30 charities, and change their pledge through the end of the official campaign season -- December 15.
     -     Printable: Employees may print a copy of the pledge form for their records.
     -     Fast: Information is processed immediately, in real-time, to the CFC reports site and to the payroll providers daily. Local campaigns retrieve reports and distribute them as needed to
           agencies in their campaigns.
     -     Available: CFC-EEX E-Pledge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning on campaign kick-off to December 15th via the Internet: https://www.employeeexpress.gov
     -     Assistance: Is available through the EEX help desk from 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or phone: 478-757-3030. Passwords for Employee Express can be requested On-
           Line or through the Employee Express Help Desk.
 A Demonstration Account is available for all to familiarize Federal users with the CFC-EEX E-Pledge system. Go to https://www.employeeexpress.gov and Login with: 999999994 and Password:
 Demo#444 (Local charities for this account are in the Atlanta campaign.)

 List of Current Agencies Participating in Employee Express                                                              For assistance contact your agency CFC coordinator or the CFC office at (412) 330-7667
 Ø ADV Council for Historic Preservation          Ø    Equal Employment Opportunity                 Ø    Millennium Challenge Corporation                  Ø     Public Defender Service of the Dist of
 Ø Administrative Council of the U.S.                  Commission                                   Ø    Morris K. Udall Scholarship &                           Columbia
 Ø African Development Foundation                 Ø    Executive Residence at the White House            Excellence in Nat'l Environmental                 Ø     Public Interest Declassification Board
 Ø American Battle Monuments                      Ø    Export/Import Bank of the United                  Policy Fnd.                                       Ø     Railroad Retirement Board
   Commission                                          States                                       Ø    National Archives & Records                       Ø     Recovery Act Accountability and
 Ø Appraisal Subcommittee/Federal                 Ø    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation             Administration                                          Transparency Board
   Financial Institutions Exam Council            Ø    Federal Labor Relations Authority            Ø    National Aeronautics & Space                      Ø     Securities and Exchange Commission
 Ø Arctic Research Commission                     Ø    Federal Trade Commission                          Administration                                    Ø     Selective Service System
 Ø Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and             Ø    Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission          Ø    National Commission on Fiscal                     Ø     Senate Restaurant Associates
   Excellence in Education Foundation             Ø    General Services Administration                   Responsibility and Reform                         Ø     Social Security Administration
 Ø Christopher Columbus Fellowship                Ø    Government Accountability Office             Ø    National Council on Disability                    Ø     State Justice Institute
   Foundation                                     Ø    Harry S Truman Scholarship                   Ø    National Credit Union Administration              Ø     Stennis Center for Public Service
 Ø Commission of Fine Arts                             Foundation                                   Ø    National Labor Relations Board                    Ø     Thrift Investment Board
 Ø Commission for the Preservation of             Ø    Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of         Ø    National Mediation Board                          Ø     U.S. Chemical and Safety Hazard Invest
   America's Heritage Abroad                           People around the Globe Commission           Ø    National Science Foundation                             Board
 Ø Commission on WMD                              Ø    Inter-American Foundation                    Ø    National Transportation Safety Board              Ø     U.S. China Economic and Security
 Ø Committee For Purchase From People             Ø    International Trade Commission               Ø    Northern Border Regional Commission                     Review Commission
   who are Blind or Severely Disabled             Ø    Institute of Museum and Library              Ø    Nuclear Regulatory Commission                     Ø     U.S. Commission on International
 Ø Commodity Futures Trading                           Services                                     Ø    Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board                    Religious Freedom
   Commission                                     Ø    James Madison Memorial Fellowship            Ø    Office of Federal Inspector - Alaska              Ø     U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
 Ø Consumer Product Safety Commission                  Funds                                             Natural Gas Transportation System                 Ø     U.S. House of Representatives
 Ø Delta Regional Authority                       Ø    Japan/US Friendship Commission               Ø    Office of Personnel Management                    Ø     U.S. Interagency Council on
 Ø Department of Education                        Ø    John F. Kennedy Center for Performing        Ø    Office of Special Counsel                               Homelessness
 Ø Department of Interior                              Arts                                         Ø    Office of Government Ethics                       Ø     U.S. Institute of Peace
 Ø Department of State                            Ø    Marine Mammal Commission                     Ø    Office of Navajo and Hope Indian                  Ø     U.S. Trade and Development Agency
 Ø Department of Transportation                   Ø    Medicaid and CHIP Payment and                     Relocation                                        Ø     Utah Reclamation Mitigation &
 Ø Department of Treasury                              Access Commission                            Ø    Overseas Private Investment                             Conservation Commission
 Ø Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial                  Ø    Medicare Payment Advisory                         Corporation                                       Ø     Valles Caldera Trust
   Commission                                          Commission                                   Ø    Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp                     Ø     Vietnam Education Foundation
 Ø Election Assistance Commission                 Ø    Merit Systems Protection Board
                                                 # # # COMBINED FEDERAL CAMPAIGN # # #

    Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
    The mission of the CFC is to support and to promote philanthropy through a voluntary
    program that is employee-focused, cost-efficient and effective in providing all Federal
    employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized                 The Service Categories (Taxonomy Codes) categorize the types of         How Do I Designate A Federation, Or
solicitation of Federal employees in their workplaces on behalf of         services that most charitable organizations offer. Charities self-      Alternatively, One Of Its Members, To Receive
approved charitable organizations.                                         select up to three alpha-codes (shown below) for inclusion in the
                                                                           CFC charity list. Charities that did not select at least one category
                                                                                                                                                   My Contribution?
The CFC began in the early 1960’s to coordinate the fundraising
                                                                           are assigned “Z” for the “Other” category.                              If you wish to designate all or some portion of your contribution to
efforts of various charitable organizations so that the Federal donor
                                                                                                                                                   a federation, please record that federation’s corresponding five-
would only be solicited once in the workplace and have the                 The 26 service categories are derived from the National Taxonomy
opportunity to make charitable contributions through payroll               of Exempt Entities (NTEE) classification system. This system,           digit code number on your pledge form. The federation name will
deduction.                                                                 developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics, is          be listed at the top of the list of the federation’s member
                                                                           widely used in the non-profit community.                                organizations. Contributions designated to a federation will be
Federal employees continue to make the CFC the largest and most                                                                                    shared in accordance with the federation’s policy. If you wish to
successful workplace philanthropic fundraiser in the world.
                                                                                       SERVICE CATEGORIES (TAXONOMY)                               designate all or some portion of your contribution to an affiliated
Continuing a long-standing tradition of selfless giving, in 2009,
                                                                              A   Arts, Culture, and Humanities                                    federation member organization, please record that organization’s
Federal employees raised over $282 million dollars for charitable
                                                                              B   Educational Institutions & Related Activities                    corresponding five-digit code number on your pledge form.
causes around the world.
                                                                              C   Environmental Quality, Protection & Beautification
Structure of the CFC                                                          D   Animal Related                                                   How Do I Designate An Independent Organization
The CFC is made up of local campaigns that organize the annual                E   Health – General and Rehabilitative                              To Receive My Contribution?
fund raising effort in Federal workplaces in the United States and            F   Mental Health, Crisis Intervention                               You may wish to designate to an independent organization that is
abroad.                                                                       G   Disease, Disorders, Medicinal Disciplines                        not affiliated with a Federation. Simply enter that organization’s
Each local campaign is managed by a Local Federal Coordinating                H   Medical Research                                                 five-digit code number on your pledge form.
Committee (LFCC), which serves as a “Board of Directors” for the              I   Crime, Legal Related
local campaign. The LFCC is comprised of Federal employees and                J   Employment, Job Related                                          What If I Choose Not To Specify An Organization
representatives of labor unions with Federal employees as                     K   Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition                                 Or Federation To Receive My CFC Contribution?
members. The LFCC is responsible for the oversight of the local               L   Housing, Shelter                                                 All funds contributed to the CFC that are not designated to a
CFC. In conformance with CFC regulations and policies, the LFCC               M   Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief                    specific organization or federation will be treated as undesignated
makes admission determinations for local charities and selects a                                                                                   funds and distributed to all organizations listed in the CFC Charity
                                                                              N   Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics
Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) to administer the
                                                                              O   Youth Development                                                List in the same proportion as they received designations.
day-to-day operations of the campaign and to serve as its fiscal
                                                                              P   Human Services – Multipurpose and Other                          Organizations that do not receive designated dollars cannot receive
                                                                              Q   International, Foreign Affairs, National Security                any portion of the undesignated distribution.
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulates the CFC
                                                                              R   Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
and provides guidance and oversight to the local campaigns                                                                                         What Is The International General Designation
(LFCCs and PCFOs).                                                            S   Community Improvement, Capacity Building
                                                                              T   Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Foundations                          Option?
Public Accountability                                                         U   Science & Technology Research Institutes, Services               If you wish to have your contribution distributed proportionately
OPM is accountable for assuring Federal employees that their                  V   Social Science Research Institutes, Services                     among all international organizations that received designated gifts,
designations are honored and distributed to the charitable                    W   Public, Social Benefit: Multipurpose, Other                      you may do so by entering five number ones: 11111 on your pledge
organizations of their choice. OPM achieves this in several ways.             X   Religion Related, Spiritual Development                          form.
OPM maintains strict eligibility and public accountability criteria           Y   Mutual/Membership Benefit Orgs., Other
                                                                              Z   Other                                                            What Is The Payroll Deduction Option?
that all participating CFC charities must meet. For details, see CFC
Regulations in 5 CFR Part 950 at http://www.opm.gov/cfc/                   For additional guidance on selecting charities, visit the CFC           Payroll deduction makes it convenient for you to give by letting
opmmemos/index.asp.                                                        website at http://www.opm.gov/cfc/html/qfd.asp.                         you spread your contribution across the entire year. Last year, more
                                                                                                                                                   than 90% of all CFC funds raised were made through payroll
OPM annually makes admission decisions for all national and
international charity applicants and it resolves local charity             Do I Have To Give Through The CFC?                                      deduction. Payments on payroll deduction pledges begin on the first
admission appeals. OPM sets strict requirements and provides on-                                                                                   pay period beginning in January and conclude with the last pay
                                                                           No. Participation in the CFC is strictly voluntary.
going guidance for the activities and conduct of the LFCC and the                                                                                  period beginning in December. There is no simpler way for you to
                                                                           Coercion is forbidden. You have the right not to be improperly          make good things happen for so many people than to contribute
PCFO. The fiscal integrity of the campaign is verified by OPM              influenced regarding your decision to give or not to give through
compliance audits and the annual review of local campaign audits                                                                                   using payroll deduction. Payroll deduction helps you care for your
                                                                           the CFC. Prohibited practices include, but are not limited to:          community and your world.
that PCFOs are required to have completed by an independent                supervisors soliciting the employees they supervise; setting 100%
CPA.                                                                       participation goals, providing and using donor lists for purposes
                                                                                                                                                   Will I Receive A Receipt For My Contribution?
                                                                           other than the routine collection and forwarding of contributions
The CFC Charity List                                                       and installment pledges, establishing personal dollar goals and         Donors should keep a copy of their pledge form, as well as their
The Charity List is a paper or web-based display of national,              quotas, and developing and using lists of non-contributing              pay statements, as a receipt of their pledge. A Federal employee
international, and local organizations that have met CFC eligibility       employees.                                                              who makes a one-time (cash, check, or money order) contribution
requirements. A sample charity listing is shown below with key             If you prefer, you may donate to the CFC anonymously by placing         must maintain a bank record or a written communication from the
elements shown in italics. Key elements include: the organization’s        your confidential gift in a sealed envelope.                            local campaign showing the name of the organizations contributed
five-digit CFC code, the legal name in parentheses shown if it is                                                                                  to, the date of the contribution, and the amount of the contribution.
“doing business as” another name, the employer identification              Civilian employees may register complaints about coercion with
                                                                                                                                                   Every effort will be made by the local campaign to provide a
number (EIN), a 25-word statement of purpose (except in                    the LFCC and contact their personnel offices; military personnel
                                                                                                                                                   receipt to donors, but it is the responsibility of the donor to request
abbreviated listings), its administrative and fundraising expense          should contact the LFCC or their commanding officers. If the issue
                                                                                                                                                   such a receipt from the local campaign. Donors that do not receive
rate (AFR), and its Service Categories (Taxonomy Codes).                   is not resolved satisfactorily, military personnel may also contact
                                                                           the Department of Defense Washington Headquarters Services at           a receipt should contact the local campaign to obtain one. Local
                       Sample Charity Listing                              (703) 699-1841.                                                         campaigns can be found using the Campaign Locator search feature
11405 ABC Charity (Alpha-Charity) (800) 555-5555                                                                                                   on the CFC website at http://www.opm.gov/cfc/Search/ Locator.asp
      www.abccharity.org EIN#12-3456789 ABC Charity attacks                Can I Specify Which Organization Will Receive                           Donors should consult a tax adviser to determine if additional
      the causes of hunger and poverty by promoting effective              My Contribution?                                                        verification of the donation is required by the IRS.
      and innovative community-based solutions that create self-
                                                                           By designating where your CFC contribution will go, you ensure          What Are The Costs Of The Campaign?
      reliance, economic justice, and food security. 15.8% P,S,K
                                                                           that your donation goes to meet the needs that you feel are most
                                                                           important. You may designate the organizations of your choice           Historically, campaign costs nationwide have averaged ten percent.
Making Informed Giving Decisions                                                                                                                   These funds were spent on printing materials, training volunteers,
                                                                           where indicated on your pledge form by entering the five-digit code
The EIN, AFR, and the Service Categories are included to help              and the amount you wish to pledge. Additional designations may          auditing contributions, and other administrative expenses. All local
donors identify organizations that meet their interests and                be completed on a second pledge form. Except for documented             campaign costs are reviewed and approved by the LFCC governing
performance standards.                                                     expenses for the operation of the local CFCs and uncollected            the local campaign. On average, this cost is low compared with
The EIN is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It can be         pledges, all contributions are distributed as designated.               other fundraising campaigns; therefore, every dollar you pledge
used for obtaining additional information about an organization            The CFC is a donor-designated campaign. There is no limit to the        goes a very long way toward helping others.
from the IRS (877-829-5500). Please Note: Some organizations               amount of contributions an organization may receive through the
may be covered under an umbrella organization’s tax exemption              CFC.                                                                    What Is On-line Pledging or E-Giving?
status and EIN or may not be required to have an EIN.                                                                                              On-line pledging and e-giving, in general terms, means that donors
                                                                           You cannot designate to an organization that is not listed in this
The AFR represents the percentage of dollars spent on                      Charity List. Adding organizations not listed, or “write-ins”, is       have the additional pledging tools of the charity list and pledge
administering the charity. It is calculated as a percentage of the         prohibited by CFC regulations and donations to such organizations       form available to them “on-line” or on the internet or intranet.
organization’s total support and revenue. OPM, as well as the              will be treated as undesignated funds. In addition, pledges made        Currently, several local campaigns are participating in pilot projects
philanthropic community at large, remains concerned about                  using anything other than the assigned five-digit codes cannot be       that offer on-line charity lists and secure pledge transactions
excessive AFR levels. The philanthropic community generally                honored and will be treated as undesignated funds.                      through the Employee Express (EEX) HR System. Other
considers an AFR in excess of 35 percent to be problematic. Some                                                                                   campaigns have web-based charity lists and downloadable pledge
organizations are listed with a negative AFR. While there are other        What Are Affiliated And Independent                                     forms. If you would like to have access to on-line giving tools such
reasons this may happen, these are often the results of organizations      Organizations And Federations?                                          as these in your area, or have comments to share, please contact
reporting negative revenues caused by investment losses                                                                                            OPM at cfc@opm.gov, Attn: Online Giving, or your local
experienced during these extraordinary economic times. Donors              Affiliated organizations receive services from a Federation that
                                                                           supplies common fundraising, administrative, and management             campaign. Local campaigns can be found using the Campaign
should check with the organization and/or review its IRS Form 990;                                                                                 Locater search feature on the CFC website at http://www.
which is available to the public for a complete explanation,               services to its member organizations. Charitable organizations
                                                                           participating in the CFC as a member of a federation may pay dues       opm.gov/cfc/Search/Locator.asp
Potential CFC donors should carefully review the circumstances
applicable to the potential charities of their choice to be certain they   or fees to that federation as a service charge. Independent
fully understand and accept the AFR situations for such charities          organizations are not members of a federation and participate in the    Visit the CFC Homepage
before donating to them. Each situation is unique. Donors may              CFC on their own.                                                       For more information about the CFC, including details on the
contact the charity directly and/or industry oversight organizations       For additional information on a particular federation and any           public accountability standards for participating charities, how to
in order to better understand the financial status, service delivery       dues/fees paid by its members, either contact the federation, its       contact your local CFC campaign, and more, visit the CFC Home
record, and governance policies of the charity before donating.            members, or review the federation’s annual report.                      Page at www.opm.gov/cfc.

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #

                                                                                  81344 America’s Vet Dogs - The Veteran’s K-9 Corps, Inc. (866)838-3647              82410 International Center for Traditional Childbearing (503)460-9324
                                                                                        www.vetdogs.org EIN#208814368 Trains guide, service, and therapy                    www.ictcmidwives.org EIN#911837139 Promoting healthy births,
                                                                                        dogs. Transforms the lives of disabled veterans and active service                  supporting youth, educating families, fostering health awareness, urging
                                                                                        members at home, in VA and military hospitals, while deployed. 18.6%                personal responsibility, volunteerism, and building a sustainable world

INTERNATIONAL                                                                           P,E,B
                                                                                  11089 Child Aid (503)223-3008 www.child-aid.org EIN#330317937 Helps
                                                                                        Latin America’s poorest communities alleviate poverty through
                                                                                                                                                                            by teaching healthy life style choices. 7.1% B,S,P
                                                                                                                                                                      10459 Jackie Robinson Foundation (212)290-8600 www.jackierobinson.org
                                                                                                                                                                            EIN#132896345 Provides substantial college scholarships;

ORGANIZATIONS                                                                           childhood literacy and education programs. Provides training, books
                                                                                        and scholarships. No fancy offices. Just hope for kids! 6.3% B,P,Q
                                                                                  11976 Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (310)258-0850 www.caaf.org
                                                                                                                                                                            comprehensive, hands-on personal and professional mentoring and
                                                                                                                                                                            leadership training to minority students, to ensure their successful
                                                                                                                                                                            graduation. 16.2% B,O,R
                                                                                        EIN#954448687 Raises and distributes funds to provide daily                   11687 National Association for Black Veterans (877)622-8387 www.nab
Health First - America’s Charities                                                      necessities of life for children infected or affected with HIV/AIDS in
                                                                                        the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 43.8% P,E,O
                                                                                                                                                                            vets.com EIN#391171895 To provide veterans claim services; advocate
                                                                                                                                                                            for positive lifestyles on behalf of veterans, youth, families and the
Federation and Member Organizations                                               11156 Children’s Cancer Assistance Fund (National Childrens Cancer                        community; and discover and preserve historical records. 23.8% P,R,Y
10963 Health First - America’s Charities (800)458-9505 www.charities.org                Society Inc) (800)532-6459 www.children-cancer.org EIN#371227890              11688 National Association of Black Social Workers (202)678-4570 www.
      EIN#300186796 Supporting those facing life-threatening illness, giving            Improve the lives of children with cancer! Give kids what medicine                  nabsw.org EIN#132779773 NABSW is committed to empowering
      comfort and aid, conducting much-needed research, member                          cannot: financial assistance, educational resources and emotional                   people of African ancestry and enhancing their quality of life through
      organizations’ programs provide services that may be found nowhere                support on their journey to survivorship. 17.3% G,P,E                               advocacy, human services delivery, and research. 15.0% P,R,O
      else. 6.5% E,G,P                                                            10547 Disabled and Alone/Life Services for the Handicapped (800)995-                10458 National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s
12117 Alzheimer’s and Aging Research Center (800)877-0019 www.aging-                    0066 www.disabledandalone.org EIN#133530656 Families with                           Clubs (202)483-4206 www.nanbpwc.org EIN#340977363 Information
      research.org EIN#330950810 Stop the suffering caused by aging-related             disabled children ask, “What will happen to our disabled son or daughter            and support to business and professional women; community workshops
      medical conditions! Your support makes exciting new research possible.            when we are gone?” We help families deal with this concern. 15.0%                   on health, education, employment and development; scholarships and
      Please help our aging population and their families. 5.6% H,G,B                   P,B,R                                                                               leadership opportunities for middle school through college. 23.2%
                                                                                  11935 Fight Crime: Invest in Kids (Council for a Strong America) (866)776-                S,O,W
10892 Arthritis & Chronic Pain Research Institute (800)877-4166 www.
      pain-research.org EIN#330950814 Chronic pain caused by arthritis,                 0027 www.fightcrime.org EIN#133840271 Police chiefs, sheriffs,                11177 National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) (336)223-8342 www.
      cancer, and other medical conditions cripple 86 million Americans. Help           prosecutors, and crime survivors working to help ensure that all children           nbda.org EIN#383119153 NBDA empowers young leaders; provides
      us continue our search for new medications to relieve pain. 14.5%                 and youth get the right start in life. 13.6% O,W,I                                  health and wellness information; offers economic and educational
      H,G,B                                                                       11157 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind (800)548-4337 www.guidedog.                      workshops; and engages in advocacy on issues affecting Black Deaf
                                                                                        org EIN#111687477 Trains guide and service dogs that transform the                  people. 12.6% R,O,W
11148 Black Women’s Health Imperative (National Black Womens Health
      Project Inc) (202)548-4000 www.BlackWomensHealth.org EIN#581                      lives of people with disabilities. Restores independence and mobility         29602 National Black Nurses Association, Inc. (301)589-3200 www.nbna.
      557556 The only organization devoted solely to advancing health and               using cutting-edge technology and innovative training methods. 12.3%                org EIN#237194995 NBNA offers health education and screenings in
      well-being of the nation’s 19.5 million Black women and girls through             P,B,E                                                                               African American communities in 35 states; and provides educational
      advocacy, education and leadership development. 39.7% E,S,Y                 11971 Lions Clubs International Foundation (630)571-5466 www.lcif.org                     scholarships for nursing students at all levels. 59.2% E,B,G
12193 Breast Cancer Coalition (National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund)                   EIN#237030455 Supports Lions Clubs in 205 countries in addressing             11984 National Black Programming Consortium (212)234-8200 www.
      (800)622-2838 www.stopbreastcancer.org EIN#521782065 Dedicated                    the various needs of their communities through grant programs                       nbpc.tv EIN#311335950 NBPC supports and funds films about black
      to ending breast cancer through action, advocacy and education. We                including sight, youth, health and disaster relief projects. 9.7% T,P,O             human rights and social issues and provides pathways for producers and
      increase research funding; expand access to care; and ensure advocates      11610 MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger (800)813-0557 www.mazon.                         directors to gain access, funding and training. 4.8% W
      influence breast cancer decisions. 8.7% G,W,E                                     org EIN#222624532 MAZON funds domestic and international                      11178 National Black United Front Educational Fund (773)493-0900
                                                                                        organizations that educate communities about hunger, distribute free                www.nbufront.org EIN#431625129 A social action organization which
11074 Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation (Prevent Cancer                         nutritious groceries and help increase the self-sufficiency of people
      Foundation) (800)227-2732 www.preventcancer.org EIN#521429544                                                                                                         addresses African American rights and is a leading grassroots
                                                                                        living in poverty. 19.1% K,P,R                                                      organization in the Reparations Movement. 7.0% R
      Your donation funds cancer prevention research; educates people about
      how they can prevent cancer; and supports community cancer                  10541 National Center for Fathering (800)593-3237 www.fathers.com                   11985 National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (202)659-4929
      prevention programs. 21.8% E,H,G                                                  EIN#481083848 Strengthening families by reaching, teaching and                      www.ncbcp.org EIN#521253112 Provides civic engagement, voter
                                                                                        challenging men to be Championship Fathers and by serving                           empowerment, youth leadership development, grassroots advocacy,
11716 Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (800)225-0292 www.                          organizations and individuals as a national resource on fathering. 22.7%
      ChristopherReeve.org EIN#222939536 The Foundation is dedicated to                                                                                                     women’s health and wellness, disaster relief and issue education in
                                                                                        W,P,S                                                                               Black communities. 17.1% R,O
      curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving
      the quality of life for people living with paralysis. 16.4% E,H,R           11972 National Indian Youth Leadership Development Project (505)722-                11179 National Council for Black Studies (404)413-5131 www.ncbs
                                                                                        9176 www.niylp.org EIN#850373602 The nationally recognized                          online.org EIN#351444611 Promotes a wide range of African centered
11149 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Inc. (800)321-3437 www.                   evidence-based, anti-substance abuse and suicide prevention program
      diabetesresearch.org EIN#591361955 Committed to curing children and                                                                                                   community-based educational programs which address social,
                                                                                        empowers Native American youth with tools for leadership, service                   educational, and cultural preservation issues in African American
      adults now living with diabetes and leads the world in bringing                   learning and community building. 25.9% O,B,P
      promising treatments to patients as fast as possible. 19.2% H,G,E                                                                                                     communities. 10.4% A,O,W
                                                                                  10542 National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund (National Right to              10457 National Hook-Up of Black Women (773)667-7061 www.nhbwinc.
11990 Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America                  Life Committee Educational Trust Fund) (202)626-8800 www.nrlc.org
      (866)332-7276 www.debra.org EIN#112519726 Direct services and                                                                                                         com EIN#521154213 Provides assistance to Black families across
                                                                                        EIN#521241126 Promotes respect for human life through educational                   America through educational forums, scholarships, preventive health
      research support for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a devastating and                     programs opposing abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia and supports
      sometimes fatal skin disease characterized by severe blisters, wounds                                                                                                 measures, and services for the homeless, forming a sustaining network
                                                                                        referral and adoption services for women with crisis pregnancies. 15.5%
      and extreme pain. 10.6% E,G,H                                                                                                                                         of support. 6.4% P,S,W
10577 Flu (Influenza): Infectious Disease Research Center (AIDS &                                                                                                     11690 National Trust for the Development of African-American Men
                                                                                  11191 National Urban League (212)558-5300 www.nul.org EIN#131840489
      Infectious Disease Science Center) (800)877-9541 www.infection-                                                                                                       (301)933-6151 www.keepthetrust.org EIN#521662927 Provides
                                                                                        National Urban League provides direct services, programs, advocacy
      research.org EIN#330950809 Influenza and viral illnesses such as                  and research empowering people of color and others to enter the nation’s            training/guidance to those currently imprisoned or recently released to
      HIV/AIDS kill millions each year. With your help scientific research              economic and social mainstream. 19.5% P,S,R                                         reorient their value systems to help, not harm, their community.
      can discover vaccines and drug treatments for infectious diseases. 47.7%                                                                                              Converting liabilities into assets. 12.5% S,M,I
      H,G,B                                                                       11611 Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation (888)542-4673
                                                                                        www.oklahomacitynationalmemorial.org EIN#731472725 Educates                   11380 Opportunities Industrialization Centers International, Inc.
10362 Hospice America (American Hospice Foundation Inc) (202)223-0204                   visitors about the impact of violence, events surrounding the bombing               (215)842-0220 www.oicinternational.org EIN#231726113 Empowering
      www.americanhospice.org EIN#521823611 Increases access to hospice                 and inspiring hope and healing through lessons of respect, responsibility           individuals to become self-reliant through holistic training in skills
      through public education, professional training, and advocacy to ensure           and resilience. 27.7% B,A,Z                                                         development using an international network of social entrepreneurs.
      comfort and dignity for dying people, and compassionate support for                                                                                                   18.2% O,K,E
                                                                                  11088 Public Radio International (888)330-4139 www.pri.org EIN#411
      grieving families. 19.1% E,B,P                                                    425271 Home of the BBC, This American Life, The World, Studio 360,            10454 SECME (404)894-3314 www.secme.org EIN#581375512 Science,
12006 International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western                              Whad’Ya Know, The Takeaway, PRI’s programs reach 12 million                         technology and engineering programs developed through teacher
      Hemisphere Region (International Planned Parenthood Federation)                   listeners through 800 affiliate stations. 10.7% B,A,Q                               training and university partners to interest and prepare more minority
      (866)477-3947 www.ippfwhr.org EIN#131845455 Providing access to                                                                                                       and underserved students for college and careers. 21.3% B,O,U
                                                                                  10545 Suicide Prevention Foundation of America (888)333-2377 www.
      sexual and reproductive health information and services for all,                  afsp.org EIN#133393329 Exclusively dedicated to understanding and             97335 Sphinx Organization Inc (313)877-9100 www.sphinxmusic.org
      especially the poor and marginalized. 20.5% B,P,E                                 preventing suicide through research and education and to reaching out               EIN#383283759 Promotes diversity in classical music by administering
11991 Lance Armstrong Foundation (877)236-8820 www.livestrong.org                       to people with mood disorders and those impacted by suicide. 17.1%                  programs that focus on arts education, awareness, and musical
      EIN#742806618 The Lance Armstrong Foundation unites people                        F,H,G                                                                               performance among Blacks, Latinos, and youth. 25.0% A,B,O
      through programs and experiences to support cancer survivors and the        11614 Us TOO International (800)808-7866 www.ustoo.org EIN#363723                   11180 TIS (To Inspire Strong) African Children Fund (202)872-8333
      fight against cancer. Unite and fight cancer at LIVESTRONG.org.                   349 Non-profit prostate cancer education and support network of 325                 www.tisacf.org EIN#521843141 Provides African children/families
      12.2% E,H,P                                                                       chapters worldwide, provides men and their families with information                with food, clothing, medical and school supplies. Supports orphanages,
11150 Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (800)833-4672 www.                      about detection, treatment options and ongoing survivorship. 21.4%                  children with disabilities, hospitals and schools. Provides cultural
                                                                                        G,E,P                                                                               programs in Africa/America. 10.1% P,W,A
      msassociation.org EIN#221912812 Enriches quality of life for everyone
      affected by multiple sclerosis with a wide array of programs that bring     11973 Volunteers of America (800)899-0089 www.voa.org EIN#131692595
      support and services to people with MS. 34.1% E,P,L                               Helping those in need live healthy, safe and productive lives. Our
11714 NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation (202)973-3000 www.Pro                         ministry of service supports and empowers America’s vulnerable. Please
      ChoiceAmerica.org EIN#521100361 Works with 20 affiliates to
      advance our shared mission of making abortion less necessary, and
                                                                                        join us in changing lives. 17.8% P,F,L                                        Human & Civil Rights Organizations of
                                                                                  11364 White Bison (877)871-1495 www.whitebison.org EIN#841117880 An
      provides citizens with resources to take action locally and nationally.           American Indian organization dedicated to building healthy Indian             America Federation and Member
      30.9% E,R,P                                                                       communities through traditional values, spirituality and sobriety by
11151 National Down Syndrome Society (800)221-4602 www.ndss.org                         restoring traditional family structure. 18.5% S,P,O                           Organizations
      EIN#132992567 Strives to be the national advocate for the value,            11609 Youth Law Center (888)543-3379 www.ylc.org EIN#941715280                      11232 Human & Civil Rights Organizations of America (978)744-2608
      acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome, focusing on                Works to protect children in the nation’s juvenile justice and foster care          www.hcr.org EIN#943193388 Help stop racial discrimination, fight
      public policy and public awareness. 25.6% P,R,G                                   systems from abuse with particular attention to improving outcomes for              religious bigotry, prosecute hate crimes, end unfair sex bias, defend
                                                                                        infants and toddlers. 5.3% I,P,O                                                    democratic principles, and promote equality, freedom, and justice for
11152 National Marfan Foundation (800)862-7326 www.marfan.org                                                                                                               all. 5.3% R,Q,I
      EIN#521265361 Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder of the body’s
      connective tissues, affects 200,000 Americans. Oftentimes fatal if                                                                                              11754 Advocates for Human Rights (612)341-3302 www.theadvocatesfor
      undiagnosed, it affects men and women of all races. 26.9% E,H,G                                                                                                       humanrights.org EIN#363292374 The Advocates’ mission is to
                                                                                                                                                                            implement international human rights standards to promote civil society
11992 National Organization for Rare Disorders (800)999-6673 www.
      rarediseases.org EIN#133223946 Provides understandable information
                                                                                  National Black Federation of Charities                                                    and reinforce the rule of law in the U.S. and overseas. 1.8% Q,R,W
      on rare diseases; peer networking; community resource referrals; patient    and Member Organizations                                                            12475 American Islamic Congress, Inc. (202)595-3160 www.aicongress.org
                                                                                                                                                                            EIN#061634525 Protect human rights, condemn terrorism. Join AIC, a
      medication assistance programs; research; advocacy for over 25 million
                                                                                  11689 National Black Federation of Charities (National Black United Fund                  Muslim-American led civil rights organization promoting interfaith
      people with rare disorders. 4.6% G,H,Y                                            Inc) (973)643-5122 www.nbuf.org EIN#952970559 Generates                             tolerance and the exchange of ideas. 20.5% R,Q,X
11154 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (800)873-9569 www.ocrf.org                           resources and support for charitable organizations, increases
      EIN#133806788 Your gift funds leading research, early diagnostic                  opportunities for improving education, health, social welfare, and social     11748 American Jewish Committee (212)751-4000 www.ajc.org EIN#135
      treatments, and public education as we strive to find a cure for ovarian          justice conditions for disadvantaged families and communities. 21.6%                563393 AJC works to safeguard minorities, fight terrorism, anti-
      cancer. 8.1% H,G,E                                                                R,S,T                                                                               Semitism, hatred and bigotry, pursue social justice, advance human
                                                                                                                                                                            dignity, defend religious freedom, and provide humanitarian relief.
11715 Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (National Tuberous Sclerosis Association        11173 Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation (773)                          18.3% B,R,W
      Inc) (800)225-6872 www.tsalliance.org EIN#953018799 The TS                        947-0026 www.akaeaf.org EIN#363104692 Provides scholarships to
      Alliance supports tuberous sclerosis research, maintains a national               students to assist with books, tuition, room/board and other related          11942 Americans for Indian Opportunity (505)842-8677 www.aio.org
      family support network, and promotes public awareness and the                     expenses. Gives community assistance awards supporting urgent                       EIN#520900964 Weaving a national Native network, building strong
      education of medical and allied professionals. 41.3% H,G,E                        community needs, promotes lifelong learning. 5.2% T,S,O                             tribal governments, and partnering with organizations worldwide to
                                                                                                                                                                            enrich the cultural, political and economic lives of Indigenous peoples.
88763 United Cerebral Palsy (800)872-5827 www.ucp.org EIN#203568840               11686 Black Cops Against Police Brutality (973)926-5717 www.b-cap.org                     13.4% R,S,W
      The national organization serves people with disabilities through the             EIN#223270443 Works to improve relations between the police and the
      development of programs, information and referral, legislative                    African-American/Latino community. Provides training to empower               10441 Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (212)885-7700 www.adl.org
      advocacy, technology initiatives, research and direct services. 31.1%             citizens while sensitizing police officers to the community’s critical              EIN#131818723 Providing education, advocacy, intervention and
      E,T,G                                                                             concerns. 24.7% R,O,I                                                               activism to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure
                                                                                                                                                                            justice and fair treatment for all citizens alike. 20.9% R,I,Q
                                                                                  11175 Black Women’s Agenda (202)973-6477 www.blackwomensagenda
                                                                                        inc.org EIN#521139558 Assess national issues impacting African                11161 Asian American Justice Center (202)296-2300 www.advancing
                                                                                        American women and their families. Educate communities through local                equality.org EIN#133619000 Works to advance civil and human rights
                                                                                        and national workshops, legislative alerts, webcasts, and newsletters.              for Asian Americans, and build and promote a fair and equitable society
Human Service Charities of America                                                      18.0% R,S                                                                           for all. 13.6% R,S,P
Federation and Member Organizations                                               10450 Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence & Research
                                                                                        (785)235-3939 www.brownvboard.org EIN#481059884 Commemor-
                                                                                                                                                                      11741 Association for Union Democracy (718)564-1114 www.union
                                                                                                                                                                            democracy.org EIN#237037975 Defend free speech, fair elections, fair
10170 Human Service Charities of America (800)626-2729 www.hsca.org                     ates Brown vs. Board of Education by furthering equal opportunity                   hiring and due process in unions. Protect reformers facing retaliation.
      EIN#943240353 People helping people. Making a difference to the                   though early childhood literacy initiatives, diversity training and college         Special emphasis on women, minority and federal employee rights.
      disabled and disadvantaged. Feeding the hungry. Restoring the sick.               scholarships for minorities pursuing teaching careers. 18.2% B,P,W                  23.0% R,J,B
      And supporting your federal, postal and military service. 3.9% P,E,B                                                                                            10442 Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (Astraea Foundation Inc)
                                                                                  79283 Faith Partnerships, Inc. (919)834-8335 www.faithpartnerships.org
10543 Adopt America Network (800)246-1731 www.adoptamericanetwork.                      EIN#311807854 Addresses issues of poverty and injustice, helps                      (212)529-8021 www.astraeafoundation.org EIN#132992977 Works for
      org EIN#341396924 Finds permanent adoptive homes for abused,                      impoverished families by organizing groups faith-based organizations to             the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex
      neglected, and special needs children in U.S. foster care (without                pool financial resources to respond to disaster/community needs. 4.9%               people in the US and worldwide: raising funds, distributing grants and
      charging fees) using national network of trained adoption volunteers.             S,M,X                                                                               advocating globally. 22.2% T,R,S
      12.4% P,R,Y                                                                 11983 Family Outreach Ministries International (770)402-5161 www.                   11162 Blind Federation of America (National Federation of the Blind Inc)
11155 American Council of the Blind (800)424-8666 www.acb.org                           familyoutreachinternational.org EIN#582318743 Provides food,                        (410)659-9314 www.nfb.org EIN#020259978 We teach the sight
      EIN#580914436 Empowers blind people through scholarships, legal                   clothing, school fees, additional support services to Haiti’s impoverished          impaired self-reliance through new technology, Braille, and recorded
      assistance, crisis support, free monthly magazine, educational referrals,         children. After the earthquake we supplied, emergency financial                     publications. BFA also provides scholarship, employment assistance,
      rehabilitation, jobs, recreation, and adaptive aids services. 35.1% R,B,Y         assistance, medical supplies, food, household goods. 2.0% K,O,P                     and civil rights protection. 10.8% P,R,Z

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
10443 Catholic Legal Immigration Network (202)635-2556 www.clinic
      legal.org EIN#521584951 CLINIC assists low-income immigrants,
                                                                                   12482 Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund (212)809-8585
                                                                                         www.lambdalegal.org EIN#237395681 Achieving recognition of the
                                                                                                                                                                       Conservation & Preservation Charities of
      reunites families, naturalizes newcomers, helps victims of domestic
      violence, aids refugees, represents detained immigrants, and trains
                                                                                         civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and those
                                                                                         with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.
                                                                                                                                                                       America Federation and Member
      charitable immigration service agencies. 14.1% R,P,S                               15.5% R,O,W                                                                   Organizations
12476 Center for Justice & Accountability (415)544-0444 www.cja.org                11745 Latin America Working Group Education Fund (202)546-7010                      11782 Conservation & Preservation Charities of America (800)626-6685
      EIN#943299686 We litigate to hold perpetrators individually                        www.lawg.org EIN#113657128 Coordinates public education by a                        www.conservenow.org EIN#943217738 Overpopulation, deforestation,
      accountable for human rights abuses, advance the rights of torture                 broad coalition to encourage U.S. policies that support human rights,               pollution, and the reckless waste of our natural resources must be met
      survivors, and develop human rights law domestically and                           peace and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean.               and addressed. Join us in saving our world. 3.4% C,W,D
      internationally. 25.9% I,Q,Z                                                       24.9% R,Q,W
                                                                                                                                                                       12047 Access Fund (888)863-6237 www.accessfund.org EIN#943131165
11742 Center for Law and Social Policy (202)906-8000 www.clasp.org                 10440 Law and Economic Justice, National Center for (212)633-6967                         Climbers conservation organization working to protect recreational
      EIN#237000150 Assists low-income people support their families. By                 www.nclej.org EIN#237311208 People in crisis need food, shelter, and                environments by promoting minimum impact ethics and teaching
      strengthening child care, child support, education, workforce                      help getting a job. We help assure that people receive the assistance they          climbers to respect the places they climb for future generations. 31.9%
      development, child welfare and welfare policies, CLASP helps families              need, as required by law. 26.2% R,J,K                                               C,N,R
      help themselves. 4.9% P,J,R
                                                                                   12483 LGBT Centers, CenterLink: The Community of (Centerlink Inc)                   12273 Algalita Marine Research Foundation (562)598-4889 www.algalita.
11943 Center for Victims of Torture (612)436-4800 www.cvt.org EIN#363                    (646)546-5126 www.lgbtcenters.org EIN#522292725 LGBT Centers
      383933 CVT provides comprehensive care to torture survivors; trains                                                                                                    org EIN#330657882 Plastics do NOT biodegrade. Plastic pollution
                                                                                         serve over 40K people weekly, and we strengthen them with assistance,               negatively affects all ocean inhabitants and ultimately humans. We forge
      health/human service professionals to provide proper care to torture               leadership training, and a national voice, enhancing the services they
      survivors; advocates for prevention of torture. 13.2% F,R,Q                                                                                                            solutions to this significant problem through research and education.
                                                                                         provide communities. 6.6% R,S,Y                                                     13.4% C,U,B
11362 Citizens for Global Solutions Education Fund (202)546-3950
      www.globalsolutions.org EIN#526081813 Global problems require                11318 National Center for Lesbian Rights (415)392-6257 www.ncl                      12402 Alliance for Community Trees (301)277-0040 www.actrees.org
      global solutions. We’re committed to nations working cooperatively to              rights.org EIN#943086885 Through impact litigation, public policy                   EIN#680319301 Trees can transform neighborhoods and inspire citizens
      create the means to address climate change, nuclear disarmament,                   advocacy, public education and direct legal services, NCLR advances                 to take pride in their communities. Our volunteers are improving cities
      human rights, and war. 33.7% P,W,Q                                                 the legal and human rights of LGBT people and their families. 12.9%                 through tree planting, preservation and care. 7.1% C,S,W
38314 Criminal Justice Legal Foundation (916)446-0345 www.cjlf.org                                                                                                     11783 Alliance to Save Energy (202)857-0666 www.ase.org EIN#521082991
      EIN#942798865 The only public interest law organization in America           11946 National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (202)331-4090                       Promoting energy efficiency policies and programs worldwide for over
      focused exclusively on winning court decisions strengthening law                   www.ncadp.org EIN#232290483 Capital punishment has no place in a                    30 years: the quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to a healthier economy,
      enforcement and upholding the rights of crime victims. 39.8% I,M,W                 civilized society. NCADP leads the fight to end the death penalty state-            cleaner environment. 10.0% C,W,Q
                                                                                         by-state across America. 42.7% R,I,W
12179 Dalai Lama Foundation (650)368-4435 www.dalailamafoundation.org                                                                                                  49371 Amazon Conservation Association (202)234-2356 www.amazon
      EIN#680492149 An international circle of friends, supporting action          10447 National Housing Law Project (National Housing & Community                          conservation.org EIN#522211305 Road construction, logging,
      for ethics and peace through education. Peace starts with each one of              Development Law Project) (510)251-9400 www.nhlp.org EIN#942                         agricultural land clearing are endangering the health of the Amazon
      us. 29.9% A,B,O                                                                    400196 Uses the power of law and advocacy to fight for better housing               rainforest. Help us empower communities to save these precious forests
                                                                                         justice for poor people and to preserve and increase affordable housing.            and inhabitants. 5.0% C,U,D
11750 Dui Hua Foundation (415)986-0536 www.duihua.org EIN#943                            22.7% L,R,S
      327519 We seek to improve human rights through a US-China dialogue,                                                                                              11244 American Alpine Club (303)384-0110 www.americanalpineclub.org
      helping secure better treatment, early releases, and sentence reductions     10448 National Immigration Forum (202)347-0040 www.immigration                            EIN#131611981 The AAC unites climbers to advance the climbing way
      for Chinese political and religious prisoners. 18.2% Q,R,V                         forum.org EIN#131776711 Advocates for the value of immigrants and                   of life. We provide knowledge and inspiration, conservation, advocacy,
10436 Earthrights International (202)466-5188 www.earthrights.org                        immigration to the nation using communications, advocacy and policy                 and logistical support for the climbing community. 129.0% C,N,A
      EIN#043265555 Combining the power of law and power of people to                    expertise. 11.8% R,Q,W
                                                                                                                                                                       12048 American Bird Conservancy (888)BIRD-MAG www.abcbirds.org
      defend human and environmental rights through legal actions, schools         12484 National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild                          EIN#521501259 Conserving native wild birds and their habitats
      and training programs, and advocacy campaigns. 13.6% R,C,Q                         (617)227-9727 www.nationalimmigrationproject.org EIN#952926663                      throughout the Americas. We play a major role in bringing people and
10437 Electronic Frontier Foundation (415)436-9333 www.eff.org                           We are a national organization working to defend and protect the civil              organizations together to save threatened birds. 17.1% C,D,Y
      EIN#043091431 Civil liberties membership organization protecting                   and human rights of all immigrants in the United States. 9.7% R,I,P
                                                                                                                                                                       10184 American Council for Environment and Science (The National
      online rights to free speech, fair use, innovation, and privacy through      11948 Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (202)467-8180                    Council for Science and the Environment) (202)530-5810 www.ncse
      litigation, activism and educating the public, press, and policymakers.            www.pflag.org EIN#953750694 PFLAG supports the health, well-being                   online.org EIN#521700932 Green jobs. Climate change. Energy crisis.
      21.0% R,W,U                                                                        and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, their                Wildlife loss. These are urgent issues. We’re bringing diverse
49395 Equal Rights Advocates, Inc (415)621-0672 www.equalrights.org                      family members and friends through support, education and advocacy.                 communities together to find science solutions before it’s too late. 29.9%
      EIN#237217027 Women nationwide can call upon ERA’s legal staff to                  20.5% R,P                                                                           C,B,O
      ensure professional advancement opportunities, equal compensation,           97210 Polaris Project (202)745-1001 www.polarisproject.org EIN#030                  11245 American Discovery Trail Society (800)663-2387 www.discovery
      and access to certain occupations. 25.1% R,I,J                                     391561 To combat sex and labor trafficking in the U.S., we provide                  trail.org EIN#680381715 Provide millions of people access to a national
12485 Equality Now (212)586-0906 www.equalitynow.org EIN#133660566                       victim outreach and services, operate the preeminent national hotline               system of trails that boost health and protect natural resources. Help
      Supports grassroots groups around the world, working with their                    and conduct training and advocacy. 12.5% R,P,F                                      build America’s first coast-to-coast nonmotorized trail. 16.2% E,N,C
      communities to end honor killings, rape, female genital mutilation, and      11168 Public Citizen Foundation (202)588-1000 www.citizen.org EIN#521
      the trafficking of women and girls. 14.0% R,Q,I                                                                                                                  11080 American Fisheries Society (301)897-8616 www.fisheries.org
                                                                                         263996 Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy                    EIN#540683803 Dedicated to improving the conservation and
11164 Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (212)633-6700 www.fair.org                        organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in                     sustainability of fishery resources. AFS promotes scientific research and
      EIN#133392362 Disgusted with media lies and distortions? FAIR’s                    Congress, the executive branch and the courts. 12.8% W,R,H                          enlightened management for optimum use and enjoyment by the public.
      watchdogs sniff out bias and censorship, dig up the truth behind the                                                                                                   22.7% C,B,U
                                                                                   11949 Quixote Center (301)699-0042 www.quixote.org EIN#521055742
      headlines and campaign for accountable journalism. 15.7% R,W,Z
                                                                                         Promotes justice here and overseas, provides supplies and funding to          12049 American Forest Foundation (202)463-2585 www.forestfoundation.
11952 Food First (Institute for Food and Development Policy Inc) (510)654-               meet basic human needs in Nicaragua and Haiti, promotes restorative                 org EIN#521235124 America’s forestland is vanishing. Strip malls,
      4400 www.foodfirst.org EIN#132838167 People have the basic human                   justice and church reform. 23.0% R,S,X                                              suburban sprawl threaten our clean air, water, and wildlife habitats. Help
      right to live free of hunger. Help us fight inequities and promote                                                                                                     save these precious woodlands before they disappear forever. 18.7%
      solutions to end poverty, hunger and environmental degradation. 25.7%        20370 Save Darfur Coalition (800)917-2034 www.savedarfur.org
                                                                                         EIN#300335420 SDC raises public awareness and urges world leaders                   C,D,S
                                                                                         to respond to atrocities in Darfur in hopes of ending the first genocide      11784 American Hiking Society (800)972-8608 www.americanhiking.org
11533 Freedom House, Inc. (202)296-5101 www.freedomhouse.org                             of the 21st century. 24.7% Q,R,W                                                    EIN#510211993 We are your voice-on Capitol Hill and across America;
      EIN#131656647 Through analysis, advocacy and action, we support                                                                                                        your muscle-building and preserving trails; your passion- preserving the
      democratic reformers in their efforts to defend human rights, promote        12191 Sojourners (202)328-8842 www.sojo.net EIN#237380554 We
                                                                                         articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building         outdoor places you love. 15.7% N,C,T
      open government and foster freedom of information. 2.3% R,Q
                                                                                         a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the         10413 American Historical Association (202)544-2422 www.historians.org
11743 Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (323)933-2240 www.                       world. 28.0% X,R,Q
      glaad.org EIN#133384027 GLAAD is dedicated to ensuring fair,                                                                                                           EIN#530217487 Promotes history education, advances collection and
      accurate and inclusive representations in the media to eliminate             11950 Southeast Asia Resource Action Center SEARAC (202)667-4690                          preservation of historical documents, disseminates historical research
      homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual                  www.searac.org EIN#521161473 SEARAC is a national organization                      in schools, and offers programs, publications, grants and fellowships for
      orientation. 15.9% R,W,A                                                           advancing the interests of Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese                        historical studies. 25.6% A,J,V
                                                                                         Americans through leadership development, capacity building and               11351 American Whitewater (828)586-1930 www.americanwhitewater.org
11317 Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, International (212)430-
      6054 www.iglhrc.org EIN#943139952 Securing the full enjoyment of                   community empowerment. 30.0% S,R,P                                                  EIN#237083760 Save rivers! Support American Whitewater and
      human rights for all people subject to discrimination or abuse based on      24619 Survivors of Torture International, Inc (619)278-2400 www.no                        national river stewardship, recognized as leaders in river management
      sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. 23.9% R,Q,W             torture.org EIN#330743869 With specialized care, survivors of                       and in the restoration of rivers impacted by dams. 16.0% C,W,Y
85440 Global Exchange (415)255-7296 www.globalexchange.org EIN#9430                      politically motivated torture reclaim strength and vitality while             12050 American Wildlands (406)586-8175 www.wildlands.org EIN#840
      66686 Support social, economic and environmental justice through                   becoming healthy, self-sufficient community members. Supporters are                 750616 Helping vulnerable native species, like grizzly, pronghorn,
      Global Exchange, an international human rights organization promoting              a healing resource. 18.9% F,P,R                                                     wolverine and bighorn sheep, survive and thrive by connecting and
      peace and justice worldwide. 16.7% R,Q,Z                                     11756 Tahirih Justice Center (571)282-6161 www.tahirih.org EIN#541                        restoring key habitats in the U.S. Northern Rockies. 34.1% C,D,U
12190 GLSEN (212)727-0135 www.glsen.org EIN#043234202 Nearly nine                        858176 Tahirih protects immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-             12144 Antarctica and Southern Ocean Coalition (202)234-2480 www.
      of ten LGBT students are bullied or harassed in school. We make                    based violence through high-quality legal services, holistic social and             asoc.org EIN#521287282 ASOC works globally for the permanent
      America’s schools safer for all, regardless of sexual orientation/gender           medical service referrals, and public policy advocacy. 23.8% I,P,R                  protection of the Antarctic in order to preserve its biodiversity, wildlife,
      expression. 11.2% B,O,R                                                      10445 Tibet Fund (212)213-5011 www.tibetfund.org EIN#133115145 We                         scientific potential and wilderness values for future generations. 7.2%
12480 Gray Panthers Project Fund (202)737-6637 www.graypanthers.org                      provide support for humanitarian aid, health education, community                   C,Q,W
      EIN#237409915 Gray Panthers advocates for the needs of people over                 development and cultural preservation programs for impoverished               12230 Appalachian Trail Conservancy (304)535-6331 www.appalachian
      profits through intergenerational, international, national and local               Tibetan refugees and Tibetans in Tibet. 7.2% E,B,S                                  trail.org EIN#526046689 Appalachian Trail volunteers rely on
      campaigns for health care, social justice and economic security. 13.0%       11370 Tibet, International Campaign for (202)785-1515 www.savetibet.org                   individual donations to raise three-quarters of the funds necessary to
      R,W,S                                                                              EIN#521570071 Promotes human rights and democracy for the Tibetan                   manage and conserve the Appalachian Trail. Support a national legacy.
11749 Homeless Phone Service (Community Voice Mail National Office)                      people, secures humanitarian assistance, reports and advocates for                  19.5% C,N,E
      (206)441-7872 www.cvm.org EIN#911609789 Community Voice Mail                       Tibetans, and encourages dialogue between Chinese and Tibetan                 11246 Archaeological Conservancy (505)266-1540 www.archaeological
      provides free voice mail to nearly 40,000 homeless and low-income                  Governments. 21.8% R,Q,W                                                            conservancy.org EIN#953403273 Acquire and preserve archaeological
      people across the U.S. connecting them to jobs, housing, information,        15059 United for a Fair Economy (617)423-2148 www.faireconomy.org                         sites in U.S. threatened by looting, development, agricultural methods.
      and hope. 13.0% Z,P,W                                                                                                                                                  380 sites protected for research and preservation of cultural heritage
                                                                                         EIN#043286118 Concentrated wealth and power undermine the
11947 Homelessness and Poverty, National Law Center on (202)638-2535                     economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear                      since 1980. 4.1% A,C,W
      www.nlchp.org EIN#521633883 Millions of men, women, and children                   communities apart. UFE builds social movements for greater equality.          10415 Archaeological Institute of America (617)353-9361 www.archaeo
      are experiencing homelessness. Our attorneys advocate for solutions in             32.0% R,W,S                                                                         logical.org EIN#135669180 Educate, Excavate, and Advocate! We
      our nation’s courtrooms and legislatures to end and prevent                                                                                                            protect sites worldwide and foster appreciation of international cultural
      homelessness. 13.7% R,L,W                                                    11170 United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (405)236-2088 www.
                                                                                         unityinc.org EIN#731010390 UNITY provides lifeskills and leadership                 heritage through publications, outreach, scholarships, troop lectures:
10432 Human Rights in China (212)239-4495 www.hrichina.org EIN#133                       training and networking opportunities for American Indian and Alaska                Serving 250,000 people. 14.5% B,A,V
      528552 To promote international human rights and advance the                       Native youth through local youth councils, training seminars, and             12051 Association of Partners for Public Lands (301)946-9475 www.
      institutional protection of these rights in the People’s Republic of China         national conferences. 10.6% O,R,S                                                   appl.org EIN#541123356 Inspiring the public to steward America’s
      through education, outreach and advocacy. 8.8% R,S,W
                                                                                   11747 Violence Policy Center (202)822-8200 www.vpc.org EIN#521571442                      parks, open spaces, and historic places. APPL and its members provide
11753 Human Rights Watch (212)290-4700 www.hrw.org EIN#132875808                         From school shootings to attacks on law enforcement, guns are tearing               superior training, resources, and partnership opportunities. Support us!
      We expose human rights abuses and pressure governments and                         America apart. Help us stop this killer epidemic that claims over 30,000            19.4% W,S,Y
      international institutions to bring an unconditional halt to human rights          lives annually. 10.5% R,W,I
      violations worldwide. 20.6% Q,R,W                                                                                                                                11258 Boone and Crockett Club Foundation (406)542-1888 www.boone-
                                                                                   11626 Washington Office on Latin America (202)797-2171 www.wola.org                       crockett.org EIN#810438290 Upholding Theodore Roosevelt’s vision,
40016 Immigration Equality (212)714-2904 www.immigrationequality.org                     EIN#521249353 We promote human rights, democracy, and social and                    we’re protecting our nation’s most valuable resource- its wildlife. We’ve
      EIN#133802711 We fight for equal immigration rights for lesbian and                                                                                                    been promoting fair-chase in hunting, outdoor ethics and conservation
                                                                                         economic justice in Latin America and the Caribbean through education,
      gay couples in America and win asylum for persecuted LGBT and HIV+                                                                                                     since 1888. 22.4% C,U,N
      refugees around the world. 13.6% R,P,Q                                             training, research, reporting, and advocacy. 19.8% Q,R,Z
                                                                                   11758 Wellstone Action Fund (651)645-3939 www.wellstone.org EIN#352                 11247 Center for Food Safety (202)547-9359 www.centerforfoodsafety.org
11081 Indian Law Resource Center (800)454-2870 www.indianlaw.org                                                                                                             EIN#522165893 Protecting human health and the environment by
      EIN#521121079 Nonprofit law and advocacy organization providing                    191193 Provides training programs in leadership, organizing, voter
                                                                                         engagement, citizen activism, and issue advocacy for individuals,                   working to change harmful methods of food production and by
      legal assistance to Indian/Alaska Native nations working to protect their                                                                                              promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. 10.7%
      land, resources, human rights, environment and cultural heritage. 26.5%            organizations, and diverse communities. 28.2% R,S,O
      R,C,Z                                                                        11951 Witness (718)783-2000 www.witness.org EIN#134167155 Witness
                                                                                         uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights         10417 Center for International Environmental Law (202)785-8700
12481 Interfaith Worker Justice (773)728-8400 www.iwj.org EIN#364063
                                                                                         abuses. 23.7% R,Q,S                                                                 www.ciel.org EIN#521633220 Protects human health and the global
      982 One out of every four employed adults earns poverty-level wages.
      We engage religious support to improve wages and working conditions                                                                                                    environment, defends human rights, and empowers local communities
                                                                                   26479 Women’s Human Rights, Urgent Action Fund for (303)442-2388                          through international law to create a just and sustainable world. 13.9%
      for all workers. 37.0% R,X,B                                                       www.urgentactionfund.org EIN#030419743 Women activists comprise                     Q,C,S
10433 International Indian Treaty Council (907)745-4482 www.treaty                       the frontline of response to conflicts. We support them 365 days a year
      council.org EIN#943330491 Indigenous Peoples need support to defend                with grants of $5,000 or less. 24.5% Q,R,S                                    11248 Center for Watershed Protection (410)461-8323 www.cwp.org
      their human rights. IITC’s work protects treaty and land rights,                                                                                                       EIN#541644387 Show that you value our precious water resources!
                                                                                   78314 Women’s Leadership Fund (212)261-4400 www.thewhitehouse                             Help the Center bring better environmental planning and watershed
      traditional cultures, ecosystems and health for Indigenous communities             project.org EIN#522172075 By providing a diverse array of women
      world-wide. 25.7% R,C,K                                                                                                                                                protection and restoration to communities nationwide. 16.1% C,S,W
                                                                                         with the information, inspiration, and tools to lead a political life, we
11165 International Labor Rights Forum (202)347-4100 www.labor                           are fostering a truly representative democracy. 40.5% R,S,W                   11325 Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Inc. (410)268-8816 www.cbf.org
      rights.org EIN#521497461 ILRF is dedicated to combating labor rights                                                                                                   EIN#526065757 Save the Bay! We’re committed to reducing pollution,
                                                                                   11082 Youth Advocacy Coalition, National (202)319-7596 www.nyacyouth.                     improving fisheries, protecting and restoring natural resources, and
      abuses worldwide, including child labor, forced labor, sweatshop                   org EIN#522054071 Social justice organization working with lesbian,
      conditions, sexual harassment, and other forms of worker exploitation.                                                                                                 building an environmental ethic in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
                                                                                         gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people to                  21.7% C,W,R
      11.0% R,Q,J                                                                        strengthen the role they play in the LGBT rights movement. 28.1%
11476 Jobs with Justice Education Fund (202)393-1044 www.jwj.org                         R,O,E                                                                         11785 Civil War Preservation Trust (800)CW-TRUST www.civilwar.org
      EIN#521865575 JwJ works to build a strong, progressive labor                                                                                                           EIN#541426643 Manassas, Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg:
      movement that works with community, faith, and student organizations                                                                                                   Don’t let developers pave over our nation’s past. If we don’t save
      to build a broader movement for economic justice. 20.7% R,S,J                                                                                                          America’s battlefields now, we risk losing them forever! 9.1% C,B,W

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
11786 Conservation and Protection of Public Lands (Public Lands                     11263 Organization of American Historians (812)855-7311 www.oah.org                 11259 Yellowstone Coalition: Protecting the Lands, Waters, and Wildlife
      Foundation) (703)629-3166 www.publicland.org EIN#541437054                          EIN#470426520 Promotes excellence in history scholarship through a                  (Greater Yellowstone Coalition Inc) (800)775-1834 www.greater
      Fighting to keep America’s Public Lands in public hands. Preventing                 professional journal, teaching magazine, and annual awards recognizing              yellowstone.org EIN#810414042 Wild bison slaughtered. Wolves shot.
      unstable and unsound timber cutting, grazing and mineral/oil                        outstanding students and teachers. Enhances history education at all                Grizzly Bears endangered. Cutthroat trout threatened. Help us protect
      production. This land is your land! 6.8% C,W,S                                      levels. 9.7% B,A,Y                                                                  Yellowstone National Park and the lands that surround it. 24.4% D,C,S
12167 Consortium for Ocean Leadership Inc (202)448-1232 www.nosb.org                10429 Pacific Crest Trail Association (916)285-1846 www.pcta.org EIN#33             10405 Yellowstone Park Foundation, Inc. (406)586-6303 www.ypf.org
      EIN#521892964 The National Ocean Sciences Bowl makes science and                    0051202 Help protect, preserve and promote the 2,650-mile Pacific                   EIN#830311166 Help protect, preserve, and enhance Yellowstone
      math fun through academic competition. Help students excel in science               Crest Trail as a significant resource for hikers and equestrians, and the           National Park. Your gift helps ensure that the wonders and wildlife of
      for the future health of our ocean. 4.5% B,C,W                                      value scenic lands provide. 29.4% C,N,W                                             Yellowstone remain undiminished for generations to come. 19.2%
10418 Coral Reef Alliance (415)834-0900 www.coral.org EIN#943211245                 11794 Pheasants Forever (877)773-2070 www.pheasantsforever.org EIN#41
      The destruction of our reefs affects us all. CORAL’s strategy of                    1429149 Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of                 12061 Yosemite Fund (Yosemite Foundation) (800)4MY-PARK www.
      protecting coral reefs by uniting local communities to become the most              pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public            yosemitefund.org EIN#943058041 Keeping one of the most beautiful
      passionate stewards works! 30.6% C,S,W                                              awareness, education, and land management policies and programs.                    places on earth preserved and accessible for generations to come.
                                                                                          16.1% C,D,O                                                                         Restoring and protecting one of our nation’s treasures. 20.5% C,N,D
11787 Delta Waterfowl Foundation (888)987-3695 www.deltawaterfowl.org
      EIN#530259796 Secure the future for waterfowl hunting in addition to          10430 Population Institute (800)787-0038 www.populationinstitute.org
      protecting nature and promoting sport. Science-based solutions direct               EIN#520899578 The Population Institute seeks to achieve healthy
      duck production programs and ensure continued habitat. 35.7% C,U,Y                  families and a sustainable world through working to bring population
11431 Earth Force, Inc. (303)433-0016 www.earthforce.org EIN#521830873                    into balance with natural resources. 57.5% B,C,E                              CancerCURE of America: Care,
      Humans are rapidly changing the environment, often for the worse. Now         12057 Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (202)265-7337
      is time for change. Help teach youth to create lasting solutions in their           www.peer.org EIN#931102740 Support public employees who blow                  Understand, Research & End Federation
      communities. 23.1% C,O,S                                                            the whistle on government agency bungling of wildlife and wildlands
                                                                                          management. Mistakes don’t get corrected when they go undetected.
                                                                                                                                                                        and Member Organizations
42909 EarthAction Alerts Network (413)549-8118 www.earthaction.org
      EIN#133493234 2,500 environment, peace and justice groups in 165                    9.9% C,J,W                                                                    10894 CancerCURE of America: Care, Understand, Research & End
      countries working together to protect the environment, promote                                                                                                          (800)874-0764 www.cancercureamerica.org EIN#810648432 Support
                                                                                    10421 Rainforest Renewable Light Network (Green Empowerment)                              this coalition of world class cancer charities, leading the way with new
      renewable energy, and encourage peace and justice. 10.8% C,Q,R                      (503)284-5774 www.greenempowerment.org EIN#931230409 We                             treatment modalities, better patient care, and research to someday find
10626 Earthwatch Institute (800)776-0188 www.earthwatch.org EIN#237                       protect rainforests while bringing water, light, and renewable energy to            the cure. 1.2% G,H,E
      168440 Help Earthwatch save our most threatened resources and create                community centers, schools, clinics and homes in rural villages around
                                                                                          the world. 14.4% C,S,E                                                        82805 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (866)333-1213 www.alexs
      a sustainable way of living through scientific field research and
                                                                                                                                                                              lemonade.org EIN#562496146 A four-year-old cancer patient’s front
      environmental education in endangered ecosystems worldwide. 25.4%             10962 RARE (703)522-5070 www.rareconservation.org EIN#237380563                           yard lemonade stand evolved to a nationwide movement to find a cure
      C,V,S                                                                               Conserves imperiled species and ecosystems around the world by                      for pediatric cancer. Please join us. 11.7% H,G,O
11250 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (859)455-8383 www.                            inspiring people to care for and protect nature. 5.8% C,D,S
                                                                                                                                                                        12009 American Association for Cancer Research (866)423-3965 www.
      elcr.org EIN#522139677 Where will you ride, drive, race, compete,             10408 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (406)523-4500 www.elk                                 aacr.org EIN#236251648 The answer is research! AACR directs
      raise foals and grow hay? Every hour, 250 acres of rural land is                    foundation.org EIN#810421425 Ensures the future of elk and other                    funding to where it is needed most- research scientists making the most
      developed. 16.5% C,D,N                                                              wildlife by conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats through            important discoveries in the fight against cancer. 7.6% H,G,T
11789 Forest Conservation (Pinchot Institute for Conservation) (Pinchot                   land purchases, conservation easements, management agreements,
                                                                                                                                                                        13995 Angel Flight for Cancer Patients (Mercy Medical Airlift) (888)675-
      Institute for Conservation) (202)797-6580 www.pinchot.org                           education and research. 9.4% C,D,W
                                                                                                                                                                              1405 www.angelflightforcancerpatients.org EIN#261740522 Access to
      EIN#521935342 With threats of development and climate change, we              12058 Ruffed Grouse Society (888)564-6747 www.ruffedgrousesociety.org                     the best possible care available, regardless of location. Our free or
      provide sustainable, non-partisan solutions to conservation challenges.             EIN#540846925 National conservation organization providing public                   reduced-rate airline tickets for cancer patients and family members help
      Help us conserve healthy forests, clean water and clean air. 21.7%                  land management agency funding and private education; dedicated to                  save lives! 11.0% E,P,W
      C,W,K                                                                               enhancing the environment for ruffed grouse, woodcock, and other              10505 Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc. (866)309-2327
72416 Forest Guild (505)983-8992 www.forestguild.org EIN#850446866                        forest wildlife. 5.3% D,C,B                                                         www.bearnecessities.org EIN#363874655 Dedicated to eliminating
      Forests are awe inspiring! They need our protection from overcutting,         70311 Safari Club International Foundation (520)620-1220 www.safari                       pediatric cancer and providing hope, financial assistance and support to
      budget cuts and neglect. We promote healthy forests that sustain                    clubfoundation.org EIN#860292099 Funds and manages worldwide                        those touched by it. Granting research supporting the search for a cure!
      wildlife, watersheds and vibrant communities. 6.4% C,X,O                            programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and                  12.5% H,E,W
11801 Gettysburg Foundation (717)338-1243 www.gettysburgfoundation.                       humanitarian services. Projects include: wildlife restoration, textbook       71146 Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (888)901-BCAN www.bcan.org
      org EIN#232969074 Working in partnership with Gettysburg National                   and medical supplies, and teacher training. 18.2% D,O,Z                             EIN#202897110 Bladder cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the
      Military Park to restore and preserve the battlefield while providing a       12059 Save America’s Forests Fund (202)544-9219 www.saveamericas                          US, yet no one talks about it. Help raise awareness, fund research, and
      museum experience which excites learning about America’s past. 6.2%                 forests.org EIN#521770554 From Alaska to the Amazon, forests are                    provide support. 23.5% G,H,W
      B,W,A                                                                               being clearcut and wildlife exterminated. We protect U.S. national            11033 Brain Tumor Association, American (ABTA) (800)886-2282 www.
11802 Green Seal (202)872-6400 www.greenseal.org EIN#133553974 Helps                      forests, the Amazon rainforest and its native peoples. 4.7% C,W,R                   abta.org EIN#237286648 Exists to eliminate brain tumors through
      protect the environment by encouraging the purchase of goods and              11797 Soil and Water Conservation Society (800)THE-SOIL www.swcs.org                      research and to meet the needs of brain tumor patients and their families.
      services that are less harmful to people, wildlife, forests, air and water.         EIN#420716340 Healthy Lands, Clean Water, For Life. Discovering,                    13.6% H,G,P
      15.8% C,U,W                                                                         developing, implementing, and constantly improving ways to use land           12010 Breast Cancer Action (877)2-STOP-BC www.bcaction.org EIN#943
11369 Greenpeace Fund (800)326-0959 www.greenpeacefund.org EIN#953                        that sustains its productive capacity and protects natural resources.               138992 Challenging assumptions and inspiring change to end the breast
      313195 An independent, campaigning organization that uses research                  14.5% C,U,K                                                                         cancer epidemic. Educating and advocating for social justice, patients
      and public education to expose global environmental problems, and             12189 Solar Electric Light Fund (202)234-7265 www.self.org EIN#521                        before profits, an environment with fewer toxins. 24.1% G,E,R
      promote solutions essential to a green and peaceful future. 21.2% C,D,M             701564 Fight climate change AND end global poverty! Help poor                 10756 Breast Cancer African American, Sisters Network Inc. (Sisters
11260 Grist Magazine (206)876-2020 www.grist.org EIN#061664153 Paper                      families in remote villages access clean water, vaccinations and                    Network) (866)781-1808 www.sistersnetworkinc.org EIN#760480069
      or plastic? When to buy organic? Grist.org is the definitive source for             electricity and grow crops with solar power. 8.9% C,Q,S                             Stop the Silence®. Speaking with one voice, empowering women
      eco-advice, plus the latest green news and analysis, all delivered with       97083 Southeast Watershed Forum, Inc. (410)849-2975 www.southeast                         through education and advocacy. Increasing the number of
      humor. 31.7% C,R,K                                                                  waterforum.org EIN#522284034 Prosperity through Preservation:                       mammograms which saves lives. 3.8% G,E,P
12054 Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association (610)756-6961 www.hawk                          Working together to build vibrant communities that preserve forests,          41620 Breast Cancer Aid and Research Institute (800)759-2150 www.
      mountain.org EIN#231392700 Help keep hawks, eagles and falcons                      farms, rivers, streams, reservoirs and estuaries for current and future             breastcancerinstitute.org EIN#364617641 Awards medical research
      soaring. Protect raptors through science-based, cooperative                         generations. 15.4% C,S,W                                                            grants and ships medical supplies and humanitarian aid to programs that
      conservation, and engaging people through their amazing migrations.                                                                                                     treat breast cancer and other degenerative diseases. Breast Cancer
                                                                                    31826 Take Me Fishing (Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation)                       support groups! 0.0% H,G,E
      16.6% D,C,B
                                                                                          (703)519-0013 www.rbff.org EIN#541915490 Participation in boating
10422 Hostelling International - USA (American Youth Hostels Inc)                         and fishing helps to protect our nation’s waterways. It’s conservation        75625 Breast Cancer Crusade by Avon (Avon Products Foundation
      (301)495-1240 www.hiusa.org EIN#135639689 Hostelling is                             through participation— for our children, for our waterways, for our                 Incorporated) (866)505-AVON www.avonfoundation.org EIN#136
      educational travel. HI-USA operates hostels and programs that facilitate            planet. 5.7% C,B,N                                                                  128447 Our mission is to improve the lives of women and their families
      intercultural interaction and foster international understanding, building                                                                                              on the vital issues of breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency
      a new generation of global citizens. 10.7% O,Q,W                              11542 Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. (202)654-4600                     relief. 18.2% T,G,P
                                                                                          www.trcp.org EIN#043706385 America’s fish, wildlife and wild places
10423 Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (800)332-4100 www.                         face endless threats from wanton development. Help us ensure that             10616 Breast Cancer Fund (866)760-TBCF www.breastcancerfund.org
      Lnt.org EIN#841303335 You are the solution to conservation. Unique                  future generations will enjoy America’s sporting traditions. 16.1%                  EIN#943155886 The Breast Cancer Fund protects our bodies and
      environmental program using sustainable outdoor recreation and                      C,N,W                                                                               environment from toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer. Together, we
      education to empower people to connect with and protect natural lands.                                                                                                  can stop the disease before it starts. 21.1% G,H,C
      18.9% C,W,N                                                                   10000 Tread Lightly!, Inc. (800)966-9900 www.treadlightly.org EIN#870481
                                                                                          456 Protecting, enhancing, and restoring outdoor recreation areas by          11518 Breast Cancer in Young Women (Young Survival Coalition Inc)
10425 Mote Marine Laboratory (800)691-6683 www.mote.org EIN#590                           advocating an ethic of stewardship and responsible recreational use of              (646)257-3000 www.youngsurvival.org EIN#134057685 Young
      756643 World renowned research lab and aquarium dedicated to                        America’s public land and waterways. 6.2% C,N,Y                                     women can and do get breast cancer. Help us raise awareness and face
      studying and conserving marine animals and habitat including dolphins,                                                                                                  unique issues including higher mortality rates, fertility, and possible
      sharks, sea turtles, manatees, coral reefs and fisheries. 13.3% U,B,D         12060 Trees, Water and People (877)606-4TWP www.treeswaterpeople.org                      early menopause. 27.7% G,E,P
                                                                                          EIN#841462044 Promoting sustainable solutions for communities
11251 National Aquarium in Baltimore (410)576-3800 www.aqua.org                                                                                                         15071 Breast Cancer Society (480)284-4104 www.breastcancersociety.org
                                                                                          around the globe through renewable energy, fuel-efficient stoves, solar
      EIN#521121163 More than an attraction, the Aquarium provides                                                                                                            EIN#260237089 A unique mission. Direct and immediate financial
                                                                                          heaters, tree nurseries, and watershed protection. Help us save our                 assistance to victims battling breast cancer so they may meet the
      environmental education experiences and engages citizens in                         planet! 22.9% C,S,W
      conservation projects that benefit the Chesapeake Bay and beyond.                                                                                                       challenges of the illness and become survivors. 49.6% G,H,W
      19.3% D,C,Y                                                                   10409 Tropical Forest Foundation (703)518-8834 www.tropicalforest                   10617 Cancer Aid and Research Fund (623)561-5893 www.canceraid
                                                                                          foundation.org EIN#541562639 It’s not too late to save the rainforests!             research.org EIN#742520175 Awards scientific research grants,
10762 National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, The (301)608-3040 www.                        We show how by conducting on-site training and demonstration projects
      nmsfocean.org EIN#943370994 Join the fight to preserve national                                                                                                         provides medical supplies and equipment to programs that treat cancer
                                                                                          in proper forest management techniques. 24.7% C,B,S                                 and other degenerative diseases. Cancer support groups for patients and
      marine sanctuaries! Help our education, policy, conservation, and
      outreach programs protect and preserve marine life and cultural               11255 Trout Unlimited (703)522-0200 www.tu.org EIN#381612715 Trout                        families. 0.8% H,E,G
      resources. 3.6% C,D,B                                                               Unlimited has earned the reputation as America’s leading grassroots           12470 Cancer and Aging Research Program (Trudeau Institute Inc)
                                                                                          volunteer conservation organization involved in restoring, protecting,              (800)638-6064 www.trudeauinstitute.org EIN#141401413 If you live
11252 National Park Foundation (202)354-6460 www.nationalparks.org                        and preserving our water resources and coldwater fisheries. 15.0%
      EIN#521086761 National Parks are an awe-inspiring collection of the                                                                                                     long enough, you will eventually die of cancer. Help us improve
                                                                                          C,D,N                                                                               research, treatments and the quality of life for aging cancer patients.
      greatest historic and natural resources in the world. Help protect,
      enhance, and promote these majestic places. 21.7% C,O,T                       11798 Wilderness Inquiry (800)728-0719 www.wildernessinquiry.org                          17.8% H,G,U
                                                                                          EIN#930708637 Help kids like Patrick, born with cerebral palsy, find          11530 Cancer Care, Inc. (800)813-HOPE www.cancercare.org EIN#131825
12213 National Park Trust (301)279-7275 www.parktrust.org EIN#521                         their abilities on a Wilderness Inquiry adventure and gain the confidence           919 Caring for the individual, supporting loved ones, and providing help
      691924 The American Park Experience: Preserving and protecting                      to face life’s challenges. 8.0% O,N,C                                               and hope to anyone affected by cancer. Free professional counseling,
      critical, endangered parklands and promoting programs that send youth
                                                                                    24968 Wilderness Watch, Inc. (406)542-2048 www.wildernesswatch.org                        financial assistance and practical help. 17.7% E,P,G
      outdoors to experience our nation’s parks. 22.3% C,O,D
                                                                                          EIN#810457646 Keeping it wild! Wilderness Watch is the leading                11276 Cancer Control Society (323)663-7801 www.cancercontrolsociety.
10426 National Preservation Institute (703)765-0100 www.npi.org EIN#621                   citizens’ organization working to protect and ensure the proper                     com EIN#237374145 Prevention and control of cancer and other
      247166 Donations provide scholarships for historic preservation                     stewardship of America’s Wilderness and Wild Rivers. 7.6% C,D,W                     diseases through Alternative Therapies and Nutritional Information for
      professionals and advocates to attend our educational programs focused                                                                                                  the public and professionals. Annual Conventions, Doctor Referrals,
      on the management, preservation, and stewardship of our cultural              10403 Wildlands CPR (406)543-9551 www.wildlandscpr.org EIN#810
                                                                                          512261 Forest roads fail, fouling drinking water. Off-road vehicles turn            Recovered Patients. 12.1% G,E,H
      heritage. 3.7% A,B,C
                                                                                          public lands into motorized playgrounds. Help us protect and revive           12393 Cancer Fund of America (800)578-5284 www.cfoa.org EIN#581766
12417 Nature and Culture International (858)259-0374 www.natureand                        America’s wild places through restoration. 9.4% C,W,R                               061 Critical and direct aid to cancer victims and their families. Provides
      culture.org EIN#330773524 We save rainforests and establish nature                                                                                                      medical and hygiene items, liquid dietary nutrition, nonprescription
      reserves in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. We sustain                    12163 Wildlife Conservation Fund of America (United States Sportsmens
                                                                                          Alliance Foundation) (888)930-4868 www.trailblazeradventure.org                     medications, diapers, bedpads, clothing and more. 9.2% G,E,W
      biodiversity by celebrating local cultures, improving livelihoods and
      environmental education. 4.8% C,D,Q                                                 EIN#310941103 To protect and advance outdoor sports through public            11967 Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund (National Research Center
                                                                                          education by introducing youth and their families to an active outdoor              for Women & Families) (202)223-4000 www.stopcancerfund.org
11795 Nature Science Partnership to Save the Planet (Rocky Mountain                       lifestyle through the Trailblazer Adventure Program. 13.4% N,O,P                    EIN#522169212 Helps adults and children prevent and treat all types of
      Biological Laboratory at Gothic) (970)349-7231 www.rmbl.org                                                                                                             cancer and assists them in choosing the safest and most effective
      EIN#846050523 Climate change, acid rain, air and water pollution,             10002 Wildlife Forever (763)253-0222 www.wildlifeforever.org EIN#363                      treatments. 1.9% E,P,R
      endocrine disruption, invasive species, amphibian and pollinator decline            566121 Founded by the North American Hunting and Fishing Clubs to
      are researched by top scientists at the RMBL. 21.2% U,B,C                           protect your hunting and fishing rights. Help us to conserve habitat and      10221 Cancer Project - Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer
                                                                                          eliminate invasive species. 14.2% C,D,N                                             (Mautner Project) (202)332-5536 www.mautnerproject.org EIN#521
12055 Negative Population Growth (703)370-9510 www.npg.org EIN#132                                                                                                            703915 Improving the health of women who partner with women
      727625 We advocate first halting, then reversing, U.S. and world              11327 Wildlife Habitat Council, Inc. (301)588-8994 www.wildlifehc.org                     through direct and support services, research, education, advocacy and
      population growth, so that population can eventually be stabilized at a             EIN#521558579 Uniting corporations, communities and conservation                    trainings in culturally competent medical care. 17.2% G,E,W
      lower, more sustainable level. 27.4% C,V,S                                          organizations in the spirit of conservation to actively enhance and restore
                                                                                          wildlife habitat on corporate, private and public lands. 8.4% C,D,S           11267 Cancer Research America - NFCR (National Foundation for Cancer
11253 North Cascades Institute (360)854-2599 www.ncascades.org EIN#91                                                                                                         Research) (800)321-CURE www.nfcr.org EIN#042531031 If you agree
      1327775 Glaciers are melting. Forests are disappearing. Help us teach         10247 Wildlife Society, Inc. (301)897-9770 www.wildlife.org EIN#520788                    that world-class, cutting-edge research is the key to more effective
      people of all ages, particularly low-income and minority children, how              946 Committed to a world where humans and wildlife coexist                          cancer treatments, better cancer prevention methods, and earlier cancer
      to save our precious natural resources. 11.1% C,B,A                                 peacefully. Ensuring wildlife and their habitats are protected and                  detection- join us! 31.4% H,G,U
                                                                                          restoring those that have already been damaged. 19.0% D,C,B
11262 NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation (877)885-7733                                                                                                        10599 Cancer Research Foundation (312)630-0055 www.cancerresearch
      www.numbersusa.org EIN#470865426 Millions of Americans are                    11799 Winter Wildlands Alliance (208)336-4203 www.winterwildlands.org                     fdn.org EIN#362385213 Research is the key in the battle against cancer.
      jobless while immigration is out-of-control. We’re working to lower                 EIN#820523471 Help us protect winter wildlands by ensuring a safe,                  We fund bold and innovative laboratory and clinical research. Help us
      immigration levels to benefit hardworking Americans and the                         quiet and tranquil experience for Nordic and backcountry skiers,                    make a cure the reality. 55.5% H,G,U
      environment. 8.8% C,W,S                                                             snowboarders, snowshoers and winter adventurers. 12.7% C,N,O
                                                                                                                                                                        10576 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell
12418 Ocean Foundation (401)709-4071 www.TheOceanProject.org EIN#71                 11257 World Land Trust - US (800)456-4930 www.worldlandtrust-us.org                       Foundation (877)7-CANCER www.damonrunyon.org EIN#131933
      0863908 Educating and inspiring people about the value of a healthy                 EIN#133500609 Your gift buys and protects rainforests and other                     825 The leading cancer charity committed to supporting today’s best
      ocean and the role each of us can play in protecting it for the future.             critical habitats for rare and endangered species - irreplaceable natural           young scientists and funding their innovative cancer research. 100% of
      10.6% C,B,W                                                                         treasures vital to the our planet’s health. 3.1% C,D,Q                              your donation funds cancer research. 7.5% H,G,E

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
10934 Cancer Research Fund VHL Alliance (VHL Family Alliance)                     10942 Skin Cancer Foundation (212)725-5176 www.skincancer.org                       12450 Peres Center for Peace, American Friends of the (305)349-2014
      (800)767-4845 www.vhl.org EIN#043180414 Children stricken with                    EIN#132948778 It’s skin cancer. Millions hear these terrible words                  www.peres-center.org EIN#133940178 The Peres Center for Peace
      VHL cope with a series of tumors their whole lives. Help us cure VHL,             every year. We’re dedicated to eradicating skin cancer through                      focuses on common Arab and Israeli social and economic interests, with
      kidney cancer, and many other tumor conditions. 18.0% H,G,E                       prevention, early detection, effective treatment, education, and research.          particular emphasis on Palestinian-Israeli relations. 2.0% B,O,T
17651 Cancer Research Wellness Institute (831)625-3565 www.cancer-                      14.7% G,W,H                                                                   12449 Plowshares Institute, Inc. (860)651-4304 www.plowsharesinstitute.
      research.net EIN#860963787 Research grants for alternative therapies        97718 SuperSibs! (847)705-7427 www.supersibs.org EIN#320038863                            org EIN#061057877 We work in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the
      in treating cancer and other so-called “incurable” diseases. Conducts             SuperSibs! is dedicated to ensuring ongoing comfort, recognition and                U.S. to equip community leaders with conflict intervention skills address
      seminars on alternative therapies. Provides medical supplies to hospitals         support to siblings of children and teens with cancer across the US and             social needs and emerging conflicts. 12.0% Q,S,W
      and clinics. 3.0% G,H,E                                                           Canada. 16.5% O,E,F
                                                                                                                                                                      12460 Roots of Peace (415)455-8008 www.rootsofpeace.org EIN#680442399
11674 Cancer Support - The Wellness Community (The Wellness                       11675 Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association, Inc. (Thyca Thyroid Cancer                    Our mission is to rid the world of landmines by transforming minefields
      Community-National) (888)793-WELL www.thewellnesscommunity.                       Survivors Association Inc) (877)588-7904 www.thyca.org                              into thriving farmland through our unique model of “Demine, Replant,
      org EIN#954163931 To help people affected by cancer enhance their                 EIN#522169434 ThyCa is dedicated to better understanding of thyroid                 Rebuild.” 20.1% K,S,W
      health and well-being through participation in a free professional                cancer through support, education and communication; and supports
                                                                                        research for a future free of thyroid cancer. 9.3% H,E,P                      12141 Witness for Peace (202)547-6112 www.witnessforpeace.org EIN#222
      program of emotional support, education, and hope. 23.1% E,F,G                                                                                                        566937 People of faith and conscience working for peace, justice, and
12012 Cancer Survivors Coalition (NCCS) (National Coalition for Cancer            12161 Zero - The Project to End Prostate Cancer (202)463-9455 www.                        sustainable economics in Latin America by challenging harmful U.S.
      Survivorship) (888)650-9127 www.canceradvocacy.org EIN#850357                     zerocancer.org EIN#593400922 Zero prostate cancer deaths, Zero                      policies and corporate practices. 23.4% Q,R,S
      897 Cancer affects the body, psyche, relationships, finances, insurance           prostate cancer cases, and for those with prostate cancer a Zero PSA. We
      coverage - for life. Help us advocate for and empower survivors to get            commit to ending prostate cancer. Join us. 31.3% G,H,P
      the best care for life. 25.8% E,H,R
27889 Childhood Cancer Alliance - Rally for Research (Rally Foundation
      Inc) (404)847-1270 www.rallyfoundation.org EIN#201950849                                                                                                        Arts Federation and Member
      Children’s days should be filled with laughter, friends and playtime, not
      hospitals, chemotherapy and medicine. Help us support research for
                                                                                  Peace and Reconciliation Charities                                                  Organizations
                                                                                                                                                                      12204 Arts Federation, Inc. (978)712-4429 www.artsfederation.org EIN#030
      better treatments and a cure! 8.2% H,G,T                                    Federation and Member Organizations                                                       524939 The arts bring joy and meaning to us all. Help support American
12395 Childhood Cancer Research - St. Baldrick’s Foundation (St                   12461 Peace and Reconciliation Charities (978)338-4251 www.peaceand                       arts and arts education organizations, whether young or well-established,
      Baldricks Foundation Inc) (888)899-BALD www.stbaldricks.org                       reconciliation.org EIN#205300252 The word “peace” is easy to say, but               in every creative discipline. 4.8% A,T,W
      EIN#201173824 Shaving heads to conquer kids’ cancer is serious fun!               its reality remains one of humanity’s enduring challenges. Help us
      A cure is a serious dream. Help make it come true by funding lifesaving                                                                                         10708 Acting Company, The (Group I Acting Company INC) (212)258-3111
                                                                                        support organizations that make peace a reality. 3.5% R,Q,W                         www.theactingcompany.org EIN#132759292 Tony Award-winning
      research. 19.6% H,G,T
                                                                                  12429 A. J. Muste Memorial Institute, Inc. (212)533-4335 www.ajmuste.org                  theater and arts education program brings live performance and teaching
12011 Childhood Cancer Research Coalition (The National Cancer                          EIN#237379088 We support both new and existing organizations                        actors to stages and schools nationwide, especially in under-served and
      Coalition Inc) (919)821-2182 www.nationalcancercoalition.org EIN#76               working for social change, and educate activists and the public about               disadvantaged communities. 24.9% A,B,O
      0435022 Providing cutting edge children’s cancer research, one-to-one             nonviolent methods of achieving social justice. 8.6% Q,R,S                    11064 American Antiquarian Society (508)755-5221 www.american
      patient and family education services, and life saving cancer medicines                                                                                               antiquarian.org EIN#042103652 Help us collect and preserve examples
                                                                                  80029 Alliance for Middle East Peace Inc. (202)457-6623 www.allmep.org
      free to needy patients. Your support saves lives. 2.5% G,H,E                      EIN#205879279 The ALLMEP coalition of NGOs, raises awareness                        of all materials printed in America through 1876. This research library’s
46392 Childhood Leukemia Foundation (888)253-7109 www.CLF4kids.org                      and increases funding for coexistence and reconciliation between                    unmatched collections serve professionals and the general public. 14.6%
      EIN#521825483 Lifting the spirits of children with cancer. Our                    Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews in the Middle East. 3.5%                  A,B,T
      Guarantee = 100% of CFC and State workplace donations will be used                Q,R,Z                                                                         11905 American Composers Forum (651)228-1407 www.composers
      exclusively to help the children. 46.1% E,P,G                               12431 Bikes Not Bombs, Inc. (617)522-0222 www.bikesnotbombs.org                           forum.org EIN#237452688 People need music. Music needs people.
12396 Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (866)228-HOPE www.cbtf.org                      EIN#043138753 Building peace, rebuilding community. Urban youth                     Through our work, the creators and performers of new music serve
      EIN#133512123 Children’s brain tumors are the toughest childhood                  become teachers, leaders, and safe cyclists; and work with adults,                  schools, faith organizations and communities across the country. 21.8%
      cancer. A mother grieves. A father cries. CBTF is there with insight,             recycling bicycles for youth/community development projects locally                 A,O,S
      support, respite and hope every day. 36.4% H,G,P                                  and globally. 21.1% O,Q,C                                                     12386 American Music Center (212)366-5260 www.amc.net EIN#130432
12013 Children’s Cancer Aid and Research Institute (800)759-3390                  12432 Center for New Community (312)266-0319 www.newcomm.org                              981 AMC serves the field of new American music through a web
      www.childrenscancerresearch.org EIN#860932492 Provides childhood                  EIN#364017728 America’s anti-immigrant movement shelters racism                     magazine, an internet radio station, a searchable database, grant-making
      cancer research grants. Ships medical supplies to hospitals and clinics           and erodes democratic values. We help local leaders, organizations, and             programs, and professional development services. 29.8% A,B,Y
      worldwide. Provides summer camp sponsorships and support groups.                  congregations to free communities from bigotry and redefine American          12390 Arts Alliance, Mid-America (800)473-3872 www.maaa.org EIN#237
      “Together we are their hope!” 3.0% H,E,G                                          identity. 12.6% R,S,W                                                               303693 Helps people across the nation see, hear, feel, and understand all
                                                                                  12433 Center for Security Policy, Inc. (202)835-9077 www.centerforsecurity                the forms of artistic expression that bring joy and meaning to our lives.
13335 Children’s Cancer Fund of America (888)418-6062 www.ccfoa.org                                                                                                         25.9% A,B,S
      EIN#201226416 Their hopes for tomorrow depend on help today! With                 policy.org EIN#521601976 America’s power - diplomatic, education,
      your help, our “Checks for Children Program” gives financial assistance           economic, military - can shape a better, more peaceful world. For two         12387 Arts Midwest (612)341-0755 www.artsmidwest.org EIN#411000424
      to children suffering with cancer. 8.2% G,E,W                                     decades, we have addressed vital challenges in a non-partisan way.                  Through high-quality theater, dance, and music performances;
                                                                                        11.5% Q,M                                                                           educational arts activities; exhibitions; and conferences, Arts Midwest
12394 Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (800)238-6479 www.                                                                                                              connects people throughout the country to meaningful arts opportunities.
      ChildrensCancerRecovery.org EIN#330418563 Creating smiles and               12434 Christian Solidarity International (805)777-7107 www.csi-int.org
                                                                                        EIN#330826951 We are a Christian human rights organization                          6.4% A,O,W
      inspiring hope for kids with cancer and their families by providing
      financial aid, camp scholarships, toys, games and funding for cancer              advocating for religious liberty. In Sudan, CSI actions free, feed and        11066 Aspen Music Festival and School (Music Associates of Aspen Inc)
      research. 8.9% E,H,P                                                              heal victims of the ongoing conflict. 24.7% Q,R,X                                   (970)925-3254 www.aspenmusicfestival.com EIN#840445087 The
                                                                                                                                                                            Aspen Music Festival and School offers more than 350 musical events
10935 CURE Childhood Cancer, Inc. (800)443-CURE www.curechildhood                 12435 Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation (212)750-5504 www.tutufound                           during a nine-week season including symphony, chamber, opera, choral
      cancer.org EIN#581244138 Childhood cancer can be cured! We fund                   ation-usa.org EIN#134092458 Like Archbishop Tutu, we are dedicated                  and family concerts. 40.0% A,B,O
      important laboratory and clinical research while providing support                to reconciliation, non-violence, conflict resolution and ethical leadership
                                                                                        so all may live in a more peaceable and sustainable world. 27.6% Q,R,O        11906 Association of Children’s Museums (703)224-3100 www.childrens
      programs and services for children with cancer and their families. 13.7%                                                                                              museums.org EIN#954087882 ACM builds the capacity of children’s
      H,E,P                                                                       65769 Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (212)490-7788 www.elie                          museums worldwide to serve as town squares for children and families
78130 Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, Inc. (646)861-                  wieselfoundation.org EIN#133398151 The Foundation’s management                      where play inspires creativity and lifelong learning. 11.8% A,B,O
      2033 www.gabriellesangels.org EIN#133916689 Funding research for                  overhead is unusually high because of losses associated with Bernard
                                                                                        Madoff. We remain a leading force in peace and human rights. 257.9%           10709 Ballet Hispanico of New York (212)362-6710 www.ballethispanico.
      leukemia and lymphoma to cutting-edge, aggressive, innovative                                                                                                         org EIN#132685755 A professional dance company, school of dance,
      researchers so that soon we may find better treatment, improve quality-           B
                                                                                                                                                                            and arts education and outreach program exploring, preserving, and
      of-life, and a cure! 39.3% H,G,T                                            12436 Fellowship of Reconciliation, Inc. (845)358-4601 www.forusa.org                     expanding the passion and joy of Latino dance. 25.0% A,B,W
10936 Gilda’s Club Worldwide (888)GILDA-4U www.gildasclub.org                           EIN#133792144 Fellowship of Reconciliation, an interfaith peace
                                                                                        organization, works internationally, nationally and globally to challenge     11363 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Inc. (410)783-8100 www.bso
      EIN#133617481 Free social and emotional support for people living                                                                                                     music.org EIN#520629696 We inspire and entertain the community by
      with cancer, and their family and friends. Vital education and activities         oppression, teach nonviolent alternatives to conflict, and defend rights
                                                                                        of conscience. 34.0% R,Q,O                                                          performing symphonic music that nurtures the human spirit, including
      provided in a non-residential, homelike setting. 55.4% G,E,P                                                                                                          service to 70,000 youth and families annually. 11.9% A,B,O
11545 International Myeloma Foundation (818)487-7455 www.myeloma.                 12441 Institute for Global Engagement (703)527-3100 www.global                      11599 Battery Dance Corporation (212)219-3910 www.batterydance.org
                                                                                        engage.org EIN#233042456 We promote sustainable environments for                    EIN#237418859 Through performance, education and international
      org EIN#954296919 The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is
                                                                                        religious freedom worldwide by encouraging governments to protect                   cultural exchange, we reach across geographic, linguistic and cultural
      dedicated to improving the quality of life of myeloma patients while              religious freedom, and by equipping citizens to exercise that freedom
      working toward prevention and a cure. 20.6% G,P,H                                                                                                                     borders, using the universal language of dance to advance mutual
                                                                                        responsibly. 26.8% Q,X,R                                                            understanding. 20.1% A,B,O
10613 Kidney Cancer Research and Education Association (Kidney Cancer             55130 International Campaign to Ban Landmines (202)612-4351 www.
      Association) (800)850-9132 www.kidneycancer.org EIN#363719712                                                                                                   10923 Boston Conservatory (617)912-9193 www.bostonconservatory.edu
                                                                                        icbl.org EIN#134113075 Implementing rights of landmine survivors by                 EIN#042126597 A private college offering programs in music
      We strive for a world without kidney cancer. Help us fund breakthrough            taking care of survivors and their voice internationally; advocating for
      research, educate patients and health professionals and advocate for                                                                                                  performance, education, and composition, dance and musical theater for
                                                                                        a total ban of landmines. 10.7% Q,R,S                                               undergraduate and graduate students. 11.2% A,B,O
      patients. 7.8% H,G,R
                                                                                  12440 International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (Center for                   12206 Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc. (617)266-1492 www.bso.org
10937 Leukemia Clinical Research Foundation (651)229-7131 EIN#411                       Religion and Diplomacy Inc) (202)331-9404 www.icrd.org EIN#541
      586846 Leukemia can be cured! We live that dream by supporting                                                                                                        EIN#042103550 Dedicated to making music, creating performances and
                                                                                        853311 ICRD uses shared religious values to bridge political differences            providing educational outreach programs of the highest quality,
      research where it has the most impact - on patients in clinical settings.         between adversaries in areas of potential or actual conflict. 9.1% Q,S,X
      15.3% H,G,T                                                                                                                                                           including concerts and tours of the BSO and Boston Pops. 21.2%
                                                                                  10061 International Crisis Group (212)813-0820 www.crisisgroup.org                        A,O,W
12398 Lung Cancer Alliance (800)298-2436 www.lungcanceralliance.org                     EIN#525170039 Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-                12388 Chicago Symphony Orchestra (312)294-3100 www.cso.org EIN#36
      EIN#911821040 Providing support and information to patients and their             governmental organization, working through field-based analysis and                 2167823 Our world class orchestra performs locally, nationally and
      families, while raising national awareness and securing multiple millions         high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict. 9.9% Q,R,P              internationally, attracting distinguished guest conductors and soloists
      in public health dollars for lung cancer research. 19.2% G,R,P                                                                                                        each season. Music education programs annually serve 100,000 people.
                                                                                  12438 Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh (412)394-3900 www.iiofpitt.org
84118 Lung Cancer Research Foundation, Bonnie J. Addario (Bonnie J                      EIN#251626106 Promotes mutual understanding among Catholics and                     26.2% A,B,O
      Addario A Breath Away From the Cure Foundation) (415)357-1278                     Protestants in Northern Ireland, and economic development throughout          10712 Dance Theatre of Harlem, Inc. (212)690-2800 www.dancetheatre
      www.lungcancerfoundation.org EIN#204417327 The #1 cancer killer is                all of Ireland. Job training, economic development and educational                  ofharlem.org EIN#132642091 This world renowned institution touches
      largely ignored, underfunded, and under-researched. Join our crusade              organization. 17.6% Q,B,J                                                           the lives of thousands through its professional studio school, Dancing
      to eradicate lung cancer through aggressive research, early detection,                                                                                                Through Barriers (education/community outreach program), and
      treatment, and awareness. 26.8% H,U,T                                       12437 Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, Inc. (856)768-0938 www.
                                                                                        mpdn.org EIN#223684183 Supports dialogue activities throughout the                  professional dance company. 34.4% A,N,O
12970 LUNGevity Foundation (312)464-0716 www.lungevity.org                              Middle East between its many and varied nationalities, cultures, religion     11907 Denver Center for the Performing Arts (303)893-4000 www.denver
      EIN#364433410 Fastest Growing Charity fights Number One Cancer                    and political philosophies. Dialogue is the key to future peace. 2.9%               center.org EIN#840407760 The Denver Center for the Performing Arts
      Killer. Every dollar LUNGevity Foundation spends on lung cancer                   B,O,Q                                                                               is an exhilarating mix of Broadway shows, Tony Award-winning
      research doubled by our granting partners. Funding hope. Together.                                                                                                    professional theatre, backstage tours, acting instruction and breathtaking
      21.7% H,E,G                                                                 12456 Nonviolent Peaceforce (612)871-0005 www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org
                                                                                        EIN#352197019 Large percentages of war casualties are civilians. NP’s               facilities. 15.9% A,B,Z
11870 Lymphedema Network (National Lymphedema Network Inc)                              highly-trained, nonpartisan, unarmed peacekeeping force saves lives,          12389 Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall Inc)
      (510)208-3200 www.lymphnet.org EIN#943068338 “Lymphedema we                       promoting future use of nonviolent methods in response to conflict.                 (313)576-5100 www.detroitsymphony.com EIN#381385132 Known
      are HERE!” Only national organization supporting sufferers of                     22.9% Z,P,S                                                                         for trailblazing performances, visionary maestros, quality youth
      lymphedema, those at-risk, and caregivers by providing guidance                                                                                                       orchestras, and collaborations with outstanding musical artists, we serve
                                                                                  12455 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (805)965-3443 www.wagingpeace.org
      counseling, treatment referrals, and support groups. 9.3% G,E,H                                                                                                       the community and change lives through music. 34.2% A,B,O
                                                                                        EIN#953825265 Join a leading organization working to build peace,
10068 Lymphoma Foundation of America (734)222-1100 www.lymphoma                         end war and promote global efforts to eliminate the nuclear weapons           11600 Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, The (Eugene Oneill Memorial
      help.org EIN#521662087 We are the national organization devoted to                threat to humanity. 6.5% P,Q,V                                                      Theater Center Inc) (860)443-5378 www.theoneill.org EIN#066070900
      helping lymphoma patients and families: support services, second                                                                                                      We provide world-renowned theater development Conferences for
                                                                                  12439 Nuclear War, International Physicians for the Prevention of                         emerging artists, playwriting programs for middle and high school
      opinions, counseling, referrals, research, grants, new treatments,                (617)440-1733 www.ippnw.org EIN#042702110 The only Nobel
      patients’ rights, alternatives. 1.3% G,H,E                                                                                                                            students, and accredited theater training for college students. 16.5%
                                                                                        Peace-Prize winning medical movement, organized in 61 countries,                    A,B,O
11541 Lymphoma Research Foundation (800)235-6848 www.lymphoma.                          working to end the threat of nuclear war and to promote peace. 32.4%
      org EIN#954335088 Help us eradicate lymphoma. We’re the nation’s                  Q,R,C                                                                         10714 George Eastman House (585)271-3361 www.eastmanhouse.org
      largest lymphoma-focused organization devoted exclusively to funding                                                                                                  EIN#160743991 We tell the story of photography and motion pictures.
                                                                                  12454 Parliamentarians for Global Action (212)687-7755 www.pgaction.                      We share our collection through traveling exhibitions and a growing
      research and providing patients and healthcare professionals with                 org EIN#521168289 An international network of over 1300 legislators
      comprehensive, critical information. 16.0% H,G,R                                                                                                                      online photography archive. 20.6% A,B,W
                                                                                        working to promote peace, democracy, human rights, sustainable
                                                                                        development and health issues through advocacy and policy initiatives         12207 Houston Grand Opera Association (713)546-0200 www.houston
10555 Oncology Nursing Society Foundation (Oncology Nursing
                                                                                        worldwide. 26.2% Q,P,R                                                              grandopera.org EIN#746016764 Houston Grand Opera is
      Foundation) (412)859-6100 www.onsfoundation.org EIN#251410081                                                                                                         internationally recognized for producing world-class opera and
      The ONS Foundation is improving cancer care and the lives of people         10431 Peace Action Education Fund (301)565-4050 www.peace-action.org                      providing innovative education and outreach programs for the
      with cancer by funding oncology nursing research, scholarships, awards,           EIN#521554826 Works to abolish nuclear weapons, support a peace                     community. 17.4% A,B,O
      and educational programs. 28.1% G,H,B                                             economy that meets human needs and a foreign policy that promotes
                                                                                        peace and respects human rights. 24.2% Q,W,R                                  63218 Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts
10939 Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (202)331-1332 www.ovarian                                                                                                            Development (505)424-2300 www.iaia.edu EIN#850365964 A multi-
      cancer.org EIN#311581756 Advances the interests of women with               12452 Peace Development Fund (413)256-8306 www.peacedevelopment                           tribal institution dedicated to empowering creativity and leadership in
      ovarian cancer by increasing awareness of this disease and advocating             fund.org EIN#042738794 We provide grants, training and other vital                  Native arts and cultures through higher education, lifelong learning and
      for more effective diagnostics, treatments and ultimately a cure. 21.4%           resources necessary to grassroots communities working on peaceful                   outreach. 19.3% A,B,W
      G,E,W                                                                             conflict resolution, human rights and environmental sustainability in the     11909 Mexican Art, National Museum of (312)738-1503 www.national
11418 Prostate Cancer Research and Assistance Fund (Alternative Cancer                  U.S. 30.1% R,S,W                                                                    museumofmexicanart.org EIN#363225519 Largest Latino cultural
      Research Fund) (800)756-3840 www.alternativecancer.org EIN#861              12451 Peacemaker Ministries (406)256-1583 www.peacemaker.net EIN#363                      organization in the U.S., the museum offers arts exhibitions,
      041297 Educational information for prostate and other cancer victims.             206639 Peacemaker Ministries provides conflict resolution and training              performances, arts education in local schools, and an award-winning
      Provides medical research grants to hospitals and clinics; Medicine and           to Christians, their churches, and Christian organizations in the U.S. and          youth radio station. 23.2% A,B,O
      nutritional supplies for patients and families. 2.9% G,H,P                        around the world. 23.2% X,B,Z                                                 10705 Minnesota Orchestral Association (612)371-5600 www.minnesota
10941 Prostate Cancer Research Institute (310)743-2116 www.pcri.org               48097 Peaceworks Network Foundation (212)897-3985 www.onevoice                            orchestra.org EIN#410693875 The Minnesota Orchestra, led by Osmo
      EIN#954617875 Prostate cancer will strike 1 in 6 men. Your generous               movement.org EIN#300102398 Fed up with failing leaderships, our                     Vänskä, provides music for our community through performances,
      donation helps us fight prostate cancer through research, education and           Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders are assuming responsibility and               education, touring, recordings and a commitment to composers and new
      increasing public awareness. 9.0% G,E,H                                           building a peace movement from the ground up. 9.9% R,S,W                            music. 9.0% A,B,O

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
12391 Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (858)454-3541 www.                     27236 Bob Woodruff Family Foundation, Inc. (703)853-2128 www.                      11285 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund
      mcasd.org EIN#951855640 MCASD serves as a forum for exploring                      remind.org EIN#261441650 Educating, collaborating, investing...                    (800)234-6622 www.moaa.org/scholarshipfund EIN#541659039 Some
      contemporary art and ideas by presenting and interpreting the art of our           healing the physical and hidden wounds of war to ensure the successful             of our military men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice while
      time. 25.1% A,B,O                                                                  reintegration of returning injured service members. 4.7% W,S,P                     protecting America’s freedom. Help provide scholarships to their
12208 New England Conservatory of Music (617)585-1100 www.nec                      93325 Bowlers to Veterans Link, The (703)934-6039 www.bowlfor                            children for undergraduate education. 7.0% B,O,P
      music.edu EIN#237225104 Advocates for music’s role in American                     veterans.org EIN#530211351 With 68 years of service to hospitalized          10508 Ministry to the Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy
      society by providing exceptional music instruction and working to                  service men and women, BVL brings entertainment, the arts, sports, and             (National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces) (703)608-2100
      integrate music into the curriculum of public schools. 6.7% A,B,O                  recreation to boost morale and speed recuperation. 13.7% W,N,A                     www.ncmaf.org EIN#541188519 We provide chaplains to each branch
11604 Omaha Theater Company (402)345-4849 www.rosetheater.org                                                                                                               of the military to serve the spiritual needs of all U.S. soldiers, sailors,
                                                                                   11549 Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund (757)233-9136 www.cposf.org
      EIN#470494912 One of the country’s leading children’s theaters, we                                                                                                    airmen, marines, Veterans and their families. 20.5% X,F,O
                                                                                         EIN#200331953 Help us say yes to scholarship assistance for children,
      reach over 350,000 each year with critically-acclaimed drama and dance             stepchildren, and spouses of all active duty, reserve, and retired Navy      10176 National Guard Youth Foundation (703)684-5437 www.ngyf.org
      productions, educational programs and national tours. 33.2% A,B,W                  Chief Petty Officers. 9.5% B,O,W                                                   EIN#541940978 Helping reclaim lives of high school drop-outs by
11598 Peabody Essex Museum Inc. (978)745-9500 www.pem.org EIN#043                                                                                                           giving these at-risk youth a second chance to succeed through education,
      157815 We celebrate art and culture from around the world. Our               11955 Coast Guard Auxiliary Association (314)962-8828 www.cgaux.org                      scholarships, job skill training, and mentoring. 17.5% O,P,B
      exhibitions, publications, public programs, and educational                        EIN#526056326 Support the 32,000 civilian volunteers of the US Coast
                                                                                         Guard Auxiliary who serve America in water/boating safety education,         11010 Naval Historical Foundation (202)678-4333 www.navyhistory.org
      opportunities benefit children, families, and adults throughout the
                                                                                         vessel safety inspections, and homeland security. 19.9% M,C,N                      EIN#530196627 Help preserve US Navy’s oral histories, photographs,
      region. 29.0% A,B,O
                                                                                                                                                                            and artifacts, commemorate veterans’ service and sacrifice, and educate
71755 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. (216)515-1924                    10514 Coast Guard Foundation (860)535-0786 www.coastguardfoundation.                     the American public about the importance of sea power. 11.3% B,A,Q
      www.rockhall.com EIN#341520995 The Museum, its Library/Archives,                   org EIN#042899862 Provide scholarships to Coast Guard enlisted
      and its educational programs exist to educate the public about the history         personnel and their dependents, support family oriented facilities and       12526 Operation Homefront (800)722-6098 www.operationhomefront.net
      and continuing significance of rock and roll music. 18.4% A,B,O                    welfare and morale programs at bases throughout the Country. 32.2%                 EIN#320033325 Operation Homefront relies on caring patriots to
                                                                                         B,N,P                                                                              support its mission of providing emergency aid and morale programs
10921 San Francisco Opera Association (415)861-4008 www.sfopera.com                                                                                                         for military families and wounded warriors. 8.6% W,P,S
      EIN#940836240 Present world-class opera performances; free                   33011 Comfort for America’s Uniformed Services (703)750-6458 www.
      community outreach events; in-school K-12 arts education programs;                 cause-usa.org EIN#432037202 Provides entertainment and recreation            26493 Operation Troop Aid (901)355-8844 www.operationtroopaid.org
      and manages an internationally renowned young singers training and                 programs to wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and               EIN#134288094 Premier care package provider to deployed U.S.
      professional development program. 18.1% A,B,W                                      undergoing long recuperations at military medical centers around the               Soldiers, we make a difference and inspire U.S. service members by
12392 Southern Arts Federation (404)874-7244 www.southarts.org                           country. 11.1% E,N,P                                                               letting them know America stands with them. 1.0% A,T,W
      EIN#561129587 The Southern Arts Federation enhances the value of             11283 Congressional Medal of Honor Society (The Congressional Medal of             12357 Our Military Kids Inc. (703)734-6654 www.ourmilitarykids.org
      public art by supporting, promoting and preserving visual arts,                    Honor Society of the United States of) (843)884-8862 www.cmohs.org                 EIN#562483648 Supports children of deployed National Guard and
      performing arts, and new media in the South. 27.3% A,B,M                           EIN#526056376 Protect the integrity and valor demonstrated by                      Reserve and all Wounded Warriors through grants for enrichment
10924 Steppenwolf Theatre Company (312)335-1888 www.steppenwolf.org                      America’s Military heroes, the Medal of Honor Recipients, preserve                 activities and tutoring that sustain them during parent’s absence. 5.0%
      EIN#510149370 World renowned Chicago-based ensemble theater                        their legacy of patriotism and character through education. 13.4%                  O,A,N
      recognized for compelling productions, contributing exceptional new                B,W,Z                                                                        11958 Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cord Injury Education and
      plays and fostering collaborative partnerships that impact regional,         11456 Council on America’s Military Past USA (701)825-6492 www.                          Training Foundation (ETF) (800)424-8200 www.pvaresearch.org
      national and international audiences. 39.5% A,O,W                                  campjamp.org EIN#237124161 CAMP is dedicated to preserving,                        EIN#942733585 Funds educational projects (i.e. books, videos,
10707 Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz (202)364-7272 www.monk                           interpreting and sharing our military heritage. Publishes newspaper and            curriculum) to assist veterans and others with spinal cord dysfunction,
      institute.org EIN#521544030 Offers promising young musicians college               quarterly journal, sponsors annual military history conference, awards             their caregivers, and their healthcare providers. 0.4% B,T,G
      level training by America’s jazz masters and presents public school-               student grants. 0.0% A,B,Y                                                   11323 Pentagon Memorial Fund (301)740-3388 www.pentagonmemorial.
      based jazz education programs for young people around the world.                                                                                                      org EIN#432018221 Remember, Reflect, Renew. Commemorating the
      13.2% A,B,O                                                                  11457 Daedalian Foundation (210)945-2113 www.daedalians.org EIN#741
                                                                                         365823 The Daedalian Foundation provides scholarships and training to              9/11 attack, the Pentagon Memorial will honor the 184 victims as a place
11605 World Monuments Fund (646)424-9594 www.wmf.org EIN#132                             encourage young people towards a military career and supports                      of solace, peace and healing. 16.1% W,A,R
      571900 The World Monuments Fund is the leading nonprofit                           improved methods of flight and flight safety. 15.6% O,B,Z                    11460 Ranger Memorial Foundation (706)687-0906 www.rangermemorial.
      organization dedicated to saving the world’s most treasured architectural
                                                                                   10510 Deceased Aviator Family Assistance - River Rats (Red River Valley                  org EIN#581984783 Recognizes and honors the contribution of all U.S.
      and cultural heritage sites. 9.1% A,Q,S
                                                                                         Association) (866)401-7287 www.river-rats.org EIN#237033827                        Army Rangers. Provides educational scholarships to Rangers and
10922 Young Audiences, Inc. (212)831-8110 www.youngaudiences.org                                                                                                            eligible dependents. Assists Ranger families in need. 3.5% W,P,Z
      EIN#131688246 The nation’s leading source of arts-in-education                     Military aviators killed in aircraft mishap. Who will help the
      programs reaching over 7 million children yearly through its 30 affiliates         widows/children with college? We will! Over $1.9 million in                  11454 SEAL - Naval Special Warfare Foundation (757)363-7490
      with nearly 87,000 programs in 7,000 schools. 11.4% A,B,O                          scholarship grants to date. 4.4% B,T,Z                                             www.nswfoundation.org EIN#311728910 Remember the bravery of
                                                                                   11322 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust                          those in the sea commando services. Honor their service. Support the
                                                                                         (859)441-7300 www.cst.dav.org EIN#521521276 Building better lives                  families of fallen SEALs through educational grants and financial
                                                                                         for disabled veterans and their families...Prosthetics Research and                assistance. 9.4% B,P,Z
                                                                                         Devices for amputees; Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy;                        20395 Segs 4 Vets (Disability Rights Advocates For Technology) (314)965-
Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service                                                   Guide/Assistance Dogs; Comfort for Survivors. 3.6% W,P,T                           4938 www.draft.org EIN#550877645 Restore mobility to vets who
                                                                                                                                                                            sustained severe injuries resulting in permanent disability while serving
Organizations of America Federation and                                            10119 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Memorial Committee (813)389-0351
                                                                                         www.eodmemorial.org EIN#237346106 EOD Warriors killed in the
                                                                                                                                                                            in Iraq and Afghanistan. Support Segs4Vets awarding of Segway
                                                                                                                                                                            mobility devices. 5.1% Q,U,W
Member Organizations                                                                     line of duty. Help us preserve their legacy at the annual Memorial
                                                                                         Ceremony and Ball, and through scholarships for families. 14.0% P,B,Z        12111 Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (202)328-3244 www.
10272 Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America                                                                                                       sldn.org EIN#521845000 Since 1993, more than 13,500
      (800)626-6526 www.mvpsoa.org EIN#943193418 Help us keep                      11453 Fisher House Foundation (888)294-8560 www.fisherhouse.org                          servicemembers have been fired under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We fight
      America strong, safe, and free and remember, honor, and keep faith with            EIN#113158401 We build and donate Fisher Houses at military/VA                     daily to end this unjust law. Join us. 25.9% R,I,Z
      our veterans, with those who serve today, and their families. 1.4%                 medical centers, support existing houses, help military families in need
      P,W,Q                                                                              and award Scholarships for Military Children. 3.5% E,L,P                     43497 Snowball Express (817)944-3305 www.snowballexpress.org EIN#205
                                                                                                                                                                            627830 Military fallen hero’s children brought together with others like
11449 82nd Airborne Division Association Educational Fund (281)346-                10780 Freedom Alliance (800)475-6620 www.freedomalliance.org EIN#541                     themselves annually, all expenses paid; allows joy, new memories in
      2546 www.82airborneassociation.org EIN#203991630 Supporting our                    411430 Provides college scholarships to children of fallen military                providing hope for their future. 6.5% F,O,Z
      own. We provide college and university grants to former active duty                heroes, support activities for wounded and deployed troops and their
      members of the 82nd as well as dependent children of association                   families, conducts youth leadership training. 16.3% O,P,W                    25131 Soldiers’ Angels (615)676-0239 www.soldiersangels.org EIN#200
      members. 2.8% B,Z                                                                                                                                                     583415 Over twenty unique and effective programs supporting our
                                                                                   11458 Give 2 The Troops, Inc. (888)876-6775 www.give2thetroops.org                       deployed troops, military families, wounded and veterans. We specialize
10516 AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (203)268-2450 www.quad-a.org                     EIN#371493066 Supporting the physical, moral, and spiritual health of              in unmet needs for those who serve. 19.3% P,S,T
      EIN#060799487 Scholarships for Army Aviation Association of                        America’s armed forces in combat zones through the letters and
      America members and selected dependents. AAAA pays all Foundation                  packages prepared and shipped by caring individuals. 3.5% P,A,T              11455 Special Operations Warrior Foundation (813)805-9400
      expenses. 100% of donations applied to awards. 0.0% B,Z                                                                                                               www.specialops.org EIN#521183585 Provide scholarship grants and
                                                                                   50917 Homeless Veterans, National Coalition For (800)VET-HELP                            counseling to children of special operations people who die in combat
99118 Air Compassion for Wounded Warriors (Air Compassion for                            www.nchv.org EIN#521826860 Support our nation’s former guardians.                  or training. Provide financial assistance to wounded special operations
      Veterans) (888)662-6794 www.aircompassionforveterans.org EIN#261                   Help end homelessness among America’s veterans. Ensure they receive                people. 8.6% P,B,O
      685451 We are the largest program in the nation providing free                     food, housing, health services, job training and placement, legal aid.
      medically related air transportation to combat injured veterans and their          19.6% P,L,J                                                                  11309 Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) (202)588-8277
      adversely affected family members. 5.1% E,P,W                                                                                                                         www.taps.org EIN#920152268 Comfort, hope and healing for all who
                                                                                   12525 Homes For Our Troops (508)823-3300 www.homesforourtroops.org                       are grieving a death in the military. Fund TAPS Good Grief Camps all
12214 Air Force Association (800)727-3337 www.afa.org EIN#526043929                      EIN#542143612 We build specially adapted, handicap-accessible                      around America! 21.1% F,O,W
      Aerospace strength is a critical pillar in our nation’s defense structure.         homes for severely injured veterans across the country. The homes are
      Support the US Air Force and the Air Force family. 22.5% Y,B,T                     provided at no cost to the veteran. 3.8% L,E,P                               47202 Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation (310)215-3985
                                                                                                                                                                            www.taisf.org EIN#870731160 To preserve the legacy of the Tuskegee
11953 Air Force Memorial Foundation (703)979-0674 www.airforce                     27800 Hope For The Warriors (877)246-7349 www.hopeforthewarriors.org                     Airmen by providing scholarships to assist financially disadvantaged
      memorial.org EIN#541629975 Americans owe their freedoms to their                   EIN#205182295 Wounded warriors and their families need life long                   and deserving students in the pursuit of their college education. 8.7%
      military men and women. The AF Memorial honors these heroes. Help                  support. Help us provide immediate needs grants, scholarships,                     T,O,S
      support events and programs honoring America’s Airmen. 34.4%                       professional development, wishes, family support, athletic rehabilitation,
      W,B,Q                                                                              and advocacy. 15.6% P,W,L                                                    12527 Unit Scholarship Fund (910)624-2304 www.unitscholarshipfund.org
                                                                                                                                                                            EIN#561851232 Provides merit-based scholarships to the dependents
10517 Airmen Memorial Foundation (800)638-0594 www.hqafsa.org                      11956 Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project (913)432-1214 www.veterans                   of current and former members of a highly specialized unit within the
      EIN#521323592 Airmen helping Airmen: Air Force Active Duty,                        voices.org EIN#480987617 Support recuperating veterans. A                          United States Army Special Operations Command. 1.5% B,P,Q
      Guard, Reserves, active, retired and veteran enlisted personnel and their          therapeutic writing program acknowledges veterans’ experiences and
      families receive scholarships, financial aid, and information. 9.3%                builds self-esteem. The opportunity to be published brings pride,            11871 United States Army Warrant Officers Association Scholarship
      B,Y,W                                                                              satisfaction and a small stipend. 15.2% F,A,P                                      Foundation (703)742-7727 www.usawoa.org/woasf EIN#861055533
                                                                                                                                                                            Education is essential. Awarding scholarships to members of United
10518 Airmen Memorial Museum (800)638-0594 www.hqafsa.org EIN#521                  11459 Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (760)725-3680 www.semperfi                           States Army Warrant Officers Association and their families. We help
      609193 Presenting the Total Air Force enlisted corps through public                fund.org EIN#260086305 Severely injured and critically ill                         them achieve the American Dream. 8.8% B,T,O
      exhibits and educational research; concentrating on the individual                 servicemembers and their families are provided grants from IMSFF for
      Airman and their rich history, contributions, and traditions. 13.1%                the costs associated with hospitalization recovery and transition. 4.7%      96350 United Warrior Survivor Foundation (619)437-1137 www.uwsf.org
      B,W,Y                                                                              P,W,F                                                                              EIN#810567790 The United Warrior Survivor Foundation assists
10519 AMVETS Charities (800)810-7148 www.amvetsnsf.org EIN#521                                                                                                              surviving spouses of Special Operations personnel killed in the line of
                                                                                   75335 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Inc. (212)982-9699                       duty since 9-11. 28.0% P,Z
      151181 Counsels and represents veterans and their dependents before                www.iava.org EIN#201664531 IAVA addresses critical issues facing
      the VA without charge. Provides support to veterans through service,               Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families, including mental           12359 USA Cares Inc. (800)773-0387 www.usacares.org EIN#050588761
      community and youth-oriented programs to promote patriotism. -17.5%                health, Traumatic Brain Injury, a stretched VA system, and education               Providing grants (not loans) and expert counseling to military families
      F,W,Z                                                                              benefits. 11.4% R,Q,P                                                              and veterans suffering financial hardships resulting from combat service
11451 Angel Flight for Veterans (800)296-1217 www.angelflightveterans.                                                                                                      or wounds in Afghanistan or Iraq. 9.7% P,F,T
                                                                                   12282 Landstuhl Hospital Care Project (540)286-1512 www.landstuhl
      org EIN#541851770 Facilitating no-cost/reduced rate patient travel                                                                                              20652 Veterans Airlift Command (952)582-2911 www.veteransairlift.org
                                                                                         hospitalcareproject.org EIN#753185497 Serving America’s largest
      services to veteran/active duty military personnel/family members                                                                                                     EIN#204567769 Free air transportation to wounded warriors, veterans
                                                                                         overseas U.S. Military Hospital, we support wounded/injured military
      enabling access to distant medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment,                                                                                                  and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through
                                                                                         members hospitalized overseas in Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany and                    national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. 3.6% P,E,W
      rehabilitation. 11.1% P,W,E
                                                                                         Kuwait, and U.S. VA hospitals. 1.9% E,P,Z
11993 Any Soldier Inc. (866)639-6596 www.anysoldier.com EIN#201240385                                                                                                 10511 Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation (816)968-1128 www.vfw
      Your resource for supporting the troops in harm’s way. We provide all        10507 Marine Corps — Law Enforcement Foundation (877)606-1775                            foundation.org EIN#431758998 Help prevent American combat troops
      you need; Who to send to, What and How to send it. 14.9% P,W,Z                     www.mc-lef.org EIN#223357410 Scholarship bonds provided to the                     from losing their homes and ensure they call their families for free. VA
                                                                                         children of Marines, Federal Law Enforcement who die on active duty;               claims assistance also provided. All services free! 11.6% T,P,O
11333 Armed Forces Family Survivors Fund (Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund)                   possible medical assistance for eligible children of Marines. 4.3% B,Y,Z
      (800)340-HERO www.fallenheroesfund.org EIN#200366717 Also                                                                                                       12412 Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children (800)424-
      called Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, operates programs benefiting             10195 Marine Corps League Foundation Inc (800)625-1775 www.mcl                           8360 www.vfwnationalhome.org EIN#381359597 A full-time
      military personnel severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and their              foundation.org EIN#541537899 We provide scholarships, youth                        residential home for children whose active duty military or military
      families, fostering a family healing process. 2.8% P,E,Z                           programs, disaster relief and humanitarian aid to Marine Corps families            veteran parents are deployed, disabled, or otherwise unable to care for
                                                                                         in need. We also provide Veterans facilities assistance. 6.6% O,Y,P                them. 25.5% O,P,W
11281 Armed Forces Veterans Homes Foundation (301)899-8386
      www.vethomesfoundation.org EIN#521993760 Helping America’s                   11284 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (866)496-5462 www.                       11324 Veterans Support Foundation (Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund
      wounded warriors from all generations and all wars overcome                        mcsf.org EIN#221905062 Honor Marines by educating their children.                  Inc) (301)585-4000 www.veteranssupportfoundation.org EIN#133648
      challenges of disabilities and aging with quality long-term care at 147            Support scholarships for the children of current/former/deceased                   561 Vietnam vets who care for needy and disabled veterans of all eras.
      State Veterans Homes. 12.2% E,L,P                                                  Marines to pursue a college or vo-tech education. 32.9% B,O,T                      Own and manage houses for homeless veterans and fund health and
11085 Armed Services YMCA of the USA (800)597-1260 www.asymca.org                  11308 Marine Corps University Foundation (888)368-5341 www.mcuf.org                      recreation programs. 32.9% B,L,W
      EIN#911883466 Support families of junior enlisted men and women-                   EIN#541143646 Ensuring Marines are “Armed with Insight.” We give             11350 Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation
      many have been deployed 5 of the last 8 years! 150 programs, including             Marines the tools to excel by providing resources that enhance and                 (800)222-2294 www.womensmemorial.org EIN#521513535 We
      childcare, family separation counseling. 11.4% P,O,S                               enrich professional military education and leadership. 352.7% B,Q,Z                operate and maintain the only major national memorial and education
10512 Astronauts Memorial Foundation (The Astronauts Memorial                      11957 Military Chaplains Association of the USA (703)533-5890                            center honoring all American servicewomen throughout history and
      Foundation Inc) (321)452-2887 www.amfcse.org EIN#592637266 In                      www.mca-usa.org EIN#530204613 Chaplains give spiritual care to our                 educate the public about women’s service. 31.4% A,B,W
      honor of our fallen U.S. astronauts, AMF implements innovative space-              Troops in “harm’s way.” Help us speak for chaplaincy, care for               11450 Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund (Air Warrior Courage
      related technology training programs for educators nationwide; built               chaplains, and extend their ministries beyond the battlefield. 11.6%               Foundation) (540)636-9798 www.airwarriorcourage.org/ EIN#770490
      and maintains the Space Mirror Memorial. 16.4% B,U,O                               X,W,P                                                                              412 Honor our warriors! We provide rehabilitation activities at Brooke
11282 Blinded American Veterans Foundation (800)242-0161 www.                      10261 Military Child Education Coalition (254)953-1923 www.military                      and Walter Reed AMC’s, and starter IRS 529 College Savings Plans for
      bavf.org EIN#521419400 Helping blinded and sensory disabled                        child.org EIN#742889416 MCEC is a world-wide organization                          dependents of aircrews KIA. 2.7% P,W,T
      veterans attain their maximum potential through research, rehabilitation,          committed to helping over 2 million military-connected youth through         11954 Young Marines (800)717-0060 www.youngmarines.com EIN#382346
      reemployment services. Free sensory aids lead to greater mobility and              quality educational opportunities, advocacy, professional development,             425 We strengthen the lives of America’s youth by teaching the
      independence. 8.7% E,J,Z                                                           resources, research, and deployment issues. 15.0% B,O,W                            importance of self-confidence, academic achievement, honoring
10513 Blinded Veterans Association (800)669-7079 www.bva.org EIN#530               11365 Military Family Association, National (800)260-0218 www.                           veterans and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. 14.9% O,S,N
      214281 Congressionally chartered to serve blinded veterans. Enhances               militaryfamily.org EIN#520899384 Protects benefits of military spouses
      employment opportunities, assists in procuring benefits offered by                 and children, including those of deployed, wounded and fallen
      public and private agencies, provides educational information and                  servicemembers, and prepares families to tackle challenges of military
      scholarships. 31.8% E,J,P                                                          life. 7.6% W,O,R

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
                                                                                                                                                                      11965 Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute (858)527-1860 www.
Wild Animals Worldwide Federation and                                             22344 Academy Women (650)868-2285 www.academywomen.org EIN#421
                                                                                        697594 Every woman who serves her country should be fully prepared.                 fvsai.org EIN#752401334 Rape and violence in our communities.
Member Organizations                                                                    We’re empowering women military officers and veterans to achieve
                                                                                        their highest potential and work-life balance. 6.1% J,R,W
                                                                                                                                                                            Women, children, and elders abused at home. Help us provide programs
                                                                                                                                                                            and services! Together, we can help families heal! 3.3% I,P,V
81979 Wild Animals Worldwide (866)439-0989 www.savewildanimals.org
      EIN#208774272 Protect endangered animals and their habitats. Provide        11297 ACNM Foundation, Inc. (240)485-1850 www.midwife.org EIN#136                   11662 Family Violence Prevention Fund (415)252-8900 www.endabuse.org
      sanctuary for rescued and threatened species. Keep oceans and rivers              227462 Promoting excellence in health care for women, infants and                   EIN#943110973 Ending violence against women and children through
      safe and thriving. Defend the “wild” in wildlife! 0.0% D,C,Z                      families through the support of midwifery. Midwives provide quality,                programs that promote respect, educate the public, and protect children.
                                                                                        personalized care, making birth a joyful experience. 47.7% E,B,T                    FVPF trains judges, physicians, policymakers, and leaders
11800 Alaska Wilderness League (202)544-5205 www.alaskawild.org                                                                                                             internationally. 12.8% R,O,S
      EIN#521814742 Alaska’s wild places are under attack! Please help the        10501 Adoptions by Cradle of Hope (Cradle of Hope Adoption Center Inc)
      only DC-based group dedicated full-time to protecting wilderness-                 (301)587-4400 www.cradlehope.org EIN#521729434 Help an                        10498 Feed My Hungry Children (602)241-2873 www.feedmhc.org
      quality lands and waters in Alaska. 34.4% C,D,W                                   abandoned child! We provide adoption services and support to children               EIN#810455105 America’s Children malnourished; going to bed
                                                                                        who are waiting for permanent, loving families. 22.3% P,O,Q                         hungry. Families without Food. Millions of pounds food thrown away.
10466 Ape and Monkey Rescue and Sanctuaries (International Primate
      Protection League) (843)871-2280 www.ippl.org EIN#510194013                 11659 Air Ambulance Angels (Air Compassion America) (866)270-9198                         Help us save the food and feed the children. 2.0% K,E,C
      Tracks down smugglers and exposes black markets that are decimating               www.aircompassionamerica.org EIN#542045759 Enabling life-saving               11663 Feeding Hungry Children International (909)793-2009 www.
      the last remaining primates, funds overseas rescue centers and operates           discounted emergency air transportation by working on behalf of                     feedinghungrychildren.net EIN#330824713 You can save a child from
      a sanctuary for rescued gibbons. 12.0% D,C,Q                                      patients and patient families in times of crisis. 11.6% E,M,P                       starvation. Help us provide crucial food and care to suffering children
10473 Born Free USA, United with Animal Protection Institute (800)348-            90377 Alhambra Charity Fund (Order of the Alhambra Special Fund)                          in Haiti, Mexico, other countries, and the USA. 1.0% K,P,X
      7387 www.bornfreeusa.org EIN#946187633 They count on us:                          (800)478-2946 www.orderalhambra.org EIN#521571850 Makes life                  10499 Feminists for Life of America (703)836-3354 www.feministsfor
      barbarically trapped furbearers, monkeys sold as pets, wild animals               better for developmentally disabled persons. Provides education/training
                                                                                        scholarships, counseling tools, structured housing, camps, recreation,              life.org EIN#363519056 Dedicated to systematically eliminating the
      caged for entertainment, endangered species fighting extinction. Can                                                                                                  root causes that drive women to abortion - primarily lack of practical
      we count on you? 33.5% D,Z                                                        socialization, etc., optimizing critical learning skills for independence.
                                                                                        8.1% F,E,L                                                                          resources and support - through holistic, woman-centered solutions.
12164 Cheetah Conservation Fund (866)909-3399 www.cheetah.org                                                                                                               18.8% B,R,E
      EIN#311726923 The world’s fastest land animal is losing its race for        11319 American Association of University Women, Inc. (202)785-7700
                                                                                        www.aauw.org EIN#526037388 AAUW breaks through educational                    11208 Foundation for Women’s Health (847)517-7402 www.acwhp.org
      survival. Please join us in saving the wild cheetah -and its wilderness                                                                                               EIN#522016949 Improving the quality of women’s healthcare by
      habitat- from extinction. 23.9% D,B,C                                             and economic barriers for women and girls, through programs,
                                                                                        education, research, and leadership development to foster equity and                training physicians and changing policy to recognize women’s
11249 Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (800)851-0203 www.gorillafund.org                        positive societal change. 15.2% B,T,R                                               differences and unique medical needs. 52.9% E,B,P
      EIN#521118866 Saving gorillas and their habitats through anti-
      poaching patrols, technical assistance and capacity building. Our work      11962 Americans Helping Americans (888)242-5026 www.helping                         10491 Giving Hope International (714)523-4454 www.ghint.org EIN#030
      also supports local communities thru education, health-services and               americans.org EIN#541594577 Fighting national poverty by aiding                     437935 Caring for the forgotten and homeless by name. We rescue
      clean-water initiatives. 11.1% D,S,C                                              needy Appalachian and urban Americans; providing low-income                         women and children from life-threatening crisis, providing surgery,
                                                                                        families, elderly, domestic violence victims with basic needs, support              medicine, transportation and nutrition locally/worldwide. 0.1% M,E,K
10470 Elephant Sanctuary (The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee) (931)796-                services and affordable housing. 8.5% L,K,P
      6500 www.elephants.com EIN#621587327 The nation’s largest natural                                                                                               10492 Global Fund for Women (415)248-4800 www.globalfundfor
      habitat refuge for endangered elephants rescued from circuses and zoos.     11416 Americans United for Life (202)289-1478 www.aul.org EIN#363906                      women.org EIN#770155782 Invest in women worldwide! Making
      Improving elephant lives through sanctuary, education, research and               065 AUL works defending human life! Help ensure that every human                    grants to women-led organizations in 169 countries promoting economic
      overseas assistance. 4.5% D,B,H                                                   being is welcomed in life and protected in law through education,                   independence, health, safety, education and leadership of women and
                                                                                        legislation, and litigation. 26.3% E,P,W                                            girls. 18.5% P,R,T
85207 Gorilla Foundation (800)634-6273 www.gorilla.org EIN#942386151
      Save gorillas from extinction. Combat bushmeat trade through                89764 Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations                 10502 Guttmacher Institute (212)248-1111 www.guttmacher.org EIN#132
      education, field research, support of gorilla orphans. Help Koko the              (877)263-2620 www.amecoinc.org EIN#061422982 If your child went                     890727 Advances sexual and reproductive health worldwide through
      gorilla inspire empathy through interspecies communication. 27.8%                 missing, where would you turn? Our network of organizations helps                   cutting-edge research and advocacy, ultimately helping people make
      D,U,B                                                                             find missing and exploited children, reuniting them with their families.            free and informed decisions regarding sexuality, relationships and
                                                                                        8.2% I,O,Y                                                                          family formation. 18.3% V,E,W
11899 HawkWatch International (800)726-4295 www.hawkwatch.org
      EIN#850358519 Conserving raptors (birds of prey) and our shared             10506 Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (202)293-1100                    11084 Help the Children (877)264-2243 www.helpthechildren.org EIN#954
      environment: We protect birds of prey for future generations through              www.bpwfoundation.org EIN#530237067 As women veterans return                        669871 Help us alleviate childhood hunger and suffering. We provide
      monitoring and scientific research of ecosystem health. 20.4% C,D,B               home they find their world turned upside-down. From family problems                 food, clothing, medicine, and medical care to needy children in the U.S.
                                                                                        to finding a job, they need support. Help us, help them. 39.4% J,R,W                and around the world. 0.3% K,M,E
11791 International Crane Foundation, Inc. (608)356-9462 www.saving
      cranes.org EIN#391187711 Eleven of the 15 crane species are                 11207 Catholics for Choice (202)986-6093 www.catholicsforchoice.org                 11966 HOMEBUILDERS Family Counseling (Institute for Family
      threatened with extinction. Protecting fragile wetland and grassland              EIN#521154418 Works worldwide to ensure accessible, safe and                        Development) (253)874-3630 www.institutefamily.org EIN#911158
      ecosystems benefits cranes, people and the diversity of life. 9.0% C,D,B          affordable reproductive healthcare services by advancing an ethical                 512 Keep children safe and families together! Help support in-home
                                                                                        perspective in support of women’s sexual and reproductive rights. 7.8%              family crisis counseling and prevent broken homes, child abuse, neglect,
11020 International Elephant Foundation (817)237-9034 www.elephant                      R,X,W
      conservation.org EIN#752815706 Dedicated to preserving elephants by                                                                                                   and domestic violence. Help families thrive. 11.9% P,F,O
      providing resources including funds, equipment and expertise to support     10497 Center for Reproductive Rights (917)637-3600 www.reproductive                 10208 Institute for Women’s Policy Research (202)785-5100 www.iwpr.org
      elephant conservation and habitat protection programs in Africa, Asia             rights.org EIN#133669731 Promote and defend women’s reproductive
                                                                                        freedom. Safeguard women’s health. We use the law in the U.S. and                   EIN#521549572 Equal pay. Affordable child care. Discrimination.
      and worldwide. 10.8% D,C,S                                                                                                                                            These are issues faced by women daily. Our research exposes these
                                                                                        globally to ensure women’s dignity, equality, and self-determination.
42511 International Rhino Foundation (540)465-9595 www.rhinos-irf.org                   23.7% R,E,W                                                                         issues for the public and elected officials nationwide. 9.4% R,P,V
      EIN#752395006 Brutally slaughtered by poachers for their horns, rhinos                                                                                          99306 International Center for Research on Women (202)742-1261
      are facing extinction the world over. Help us protect and conserve these    11963 Center for Women Policy Studies (202)872-1770 www.centerwomen
      magnificent prehistoric animals. 13.4% D,C,S                                      policy.org EIN#520962100 Promoting justice and equality for women                   www.icrw.org EIN#521081455 Advances gender equality, fights
                                                                                        by researching policy options for federal/state policy makers on AIDS,              poverty, conducts empirical research, builds capacity and advocates for
87744 International Snow Leopard Trust (206)632-2421 www.snow                           violence, welfare, workplace diversity, reproductive rights, and health.            evidence-based practical changes to policies and programs in the
      leopard.org EIN#911144119 Protecting the endangered wild snow                     15.9% R,V,W                                                                         developing world. 18.5% R,V,W
      leopard and its habitat by partnering with local communities and rural
      herders who share its mountain home. 10.3% D,P,C                            11995 Child Abuse, Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Center                   66353 Ipas (800)334-8446 www.ipas.org EIN#561071085 Women are dying
                                                                                        (FaithTrust Institute) (206)634-1903 www.cpsdv.org EIN#911031362                    from unsafe abortions. Families broken, sisters, mothers, daughters lost.
10467 Marine Mammal Center (415)289-SEAL www.marinemammal                               Children are being abused everyday. Families are in crisis. Help end                Help us give these women access to safe abortion care. 16.3% R,E,P
      center.org EIN#510144434 Orphaned, injured and sick dolphins, sea                 child abuse and sexual and domestic violence, keeping families safe and
      lions, seals and porpoises are rescued, rehabilitated and released back                                                                                         12534 Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund (Jeannette Rankin
                                                                                        building healthy futures. 18.7% F,P,X                                               Foundation, Inc.) (706)208-1211 www.rankinfoundation.org
      into the oceans. Saved over 15,000 animals since 1975. 14.3% D,B,C
                                                                                  11212 Child Family Health International (415)957-9000 www.cfhi.org                        EIN#581273122 Helping women to change their lives through
64510 Pandas International (303)933-2365 www.pandainternational.org                                                                                                         education. Awarding scholarships to low-income women 35 and older,
                                                                                        EIN#943145385 Life-saving medical assistance where and when most
      EIN#841544557 Saving the Giant Panda from Extinction. Only 1,600                                                                                                      transforming lives, eradicating poverty for women and families. 8.3%
                                                                                        needed. Utilizing healthcare supplies to save women’s and children’s
      left we must act now, providing medical equipment, supplies and
                                                                                        lives. Providing sustainable, targeted support to underserved                       B,J,W
      formula to Panda Centers in China. 15.5% D
                                                                                        communities. 4.8% E,O,Q                                                       12264 KaBoom (202)659-0215 www.kaboom.org EIN#521970904 Building
24077 Polar Bears International (813)335-3585 www.polarbearsinter
      national.org EIN#770322706 Two-thirds of the polar bears will be lost       12223 Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Protection Center (Stop It Now!)                     safe places for kids and families. Transforming vacant, even derelict
      by mid-century due to the alarming loss of Arctic sea ice. Please help us         (413)587-3500 www.stopitnow.org EIN#043150129 Child sexual abuse                    and dangerous, land into safe, healthy playgrounds where children can
      save them. 11.0% D,C,O                                                            harms millions each year. Victims and families suffer silently with                 grown, learn, and play. 12.9% P,S,O
                                                                                        lifelong impacts. Prevent abuse before another child is harmed. Stop It
11793 Refuges for All Wildlife (National Wildbird Refuge) (225)655-4674                 Now! 18.7% P,F,I                                                              10494 Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International (800)467-6997
      www.985computing.com/swallow EIN#721207086 Our refuges                                                                                                                www.kidpower.org EIN#770226712 Stop bullying, abuse, assault and
      provide safe habitat for all wild birds and animals. They need your help    12532 Children At Risk Intervention Fund (909)793-2009 www.childrenat                     abduction. Help people of different ages and abilities learn and practice
      to defend their fragile ecosystems, migration routes and flyways. 7.0%            riskinterventionfund.org EIN#810563923 Your gifts support efforts to                personal safety, self-protection, confidence and advocacy skills. 5.5%
      D,C,B                                                                             rescue, protect, and give hope to the weakest among us- children                    O,R,W
                                                                                        abandoned, abused, abducted, victims of pornography and sex
36492 Save The Chimps (772)429-2225 www.savethechimps.org EIN#650                       trafficking. 0.9% F,R,X                                                       10495 La Leche League International (847)519-7730 www.llli.org EIN#362
      789748 Save the Chimps’ mission is to provide permanent sanctuary                                                                                                     514518 Assists mothers to breastfeed through mother-to-mother
      for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories,    10902 Children’s Compassion Fund (The Faith and Freedom Network)                          support, education, information, and encouragement; promotes
      entertainment and the pet trade. 24.0% D                                          (909)793-2009 www.childrenscompassionfund.org EIN#420894479                         breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of
                                                                                        Change a child’s future! Rescue abandoned and special needs children.               baby and mother. 34.3% K,E,P
20422 Save the Manatee Club, Inc. (800)432-5646 www.savethemanatee.org                  Help provide food, shelter, education, special surgeries and medicines,
      EIN#593131709 Advocating for manatee and habitat protection.                      loving care, a chance for adoption. 4.8% E,K,X                                10490 Legal Aid & Defender Association; Serving the Legal Needs of Low-
      Promoting public awareness and education; sponsoring research and                                                                                                     Income Communities (National Legal Aid & Defender Association)
      rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts; Join Jimmy Buffett, Save the   11964 Children’s Emergency Medical Fund (602)241-2873 www.cemfund.
                                                                                        org EIN#861004356 Saving Children’s Lives. Meeting the desperate                    (202)452-0620 www.nlada.org EIN#362337880 Low-income women,
      Manatee! 19.1% C,Z,D                                                                                                                                                  children and families struggle for healthcare, housing, education and
                                                                                        emergency medical needs of hurting and suffering children. Providing
11326 Trustees for Alaska (907)276-4244 www.trustees.org EIN#926010379                  fresh fruits and vegetables to malnourished starving children. 0.5%                 access to justice. Advocate for fairness and equality. Make justice for all
      Working to protect Alaska’s pristine habitat and diverse wildlife                 E,K,G                                                                               a reality. 24.1% R,S,I
      threatened by increased development and climate change. Help us                                                                                                 11217 Legal Momentum (212)925-6635 www.legalmomentum.org
      preserve Alaska’s unique treasures for future generations! 30.4% C,W,D      12283 Christmas Spirit Foundation (636)449-5060 www.christmasspirit
                                                                                        foundation.org EIN#203361126 Christmas Spirit Foundation supports                   EIN#237085442 Help women define their own goals and success! We
10402 Wild Salmon Center (503)222-1804 www.wildsalmoncenter.org                         kids, families and the environment. Our Trees for Troops program has                advance the rights of women and girls by using the law and creating
      EIN#943166095 Conserving wild salmon and its ecosystems of the                    provided over 50,000 real Christmas trees to military families. 2.1%                innovative public policy. 21.0% R,J,I
      North Pacific. Protecting coastal watersheds and free-flowing salmon              O,P,T                                                                         12158 MADRE, Inc. (212)627-0444 www.madre.org EIN#133280194 Rape,
      rivers essential to the species and our future generations. 12.8% C,D,U                                                                                               abduction, death threats and ‘honor killings’ of women. Gender-based
                                                                                  12188 Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (212)643-9895 www.
80226 WildAid, Inc. (415)834-3174 www.wildaid.org EIN#203644441 Every                   catwinternational.org EIN#223032134 Human trafficking destroys                      violence is rising internationally. Women and their children need
      year thousands of endangered animals are killed for their skins, ivory,           lives, especially those of women and children who are sexually                      protection and justice. Please help. 9.6% R,I,Q
      fins, and other body parts. Help us end illegal wildlife-trade within our         exploited. Support our efforts to combat sexual exploitation and promote
      lifetimes! 13.2% D,C,W                                                                                                                                          11568 Martin Luther King Jr. Poor People’s Church of Love (404)755-
                                                                                        human rights. 20.0% R,I,Q                                                           3353 www.hoseafeedthehungry.com EIN#581340903 Children dying
11097 WildCare (415)453-1000 www.wildcarebayarea.org EIN#510172331                11213 Delta Research and Educational Foundation (202)347-1337                             from malnutrition. People sleeping in inhumane condition. Mothers
      Showing people how to coexist with wildlife; offering practical,                  www.deltafoundation.net EIN#521338072 Research and educational                      separated from children in shelters. Children sold into child prostitution.
      respectful and humane solutions in a complete range of programs,                  programs support the socioeconomic empowerment of African                           Help us save these people. 22.1% P,K,L
      including a wildlife hospital and hotline. 21.8% D,B,C                            American women and their families. Empowerment programs impacting
                                                                                                                                                                      11214 Men Can Stop Rape (202)265-6530 www.mencanstoprape.org
10404 Wildlands Network (Wild Earth Society) (877)434-5234 www.                         more than 45,000 women and families. 14.1% T,O,W
                                                                                                                                                                            EIN#522007652 Mobilizing male youth to prevent violence against
      wildlandsnetwork.org EIN#161402497 Wildlands Network represents             11210 Domestic Violence Protection & Prevention Coalition (National                       women. We inspire young men to role model healthy masculinity, form
      networks of people protecting networks of land. Our focus is to restore,          Coalition Against Domestic Violence) (303)839-1852 www.ncadv.org                    respectful relationships, and build stronger, safer communities. 22.9%
      protect and connect North America’s best wild places. 14.0% D,C,W                 EIN#911081344 Stop domestic violence! Help save victims of abuse                    O,B,S
10976 Wolf Center, International (800)ELY-WOLF www.wolf.org EIN#41                      and their children from further injury or murder by helping us spread
                                                                                        awareness about peaceful solutions. 27.4% R,E,M                               11320 Ms. Foundation for Women (212)742-2300 www.ms.foundation.org
      1543539 Increasing knowledge, inspiring concern, and advancing the
                                                                                                                                                                            EIN#237252609 Champions an equitable society and effects social
      survival of wolves and wild lands around the world. 13.6% D,C,B             11660 Educate the Children (607)272-1176 www.etc-nepal.org EIN#161                        change in the areas of Women’s Health, Women’s Economic Security,
                                                                                        383981 Empower women and children to overcome poverty, hunger                       Ending Violence Against Women and Strengthening Democracy. 21.7%
                                                                                        and illness. Scholarships, school repair, adult literacy and small start-up         R,O,I
                                                                                        loans. Women/children of Nepal need you. 28.3% S,O,K
                                                                                                                                                                      12538 NASW Foundation: Social Workers Helping Communities (NASW
Women, Children, and Family Service                                               11661 Educational and Research Foundation for the American Academy
                                                                                        of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (703)299-9291
                                                                                                                                                                            Foundation Inc., The) (202)408-8600 www.naswfoundation.org
                                                                                                                                                                            EIN#136128093 Social workers are vital to helping people in crisis.
Charities of America Federation and                                                     www.aafprs.org EIN#362952891 In U.S. we offer pro bono surgery to
                                                                                        domestic violence survivors who have healed emotionally but scarred
                                                                                                                                                                            Proper training and preparation enables them to care for those in need
                                                                                                                                                                            and improve their lives. 18.9% P,V,W
Member Organizations                                                                    physically. Internationally we assist individuals with facial deformities.
                                                                                        14.1% E,G,F                                                                   10496 National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
11960 Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America                                                                                                              (202)478-8500 www.thenationcalcampaign.org EIN#521974611 By
      (800)626-6481 www.womenandchildren.org EIN#943193386 Creating               11400 End Violence Against Women International (END VIOLENCE
                                                                                        AGAINST WOMEN - EVAW INTERNATIONAL) (509)684-9800                                   preventing teen and unplanned pregnancy, we can reduce poverty, child
      a better world by constructively addressing gender based discrimination,
      domestic violence, reproductive choices, family-work conflicts,                   www.evawintl.org EIN#753095110 Victims of sexual assault, domestic                  abuse and neglect, and father-absence, and improve academic
      caregiver support, and childhood education, hunger and health. 5.6%               violence, and stalking need first responders to be compassionate and                achievement, child health, and workforce preparation. 38.8% O,E,W
      R,O,K                                                                             well-trained. Help us make sure they are. 17.3% I,W,R                         11211 National Domestic Violence Hotline (National Council on Family
10500 Abortion Access Project (617)661-1161 www.abortionaccess.org                11664 Families Do Better When They Know Better (National Council on                       Violence) (800)799-SAFE www.thehotline.org EIN#751658287 Help is
      EIN#043298538 To ensure that women nationwide have access to safe,                Family Relations) (888)781-9331 www.ncfr.org EIN#410762436                          available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. We provide crisis intervention
      humane abortion care by seeking to create and support innovative                  Creating strong, healthy families by bringing family practitioners, parent          and safety planning to victims traumatized by violence in all 50 states.
      responses to gaps in abortion access. 19.3% R,E,W                                 educators and researchers together to share knowledge and experience                www.thehotline.org 29.3% F,I,P
11658 Abortion Federation, National (NAF) (National Abortion Federation)                on how to raise happy, healthy families. 23.6% B,V,O                          12159 National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association
      (202)667-5881 www.prochoice.org EIN#431097957 Anti-abortion                 12487 Family Promise, Inc. (908)273-1100 www.familypromise.org EIN#52                     (202)293-3114 www.nationalfamilyplanning.org EIN#237323629
      threats, violence, and harassment do not stop our courageous members              1591461 Families are the fastest growing segment of America’s                       Helping people act responsibly, stay healthy and plan for strong families
      from providing quality, compassionate abortion care for women. 1.4%               homeless. We provide them with the support, tools and hope they need                through the expansion of access to counseling, education, contraception
      E,R,I                                                                             to turn their lives around. 19.6% L,P,S                                             and preventive health screenings. 15.1% E,R,W

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
11215 National Organization for Women Foundation (202)628-8669                     11944 Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (510)644-2555            10572 American Liver Foundation (800)GO-LIVER www.liverfoundation.
      www.nowfoundation.org EIN#521477004 Advances women’s rights                        www.dredf.org EIN#942620758 DREDF uses education, legal                           org EIN#362883000 The nation’s leading non-profit promoting liver
      and promotes the goals of equality through education, advocacy,                    advocacy, policy change and the media to fight prejudice and                      health and disease prevention. Provides research, education and
      litigation, networking, voter participation projects, global outreach,             discrimination against children and adults with disabilities. 13.1%               advocacy for those affected by liver disease, including hepatitis. 20.8%
      conferences, publications, training and leadership development. 11.5%              R,W,S                                                                             G,H,E
      R,W,O                                                                                                                                                          11998 American Lung Association (800)LUNG-USA www.lungusa.org
                                                                                   12355 Elderhostel (877)426-8056 www.elderhostel.org EIN#042632526
43306 National Women’s History Museum (703)461-1920 www.nwhm.org                         Elderhostel participants experience healthy aging through programs,               EIN#131632524 The American Lung Association’s work towards
      EIN#541801426 Women’s lives, achievements and contributions are                    conducted at educational and cultural institutions throughout the world,          fighting lung disease is realized through research, education programs,
      underrepresented in museums. Help us reclaim the invaluable and                    which promote mental and physical activity and social engagement.                 public awareness, smoking cessation and air pollution prevention.
      historic contributions of women in our nation’s history. 28.8% A,B,R               3.6% A,B,W                                                                        14.6% E,G,C
10486 National Women’s Law Center (202)588-5180 www.nwlc.org                       30339 Fighting Blindness (LRBT America Inc) (516)318-7688 www.                    10573 American Parkinson Disease Association (800)223-2732 www.apda
      EIN#521213010 Working to protect and advance legal rights of women                 lrbtamerica.org EIN#043330170 Raises funds to support LRBT to help                parkinson.org EIN#131962771 Dedicated to funding Parkinson’s
      and their families in education, employment, health and economic                   fight blindness and to promote access to free eye care for the                    research, providing comprehensive medical information, extensive
      security through litigation, advocacy and public education. 12.9% R,W,J            underserved in Pakistan. 18.5% E,T,P                                              public/professional education and support services. 29.5% G,E,T
11968 Nurturing Network (509)493-4026 www.nurturingnetwork.org                     61020 Help the Helpless (800)762-8857 www.helpthehelpless.org                     11237 Arthritis Foundation (800)283-7800 www.arthritis.org EIN#581
      EIN#222765918 Facing an unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming. We                    EIN#411878721 We provide care, education, and love to abandoned,                  341679 The Foundation helps people take greater control of their
      provide practical support a woman needs to nurture her child’s life and            handicapped, deaf, and poor children at St. Mary’s School’s and                   Arthritis by leading efforts to prevent, control and cure the nation’s
      make the most of hers too. 17.4% P,L,B                                             Orphanage thus breaking the cycle of poverty. 5.4% L,B,X                          number one cause of disability. 23.1% E,H,S
11321 Older Women’s League (800)825-3695 www.owl-national.org                      12343 Homes and Services for the Aging, American Association of                   12413 Autism Speaks (888)777-6227 www.autismspeaks.org EIN#202
      EIN#942686349 OWL is the only national grassroots membership                       (202)783-2242 www.aahsa.org EIN#136213525 AAHSA members                           329938 We fund biomedical research into the causes, prevention,
      organization to focus on issues important to midlife and older women.              help millions of individuals and their families daily, providing aging            treatments and cure for autism spectrum disorders; increase awareness;
      We advocate for equality and health care! 9.5% R,F,E                               services people need, when they need them, in the place they call home.           and advocate for the needs of affected families. 25.8% H,G,P
97488 Pathfinder International (617)924-7200 www.pathfind.org EIN#530                    10.6% R,B,L                                                                 11974 Breast Cancer Network of Strength (312)986-8338 www.network
      235320 Improves access to contraception and reproductive health care                                                                                                 ofstrength.org EIN#363049954 Provides emotional relief, information
      throughout the developing world so that people have the right and            12352 International Mission for the Disabled Inc. (International Mission
                                                                                         Association Inc) (718)353-3791 www.imdusa.org EIN#111320847                       and support to anyone touched by breast cancer through the YourShoes
      opportunity to lead healthy, prosperous lives. 10.8% E,Q,S                                                                                                           24/7 Support Center staffed by survivors with language interpretation
                                                                                         Provides outreach services to individuals with disabilities in developing
10488 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) (202)544-1034                       nations with medical equipment and advocates for global development               services. 29.6% E,W,G
      www.rainn.org EIN#521886511 Operates National Sexual Assault                       for neglected individuals. 22.0% E,Q,X                                      11999 Cancer Research Institute (800)992-2623 www.cancerresearch.org
      Hotlines. Free, 24-7 services help 120,000 people/year. Programs                                                                                                     EIN#131837442 Cancer Research Institute supports and coordinates
      prevent rape, help victims, put rapists in jail. Largest anti-rape           12114 Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind (267)927-0205 www.israel
                                                                                         guidedog.org EIN#232519029 We provide visually impaired Israelis                  scientific and clinical efforts that will lead to the immunological
      organization. 19.7% F,P,W                                                                                                                                            treatment, control, and prevention of cancer. 13.3% H,U,P
                                                                                         with the independence, mobility, self-confidence and companionship
11024 Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Educational Fund                       through a “Partnership” with a Guide Dog. Dogs are provided free.           10596 CaringBridge (651)452-7940 www.caringbridge.org EIN#421529394
      (202)628-7700 www.rcrc.org EIN#521213972 The national interfaith                   13.0% E,W,D                                                                       CaringBridge provides free websites that connect families and friends to
      coalition of mainstream religious organizations dedicated to ensuring                                                                                                share information, love and support during a serious health event,
      access to reproductive health care and achieving reproductive justice.       47669 Landmark College (802)387-4767 www.landmark.edu EIN#222586
                                                                                                                                                                           treatment and recovery. 17.0% E,P
      30.4% W,R,P                                                                        208 Landmark College provides accessible approaches to learning that
                                                                                         empower individuals with learning disabilities and AD/HD to exceed          24529 Children’s Heart Foundation, The (888)248-8140 www.Childrens
10244 Soroptimist International of the Americas (215)893-9000 www.                       their aspirations and to achieve their greatest potential. 40.1% B                HeartFoundation.org EIN#364077528 Funds the most promising
      soroptimist.org EIN#232154856 Soroptimist helps women and girls live                                                                                                 research to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of
      their dreams by giving them resources to create positive change for          45308 Medicare Rights Center (212)869-3850 www.medicarerights.org                       Congenital Heart Defects, the world’s most prevalent and deadly birth
      themselves, their families, their communities and the world. 8.5%                  EIN#133505372 Working to make health care accessible for older                    defect. 42.2% H,G,E
      W,S,Y                                                                              adults and people with disabilities through counseling, advocacy,
                                                                                         education, and policy initiatives. 12.2% E,P,W                              12197 Children’s Tumor Foundation (212)344-6633 www.ctf.org EIN#132
42278 Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (952)946-7998 www.save.org                                                                                                     298956 1-in-3,000 children suffer from Neurofibromatosis (NF), a
      EIN#411702239 Suicide is preventable, but often the warning signs go         13662 Mobility International USA (541)343-1284 www.miusa.org EIN#930                    genetic disorder that causes tumors throughout the body. CTF sponsors
      unnoticed. Through public awareness we can reach and treat those in                783096 Empowering people with disabilities around the world through               critical research, public awareness and patient support services. 17.4%
      trouble before it’s too late. 12.6% F,E,M                                          international exchange and international development to achieve their             G,H
19473 Voices and Faces Project (773)919-8128 www.voiceandfaces.org                       human rights. 9.8% R,W,Q
                                                                                                                                                                     11720 City of Hope (626)256-HOPE www.cityofhope.org EIN#953435919
      EIN#204656753 For too long rape and sexual abuse survivors were              12351 Move International (800)397-6683 www.move-international.org                       Internationally recognized innovative biomedical research, treatment
      shamed into silence. We’re empowering sexual assault survivors to                  EIN#943227458 Our program helps children and adults with severe                   and educational institution. Physicians/scientists dedicated to the
      share their stories and begin to heal. 6.2% R,P,F                                  motor disabilities achieve increased independence to sit, stand and walk.         prevention and cure of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and other life-
11665 Wider Opportunities for Women (202)464-1596 www.wow                                Working with people others give up on. 11.6% E,P,B                                threatening diseases. 10.8% H
      online.org EIN#520818450 More women then men are living in                   12349 National Organization on Disability (646)505-1191 www.nod.org               32697 Colon Cancer Alliance (202)434-8702 www.ccalliance.org EIN#860
      poverty. Support WOW’s fight for good jobs and economic security for               EIN#521238307 Successfully expanding the participation, contribution              947831 The Colon Cancer Alliance is dedicated to ending the suffering
      women and their families at every age. 4.4% J,O,R                                  of and attitude toward America’s 54 million men, women and children               of those affected by colorectal cancer through screening rates and
11666 Women Count! (Women In Dialogue) (215)848-1120 EIN#232979717                       with disabilities in all aspects of life. 15.3% W,P,R                             survivorship; education, support, research, advocacy. 35.8% E,P,R
      Women’s work has value that must be recognized, at the workplace and         12348 National Senior Citizens Law Center (202)289-6976 www.nsclc.org             10567 Cooley’s Anemia Foundation (212)279-8090 www.cooleysanemia.org
      at home. Help us count caregiving work in equal pay, childcare, Social             EIN#953132674 Rising health care costs and shrinking pensions make                EIN#111971539 CAF’s mission is advancing research to cure this fatal
      Security. 7.6% P,W,S                                                               older Americans increasingly vulnerable to poverty. We advocate for               blood disease. Enhancing the quality of life of patients, educating
11216 Women Thrive Worldwide (202)884-8396 www.womenthrive.org                           better Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security programs. 16.1% R,P,W               doctors, trait carriers and the public. 23.0% G,H,W
      EIN#522100597 Ending global poverty begins with women’s                      78446 Oasis Institute (314)862-2933 www.oasisnet.org EIN#431830354 The            11405 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (800)932-2423
      opportunity. We advocate for economic policies that support women                  US aging population is growing dramatically. OASIS promotes                       www.ccfa.org EIN#136193105 Working to improve the quality of life
      worldwide to end poverty in their lives, communities and nations. 15.1%            successful aging by engaging 367,000 older adults in educational, health          for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients and their families
      R,Q,B                                                                              and volunteer programs in 27 cities. 13.1% B,E,T                                  through medical research, supportive services and education. 20.2%
10918 Women, Children & Family Medical Relief Services (MedShare                   46413 Perkins School for the Blind (617)924-7328 www.perkins.org                        H,E,P
      International) (770)323-5858 www.medshare.org EIN#582433968                        EIN#042103616 Provides education and services promoting                     11406 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (800)FIGHT-CF www.cff.org EIN#131
      Improving medical care for poor women, children and families in                    advancement and independence for children and adults worldwide that               930701 Supports innovative research to control and cure Cystic Fibrosis.
      economically developing countries by donating unused surplus medical               are blind, deafblind or visually impaired with or without other                   Provides specialized medical care through a nationwide network of
      supplies and equipment recycled from U.S. hospitals. 3.4% E,Q,P                    disabilities. 16.7% B,P,J                                                         centers; offers pharmacy and other patient services. 12.2% P,H,E
11969 Women’s Funding Network (415)441-0706 www.womensfunding                      61905 Rehabilitation International (212)420-1500 www.riglobal.org                 12000 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (800)826-3632 www.
      network.org EIN#411685134 Empowering women creates a better
                                                                                         EIN#131624050 Advancing the rights and social inclusion of persons                dbsalliance.org EIN#363379124 Patient-directed organization focusing
      world for everyone. Our global philanthropic network invests in health,
      education, leadership, and economic security for women and girls.                  with disabilities worldwide, especially in developing countries where             on the most prevalent, life-threatening mental illnesses. The Mission -
      33.4% R,J,W                                                                        the world’s largest minority needs the most assistance. 16.2% R,S,E               “to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders.” 18.5%
                                                                                   21310 VisionSpring, Inc. (212)375-2599 www.visionspring.org EIN#311811                  F,G,P
14347 Women’s Health and Rights Agency, United Nations Population
      Fund (Americans for UNFPA Inc) (646)649-9100 www.americans                         558 Empowers micro-entrepreneurs to sell eyeglasses in economically         12198 Easter Seals (800)221-6827 www.easterseals.com EIN#362171729
      forunfpa.org EIN#133996346 Every minute a woman dies in childbirth                 underdeveloped countries. We improve people’s vision while creating               Easter Seals is the nation’s leading non-profit provider of rehabilitation
      somewhere in the world. Help us promote the health and rights of                   jobs. 33.8% Q,E,J                                                                 services to children and adults with disabilities as well as support to
      women and families. 33.0% E,R,Q                                                                                                                                      their families. 20.4% E,P
                                                                                   12345 World Institute on Disability (510)763-4100 www.wid.org EIN#942
10485 Women’s Health Network (202)682-2640 www.nwhn.org EIN#521                          911623 The World Institute on Disability works to eliminate barriers to     11407 Endometriosis Association (800)992-ENDO www.endometriosis
      081261 We improve women’s health by influencing national policy,                   full social integration and increase employment, economic security, and           assn.org EIN#391414754 Leading nonprofit providing education,
      linking activists nationally, and providing women with evidence-based,             health care for persons with disabilities. 22.6% R,S,J                            support, and groundbreaking research for families affected by
      unbiased health information. 26.3% E,W,R                                                                                                                             endometriosis, a painful chronic disease linked to six cancers and six
                                                                                                                                                                           autoimmune diseases. 27.3% G,H,E
10484 Women’s Health Research (The Society for Women’s Health
      Research) (202)223-8224 www.swhr.org EIN#521694732 Improving                                                                                                   10568 Epilepsy Foundation of America (800)213-5821 www.epilepsy
                                                                                                                                                                           foundation.org EIN#520856660 Formed in 1968, the Epilepsy
      women’s health through advocacy, education and research by advancing
      the study of differences between the sexes affecting the prevention,
                                                                                   Community Health Charities Federation                                                   Foundation works to prevent, control and cure epilepsy through services,
                                                                                                                                                                           education, advocacy and research. 24.5% E,G,P
      diagnosis and treatment of disease. 26.8% H,E,G                              and Member Organizations                                                          11238 Huntington’s Disease Society of America (800)345-HDSA www.
11295 Women’s Research & Education Institute (202)280-2720 www.                    12196 Community Health Charities (800)654-0845 www.healthcharities.org
      wrei.org EIN#521104895 Through our unique Women in the Military                                                                                                      hdsa.org EIN#133349872 Promote and support research for a cure; help
                                                                                         EIN#136167225 Nationwide partnership of America’s premier                         people and families affected by HD; and educate the public and health
      project and nationally recognized Fellowships on Capitol Hill, WREI                voluntary health organizations providing medical research, patient,
      promotes women’s equality. 2.7% R,Q,J                                                                                                                                care professionals about HD. 25.3% E
                                                                                         family and social services and public and professional education in your
97086 Youth For Christ Foundation (303)843-9000 www.yfc.org EIN#74                       community. 1.4% E,G,H                                                       10569 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (800)533-
      2527177 Here, and worldwide, we see young people becoming lifelong                                                                                                   CURE www.jdrf.org EIN#231907729 World’s largest charitable funder
                                                                                   11996 AIDS Research Foundation (amfAR) (The Foundation for AIDS                         of type 1 diabetes research. Mission: Find a cure for diabetes and its
      followers of Jesus Christ; the ones who will lead their nation into the
                                                                                         Research) (800)392-6327 www.amfar.org EIN#133163817 Supports                      complications through the support of research. 14.6% H,G,E
      future. 5.6% X,O,T
                                                                                         innovative AIDS research; educates patients, doctors and the public
                                                                                         about HIV treatment/prevention; works to protect the rights of all people   11239 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The (914)949-5213 www.lls.org
                                                                                         affected by HIV/AIDS. 15.0% H,G                                                   EIN#135644916 Seeks cures for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s
                                                                                                                                                                           disease and myeloma, and improved quality of life for patients and
                                                                                   11997 ALS Association, The (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association)                  families through research, patient-aid, education, advocacy and services.
Aging and Disabilities Charities of                                                      (818)880-9007 www.alsa.org EIN#133271855 The ALS Association                      24.9% G,H,E
                                                                                         leads the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease through research, advocacy
America Federation and Member                                                            and compassionate care and support of people with ALS and their
                                                                                                                                                                     10566 Lupus Foundation of America (800)558-0121 www.lupus.org
                                                                                                                                                                           EIN#431131436 The nation’s leading nonprofit health organization
                                                                                         families. 26.8% G,H
Organizations                                                                      11234 Alzheimer’s Association (Alzheimers Disease and Related Disorders
                                                                                                                                                                           dedicated to finding the cure for lupus and to providing support and
                                                                                                                                                                           services to all people affected by lupus. 26.3% H,G,P
12555 Aging and Disabilities Charities of America (978)712-4122                          Association Inc) (800)272-3900 www.alz.org EIN#133039601 To
      www.aging-disabilities.org EIN#205300189 The elderly and disabled                                                                                              11408 March of Dimes Foundation (888)MODIMES www.marchofdimes.
                                                                                         eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through research advancements;                      com EIN#131846366 The March of Dimes Foundation’s mission is to
      are among our most vulnerable. Help support organizations that protect             enhancing care and support for all affected; and reducing the risk of
      our loved ones and enrich their lives. 5.7% E,P,G                                                                                                                    improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, prematurity
                                                                                         dementia by promoting brain health. 23.3% H,G,F                                   and infant mortality. 23.9% E,H,P
35499 Affordable Housing for All (RHF Foundation) (562)257-5100                    11403 AMC Cancer Research Center (800)321-1557 www.amc.org
      www.rhf.org EIN#912145934 Many economically disadvantaged                                                                                                      10564 Mental Health America (800)969-NMHA www.mentalhealth
                                                                                         EIN#840402535 Dedicated to raising cancer awareness and funds to                  america.net EIN#131614906 Mental Health America seeks to improve
      persons make desperate choices between paying rent and purchasing                  support outstanding programs in prevention, patient care, education,
      food or medications. We provide safe, decent, secure, affordable                                                                                                     the health and quality of life for nearly 70 million adults and children
                                                                                         counseling and research to benefit people across the nation. 20.0%                impacted by mental health problems annually. 17.6% F,E,R
      housing for those in-need. 3.6% L,P,W
12344 American School for the Deaf (860)570-2300 www.asd-1817.org                                                                                                    10561 Muscular Dystrophy Association (800)572-1717 www.mda.org
      EIN#060667600 Provides deaf and hard of hearing children, youth,             10570 American Cancer Society (800)ACS-2345 www.cancer.org EIN#131                      EIN#131665552 Fighting neuromuscular diseases through worldwide
      adults, and their families/caregivers with educational and support                 788491 We are accelerating progress against cancer in every community             research, a nationwide network of clinics offering comprehensive
      services on campus and through outreach activities. 9.5% B,P,J                     by saving lives, helping those touched by cancer, and empowering                  medical services, and far-reaching professional and public health
                                                                                         people to fight back against cancer. 19.4% E,G,H                                  education. 27.4% H,G,E
98614 Associated Services for the Blind Inc. (215)627-0600 www.asb.org
      EIN#231370508 ASB promotes self-esteem, independence, and self-              11235 American Diabetes Association (800)DIABETE www.diabetes.org                 11240 Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (800)541-5454
      determination among people who are blind or visually impaired through              EIN#131623888 Committed to finding a cure for diabetes, improving                 www.myasthenia.org EIN#135672224 MGFA works to discover the
      its programs and services and community action. 20.4% P,E,F                        care, and providing information and support to people with diabetes               cause and find treatments or a cure for MG, while providing education
                                                                                         through research, community programs and advocacy. 27.2% E,G,H                    and support to those living with the disease. 30.2% G,H
25435 Braille Press, National (617)266-6160 www.nbp.org EIN#042104740
      Only 20% of blind children learn to read and write. We promote early         10571 American Hearing Research Foundation (312)726-9670 www.                     10562 NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) (888)999-NAMI
      braille literacy and produce braille books for blind readers of all ages.          american-hearing.org EIN#362612784 The American Hearing Research                  www.nami.org EIN#431201653 The nation’s largest grassroots support,
      24.2% P,O,W                                                                        Foundation supports research and education concerned with the causes,             educational and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives
                                                                                         prevention, cure of deafness, impaired hearing and balance disorders. -           of those affected by severe mental illnesses. 24.0% F,P,R
30927 Carroll Center for the Blind (800)852-3131 www.carroll.org                         21.9% H,G,E
      EIN#042106173 Provides blind/visually impaired children and adults                                                                                             10563 National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (800)NCA-
      the skills to live an independent, self-sufficient life through education,   11236 American Heart Association (800)AHA-USA1 www.americanheart.                       CALL www.ncadd.org EIN#131664053 Fights the stigma and the
      rehabilitation, cane travel, computer/job training, etc. 19.1% P,J,E               org EIN#135613797 Largest non-profit supporter of cardiovascular                  disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions; provides education,
                                                                                         research. Heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases claim           information, help and hope to the public. 13.2% G
49454 Disability Rights Advocates (Disability Rights Advocates A Natl &                  more lives than the next 4 causes of death combined. 25.5% E,G,H
      Intl Ctr for Advncmt of People W) (510)665-8644 www.dralegal.org                                                                                               12001 National Headache Foundation (888)NHF-5552 www.headaches.org
      EIN#943189313 Advances rights of people with disabilities through            11404 American Kidney Fund (800)638-8299 www.kidneyfund.org                             EIN#237073022 National Headache Foundation offers resources,
      legal representation in high-impact advocacy that results in significant           EIN#237124261 The American Kidney Fund fights kidney disease                      research and relief-vital information, support groups, physician finder,
      improvements in healthcare, education, employment, transportation and              through direct financial support to patients in need; health education;           education, newsletter and outreach to headache sufferers, their families,
      recreation. 15.3% R,W,E                                                            and prevention efforts. 3.5% E,G,P                                                healthcare providers. 25.9% E,G,H

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
12002 National Hemophilia Foundation (800)42-HANDI www.hemophilia.                 27036 Community HIV AIDS Mobiliations for Power, Inc. (212)937-7955                  12039 Awana Clubs International (800)222-9262 www.awanainternational.
      org EIN#135641857 National Hemophilia Foundation is dedicated to                   www.champnetwork.org EIN#421593749 Help HIV-positive African                         org EIN#362428692 Training and equipping Christian leaders in over
      finding better treatments and cures for bleeding and clotting disorders            Americans obtain the treatment and support they are entitled to!                     100 countries to conduct programs that create hope by building an
      and to preventing complications through education, advocacy and                    CHAMP mobilizes community, activists, researchers, academics and                     enduring biblical faith in their nation’s children. 18.7% X,O,P
      research. 16.2% E,G,H                                                              policy advocates to get action. 20.9% R,S,E                                    10527 Baptist World Alliance (703)790-8980 www.bwanet.org EIN#530
11241 National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (800)338-8619              12321 DKT International Inc. (202)223-8780 www.dktinternational.org                        204667 Cares for hungry and homeless of the world, providing food,
      www.nhpco.org EIN#541096334 Largest national advocate for dying                    EIN#581593137 Providing couples locally and worldwide with safe                      medicine, encouragement, hope through Christ. Defends
      patients and their families. Dedicated to increasing awareness of, and             HIV/AIDS prevention options and family planning through social                       oppressed/persecuted people, promoting human rights/religious
      access to, quality hospice care and palliative care. 30.6% E,H,T                   marketing of contraceptives and information about safer sex. 2.0%                    freedom. 12.4% M,Q,K
                                                                                         E,V,W                                                                          10982 Bible League International (Bible League) (866)825-4636 www.Bible
12003 National Kidney Foundation (800)622-9010 www.kidney.org
      EIN#131673104 With nationwide programming, NKF provides                      11637 GAIA Vaccine Foundation (401)453-2068 www.gaiavaccine.org                            League.org EIN#362037761 Partnering with churches worldwide:
      scientific research, professional/public education, patient and                    EIN#050517471 Unwavering in our commitment to create a global                        providing Bibles to those who complete a Bible Study; empowering
      community services for 26-million Americans with chronic kidney                    “cross-strains” vaccine for AIDS - available and free worldwide. Until               Christians to lead people to Jesus and into a church fellowship. 22.8%
      disease and 20-million at risk. 24.0% E,G,H                                        we succeed, we support treatment and prevention globally. 16.4%                      X,S,W
                                                                                         B,H,U                                                                          12137 Biblica (Formerly International Bible Society) (Biblica US Inc)
11409 National Multiple Sclerosis Society (800)FIGHT-MS www.national
      mssociety.org EIN#135661935 Mobilizes people and resources to drive          12322 Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (415)461-7196 www.thegaia.org                        (888)286-6682 www.BiblicaMinistry.com EIN#841194554 Formerly
      research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by          EIN#943364364 Partners with community-based organizations in Sub-                    International Bible Society, we strive to transform lives through God’s
      multiple sclerosis. Join the Movement. 15.4% H,P,E                                 Saharan Africa to provide home-based HIV prevention and care, support                Word. We translate the Bible and globally distribute it to those seeking
                                                                                         to AIDS orphans and women’s empowerment initiatives. 13.3% X,E,P                     its hope. 22.5% X,P,O
11098 National Parkinson Foundation (800)327-4545 www.parkinson.org
      EIN#590968031 To improve the quality of care for people with                 42132 Housing Works, Inc. (347)473-7403 www.housingworks.org EIN#133                 11727 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (877)247-2426 www.billy
                                                                                         584089 Largest community-based AIDS service organization in the                      graham.org EIN#410692230 Offers hope of Christ around the world
      Parkinson disease through research, education and outreach. 23.5%
                                                                                         United States providing critical assistance to low-income individuals                through evangelistic Crusades, youth evangelism training, crisis
                                                                                         through advocacy, housing, health care, prevention, and training                     chaplaincy, coordinated nationwide outreaches and other ministries.
10214 National Psoriasis Foundation (800)723-9166 www.psoriasis.org                      services. 33.8% L,E,B                                                                18.2% X,M,W
      EIN#930571472 We lead the fight to cure psoriasis and psoriasis              67628 International AIDS Empowerment, Inc. (915)590-2118 www.                        11864 Blessings International (877)250-8101 www.blessing.org EIN#731
      arthritis, advocate for access to care and treatment, and train healthcare         internationalaids.org EIN#742967366 Saving lives is our daily mission.               130590 Giving hope to destitute children and adults by providing life-
      professionals, families and the public. 22.0% G,E,R                                The AIDS epidemic has affected millions of victims globally. Help us                 saving pharmaceuticals, vitamins, medical supplies for treating needy
10565 National Spinal Cord Injury Association (800)962-9629 www.                         assist families impacted by this tragic disease. 17.9% E,G,W                         patients in developing nations and U.S. clinics. 0.6% E,M,G
      spinalcord.org EIN#135662884 Enabling people with Spinal Cord                10797 International Women’s Health Coalition, Inc. (212)979-8500 www.                10528 Cadence International (800)396-6680 www.cadence.org EIN#846
      Injury to achieve the highest possible quality of life by providing                iwhc.org EIN#237378153 Promotes and protects the health and rights                   027655 Sharing the gospel and our lives internationally with military
      advocacy, education and resources, peer-support and free membership.               of women and girls worldwide. Informs, supports and advocates on                     communities providing Bible studies, counseling, retreats, family and
      61.4% G,R,Y                                                                        issues including sexuality, education, equality, and HIV/AIDS. 11.6%                 singles ministry, hospitality ministry, youth and children ministry.
11378 National Stroke Association (800)STROKES www.stroke.org                            E,W,R                                                                                19.8% X,O,P
      EIN#742317104 Dedicated to stroke prevention, improving the                  55058 Keep A Child Alive (718)965-1111 www.keepachildalive.org EIN#731               12040 Campus Crusade for Christ’s Great Commission Foundation (Great
      diagnosis and treatment of stroke, maximizing the recovery of stroke               682844 15 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Our mission                   Commision Foundation of Campus Crusade for Christ Inc) (800)444-
      survivors, and advocating on behalf of the stroke community. 22.4%                 and passion is to provide safe, nurturing environments with food, shelter,           6006 www.militaryministry.org EIN#952814920 Military Ministry
      G,E,P                                                                              education and healthcare. 10.1% L,O,S                                                provides “Faith in the Foxhole and Hope on the Home Front.” Christian
10607 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (877)272-6226 www.pancan.org                11886 Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation (415)581-7000 www.pgaf.org                            Embassy is a spiritual resource to world leaders in Washington, D.C.
      EIN#330841281 Nationwide network of people dedicated to working                    EIN#912167423 Works nonstop to broaden access and improve                            1.2% X,P,Q
      together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those           delivery of antiretroviral treatment and healthcare in developing              10983 Care Net (800)518-7909 www.care-net.org EIN#541382723 Saving
      afflicted by pancreatic cancer. 12.6% G,H,T                                        countries and to develop an effective and affordable HIV/AIDS vaccine.               lives, healing hearts, and ministering compassion through evangelistic
11410 Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (800)457-6676 www.pdf.org EIN#13                    57.9% E,G,H                                                                          ministry to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies and related
      1866796 A leading national presence in Parkinson’s disease research,         12337 Project Medishare for Haiti (305)762-6448 www.projectmedis                           sexual issues. 19.5% X,F,P
      patient education and advocacy. Funds promising scientific research and            hare.org EIN#650965848 Improves the health of Haitians by re-                  11086 Child Abuse Intervention Fund (909)793-2009 www.childabuse
      offers educational programs, referral and one-on-one advice services.              establishing their medical infrastructure. Training Haitian physicians,              interventionfund.org EIN#330457856 Helping abused children by
      13.9% H,G,E                                                                        nurses and health professionals. Provides supplies and equipment to                  bringing them hope and healing through crisis intervention, personal
                                                                                         rural clinics. 16.0% E,S,G                                                           counseling, support groups, legal aid, medical referrals, education, and
11354 Prevent Blindness America (National Society to Prevent Blindness)
      (800)331-2020 www.preventblindness.org EIN#363667121 The                     12335 Q Fund, Inc., The (303)304-7498 www.qfund.org/ EIN#931323840                         a national hotline. 0.6% F,R,P
      nation’s leading volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated            Builds highest standard community schools with love for vulnerable             11728 Childcare Worldwide (800)553-2328 www.childcareworldwide.org
      to fighting blindness and saving sight. 25.0% E,G,H                                children orphaned by AIDS in Africa, sustained by creating agri-                     EIN#953619910 Focuses on children’s survival and spiritual growth
                                                                                         businesses cottage industries for empowerment and self-reliance. 13.2%               through Christian character building while providing education that
11242 Research to Prevent Blindness (800)621-0026 www.rpbusa.org                         O,E,B
      EIN#131945117 Mobilizes financial resources to support scientific                                                                                                       leads to employment, empowering children to end the poverty cycle.
      research into the causes, cures and prevention of blinding diseases in its   12334 Scenarios USA Inc. (718)230-5125 www.scenariosusa.org EIN#134                        2.9% B,K,Q
      mission to preserve vision and restore sight. 27.8% H                              117469 Helping teens teach teens in underserved areas about healthy            10529 Children’s Christian Hunger Network (800)234-3903 www.childrens
                                                                                         choices - successfully reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS, teen                         hungernetwork.org EIN#431348499 Providing hurting and
10558 Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (410)528-1555 www.                      pregnancy, and bullying/violence throughout the world. 17.9% A,O,W                   underprivileged children in third world countries and America with life-
      sicklecelldisease.org EIN#237175985 Only national voluntary
                                                                                   12333 Treatment Action Group (TAG) (T A G Treatment Action Group Inc)                      saving food, clothing, housing, and Christian education. Restoring
      organization dedicated to addressing issues created by this inherited                                                                                                   children’s lives with love. 7.6% K,G,L
      condition. SCDAA provides public information, professional education,              (212)253-7922 www.treatmentactiongroup.org EIN#133624785
      advocacy, and supports research. 10.2% B,H,Y                                       Passionately dedicated to advocating for larger and more efficient public      10984 Children’s Food Fund/World Emergency Relief (World Emergency
                                                                                         and private research efforts globally to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. 7.3%              Relief) (888)484-4543 www.worldemergencyrelief.org EIN#954014
11243 SIDS Alliance/First Candle (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance                  E,G,W                                                                                743 Giving children a living chance through emergency relief, food,
      Inc) (800)221-7437 www.firstcandle.org EIN#521591162 A national                                                                                                         medical care, schools, orphanages, and micro economic assistance in
      voluntary health organization uniting parents, caregivers and researchers    12332 United States-Mexico Border Health Association (915)833-6450
                                                                                         www.usmbha.org EIN#742294294 Works to educate border                                 33 countries, including Native Americans. 3.0% K,E,P
      nationwide with government, business and community service groups to
                                                                                         communities about HIV/AIDS -improve access and utilization of                  11729 Children’s HopeChest (800)648-9575 www.hopechest.org EIN#330
      advance infant health and survival. 19.1% H,F,G
                                                                                         prevention services for those at risk on both sides of the border. 9.7%              430285 Provides emergency food, clean water, clothing, education,
10559 Spina Bifida Association of America (800)621-3141 www.spina                        S,R,P                                                                                discipleship, and other basic needs to thousand of orphan children in
      bifidaassociation.org EIN#581342181 Represents and advocates for                                                                                                        vulnerable situations overseas. 23.2% X,O,P
      people with spina bifida. Public health education, research, scholarships,
      conferences for children and adults with spina bifida, families and                                                                                               11730 Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (888)781-1585 www.chrf.org
      healthcare providers. 12.5% G                                                                                                                                           EIN#510168428 Nine million innocent children needlessly die before
10560 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (800)822-6344 www.stjude.              Christian Service Charities Federation                                                     age five! Help us provide millions of meals, healthcare, clean water,
                                                                                                                                                                              housing, education, God’s love and stop starvation. 1.9% K,P,M
      org EIN#620646012 Researches and treats pediatric catastrophic
      diseases - primarily childhood cancer. St. Jude covers all costs not paid
                                                                                   and Member Organizations                                                             12136 Christian Blind Mission International (800)937-2264 www.
      by insurance. Research findings are shared worldwide. 4.9% H,G,E             10171 Christian Service Charities (888)728-2762 www.christianservice                       cbmus.org EIN#362959883 Highly trusted international Christian
                                                                                         charities.org EIN#943193374 Christian charities you know and trust,                  development organizations with over 100 years of expertise serving 17
10615 Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Susan G Komen Breast Cancer                           working to overcome poverty, hunger, hopelessness, religious                         million people with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world.
      Foundation) (972)855-1600 www.komen.org EIN#751835298 Imagine                      persecution, abuse, disease, illiteracy, homelessness, addiction, broken             2.3% E,P,Q
      life without breast cancer. We can make it a reality by racing for the             families and separation from God. 3.2% X,W,T                                   12041 Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (800)875-6564
      cures and funding life-saving research and community health programs.
                                                                                   10978 A Child’s Hope Fund (888)291-6018 www.achildshopefund.org                            www.hopeforafamily.org EIN#431243999 Bringing hope to families in
      8.8% H,G,W                                                                                                                                                              developing countries through scholarships that help youth achieve
                                                                                         EIN#953976258 Fight cancer, diabetes, disease and hunger through
11411 Tourette Syndrome Association (888)486-8738 www.tsa-usa.org                        medical and food outreaches, health education, prevention and hospice,               educational goals, serve their communities and build a path out of
      EIN#237191992 The association is a national voluntary non-profit                   protecting children worldwide from illness, poverty, fear and abuse.                 poverty. 5.5% O,B,P
      organization dedicated to the treatment, control and cure for Tourette             0.6% E,K,M                                                                     60378 Christian Leadership Alliance (949)487-0900 www.christian
      Syndrome through education, research and service. 16.2% G,P,H                                                                                                           leadershipalliance.org EIN#953451239 Equips, empowers, strengthens
                                                                                   10525 Advocates International (703)894-1084 www.advocatesinternational.
                                                                                         org EIN#541646669 A global network linking advocates in 150 nations                  Christian nonprofit ministries nationwide by sharing the nation’s
                                                                                         promoting religious freedom and human rights, life and family, and                   premier biblically-centered knowledge resources for excellence in
                                                                                         conflict resolution while integrating faith and profession. 14.6% R,X,W              organizational leadership, management, governance and resource
                                                                                                                                                                              development. 44.4% X,B,Z
AIDS Global Action Federation and                                                  11290 Aid to Children, Youth and Families (New Hope International)
                                                                                                                                                                        12042 Christian Legal Society (703)642-1070 www.clsnet.org EIN#366
                                                                                         (800)297-9591 www.newhopeinternational.org EIN#237398878
Member Organizations                                                                     Provides Christian training, orphan care, education (AIDS, STD’s,                    101090 CLS defends religious freedom and the sanctity of life, provides
                                                                                         Alcohol and Drugs) and other aid to children, youth and families in                  legal assistance to the poor, and promotes conflict resolution through
12325 AIDS Global Action Inc. (202)716-4000 www.aidsglobalaction.org                                                                                                          biblical counseling, mediation and arbitration. 16.1% X,R,I
      EIN#205519498 We provide expertise, financial support, and resources               orphanages, schools, camps, and conferences. 19.8% X,B,O
      to a wide-range of carefully selected front-line HIV/AIDS nonprofits         10980 AIDS Care Fund (909)793-2009 www.aidscarefund.org EIN#330                      10538 Christian Military Fellowship (800)798-7875 www.cmfhq.org
      locally, nationally and globally. Education. Prevention. Comfort.                  206443 Helping people live with HIV/AIDS overcome their loneliness                   EIN#840780545 Supports U.S. military and their families, providing
      Eradication. Cure. 4.0% E,G,H                                                      and despair. Provides counseling, support groups, literature, toll-free              prayer, Bible studies, hospitality, link-ups, training and resources,
                                                                                         hotline, and Christian homes for children dying of AIDS. 0.8% E,B,P                  encouraging them to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. 6.8% X,B,P
12324 Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (Aaron Diamond AIDS
      Research Center for the City of NY) (212)448-5069 www.adarc.org              12172 Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund (909)793-2009 www.alcoholand                      11862 Christian Relief Fund (800)858-4038 www.christianrelieffund.org
      EIN#133540234 World-renowned AIDS Research Laboratory that                         drugrecovery.org EIN#330858092 An effective, compassionate ministry                  EIN#510183054 Fighting hunger and poverty internationally by
      pioneered effective drug combinations to battle reduce the HIV virus.              saving lives, renewing hope through intervention and faith-based                     providing food, medicine, educational support, Christian disaster relief
      Not satisfied until we find a vaccine and a cure! 16.9% H,G,E                      recovery treatment that provides healing to those affected by alcoholism             and humanitarian aid to children and families in developing countries.
                                                                                         and drug addiction. 0.9% F,O,P                                                       11.4% Q,O,P
12328 AIDS Healthcare Foundation (323)860-5200 www.aidshealth.org
      EIN#954112121 Largest US provider of HIV/AIDS healthcare,                    11726 Alliance Defense Fund (800)835-5233 www.telladf.org EIN#541                    10536 Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries (Military
      prevention, education and operator of free AIDS treatment clinics in the           660459 A legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth              Community Youth Ministries) (800)832-9098 www.mcym.org EIN#74
      US, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. 10.2% E,H,G                     in the areas of religious liberty, family values and sanctity of life. 18.3%         2238462 Relational ministry to military teens. Partners with Young Life
                                                                                         R,X,Z                                                                                Youth for Christ, Life Teen, and the local chapel. Where friends, fun
12329 AIDS Nutrition Services Alliance (202)737-1011 www.ansa                                                                                                                 and faith connect. 10.0% O,R,X
      nutrition.org EIN#954636640 Enhances the quality of life for people          50678 Amen Foundation, The (202)832-5168 www.amenfoundation.org
                                                                                         EIN#521837798 Supports Catholic vocations/ministries, especially in            10522 Compassion International (800)336-7676 www.compassion.com
      living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses through a
                                                                                         churches of Sub-Saharan Africa. Funds education; trains seminarians,                 EIN#362423707 Exists as an advocate for children, releasing them from
      network of community-based nutrition services and food delivery
                                                                                         sisters, lay ministers, missionaries who serve people’s spiritual, social,           spiritual, economic, social, physical poverty in Jesus’ name through
      programs. 0.0% K,E,S                                                                                                                                                    holistic child development in 26 developing countries. 18.0% X,O,P
                                                                                         economic needs. 16.7% X,B,P
12330 AIDS Project Los Angeles, Inc. (213)201-1600 www.apla.org                                                                                                         10526 Emergency Relief Response Fund (World-Wide Missions) (909)793-
                                                                                   12037 American Family Association (800)326-4543 www.afa.net EIN#640
      EIN#953842506 Dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by                                                                                                    2009 www.emergencyreliefresponsefund.org EIN#952109095 Moving
                                                                                         607275 Educates and motivates Christians through radio, television,
      HIV/AIDS, reducing the incidence of HIV infection and advocating for                                                                                                    quickly to alleviate human suffering in times of great crisis by providing
                                                                                         online and print to act on issues affecting families. Examples: media
      fair and effective HIV-related public policy. 29.3% E,G,R                          indecency, pornography, abortion, entertainment, education, parenting.               food, clothing, medical care, temporary shelter, and other emergency
12308 AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (212)367-1417 www.avac.org                         8.1% R,X,B                                                                           efforts sustaining life. 3.2% M,K,P
      EIN#943240841 AVAC uses education, policy analysis, advocacy and             45107 American Missionary Fellowship (610)527-4439 www.amfmission.                   10985 Engineering Ministries International (719)633-2078 www.
      community mobilization to accelerate the ethical development and                   org EIN#231381400 AMF creates vibrant communities of faith in the                    emiworld.org EIN#742213629 Designing a world of Hope-mobilizing
      global delivery of AIDS vaccines and other HIV prevention options.                 U.S. by evangelizing the unchurched who are overlooked and living in                 technical professionals to design hospitals, orphanages, schools, water
      21.8% R,H,E                                                                        rural places, inter-city and high-risk communities. 15.5% X,O,B                      projects, etc. for the poor. With volunteers our overhead is 5.7%. 14.1%
22056 AIDSfreeAfrica, Inc. (914)923-2073 www.aidsfreeafrica.org EIN#651            12038 Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching & Service                            S,Q,X
      253816 A community of professionals dedicated to empowering                        (ACCTS) (800)487-8108 www.accts.org EIN#237230892 Improves                     10523 Family Research Council (800)225-4008 www.frc.org EIN#521
      Africans to become self-sufficient in producing in-country lifesaving              and empowers military families’ lives worldwide through Biblically                   792772 FRC communicates to the public the importance of Judeo-
      pharmaceuticals providing commitment to peace, health and human                    based teaching, coaching, counseling, mentoring and coordinating                     Christian traditional family values to the health and well-being of our
      dignity. 27.9% E,Q,W                                                               disaster relief efforts. Changing lives...changing nations. 4.9% X,Q,B               children, country and society. 14.4% R,W,X
12319 Baylor College of Medicine (832)822-1038 www.bayloraids.org                  10524 Association of Christian Schools International (866)401-4801                   10534 Focus on the Family (800)232-6459 www.focusonthefamily.com
      EIN#741613878 International Pediatric AIDS Initiative provides                     www.acsi.org EIN#956072567 Empowering Christian schools and                          EIN#953188150 Christian organization dedicated to helping families
      treatment for HIV-infected children and families through high-quality              educators worldwide to provide Christ centered schooling, Pre-K                      thrive through faith-based resources, multimedia outreaches and
      programs for pediatric and family HIV/AIDS treatment, health-                      through College, to effectively prepare students for life through                    counseling services that support a variety of marriage, parenting and
      professional training and clinical research. 18.0% H,E,G                           transformed thinking and living. 19.2% B,X,Q                                         life-stage needs. 16.5% P,O,F
13909 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc. (212)840-0770 www.                   10981 Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (800)473-7832 www.agrm.org               11732 Food for the Hungry (800)248-6437 www.fh.org EIN#952680390
      bcefa.org EIN#133458820 With the American theatre community, we                    EIN#550479715 To proclaim the passion of Jesus toward the hungry,                    Christian international relief fund and development organization
      raise money to support seven programs of The Actors Fund and over                  homeless, abused and addicted; and to accelerate quality and                         walking with the poor and disadvantaged to bring an end to physical
      400 AIDS and family service organizations nationwide. 25.0% P,Q,W                  effectiveness in member missions. 27.0% L,X,P                                        and spiritual hungers around the world. 7.3% B,G,K

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
58058 Global Action (888)725-3707 www.global-act.org EIN#841471157                 11273 Warm Blankets Orphan Care International (Warm Blankets                        10217 Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life (202)449-6500
      Co-operating with national partners in over 70 countries, we                       Childrens Foundation) (877)577-1070 www.warmblankets.org                            www.hillel.org EIN#521844823 Providing Jewish college students with
      demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion to people who have desperate              EIN#364395095 Help transform the lives of children left behind on the               meaningful experiences to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity
      needs, but not other help. 16.5% P,S,X                                             battlefields of good and evil. Indigenous pastors and communities                   in welcoming environments. Building the future leaders of the Jewish
63203 Global Recordings Network (888)444-7872 www.globalrecordings.                      provide love, care, and futures. 12.2% X,L,K                                        community. 17.7% X,O,B
      net EIN#956539977 5,900 languages recorded with Bible stories, gospel        70171 Willow Creek Association (800)570-9812 www.willowcreek.com                    87965 International Sephardic Education Foundation (212)683-7772
      messages, health and AIDS/HIV messages. For 70 years we have                       EIN#363799040 To stir out and call-out the holy discontent in the                   www.isef.org EIN#132909403 Help Israel survive and thrive- educate
      recorded and distributed our messages worldwide. 4.1% X,E,Z                        leadership core of the church and equip them with next step tools,                  its bright disadvantaged youth! We’re enabling 600+ deserving students
                                                                                         training and resources. 14.6% X,Q,R                                                 to get their degrees, including Ph.Ds. Please support our work! 21.6%
11738 Healing Waters International (866)913-8522 www.healingwaters
      intl.org EIN#460472149 Reducing water-related illness and death in           11386 World Concern - A Division of CRISTA Ministries (CRISTA                             B,O,W
      developing countries by building self-sustaining projects in local                 Ministries) (800)755-5022 www.worldconcern.org EIN#916012289                  11339 Jewish Children’s Regional Services (800)SAY-JCRS www.
      churches that make clean drinking water accessible to the poor. 70.7%              Provides microloans to women, care to AIDS orphans, and education,                  jcrsnola.org EIN#720408936 Handicapped and socially isolated youth
      E,S,X                                                                              agricultural training and disaster response services to hurting people              are provided scholarships for summer camps, grants and no-interest
                                                                                         around the world. 4.6% Q,S,M                                                        loans for college, tuition assistance and case management services.
10535 Home School Foundation (540)338-8688 www.homeschool
                                                                                   48918 World Reach (205)979-2400 www.world-reach.org EIN#630838799                         21.8% O,P,F
      foundation.org EIN#521354365 Provide assistance to homeschooling
      families in need, assist families in cases of emergency, preserve parental         A nondenominational foreign mission organization reaching the world           12500 Jewish Community Centers Association of North America (212)786-
      freedoms, promote homeschooling, and support like-minded                           with the Gospel of Christ. We establish churches, train national pastors            5099 www.jcca.org EIN#135599486 Serving Jews in the US
      organizations. 7.2% P,B,Z                                                          and provide medical and physical relief. 16.3% X,B,E                                Military/VA through JWB Jewish Chaplains Council; building Jewish
                                                                                   11117 World Vision Inc. (World Vision International) (888)511-6548                        identity through JCC preschools, camps, sports, arts and Jewish
10988 International Christian Concern (800)422-5441 www.persecution.                                                                                                         education programs. 14.4% S,O,A
      org EIN#521942990 Serves overseas persecuted Christians by providing               www.worldvision.org EIN#951922279 Relief and development
      Advocacy, Awareness, and Assistance (Bibles, supplies, pastor support,             organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty         12122 Jewish Funds for Justice (212)213-2113 www.jewishjustice.org
      community rebuilding, support for families of imprisoned or murdered               and developing access to clean water, food, healthcare, education and               EIN#521332694 JFSJ helps people in the United States achieve social
      pastors, etc). 11.1% X,R,Q                                                         economic opportunity. 13.3% P,K,E                                                   and economic security and opportunity by investing in healthy
                                                                                   11740 Worldwide Christian Schools (800)886-9000 www.wwcs.org                              neighborhoods, vibrant Jewish communities and skillful leaders. 16.6%
11739 JAARS (888)773-1178 www.jaars.org EIN#560818833 JAARS                                                                                                                  S,T,W
      provides quality technical support services and resources to accelerate            EIN#383434799 Empowers partners worldwide to develop quality
      Bible translation for all people through partnerships worldwide. 11.5%             Christian schools for children in need, preparing them for life by            11669 Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (202)667-3900
      X,S,W                                                                              providing facilities, teacher training, curriculum and tuition assistance.          www.jinsa.org EIN#521233683 Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan,
                                                                                         26.9% S,B,X                                                                         terrorism, WMD proliferation, are serious American national security
32629 Kids Around the World (815)229-8731 www.kidsaroundthe                                                                                                                  challenges. We support a strong military to protect us and our allies.
      world.com EIN#364007250 Builds safe playgrounds and distributes              11737 Wycliffe Bible Translators (800)992-5433 www.wycliffe.org
                                                                                         EIN#951831097 Without access to Scripture in your language, life can                13.5% Q,B,V
      food for children around the world. Trains and provides special materials
      for teachers to share the Bible with children. 25.9% S,O,Z                         seem hopeless. Wycliffe offers hope by creating language tools,               11063 Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael), Inc. (212)879-
                                                                                         teaching literacy and translating the Bible worldwide. 10.1% X,B,S                  9300 www.jnf.org EIN#131659627 A global environmental leader -
11733 Kids for the Kingdom (800)214-2005 www.kidsforthekingdom.org                                                                                                           planting trees, building reservoirs, creating parks/playgrounds, bringing
      EIN#680421846 Transforming living conditions and spiritual lives of          10515 Young Life (877)438-9572 www.younglife.org EIN#840385934
                                                                                         Empowering leaders to reach out to teens to help them make positive                 life to the Negev Desert, and educating students around the world.
      children overseas through feeding, orphanages, schools, aid, evangelism,                                                                                               Founded 1901. 17.3% C,S,B
      Bible studies, so they can transform their nation for Christ. 3.8% P,O,X           choices about spiritual issues, develop life skills and live responsibly in
                                                                                         society. 14.2% O,X,P                                                          10493 Jewish Women International (800)343-2823 www.jwi.org
94744 Mercy Ships (800)772-7447 www.mercyships.org EIN#262414132                                                                                                             EIN#526040461 Domestic abuse. Financial control. Teen dating
      Mercy Ships utilizes hospital ships and volunteer crew to deliver free                                                                                                 violence. JWI empowers women and girls through economic literacy,
      specialized medical care to the forgotten poor of the world. 25.8% E,S,G                                                                                               community training, healthy relationship education, and promoting
12045 Mexican Medical (619)463-4777 www.mexicanmedical.com EIN#956                                                                                                           women’s leadership. 19.0% P,O,W
      196019 Providing hope for the poor—sharing God’s love through                Jewish Charities of America Federation                                              10169 Jews for Judaism (410)602-0276 www.jewsforjudaism.org EIN#521
      medical, dental, hospital care, community health programs utilizing
      Christian medical teams and other volunteers. 5.1% E,G,X                     and Member Organizations                                                                  324729 Tired of being harassed by deceptive missionaries and spiritual
                                                                                                                                                                             predators targeting you and your children for conversion? Need answers
10989 Mission Aviation Fellowship (800)359-7623 www.maf.org EIN#951                10895 Jewish Charities of America (888)517-8499 www.jewishcoa.org                         and guidance? Help Keep Jews Jewish! 28.1% X,B,P
      920983 MAF is a Christian organization that uses aviation, communi-                EIN#680473577 Repair the World! Support American Jewish Charities-
                                                                                         feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the displaced, and pursue justice,    93422 Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel (Foundation
      cations, and learning technologies to bring the Gospel and life-sustaining                                                                                             for Conservative Mesorati-Judaism in Israel) (212)870-2216 www.
      services to isolated areas of the world. 19.6% X,P,S                               freedom, and peace for all humanity. 5.3% X,Q,P
                                                                                                                                                                             masorti.org EIN#133137586 Freedom of religious choice. Help
11922 Mission To Children (877)766-2400 www.missiontochildren.org                  10951 Amcha for Tsedakah (301)937-2600 www.dojustly.org EIN#521                           disadvantaged and those with special needs. Traditional religious
      EIN#952649274 Cultivating Christlike character in children-helping                 691379 We support 31 US and Israeli organizations which promote                     practice in spirit of pluralism and tolerance. Secure Israel’s Jewish
      them become responsible citizens and leaders; caring for youth                     pluralism and tolerance while efficiently serving a variety of needs                future. 15.7% X,P,W
      internationally through orphanages, food, clothes, education and Bible-            including hunger, education and justice. 15.0% P,W,K
                                                                                                                                                                       11671 National Council of Jewish Women (212)645-4048 www.ncjw.org
      based character training. 19.6% P,O,X                                        11054 American Associates, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Inc.                       EIN#131641076 For over a century, inspired by Jewish values, we have
21917 Missionary Athletes International (704)841-8644 www.maisoccer.                     (800)962-2248 www.aabgu.org EIN#237270753 Promoting the                             courageously taken a progressive stance on issues including child
      com EIN#330017152 Transforming the lives of youth around the world                 pioneering spirit of Israel’s founders. Help us support BGU by providing            welfare, woman’s rights, and reproductive freedom. 18.2% R,B,S
      using a simple game to share a compelling message through Biblically-              scholarships and promoting their academic excellence, cutting-edge
                                                                                         research, and extensive community outreach. 17.9% B,H,S                       12123 New Israel Fund (202)842-0900 www.nif.org EIN#942607722
      based soccer camps, teams and international tours. 18.6% X,N,W                                                                                                         Partnership of North Americans and Israelis committed to strengthening
11734 Moody Bible Institute (Moody Bible Institute of Chicago) (800)356-           13442 American Friends of AACI (212)877-5484 www.friendsofaaci.                           democracy in Israel by protecting civil and human rights and promoting
      6639 www.moodyministries.net EIN#362167792 Graduate and                            wordpress.com EIN#133525204 Bringing North American immigrants                      religious tolerance. 11.3% R,S,X
      tuition-paid undergraduate Christian education on campus and online,               and values to Israel since 1951. Resource and Employment Counseling,
                                                                                         Emergency Grants, Social and Cultural Activities. Social Action:              12124 North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (212)233-5200
      commercial free broadcasting, missionary aviation training, and                                                                                                        www.nacoej.org EIN#133187021 In Ethiopia, we fund food and
      publishing are services your donations help provide. 13.3% B,X,Z                   Health, Education, Environmental. 0.9% R,W,J
                                                                                                                                                                             education programs for destitute children and adults. In Israel, education
10990 MOPS International (800)706-7419 www.MOPS.org EIN#840                        54815 American Friends of Beth Hatefutsoth (212)339-6034 www.bh.org.il                    programs are provided for Ethiopian-Israeli children and young adults.
      925251 Better moms make a better world! Your gift will help teen,                  EIN#132928469 Help us revitalize the Museum of the Jewish People.                   10.6% P,K,O
      military, single, working moms, stay-at-home moms and moms in                      This unique institution connects us to our roots while strengthening the
                                                                                         Jewish collective identity and culture. 45.5% A,B,Z                           82093 Shalom Center (215)844-8494 www.theshalomcenter.org EIN#232
      prison. 27.6% X,P,O                                                                                                                                                    424621 Working for peace, justice and earth-healing. We foster
                                                                                   10952 American Friends of Magen David Adom (212)757-1627                                  interfaith social action and inspire individuals to speak out about war
26099 National Day of Prayer Task Force (National Prayer Committee Inc)
                                                                                         www.afmda.org EIN#131790719 Israel’s Red Cross. We provide                          and the global climate crisis. 37.7% R,X,C
      (800)444-8828 www.ndptf.org EIN#751914068 Preserving America’s
                                                                                         emergency medical, disaster, ambulance, blood services and paramedic
      Christian heritage and communicating the need for repentance and                                                                                                 13428 Sharsheret (866)474-2774 www.sharsheret.org EIN#134198529
                                                                                         training- First responders providing care and treatment for victims of
      prayer, mobilizing the Christian community to intercede for this great                                                                                                 Sharsheret is a national non-profit organization supporting young Jewish
                                                                                         terror attacks. 23.8% M,E,H
      nation and its leadership. 27.1% X,P,W                                                                                                                                 women, of all backgrounds, and their families confronting breast cancer
                                                                                   11058 American Friends of Nishmat (212)983-6975 www.nishmat.org                           or at increased genetic risk. 23.0% G,E,P
11087 Navigators, The (866)568-7827 www.navigators.org EIN#846007896
                                                                                         EIN#043106173 Generates female leaders through advanced Jewish
      Strengthening the personal and spiritual lives of military men and                                                                                               12504 Society for Humanistic Judaism (248)478-7610 www.shj.org
                                                                                         learning. Supports program for disadvantaged women pursuing higher
      women, and their families, through discipleship, Bible studies, leader             education. Worldwide-hotline answers calls on marital issues, fertility,            EIN#382221910 Human-centered celebration of Jewish culture and
      development, conferences, counseling, and group activities. 16.1%                  women’s health. 10.5% B,X,J                                                         identity, promoting humanism, dignity, equality and ethical behavior.
      X,P,O                                                                                                                                                                  Building humanistic Jewish congregations today, creating continuity for
                                                                                   87840 American Friends of The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (800)422-                     our children tomorrow. 10.7% X,O,B
11735 Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. (800)214-4999 www.                         3476 www.afipo.org EIN#237183563 The music of the Israel
      ncmi.org EIN#431550318 Challenged by faith to end poverty. Promotes                Philharmonic Orchestra is the universal language of peace and cultural
      long-term solutions to poverty through training, gifts-in-kind, economic           understanding. Help ensure the Orchestra’s future, in Israel and
      and community development, and micro-enterprise projects. 6.7%                     worldwide. 25.3% A,O
10531 Officers’ Christian Fellowship (The Officers Christian Fellowship of
                                                                                   91676 American Pardes Foundation (212)447-4333 www.pardes.org.il                    Animal Charities of America Federation
                                                                                         EIN#222594099 Supports the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in
      the United States of America) (800)424-1984 www.ocfusa.org                         Israel, where men and women of diverse backgrounds learn together in          and Member Organizations
      EIN#381415401 Supports those who serve their country worldwide.                    a rigorous, challenging and open-minded environment. 6.0% B,X,W               10264 Animal Charities of America (800)626-5892 www.animalcharitiesof
      Provides resources to help military members and their families grow                                                                                                    america.org EIN#943193389 Protecting pets, wildlife, and endangered
      together in their relationship with God and others. 14.2% X,N,O              11014 American Society for Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
                                                                                         (212)407-6300 www.ats.org EIN#130434195 Israel’s world-class                        species. Teaching people to treat animals with respect. Humane training
10530 Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corp.                      science-technology university improves quality-of-life via: alternative             of animals as helpmates and companions to people in need. 1.5% D,P,E
      (800)730-2537 www.operationblessing.org EIN#541382657 Dedicated                    energy, anti-terrorism, biotechnology, cancer treatment, comprehensive        10964 Alley Cat Allies (240)482-1980 www.alleycat.org EIN#521742079
      to alleviating human need and suffering throughout the world through               engineering, life sciences, nanotechnology, neurodegenerative illnesses,            Alley Cat Allies is the only national organization dedicated to protecting
      hunger relief, clean water, medical aid, disaster relief, and orphanage            stem cells, water resources. 23.0% B,U,H                                            and improving cats’ lives. Help us transform the way our society cares
      care since 1978. 0.7% P,Q,F                                                                                                                                            for cats! 23.3% D,W,Z
                                                                                   10953 American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (800)411-
11421 Orphan’s Assistance & Rescue Inc. (665)370-2954 www.patdeb                         0966 www.aspni.org EIN#521467954 Protect Israel’s natural resources,          10472 Alley Cat Rescue (301)277-5595 www.saveacat.org EIN#522279100
      thailand.org EIN#753023308 Rescuing orphans from a life of                         dwindling open space, coasts and urban greenspace through education,                Dedicated to helping stray, abandoned and feral cats. Your contribution
      destitution-potential drug and prostitution abuse. Providing quality               recreational programs, coalitions and public advocacy. Israel’s oldest              brings us closer to ending feline overpopulation and the killing of
      lifestyles and training children in Christmas programs and community               and largest environmental organization. 8.8% C,B,O                                  healthy cats in shelters. 28.2% D,W,Z
      outreach. 17.3% B,O,W
                                                                                   10081 Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies, Inc. (410)843-            12379 Alternatives for Research and Development Foundation (215)887-
11556 Pioneers (407)382-6000 www.pioneers.org EIN#521206938 An                           7573 www.ajfca.org EIN#132752418 Provides human and social                          8076 www.ardf-online.org EIN#232740843 Animal testing is crude,
      evangelical ministry that equips and sends missionary teams to plant               welfare services to the most vulnerable: seniors, disabled, children, and           wasteful and cruel. We provide scientific solutions to the problem of
      churches in parts of the world with no access to the gospel. 18.3% X,P,S           refugees. We help Jews in need here at home. 11.3% P,E,Y                            primitive animal research methods. Help us stop needless animal
11272 Prison Fellowship (Prison Fellowship Ministries) (877)478-0100               10954 AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps (212)545-7759 www.                                 suffering. -14.2% D,U,H
      www.pfm.org EIN#620988294 Provides programs to transform                           avodah.net EIN#133914342 Changing lives in low-income communities             10965 American Anti-Vivisection Society (800)SAY-AAVS www.aavs.org
      prisoners’ lives and help them make responsible moral choices. Angel               through direct anti-poverty work while deepening commitments to                     EIN#230341990 America’s first advocacy organization dedicated to
      Tree program provides Christmas gifts to prisoners’ children. Founder              Judaism and social justice in Chicago, New York, New Orleans,                       effectively fighting cruel experimentation on animals used in testing,
      Chuck Colson. 26.2% I,P,X                                                          Washington DC. 14.7% R,X,O                                                          research, and education. 31.8% D,B,R
10991 Prison Fellowship International (877)481-0002 www.pfi.org                    10955 Blue Card (212)239-2251 www.bluecardfund.org EIN#131623910                    11270 American Eagle Foundation (800)2-EAGLES www.eagles.org
      EIN#510 247185 Global network of 116 national Prison Fellowship                    Cash assistance to needy Holocaust survivors - many at or near the                  EIN#581652023 Dedicated to protecting the majestic Bald Eagle, the
      ministries addressing physical, social and spiritual needs of prisoners,           federal poverty level - facing deprivation, failing health and surviving            USA’s National Symbol, and its habitat by supporting and conducting
      ex-prisoners, victims and families through mercy, reconciliation and               with limited resources. 8.8% P,T,F                                                  eagle and environmental recovery and education programs. 2.4% D,C,Z
      restoration. 12.4% X,I,P
                                                                                   12497 CLAL - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership                 11896 American Humane Association (866)242-1877 www.american
11736 Promise Keepers (866)776-6473 www.promisekeepers.org EIN#841                       (212)779-3300 www.clal.org EIN#237390358 Our work with volunteer,                   humane.org EIN#840432950 Animals and children are in danger. Pets
      157834 Christ-centered ministry that ignites and unites men to be                  professional and rabbinic leadership creates new Jewish possibilities,              are vulnerable. The abuse won’t stop unless we keep fighting. Protecting
      warriors who will transform their world through living out the Seven               promotes pluralism, and enhances Jewish participation in American life.             animals and children since 1877. 26.5% D,M,R
      Promises of a Promise Keeper. 31.1% X,S,T                                          17.4% B,X,S                                                                   48902 Animal League (North Shore Animal League America Inc) (516)883-
10532 Samaritan’s Purse (800)528-1980 www.samaritanspurse.org                      10381 ELEM Youth in Distress (212)787-3337 www.elem.org EIN#13                            7900 www.animalleague.org EIN#111666852 Support the largest
      EIN#581437002 Christian relief agency, led by Franklin Graham,                     171815 Counseling and services for homeless, drug-addicted, and drop-               no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. We save
      providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and other emergency                   out teens, many sexually or physically abused, traumatized by terrorist             the lives of pets through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter, advocacy
      assistance to victims of war, poverty, disease, and natural disasters.             attacks, or engaged in crime or prostitution. 23.3% O,P,F                           initiatives. 28.7% D,E,T
      11.1% M,P,X
                                                                                   12503 Foundation for Jewish Culture (212)629-0500 www.jewish                        10966 Animal Legal Defense Fund (707)795-2533 www.aldf.org
10992 Senior Care Fund (909)793-2009 www.seniorcarefund.org EIN#330                      culture.org EIN#131927751 Nurturing a vibrant and enduring Jewish                   EIN#942681680 Animals need love — and lawyers! Unimaginable acts
      045482 Providing resources to networks of hospital chaplains and                   identity, culture and community, we are the only Jewish organization                of cruelty must end. In courtrooms across America, ALDF is winning
      skilled, caring volunteers helping the elderly to age with dignity and             that focuses on grantmaking for individual artists and scholars. 19.6%              the case against cruelty! 12.5% D,I,R
      overcome loneliness in their final years. 0.8% P,F,X                               A,B,X                                                                         58987 Animal Protection and Rescue League (619)236-8991 www.aprl.org
12046 Society of St. Andrew, The (800)333-4597 www.endhunger.org                   11584 Friends of Yemin Orde, Inc. (202)237-0286 www.yeminorde.org                         EIN#050571617 Working to protect the rights and habitats of all
      EIN#541285793 Gleaning America’s fields to feed America’s hungry.                  EIN#223090463 Supports Yemin Orde Youth Village and Yemin Orde                      animals, exposing and eliminating cruelty behind closed doors, enacting
      A Christian, ecumenical ministry saving edible produce from going to               Initiatives in Israel - educational community and home to immigrant                 humane policies through education, lobbying and litigation. 32.3%
      waste, using it instead to feed the hungry. 7.5% K,P,W                             and disadvantaged children from 16 countries worldwide. 13.8% O,L,B                 D,K,C
10993 Voice of the Martyrs, The (800)747-0085 www.persecution.com                  12499 Givat Haviva Educational Foundation (212)989-9272 www.                        11977 Animal Rights Institute (Animals and Society Institute Inc) (301)963-
      EIN#731395057 Delivers humanitarian aid including Bibles, literature,              givathaviva.org EIN#132584337 Devoted to the advancement of Israeli                 4751 www.animalsandsociety.org EIN#222527462 Help us speak out
      shelter, clothing, job training, blankets, medicine, counseling,                   Jewish Arab coexistence. Through programs that serve all elements of                for animals! Advancing their moral and legal status and promoting
      encouragement in 63 countries to persecuted Christians whose                       society we foster reconciliation, cultural/religious pluralism, democratic          animal rights as part of a just, compassionate, peaceful society. 18.6%
      courageous stories transform America. 13.8% X,Q,P                                  values. 9.5% R,S,O                                                                  D,F,O

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
10474 Animal Welfare Institute (202)337-2332 www.awionline.org                     11649 International Fund for Animal Welfare (800)932-4329 www.ifaw.               10701 Cancer Research for Children - CureSearch (National Childhood
      EIN#135655952 Horses brutally slaughtered. Dogs and cats stolen for                org EIN#311594197 Help animals in crisis worldwide: protect pets from             Cancer Foundation) (800)458-6223 www.curesearch.org EIN#954132
      experimentation. Farm animals confined in coffin-like crates. Wildlife             cruelty, rescue animals from natural disasters, and save elephants,               414 Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children. Help reach the day when
      caught in brutal traps. Help us protect these animals. 4.7% D,K,T                  whales, and seals from cruel and unnecessary slaughters. 22.7% D,C,Z              every child with cancer can be guaranteed a cure. 5.3% O,E,H
11653 Animals for Adoption (Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption Inc)               11900 International Hearing Dog, Inc. (303)287-3277 www.pawsfor                   36067 Children’s Health Fund, The (800)535-7448 www.childrenshealth
      (845)687-7619 www.animalsforadoption.org EIN#223584869 Animals                     silence.org EIN#840779444 Giving the gift of hearing by training                  fund.org EIN#133468427 Provides health care to homeless and poor
      are abandoned daily, starving and neglected. To prevent this, our                  rescued dogs to alert the hearing-impaired to sounds in their                     children via mobile medical clinics and gives a voice to all children in
      programs educate pet owners, assist the impoverished, promote                      environment: providing awareness, security, independence and                      promoting access to health care. 13.2% E,F,O
      adoptions and improve shelter conditions nationwide. 4.9% D                        companionship. 21.6% P,D,W                                                  65105 Children’s Hospital (800)787-0021 www.childrensnational.org
10461 Apes Alive: The Primate Rescue Center (Primate Rescue Center Inc)            10823 KSDS Inc. (785)325-2256 www.ksds.org EIN#481080879 Provides                       EIN#530196580 Serving the nation’s children for more than 135 years,
      (859)858-4866 www.primate-rescue.org EIN#611325369 Unseen, they                    persons with disabilities increased independence and confidence and               Children’s is a proven leader in the development of innovative
      suffer - unheard, they cry. Saving lives and providing safe haven for              easier and safer mobility through assistance dogs specifically trained            treatments for childhood illness and injury. 40.1% E,H,O
      chimpanzees and monkeys in need. Let’s give them a better future! 7.5%             and matched to each individual. 7.7% E,D,P                                  11573 Children’s Rights (212)683-2210 www.childrensrights.org EIN#133
      D,W,B                                                                        12381 Labs4Rescue, Inc. (203)605-9634 www.labs4rescue.com EIN#141                       801864 A national watchdog organization advocating on behalf of
11645 ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals                   920939 Dedicated to providing a better life for rescued or displaced              abused and neglected children in the United States. 9.6% R,W,I
      (212)876-7700 www.aspca.org EIN#131623829 Staged dog fights to                     Labrador-retrievers and mixed-labs. We provide veterinary care, we          12153 Coptic Orphans Support Association (800)499-2989 www.coptic
      the death. Puppy factories with overcrowded and unsanitary breeding                spay/neuter and promote responsible pet ownership. 6.0% D,W,S                     orphans.org EIN#541637257 An award-winning international Christian
      pens. Kittens tortured for amusement. Help stop these acts of animal         11657 Last Chance for Animals (310)271-6096 www.lcanimal.org                            development organization that equips disadvantaged children in Egypt
      cruelty. 16.5% D,I,M                                                               EIN#954013155 Help us fight animal cruelty! Since 1984, LCA has                   to break the cycle of poverty and transform their local communities.
11646 Assistance Dog Institute (Bergin University of Canine Studies)                     been doing ground-breaking undercover investigations to expose animal             10.3% O,T,L
      (707)545-3647 www.berginu.org EIN#680259118 Our Paws for Purple                    abusers and promoting cruelty-free lifestyles. 22.5% D,R,P                  12007 Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home (800)448-3000 www.boystown.org
      Hearts program helps heal our returning servicemen by teaching those         74907 Leader Dogs For The Blind (888)777-5332 www.leaderdog.org                         EIN#470376606 Provides food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual,
      with PTSD to train service dogs for those with physical disabilities.              EIN#381366931 Imagine placing your trust in four paws and a wet nose.             and medical care to homeless, neglected, abused, and communicatively
      2.8% B,D,P                                                                         Our beautiful dogs work side-by-side with people who are blind,                   handicapped boys and girls. 14.5% O,L,P
10967 Assistance Dog United Campaign (800)284-DOGS www.assistance                        providing independence and companionship. 22.1% D,P,R                       10987 Fellowship of Christian Athletes (800)289-0909 www.fca.org
      dogunitedcampaign.org EIN#680307690 Provide loving assistance dog            94334 Mercy for Animals (866)632-6446 www.MercyForAnimals.org                           EIN#440610626 Empowering and equipping coaches and athletes with
      partners to individuals with disabilities. With no admin costs, ADUC               EIN#542076145 Help create a society where animals are treated with                encouragement, resources and training to influence and impact the world
      sponsors the maximum number dog partnerships and training programs.                respect through humane education programs, undercover investigations,             for Jesus Christ for more than 55 years. 16.3% X,O,N
      11.8% P,D,Z                                                                        health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism, and grassroots          11874 Give Kids The World (GKTW Inc) (800)995-5437 www.gktw.org
12380 Avian Conservation (National Aviary Pittsburgh Inc) (412)323-7235                  activism. 4.3% D,K,C                                                              EIN#592654440 Give Kids The World Village a nonprofit resort for
      www.aviary.org EIN#251667146 When birds lose their habitat, they             11548 New York Horse Rescue Corporation (631)874-9420 www.nyhr.org                      children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Give Kids The
      die. Bird populations are declining worldwide due to destroyed habitat,            EIN#113449108 NYHR’s mission is to prevent the inhumane slaughter                 World has hosted over 97,000 families. 8.1% P,O,Z
      and other man-made problems. Lets save their existence! 46.2% D,N,Z                of injured, abused, and unwanted horses and to place these horses in        28447 Global Fund for Children (202)331-9003 www.globalfundfor
10766 Big Cat Rescue Corp (813)920-4130 www.bigcatrescue.org EIN#593                     qualified adoptive homes. 15.8% D,C,N                                             children.org EIN#561834887 We support grassroots initiatives in 72
      330495 Tigers confined to circus wagons. Lions bred for photos then to       10973 Orangutan Foundation International (310)820-4906 www.                             countries, working to bring education, health, safety and opportunity to
      be shot in cages. Lynx farmed for their fur. Help us save big cats. 10.4%          orangutan.org EIN#954112467 Studies wild orangutans, rescues and                  the world’s most vulnerable children and youth. 10.4% T,S,O
      D,R,C                                                                              rehabilitates ex-captive orangutans to the rainforest in Indonesia,         10704 Hole In The Wall Gang Fund, The (203)772-0522 www.holeinthewall
10017 Canine Assistants (800)771-7221 www.canineassistants.org EIN#581                   protects and reforests rainforest habitat on which the orangutans depend.         gang.org EIN#061157655 Founded by Paul Newman, is a non-profit
      974410 Training great dogs for special people. Invest in freedom by                12.5% D,C,Z                                                                       camp and year-round center providing free services to children with
      providing service dogs to children and adults with disabilities. Thank       11901 Paws With A Cause (800)253-PAWS www.pawswithacause.org                            cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. 14.9% O,E,P
      you! 8.2% D,P,B                                                                    EIN#382370342 Trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with             11312 “I Have a Dream” Foundation® (212)293-5480 www.ihaveadream
11647 Canine Companions for Independence (866)224-3647 www.cci.org                       disabilities and provides lifetime team support which encourages                  foundation.org EIN#133355315 Empowering children in low-income
      EIN#942494324 Help give independence to people with disabilities!                  independence. Promotes awareness through education. 8.8% D,P,W                    communities to achieve higher education by providing guaranteed
      Canine Companions for Independence changes the lives of children and         69280 Pet Life Line (Hemopet) (714)891-2022 www.hemopet.org                             tuition assistance for college and a long-term program of academic and
      adults by providing highly trained assistance dogs. 20.0% D,P,W                    EIN#954063237 We rescue greyhounds from the race tracks and place                 social support. 23.0% B,O,P
11693 Canine Health Foundation (American Kennel Club Canine Health                       them into a unique rescue/donor/adoption program. The country’s             12008 Junior Achievement (JA Worldwide) (719)540-8000 www.ja.org
      Foundation Inc) (888)682-9696 www.akcchf.org EIN#133813813 Help                    largest nonprofit pet animal blood bank. 37.5% D,U,G                              EIN#841267604 Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization
      dogs live longer, healthier lives by fighting canine diseases like cancer,   11650 Pet Partners (Delta Society) (425)679-5500 www.deltasociety.org                   dedicated to educating students about work readiness, entrepreneurship
      epilepsy, eye and heart disease. Our work furthers human treatments                EIN#911158281 Hospitalized children smile, adults’ blood pressure,                and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs. 18.7%
      and cures too. 21.0% D,H,G                                                         pulse rates lowered. Disabled individuals gain independence. Help us              T,O,B
53636 Cesar & Ilusion Millan Foundation, Inc. (818)441-5040 www.                         improve human lives through the “healing power of pets.” 27.3% E,W,P        11375 Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America (800)722-9474 www.
      millanfoundation.org EIN#208048410 Supports the rescue,                      11651 PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (757)622-PETA                   wish.org EIN#860481941 We grant the wishes of children with life-
      rehabilitation, and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs. Creates                www.peta.org EIN#521218336 Fight cruelty. Save lives! Your gift                   threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with
      and delivers humane education programs that nurture healthy                        makes a kinder world for animals through undercover investigations,               hope, strength, and joy. 21.8% P,E,T
      relationships between dogs and people. 7.0% D,B,T                                  rescues, humane education, spay/neuter, and high-profile advocacy           11574 National Black Child Development Institute (800)556-2234
10468 Compassion Over Killing (301)891-2458 www.cok.net EIN#522034                       campaigns. 16.5% D,Z                                                              www.nbcdi.org EIN#520908178 Exists to improve and protect the
      417 Cruel and inhumane treatment of farm animals must end. Help us           10460 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (202)686-2210                       quality of life of children and families through educational programs,
      raise awareness to encourage compassion and ultimately stop this                   www.pcrm.org EIN#521394893 PCRM protects animals by developing                    tutoring, training, public education, and other community outreach
      horrific mistreatment of animals. 6.8% D,K,C                                       and promoting alternatives to animal experiments. We also promote                 programs. 14.1% P,O,B
11897 Days End Farm Horse Rescue (877)442-1564 www.defhr.org                             disease prevention through research and education programs about diet       53503 Nurse-Family Partnership (866)864-5226 www.nursefamilypartner
      EIN#521759077 Starvation, parasite-infestation, deformed-hoofs; We                 and lifestyle. 20.6% D,H,K                                                        ship.org EIN#200234163 Supporting communities in implementing
      care for abused and neglected horses. Dedicated to fostering compassion      11902 Puppies Behind Bars (212)680-9562 www.puppiesbehindbars.com                       cost-effective, evidence-based nurse home visitation program to
      and responsibility for horses through intervention, education and                  EIN#133969389 Our Dog Tags initiative provides prison-raised service              improve pregnancy outcomes, child health and development and self-
      outreach. 16.3% D,B,Z                                                              dogs to severely wounded veterans coming home from Iraq and                       sufficiency for at-risk families, benefiting generations. 8.0% P,O,W
10968 Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals (661)269-4010                           Afghanistan. These dogs are provided free of charge. 10.9% D,P,J            11575 Prevent Child Abuse America (800)244-5373 www.preventchild
      www.deltarescue.org EIN#953759277 Only organization in America               11655 Release Chimpanzees (New England Anti-Vivisection Society)                        abuse.org EIN#237235671 We are America’s leading organization
      rescuing dogs and cats abandoned in wilderness areas, housing over                 (617)523-6020 www.releasechimps.org EIN#042104756 Working to                      working at the local, state and national levels to strengthen families and
      1500 of them at its care-for-life, no-kill sanctuary. 9.6% D,W,T                   end experiments on chimpanzees. Promoting non-animal research and                 prevent child abuse and neglect since 1972. 34.3% P,O,W
10469 Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans (NEADS) (National                             teaching methods. Supporting sanctuaries for chimpanzees rescued from       10948 Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF) (877)743-7323 www.rif.org
      Education for Assistance Dog Services Inc) (978)422-9064                           laboratories. 24.8% D,Z                                                           EIN#520976257 RIF provides free books for children throughout the
      www.neads.org EIN#237281887 Trains and places rescued dogs and               11654 Search Dog Foundation, National Disaster (888)459-4376 www.                       nation and engages children, parents, and communities in reading
      shelter rescues for assistance to disabled veterans, autistic children and         searchdogfoundation.org EIN#770412509 Saving dogs and people! We                  activities to encourage a lifelong love of reading. 14.4% B,T,O
      people who are physically disabled to live with independence. 12.0%                rescue dogs, partner them with firefighters, and train them to locate
      D,E,P                                                                                                                                                          11277 Ronald McDonald House Charities® (630)623-7048 www.rmhc.org
                                                                                         people buried alive during disasters. Join the search! 20.2% D,M,P                EIN#362934689 Creates, finds and supports programs improving health
10969 Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. (541)826-9220 www.dogsforthedeaf.org                 10330 Seeing Eye, Inc. (973)539-4425 www.seeingeye.org EIN#221539721                    and well-being of children through its global network of local Chapters
      EIN#930681311 Rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist                 Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity and self-confidence             and 288 Ronald McDonald House® programs worldwide. 13.3% O,E,T
      people with deafness, autism, and other challenges. Dogs provide sound             to blind people through our Seeing Eye® dogs. These dogs bring
      awareness, safety, companionship, self-confidence, and independence.                                                                                           11158 Share Our Strength (800)969-4767 www.strength.org EIN#521
                                                                                         mobility, safety and self-sufficiency to thousands. 23.2% D,P,B                   367538 Share Our Strength® is the leading national organization
      6.3% D,E,P
                                                                                   11652 Service Dogs For America (Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation)                working to end childhood hunger in America. 21.1% K,P,T
65303 Dogs on Death Row (866)574-7726 www.dodr.org EIN#205530700                         (877)737-8364 www.greatplainsdogs.com EIN#450427665 The
      We rescue dogs facing imminent execution if they do not get interim                                                                                            10949 STANDUP FOR KIDS (800)365-4KID www.standupforkids.org
                                                                                         purpose of our program is human services; the beneficiaries of our                EIN#330414855 “On-the-street” organization that rescues homeless and
      financial sponsors or foster parents or receive medical treatment required         program are people. Physically challenged individuals are the focus...
      to become adoptable. 0.0% D,W,Q                                                                                                                                      at-risk youth through outreach, counseling, education, services in
                                                                                         assistance dogs the tool. 0.0% E,D,G                                              housing, health, and basic life needs with a sincere, caring attitude.
11338 Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) (888)FARM-USA                             10027 Siamese Cat Rescue Center (540)672-6373 www.siameserescue.org                     12.1% O,R,P
      www.farmusa.org EIN#521302627 FARM fights the cruel confinement,                   EIN#541888444 We rescue abandoned, abused and neglected Siamese
      mutilation and slaughter of helpless factory farmed animals, while                                                                                             11305 Starlight Children’s Foundation (800)315-2580 www.starlight.org
                                                                                         and Siamese mix cats from shelters and owners throughout 20+ states               EIN#953802159 When illness strikes a child and a family’s world
      reducing global warming and improving health in America and                        and find them new, permanent homes. 13.3% D,Z
      worldwide. 2.1% D,K,C                                                                                                                                                collapses, Starlight is there every step of the way so no child has to suffer
                                                                                   11903 Southeastern Guide Dogs (800)944-3647 www.guidedogs.org                           alone. 25.5% P,E,N
12292 Farm Sanctuary Inc. (607)583-2225 www.farmsanctuary.org                            EIN#592252352 Our mission: to create and nurture a partnership
      EIN#510292919 Farm Sanctuary works to end cruelty to farm animals                                                                                              10950 Teach For America (800)832-1230 www.teachforamerica.org
                                                                                         between a visually impaired person and a guide dog, facilitating life’s           EIN#133541913 The national corps of outstanding recent college
      and promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and                    journey with mobility, independence and dignity. 16.4% D,P,W
      advocacy. 1.9% D,K,E                                                                                                                                                 graduates who commit two years to teach in public schools and become
                                                                                   10462 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) (800)762-7762 www.                          lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity. 14.8% W,R,O
11898 Friends of Animals (203)656-1522 www.friendsofanimals.org                          snapus.org EIN#760608925 Homeless cats and dogs wander every
      EIN#136018549 Free animals from cruelty and institutionalized                                                                                                  11299 Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc. (888)TWF-KIDZ www.tigerwoods
                                                                                         neighborhood—destined for suffering or euthanasia. Please help us                 foundation.org EIN#061468499 Our Mission: We deliver unique
      exploitation. Working to stop euthanasia with our spay/neuter programs.            reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals through sterilization
      Promoting Animal Rights. Promoting vegetarianism. Protecting animals                                                                                                 experiences and innovative educational opportunities for youth
                                                                                         and education. 19.3% D,W,M                                                        worldwide. 10.0% B,O,Z
      in need! 12.4% D,C,K
                                                                                   41321 Support Dogs, Inc (314)997-2325 www.supportdogs.org EIN#431                 83992 UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (952)992-4459 www.
10471 Greyhound Foundation (National Greyhound Foundation Inc)                           379801 We provide service dogs for adults and children with disabilities
      (352)628-2281 www.4greyhounds.org EIN#650491973 Racing                                                                                                               uhccf.org EIN#522177891 UHCCF provides medical grants up to
                                                                                         and hearing dogs for the hearing impaired. Other programs include:                $5,000 to children’s families to help pay for non-covered medical
      Greyhounds live in cages, die in desperation. Thousands killed yearly,             TOUCH and PAWS for Reading. 26.1% D,E,P
      used as blood donors or experimentation. Your gift helps us save their                                                                                               services and expenses from their commercial health benefit plan. 4.0%
      lives. 1.5% D,P,E                                                            10463 United Animal Nations (800)440-3277 www.uan.org EIN#680124097                     E,F,G
                                                                                         Ever found an animal, injured and alone? Worried about pets abandoned
10970 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. (800)295-4050 www.guidedogs.com                     during disasters? Help us bring animals like these out of crisis and into
      EIN#941196195 Providing safety, independence and companionship to                  care. 25.2% D,M,Z
      the blind. And love, responsibility and purpose to dogs. We bring
      deserving people and exceptional dogs together for life! 13.2% D,P,O         11656 United Poultry Concerns (757)678-7875 www.upc-online.org
                                                                                         EIN#521705678 We stick up for chickens - the most abused land
                                                                                                                                                                     EarthShare Federation and Member
11873 Guide Dogs of America (International Guiding Eyes Inc) (800)459-
      4843 www.guidedogsofamerica.org EIN#951586088 Guide Dogs of
                                                                                         animals in the world - and we are dedicated to the compassionate
                                                                                         treatment of them. 14.5% D,K,C
      America provides professionally trained guide dogs and the instruction                                                                                         10252 EarthShare (800)875-3863 www.earthshare.org EIN#521601960
      in their use, to the blind communities throughout the United States and      11331 Vegan Outreach (520)495-0503 www.veganoutreach.org EIN#860                        Donations are shared among our member groups to protect our
      Canada. 33.5% P,W,D                                                                736818 Many farmed animals cannot turn around or stretch a wing.                  environment, health, wildlife, and natural resources. One environment.
                                                                                         Ammonia from excrement burns their lungs and eyes. Help us persuade               One simple way to care for it. 5.2% C,S,D
10971 Hearts United for Animals (402)274-3679 www.hua.org EIN#470                        students to go vegan. 11.1% D,C,K
      773858 No-kill shelter and sanctuary taking in the creatures who are                                                                                           11219 African Wildlife Foundation (888)4-WILDLIFE www.awf.org
      lost, afraid, and hungry. Giving them comfort, medical care, food, love      11904 World Society for the Protection of Animals (800)883-9772                         EIN#520781390 Protects imperiled species — lions, mountain gorillas,
      and good homes. 2.6% D,Z                                                           www.wspa-usa.org EIN#042718182 World’s leading international                      rhinos, elephants, zebras — through habitat conservation, science,
                                                                                         federation of animal welfare, our vision is a world where animals matter          leadership training and wildlife-friendly community-beneficial business
83264 Horse Charities of America (EQUUS Foundation Inc) (203)259-1550                    and cruelty ends. Responding to disasters, funding sanctuaries, ending
      www.horsecharitiesofamerica.org EIN#421547242 Providing loving                                                                                                       development for 50 years. 10.7% C,D,S
                                                                                         suffering. 22.1% D,W,B
      homes and useful lives for horses - programs include horse rescue,                                                                                             12062 Alaska Conservation Foundation (907)276-1917 www.akcf.org
      rehabilitation, adoption, therapeutic riding, equine-assisted activities,                                                                                            EIN#920061466 Works to protect and preserve the integrity of Alaska’s
      and advance the equestrian sport. 10.9% D,W,N                                                                                                                        ecosystems and to promote sustainable livelihoods among Alaska’s
12242 Humane Farm Animal Care (703)435-3883 www.certifiedhumane.                                                                                                           communities and peoples. 13.8% C,T,D
      org EIN#470910622 Dairy cows confined in tie stalls, crated pigs can’t
      root or move, chickens stuffed in cages. Fight cruelty in the raising/
                                                                                   Children First - America’s Charities                                              10410 Amazon Conservation Team (703)522-4684 www.amazonteam.org
                                                                                                                                                                           EIN#541915987 ACT works in partnership with indigenous peoples
      handling of animals. 2.7% D,K,C                                              Federation and Member Organizations                                                     across Amazonia to conserve biodiversity, traditional culture, and
10464 Humane Farming Association (415)485-1495 www.hfa.org EIN#680                 10287 Children First - America’s Charities (800)458-9505 www.charities.                 human and ecological health. 13.7% C,S,E
      087989 Protecting farm animals from cruelty and mistreatment.                      org EIN#300186795 Addressing needs of children and families.                10631 American Farmland Trust (800)431-1499 www.farmland.org
      Protecting people from antibiotics and hormones used on factory farms.             Sustaining educational programs, feeding the most helpless, supporting            EIN#521190211 Helping farmers and ranchers protect their land from
      Campaigning to outlaw veal crates and slaughterhouse abuse. 9.5%                   those facing life-threatening illness, members’ programs help those most          development, produce a healthier environment, and build successful
      D,C,K                                                                              in need. 6.6% O,P,W                                                               communities. Working to save the land that sustains us. 20.1% K,C,S
11648 In Defense of Animals (415)448-0048 www.idausa.org EIN#680                   10700 ACTION for Child Protection (800)633-1285 www.actionchild                   10632 American Forests (800)368-5748 www.americanforests.org EIN#530
      008936 Every day, dogs, cats, and countless other animals live in pain.            protection.org EIN#561426213 Provides training, consultation and                  196544 Funds private and public land reforestation projects; provides
      Tortured. Experimented on. Skinned alive for fur. Abused. Afraid.                  know-how to social workers and other professionals who intervene to               satellite imagery of tree loss to cities; educates the public on the value
      Alone. Help us help them. 15.9% D,C,K                                              protect children from abuse and neglect. 16.8% P,W,S                              of trees and forests. 15.9% C

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
12063 American Rivers (877)4-RIVERS www.AmericanRivers.org                          11435 Land Trust Alliance (202)638-4725 www.landtrustalliance.org                  10638 Wilderness Society, The (800)THE-WILD www.wilderness.org
      EIN#237305963 Working to protect and restore healthy, natural rivers                EIN#042751357 Leads 1,700 conservation groups across America to                    EIN#530167933 Works to protect special wild places from development
      for the benefit of people and wildlife; ensuring clean drinking water,              save the forests, farms, waterways and natural areas you love in                   so that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy America’s
      natural flood protection, and recreational enjoyment. 24.4% C                       communities where you live, work and travel. 21.5% C,S,W                           natural heritage. 41.3% C,D
10414 American Solar Energy Society, Inc. (303)443-3130 www.ases.org                10621 League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (202)785-8683                   10898 Wildlife Conservation Society (718)741-1647 www.wcs.org
      EIN#591768923 National membership organization working to attain a                  www.lcvef.org EIN#521379661 Working with groups across the                         EIN#131740011 Saves endangered species and threatened ecosystems
      sustainable U.S. energy economy through advocacy, education, research               country, LCVEF uses training, grassroots organizing and technology to              in 60 countries; teaches ecology and inspires care for wildlife through
      and collaboration among professionals, policy-makers and the public.                convey to policymakers Americans’ demand for clean air, water and                  the Bronx Zoo and national science education programs. 12.7% C,D,B
      21.1% C,U,Y                                                                         energy. 8.8% C,S,W                                                           11352 Wildlife Trust (212)380-4460 www.wildlifetrust.org EIN#311726494
11443 Arbor Day Foundation (National Arbor Day Foundation) (402)474-                12068 National Audubon Society (212)979-3000 www.audubon.org                             Wildlife Trust empowers local conservation scientists worldwide to
      5655 www.arborday.org EIN#237169265 Through mass-media                              EIN#131624102 Audubon works to protect birds, wildlife and their                   protect nature and safeguard ecosystems and human health. Healthy,
      communications, by providing trees for planting, and by producing                   habitats, including our oceans. Educational outreach programs instruct             intact ecosystems can prevent the spread of disease. 24.3% C,D,G
      educational materials, Arbor Day Foundation makes tree planting and                 and inspire future conservationists. Audubon Centers offer outdoor           96456 World Resources Institute (202)729-7600 www.wri.org EIN#521
      care accessible to all. 11.4% C,O,S                                                 experiences. 18.9% B,C,D                                                           257057 A global environmental think tank providing independent
12064 Bat Conservation International (800)538-2287 www.batcon.org                   11792 National Environmental Education Foundation (The National                          research, policy analysis, and on-the-ground solutions to protect Earth’s
      EIN#742553144 Worldwide authority on bats committed to their                        Environmental Education and Training Foundation) (202)833-2933                     environment and its people. 23.2% C,U,S
      protection through direct habitat conservation, research and education;             www.neefusa.org EIN#541557043 We provide knowledge to trusted                12072 World Wildlife Fund (202)293-4800 www.worldwildlife.org EIN#521
      facilitating win-win solutions that help both bats and people. 25.0%                professionals who, with their credibility, amplify messages to national            693387 Multinational conservation organization working worldwide to
      C,D,U                                                                               audiences to solve environmental problems. Together, we generate                   combat climate change, save endangered animals, protect wild habitats,
                                                                                          lasting positive change. 13.0% C,B,W                                               and transform market forces to act in harmony with nature. 19.4% C,D
11429 Beyond Pesticides:NCAMP (Beyond Pesticides) (202)543-5450
      www.beyondpesticides.org EIN#521360541 Prevents pesticide                     10267 National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (202)857-0166 www.nfwf.org
      poisoning of our environment, homes, workplaces, schools, food and                  EIN#521384139 Established by Congress, NFWF is the leader in
      water through a practical information clearinghouse on toxic hazards                directing federal agency dollars to protect wildlife/natural resources
      and non-chemical pest control. 5.2% C,K,R                                           while raising private capital to leverage those investments. 5.1% C,D
12231 Center for a New American Dream (877)68-DREAM www.new                         12053 National Forest Foundation (406)542-2805 www.nationalforests.org             National/International Independent
      dream.org EIN#521984782 Helps Americans consume responsibly to
      enhance quality of life, protect the natural environment, and promote
                                                                                          EIN#521786332 Improving the health, productivity, and diversity of
                                                                                          our national forests and grasslands through wildlife habitat conservation,
      social justice. Live consciously, buy wisely, make a difference! 21.7%              watershed restoration, recreational enhancements and community-based         59894 4 Paws for Ability, Inc. (937)374-0385 www.4pawsforability.org
      C,W,K                                                                               forest stewardship programs. 8.0% C,S                                              EIN#311625484 4 Paws for Ability enriches the lives of people with
                                                                                                                                                                             disabilities by placing highly trained service dogs to provide
10633 Center for Health, Environment and Justice (703)237-2249                      12069 National Parks Conservation Association (800)NAT-PARK www.                         companionship and promote independent living. 22.3% G,E,D
      www.chej.org EIN#521219489 Protects the health of communities and                   npca.org EIN#530225165 Preserves national parks from the Grand
      children through grassroots organizing, coalition-building, and                     Canyon to Gettysburg; protects endangered wildlife and cultural sites;       81423 A Better Chance Inc (646)346-1310 www.abetterchance.org EIN#237
      consumer campaigns to eliminate dangerous chemicals in water, air,                  promotes new parks; defends against pollution, inappropriate                       173492 Our mission is to increase the number of well-educated young
      homes and schools. 13.3% C,S                                                        development and overcrowding. 11.7% C,D                                            people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility
                                                                                                                                                                             and leadership in America. 34.3% B,O,R
10636 Clean Water Fund (202)895-0432 www.cleanwaterfund.org EIN#521                 10622 National Wildlife Federation (800)332-4949 www.nwf.org EIN#530
      043444 We all live downstream... Neighborhood-based action,                         204616 America’s conservation organization dedicated to protecting           10739 A Better World Fund (World Fund Inc) (212)501-1900 www.abetter
                                                                                          endangered species and habitats for our children’s future and connecting           worldfund.org EIN#133185588 Gives grants to worthy charities doing
      education programs which join citizens, businesses, government for
                                                                                          people with nature through education and action opportunities. 19.7%               vital work internationally and domestically in the areas of peace, health,
      sensible solutions ensuring safe drinking water, pollution prevention,
                                                                                          C,D,O                                                                              hunger, human rights, ecology, education, and economic development.
      resource conservation. 20.0% C,P,R
                                                                                                                                                                             5.5% P,W,Q
10630 Conservation Fund, The (703)525-6300 www.conservationfund.org                 10623 Natural Resources Defense Council (212)727-2700 www.nrdc.org
                                                                                          EIN#132654926 NRDC defends embattled wilderness, rivers, clean air,          22523 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (202)638-5944 www.aaa
      EIN#521388917 Nation’s most effective and efficient conservation                                                                                                       foundation.org EIN#520794368 Saving lives on our roads through
      organization protecting working landscapes, wildlife habitat, historic              coasts and wildlife across America and around the globe. Saved Baja’s
                                                                                          whales, Canada’s Spirit bears, and California’s sequoias. 12.3% C,D,Z              research designed to discover causes of traffic crashes, preventing them
      and recreation sites, with 97% of funds going directly to mission. 2.3%                                                                                                and minimizing injuries. Promotes policies enhancing roadway safety.
      C,N,D                                                                         10643 Nature Conservancy, The (703)841-5300 www.nature.org EIN#530                       22.0% M,W
11430 Conservation International (Conservation International Foundation)                  242652 Buys and protects land to save our world’s rare plants and
                                                                                          animals from extinction. Over 119 million acres protected - rainforests,     25878 ACCION USA (212)387-0377 www.accionusa.org EIN#113317234
      (800)406-2306 www.conservation.org EIN#521497470 Using a strong                                                                                                        As a leader in domestic microfinance, Accion USA creates jobs and
      foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, CI                      prairies, wetlands, mountains, beaches. 12.9% C
                                                                                                                                                                             encourages small business success by providing “micro” loans and
      empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for         11436 Ocean Conservancy (800)519-1541 www.oceanconservancy.org                           financial education. 15.8% J,S,W
      humanity’s long-term well being. 8.7% C,K,S                                         EIN#237245152 Through research, education and science-based
                                                                                          advocacy, Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires and empowers people            10001 Acoustic Neuroma Association (877)200-8211 www.anausa.org
10624 Defenders of Wildlife (202)682-9400 www.Defenders.org EIN#530                                                                                                          EIN#232170836 ANA mission is to inform, educate and provide
      183181 Working since 1947 to save America’s endangered animals and                  to speak and act on behalf of the oceans. 27.6% C,D,S
                                                                                                                                                                             national and local support networks for those affected by acoustic
      their threatened habitat for future generations through public education,     10051 Oceana, Inc. (202)833-3900 www.oceana.org EIN#510401308 Works                      neuromas regarding both pre- and post-treatment issues. 75.8% E,G,Z
      citizen advocacy, legal action and scientific research. 27.0% C,D,W                 internationally to protect marine wildlife and human health through
                                                                                          programs to end pollution and destructive fishing practices, and to          27635 Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty (616)454-3080
10625 Earth Day Network (202)518-0044 www.earthday.net EIN#133                                                                                                               www.acton.org EIN#382926822 Acton’s mission is culturally premised
      798288 Helps people in diverse schools and communities around the                   ensure vibrant, healthy oceans. 19.5% C,D,Q
                                                                                                                                                                             upon a moral defense of the free economy. We host conferences,
      world improve the health of their children and the environment through        10639 Peregrine Fund, The (208)362-3716 www.peregrinefund.org EIN#231                    conduct research, publish books, and create various media products.
      grassroots projects, education and campaigns. 8.5% C,W                              969973 Saves eagles, condors, falcons, and other endangered birds                  13.8% B,W,X
12065 Earth Island Institute (510)859-9100 www.earthisland.org EIN#942                    through research, breeding, and conservation programs. Helps preserve
                                                                                          rainforests. Educates children and adults about nature and science.          99268 AdoptaPlatoon Soldier Support Effort (Adopt a Platoon) (956)748-
      889684 Supports 50 projects worldwide that protect people’s health and                                                                                                 4145 www.adoptaplatoon.org EIN#742918904 AdoptaPlatoon® is
      the environment, including safeguarding our oceans, wildlife and habitat            14.6% C,D,B
                                                                                                                                                                             dedicated to serving deployed American Troops providing quality of
      restoration, and wilderness training for at-risk youths. 12.4% C,D,K          11437 Pesticide Action Network North America (Pesticide Action Network                   life care packages, raising morale, providing support for wounded
11090 Earthjustice (510)550-6700 www.earthjustice.org EIN#941730465 A                     North America Regional Center) (415)981-1771 www.panna.org                         Troops and assisting military families. 62.9% Z
      nonprofit environmental law firm working to preserve our nation’s                   EIN#942949686 Working to eliminate poisonous pesticides. Links
                                                                                          consumer, labor, health, environment and agriculture groups                  10054 Adventure Cycling Association (Bikecentennial 76) (406)721-1776
      natural heritage, safeguard our environmental health, and create a                                                                                                     www.adventurecycling.org EIN#237427629 Promoting environmental
                                                                                          internationally to advance safer, ecologically sound pest control
      sustainable energy future. 16.9% C,D,E                                                                                                                                 and personal health by inspiring people to travel by bicycle for
                                                                                          alternatives. 15.8% K,C,R
11432 EcoLogic Development Fund (800)JAG-GUAR www.ecologic.org                                                                                                               fitness/fun/self discovery and advocating for better cycling conditions
                                                                                    10640 Physicians for Social Responsibility (202)587-5247 www.psr.org                     since 1974. 10.7% N,Y,C
      EIN#251704582 Advances conservation of threatened ecosystems in
                                                                                          EIN#237059731 Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and
      rural areas of extreme poverty; promotes sustainable livelihoods that                                                                                            79122 Agape Love Deaf International, Inc. (240)396-9044 www.agape
                                                                                          public health, PSR works to protect human life from the gravest threats
      affirm local cultures and community participation in natural resource                                                                                                  lovedeaf.org EIN#510556167 Our mission is to improve and empower
                                                                                          to health and survival. 20.5% C,M,Q
      management. 10.0% C,S,K                                                                                                                                                deaf people’s knowledge and skill through vocational training and
                                                                                    10641 Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (866)202-9788 www.railstotrails.org                    education. Provide educational assistance to underdeveloped countries
10627 Environmental and Energy Study Institute (202)628-1400                              EIN#521437006 Converts thousands of miles of unused railroad
      www.eesi.org EIN#521268030 Protecting the climate by educating                                                                                                         in Asia. 2.9% Z
                                                                                          corridors into public trails for walking, bicycling, hiking, skating,
      Congress, developing innovative solutions, and building broad                       horseback riding, cross-country skiing, wildlife habitats, and nature        10314 AIDS Research & Assistance Institute (817)946-9491 www.
      coalitions to move America to efficient and renewable energy for a                  appreciation. 26.8% C,N,S                                                          aidshivawareness.org EIN#431926762 Supports advanced research on
      sustainable future. 26.5% C,U,K                                                                                                                                        AIDS/HIV immune building treatments for Africa and third world.
                                                                                    11353 Rainforest Alliance (888)MY-EARTH www.rainforest-alliance.org                      Provides information on treatment methods and nutritionally assists
10628 Environmental Defense Fund (800)684-3322 www.environmental                          EIN#133377893 Works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable
      defense.org EIN#116107128 Environmental Defense Fund’s scientists,                                                                                                     children suffering from AIDS/HIV. 2.6% H,G,P
                                                                                          livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and
      economists and attorneys design practical, long-term strategies to protect          consumer behavior. 5.1% C,S,R                                                37283 Alliance for Lupus Research (212)218-2840 www.lupusresearch.org
      wildlife, natural resources, safeguard clean air, water and human health.                                                                                              EIN#582492929 The mission of the Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR)
      14.6% C,W,D                                                                   12070 Restore America’s Estuaries (703)524-0248 www.estuaries.org                        is to prevent, treat, and cure systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE, or
                                                                                          EIN#541965304 Works to preserve the nation’s network of estuaries                  lupus), through medical research. 35.7% H,G,E
11433 Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (541)687-8454 www.                             by protecting and restoring the lands and waters essential to the richness
      elaw.org EIN#943116602 ELAW environmental advocates in 70                           and diversity of coastal life. 4.5% C,S,B                                    11388 Alpha Phi Omega-National Service Fraternity (816)373-8667
      countries are winning victories for human rights, healthy communities,                                                                                                 www.apo.org EIN#440562039 Alpha Phi Omega provides opportunities
      and the natural environment. 17.4% C,Q,R                                      10407 River Network (503)241-3506 www.rivernetwork.org EIN#930                           for college students to develop servant leadership skills, promote
                                                                                          969979 Provide state, regional and local partner organizations                     fellowship among all people, serve humanity, and further acknowledged
10629 Environmental Law Institute (202)939-3800 www.eli.org EIN#520                       throughout the US with technical training, direct consultation,
      901863 Environmental law that works for you: community-based                                                                                                           freedoms. 24.6% O,S,B
                                                                                          publications, electronic networking and events (annual National River
      education + research on national problems = solutions to protect people             Rally). 20.4% C,S,W                                                          11218 America Responds with Love (321) AMERICA www.respond
      and nature. Independent and non-partisan. 13.9% C,S,Q                                                                                                                  withlove.org EIN#481070583 We provide critical products and services
                                                                                    11438 Rocky Mountain Institute (970)927-3851 www.rmi.org EIN#742                         to domestic violence victims, disaster victims, and to people truly in
17460 Food & Water Watch (202)683-2500 www.foodandwaterwatch.org                          244146 A think-and-do tank engaged in cutting-edge research and                    need in communities throughout the United States. 3.1% L,M,P
      EIN#320160439 We work together with people to demand our right to                   consulting on fossil fuel independence, renewable energy technologies,
      safe food and clean water, and we fight for policies that prioritize safety         distributed energy, and resource planning. 25.3% U,C,W                       92668 American Academy of Otolarygology - Head and Neck Surgery
      over profits. 19.8% C,W,K                                                                                                                                              Foundation (703)836-4444 www.entnet.org EIN#521219434
                                                                                    11439 Scenic America (202)638-0550 www.scenic.org EIN#232188166                          Improving patient care for disorders such as head/neck cancer, hearing
12066 Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (541)484-2692                     Protects natural beauty, fights billboard blight, saves America’s special          loss, sinusitis, and sleep apnea through research, education and
      www.fseee.org EIN#931162218 Seeks the preservation of ecological                    places. Our education and advocacy preserves thousands of miles of                 humanitarian programs for ear/nose/throat doctors. 14.0% G,E,H
      values and biological diversity in our National Forests through education           roads and hundreds of communities. 24.1% C,S,W
      and advocating for reforms of the Forest Service’s management                                                                                                    10134 American Association for the Advancement of Science, The
      practices. 20.0% C,N,W                                                        12071 Sierra Club Foundation, The (800)216-2110 www.tscf.org EIN#946                     (202)326-6636 www.aaas.org EIN#530196568 Advancing science and
                                                                                          069890 Preserving wilderness and protect environmental quality                     serving society by promoting and improving science education and
12067 Friends of the Earth (877)843-8687 www.foe.org EIN#237420660                        worldwide through a powerful combination of education, scientific                  careers, shaping science policy, fostering collaborations, protecting
      Promotes clean and sustainable energy, clean transportation, climate                research, publishing and litigation. 7.6% C,R,W                                    science integrity, and engaging the public. 13.2% B,U,Q
      justice for poor and vulnerable populations, responsible use of
      technology, and protection of the earth’s natural treasures. 15.1% C,D,Y      11343 Student Conservation Association, The (603)543-1700 www.the                  11391 American Bankruptcy Institute (703)739-0800 www.abiworld.org
                                                                                          SCA.org EIN#910880684 Building new generations of conservation                     EIN#521295453 The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) is a multi-
11434 Friends of the National Zoo (202)633-3027 www.fonz.org EIN#520                      leaders by engaging college and high school-age individuals in hands-              disciplinary, non-partisan, insolvency organization. The ABI
      853312 A dedicated partner of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, FONZ                  on service to parks, forests and urban greenspaces nationwide. 14.7%               Endowment Fund finances research, education, scholarships, and
      connects people with wildlife and is helping to restore an endangered               C,O,N                                                                              competitions in the insolvency arena. 17.3% B,I,
      natural world. 18.2% D,C,B
                                                                                    10642 Surfrider Foundation (800)743-SURF www.surfrider.org EIN#953                 65827 American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (202)393-6181
10961 Galapagos Conservancy, Inc. (703)383-0077 www.galapagos.org                         941826 Protects and preserves the world’s oceans, waves and beaches                www.acslaw.org EIN#522313694 A network of the country’s best legal
      EIN#133281486 Supports conservation, education, and scientific                      through conservation, activism, research and education. Activities                 minds advancing a progressive vision of our Constitution and inspiring
      research in and on behalf of the Galapagos Islands. 25.6% C,D,U                     include: water quality monitoring, environmental education and                     and nurturing the next generation of progressive lawyers. 22.0% W,I,P
10059 Green America (202)872-5307 www.greenamericatoday.org EIN#521                       grassroots activism. 16.3% C,S,T
                                                                                                                                                                       11514 American Indian Graduate Center, Inc. (505)881-4584 www.
      660746 Building the green economy by uniting the voices of consumers,         11000 Sustainable Harvest International (207)669-8254 www.sustainable                    aigcs.org EIN#850222386 Founded in 1969, the American Indian
      investors, and businesses to create a socially just and environmentally             harvest.org EIN#432023182 Provides farming families in Central                     Graduate Center is the oldest and largest national provider of
      sustainable society. 13.9% C,R,W                                                    America with the training and tools to overcome poverty while restoring            scholarships for American Indian and Alaskan Native graduate students.
11342 Green Corps, Inc. (617)426-8506 www.GreenCorps.org EIN#232                          our planet’s tropical forests. 16.3% C,K,S                                         6.7% B,S,J
      687791 Training a new generation of environmental leaders by working          11440 Trust for Public Land, The (800)714-LAND www.tpl.org EIN#237                 11420 American Institute for Cancer Research (202)328-7744 www.
      in communities with local groups to preserve forests, clean up our air              222333 The Trust for Public Land conserves land for people to enjoy as             aicr.org EIN#521238026 Funding innovative cancer research and
      and promote cleaner energy. 13.3% C,O,S                                             parks, gardens, and other natural places, ensuring livable communities             education to expand understanding of nutrition and cancer. CFC
10620 Izaak Walton League of America (800)IKE-LINE www.iwla.org                           for generations to come. 13.0% C,S                                                 contributions used 100% for research. 32.7% H,G,K
      EIN#361930035 From hunters to hikers, our members protect                     11441 U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, Inc.                     81031 American Land Conservancy (415)912-3660 www.alcnet.org
      America’s outdoors through community-based conservation, education,                 (202)546-9707 www.uspirg.org EIN#521384240 PIRG protects public                    EIN#943 121656 ALC protects our natural heritage by conserving land
      commonsense public policy, and a commitment to strong outdoors                      health. We organize citizens to work for toxic free communities; to                for the benefit of people and wildlife. (Please see
      ethics. 27.4% C,S,N                                                                 promote solutions to global warming and safer alternatives to toxic                “www.alcnet.org/CFC” for explanation of ALC’s AFR rate.) 80.1%
11103 Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and                         chemicals. 4.7% C,R,W                                                              C,N,W
      Conservation, The (800)592-JANE www.janegoodall.org EIN#942                   10637 Union of Concerned Scientists (800)666-8276 www.ucsusa.org                   10205 American Latvian Association in the United States, Inc. (301)340-
      474731 Works to create healthy ecosystems, promote sustainable                      EIN#042535767 Scientists and citizens working on solutions to reduce               1914 www.alausa.org EIN#530215408 The American Latvian
      livelihoods and nurture new generations of committed, active citizens               air pollution and global warming, protect biodiversity, prevent nuclear            Association unites Latvians living in the United States, supports the
      around the world. 27.4% D,C,S                                                       proliferation, and ensure a sustainable, safe food system. 8.0% U,C,Q              activities and growth of the community, promotes Latvian language,
10278 Keep America Beautiful, Inc. (203)323-8987 www.kab.org EIN#131                10406 WILD Foundation (International Wilderness Leadership Foundation)                   education and culture. 8.9% A,B,O
      761633 Combines education and hands-on stewardship to reduce waste,                 (303)442-8811 www.wild.org EIN#237389749 Protecting wilderness               19203 American Legacy Foundation (202)454-5555 www.legacyfor
      prevent litter, and promote community beautification efforts nationwide,            and wildlife internationally while helping indigenous communities                  health.org EIN#911956621 Legacy is dedicated to longer, healthier lives
      place emphasis on personal responsibility and grassroots volunteerism.              participate in and benefit from wild nature through on-the-ground field            for all Americans through building a world where young people reject
      15.1% C,S                                                                           projects, policy and research and communications. 11.0% C,D,S                      tobacco and anyone can quit. 8.7% E,F

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
10286 American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (317)630-1219                      10336 Catholic Youth Foundation USA (202)636-3825 www.cyfusa.org                   11869 D.A.R.E. America (800)223-3273 www.dare.org EIN#954242541
      www.cwf-inc.org EIN#357041737 Contributes to the physical, mental,                EIN#521651702 Fosters faith in young people by providing financial                 D.A.R.E. utilizes law enforcement officers to provide students decision-
      emotional and spiritual welfare of children nationwide by supporting              support for Catholic youth ministry in parishes and dioceses through               making skills to avoid drugs and other high-risk behavior, helping them
      established and innovative programs in the care of children. 16.6% P              conferences, resources, research, and training. 19.2% X,O,T                        to lead safe and healthy lives. 11.2% E,O,B
10327 American Legion Endowment Fund Corporation (317)630-1200                    10141 CDC Foundation (National Foundation for the Ctrs For Disease Contr           77293 Diabetes Research Assistance Fund (623)451-6669 diabetesresearch
      EIN#356039680 Provides direct financial assistance to veterans and                & Prevention Inc) (404)653-0790 www.cdcfoundation.org EIN#582                      assistancefund.org EIN#710992728 Funds scientific research grants.
      their families for essential medical and living expenses. 6.7% W,P                106707 The CDC Foundation forges effective partnerships between the                Provides medical supplies and equipment to programs that treat diabetes
72990 American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. (502)895-2405                         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others to fight threats             and other chronic diseases. Sponsors diabetes education, information
      www.aph.org EIN#610444640 American Printing House for the Blind                   to health and safety. 15.8% G,E,M                                                  and nutritional programs. 0.9% H,E,G
      promotes independence of blind and visually impaired persons by             11560 Center for Civic Education (818)591-9321 www.civiced.org EIN#95              96262 Diplomatic Security Foundation Inc (703)439-4404 www.ds
      providing specialized materials, products, and services for education             3546790 The Center for Civic Education is a non-partisan educational               foundation.org EIN#521909558 Provides timely financial support to
      and life. 40.7% W,P,B                                                             organization that promotes education for democracy in the United States            members of the US Diplomatic Security Service, security professionals,
10099 American Radio Relay League, Inc., The (860)594-0200 www.                         and more than 75 other countries. 0.9% B,O,S                                       and other colleagues in law enforcement and foreign affairs
      arrl.org EIN#066000004 ARRL, the national organization of Amateur                                                                                                    communities. 10.5% Q,M,P
                                                                                  79613 Center for Economic and Policy Research (202)293-5380 www.
      Radio, provides volunteer emergency communications, education in                  cepr.net EIN#522204029 The Center for Economic and Policy Research           10003 Disabled Children’s Relief Fund, Inc. (516)377-1605 www.dcrf.com
      wireless technology, plus scientific and technical research. More                 was established to promote democratic debate on the most important                 EIN#113010226 Crippled, blind, deaf, injured, developmentally
      information at www.arrl.org. 21.9% M,U,O                                          economic and social issues that affect people’s lives. 9.4% W,V,R                  delayed, and other children receive medical equipment, wheelchairs,
10305 American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute (239)431-5425                                                                                                        braces, hearing aids, and therapy especially when they have no health
                                                                                  62113 Center for Health and Gender Equity Inc (202)393-5930 www.                         insurance. 5.6% E,G,O
      www.sids.org EIN#581516306 Prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death                      genderhealth.org EIN#311794048 The Center for Health and Gender
      Syndrome) and promote infant health through research and education.               Equity promotes U.S. foreign policies that protect and promote women’s       10102 Dolphin Scholarship Foundation (757)671-3200 www.dolphin
      Help eliminate the major cause of death, age 1-month to 1-year. 8.3%              health and rights in developing countries. 7.5% R,Q,E                              scholarship.org EIN#546038828 Undergraduate Scholarships for
      H,G,E                                                                                                                                                                children/stepchildren of qualified active/retired/former military
                                                                                  10298 Center for Immigration Studies (202)466-8185 www.cis.org EIN#52                    members of the United States Submarine Force or submarine support
88580 Americans United For Separation of Church and State (202)466-                     1449368 A research organization that promotes an immigration policy
      3234 www.au.org EIN#530184647 Americans United is dedicated to                                                                                                       activities. -488.8% B,O,W
                                                                                        more in line with the national interest: one that would reduce the overall
      defending, maintaining and promoting religious liberty and the                    levels and increase enforcement. 11.4% Q,I,W                                 10113 Drug Enforcement Administration Survivors’ Benefit Fund, Inc.
      constitutional principle of church-state separation. 35.6% R                                                                                                         (404)893-7390 www.deamemorial.org EIN#311574115 This non-profit
                                                                                  10153 Center for Law and Education (202)986-3000 www.cleweb.org                          organization supports the surviving family members of DEA employees
84217 America’s Promise Alliance (Americas Promise-The Alliance For                     EIN#042594077 Helps low-income students, parents, and advocates
      Youth) (202)657-0600 www.americaspromise.org EIN#541848713                                                                                                           and Task Force Officers who are killed /die in the line of duty. 5.2%
                                                                                        improve their public schools and work with their communities to fulfill            M,I,O
      America’s Promise Alliance mobilizes every sector of American life to             every child’s right to high-quality education. 8.5% B,R
      provide our nation’s youth with the resources needed to succeed in                                                                                             10235 Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (901)758-3825 www.ducks.org EIN#135
      college, work and life. 9.8% O,B,S                                          11524 Center for Plant Conservation, Inc. (314)577-9450 www.center                       643799 Wetland and waterfowl conservation organization that has
                                                                                        forplantconservation.org EIN#222527116 The CPC works to prevent                    conserved over 12 million acres of habitat in North America since its
10259 Answers in Genesis (Answers in Genesis of Kentucky Inc) (859)727-                 the extinction of native U.S. plants through research, securing plant
      2222 www.answersingenesis.org EIN#330596423 Equips Christians to                                                                                                     inception in 1937. 19.6% T,Z,Y
                                                                                        material, restoration, education and developing partnerships on a
      uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse, through                                                                                           11859 EANGUS “We Care for America” Foundation, Inc. (703)519-3846
                                                                                        national level. 26.5% C,K,U
      seminars, publications, daily radio program, the Creation Museum, and                                                                                                www.eangus.org EIN#541614300 The EANGUS “We Care For
      website. 16.8% X,U,W                                                        10295 Center for Public Justice (410)571-6300 www.cpjustice.org EIN#510                  America” Foundation, provides scholarships, awards, patriotism
10758 Appleseed Foundation (202)347-7960 www.appleseednetwork.org                       153566 The Center is a non-partisan think tank and civic education                 awareness, Veterans Against Drugs and National Guard Soldiers and
      EIN#521835698 Appleseed is dedicated to building a society where                  organization working to equip citizens, develop leaders, and shape                 Airmen Emergency Relief fund. 13.5% Q,Y,T
      opportunities are genuine, access to law is universal and government              policy for the common good. 23.6% Q,R,W                                      10173 Economic Policy Institute (202)775-8810 www.epi.org EIN#521
      advances the public good. 23.9% R,S,W                                       68243 Center for Social and Emotional Education (212)707-8799 www.                       368964 To strengthen democracy, providing working Americans needed
11296 Arc of the United States, The (202)534-3713 www.thearc.org                        schoolclimate.org EIN#133974819 Helping every student reach his/her                tools to participate in public discussion of the economy, resulting in
      EIN#135642032 The Arc works nationwide to ensure that Americans                   fullest potential by enhancing achievement, preventing dropouts,                   economic policies that better reflect public interest. 27.0% V,W,R
      with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the support they            reducing violence and bullying and creating healthier, more supportive       10111 Educational Media Foundation (916)251-1600 www.klove.com;
      need to live and work in every community. 28.4% P,R,E                             K-12 schools 26.4% B,O,F                                                           www.air1.com EIN#942816342 K-LOVE and Air 1, contemporary
10046 Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (202)719-3600 www.               85932 Cherish Our Children International (281)530-0204 www.cherishour                    Christian music, biblical commentary. A positive, encouraging, life
      milarch.org EIN#131624090 This Archdiocese provides pastoral care                 children.org EIN#760393617 Develop and fund programs that provide                  changing message reaching five million people every week by radio and
      for all Catholics and others in the military services, patients in VA             a brighter future for vulnerable children and their communities in the             internet. 9.0% X
      Medical Centers and U.S. Government personnel stationed overseas.                 US, Mexico, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. 20.1% O,P,K              12233 Elks National Foundation (773)755-4728 www.elks.org/enf EIN#263
      21.3% X,W,P                                                                 10265 Child & Family Services of Michigan, Inc. (517)349-6226 www.                       718342 The mission of the Elks National Foundation is to help Elks
51484 Armed Forces Aid Campaign (The Retired Enlisted Association                       cfsm.org EIN#381358205 Post-adoption services provide non-                         build stronger communities; by investing in communities where Elks
      Memorial Foundation) (303)752-0660 www.armedforcesaid.org                         identifying and identifying information to adult adoptees, birth parents,          live and work. 3.9% T,S,O
      EIN#841149039 Providing aid, long term support and emergency                      adult former siblings or adoptive parents. Confidential intermediary         10078 Elks National Veterans Service Commission (773)755-4846 www.
      assistance to our wounded warriors, their families, veterans, military            search service reunites biological families. 8.3% P,W,F                            elks.org EIN#131548228 The funds given to our volunteers are used to
      retirees and deployed troops. 54.0% P                                       69859 Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (203)698-0409 www.fallen                    enhance the level of comfort for hospitalized veterans. We also support
28783 ASCO Cancer Foundation, The (571)483-1700 www.ascocancer                          patriots.org EIN#470902295 Foundation grants college scholarships to               the four VA Special Events. 13.0% P
      foundation.org EIN#311667995 The ASCO Cancer Foundation                           children of U.S. Armed Forces servicemembers who were killed in              12338 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Inc. (386)226-7223 www.
      supports educational programs in cancer care and prevention;                      combat or in a training accident. 7.9% P,B,O                                       erau.edu EIN#590936101 Provides programs, scholarships and a
      disseminates information about cancer and cancer treatment; and funds       41348 Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (866)671-2623 www.                      superior education for those pursuing a career in Aviation/Aerospace
      cutting-edge cancer research. 7.2% H,G,E                                          nbhope.org EIN#364370725 Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer                           related fields. 31.8% B,U,Z
54412 Association for Marine Exploration (858)337-9418 www.marine                       Foundation is committed to finding a cure for neuroblastoma by funding       50104 Emergency Medicine Foundation (972)550-0911 www.emfound
      exploration.org EIN#200066222 A-ME conducts innovative scientific                 innovative research, providing educational resources and increasing                ation.org EIN#752331221 Funding innovative clinical and practice
      exploration of undersea environments using advanced diving                        awareness about the disease. 10.4% G,H,E                                           research for emergency medicine while fostering development of
      technology. Our goal is to increase the understanding and preservation      15943 Chimp Haven, Inc. (318)925-9575 www.chimphaven.org EIN#742                         emergency medicine researchers: leading national organization
      of marine habitats; discovery. 0.6% U,C,H                                         766663 Provides a sanctuary for chimpanzees no longer needed in                    providing research funds for emergency medicine. 3.9% G,H,M
38481 Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Foundation (703)845-                     research or wanted as pets or entertainers and offers educational            10680 Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (800)624-4298 www.enterprise
      9677 www.auvsifoundation.org EIN#521797483 Robots save lives,                     programs to the community. 34.6% D,B,W                                             community.org EIN#521231931 At Enterprise, we create opportunity
      time, and money. The AUVSI Foundation gets students excited about           10291 Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society, The (210)657-4968                       for low- and moderate-income people through fit, affordable housing
      and prepared for careers in Robotics through Competitions and other               www.chromosome18.org EIN#742557551 Information and support to                      and diverse, thriving communities. 17.5% L,C,P
      programs. 8.0% U,B,J                                                              families about the prognoses and treatments of chromosome 18                 26610 Environmental Investigation Agency (202)483-6621 www.eia-
12307 Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc. (240)314-7155 www.                   abnormalities. Affected individuals have a wide variety of medical and             global.org EIN#521654284 EPA award winner advocating solutions to
      indian-affairs.org EIN#131623902 88 year old advocacy/grass roots                 mental disabilities. 4.9% G,B,H                                                    global deforestation, illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade, and climate
      organization; all-Native Board; youth/education and cultural                                                                                                         change. Uses undercover field investigations, exclusive evidence and
                                                                                  12414 City Year, Inc. (617)927-2500 www.cityyear.org EIN#222882549 City
      preservation focus - including scholarships, language preservation, child                                                                                            tenacious campaigning. 16.3% C,D,I
                                                                                        Year unites diverse young leaders in full-time service as tutors and
      welfare, sacred lands protection. 31.2% O,R,Z                                                                                                                  10031 ESA Foundation (Epsilon Sigma Alpha International Council)
                                                                                        mentors who help students in underserved schools stay on track to
11781 Batten Disease Support & Research Association (740)927-4298                       graduate. 15.4% O,S,W                                                              (970)223-2824 www.esaintl.com/esaf EIN#237099403 ESA
      www.bdsra.org EIN#911397792 Provides information, education,                                                                                                         Foundation provides educational scholarships (over $136,000 in 2009)
      medical referrals/assistance and support to children with Batten Disease    27150 Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (703)318-0730 www.cblpi.org                     in addition to supporting other local and national charities benefiting
      and their families. Promotes, assists and funds research toward treatment         EIN#541672138 Promote mentors and women leaders who are                            children and elderly. 1.3% B,O,P
      and cure. 7.5% G,H                                                                committed to constitutional principles such as individual freedom,
                                                                                        economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility and            19603 Exodus International North America, Inc. (407)599-6872 www.
88344 BBB Center, Inc. (703)247-9334 www.bbb.org/military EIN#208                       traditional values. 32.8% Z                                                        exodusinternational.org EIN#521413470 Exodus, the largest resource
      814392 The BBB Center researches consumer issues. Its BBB Military                                                                                                   and referral ministry addressing homosexuality is mobilizing the Church
      Line® program gives free workshops and consumer education materials         10323 Clarke School for the Deaf (413)584-3450 www.clarkeschool.org                      to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by this issue. 18.8%
      to U.S. military personnel and their families. 31.6% W,B,R                        EIN#042104008 Clarke teaches deaf children to listen and talk and                  X,O,P
                                                                                        thrive in mainstream society, serving 700 children and their families
10579 Be the Match Foundation (612)884-8700 www.marrow.org EIN#411                      annually at five locations. 19.2% B,G,O                                      10239 Facioscapulohumeral (FSH) Society, Inc. (617)658-7878
      704734 We support the National Marrow Donor Program. Together, we                                                                                                    www.fshsociety.org EIN#521762747 Education, research, and
      help patients who require a marrow transplant find a donor and receive      10100 Coastal America Foundation (508)292-0251 www.coastalamerica                        advocacy to physicians, patients and families through website,
      the treatment they need. 21.9% E,G,H                                              foundation.org EIN#043408825 Provides funds to local communities                   brochures, newsletters, networks and research grants for
                                                                                        cost-sharing in projects for ecological restoration and supports education         facioscapulohumeral (FSH) muscular dystrophy. 18.7% G,E,H
10790 Blacks in Government (202)667-3280 www.bignet.org EIN#521                         and outreach in coastal environments and their watersheds. 95.6% C,D,S
      167784 Promotes well-being of all government employees on issues of                                                                                            10132 FairVote (301)270-4616 www.fairvote.org EIN#541635649 Fair
      equity, excellence, and opportunity in the workplace through advocacy,      80371 Community Action Partnership (202)265-7546 www.community                           representation. Fair access to participation. Fair elections with real
      education, training, legal and financial support. 16.9% R,B,Y                     actionpartnership.com EIN#521120274 The Partnership works to                       choices. FairVote advances reforms to ensure an equal voice and equal
                                                                                        reduce poverty and help poor people and families. We provide training,             vote for all Americans. 9.1% R,W,O
11402 BlueRibbon Coalition (208)237-1008 www.sharetrails.org EIN#820                    technical assistance, and resources to 1,000 member agencies across
      413981 The BlueRibbon Coalition is a grassroots-based, national                   America. 41.8% P,S,J                                                         11026 Families USA Foundation, Inc. (202)628-3030 www.familiesusa.org
      recreation advocacy group that champions responsible use of public                                                                                                   EIN#042730934 Leading national consumer health advocacy
      lands and waters, and encourages individual environmental stewardship.      10896 Competitive Enterprise Institute (202)331-1010 www.cei.org                         organization working for affordable, high-quality health coverage for
      25.6% R,N,C                                                                       EIN#521351785 An advocacy and research organization promoting                      all Americans. The voice for health care consumers. 7.5% E,R
                                                                                        limited government, individual liberties, economic freedom, and
52090 B’nai B’rith International (202)857-6526 www.bnaibrith.org EIN#53                 technological advancement from a libertarian perspective. 37.3% Z            10096 Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc. (541)687-4658 www.
      0179971 B’nai B’rith International, the global voice of the Jewish                                                                                                   fanconi.org EIN#930995453 Funds research to find treatments and a
      community, is the most widely known Jewish humanitarian, human              10933 Congenital Adrenal Hyerplasia Research Education & Support                         cure for Fanconi anemia, a fatal genetic disease; provides education and
      rights and advocacy organization. 31.6% R,Q,M                                     Foundation, Inc. (908)364-0272 www.caresfoundation.org EIN#223                     support services to affected families worldwide. 9.4% G,H,E
                                                                                        755684 CARES Foundation supports and educates families affected by
10038 Boat People S.O.S., Inc. (703)538-2190 www.bpsos.org EIN#541                                                                                                   10778 Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc. (202)293-5420 www.farmworker
      563619 Protects and assists victims of persecution, violence, torture,            Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, a common adrenal disorder in
                                                                                                                                                                           justice.org EIN#521196708 Our mission is to empower migrant
      and human trafficking; helps refugee and immigrant communities build              Hispanic, Italian, and Jewish backgrounds, while seeking its cure. 17.6%           farmworkers to improve their wages, working conditions, health, and
      capacity towards full integration. 19.9% P,R,S                                    G,H                                                                                immigration status through litigation, advocacy, public education and
10944 Breast Cancer Research & Assistance Fund (602)241-2697                      52521 Consumer Federation of America (202)387-6121 www.consumerfed.                      coalition-building. 5.3% R,S,K
      www.breastcancer-research.org EIN#860957009 Provides research                     org EIN#520880625 CFA is a nonprofit association of some 300 groups          54726 Federal Law Enforcement Officers Foundation (201)913-9262
      grants, medical equipment and supplies to hospitals. Sponsors cancer              using research, education, and advocacy to protect and advance the                 www.fleoafoundation.org EIN#521850114 FLEOA Foundation,
      support groups. Provides educational materials for patients and families.         consumer interests of the financially vulnerable. 15.5% W,S,R                      associated with Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association,
      Curing begins with compassionate care. 1.2% G,H,P                           66225 Coprodeli USA (312)234-9592 www.coprodeliusa.org EIN#364                           provides emergency medical and bereavement financial assistance, and
10280 Burchette, Conners, Ellington, Hereford & Lynch Memorial                          334727 Supporting families living in extreme poverty in Peru through               scholarships to Federal Agents and their families. 5.4% T,I,W
      College Education Fund, The (703)247-2173 www.fbiaa.org                           strong self-sustaining community programs for education, at-risk             11513 Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, Inc. (860)243-5200 www.fidelco.org
      EIN#133351127 Provides college scholarships to children and spouses               children, microbusiness development, health, housing and earthquake                EIN#066060478 The Fidelco Foundation breeds, trains and places
      of FBI Agents who died while employed by the FBI or within one year               reconstruction. 6.3% B,L,S                                                         German shepherd guide dogs for In-community Placement with persons
      of retirement. 4.5% B                                                       45368 Corporation for Supportive Housing (212)986-2966 www.csh.org                       who are visually impaired providing increased, independent mobility.
11509 Caitlin Raymond International Registry, The (UMass Memorial                       EIN#133600232 Help us permanently end homelessness for veterans,                   19.2% P,D
      Health Care Inc) (508)334-8969 www.crir.org EIN#061749208                         youth, families and others. We’ve already helped over 100,000                10189 First Book (202)393-1222 www.FirstBook.org EIN#521779606 First
      Coordinating center for international cord blood and marrow donor                 households to access affordable housing linked to supportive services.             Book provides new books to children in need, addressing one of the
      search. Case management and patient advocacy services. Recruitment                25.5% L,P,F                                                                        most important factors affecting literacy access to books. 2.9% B,O,S
      services/management of 110,000+ unrelated donors. 3.8% G,E,P                10037 Couple to Couple League International (513)471-2000 www.ccli.org             11479 First Command Educational Foundation (817)569-2687 www.
62681 Carbonfund.org Foundation (240)247-0630 www.carbonfund.org                        EIN#310842914 Provides natural family planning information,                        firstcommand.org EIN#751973894 Provides approximately $250K
      EIN#200231609 Fight global warming now by supporting verified                     instruction and consulting to married and engaged couples. Also                    annually in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students;
      carbon reduction projects. Offset your carbon footprint with the                  promotes teen sexual responsibility with pro-chastity material. 15.8%              conducts hundreds of presentations and seminars, promoting financial
      country’s leading nonprofit climate solutions organization. 6.0% C,Z              P                                                                                  wellness and independence across the nation. 32.1% B,O,W
32040 Casting for Recovery, Inc. (802)362-9181 www.castingforrecovery.            57837 Crown Financial Ministries, Inc. (770)534-1000 www.crown.org                 10213 First Nations Development Institute (303)774-7836 www.first
      org EIN#030354382 Casting for Recovery educates and supports                      EIN#581260812 Nonprofit global organization that helps people make,                nations.org EIN#541254491 Through a three-pronged strategy of
      women breast cancer survivors by teaching skills focused on wellness              manage, and fulfill God’s purposes for money and possessions through               educating, advocating, and capitalizing, First Nations Development
      in a program combining counseling, medical education and fly-fishing.             the teaching and application of biblical financial principles. 34.9%               Institute is working to ensure the long-term viability of Native
      17.8% E,G,P                                                                       B,Q,X                                                                              communities. 23.8% S,R,W
10674 Catholic Charities USA (703)549-1390 www.catholiccharitiesusa.org           12294 Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (248)644-9014 www.cl                           12295 Fish America Foundation (703)519-9691 www.fishamerica.org
      EIN#530196620 Catholic Charities USA’s network of 1700 agencies                   foundation.org EIN#383443135 The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation                     EIN#363219015 FishAmerica invests in local communities to enhance
      work nationwide to: strengthen families, reduce poverty, build                    is a patient advocacy organization supporting every person with                    fisheries, restore habitat, and improve water quality thereby increasing
      communities regardless of religion, race or socio/economic status of              cutaneous lymphoma by promoting awareness, education, advancing                    sportfishing success and keeping our fish and waters healthy. 9.3%
      clients. 31.9% P,X,Y                                                              patient care, and facilitating research. 11.3% G,H,Z                               T,C,N

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
56332 Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, Inc. (520)868-0191              10109 Indian Land Tenure Foundation (651)766-8999 www.indianland                     71906 MedEvac Foundation International (The Foundation for Air-Medical
      www.firrp.org EIN#860658103 Provides holistic, free legal and social               tenure.org EIN#412014273 Community foundation created to educate                     Research and Education) (703)836-8732 www.fareonline.org
      services to immigrants, refugees and U.S. citizens detained by                     Indian and non-Indian people on Indian land ownership, development                   EIN#542007236 Your gift ensures that MedEvac services are available
      Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Arizona for immigration                 and preservation: 100 percent of all donations support direct program                to critically injured persons. Grants and scholarships are awarded to
      processing 23.8% R,P,I                                                             initiatives. 11.3% R,S,W                                                             advance medical transport worldwide. 29.1% H,T,M
10138 Forest History Society Inc. (919)682-9319 www.foresthistory.org              51789 Institute for Financial Literacy, Inc. (866)662-4932 www.financiallit.         78481 Medical Aid and Research Fund (877)535-3182 medicalaid
      EIN#410762363 Preserves our forest heritage. Provides unbiased                     org EIN#760707546 IFL offers financial education and counseling                      researchfund.org EIN#208788430 Funds scientific research grants.
      information on history of people and forests. Promotes conservation and            nationally, provides professional training and certification programs,               Provides medical supplies and equipment to programs that treat chronic
      improves human health and welfare through research and education. -                and administers an accreditation program for financial education                     diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Provides contaminated water
      249.8% C,B,P                                                                       providers. 20.2% Z                                                                   purification products. 0.3% H,F,G
10079 Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Inc. (FIRE)                   10015 Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy (202)299-1066 www.                     96258 Medical Missionaries, Inc. (703)361-5116 www.medmissionaries.org
      (215)717-3473 www.thefire.org EIN#043467254 FIRE combats abuses                    itepnet.org EIN#042688165 Fair and adequate funding of public                        EIN#541990595 international humanitarian organization of 200
      of individual liberty on America’s college and university campuses and             programs is focus of this tax policy research group. Highly-respected                volunteers dedicated to providing health care, medical support, medical
      educates students, faculty, and the public about their fundamental rights.         tax analyses frequently cited by policymakers and media. 16.7% W                     education and training to the poor of the US and world. 0.6% P,E,G
      17.8% R,B                                                                    10846 International Association of Fire Chiefs Inc. (703)273-0911                    10825 Men’s Health Network (202)543-6461 www.menshealthnetwork.org
41543 Foundation for Prader Willi Research (“FPWR”), The (703)683-                       www.iafc.org EIN#131846552 Your support directly helps America’s                     EIN#521855419 Improving the physical and mental health of men so
      7500 www.fpwr.org EIN#311763110 FPWR seeks to eliminate the                        first responders better protect our communities and respond to fires,                they can live fuller, happier lives. Building healthy families through
      challenges of Prader-Willi syndrome, a disorder characterized by                   terrorist attacks, hazardous materials spills, natural disasters, and rescue         screening, education, and outreach efforts. 10.1% E,F,G
      developmental delay, childhood obesity, and behavioral challenges,                 missions. 18.9% M,W,Y                                                          10230 Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) (210)732-2156
      through the advancement of research. 29.9% H,G,E                             12301 International Children’s Fund (920)729-5721 www.icfaid.org                           www.maccsa.org EIN#741712528 Nationally recognized college
98852 Foundation for the National Archives (202)357-5946 www.archives.                   EIN#391303430 ICF ministers to the physical and the spiritual needs of               empowering and educating leaders for culturally diverse communities:
      gov/nae EIN#521792608 The Foundation for the National Archives                     desperately poor children and their families, worldwide. Just as Jesus               Focus: Hispanic leadership, diversity training, family, youth,
      expands civic literacy nation-wide through innovative exhibitions,                 ministered to the multitudes. 2.3% P,Q,X                                             farmworkers, Catholic Faith, Spanish and English languages. 18.6%
      educational outreach, diverse public programs, digital initiatives, and      49595 International Relief and Development, US (703)248-0164 www.                          B,X,O
      publications. 19.7% A,B,W                                                          ird.org EIN#205183267 IRD US implements targeted cost-effective                10186 Migrant Legal Action Program, Inc. (202)775-7780 www.mlap.org
12260 Foundation of the Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret                  relief and development programs that improve the lives of vulnerable                 EIN#520913158 Aids impoverished, exploited migrant farmworkers
      Service (515)282-8192 www.oldstar.org EIN#521035969 Provides                       populations both domestically and in almost forty (40) countries abroad.             who suffer from daily exposure to toxic pesticides, discrimination,
      financial assistance to members in crisis and survivors of members.                6.1% Q,M,S                                                                           intimidation, and inhumane living and working conditions, through free
      Provides scholarships to children and grandchildren of members. Assists      10142 International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural                             legal services. 21.4% R,P,J
      other law enforcement survivor organizations. 10.5% P,Y,Z                          Resources (202)387-4826 www.iucn.org/usa EIN#521443147 Your                    38370 Mission to North America (PRJC) (678)825-1251 www.prjc.net
10192 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (206)667-4399 www.                          contribution to this union of governments, NGOs and scientists will help             EIN#640541857 MNA (dba: Project PRJC Chaplain Commission)
      fhcrc.org EIN#237156071 The Hutchinson Center conducts cancer                      save endangered species, support national parks, protect the oceans and              provides constitutionally-approved religious support (biblical preaching,
      research of the highest standards to improve prevention, detection and             fight poverty globally. 0.7% C,S,U                                                   teaching and counseling) for America’s Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,
      treatment, resulting in reduced pain and suffering by this disease. 6.8%     10194 Islamic Relief USA (888)479-4968 www.islamicreliefusa.org                            Guardsmen, and Airmen. 86.9% X,F,O
      G,H,U                                                                              EIN#954453134 IRUSA alleviates suffering, hunger, illiteracy, and              20396 Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT Inc) (406)728-1911 www.
11482 Free the Slaves (Anti-Slavery International Inc) (202)775-7480                     diseases worldwide regardless of color, race, religion, or creed; provides           mctinc.org EIN#810332120 Through participation in performing arts
      www.freetheslaves.net EIN#562189635 Free the Slaves supports                       rapid disaster relief; and establishes sustainable local development                 with the Missoula Children’s Theatre, children gain self confidence
      grassroots groups to free the world’s 27,000,000 slaves and gives                  projects. 6.4% M,S,K                                                                 while learning the importance of commitment, teamwork, trust and
      individuals, governments, businesses and NGOs practical skills to            10889 JCAHPO Education & Research Foundation (651)731-2944                                 acceptance. 56.9% O,A,B
      eradicate slavery forever. 10.4% R,Q,E                                             www.jcahpo.org EIN#411681301 Scholarships: students in training                74167 Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union (703)799-8695 www.
32519 Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. (608)256-8900 www.                          programs for ophthalmic medical personnel (OMP); continuing                          mountvernon.org EIN#540564701 Preserves George Washington’s
      ffrf.org EIN#391302520 Help our national association of freethinkers               education/certification fees for OMP. Funds special JCAHPO projects                  home and tomb; provides numerous educational, cultural and distance
      (atheists and agnostics), founded in 1978, to promote and defend the               (distance learning, computerized testing, etc.) 7.5% E,B,Z                           learning programs in schools across America on Washington’s legacy
      constitutional principle of separation between church and state. 6.4%        11531 Jed Foundation, The (212)647-7544 www.jedfoundation.org                              of character and leadership. 37.1% A
      R,B,Z                                                                              EIN#134131139 The Jed Foundation works to prevent suicide and                  10858 Mountain Institute, The (202)234-4050 www.mountain.org EIN#550
65243 Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (484)875-3015 www.curefa.                    reduce the impact of emotional distress among college students through               541323 We are a unique international non-profit organization devoted
      org EIN#522122720 FARA is dedicated to curing Friedrech’s ataxia                   national programs for students, campuses and parents. 13.8% F,B,O                    solely to the equitable and environmentally responsible development of
      through research. FARA provides support for basic and translational                                                                                                     mountain communities and environments around the world. 13.2%
                                                                                   10744 Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, Inc., The (212)727-9955
      FA research, drug development, clinical trials, and scientific                                                                                                          C,Q,S
                                                                                         www.jfr.org EIN#133807016 The JFR provides monthly grants to 1,100
      conferences. 8.1% H,G                                                              needy Christians who saved Jews during the Holocaust and educates              15063 Moving Picture Institute (MPI), The (323)650-3850 www.thempi.org
82954 Frostburg State University Foundation (301)687-4752 foundation.                    teachers and their students about the Holocaust. 12.1% B,P,Z                         EIN#203237801 The Moving Picture Institute supports freedom-
      frostburg.edu EIN#237120883 The Foundation strengthens Frostburg                                                                                                        oriented filmmakers through grants, fellowships, internships, promotion
                                                                                   10080 Jimmy Fund, The (Dana Farber Cancer Institute Inc Steven Connolly)
      State University’s capacity to broaden access to high-quality higher                                                                                                    and production assistance, fiscal sponsorship, and networking
                                                                                         (617)632-3146 www.dfci.org EIN#042263040 Dana-Farber Cancer
      education by supporting scholarships, faculty/staff, student work, and                                                                                                  opportunities. 5.5% A,B
                                                                                         Institute is ranked the #1 cancer hospital in New England by U.S.News
      other programs. 5.1% B                                                             and World Report for its stellar patient care and research. 11.2% E,H,W        11526 Myositis Association, The (703)299-4850 www.myositis.org EIN#541
30805 Fund for American Studies, The (202)986-0384 www.tfas.org                                                                                                               660976 TMA is a health nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose
                                                                                   10831 Johns Hopkins University (410)516-6254 www.jhu.edu EIN#520
      EIN#136223604 TFAS develops young leaders by sponsoring                                                                                                                 purpose is to find a cure for myositis, a rare neuromuscular disease.
                                                                                         595110 Johns Hopkins is dedicated to an ethos of service advancing
      educational programs that teach concepts of limited government and                                                                                                      30.6% H,E,P
                                                                                         new knowledge through discovery while training the next generation of
      free-market economics to college students throughout the world. 22.4%              intellectual explorers and scientific pioneers. 7.3% B,E,H                     11929 National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (914)539-
      B,O,T                                                                                                                                                                   4010 www.nacme.org EIN#521190664 NACME provides engineering
                                                                                   69988 Joni and Friends (818)707-5664 www.joniandfriends.org EIN#953
                                                                                                                                                                              scholarships and pre-engineering educational programs to increase the
11519 Government Accountability Project (202)457-0034 www.                               402002 A Christian ministry outreach to people and families affected by
                                                                                                                                                                              representation of African American, American Indian and Latino
      whistleblower.org EIN#521343924 Promotes accountability through                    disability with programs that offer practical help and the hope of Christ.
                                                                                                                                                                              women and men in engineering/STEM careers. 23.3% B,O,J
      defending government, corporate and international whistleblowers and               12.9% X,P,W
      substantiating their concerns about drug and food safety, the                                                                                                     11428 National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired (National
                                                                                   29164 Keystone Center (970)513-5800 www.keystone.org EIN#840688506
      environment, nuclear power/weapons and homeland security. 16.7%                                                                                                         Association of Parents of Children with Visual Impairments) (617)972-
                                                                                         Keystone brings together various stakeholders on all sides of difficult
      W,R,C                                                                                                                                                                   7441 www.napvi.org EIN#742095442 NAPVI helps families of
                                                                                         issues in environment, energy, and health through consensus-seeking
                                                                                                                                                                              children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with
10248 Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Inc. (914)243-2250 www.guidingeyes.org                 processes creating better public policy decisions. 16.7% W,O,B
                                                                                                                                                                              multiple disabilities, by providing education, support, advocacy and
      EIN#131854606 Provides professionally trained Guiding Eyes’ dogs to          10183 KRS Education & Rural Development Foundation, Inc. (601)510-                         resources. 5.1% G,P,R
      enrich visually impaired individuals’ lives with new horizons of                   9510 www.krsfoundation.org EIN#581927990 Focused on
      opportunity by freedom to travel safely, confidently and independently.                                                                                           22419 National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (312)427-0175
                                                                                         impoverished villages in India, KRS provides access to quality                       www.urbandebate.org EIN#204323096 Facilitates participation in
      18.8% P,D,E                                                                        education, health services and economic empowerment programs for                     organized debate activities for urban students, helping to close the
10042 Gun Owners Foundation (703)321-8585 www.gunowners.org                              women and children. 0.6% W,B,E                                                       achievement gap and ensure students graduate college- and career-
      EIN#521297380 Defending America’s unique constitutional right to             10886 LAM Foundation (513)777-6889 www.thelamfoundation.org                                ready. 6.7% B,O,R
      keep and bear arms, through education and legal assistance in important            EIN#311438001 The LAM Foundation funds medical research and
      firearms cases. 10.7% W,I,M                                                                                                                                       10107 National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders,
                                                                                         offers education and support to women with a rare and frequently fatal               Inc. (630)577-1333 www.anad.org EIN#362938021 A non-profit
10008 Harvest Institute, The (202)518-2465 www.harvestinstitute.org                      lung disease called LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis). 28.3% G,I,E                      corporation that seeks to prevent and alleviate the problems of eating
      EIN#521874476 A public policy, research, and educational organization        62269 Latter-day Saint Charities (801)240-1201 www.ldscharities.org                        disorders, especially including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and
      that advocates for Black America and designs and promotes strategies               EIN#870555261 Provides life-sustaining resources to people in                        binge eating disorder. 6.4% F,O,P
      that encourage economic self-sufficiency and competitiveness. 13.8% R              emergencies and helps families become self-reliant regardless of               99612 National Association of Elementary School Principals Foundation,
10199 Heart of America Foundation (202)347-6278 www.heartofamerica.                      religious affiliation. Helps with food production, health, clean water,              The (703)684-3345 www.naesp.org EIN#541223334 Founded in 1921,
      org EIN#522034127 Provides children in poverty with the tools to read,             wheelchairs. 1.5% M,K,P                                                              NAESP is a professional organization serving 25,000 elementary and
      succeed and make a difference. Promotes volunteerism and literacy,           11563 League of American Bicyclists (League of American Wheelmen Inc)                      middle school principals and other education leaders throughout the
      distributes books to children, revitalizes school libraries. 4.5% B,S,O            (202)822-1333 www.bikeleague.org EIN#366206225 The League of                         United States. 2.5% Z
12251 Help Hospitalized Veterans (951)926-4500 www.hhv.org EIN#952                       American Wheelmen promotes cycling for fun, fitness and                        10752 National Ataxia Foundation, Inc. (763)553-0020 www.ataxia.org
      706737 Aids hospitalized veterans and active duty military receiving               transportation, and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle-              EIN#410832903 A national voluntary health agency which provides
      medical treatment through therapeutic and other direct assistance                  friendly America. 12.4% Z,R,Y                                                        research, education, patient services, clinics, and prevention programs
      programs; provides direct services to homebound and wounded                  34071 Liberian Orphanage Humanitarian Projects, Inc. (202)232-5647                         to ataxia families and persons with related neurological disorders. 12.3%
      veterans. 35.6% E                                                                  www.lohp-usa.org EIN#432112908 Improves the quality of life in                       G,H,P
44370 Helping Children Worldwide, Inc. (703)793-9521 www.helping                         Liberia, West Africa through sponsoring orphanages/ child welfare              32576 National Autism Association (417)725-9544 www.nationalautism
      childrenworldwide.org EIN#760729857 Helping Children Worldwide                     homes, humanitarian aide projects, educational opportunities, and                    association.org EIN#200032380 Dedicated to autism advocacy,
      provides hope to impoverished children and their communities through               initiatives for the Blind. 0.0% P,Q,S                                                education, and support, NAA funds scientific research and financially
      programs and partnerships in Sierra Leone and Northern Virginia. 7.3%        10309 Lions World Services for the Blind (501)664-7100 www.lwsb.org                        assists families seeking medical treatments for their children diagnosed
      P,E,O                                                                              EIN#710208511 A comprehensive rehabilitation center for blind adults                 with autism. 26.0% G,P,H
10155 Heritage Foundation, The (202)546-4400 www.heritage.org EIN#237                    providing counseling, training in independent living and mobility skills,      10012 National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (607)547-7200 www.
      327730 We formulate and promote conservative public policies based                 vocational evaluation and high quality marketable job skills training.               baseballhalloffame.org EIN#150572877 Fosters an appreciation of the
      on principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom,          37.1% E,J,B                                                                          historical development of baseball and its impact on American culture,
      traditional American values, and a strong national defense. 19.0%            17876 Love Without Boundaries Foundation (405)216-5837 www.love                            preserves history, honors excellence, connects generations and enriches
      B,W,T                                                                              withoutboundaries.com EIN#061710161 LWB changes the lives of                         education. 42.6% N,B,A
10233 HHT Foundation International, Inc. (410)357-9932 www.hht.org                       orphans in China through life-saving surgeries, foster care, nutrition,        10072 National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (972)248-9200 www.
      EIN#223115041 We provide support to families with HHT, a genetic                   and education programs, giving them the best possible chance at                      nationalbreastcancer.org EIN#752391148 Educates women on
      multi-symptom blood vessel disorder, through education, advocacy, and              adoption. 8.4% P,O,E                                                                 lifesaving techniques of early detection of breast cancer; provides
      research. HHT affects 1 in 5,000 people. 50.3% G,H,E                         48891 Lupus Research Institute (212)685-4118 www.lupusresearch                             support for breast cancer patients; free to low-cost mammography for
10200 Histiocytosis Association of America Inc. (856)589-6606 www.                       institute.org EIN#061565950 The world’s leading private supporter of                 underserved women. 17.8% E
      histio.org EIN#222827069 The HAA is dedicated to raising awareness                 innovative lupus research, LRI champions scientific risk-taking in the         10258 National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women
      about histiocytic disorders, providing educational and emotional                   hunt for solutions to this complex and dangerous autoimmune disease.                 (215)351-0010 www.ncdbw.org EIN#232473361 Helps battered
      support, and funding research leading to better treatments and a cure.             6.5% H,G,E                                                                           women who are charged with crimes directly related to their abuse and
      24.5% G,P,H                                                                  78594 Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (410)230-2700                               victimization. Provides specialized technical assistance, support,
10188 Homeless Children (Foundation for His Ministry) (949)492-2200                      www.lirs.org EIN#132574854 We help those uprooted by war or facing                   resources, networking, and training. 11.1% R,I,P
      www.ffhm.org EIN#952499595 Rescuing abandoned infants, children                    persecution in their home countries. We resettle refugees, protect             17785 National Coalition For Men, Inc. (619)231-1909 www.ncfm.org
      and disabled from garbage dumps, streets and prisons of Mexico.                    vulnerable children and advocate for justice for migrants. 10.3% P,R,Z               EIN#112592580 Helps men and loved ones suffering from wrongful
      Providing daycare, loving homes, Christian education, vocational             11508 Lutherans for Life (515)382-2077 www.lutheransforlife.org EIN#411                    paternity, false accusations, child custody/support, domestic violence,
      training, and medical treatment. 6.0% P,L,X                                        374293 LFL serves as a powerful, Biblical, for life voice and resource               and the health/equal rights of men and boys. 28.0% I,R,W
67307 Honor Flight, Inc (937)521-2400 www.honorflight.org EIN#202                        to Lutherans and others, in order to equip them to transform society.          10844 National Coalition for the Homeless Inc. (202)462-4822 www.
      751460 Transports America’s WWII, terminally ill and senior veterans               15.2% X,W                                                                            nationalhomeless.org EIN#521517415 NCH strives to end and prevent
      to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials before it’s too late. Often      11424 Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (888)366-6611 www.Lyme                                homelessness, utilizing grassroots organizing, public education, policy
      this is their “last hurrah.” 12.0% P,W,R                                           DiseaseAssociation.org EIN#223123551 LDA, all-volunteer, funds                       advocacy, technical assistance, and partnerships with organizations and
10066 Hydrocephalus Association (415)732-7040 www.hydroassoc.org                         research, medical expenses for uninsured children; conducts conferences              the homeless community. 22.8% L,P,R
      EIN#943000301 The Hydrocephalus Association seeks to eliminate the                 for doctors, public, schools; provides referrals, free literature; produces    11538 National Collegiate Conference Association, Inc. (651)204-9310
      challenges of hydrocephalus by stimulating innovative research and                 books, DVDs, prevention projects, infoline. 3.3% H,G,E                               www.nmun.org EIN#046185992 NCCA offers college students from
      providing support and education for individuals, families and                27809 MANNA Worldwide, Inc. (817)346-3641 www.mannaworldwide.com                           around the world quality Model UN programs described by Kofi Annan
      professionals. 31.6% G,E,P                                                         EIN#752931604 MANNA Worldwide is committed to addressing the                         as “an inspiring display of commitment and global citizenship”. 8.8%
31046 Hydrogen Education Foundation (202)223-5547 www.hydrogen                           nutritional, educational, and spiritual needs of children and their families         B,Q,O
      educationfoundation.org EIN#205020384 HEF promotes zero-emission                   worldwide regardless of gender, nationality or religion. 8.6% W,X,K            26683 National Conference of Standards Laboratories (303)440-3339
      hydrogen energy technologies through student scholarships, innovative        92068 Marine Graduation Foundation (816)232-8762 usmcgrad.org                              www.ncsli.org EIN#846036443 Provides measurement science
      national competitions, and education to encourage environmental                    EIN#202932679 Helps financially-challenged families attend Marine                    resources, education and training, scholarships and metrology outreach
      stewardship, improve energy security, and create green jobs. 13.6%                 Corps Boot Camp Graduations, giving new Marines due recognition                      to improve the quality of products and services through excellence in
      B,C,O                                                                              and increasing morale as they enter their military career. 7.7% T,P,W                calibration and testing. 13.1% B,U
13741 In Need of Diagnosis, Inc. (407)894-9190 www.inod.org EIN#134                63375 Marymount University (866)239-4279 www.marymount.edu                           43240 National Conference on Citizenship (202)729-8038 www.ncoc.net
      321652 A resource center for those who suffer with illnesses that elude            EIN#540573801 As a comprehensive Catholic University, we provide                     EIN#520698385 Focus on ways to enhance history and civic education,
      diagnosis. An advocate for medical protocols that improve the accuracy             student-centered learning that fosters scholarship, leadership, service,             encourage national and community service, and promote greater
      and timeliness of diagnoses. 36.7% G,E,P                                           and ethics. 18.4% B,A                                                                participation in the political process. 15.2% T,R,S

                              # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
10863 National Council for International Visitors (202)842-1414 www.                 11528 National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association, Inc. (617)277-              10005 Prisoner Visitation & Support Committee (215)241-7117 www.
      nciv.org EIN#520848094 NCIV provides training to 92 community                        4463 www.ntsad.org EIN#131912877 NTSAD supports affected                            prisonervisitation.org EIN#231985076 Prisoner Visitation and Support
      organizations that promote citizen diplomacy by hosting international                families and individuals affected by Tay-Sachs, Canavan and related                 is the only nationwide, interfaith visitation program for federal and
      leaders and shaping U.S. foreign relations - one handshake at a time.                genetic diseases, and directs and funds research to find treatments and             military prisoners with volunteers across the country who regularly visit
      1.9% Q,R,S                                                                           cures. 11.1% G,H,E                                                                  prisoners. 22.5% P,I,W
10854 National Crime Prevention Council (202)466-6272 www.ncpc.org                   11395 National Volunteer Fire Council, Inc. (202)887-5700 www.nvfc.org              82526 Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. (301)399-7396 www.
      EIN#133129302 Helps keep families and communities safe from crime                    EIN#391274172 The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC)                            projecthealingwaters.org EIN#611518154 Project Healing Waters is
      through crime prevention programs, training and technical assistance,                represents the interests of volunteer fire, emergency, and rescue                   dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled
      youth outreach, and community engagement. 7.4% I,M,O                                 personnel through legislative support, training, education, tools, and              military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing education
                                                                                           resources. 15.4% M,B,S                                                              and outings. 40.0% P,E,N
48652 National Crime Victim Law Institute (503)768-6819 www.ncvli.org
      EIN#710879090 Helps crime victims become survivors. Rights                     10240 National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc. (803)637-3106 www.nwtf.org              95983 Project Linus (Linus Project) (309)454-1764 www.projectlinus.org
      education, legal advocacy, policy. Priorities: legal assistance, sexual              EIN#570564993 Conservation and educational organization dedicated                   EIN#841362696 Project Linus is a national nonprofit with a mission to
      assault, domestic violence, child abuse, stalking, trafficking, homicide,            to the conservation and management of the North American Wild                       bring comfort and security to seriously ill children through the gifts of
      identity theft, fraud. 7.4% I,R,W                                                    Turkey and the preservation of the hunting heritage. 8.0% D,Z                       new, handmade blankets. 8.1% P,W,Z
82811 National Fair Housing Alliance (202)898-1661 www.national                      10076 National Wildlife Refuge Association (202)292-2402 www.refuge                 12466 Project MedSend (203)891-8223 www.medsend.org EIN#752470543
      fairhousing.org EIN#521676364 NFHA is the only national                              association.org EIN#237447365 Only organization dedicated to                        Project MedSend offers student loan repayment grants to healthcare
      organization dedicated solely to advancing fair housing and equal                    protecting American wildlife through programs that strengthen the                   professionals headed for career medical missions at home or abroad
      opportunity through a comprehensive program of education, advocacy                   National Wildlife Refuge System. Mobilizes refuge Friends groups                    under authority of approved mission board. 158.5% X,E,S
      and enforcement activities. 25.8% R,W,S                                              around refuge and wildlife conservation. 5.7% C,D                             10785 Project on Government Oversight (202)347-1122 www.pogo.org
10292 National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (301)447-1365 www.                                                                                                               EIN#521739443 For over 25 years, POGO is an independent nonprofit
                                                                                     10299 NatureServe (703)908-1800 www.natureserve.org EIN#521884438
      firehero.org EIN#521832634 The National Fallen Firefighters                                                                                                              which investigates and exposes corruption and misconduct in order to
                                                                                           Providing the science, technology, and conservation planning to                     achieve a more accountable federal government. 20.2% W,R,Z
      Foundation honors America’s fallen firefighters, assists their survivors             maintain a healthy planet that sustains people and wildlife. 2.8% C,B,U
      in rebuilding their lives, and works to prevent firefighter fatalities. 9.7%                                                                                       20121 Project Tomorrow (949)609-4660 www.tomorrow.org EIN#954581
      F,B,P                                                                          10281 Navy Supply Corps Foundation, Inc. (706)354-4111 www.                               958 Prepares K-12 students to become tomorrow’s innovators leaders
                                                                                           usnscf.com EIN#237066533 Provides scholarships to qualifying                        and engaged global citizens by developing critical thinking and problem
11186 National Fatherhood Initiative (301)948-0599 www.fatherhood.org                      dependents/decedents of active, reserve, retired, or prior service Supply
      EIN#232745763 Works to improve children’s wellbeing by increasing                                                                                                        solving skills through science math and technology. 21.0% B,O,S
                                                                                           Corps officers and enlisted personnel. Fosters professional development
      the proportion of children raised by involved, responsible, and                      of supply community. 25.3% W,P,T                                              98490 Purple Martin Conservation Association (814)833-7656 www.
      committed fathers, through education, research, and resource                                                                                                             purplemartin.org EIN#251555430 Purple Martins depend entirely on
      distribution nationwide. 16.5% W,S,P                                           10227 Neurofibromatosis, Inc. (630)627-1115 www.nfinc.org EIN#043                         people to provide them housing for nesting. Through research and public
                                                                                           030760 We create and expand the community of support for individuals                education, PMCA helps people care for Purple Martins. 38.1% C,D,U
10093 National Film Preservation Foundation (415)392-7291 www.                             affected by Neurofibromatosis and their families through education,
      filmpreservation.org EIN#522055624 We help save American films that                  advocacy, coalitions, public awareness and scientific research. 12.4%         10254 Push America (704)504-2400 www.pushamerica.org EIN#581588 777
      won’t survive without public support. Since 1997, we’ve assisted                     G,H                                                                                 Push America builds leaders of tomorrow by serving people with
      organizations across 48 states preserve films and make them available.                                                                                                   disabilities today through innovative awareness and outreach events and
      14.5% A                                                                        17116 Neuropathy Association, Inc., The (212)692-0662 www.neuropathy.                     construction initiatives. 14.7% P,S,T
                                                                                           org EIN#113275351 The Neuropathy Association provides peripheral
41971 National Gallery of Art (202)842-6223 www.nga.gov EIN#536001666                                                                                                    10158 Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) (301)589-6062
                                                                                           neuropathy patient support, education, awareness, and research through
      Serves the nation by preserving, collecting, and presenting celebrated                                                                                                   www.amsat.org EIN#520888529 AMSAT designs, builds and operates
      works of art, and fosters understanding through unsurpassed exhibitions,             a support group network, nationwide medical Centers of Excellence,
                                                                                                                                                                               experimental satellites and provides space education. We promote the
      educational programs, research, lectures, music and films. 15.7% A,B                 and research grants. 34.3% G,E,H
                                                                                                                                                                               training and development of satellite and ground system designers and
35004 National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation (202)393-5177                   52689 North American Butterfly Association (973)285-0907 www.naba.org                     operators. 22.7% U,B,M
      www.thetaskforce.org EIN#521624852 We are the community’s                            EIN#133689481 NABA is concerned with education about and                      80389 RAND Corporation (800)757-4618 www.rand.org EIN#951958142 A
      progressive voice. We build LGBT power through training and                          conservation of wild butterflies, and runs annual July 4th butterfly                non-profit research organization providing objective analysis and
      advocacy. We refuse to make compromises that would leave anyone                      counts and the National Butterfly Center and gardens. 4.0% B,C,D                    effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and
      behind. 21.7% R,V                                                              23051 North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc.                         private sectors around the world. 21.9% Q,V,B
10236 National History Day (301)314-9739 www.nhd.org EIN#341262642                         (303)452-1212 www.narha.org EIN#237169769 NARHA promotes                      29227 Reason Foundation (310)391-2245 www.reason.org; www.reason.tv;
      National History Day is an education NGO promoting civics and history                equine-assisted activities to help people overcome physical, mental and             www.reason.com EIN#953298239 Reason Foundation advances a free
      education through teacher workshops, curriculum materials, and a                     emotional challenges, including programs like Horses for Heroes, which              society by developing, applying, and promoting the libertarian ideas of
      national contest involving annually 600,000 participants. 14.0% B,A,O                specifically serves the military community. 25.7% E,P,Z                             individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law. 13.6% B,V,W
27995 National Institute on Money in State Politics (406)449-2480                    10006 NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund (703)267-1250 www.nradefense                    73873 Reasons To Believe (626)335-1480 www.reasons.org EIN#330168 048
      www.FollowTheMoney.org EIN#810526651 How do state political                          fund.org EIN#521136665 Asserts and defends the human, civil and                     Ministry that uses emerging scientific discoveries as strategic resources
      donors and lobbyists affect health care, climate change and federal                  constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms                to engage skeptics and equip believers with a fact-based foundation for
      economic stimulus contracts? FollowTheMoney.org provides the                         through precedent-setting litigation and education programs. 11.5% R                Christian faith and outreach. 28.5% X,U,B
      answers. 14.2% W,B,R                                                           11872 NRA Foundation, Inc., The (888)467-2363 www.nrafoundation.org                 11523 Rebuilding Together, Inc. (202)483-9083 www.rebuilding
10218 National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in                     EIN#521710886 Supports eligible programs within the NRA, law                        together.org EIN#521585880 Nationwide, volunteer-based home
      Southeast        Asia     (703)465-7432        www.pow-miafamilies.org               enforcement, and other community-based agencies that foster firearms                rehabilitation organization that repairs homes for free owned by low-
      EIN#237071242 Seeks release of and fullest possible accounting for                   safety and education, constitutional education, and wildlife conservation           income elderly, disabled, families with children, keeping them safe,
      America’s Vietnam War POW/MIA; represents POW/MIA families;                          management. 0.3% O,N,R                                                              warm, dry. 9.6% L,S,P
      advocates and conducts responsible, factual public education and               45364 Obesity Action Coalition, Inc. (813)872-7835 www.obesityaction.org            10010 Roger L. Von Amelunxen Foundation, Inc. (718)641-4800
      awareness programs. 5.9% P,W,Y                                                       EIN#201953508 The OAC is dedicated to helping those affected by                     www.rogerfoundation.org EIN#112583014 To aid families of ICE and
10202 National Low Income Housing Coalition (202)662-1530 www.nlihc.                       obesity, morbid obesity and childhood obesity with their often life-long            CBP employees with expenses related to death in the line of duty,
      org EIN#521089824 NLIHC is a research and advocacy organization                      struggle through education, advocacy and support. 12.1% G,R,K                       scholarships, and unreimbursed medical bills. 2.1% P
      dedicated to achieving public policy that assures that people with the         70296 Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Lourdes                        11635 Rutherford Institute, The (434)978-3888 www.rutherford.org
      lowest incomes have affordable and decent homes. 24.7% L,R,S                         Volunteers (315)476-0026 www.lourdesvolunteers.org EIN#760721                       EIN#521267484 The Rutherford Institute is a civil liberties organization
52195 National Lung Cancer Partnership (608)233-7905 www.nationallung                      842 Provide wounded, disabled, distressed veterans spiritual healing                that provides free legal services to people whose constitutional and
      cancerpartnership.org EIN#450505050 The only lung cancer advocacy                    experience during International Military Pilgrimage; Volunteer and                  human rights have been threatened or violated. 15.1% R,A,I
      organization founded by doctors and researchers, we fund lung cancer                 Youth Lourdes Service Programs; Special Needs Pilgrimages; Lourdes            10140 Sacred Well Congregation of Texas (210)287-6514 www.
      research, provide patient resources, and generate awareness of the                   Experience throughout America. 6.2% X,T,O                                           sacredwell.org EIN#980141821 Sponsors and endorses military open
      disease. 14.9% G,H,E                                                           89437 Pachyonychia Congenita Fund (877)628-7300 www.pachyony                              circles; attendance in 2009 over 32,000; provides education, support,
10943 National MPS Society, Inc. (919)806-0101 www.mpssociety.org                          chia.org EIN#680567493 Pachyonychia Congenita Project is the only                   benevolence and counseling to the served community and communities
      EIN#112734849 We provide support to families and individuals                         support organization helping children and adults suffering with painful             at large. 16.6% X,P,B
      affected by MPS and related diseases. We fund medical research for                   blisters caused by this ultra rare skin disorder. 8.3% E,G,H                  11558 SAE International (724)776-4841 www.sae.org EIN#251494402
      these rare and terminal genetic diseases. 20.4% G,H,Y                          12448 Painters and Allied Trades for Children’s Hope Foundation                           Develop and fund programs such as A World In Motion, Collegiate
77844 National Network to End Domestic Violence, Inc. (202)543-5566                        (202)637-0791 www.iupat.org/patch EIN#522318869 The PATCH                           Design Series and scholarships that foster student’s continued
      www.nnedv.org EIN#521973408 NNEDV is social change organization                      Foundation was established to provide funds for local charities and                 engineering, scientific and technical education. 22.2% B,T
      working to create a social, political, and economic environment in which             organizations to improve the lives of children in need throughout North       10618 Sanford - Burnham Medical Research Institute (858)646-3100
      violence against women no longer exists. 18.4% P,R,S                                 America. 12.6% O,T,W                                                                www.sanfordburnham.org EIN#510197108 Support research to cure
10121 National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation, Inc. (920)563-0930                   10749 Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (The Parent Project for Muscular                  disease. Groundbreaking, fast-track biomedical research to find
      www.nnpdf.org EIN#351844264 International, voluntary, nonprofit                                                                                                          treatments and cures for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes,
                                                                                           Dystrophy Research Inc) (201)944-9985 www.parentprojectmd.org
      organization comprised of parents, medical/educational professionals,                                                                                                    and Alzheimer’s. 13.5% G,H,U
                                                                                           EIN#311405490 PPMD supports improvements in treatment, quality of
      friends, relatives who are committed to finding a cure for terminal                  life, and long-term outlook for individuals affected by Duchenne              68803 Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust Inc (301)529-7377 www.om trust.org
      childhood disease Niemann-Pick. 0.0% G,H,P                                           muscular dystrophy through research, education, advocacy, and                       EIN#521611548 Support Sankara Nethralaya, Madras, India in their
10865 National Outdoor Leadership School (307)332-4280 www.nols.edu                        compassion. 17.8% H,G,P                                                             mission to provide free eye care of international standard to indigent
      EIN#830204184 NOLS backcountry expeditions provide life changing                                                                                                         patients and ophthalmic education and research. 11.0% B,H,P
                                                                                     10849 Parkinson’s Action Network Foundation (202)638-4101 www.
      experiences through wilderness and leadership skills training,                       parkinsonsaction.org EIN#943172675 The Parkinson’s Action Network             10086 Science & Engineering Alliance, Inc. (202)842-0388 www.sea2.org
      emphasizing environmental ethics and stewardship. NOLS is a leader in                (PAN) is the unified voice of the Parkinson’s disease community-                    EIN#521737386 To ensure production of the next generation of top-
      wilderness education. 15.7% B,C,O                                                    advocating for more than one million Americans and their families.                  quality scientists and engineers while meeting the research and
12465 National Park Service Employee and Alumni Association - The                          23.1% E,G,H                                                                         development needs of the nation. 3.5% B,U,Z
      Educational Trust Fund (National Park Service Employees & Alumni               10136 Patrick Henry College (540)338-1776 www.phc.edu EIN#541919810                 10089 Scleroderma Foundation, Inc. (978)463-5843 www.scleroderma.org
      Educational Trust) (215)283-6900 www.eandaa.org EIN#237405044                        Four-year, classical, Christian, liberal arts college training academically         EIN#521375827 Scleroderma is a chronic, sometimes fatal,
      This program offers interest-free loans to dependent children and                    excellent students (including homeschoolers) with an emphasis on                    autoimmune disease. The Scleroderma Foundation serves patients and
      grandchildren of current and former National Park Service employees                  biblical values and the vision of the American founding. 9.5% B,X,O                 families with education and support programming and funds medical
      for their undergraduate education. 38.4% O,B,Y                                                                                                                           research. 7.6% G,H,P
                                                                                     11877 Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association (202)832-5022
52710 National Police Defense Foundation (732)446-3360 www.npdf.org                        www.pncea.org EIN#521125047 Provides prisoners and prison                     12289 Sew Much Comfort (952)431-6233 www.sewmuchcomfort.org
      EIN#133830191 Operation Kids administers child safety programs-life                  chaplains throughout the United States free Catholic Bibles, prayer                 EIN#753178122 Providing free customized adaptive clothing for
      saving medical treatment for children. Safe Cop program posts $10,000                                                                                                    wounded service members from all military branches. Open sided velcro
                                                                                           cards, religious books, and a newsletter, in English and Spanish. 3.2%
      reward to prosecute criminals who shoot at police. 6.0% I,M,P                                                                                                            seams accommodates medical devices, provides personal independence
                                                                                           X,S,R                                                                               and comfort. 53.7% P,T,E
10030 National Public Radio, Inc. (202)513-2000 www.npr.org EIN#520                  10190 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States (828)665-
      907625 NPR produces and distributes news, information and cultural                                                                                                 60601 Shared Hope International (360)693-8100 www.sharedhope.org
                                                                                           6891 www.pbtfus.org EIN#581966822 Funds medical research into                       EIN#911938635 Shared Hope International exists to eradicate sex
      programming to 26+ million listeners weekly in the U.S. and millions                 causes and cure for childhood brain tumors. Offers educational materials
      more online and around the world. 14.0% W,Q,A                                                                                                                            trafficking of women and children. We work to prevent, rescue and
                                                                                           at no charge, funds scholarships for survivors, provides advocacy for               restore victims throughout the world. 20.8% P,R,I
10276 National Railway Historical Society, Inc. (215)557-6606 www.                         cause. 18.7% H,G,E
      nrhs.com EIN#237053004 NRHS supports preservation of America’s                                                                                                     90733 Silver Star Families of America, The (417)743-2508 silverstar
                                                                                     99372 Phi Beta Kappa Society (202)265-3808 www.pbk.org EIN#530                            families.org EIN#203940415 Supporting and assisting our wounded,
      railway history through grants, publications, educational programs,
      historic plaques, film and print libraries, plus administrative support for          226282 Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest and most              ill, injured and dying active duty and Veterans and their families of all
      local chapters. 25.9% A,B,T                                                          widely recognized academic honor society, celebrating excellence in                 Branches of Service from all wars. 4.6% W,P,F
                                                                                           the liberal arts and sciences. 35.9% B,A
66803 National Recreation and Park Association (703)858-0784 www.                                                                                                        10098 Sky Cross, Inc. (210)661-6808 www.skycross.org EIN#742735853
      nrpa.org EIN#135563001 The mission of NRPA is to advance parks,                14529 Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Inc., The (Phoenix Society Inc)                 Sky Cross improves the quality of life for the very poor on the Texas-
      recreation and environmental conservation efforts that enhance the                   (800)888-2876 www.phoenix-society.org EIN#232062352 Dedicated                       Mexico border by providing food and some medical supplies and
      quality of life for all people. 23.0% E,C,N                                          to ensuring burn survivors have necessary support and resources for                 facilitating education. 12.8% K,E,P
                                                                                           successful recovery and re-entry to life through peer support, education,
22397 National Safe Place, Inc. (502)635-3660 www.nationalsafeplace.org                    and advocacy programs. 20.0% P,W                                              10284 Smile Train, The (212)689-9199 www.smiletrain.org EIN#133 661416
      EIN#204343628 National Safe Place provides youth with immediate                                                                                                          Give a child a second chance at life! Smile Train provides cleft surgery
      safety and access to services through partnerships with community              10207 Platelet Disorder Support Association (301)770-6636 www.pdsa.org                    that takes as little as 45 minutes and costs just $250. 17.0% E,P,O
      locations creating additional “front doors” to youth-serving agencies.               EIN#223611011 The Platelet Disorder Support Association is dedicated          10782 Smithsonian Institution (202)633-5060 www.si.edu EIN#530206027
      14.9% O,S,Z                                                                          to enhancing the lives of people with ITP and other platelet disorders              For over 150 years the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution have
                                                                                           through education, advocacy, and research. 20.2% G,E,B                              created high quality educational experiences that explore science,
11547 National Scoliosis Foundation (781)341-6333 www.scoliosis.org
      EIN#042622698 Help and hope for children, adults, and families living          41681 Polly Klaas Foundation (707)769-1334 www.pollyklaas.org EIN#680                     history, art, and diverse cultures. 13.9% A,B,U
      with abnormal spinal curvatures via early detection and treatment, public            314615 National nonprofit—helps find missing children, trains parents         10116 Sons of Confederate Veterans Inc. (931)380-1844 www.scv.org
      awareness, patient education, support, and research. 18.3% E,G,H                     to prevent child abductions, and works with policymakers to pass child              EIN#611522953 SCV- since 1896, an historical, patriotic, and non-
                                                                                           safety laws like Amber Alert. 0.0% P,I,M                                            political organization dedicated to preserving the true history of the
22587 National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (502)589-
      1776 www.sar.org EIN#530116355 A historical, educational, and                  10268 Postal Employees Relief Fund (202)408-1869 www.postalrelief.com                     period 1861-1865 to present to future generations. 25.4% Z,W
      patriotic 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to preserving and promoting              EIN#521666010 Provides assistance with non-repayable grants to                12554 Spastic Paraplegia Foundation Inc (877)773-4483 www.sp-
      the stories of courage, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph of the American              employees and retirees of the USPS and their families who are victims               foundation.org EIN#043594491 The SPF is a non-profit organization
      Revolution. 44.6% B,A,W                                                              of specified natural disasters or fires. 9.6% L,M,P                                 dedicated to finding cures for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) and
10808 National Speleological Society, Inc. (256)852-1300 www.caves.org               10088 Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (941)312-0400 www.                                Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS), which are rare neurological disorders.
      EIN#546026867 The NSS is the largest organization dedicated to the                   pwsausa.org EIN#411306908 PWSA(USA) provides parents and                            13.8% H,G,E
      conservation, study, and exploration of caves and their unique                       professionals a national network of information, support services and         89466 Spondylitis Association of America (800)777-8189 www.spondylitis.
      ecosystems; as well as promoting responsible caving. 125.9% C,U,N                    research endeavors that expressly meet the needs of affected children               org EIN#953890767 For over 25 years, the Spondylitis Association of
                                                                                           and adults. 16.6% G,P,F                                                             America has dedicated all of its resources to funding programs and
10143 National Steering Committee of the Association for the
      Improvement of Minorities in the IRS (330)573-2533 www.                        99819 Preeclampsia Foundation (952)564-3047 www.preclampsia.org                           research that benefit the spondylitis community. 13.1% G,H,E
      aimirs.org EIN#222375666 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance to low                      EIN#912073087 Reduces maternal and infant illness/death due to                61984 Stop Child Trafficking Now (Strategic Global Initiatives) (212)333-
      income; community outreach; mentoring programs for youth;                            preeclampsia by providing patient support and education, raising public             7286 www.sctnow.org EIN#208637692 SCTNow stops child sex
      workshops and scholarships for IRS career advancement. Contact                       awareness, catalyzing research and improving health care practices.                 trafficking by infiltrating, investigating and bringing to justice the
      Carlton Hill. 9.1% W,B,O                                                             39.9% Z                                                                             predators victimizing children everywhere. 15.4% Z

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
43556 Street Law, Inc. (301)589-1130 www.streetlaw.org EIN#522015256                48926 Vessels of Mercy International Inc. (804)740-4575 www.                        85480 PeacePlayers International (202)639-6685 www.peaceplayersintl. org
      Street Law programs and curricula empower youth and adults around                   vesselsofmercy.org EIN#030404068 Providing food, clothing, health                   EIN#522272092 Children who play together can learn to live together.
      the world to be active, informed citizens through education about law,              care, disaster relief supplies and services; rebuilds homes, schools and            Using sports to unite and educate in Israel/West Bank, Northern Ireland,
      democracy, and human rights. 35.4% B,R,O                                            churches locally, nationally and internationally as a means to eliminate            South Africa, and Cyprus. 13.6% N,O,Q
66793 Student Veterans of America (866)320-3826 www.student                               suffering. 13.0% K,P,X                                                        11986 Right To Play (Sports Humanitarian Group Inc) (646)649-8280
      veterans.org EIN#261971279 Student Veterans of America assists                44692 VH1 Save the Music Foundation (212)846-7600 www.vh1                                 www.righttoplayusa.org EIN#134045245 Uses the power of sport and
      veterans in their transition to academia and helps colleges and                     savethemusic.com EIN#136089816 The VH1 Save The Music                               play to foster development and peace for children living in
      universities create programs on campus for returning veterans. 20.7%                Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring                      disadvantaged communities globally. When children play, the world
      B,R,W                                                                               instrumental music education in American public schools. 65.5% A,B,O                wins. 20.5% O,Q,N
65984 Students for Life of America, Inc (703)351-6280 www.                          93922 Vibha (Help Them Grow Inc) (408)997-9992 www.vibha.org                        11294 Ultimate Players Association (303)447-3472 www.upa.org EIN#841
      studentsforlife.org EIN#521576352 Students for Life of America                      EIN#223122761 Our vision is to ensure that every underprivileged child              152993 Ultimate Frisbee’s national organizing body. UPA defines the
      educates and provides training and resources to pro-life college students           attains his or her right to education, health and opportunity. 12.7%                rules, upholds/promotes Spirit of the Game, and enables players to
      about the issues of abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide. 4.1% Z,P,O               Z,B,O                                                                               organize and conduct competitions. 8.6% N,O,Y
11868 Sunshine Foundation (215)396-4770 www.sunshinefoundation.org                  12463 Victory Junction Gang Camp Inc. (336)498-9055 www.                            10699 United States Association of Blind Athletes (719)630-0422 www.
      EIN#232044056 The original wish granting organization, founded in                   victoryjunction.org EIN#562215292 Our mission is to provide children                usaba.org EIN#310977121 Positively impacting lives of children, youth,
      1976, answering dreams of over 34,090 chronically ill, seriously ill,               with chronic medical conditions/serious illnesses with exciting, fun and            adults, active duty military and veterans who are blind and visually
      physically challenged and abused children throughout the country.                   empowering camping experiences, in a safe and medically-sound                       impaired through sport, recreation, physical activity and employment.
      14.1% P,O,W                                                                         environment. 30.6% E,O,G                                                            17.8% N,O,E
10041 Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR!) (202)529-7627 www.soar-                   11070 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (202)393-0090 www.vvmf.org                     10288 United States Fencing Association (719)866-4511 www.
      usa.org EIN#521485481 Committed to providing financial assistance                   EIN#521149668 Built Vietnam Memorial to honor Americans killed                      usfencing.org EIN#116075952 Fencing, a classic yet demanding sport
      and crisis intervention relief to Catholic religious communities facing             and fosters healing of injustices committed against those who served.               that develops discipline, coordination and sportsmanship among youth
      critical need in caring for their elderly and infirm members. 29.5% X,P             Maintains Memorial with government, educates public, sponsors                       participants. Fostering amateur fencing and sponsoring individuals/
                                                                                          ceremonies. 33.7% T,A,B                                                             teams at international competitions. 14.6% N,O,Y
10251 Tailhook Educational Foundation, Inc., The (858)689-1643 www.
      tailhook.net EIN#330487778 College scholarships to children and               10206 Vision of Children (858)799-0810 www.visionofchildren.org                     11206 United States Field Hockey Association (719)866-4339 www.
      grandchildren of persons who have served in naval carrier aviation,                                                                                                     usfieldhockey.com EIN#236299893 Second largest team participant
                                                                                          EIN#954271785 VOC’s mission is to cure hereditary childhood
      supports school libraries with information on careers in Naval Aviation.                                                                                                sport on earth! We prepare U.S. Olympic Teams and provide year round
                                                                                          blindness and vision disorders, and to improve the quality of life of               training for athletes, officials and coaches at all levels. 14.3% N,O,Y
      3.5% O,Q,T                                                                          visually impaired individuals and their families. 241.2% H,E,O
97580 TASH (202)540-9020 www.tash.org EIN#510160220 TASH is an                                                                                                          11201 United States Handball Association (520)795-0434 www.
                                                                                    12544 Wildland Firefighter Foundation (208)336-2996 www.wf                                ushandball.org EIN#366098726 To organize, promote and spread the
      international leader in advancing human rights and inclusion for people             foundation.org EIN#931266991 The WFF manages the Firefighters
      with significant disabilities and support needs through research,                                                                                                       joy of handball! Teaching America’s youth the healthy lifetime sport of
                                                                                          Assistance Fund providing resources to wildland firefighters or their               handball. Organizing and supporting instruction and after-school
      education and advocacy. 18.2% R,P,B                                                 families if they are injured or killed in line of duty 12.1% T,P,M                  programs. 23.1% N,O,B
10960 Tau Beta Pi Association, Inc. (865)546-4578 www.tbp.org                       12241 Word of Life Fellowship, Inc. (518)494-6000 www.wol.org
      EIN#620479545 The national engineering honor society recognizes                                                                                                   12362 United States Luge Association, Inc. (518)523-2071 www.
                                                                                          EIN#135648615 Evangelism and discipleship through various means,                    usaluge.org EIN#141638206 Provides for the achievement of athletic
      engineering students of superior scholarship and exemplary character,
                                                                                          including camps, evangelistic rallies and outreach, gospel                          excellence in the sport of luge, with the highest degree of sportsmanship,
      encourages model citizenship, and provides grants, loans, scholarships,
                                                                                          musical/drama productions, Bible Institutes, local church Bible Clubs,              honor, dedication and victory as the standard. 31.2% N,O,W
      and fellowships. -17.9% B,Y
                                                                                          and radio. 8.5% X,O,B
99441 ThanksUSA (888)849-8720 www.thanksusa.org EIN#203973151 We                                                                                                        11517 United States of America Wrestling Association (719)598-8181
      thank U.S. armed forces personnel by providing need-based college,            25385 World Computer Exchange, Inc. (781)925-3078 www.world                               www.themat.com EIN#362667348 USA Wrestling, as the National
      technical and vocational scholarships for their dependents and spouses.             computerexchange.org EIN#043529016 Our 700 volunteers help                          Governing Body for wrestling in the United States, shall responsibly
      7.6% B,O,Z                                                                          grassroots organizations in developing countries connect their schools              administer all facets of wrestling, including training the Olympic Teams.
                                                                                          to the Internet by shipping them used computers and offering them                   5.2% O,N,B
10168 Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc. (434)984-9822 www.                                educational assistance. -7.7% B,Q,C
      monticello.org EIN#540505959 The Thomas Jefferson Foundation                                                                                                      11306 United States Racquetball Association (American Amateur
      preserves Monticello for future generations while promoting research          76193 Worldwide Orphans Foundation (973)763-9961 www.wwo.org                              Racquetball Association) (719)635-5396 www.usra.org EIN#730
      on and public education about the life and legacy of Thomas Jefferson.              EIN#133968225 Transform the lives of orphaned children by taking                    954204 To promote the development of competitive and recreational
      19.5% A,B,W                                                                         them out of anonymity and helping them to become healthy,                           racquetball by administering a continuing racquetball program in hopes
                                                                                          independent, productive members of their communities. 11.2% Z                       of stimulating people’s interest in healthy sport participation. 8.3%
11691 Thurgood Marshall College Fund (212)573-8888 www.thurgood                                                                                                               N,E,O
      marshallfund.org EIN#411750692 National organization that provides            81534 Wounded Warriors Family Support, Inc. (402)502-7557
      scholarships, leadership development/training and programmatic                      woundedwarriorsfamilysupport.org EIN#201407520 Our mission is to              85852 United States Ski Team Foundation (800)809-SNOW www.ussa.org
      support for over 235,000 students and faculty of 47 Historically Black              provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured             EIN#846030639 USSA provides year-round training, development, and
      Public Colleges and Universities. 6.9% B,O,S                                        or killed during combat operations. 18.7% N,P,W                                     educational needs for U.S. Ski/Snowboard athletes preparing for
                                                                                    94512 Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation, Inc. (813)579-8151                           national and international competitions, including the Olympic Winter
10212 U.S. Chess Trust (845)527-1167 www.uschess.org EIN#237016117                                                                                                            games. 22.3% N,O,B
      Chess is a positive alternative for at-risk children. Studies indicate that         www.wwiaf.org EIN#260718304 Provides world-class hunting and
      children exposed to chess show improvement in academic performance                  fishing opportunities to our nation’s combat wounded service members;         11448 United States Soccer Federation Foundation (202)872-9277
      and behavioral indicators. 10.8% B,O,A                                              assists healing heroes through the power of the great outdoors. 28.8%               www.ussoccerfoundation.org EIN#363976313 Every dollar donated
                                                                                          P,F,N                                                                               supports programs that give children in economically disadvantaged
42356 U.S. Green Building Council (202)828-7422 www.usgbc.org                                                                                                                 areas opportunities to enjoy soccer and learn the value of exercise,
      EIN#521822816 Green buildings benefit the environment, mitigate               12768 Young Concert Artists, Inc. (212)307-6655 www.yca.org EIN#131                       teamwork and leadership. 23.8% O,N,T
      climate change, and improve occupant health. USGBC develops LEED,                   951681 Young Concert Artists, Inc. discovers and launches the careers
      provides education, and advocates for sustainability and green building             of extraordinary, unknown, young classical musicians and composers.           11202 United States Soccer Federation, Inc. (312)808-1300 www.
      standards. 34.7% C,L,W                                                              26.8% A                                                                             ussoccer.com EIN#135591991 Soccer, The Beautiful Game! USSF
                                                                                                                                                                              organizes the game of soccer in United States, sponsoring national and
10185 U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (703)243-6910 www.seacadets.org                    12539 Youth Crime Watch of America, Inc. (305)670-2409 www. ycwa.org                      international competitions; player development, coaching, and referee
      EIN#520808385 Youth development program for American Youth                          EIN#592745608 Youth Crime Watch mobilizes and equips a youth-led                    educational programs. 13.6% N,O,B
      (male/female ages 10 through 17), which seeks to instill personal core              movement in schools and communities to create safer environments,
      values of honesty, integrity, honor, courage and commitment. 6.4%                   foster civic engagement and develop future leaders 15.3% I,O,S                11307 United States Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (800)4SOCCER
      O,B,W                                                                                                                                                                   www.usyouthsoccer.org EIN#621178909 Help us impact the lives of
                                                                                    10839 Youth for Understanding USA, Inc. (240)235-2100 www.yfuusa.org                      kids in underserved areas, those with disabilities and those who seek a
12248 Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation (773)235-8462                               EIN#020557010 Youth For Understanding USA is a volunteer-based,                     great outlet to lifelong fitness. 10.3% N,O,E
      www.ucef.org EIN#364126296 The UCEF supports the Ukrainian                          educational organization committed to international exchange programs
      Catholic University and various other Catholic, humanitarian projects               for high school students offering summer, semester, and year programs.        87090 US Lacrosse (410)235-6882 www.uslacrosse.org EIN#521765246 We
      that build Christian values in the former Soviet country of Ukraine.                12.1% B,Q,O                                                                         train the officials, educate the coaches, ensure the safety of the players,
      11.4% X,B,P                                                                                                                                                             run the National teams, and promote the responsible growth of lacrosse
                                                                                                                                                                              worldwide. 16.4% N,O,S
10325 Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, Inc. (212)533-
      4646 www.unwla.org EIN#236404061 Founded 1925, all-volunteer                                                                                                      10692 USA Badminton (719)866-4808 www.usabadminton.org EIN#841
      women’s organization championing Ukraine’s cultural heritage and                                                                                                        474714 Badminton - the world’s fastest racket sport. We train America’s
      providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine’s elderly, infirm, and                  Sports Charities USA Federation and                                                       Olympic team and prepare players, coaches and officials for world class
      disadvantaged children in Ukraine and its diaspora. 16.5% P,A                                                                                                           competitions. 24.9% N,O,B
                                                                                    Member Organizations                                                                10297 USA Basketball (719)590-4800 www.usabasketball.com EIN#370
10672 United Negro College Fund (703)205-3400 www.uncf.org EIN#131
      624241 UNCF provides funds to support economically disadvantaged              10273 Sports Charities USA (800)874-0740 www.sportscharities.org                          996441 Ensuring basketball can be enjoyed by all - youth, women and
      minority young people by giving them access to higher education. “A                 EIN#470863988 Dedicated to athletic excellence for America’s                        handicapped individuals and sponsoring individuals/teams to represent
      mind is a terrible thing to waste.”® 8.7% B,P                                       National Teams, and world-class athletic opportunities and recreational             the United States in international competitions. 7.4% N,O,T
                                                                                          experiences for disabled Americans. Celebrating the triumphs of the           11446 USA Boxing (United States Amateur Boxing Inc) (719)866-2300
11555 United Spinal Association (718)803-3782 www.unitedspinal.org                        human spirit. 5.0% N,E,O
      EIN#135612621 Since 1946, United Spinal Association has been                                                                                                            www.usaboxing.org EIN#841604168 Fueling Olympic dreams from
      dedicated to helping paralyzed American veterans, children and adults         54808 Bikes Belong Foundation (303)449-4893 www.bikesbelong.org/                          youth level to the national team, amateur boxers are trained in sport and
      lead more independent and fulfilling lives. 38.8% E,G,R                             foundation EIN#204306888 Encouraging children to bike while making                  life skills. Competition provided for athletes, coaches, officials. 53.8%
                                                                                          bicycling safer. Building a mutual respect among motorists and cyclists             O,N,Y
10296 United States Baseball Federation (919)474-8721 www.usa                             ensuring safer routes for everyone to ride. 10.0% E,W,N
      baseball.com EIN#386111530 Fosters national/international amateur                                                                                                 53683 USA Canoe/Kayak (National Paddling Committee) (704)348-4330
      baseball; designates/sponsors individuals/teams to represent United           24857 BlazeSports America, Inc. (770)850-8199 EIN#582087265 Advancing                     www.usack.org EIN#363332979 USA Canoe/Kayak exists to realize
      States in international competitions; encourages participation by women             the lives of children and adults with physical disability through sport             the dreams of competitive paddlers. Help us help our athletes, get bigger,
      and handicapped individuals in baseball. 11.7% N                                    and wellness, nationally and internationally, by fostering self-reliance,           get better, and get faster! 20.5% N,O,Y
                                                                                          human rights and cultural understanding. 26.7% N,E,R                          10585 USA Rugby (United States of America Rugby Football Union Ltd)
49664 United States Judo Inc (719)866-4730 www.usjudo.org EIN#742
      160691 We assist athletes with achieving their mental and physical goals      11447 Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) (970)453-6422                          (800)280-6302 www.usarugby.org EIN#161118870 Inspiring America
                                                                                          www.boec.org EIN#840725560 We give persons with multiple and                        to fall in love with Rugby and for the youth of our nation to pick up the
      from grassroots to Olympic medals; while providing programs that
                                                                                          severe disabilities, serious illnesses and special needs the opportunity            ball and run with it. 31.0% N,B,O
      develop respectful, disciplined leaders of tomorrow. 22.9% O,N,S
                                                                                          to experience the joy and therapy of outdoor activities. 21.5% P,N,B          11094 USA Shooting (719)866-4670 www.usashooting.org EIN#841263863
10977 United States Lifesaving Association (866)FOR-USLA www. usla.org
                                                                                    21339 Challenged Athletes Inc (858)866-0959 www.challengedathletes.org                    Manages the Olympic shooting program in the U.S. including the
      EIN#237067234 USLA works to prevent drowning and other aquatic
                                                                                          EIN#330739596 Provides opportunities and support to people with                     training of shooter athletes, related coaching, conducting camps, youth
      accidents through public education, promoting high standards in                                                                                                         programs and Olympic-style competitions. 30.9% N,O,W
      lifesaving, youth programs, and encouraging provision of lifeguard                  physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical
      protection. 5.5% M,O,N                                                              fitness and competitive athletics. 26.6% N,E,P                                10693 USA Swimming (719)866-4578 www.usaswimming.org EIN#20
                                                                                    10151 Disabled Sports USA (301)217-0960 www.dsusa.org EIN#9461 74016                      4264282 Supports the sport of swimming from grassroots to gold
35347 United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. (703)207-9690                                                                                                              medals through learn to swim and “Make a splash” programs and
      www.marineyouthfoundation.org EIN#237022480 Our program is “The                     Provides year-round sports rehabilitation programs nationally to persons
                                                                                          with disabilities, including a program for severely wounded service                 support of the National Team. 15.2% N,O,Y
      Solution to a Drug-Free America”. It helps reduce childhood obesity
      and helps our youth resist drug, alcohol and tobacco use. 9.8% O,E,B                members from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 13.9% N,E,P                     11988 USA Track & Field (317)261-0500 www.usatf.org EIN#351475847
                                                                                                                                                                              Help stop childhood obesity and young athletes using drugs. USATF
11188 United Way Worldwide (703)836-7100 www.liveunited.org                         10697 Fishing Has No Boundaries (715)634-3185 www.fhnbinc.org
                                                                                                                                                                              cultivates grassroots development in sport and supports Team USA in
      EIN#131635294 United Way Worldwide advances the common good                         EIN#391638343 Provides a memorable and exciting on the water                        its quest for gold medals. 7.4% E,O,N
      by helping individuals and families reduce the dropout rate, be more                fishing experience for anglers with disabilities using specialized fishing
      financially stable, and live healthier lives. 12.1% O,P,S                           gear, specially designed docks and personal volunteers. 11.3% N,P,F           11203 USA Triathlon (719)597-9090 www.usatriathlon.org EIN#680 047940
                                                                                                                                                                              From the Olympic hopeful to the first-time triathlete, USA Triathlon
70172 Universal Technical Institute Foundation (623)445-0933                        11199 Mountain Bicycling Association, International (888)442-IMBA                         fuels the multisport lifestyle through its educational programs, 3,000
      www.utifoundation.net EIN#593828402 Supports technical education                    www.imba.com EIN#770204066 IMBA’s mission is to encourage                           sanctioned events and club participation opportunities. 18.8% N,O,W
      for the automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, marine and                responsible mountain biking, support volunteer trailwork, assist land
      NASCAR industries through scholarships, grants, career development                  managers with trail management issues, and improve relations among            10694 USA Volleyball (United States Volleyball Association) (719)228-6800
      and other special programs. 0.0% B,J,W                                              trail user groups. 14.2% N,S,R                                                      www.usavolleyball.org EIN#952639808 Headquarters of Men’s and
                                                                                                                                                                              Women’s National Teams, Indoor and Beach - teaching skills,
10293 USA Cycling, Inc. (719)434-4200 www.usacycling.org EIN#841                    90196 NASCAR Foundation (Motorsports Charities) (704)348-9601                             competitive success and growing the sport. Join us. Volleyball is fun!
      284437 Dedicated to advancing the development of cycling; training                  www.nascar.com/foundation EIN#300337745 Fulfilling lifelong                         13.8% N,O,T
      coaches and athletes (including Olympic team); sponsoring                           dreams for children. Mobilizing thousands of volunteers to make a
      competitions/events; promoting proper cycling techniques; supporting                positive impact in their communities. Join us and become a Champion           11204 USA Weightlifting (United States Weightlifting) (719)866-4508
      sports science technology. 11.3% N                                                  for Children. 30.1% T,O,E                                                           www.usaweightlifting.org EIN#311012362 Your help will enable
                                                                                                                                                                              athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic
70883 USA Diving (317)237-5252 www.usadiving.org EIN#310986868                      10698 National Alliance for Youth Sports (800)729-2057 www.nays.org                       competition and to promote and grow the sport of weightlifting in the
      National governing body of diving in the USA. Provides diving                       EIN#592134374 Parents, coaches and officials building the value of                  US. 33.3% O,B,N
      opportunities from youth to elite. Selects athletes to represent USA at             sports for children. Help NAYS and the volunteers in your community
      international competitions, including Olympics. 20.4% N,Y,O                         to make youth sports great! 22.6% O,N,S                                       72863 Wheelchair Sports USA Inc (636)614-6784 www.wsusa.org
                                                                                                                                                                              EIN#112352035 Provides competitive and recreational sporting
23073 USA Football, Inc. (703)918-0007 www.usafootball.com                          11205 National Archery Association of the United States (719)866-4576                     opportunities nationwide via community-based programs. Enables
      EIN#113667205 USA Football, the sport’s national governing body,                    www.usarchery.org EIN#366118407 Bullseye! Archery is a precision                    individuals with physical and visual disabilities, including military
      leads the game’s development, inspires participation, and ensures a                 sport requiring balance, strength, stamina and dedication. USAA                     veterans to maintain active, healthy lifestyles 12.5% N,O,E
      positive experience for all youth and other amateur players. 29.1% N,O              develops athletes with the ultimate goal of Olympic and World Archery
                                                                                                                                                                        10695 Women’s Sports Foundation (800)227-3988 www.womenssports
11413 USA Hockey Foundation (719)576-8724 EIN#742553720 Provides                          Championships. 12.7% N,O,W                                                          foundation. org EIN#237380557 We advocate for equality, educate the
      grants to hockey organizations that nationally promote amateur player         23476 National Wheelchair Basketball Association (719)266-4082                            public, conduct research and offer grants to promote sports and physical
      development in the sports of ice hockey and inline hockey. 14.7% N                  www.nwba.org EIN#362884730 In our pursuit of excellence, we                         activity for girls and women. 21.9% N,O,B
10301 USA Hockey, Inc. (719)576-8724 www.usahockey.com EIN#510                            provide qualified individuals with physical disabilities the opportunity
      204742 Provides the best possible experience for players of all ages;               to play, learn and compete in the sport of wheelchair basketball. 55.2%
      encourages the growth and development of hockey. Trains teams for                   N,E,O
      Olympic and international competition. 17.7% N                                11994 Paralyzed Veterans of America Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund
64445 Vasculitis Foundation (816)436-8211 www.vasculitisfoundation.org                    (800)424-8200 www.pvaheritagefund.org EIN#320010956 To provide
      EIN#431492959 Advocating for early diagnosis, leading-edge treatment                quality outdoor sports and recreational opportunities for paralyzed
      and ultimately a cure for all types of vasculitis by supporting patients            veterans and others with disabilities, promoting a lifetime of health,
      through education, awareness and research. 25.7% G,H,E                              fitness, and wellness. 1.1% N,E,P

                              # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
Medical Research Charities Federation                                               Mental Health, Addiction and                                                     11227 Traumatic Stress Studies, International Society for (847)480-9028
                                                                                                                                                                           www.istss.org EIN#311129675 Promoting advancement and exchange
and Member Organizations                                                            Retardation Organizations of America                                                   of knowledge, including understanding scope and consequences of
                                                                                                                                                                           traumatic exposure, preventing traumatic events and ameliorating
10899 Medical Research Charities (978)607-0164 www.medicalresearch
      charities.org EIN#943148591 AIDS. Arthritis. Blindness. Cancer.               Federation and Member Organizations                                                    consequences, and advocating for the field. 27.9% F,M,U
      Heart Disease. Fight back by supporting medical research and help             11591 Mental Health, Addiction and Retardation Organizations of                  13754 United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA)
      discover the prevention and cure for these and other diseases. 2.8%                 America (978)744-8828 www.mhfederation.org EIN#201358397                         (410)789-7054 www.uspra.org EIN#232008207 People can recover
      H,B,G                                                                               Coalition of charities providing mental health services, education and           from serious mental illness to live successful lives in the community.
                                                                                          family support addressing ADHD, autism, bipolar, grief, mental                   Help build a mental health workforce knowledgeable in recovery
11357 AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (Community
                                                                                          disabilities, schizophrenia, substance abuse, trauma and other ailments.         practices. 21.3% F,E,H
      Research Initiative on AIDS) (212)924-3934 www.acria.org
      EIN#133632234 Leading the way in finding new HIV/AIDS                               3.2% F,E,P
      treatments and helping people get them. Our research helped develop           12514 Ackerman Institute for the Family (212)879-4900 www.ackerman.
      many lifesaving FDA-approved drugs. Help find more. 23.6% E,H,S                     org EIN#131923959 Family therapy brings families together to solve
12134 AIDS Research Alliance of America (800)358-2423 www.
      aidsresearch.org EIN#954264845 Performing groundbreaking medical
                                                                                          their shared problems. Our faculty researches new treatment models
                                                                                          and trains the next generation of mental health professionals. 12.6%
                                                                                                                                                                     Children’s Charities of America
      research seeking better treatments and a vaccine. Our scientists helped             F,B,V                                                                      Federation and Member Organizations
      develop many of today’s lifesaving HIV medicines. Help us find the
      cure. 27.2% H,G,E                                                             12169 Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, National             11804 Children’s Charities of America (800)374-1578 www.childrens
                                                                                          Center on (212)841-5219 www.casacolumbia.org EIN#521736502                       charities.org EIN#943148588 All children are our future. They all
11717 Alpha-1 Foundation (888)825-7421 www.alpha-1foundation.org                          CASA, a unique think/action tank for all Americans, studies addiction            deserve our love. Join us to feed, teach, protect, and nurture children
      EIN#650585415 Supports research towards a cure for Alpha-1, a                       and substance abuse to mount effective prevention programs to protect            in America and around the world. 1.8% P,O,Z
      deadly genetic disorder causing liver and lung disease, affecting over              our nation’s children and communities. 18.5% F,W,Z
      25 million Americans who are unknown carriers. 15.6% H,G,E                                                                                                     12410 1-800-RUNAWAY (800)RUNAWAY www.1800runaway.org
                                                                                    12515 American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (202)966-                      EIN#362726331 Millions of youth run away each year. Help keep our
10581 American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental                               7300 www.aacap.org EIN#131958990 Removing the stigma and                         runaway and at-risk youth safe and off the streets. Providing support
      Medicine (American Academy for Cerebral Palsy) (414)918-3014                        promoting understanding of real, common and treatable mental                     24/7, whenever needed. 17.3% F,O,P
      www.aacpdm.org EIN#620692749 Support teams of healthcare
      professionals to implement the latest research and techniques in                    illnesses (ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and ODD)      11119 4-H: National 4-H Council (301)961-2800 www.4-h.org EIN#362
      revitalizing children and patients with cerebral palsy and other                    in children and adolescents. 49.6% F,G,O                                         862206 4-H prepares young people to become confident, impassioned
      developmental disabilities. 13.9% E,G,H                                       11224 American Association on Intellectual and Developmental                           leaders ready for success in our rapidly changing world through clubs,
                                                                                          Disabilities (202)387-1968 www.aaidd.org EIN#060636098 Assists                   camps, and after-school experiences. 15.6% O,B,K
11718 American Association of Diabetes Educators Education &
      Research Foundation (800)338-3633 www.diabeteseducator.org                          people with intellectual disabilities, their families, professionals and   11198 A Child is Adopted (Americans for International Aid and Adoption)
      EIN#363488423 AADE Foundation secures financial resources to                        caregivers. Offering educational programs and services supporting                (248)362-1207 www.onechildatatime.org EIN#382058290 Bringing
      provide grants and scholarships to its members - diabetes educators, to             community programs, progressive public policy and research                       orphaned or abandoned children and adoptive parents together through
      ultimately improve the health of people with diabetes. 37.0% G,H,B                  advances. 15.0% E,P,R                                                            international adoption while providing humanitarian aid to children in
10582 American College of Rheumatology Research Education                           12115 Asperger’s Association (Aspergers Association of New England Inc)                need in the US and overseas. 2.2% P,O,Q
      Foundation (800)346-4753 www.rheumatology.org/ref EIN#581654                        (617)393-3824 www.aane.org EIN#043376227 Works to increase                 30836 Abandoned Children’s Fund (888)884-0567 www.abandoned
      301 Arthritis afflicts one in five Americans. Your gift supports medical            awareness, respect, acceptance, and support for individuals with                 childrensfund.org EIN#205967513 Thousands of innocent orphans,
      training and research to advance the prevention, treatment and cure of              Asperger Syndrome and related conditions. Provides support and                   cruelly abandoned: alone, hungry, desperate, terrified victims of
      arthritis and rheumatic disease. 10.4% B,E,H                                        assistance to their families and caregivers. 47.3% F,G,P                         disease, war, extreme poverty. Please help us house, feed, love and
48726 American Thoracic Society, Foundation (ATS Foundation Inc)                    11589 Attention Deficit Disorder Association (800)939-1019 www.add.org                 rehabilitate them. 1.7% P,W,L
      (212)315-8622 www.thoracic.org EIN#202138855 Awards grants to                       EIN#841134997 ADHD affects over eight million US adults. We                12462 Abandoned Little Angels Nhom Tinh Thuong (281)531-8267
      scientists researching novel treatments for curing or preventing lung               assist adults and families through education, web-based services, and            www.abandonedlittleangels.com EIN#030432991 Shares gift of love
      disease, bringing hope to millions of patients and their families                   connections to support groups and professional advocates. 35.6%                  by ways of distributing physical and monetary gifts to the needy
      worldwide. 0.0% H,G,T                                                               F,G,E                                                                            children of Vietnam, especially those who are handicapped and
10583 Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (800)727-8462                                                                                                               orphaned. 3.4% O,P,L
                                                                                    73345 Betty Ford Center at Eisenhower (760)773-4105 www.bettyford
      www.aafa.org EIN#131691693 Supports research to cure asthma and                     center.org EIN#953863994 Provides effective alcohol and drug               11138 Abandoned, Orphaned and Disadvantaged Children’s Services
      allergies and helps patients through educational programs, advocacy,                                                                                                 Worldwide - Pearl S. Buck International (Pearl S Buck International
                                                                                          dependency treatment services, including programs of education and
      free information and a national network of chapters and support                                                                                                      Inc) (800)220-BUCK www.pearlsbuck.org EIN#231637212 Child
      groups. 17.5% G,H,E                                                                 research, to help women, men and families begin the process of
                                                                                          recovery. 14.3% E,O,P                                                            biracial discrimination is devastating! Help us turn the tide, by
10584 Breast Cancer Research Foundation (866)346-3228 www.bcrf                                                                                                             advancing the legacy of our founder through adoption, humanitarian
      cure.org EIN#133727250 Help find a cure. Breast cancer claims over            10802 Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (847)492-8519 www.                         and cross-cultural educational programs. 10.2% A,S,Q
      40,000 lives annually. Your support funds lifesaving research                       bpkids.org EIN#364302941 We educate families, professionals, and
                                                                                          the public about pediatric bipolar disorder; connect families with         12128 Adopt All Orphans (National Council for Adoption) (703)299-6633
      worldwide: Prevention and A Cure In Our Lifetime. 7.4% H,G,E
                                                                                          resources and support research on the disorder and its cure. 13.9%               www.adoptioncouncil.org EIN#751721671 Children orphaned
11865 Cancer Immunology Research Foundation (Concern Foundation)                          F,G,Z                                                                            through war and disease are waiting for new forever families. Help
      (800)867-2279 www.cirf.us EIN#237002878 Provides funding for                                                                                                         provide loving parents and permanent homes for these desperate
      cancer research scientists to investigate new approaches for early            11226 Children’s Institute, Inc. (213)385-5100 www.childrensinstitute.org              children. 20.7% P,W,O
      detection and treatment in the quest to conquer cancer in children and              EIN#951641424 Protects, preserves and strengthens families by
      adults. 17.1% H,T,U                                                                 providing child abuse prevention and treatment services for high-need,     12014 Adopt America’s Children (Spaulding for Children) (248)443-7080
                                                                                          low resource families. Supports professional training, research and              www.spaulding.org EIN#381871660 Children: sexually abused,
88538 Charley’s Fund (877)436-3363 www.charleysfund.org EIN#202                                                                                                            battered, abandoned. These children need loving adoptive families the
      014968 Funds medical research to find a cure or treatment for                       advocacy. 5.2% F,O,W
                                                                                                                                                                           most. We believe every child deserves a loving family. Help us, help
      Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the number one genetic killer of                 12513 Eating Disorders, Academy for (847)498-4274 www.aedweb.org                       them! 9.8% O,P,F
      children worldwide. 4.6% H                                                          EIN#363929097 AED is the professional membership society for
                                                                                          clinicians and researchers working to prevent and treat eating             11805 Adoptable Children (North American Council) (North American
11359 Diabetes National Research Group (800)877-3457 www.diabetes-                                                                                                         Council on Adoptable Children Inc DBA Adoptable) (651)644-3036
      science.org EIN#330950812 Nicknamed “The Silent Killer,” diabetes                   disorders. AED provides training for professionals in the field. 23.7%
                                                                                                                                                                           www.nacac.org EIN#510188951 More than 123,000 foster children
      affects 23,000,000 Americans. We support medical research to find                   F,G,H
                                                                                                                                                                           need adoptive families. Your donation helps find loving parents for
      treatments, and possibly cures, for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. 3.9%          12519 Family Homelessness, The National Center on (617)964-3834                        these children, support adoptive families, and raise adoption
      H,G,B                                                                               www.familyhomelessness.org EIN#222882452 Our mission is to help                  awareness. 13.3% P,O,S
11721 Foundation Fighting Blindness (800)683-5555 www.fightblindness.                     homeless children and their families through innovative research and
      org EIN#237135845 Funds research to discover treatments and cures                                                                                              12218 Adopting Children Worldwide (Family Adoption Consultants)
                                                                                          evaluation, program design, service delivery, systems integration, and           (269)343-3316 www.facadopt.org EIN#382686142 Our goal; get
      for retinal diseases that cause blindness such as retinitis pigmentosa,             advocacy. 16.5% V,S,W
      macular degeneration, and other related retinal diseases. 37.1% H,B,G                                                                                                children off the streets and into safe homes. Providing ethical adoption
                                                                                    11592 Family Institute (847)733-4300 www.family-institute.org EIN#362                  services as well as aid to homeless children. 8.1% O,P,Z
12118 Glaucoma Research Foundation (800)986-3162 www.glaucoma.org                         682639 Provides counseling/psychotherapy (for families, couples and
      EIN#942495035 Prevent vision loss from glaucoma by investing in                                                                                                10365 Adoption and Humanitarian Aid - MAPS (MAPS) (866)397-6913
                                                                                          individuals), education, and research. Makes family-based mental                 www.maps-worldwide.org EIN#010348849 Millions of children
      innovative research, education, and support with the ultimate goal of               health services available to a geographically, culturally and
      finding a cure. 21.2% H,B,G                                                                                                                                          worldwide are growing up without parents. Help us preserve,
                                                                                          economically diverse population. 14.8% F,B,V                                     strengthen, and build families through adoption, humanitarian aid, and
12168 Hope Heart Institute (425)456-8700 www.hopeheart.org EIN#911                                                                                                         shelter services. 16.0% P,W,L
      138000 Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in America. We conduct          12520 Freedom From Fear (718)351-1717 www.freedomfromfear.org
      scientific and clinical research and provide interactive heart health               EIN#133363064 Our mission is to positively impact the lives of all         11347 Adoption Center (National Adoption Center) (800)TO-ADOPT
      education for all ages. 52.2% H,B,W                                                 those affected by anxiety, depressive and related disorders through              www.adopt.org EIN#231966667 There are no unwanted children, just
                                                                                          advocacy, education, research and community support. 67.1% F,G,P                 unfound families. Expanding adoption opportunities for children with
10578 Interstitial Cystitis Association of America (800)435-7422 www.
                                                                                    12148 Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation (973)275-0400 www.jbrf.org                  special needs and sibling groups who want to stay together. 13.7%
      ichelp.org EIN#133292137 Funds research, educates healthcare
                                                                                          EIN#161612095 JBRF orchestrates cutting-edge collaborative                       O,P,W
      providers, raises awareness, and serves as a hub for millions who suffer
      with constant urinary urgency and frequency and bladder pain. 20.5%                 research in order to improve diagnosis, promote early intervention,        10364 Adoption Exchange (800)451-5246 www.adoptex.org EIN#840793
      G,B,Z                                                                               and discover the root causes of bipolar disorder in children and                 576 There are 123,000 abused children in foster care waiting for
11725 Leukemia Research Foundation (888)558-5385 www.leukemia-                            adolescents. 27.5% F,G,H                                                         permanent, adoptive families. Don’t make them wait! Help us find
      research.org EIN#366102182 Funds research to find a cure for                  11166 Mental Health Law, Judge David L. Bazelon Center for (202)467-                   families for neglected children. 20.2% O,P,W
      leukemia, lymphoma, and myelodysplastic syndromes and provides                      5730 www.bazelon.org EIN#237268143 Protects children and adults            10544 Adoption Exchange Association (888)200-4005 www.adoptea.org
      emotional, educational and financial support to patients and their                  with mental disabilities from exclusion and discrimination in                    EIN#521452079 114,000 U.S. foster children need adoptive families!
      families. 22.9% H,U,E                                                               education, housing, employment and health care and promotes services             AEA recruits families and helps agencies, professionals, and families
10883 Menopause & Women’s Health Research Center (800)877-1775                            that foster their independence. 8.5% R,F,S                                       negotiate local and interstate adoption. Home to adoptuskids.org. 0.9%
      www.researchwomenshealth.org EIN#330950811 Women are                                                                                                                 P,O,W
                                                                                    12521 Mental Health, Screening for (781)239-0071 www.mentalhealth
      affected by menopause and related issues: broken hips (osteoporosis),               screening.org EIN#043221069 Screening for Mental Health offers             11806 Adoption Links Worldwide (402)556-2367 www.alww.org EIN#470
      muscle loss, weight gain, sleep and mood disorders. Support medical                 free, anonymous assessment tools to reduce the stigma around mental              766741 Every child, in foster care and orphanages abroad, is entitled
      research benefiting women’s health. 34.0% H,G,B                                     health and help those in need find appropriate resources. 19.6% F,G,O            to a safe and loving family. Help us find adoptive family’s for children
12135 Multiple Sclerosis National Research Institute (Torrey Pines                                                                                                         who wait. 13.2% P,F,O
                                                                                    11588 Music Therapy Association, American (301)589-3300 www.music
      Institute for Molecula Studies) (866)676-7400 www.ms-research.org                                                                                              10366 Adoptions International - JCICS (Joint Council on International
                                                                                          therapy.org EIN#486107868 Advances public awareness of the
      EIN#330319501 Conducts research towards understanding, treating                                                                                                      Childrens Services) (703)535-8045 www.jcics.org EIN#911171174
      and halting the progression of multiple sclerosis and related diseases.             benefits of music therapy and increases access to quality music therapy
                                                                                          in a rapidly changing world. 22.6% E,B,A                                         Millions of children desperately need loving, permanent families. We
      Current research progress is promising. Please help us find cures! 9.2%                                                                                              promote higher child welfare standards, collaborate with governments
      H,G,B                                                                         11231 National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (202)684-                   and service providers, and educate adoptive parents. 15.5% O,R,Q
54977 National Brain Tumor Society (800)770-8287 www.braintumor.org                       7457 www.thenationalcouncil.org EIN#237092671 We represent
                                                                                          1,700 organizations serving our nation’s most vulnerable citizens -        21312 Aid for Abused Children, Inc. (707)318-9400 www.aidforabused
      EIN#043068130 190,000 individuals per year are diagnosed with a                                                                                                      children.org EIN#593254371 Thousands of innocent children are
      brain tumor. NBTS offers hope to those affected, funding brain tumor                more than 6 million adults and children with mental illnesses and
                                                                                          addiction disorders. 11.8% F,P,W                                                 tragically hurt every day by emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Help
      research and providing supportive patient services. 22.1% E,H,G
                                                                                                                                                                           protect and restore through prevention, rehabilitation and God’s love.
12120 National Eating Disorders Association (206)382-3587 www.                      13975 Resource for Advancing Children’s Health, REACH Institute                        1.5% P,L,K
      nationaleatingdisorders.org EIN#133444882 Supports individuals and                  (212)947-7322 www.reachinstitute.net EIN#205437835 It takes years
      families affected by eating disorders and acts as a catalyst for                    before innovative mental health practices reach children in need. We       10367 Alliance for Healthy Homes (202)347-7610 www.afhh.org EIN#521
      prevention, cures and access to treatment through programs and                      shorten this time by training practitioners in the most advanced                 679599 Lead, mold, carbon monoxide, and toxic chemicals threaten
      national helpline. 31.9% H,G,R                                                      evidence-based interventions. 14.3% F,Z                                          homes every day. We protect Americans by preventing and eliminating
                                                                                                                                                                           health hazards in housing. 0.9% E,L,S
11334 Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (800)981-2663 www.oif.org                  24019 Self Help Systems, Abraham Low (Recovery International The
      EIN#237076021 OI causes brittle bones that break easily. Coughing                                                                                              31139 Alliance for Youth Achievement, Inc. (865)983-5863 www.allfor
                                                                                          Abraham Low Institute) (312)337-5661 www.lowselfhelpsystems.org
      can fracture ribs; falling can break a leg. Help provide answers for                                                                                                 youth.org EIN#841503406 Hungry. Alone. Hopeless. Help us provide
                                                                                          EIN#362041667 For 73 years our weekly self-help meetings have
      families, research for a cure. 24.6% G,H,P                                                                                                                           food, homes, education, medical care, and opportunities for orphans
                                                                                          trained people with mental health issues like depression and anxiety             and impoverished children. Your support can change a child’s life.
10574 Prostate Cancer Foundation (800)757-2873 www.pcf.org EIN#954                        how to lead peaceful and productive lives. 30.6% F,P,O                           6.9% O,Q,B
      418411 The PCF is accelerating the discovery and development of               11590 Soldiers Suicide Prevention (Foundation of Cognitive Therapy and
      better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer - a life is lost every 19                                                                                     12015 America’s Children Hunger Fund (623)376-0727 www.americas
                                                                                          Research)       (610)664-3020       www.soldiersuicideprevention.org             childrenshunger.org EIN#861004800 Feeding and clothing the poorest
      minutes. 18.9% H,G,E                                                                EIN#232051226 Helps veterans by training mental health
11724 Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation (Sam Schmidt Foundation)                                                                                                            of the poor in the USA, Mexico and Philippines. Shipping
                                                                                          professionals in evidence-based Cognitive Therapy -a treatment                   humanitarian supplies to children’s programs. Restoring impoverished
      (317)236-9999 www.samschmidt.org EIN#431878305 Funds research                       proven effective for PTSD, depression, hopelessness, and other suicide
      to find cures for paralysis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke.                                                                                                    children with love! 1.8% G,P,K
                                                                                          risk factors. 16.4% F,V,B
      Provides scholarships for disabled and conducts national disability                                                                                            66272 America’s Unwanted Children (915)317-5527 www.americas
      programs. Advocates for disabled. 55.0% H,T,Z                                 16455 Student Suicide Prevention (Active Minds Inc) (202)332-9595                      unwantedchildren.org EIN#270153927 Thousands of unwanted,
                                                                                          www.activeminds.org EIN#200587172 Educates college students                      unloved, hurting children: help us provide a future with belonging,
10575 United Leukodystrophy Foundation, The (800)728-5483 www                             about depression and other mental health issues. Provides an avenue
      .ulf.org EIN#351557361 Provides patients and families specific                                                                                                       love, identity and purpose; shelter, food, medical care, education and
                                                                                          for students to advocate among their peers, and space for open                   vocational training. 0.2% K,L,P
      information, networking opportunities, assists identifying sources of               dialogue. 10.1% F,O,R
      medical care, funds direct and indirect research leading to clinical trials                                                                                    12216 American Indian Children’s Hunger Fund (602)568-0414 www.
      and therapies. 11.6% G,H,P                                                    12116 Suicide Prevention Alliance (Glendon Association) (805)681-0415                  americanindianchildren.org EIN#860450338 Healing forgotten and
42372 Uniting Against Lung Cancer (212)627-5500 www.unitingagainst                        www.glendon.org EIN#953715964 Prevents tragedies by providing                    hurting Indian children by providing intelligent, compassionate
      lungcancer.org EIN#134195464 Committed to conquering lung cancer                    assessment tools that predict violent and suicidal behavior, enabling            programs. Lifesaving food, clothing, counseling and Christian
      by funding innovative research into more effective diagnosis and                    individuals to get help before lives are lost. Provides free public              education to impoverished families. Restoring lives with love! 3.0%
      treatment and raising awareness of the world’s leading cancer killer.               education. 17.6% F,P,W                                                           G,K,P
      19.9% H,E                                                                     11230 Survivors International (415)546-2080 www.survivorsintl.org                11876 American Indian Youth Running Strong (888)491-9859 www.
11722 V Foundation, The (919)380-9505 www.jimmyv.org EIN#133                              EIN#943021999 Provides essential medical, psychological and social               indianyouth.org EIN#541594578 We’re raising the standard of living
      705951 The V Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to                   services to refugees and immigrants who are survivors of torture and             and self-esteem of Indian reservation children. Teaching traditional
      saving lives by raising money to fund cancer research and awareness                 gender-based violence: healing wounds, helping reclaim lives. 25.7%              and contemporary life skills, healthy lifestyles and respect for Mother
      projects. 7.1% H,E,G                                                                F,E,R                                                                            Earth. 5.9% O,K,S

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
43627 Americans Away From Home (916)222-6287 EIN#352209337                        12019 Children Awaiting Parents (888)835-8802 www.childrenawaiting                 10384 Feed My Starving Children (763)504-2919 www.fmsc.org EIN#41
      Reaching out to Americans in foreign lands. Helping American youth                parents.org EIN#161047933 Dedicated to finding loving, adoptive                    1601449 Meeting the needs of malnourished children. Volunteers pack
      in other countries abandoned by US parents. Transporting them to and              homes for abandoned, abused and neglected children who languish in                 over 90 million highly nutritious meals for starving children in over 60
      providing homes in USA. 1.3% P,R,T                                                the foster care system. Many have emotional/mental/physical                        countries for 17 cents/day. 6.8% K,X,O
12404 Assisting Children with Disabilities (Loving Hands Outreach)                      disabilities. 22.8% P,O,W                                                    12027 Feeding America’s Hungry Children (602)241-2873 www.feeding
      (909)793-4669 www.assistingchildren.com EIN#954812737 Assisting             12020 Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) (National Association for Children                  ahc.org EIN#412061798 Volunteers rushing lifesaving emergency
      children with mental and physical disabilities. Our primary goal is to            of Alcoholics) (888)554-2627 www.nacoa.org EIN#942865311 Those                     food to impoverished families throughout America. Providing for the
      improve the quality of life for these special children. 14.2% O,E,Z               most hurt by alcohol and drugs don’t even use them! Help us protect                desperate food needs of thousands of hungry children here in America.
11808 Autism Society of America (800)3-AUTISM www.autism-                               and save the children of alcoholics from physical and psychological                0.9% K,E,P
      society.org EIN#521020149 The Autism Society improves lives by                    abuse. 9.2% O,P,E                                                            61788 Foster Care Alumni of America (703)299-6767 www.foster
      conducting therapeutic research, advocating for appropriate services        12021 Children of the Night (800)551-1300 www.childrenofthenight.org                     carealumni.org EIN#760764462 Ensuring better care for the 500,000
      across the lifespan, and providing latest information regarding                   EIN#953130408 Rescues America’s children from the ravages of                       children in foster care today by engaging the experience, ideas, and
      treatment, education, research, advocacy. 30.9% G,H,F                             prostitution. Providing shelter, hope and new-beginnings. With your                perspectives of foster care alumni. 23.9% R,P,W
12016 Best Buddies for Children and Adults with Intellectual and                        support, we can save more. Our children deserve a fighting-chance!           12028 Foster Care Children and Family Fund (Partners in Foster Care Inc)
      Developmental Disabilities (Best Buddies International Inc) (800)89-              17.6% L,P,F                                                                        (608)274-9111 www.fostering.us EIN#391742351 Children are
      BUDDY www.bestbuddies.org EIN#521614576 Children with                       15685 Children of Vietnam (336)727-1110 www.childrenofvietnam.org                        abandoned through no fault of their own. We’re improving foster
      intellectual disabilities often experience loneliness and isolation.              EIN#311605964 Providing vulnerable children and their families who                 children’s lives through college scholarships, training for foster
      Change their futures by matching them with volunteers and creating                are hungry, ill, disable, or homeless with immediate assistance and                parents, summer camp and more. 15.4% Q,P,Z
      extraordinary friendships (“Best Buddies”) for life! 10.3% P,O,W                  services to break the cycle of poverty. 4.1% Q,P,O                           11817 Foster Parent Association, National (National Foster Parent
11348 Bethany Christian Services International (800)BETHANY                       10368 Children’s Angel Flight (800)296-1217 www.childrensangelflight.                    Association) (800)557-5238 www.nfpaonline.org EIN#060899870
      www.bethany.org EIN#383291546 Bethany finds loving families for                   org EIN#541739660 Support our mission to ensure no needy child is
      homeless children, many of whom are living in orphanages; and brings                                                                                                 Children sometimes brutally abused, neglected and discarded by drug
                                                                                        denied access to medical treatment, diagnosis or evaluation for lack               addicted, uncaring parents need a loving, stable environment. Help us
      the joy of parenthood to families through international adoption. 14.9%
      P,F,O                                                                             of a means of air transportation. 5.1% P,W,E                                       protect these frightened and forgotten children. 32.9% W,S,P
11189 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) (215)567-7000                   11812 Children’s Defense Fund (202)628-8787 www.childrensdefense.org               11818 Future Farmers of America (317)802-6060 www.ffa.org EIN#540
      www.bigbrothersbigsisters.org EIN#231365190 Helps children reach                  EIN#520895622 No child deserves poverty, hunger, sickness, abuse,                  524844 Positive example of what works! Dynamic youth organization
      their full potential through professionally supported, one-to-one                 violence, or homelessness. CDF identifies critical problems, fosters               that changes lives and prepares students for premier leadership,
      mentoring relationships with measurable impact. 8.2% O,P,W                        solutions, and makes a difference for all children in America. 20.1%               personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
                                                                                        O,R,W                                                                              31.2% B,O,T
11122 Blind Children and Adults Action Fund of America (American
      Brotherhood for the Blind DBA Blind Children and Adults) (410)659-          11813 Children’s Feeding Network (817)946-9490 www.childrensfeeding                95108 Gift of Adoption Fund, Inc. (847)205-2784 www.giftofadoption.org
      9315 www.actionfund.org EIN#521192529 Reducing the 90%                            network.org EIN#480971077 Rushing life saving medical and                          EIN#391863217 Millions of children in dire situations worldwide need
      illiteracy rate among the blind by helping blind children learn Braille           nutritional support to supplement the needs of children suffering from             the gift of adoption and a permanent home full of hope and promise.
      through reading clubs, summer programs, free Braille books,                       malnutrition and sickness in the third world and United States. 3.6%               Please help them today. 52.3% P,O,W
      assistance to parents. 10.2% B,R,W                                                K,M,W
                                                                                                                                                                     11133 Giving Children Hope (Global Operations and Development- Giving
11809 Blind Children’s Fund (989)779-9966 www.blindchildrensfund.org              12023 Children’s Fire & Burn Fund (National S A F E Home Foundation                      Children Hope) (866)392-HOPE www.gchope.org EIN#953464287
      EIN#382226033 Giving parents and professionals the tools they need                Inc) (800)877-1250 www.burn-fund.org EIN#161421480 Help save                       Rescuing children, providing lifesaving medicines and emergency
      to successfully teach and nurture blind, visually and multi-impaired              children’s lives! Our programs help provide free smoke alarms and                  food to orphanages, clinics, shelters, and disaster centers serving
      children to grow into independent, self-sufficient adults. 23.5% E,O,P            fire prevention education to help local firefighters reduce child fire             homeless children in America and poorest-of-the-poor around the
                                                                                        death and injury. 23.1% P,W,B                                                      world. 0.7% M,P,S
10375 BOOKS for the BARRIOS, Inc. (925)687-7701 www.booksforthe
      barrios.com EIN#680241582 The world’s youth lack only                       11127 Children’s Food and Care Fund (909)793-2009 www.childrens                    11484 Global Camps Africa (703)437-0808 www.globalcampsafrica.org
      schoolbooks to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Help                    foodandcare.org EIN#237072606 One of the most trusted charities                    EIN#912191939 HIV/AIDS prevention for children through camps.
      American schoolchildren share their precious educational resources                providing food, shelter, clothing and emergency medical care to needy              Life skills blended with camp fun. 4,000 African children served since
      with needy children. 0.1% Q,B,O                                                   children in the United States and overseas since 1970. 0.7% K,P,X                  2004. Saturday clubs provide vital followup. 13.9% E,B,O
30074 Boys & Girls Clubs of America (404)815-5700 www.bgca.org                    73141 Children’s Food, Healthcare, Shelter and Education Fund (Aid for             10385 Global Children (917)359-7085 www.global-children.org EIN#134
      EIN#135562976 BGCA’s mission is to enable all young people,                       Kids) (207)538-7899 www.aidforkids.org EIN#203918985 We feed                       138927 An international charitable organization dedicated to
      especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as               hungry children living in poverty, send doctors and medicine, build                improving the welfare of orphaned children in need through the
      productive, caring, responsible citizens. 19.4% O,N,A                             shelters, send children to school or training and find opportunities for           implementation of culturally appropriate projects; working mainly in
10376 Boys Hope Girls Hope (877)878-HOPE www.boyshopegirlshope.org                      their parents. 6.2% K,L,E                                                          Cambodia. 14.9% A,O,Q
      EIN#510182614 We help academically capable and motivated                    12195 Children’s Fund (877)OK4-KIDS www.childrensfund.net EIN#541                  10386 Golden Cradle Adoption Services (Golden Cradle) (800)327-2229
      children-in-need meet their full potential by providing value-centered,           841297 Children orphaned, exploited and abused; help us develop                    www.goldencradle.org EIN#232157112 Golden Cradle is committed
      family-like homes, opportunities and education. All children deserve              grassroots solutions providing food, clothing and medical care; help us            to serving birthparents facing unplanned pregnancies and adoptive
      guidance and support. 20.5% O,B,W                                                 build schools, dig wells and save lives. 13.9% K,B,O                               parents alike; prenatal care and continued counseling insure everyone
12017 C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation (425)251-3214 www.castforkids.org              50400 Children’s Home Society & Family Services (800)952-9302 www.                       the care they deserve. 25.8% P,L,W
      EIN#911582848 An extraordinary national program which provides                    chsfs.org EIN#410693906 CHSFS provides adoption and post-                    10803 Half the Sky Foundation (510)525-3377 www.halfthesky.org EIN#95
      disabled and disadvantaged children a quality outdoor recreational and            adoption services to parents and children. We work to give every child             4714047 Half the Sky provides infant nurture, innovative preschools,
      educational experience through the sport of fishing on the water. 11.2%           security, opportunity, permanency and a loving family. 15.9% Z                     personalized learning opportunities, and loving family care, medical
      N,O,C                                                                                                                                                                care and guidance for orphaned children in China. 12.6% O,B,E
                                                                                  10378 Children’s Hopes & Dreams Foundation (Childrens Hopes &
11076 Camp Courageous (Camp Courageous of Iowa) (319)465-5916                           Dreams-Wish Fulfillment Foundation Inc) (800)437-3262 www.                   12408 Hawaii International Child Placement & Family Services
      www.campcourageous.org EIN#237210932 Thousands of campers                         helpingnow.org EIN#222452473 For children hospitals are
      with disabilities attend Courageous’ recreational and respite facilities                                                                                             (808)589-2367 www.h-i-c.org EIN#990164045 Children without
                                                                                        frightening! Your pledge gives terminally/chronically ill children our             families. Families without children. Help children find their forever
      annually. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Run entirely on              fun, activity magazine. Sends needed relief to aide unserved children
      donations. 11.6% N,P,E                                                                                                                                               families and help parents adopt children they will love and raise. 25.9%
                                                                                        of disasters. 10.4% O,F,M                                                          W,P,R
11190 Camp Fire USA (800)669-6884 www.campfireusa.org EIN#131                     11814 Children’s Hunger Fund (800)708-7589 www.childrenshunger
      623921 Camp Fire services are critical for youth. We care for children,                                                                                        10635 Healthy Child Healthy World (310)820-2030 www.healthychild.org
                                                                                        fund.org EIN#954335462 Feeding the hungry at home and abroad.                      EIN#223665574 Today over 125 million American children suffer
      provide outdoor experiences with camps, contribute to communities,                Food, clothing and medicines aid children in impoverished countries
      and connect youth through trained adults. 19.8% O,N,P                                                                                                                from environmentally induced illness. We inspire and educate parents
                                                                                        and in America’s inner-cities. 0.9% K,W,X                                          to take preventive steps to reduce children’s toxic exposure. 16.9%
10377 Camp Heartland (One Heartland Inc) (800)724-HOPE www.camp                                                                                                            E,C,W
      heartland.org EIN#391763115 Sickness. Discrimination. Isolation. A          11815 Children’s Mercy Fund (954)480-8655 www.cmfund.org EIN#541
      child affected by HIV/AIDS lives a lonely life. Provide them with                 660870 Save a child’s life - Help us provide emergency food, clothing,       92866 Helping Families Heal Children (Attach) (866)453-8224 www.
      hope, safety, fun and friendship. Change their lives forever. 32.6%               medical supplies, equipment and care to suffering children throughout              attach.org EIN#841153488 Children with attachment disturbances
      O,G,P                                                                             the world. 9.5% P,K,S                                                              have difficulty forming loving, lasting relationships, often leading to
                                                                                  12024 Children’s Rights Council (800)787-KIDS www.crckids.org EIN#52                     a future of substance abuse and prison. Help diagnose/treat these
11132 Campaign to End Childhood Hunger (202)986-2200 www.frac.org                                                                                                          children. 11.0% F,G,Z
      EIN#237200739 Some 49.1 million Americans live in households                      1399371 Children harmed, caught in the middle, by destructive
      struggling against hunger. This problem is far too widespread in our              custody and visitation battles. Help us protect children through shared      12220 Holt International Children’s Services (888)355-4658 www.
      wealthy society. Please help us solve it. 19.1% K,W,O                             parenting for fit parents and grandparents’ access. 8.8% O,W,Y                     holtinternational.org EIN#237257390 Giving hope to thousands of
11810 Canines for Disabled Kids (978)422-5299 www.caninesforkids.org              50202 Children’s Wish Foundation International (800)323-9474 www.                        children who are abandoned daily. Since 1956, over 50,000 children
      EIN#043412812 A disabled child sits alone in a wheelchair, left behind            childrenswish.org EIN#581642982 Fulfills the favorite wish of any                  have found families through family preservation and adoption. 21.0%
      as the other kids go play. Help us, help a dog, help a kid. 11.0% O,D,P           child facing devastating and life threatening illness and gives that child         P,O,Q
                                                                                        and their family an unforgettable experience. 55.8% O,E,P                    12409 Hope for the Hungry (254)939-0124 www.hopeforthehungry.org
12406 Carolina Adoption Services, Inc. (800)628-9312 www.carolina
      adoption.org EIN#561839309 Carolina Adoption Services is a                  10832 Childspring International Inc. (404)228-7770 www.childspring                       EIN#742256304 On average 25,000 children die daily from disease
      children’s charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for orphans         intl.org EIN#582617948 The wonder of medicine, the spirit of love.                 and malnutrition. Many more never truly “live.” Help us to “Share the
      and vulnerable children worldwide. 15.9% O,P,W                                    Providing life-saving medical treatment, educational opportunities,                Bread of Life” today. 12.8% X,O,P
                                                                                        unconditional love and instilling self-worth. Working to heal the whole      12537 Hope Unlimited for Children Inc (888)444-1344 www.hope
10370 CASA - Court Appointed Advocates for Abused Children                              child! 50.1% E,G,O
      (National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association) (800)628-                                                                                                    unlimited.org EIN#330480141 Residential programs for Brazilian
      3233 www.casaforchildren.org EIN#911255818 Every child deserves             78066 Childvision, Inc. (888)797-9900 www.childvision.org EIN#300                        street children. Since 1991, rescued over 1,000 homeless children and
      a safe, permanent home. Support a nationwide network of volunteer                 098437 100% of donations help orphaned children reach full potential               transformed lives via long-term educational, residential and therapeutic
      court-appointed advocates who give abused and neglected children a                as successful adults! Provide education, life-skills training and HOPE             programs. 19.9% L,B,O
      voice. 12.3% R,T,P                                                                to older children aging out of orphanages. 3.7% O,P,W                        12030 Indian Youth of America (712)252-3230 EIN#521150452 They are
11123 Center for Adoption Support & Education, Inc. (301)476-8525                 11349 Christian World Adoption (888)97-ADOPT www.cwa.org EIN#570                         young once but Indian forever. Improving the quality of life for Indian
      www.adoptionsupport.org EIN#522100734 Helping parents and                         967054 Christ commands us to care for orphans. CWA relieves                        children through summer camps, Christmas programs, scholarships
      children build the trust, love, and communication that enables adoptive           suffering by feeding, clothing, medicating, educating, caring for                  and child welfare services. 11.8% O,P,B
      families to truly become forever families. 21.9% F,O,S                            children, our example being the love of Christ. 8.2% S,E,X                   11875 INMED Partnerships for Children (703)729-4951 www.inmed.org
10919 Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation (202)496-5060              11271 Compassion Orthopaedic Care for Disabled Children (301)261-                        EIN#521482339 Rescuing children from the imminent and irreversible
      www.cpirf.org EIN#136093337 Cerebral Palsy Research is                            3211 www.christianorthopedicpartners.org EIN#522062902 Providing                   harm of disease, hunger, neglect or violence. Building strong leaders
      dramatically underfunded. Our goal is to revolutionize the treatment,             poor, disabled children worldwide with corrective surgery, free                    to meet the challenges of the next generation. 0.4% P,E,S
      prevention and evidence-based care for CP through more and better                 distribution of specialty wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, rehabilitation     20769 Innocent Justice Foundation (760)585-8873 www.innocentjustice.
      research. 23.3% H,O,G                                                             equipment and therapy. Serving war and disaster victims. 7.6% E,G,P                org EIN#770709388 You can help rescue American children from
11397 Charitable Children’s Fund of America (661)633-9076 www.                    12025 Compassionate Friends (877)969-0010 www.compassionate                              sexual abuse. We leverage high tech solutions to support law
      childrensfundofamerica.org EIN#571197371 We provide higher                        friends.org EIN#362968329 A child’s death is devastating. Parents are              enforcement efforts to investigate and prosecute child molesters. 9.5%
      education, mental, and physical healthcare assistance to children whose           inconsolable. Siblings experience a rollercoaster of emotions.                     S,M,I
      parents perished on 9/11 or while fighting terrorism in Iraq or                   Devastated grandparents are in shocked disbelief. We help families to
      Afghanistan. -5.4% B,F,E                                                                                                                                       10866 International Christian Adoptions (951)695-3336 www.4achild.org
                                                                                        cope. 15.4% P,Y,W                                                                  EIN#330412343 Provides hope, love and compassion to orphaned,
12018 Child Art Foundation, International (International Child Art                11829 Covenant House (800)388-3888 www.covenanthouse.org EIN#132                         abandoned and relinquished children through adoption, foster care,
      Foundation) (202)530-1000 www.icaf.org EIN#522032649 ICAF                         725416 Give homeless teens a future! We shelter, educate and mentor                humanitarian aid and family training. Making a difference for children.
      employs the arts to heal, inspire and unite the children at the World             kids with nowhere else to turn in 21 cities. NINELINE (1-800-999-                  2.3% P,X,E
      Children’s Festival on The National Mall in June 2011. 16.2% A,O,Q                9999) provides nationwide rescue/counseling. 22.8% O,L,R                     11483 Justice for Children (713)225-4357 www.justiceforchildren.org
10373 Child Find of America (800)IAM-LOST www.childfindofamerica.                 11131 Crossroads Adoption Services (952)831-5707 www.crossroads                          EIN#760284439 More than 2,500 children died last year as a result of
      org EIN#222323336 Child kidnapping prevention and location                        adoption.com EIN#411325998 There are 43 million orphans in the                     child abuse. We believe that number should be zero. Help save our
      specialists, helping children and devastated parents through free                 world, many of whom will grow up alone. Help us to find loving                     children. 28.7% I,R,W
      investigation, mediation and publicity. Your gift could bring a missing           families for these children. 17.7% P,O,Z
      child home. 4.8% O,P,F                                                                                                                                         11146 Kids Alive® International (800)543-7330 www.kidsalive.org EIN#31
                                                                                  12127 Dream Factory, Inc. (502)561-3001 www.dreamfactoryinc.org                          1140515 For over 90 years Kids Alive International has been rescuing
11139 Child Slavery, Trafficking and Force Labor Rescue (Rugmark                                                                                                           suffering, abandoned, and neglected children worldwide through our
      Foundation USA) (866)RUGMARK www.GoodWeave.org                                    EIN#311009812 Children who deal with serious illness suffer physical
                                                                                        and emotional pain everyday. Help us give them memories of                         Christian-based Residential Homes, Care Centers and Schools. 12.8%
      EIN#522042014 Devoted to the rescue of trafficked and exploited
      child laborers from South Asia’s carpet looms, and ensuring their                 happiness by making their dreams come true. 35.6% P,N,W                            L,P,X
      access to schooling and social programs. 10.1% Q,B,O                        73936 East Meets West Foundation (800)561-3378 www.eastmeetswest.                  10260 Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (212)279-5493 www.kids
11125 Child Welfare League of America (703)412-2400 www.cwla.org                        org EIN#330316095 Offering free modern dental services to                          donations.org EIN#133300271 Providing new clothes, books, toys,
      EIN#131641066 Every child will grow up in a safe, loving and stable               impoverished Vietnamese children who otherwise have no access to                   household items to poor and homeless children, disaster victims,
      family. We protect children, strengthen families and advocate children            dental treatment. Bring happy, healthy smiles to disadvantaged                     military families. Through your support we bring smiles to their faces.
      as a national priority. 26.2% Y,P,W                                               children today. 17.8% E,P,T                                                        0.7% W,T,S
11571 Childhelp® (480)922-8212 www.childhelp.org EIN#952884608                    10382 Families Thru International Adoption (888)797-9900 www.ftia.org              23570 Light For Orphans (917)913-8911 www.lightfororphans.org EIN#26
      Nearly five children die every day from child abuse and neglect in the            EIN#351961430 Children languish in orphanages in many countries.                   0892390 Empowering over 1,500 abandoned and disadvantages
      United States. Join us in the fight to End Child Abuse Now! 9.3%                  We provide foster care, education, medical and other life-saving aid               orphans in Egypt through relief, educational, and psycho-social support
      P,F,R                                                                             and find families for orphaned children through adoption. 15.0%                    services, including feeding, clothing, tutoring and vocational training
                                                                                        P,W,O                                                                              programs 0.0% Q,P,O
10372 ChildHope (Child Concern & Care Fund) (909)793-2009 www.
      childhope-childconcern.org EIN#330824455 Give hope to a child!              10179 Family, Career & Community Leaders of America, Inc. (703)476-                11820 Love the Children (215)536-4180 www.lovethechildren.com EIN#23
      You can make a huge difference, providing food, shelter, clothing,                4900 www.fcclainc.org EIN#530178290 Dynamic, effective national                    2071581 An international child care agency. Adoptable children come
      education, medical help to hurting children through this cost-efficient           student organization that helps youth become leaders and address                   primarily from Korea. Also send needed medical supplies and material
      charity. 0.4% K,P,X                                                               important personal, family, work and societal issues through family                to orphanages and hospitals in Korea. 14.1% P,O,Z
                                                                                        and consumer sciences education. 9.9% O,B,S                                  11821 Masonic Foundation for Children (800)35-MASON www.masonic
11144 Children & Charity International (202)234-0488 www.childrenand
      charity.org EIN#753121647 Successfully works with faith-based and           10383 Feed My People Children’s Charities (602)678-3285 www.feedmy                       model.org EIN#550731354 Addiction. Depression. Suicide. Eating
      community organizations worldwide to feed, educate and provide                    people.org EIN#731330955 Millions of American families desperate                   Disorders. Violence. Bullying. We continue to assist schools in
      health-care to starving and dying children in rural and indigenous                for food! Millions of pounds of perfectly good food thrown away! This              successfully combating these serious issues in our youth. Help us help
      communities. 1.3% P,O,Z                                                           is wrong! Save the food - feed the hungry! 0.9% K,E,P                              kids! 5.6% B,F,O

                              # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
11134 Mending Kids International (661)298-8000 www.mendingkids.org                   10401 World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) (WACAP                    10549 American Chronic Pain Association (800)533-3231 www.theacpa.org
      EIN#954394305 Through a committed group of supporters, Mending                       WORLD ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS)                                        EIN#251429052 We teach pain management coping skills to people
      Kids International restores the joy of childhood by providing life-                  (206)575-4550 www.wacap.org EIN#910962079 Brightening the                          who suffer from chronic pain and arrange peer support to improve their
      changing surgical care to children worldwide. 15.0% E,P,Q                            futures of orphaned and vulnerable children in the United States and               functioning and quality of life. 4.2% E,P,G
                                                                                           around the world since 1976. 12.4% P,K,O                                     10550 American Nurses Foundation (301)628-5227 www.ANFonline.org
11147 My Stuff Bags® Foundation (818)865-3860 www.mystuffbags.org
      EIN#954671812 Help us provide individual “My Stuff Bags” of new                11860 World Children’s Fund (408)363-8100 www.worldchildrens fund.org                    EIN#131893924 Help us give you better care! Funding research that
      belongings to abused and neglected children rescued from dangerous                   EIN#770210616 We defend the Seven Rights of a Child. Creating a                    leads to better care and techniques conducted by those that know it best,
      homes, who arrive at crisis shelters possessionless. 7.9% P,F,O                      world where no child is hungry, sick, homeless, unprotected,                       nurses. 76.3% H,E,G
                                                                                           unschooled, unloved or suffers violence. 25.4% T,P,M                         10229 American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (847)480-9592
64337 National Assembly on School Based Health Care (202)638-5872
      www.nasbhc.org EIN#541752058 Transform healthcare for America’s                11827 Youth for Christ International Ministries (303)843-9000 www.                       www.astmh.org EIN#570408245 ASTMH provides scholarships,
      Children! School-based health centers bring healthcare to youth where                yfci.org EIN#841188718 Youth for Christ is engaging, equipping and                 education, and training for clinicians and researchers working to treat
      they are - school. NASBHC is the voice of school-based health centers.               empowering young people around the world to lead with godliness,                   and prevent tropical infectious diseases in the U.S. and around the globe.
      24.6% E,R,F                                                                          devotion, passion and commitment. 13.6% X,O,Q                                      15.5% E,H,G
11136 National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc. (888)575-7373                  11143 Youth Leaders for the Future, A Legacy Initiative (540)297-5982              11030 American Tinnitus Association (800)634-8978 www.ata.org
      www.ld.org EIN#132899381 NCLD’s vision is to ensure that all                         www.globalyouthvillage.org EIN#510249070 A hands-on experience                     EIN#930749558 We fund tinnitus research to find the cause, treatment,
      children are screened for learning disabilities as routinely as other                in global citizenship each summer. Teens gain practical skills in                  and cure of tinnitus. We assist patients and professionals to manage
      developmental problems. Early intervention dramatically increases                    leadership, cross-cultural relations, conflict resolution, and community           tinnitus and its effects. 49.5% G,H,W
      learning success. 24.1% B,R,O                                                        service. 6.1% O,S,W
                                                                                                                                                                        51328 American Urological Association Foundation, Inc. (800)828-7866
11822 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (800)THE-LOST                 11278 Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families                  www.urologyhealth.org EIN#203210212 Providing physician-directed
      www.missingkids.com EIN#521328557 Spearheads national and                            (202)638-1144 www.zerotothree.org EIN#521105189 National                           urologic health information; promote bladder, prostate and kidney
      international efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation and               nonprofit organization that informs, trains, and supports professionals,           screenings for highly treatable diseases; promise a future free from
      abduction, and to locate and recover missing children. 5.6% P,I,O                    policymakers, and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants         urologic diseases/cancers through research. 9.0% E,G,H
                                                                                           and toddlers. 25.9% W,R,B
10389 National Center for Youth Law (510)835-8098 www.youthlaw.org                                                                                                      98848 Amputee Coalition of America (888)267-5669 www.amputee-
      EIN#942506933 A society that safeguards its children safeguards its                                                                                                     coalition.org EIN#521701146 Empowering amputees to participate in
      future. We use the law to improve the lives of poor children. Please join                                                                                               decisions about their own care, services and outcomes through
      us! 20.8% R,W,F                                                                                                                                                         education, support and advocacy, and promoting limb loss prevention.
                                                                                                                                                                              29.5% E,G,P
12031 National Children’s Advocacy Center (256)533-5437 www.national                 Health & Medical Research Charities of                                             12472 Angel Patient Transport Services (National Patient Travel Center)
      cac.org EIN#630891512 Protecting our children should be this country’s
      top priority. We provide training, prevention, intervention and treatment      America Federation and Member                                                            (800)296-1217 www.patienttravel.org EIN#010745350 Saving lives
                                                                                                                                                                              serving as a comprehensive resource center for medical patients who
      services to fight child abuse and neglect. 21.2% F,O,P                         Organizations                                                                            need charitable air transportation. The lift to distant specialized
51063 National Inclusion Project (919)314-5540 www.inclusionproject.org              11832 Health & Medical Research Charities of America (800)626-6891                       treatment starts here. 9.9% E,W,P
      EIN#200146446 Creating innovative recreational and learning programs                 www.hmr.org EIN#943217739 Health. Life’s most important
      providing children of all abilities the opportunity to learn, live, and play                                                                                      44652 Angels Donate Frequent Flyer Miles (Mercy Medical Airlift)
                                                                                           ingredient. Restoring wellness through research, diagnosis, treatment,             (888)675-1405 www.angelsdonateffmiles.org EIN#262227782 Your
      together. Inclusion- the right thing to do! 6.7% O,N,P                               and prevention of the diseases that plague our family, friends, loved              gift saves lives! We alleviate some of the financial strain on ill patients
10390 National Indian Child Welfare Association (503)222-4044 www.                         ones - ourselves. 1.7% E,G,H                                                       who are required to travel for treatment by providing free airfare. 10.8%
      nicwa.org EIN#930951531 We provide services and programs to                    12331 Accordia Global Health Foundation (202)534-1200 www.accordia                       E,P,W
      improve tribal social services serving American Indian foster children,              foundation.org EIN#043774897 Africa needs a million additional               11220 Anxiety Disorders, Panic, & Stress Research and Awareness
      at-risk youth, and their families; and training for social workers. 35.8%            healthcare workers to fight the burden of infectious diseases and save             Foundation (Anxiety Disorders Assn of America) (240)485-1001
      O,F,R                                                                                lives. Accordia trains medical personnel to address this need. 8.0%                www.adaa.org EIN#521248820 Champions research, provides
10391 National Mentoring Partnership (703)224-2200 www.mentoring. org                      G,E,Q                                                                              resources for treatment and self-help and supports the millions affected
      EIN#521674088 MENTOR is the lead champion for youth mentoring                  12087 Advocates for Youth (202)419-3420 www.advocatesforyouth.org                        by OCD, PTSD, panic, phobias, social anxiety, generalized anxiety and
      in the US, helping build capacity; ensure quality; and provide capital to            EIN#521173590 Saving lives by educating and empowering young                       related disorders. 11.9% F,G,H
      the mentor’s critical work. 24.6% O,B,R                                              people to prevent teen pregnancy, fight HIV/AIDS, and change sexual          10302 Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation (800)747-2820
12032 Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund USA (617)443-4435 www.nelson                          and reproductive health policy around the world. 4.4% E,O,R                        www.aamds.org EIN#521336903 Bone Marrow Failure Disease can
      mandelachildrensfundusa.org EIN#521941401 Changing the way                     11181 Aging Research, American Federation for (AFAR) (American                           strike any person, of any age, any gender, or any race, anywhere in the
      society treats its children and youth. Improving the well-being of South             Federation for Aging) (212)703-9977 www.afar.org EIN#133045282                     world. Providing answers, support and hope. 17.0% G,H,E
      African children by working to empower and promote their rights.                     Making grants to scientists conducting groundbreaking research on            11031 Arthritis National Research Foundation (800)588-2873
      37.6% O,Q,R                                                                          aging and related diseases in the pursuit that we not only live longer,            www.curearthritis.org EIN#956043953 Help make arthritis a disease of
10393 Operation USA (800)678-7255 www.opusa.org EIN#953504080                              but live healthier longer. 11.9% H,G,E                                             the past. The search for a cure goes on as we continue to fund research
      Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, war. We serve those in greatest need        10315 Aging Research, American Foundation (American Foundation for                       to find new treatments. 5.8% H,G,B
      yet often ignored by larger aid organizations. These displaced, disaster-            Aging Research) (919)515-5679 www.americanagingresearch.org                  11835 Asthma, Cancer and Heart Disease Prevention through Smokefree
      stricken children need your help! 1.8% M,E,S                                         EIN#431217061 Help you, your parents and grandparents age happier,                 Air (American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation) (510)841-3032
90466 Optimist International Foundation (314)371-6000 www.oi                               healthier and pain free. Fund vital research on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,          www.anrf.org EIN#942922136 Secondhand smoke and smoking causes
      foundation.org EIN#237102928 Supporting Optimist’s charitable                        Cancer, aging issues and age-related diseases. 10.5% H,B,G                         asthma, many cancers, and heart disease. Smokefree environments and
      programs within local communities; supporting Optimist international           70553 AIDS Action Foundation (202)530-8030 www.aidsaction.org                            youth smoking prevention programs save lives. Help us clear the air!
      programs; Scholarships, Youth Leadership Service, Junior Golf, Internet              EIN#521521807 We fight AIDS by promoting responsible federal                       17.4% E,R,W
      Safety, and training volunteers in philanthropy. 22.0% T,O,Z                         policies for improved HIV/AIDS care and services, vigorous medical           39406 Autism Center - Family Support, Diagnostics, and Advocacy for
                                                                                           research, and effective prevention. 40.3% H,E,G                                    Effective Treatment (800)778-7601 EIN#562529097 Dedicated to
11823 orphanCare International (Dillon International Inc) (918)749-4600
      www.orphancareintl.org EIN#731078800 Abandoned. Alone. Hungry.                 10556 AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Information Services of                      serving children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by providing
      This describes the life of the world’s many orphans. Every child has                 the American Social Health Association (American Social Health                     reliable information, promoting best practices, and offering
      value. Every dollar makes a difference: Shelter, Food, Education,                    Association) (919)361-8400 www.ashastd.org EIN#942494435                           comprehensive resources for families, practitioners, and communities.
      Support. 9.7% P,Z,O                                                                  Fighting to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, herpes, HPV and other                     0.0% G,H,E
                                                                                           sexually transmitted diseases through research, public education, and        10551 Autism Intervention and Treatment Research — Organization for
12272 Pacer Center, Inc. (952)838-9000 www.pacer.org EIN#411306304                         patient support programs. 24.7% G,E,H
      Pacer Center provides help nationwide to children with any disability,                                                                                                  Autism Research (Organization for Autism Research Inc) (866)366-
      including ADHD, autism, physical, cognitive, emotional, health, or             11027 AIDS Fund, National (National AIDS Fund) (202)408-4848                             9710 www.researchautism.org EIN#542062167 Parents of children with
      learning, and their families, at no charge. 11.5% P,B,O                              www.aidsfund.org EIN#521706646 A nationwide partnership of                         autism never stop seeking answers. We’re here to provide those answers
                                                                                           community based organizations fighting HIV/AIDS through prevention,                and fund studies that provide practical information on lifelong care.
10857 Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (330)678-2645 www.pcrf.net                          education and care. Grant dollars and programs are funded through                  15.6% H,G,E
      EIN#931057665 We arrange free surgery for sick and injured children                  matching funds nationwide. 6.3% E,G,S
      from the Middle East by sending them abroad or sponsoring volunteer                                                                                               11836 Autism Research - The Autism Society of America Foundation for
      missions in local hospitals. 4.8% E,O,Z                                        10557 AIDS Programs of the National Minority AIDS Council (National                      (Autism Society of America Foundation Inc) (800)3-AUTISM
                                                                                           Minority       Aids     Council)      (202)483-6622       www.nmac.org             www.autism-society.org EIN#522007155 We are leading efforts to
11824 Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. (888)818-7662 www.pomc.org                        EIN#521578289 Only national minority AIDS organization with                        ensure research will provide families affected by autism the answers,
      EIN#311023437 Assistance in keeping murderers in prison; assist                      programs dedicated to saving the lives in communities of color to                  offers hope for solutions through innovative treatment initiatives. 2.3%
      unsolved cases; prevention and awareness programs; emotional support,                address the challenges of HIV/AIDS. 21.1% E,G,S                                    G,H,E
      information and advocacy for any survivor of a homicide victim. 6.2%
      F,R,Z                                                                          11028 AIDS Treatment and Research Information (Project Inform Inc                  10548 Autoimmune Diseases Association (American Autoimmune Related
                                                                                           AIDS       Treatement      and     Research      Info)     (415)558-8669           Diseases Association) (888)856-9433 www.aarda.org EIN#383027574
12157 Partnership for a Drug-Free America (212)922-1560 www.                               www.projectinform.org EIN#943052723 Stop needless deaths from                      Autoimmunity causes Lupus, Arthritis, Celiac, MS, Fibromyalgia,
      drugfree.org EIN#133413627 “Time To Talk®” - “Your Brain On                          HIV/AIDS due to inadequate treatment, prevention and healthcare                    Graves’, Thyroiditis and 90+ other diseases. Through research and
      Drugs” - “Parents The Anti-Drug.” Our programs help parents guide                    access; fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS with knowledge and ultimately a                patient services, our work eases the suffering they inflict. 5.8% G,H,E
      kids toward healthy, safe, drug-free lives. 23.3% E,G,P                              cure. 12.3% G,H,U
                                                                                                                                                                        12320 Black AIDS Institute (African-American AIDS Policy and Training
12034 Philippine Children’s Fund of America (800)660-4009 www.                       12173 AIDS Vaccine Initiative, International (212)847-1111 www.iavi.org                  Institute) (213)353-3610 www.blackaids.org EIN#954742741 “Our
      pinoykids.org EIN#943162880 Serving underprivileged children                         EIN#133870223 The world needs an AIDS vaccine. We work to ensure                   People, Our Problem, Our Solution.” Dedicated to raising awareness,
      including Amerasians left from closure of US bases; Provide livelihood               and speed development of safe, effective, accessible, preventive HIV               educating and mobilizing Black institutions and individuals to confront
      opportunities to indigenous people; Environmental programs and                       vaccines for use throughout the world. 13.9% H,G,S                                 the AIDS epidemic in their communities. 26.6% G,R,W
      services for youth and community. 11.7% O,P,C                                  12094 AIDS-National Association of People with AIDS (National                      11837 Blindskills, Inc. (800)860-4224 www.blindskills.com EIN#930829936
11130 Philippine Children’s Shelter (Childrens Shelter of Cebu) (763)689-                  Association of People with AIDS) (240)247-0880 www.napwa.org                       Blind and visually impaired children learn to live independently and
      6558 www.cscshelter.org EIN#411330241 Orphaned children in the                       EIN#521540690 NAPWA fights for the rights of 1.2 million Americans                 productively with information from our toll-free help line, web site and
      Philippines need more than just shelter...we provide food, medicine,                 living with HIV/AIDS to receive quality healthcare and to prevent the              a bi-monthly publication, DIALOGUE. 20.2% W,P,J
      education and a loving home through four residences and a school.                    spread of HIV. 19.4% G,R,W
                                                                                                                                                                        11838 Bone Marrow Donor Registry - American (American Association of
      17.2% B,P,X                                                                    12469 Air Ambulance Angels East (Air Compassion East) (866)270-9198                      Bone Marrow Donor Registries Inc) (800)745-2452 www.abmdr.org
10395 Rainbows for All Children (800)266-3206 www.rainbows.org                             www.aircompassioneast.org EIN#202758764 Saving lives by arranging                  EIN#222943369 Saving lives! Tests and registers humanitarian heroes
      EIN#363262836 Divorce, death, abandonment, separation. Children                      long-distance high-tech air ambulance medical air transportation for               to donate bone marrow to save the lives of strangers. The registry makes
      hurt from these losses in ways they cannot describe. Help us restore                 bedridden patients. 10.6% P,W,E                                                    lifesaving donor/patient matches possible. 1.7% G,H,E
      hope and happiness to children who are grieving. 20.4% F,O,M                   14946 Air Ambulance Angels West (Mercy Medical Airlift) (757)512-5285              11839 Brain Injury Association of America (800)444-6443 www.biausa.org
10396 Reach Out and Read (617)455-0600 www.reachoutandread.org                             www.aircompassionwest.org EIN#261685601 Helping patients and                       EIN#042716222 Leading national organization promoting research,
      EIN#043481253 Pediatricians on military bases and in civilian                        families undergoing a difficult health crisis by offering compassionate            providing information, education and support to assist the 3.7 million
      healthcare settings prepare America’s youngest children to succeed in                care. We work to provide lower air ambulance and medically assisted                Americans and their families coping with traumatic brain injury. 14.5%
      school by providing families with books and literacy guidance. 15.0%                 travel costs. 10.9% E,P,W                                                          E,G,H
      O,P,E                                                                          11852 Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of                   12177 Can Do Multiple Sclerosis (800)367-3101 www.mscando.org
11831 Reach the Children, Inc. (800)275-3003 www.reachthechildren.org                      Hearing (202)337-5220 www.agbell.org EIN#530196644 Promotes                        EIN#742337853 We help people and families living with multiple
      EIN#161569622 Destitute African families need brighter futures. Using                listening and spoken language for those who are deaf or hard of hearing,           sclerosis through comprehensive interactive health and wellness
      AIDS prevention, education, medical treatment, micro-enterprise,                     through advocacy, research, education and financial-aid. 39.1% G,O,R               programs that empower them to improve their quality of life. 12.0%
      agriculture and water; please help us to save lives and change futures.        10589 Alopecia Areata Foundation National (415)472-3780 www.naaf.org                     G,E,R
      17.0% K,E,S                                                                          EIN#942780249 Provides major research funding, patient educational           11266 Cancer Curing Society (Gerson Institute) (888)443-7766
14324 Royal Family Kids’ Camps (714)438-2494 www.rfkc.org EIN#330                          materials and support for alopecia areata a mystifying autoimmune                  www.gerson.org EIN#953284919 Help thousands of people recover
                                                                                           disease affecting all ages, causing one’s hair to fall out. 18.8% G,H,P            from so-called “incurable” diseases, such as cancer, by teaching a
      380021 Abused and abandoned kids need special care; we create
      positive memories for over 6500 abused children annually in 164                82743 Alternative Medicine, The National Foundation for (202)463-4900                    powerful natural treatment to patients, medical professionals and
      summer camps held nationwide and internationally. 16.8% O,P,N                        www.nfam.org EIN#421471957 Searches the world for effective,                       caregivers. 15.4% E,G,B
                                                                                           nontoxic, and low cost alternative medical therapies and develops            11221 Caregivers Association of America (National Family Caregivers
11269 Safe Kids Worldwide (202)662-0600 www.safekids.org EIN#521                           clinical research to demonstrate their effectiveness. 19.8% H,E,U
      627574 Accidental injury kills one million children annually. We                                                                                                        Assoc) (800)896-3650 www.thefamilycaregiver.org EIN#521780405
      educate families, distribute safety devices, conduct research, advocate        30518 Alzheimer’s Disease Research (American Health Assistance                           Educates, supports, empowers and speaks up for 50 million Americans
      for safety laws. Help us make a difference. 15.6% E,W,O                              Foundation) (301)948-3244 EIN#237337229 Funds research seeking                     caring for loved ones with a chronic illness, disability or the frailties of
                                                                                           cures for Alzheimer’s disease, and provides information about risk                 old age. 20.8% P,Y,R
11825 Seedlings Braille Books for Children (800)777-8552 www.                              factors, preventative lifestyles, available treatments and coping
      seedlings.org EIN#382565354 Open a book, open the world! Books                                                                                                    77854 Celiac Central, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (National
                                                                                           strategies. Help us discover a cure. 45.8% H                                       Foundation for Celiac Awareness) (215)325-1306 www.celiaccentral.
      educate, empower and spark our imagination! All blind children deserve
      to thrive from the power of literacy! 9.5% P,W,A                               11834 Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (866)AFA-8484 www.alzfdn.org                     org EIN#900108854 Help save millions of lives, billions of dollars.
                                                                                           EIN#911792864 Hands-on care and support services nationwide for                    Undiagnosed celiac disease is a travesty, leading to malnourishment and
10906 SOS Children’s Villages - USA (202)347-7920 www.sos-usa.org                          individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and their              can cause cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, other diseases. 13.9% G,E,K
      EIN#136188433 Orphaned and abandoned children need loving homes                      families. “Caring for the Nation.” 17.6% G,F,S
      and families. Help us provide the support they need. 35.4% P,O,M                                                                                                  12140 Celiac Disease Foundation (818)990-2354 www.celiac.org
                                                                                     12166 Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (520)749-8374                       EIN#954310830 Helping people who unknowingly suffer with celiac
11140 Special Olympics, Inc. (800)700-8585 www.specialolympics.org                         www.AlzheimersPrevention.org EIN#860735832 Help fight                              disease to get diagnosed by educating them about the symptoms, cause,
      EIN#520889518 Provides year-round sports training and competition                    Alzheimer’s disease and find a cure through research and prevention!               testing and treatment (gluten free diet). 17.8% G,K,E
      for people with intellectual disabilities. Improves physical fitness and             Committed to ensuring peak mental performance and optimum brain
      motor skills. Increases self-confidence, self-image and friendships.                                                                                              10597 Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association (800)606-CMTA www.charcot-
                                                                                           function throughout our lives. 3.5% H,E,G                                          marie-tooth.org EIN#222480896 Thousands of undiagnosed people
      Empowers individuals. 21.2% P,N,W
                                                                                     11029 Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Fisher Center (Zachary and                        suffer from balance problems, foot deformities and loss of hand
10400 Toys For Tots Foundation (703)640-9433 www.toysfortots.org                           Elizabeth M Fisher Center For Alzheimers Research Fdn) (800)ALZ-                   function. Help us find the cure for this little-known disorder. 18.9%
      EIN#203021444 Brighten a child’s face on Christmas morning. Help                     INFO www.alzinfo.org EIN#133859563 Research into cause, care and                   H,G,E
      the Marines provide a treasured gift and a cherished memory for                      cure of Alzheimer’s by Nobel Prize winner. 5.3 million Americans have        10598 Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)
      millions of our nation’s neediest children. 2.7% P,O,W                               Alzheimer’s. Donate to change lives- bring a cure closer. 8.2% H,G,U               Association of America (CFIDS Association Inc) (704)365-2343
11142 Voices for America’s Children (202)289-0777 www.voices.org                     12142 American Association of Kidney Patients, Inc. (800)749-2257                        www.cfids.org EIN#561683450 Largest and most active charitable
      EIN#341479461 Advocate effective public policies and investments to                  www.aakp.org EIN#112306416 Forty years of improving the lives of                   organization leading national efforts in research, public policy and
      improve the health, education, and well-being of children in order to                kidney patients and families by helping them cope with the physical,               communications to advance understanding, diagnosis, treatment and
      prepare them for school, work and life. 4.2% R,O,Y                                   emotional and social impact of kidney disease. 16.0% E,G,W                         prevention of CFS. 18.2% G,B,W

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
11853 Deafness Research Foundation (866)454-3924 www.drf.org                      11855 Hereditary Disease Foundation (212)928-2121 www.hdfoundation.              10606 Paget’s Disease Foundation (800)23-PAGET www.paget.org
      EIN#131882107 What if you couldn’t hear music, friends’ laughter or               org EIN#237376197 We help find treatments and cures for genetic                  EIN#132951656 Information and physician referral for consumers and
      loved ones’ voices? Now what if, suddenly, you could? DRF funds                   and neurological disorders affecting populations worldwide by                    medical professionals for Paget’s disease, primary hyper-
      research that changes lives. 32.4% H,U,G                                          supporting the most knowledgeable and dedicated researchers in bio-              parathyroidism, fibrous dysplasia, osteopetrosis, and skeletal
                                                                                        science today. 572.4% H,G,U                                                      complications of cancer. 14.6% G,H,E
10595 Depression, Bipolar & OCD Information Centers (Madison
      Institute of Medicine Inc) (608)827-2470 www.miminc.org                     11039 Homes that Help and Heal (National Association of Hospital                 12096 Paralyzed Veterans Of America Spinal Cord Research
      EIN#391928713 Suicide, personal suffering, family fragmentation,                  Hospitality Houses Inc) (800)542-9730 www.nahhh.org EIN#382693                   Foundation (SCRF) (800)424-8200 www.pvaresearch.org EIN#521
      job loss, economic ruin- all common consequences of depression,                   343 Providing family-centered lodging for families and patients                  064398 Funds research aimed at restoring function and improving the
      bipolar disorder, OCD. Education is vital. Your support can do                    undergoing medical treatment in distant cities - an affordable, warmer           quality of life for veterans and all others paralyzed by spinal cord injury
      wonders. 18.9% F,H,G                                                              alternative than hotel/motel stays. 16.9% L,E,P                                  or disease. 0.1% H,E,P
11861 Diabetes & Immune Disease National Research Institute (La Jolla             10611 Hospice Foundation of America (800)854-3402 www.hospice                    10608 Parkinson’s Research Center, Michael Stern Foundation (The
      Institute for Allergy and Immunology) (858)752-6512 www.didnri.org                foundation.org EIN#592219888 We assist terminally ill persons and                Michael Stern Parkinsons Research Foundation) (800)470-0499
      EIN#330328688 Advancing treatments for diabetes and other immune                  their families through the dying process in a less painful and more              www.parkinsoninfo.org EIN#134168581 Sponsoring research at
      system disorders. Help us make necessary medical and scientific                   caring manner, including caregiving and bereavement assistance.                  leading academic centers in the U.S. to find the cause, treatments and
      breakthroughs that change lives by supporting our cutting-edge                    15.8% E,P,G                                                                      ultimately a cure for the second most common neurological disorder.
      research. 12.2% H,G,U                                                       11050 Hospice, Pathways Hospice Foundation (800)753-3071 www.                          3.1% H,G,U
10590 Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation (202)333-                       pathwayshealth.org EIN#770280660 What we all want for our loved            10317 PKD Foundation (800)753-2873 www.pkdcure.org EIN#431266906
      4520 www.diabetesaction.org EIN#521714027 We fund research for                    ones who face terminal and chronic illness - exceptional,                        Only organization worldwide solely devoted to programs of patient
      treatment, prevention, and cure. Our Diabetes University focuses on               compassionate, and family-centered care in the comfort of home.                  education, public awareness, advocacy and research toward a treatment
      alternative therapies. 100% of workplace contributions used for                   31.4% E,G,P                                                                      and cure for polycystic kidney disease patients. 22.3% G,H,R
      research and program services. 5.3% H,E,G                                   10313 Immune Deficiency Foundation (800)296-4433 www.primary                     10609 Planned Parenthood Foundation (800)430-4307 www.planned
12229 Diabetes Aid and Research Fund (800)511-7032 www.diabetesaid                      immune.org EIN#521214782 The national patient organization
                                                                                                                                                                         parenthood.org EIN#133772613 We exist to preserve and advance
      research.org EIN#860920000 Awards scientific research grants.                     dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of
                                                                                        persons with primary immunodeficiency diseases through advocacy,                 reproductive freedom and choice, provide access to affordable health
      Children’s camp sponsorships, support groups for patients and                                                                                                      care, and promote responsible and accurate sexuality education. 8.0%
      families. Diabetes information, educational, nutritional and self-                education and research. 19.9% G,E,R
      management programs. Together Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle.              10612 Immunization Action Coalition (651)647-9009 www.immunize.org
      2.0% E,G,H                                                                        EIN#411768237 Preventing disease and unnecessary deaths by                 11044 Population Council (212)339-0500 www.popcouncil.org EIN#131
                                                                                        creating and distributing educational materials to healthcare                    687001 Seeks to improve the well-being and reproductive health of
11772 Diabetes Health and Research Institute (Childhood Diabetes                                                                                                         current and future generations around the world and to achieve a
      Research Institute) (602)234-9119 www.childrensmiraclemedical.org                 professionals and the public. Enhancing the safety and effectiveness of
                                                                                        immunization services. 11.2% G,E,W                                               balance between people and resources. 14.6% H,V,O
      EIN#860963786 Fighting diabetes through medical research grants,
      and providing educational programs focusing on health and nutrition,        10554 International OCD Foundation (617)973-5801 www.ocfoundation.               11846 Population Reference Bureau (202)483-1100 www.prb.org
      special children’s camp sponsorships, equipment, medicines, and                   org EIN#222894564 Educating and assisting public and professional                EIN#530214030 Informs policymakers and others around the world
      diabetic supplies. 2.1% E,G,H                                                     communities about OCD and related disorders. Providing critical                  about population, health and the environment and empowers them to
                                                                                        support and resources and connecting professionals who treat the                 use the information to advance people’s well-being. 5.4% V,W,S
20515 Diabetes Prevention and Aid Fund (602)241-2873 www.diabetes
      paf.org EIN#860804743 Providing life saving fresh fruits and                      disorder. 27.5% H,F,Y                                                      12097 Pulmonary Hypertension Association (301)565-3004 www.ph
      vegetables to impoverished at-risk families. Science has proven that we     48274 Kidney Disease Aid and Research Fund (602)290-7165 EIN#900                       association.org EIN#650880021 Pulmonary Hypertension: a rare,
      can prevent diabetes with our seven step plan. 0.0% G,K,E                         363009 Provides medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian aid                 incurable lung disease affecting all ages and races. We help patients,
10591 Diabetes Transplant Fund (202)454-1616 www.diabetestransplant.                    to programs that treat Kidney Disease and degenerative diseases.                 caregivers and medical professionals through education, advocacy,
      org EIN#311688397 Cure diabetes in our lifetime! Funds scientific                 Nutritious food disbursed strengthens immune systems and prevents                awareness and research. 11.0% G,H,E
      research into islet cell, pancreas, kidney transplant techniques, and             disease. 0.2% G,P,H                                                        11045 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association of America
      drugs necessary to prevent organ rejections. Encourages organ               11051 Lahey Clinic (781)744-3333 www.lahey.org EIN#042704683 Lahey                     (877)662-7737 www.rsds.org EIN#222559139 Promotes awareness
      donation. 0.8% G,H,U                                                              medical teams do more than care - they treat you right! An                       of this painful, debilitating neurological syndrome that may affect
11854 Disabled Children, Adults & Seniors: Lives Enhanced by FODAC                      international medical treasure, its physicians have expertise in a range         millions. Providing crucial information to patients, families, medical
      (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children Too Inc) (770)491-9014                   of specialties. 2.4% G,H,E                                                       professionals, educators, pain advocates and more. 8.0% G,H,E
      www.fodac.org EIN#581709436 Keeping people with disabilities                12098 Loma Linda University Medical Center, Inc. (Seventh-Day                    10742 RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association (Resolve
      moving! We’ve distributed over 20,000 “like-new” recycled                         Adventists Loma Linda University Medical Center Inc) (909)558-3555               Incorporated) (703)556-7172 www.resolve.org EIN#237413696
      wheelchairs, hospital beds and walkers - we’re providing independence             www.lomalindahealth.org EIN#953522679 Provides lifesaving                        Millions feel hopeless and alone when diagnosed with infertility. The
      while protecting our planet! 4.6% E,P,C                                           surgery, medical research, health education, and patient care every day          RESOLVE community provides support and information at every step
12089 Down Syndrome Research & Treatment Foundation (650)468-                           to families nationwide. Special focus on children and individuals with           of the infertility journey. 46.7% G,P,R
      1668 www.dsrtf.org EIN#371483975 Supports research developing                     cancer. 17.3% E,G,H
                                                                                                                                                                   10602 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation (507)287-6465 www.rls.org
      treatments to improve memory, learning and speech allowing                  10588 Medical Education Institute (800)865-2256 www.medicaleducation                   EIN#561784846 Increase awareness. Improve treatment. Find a cure.
      individuals with Down syndrome to participate successfully in school              institute.org EIN#391739731 Dedicated to helping people with chronic             The Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation strives to create a better
      and lead active, independent lives. 12.4% H,G,R                                   diseases to be knowledgeable, active partners in their medical care,             tomorrow for those living with this debilitating condition. 23.4%
10592 Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (800)377-3978 www.                           and choose treatment options to live full, productive lives. 15.1%               G,H,E
      dystonia-foundation.org/ EIN#953378526 Advancing research for                     E,P,H
                                                                                                                                                                   11223 Retinitis Pigmentosa International Society for Degenerative Eye
      more effective treatments and ultimately a cure for dystonia, promoting     12092 Medical Support Association (904)827-9511 www.medicalsupport.                    Disease and Related Disorders (800)FIGHT-RP www.rpinter
      awareness and education for the well being of affected individuals and            org EIN#200031279 We provide life-saving essential medicines to                  national.org EIN#953707483 Restoring Vision and making the world
      families. 18.2% H,G,R                                                             pediatric patients in impoverished communities at no charge. Your gift           accessible again through TheatreVision Description, Adult Stem Cell
10593 Eye and Tissue Banks International (Tissue Banks International Inc)               will have real impact and help save lives. 22.0% G,Q,H                           Transplants, information hotlines, education. The miracle of vision
      (800)756-4TBI www.tbionline.org EIN#521290067 Globally, 45                  12266 Mental Disability Rights International Inc. (202)296-0800 www.                   must be preserved. 10.4% G,R,P
      million people are blind. We restore sight by providing ocular tissue for         mdri.org EIN#522035860 Disability rights are human rights. We              11046 Rett Syndrome Foundation, International (513)874-3020 www.
      transplant. You can help us give the gift of vision. 6.6% G,H,E                   challenge discrimination and abuse faced around the world by people              rettsyndrome.org EIN#311682518 Rett Syndrome: a devastating
11036 Eye Bank Association of America (202)775-4999 www.restore                         with disabilities, investigate conditions and treatment, and promote             neurological disorder that robs children of speech, motor control and
                                                                                        accountability. 23.5% F,R,S                                                      hand use. IRSF funds research, provides family support and promotes
      sight.org EIN#720678970 Your gift provides cornea transplants to the
      blind. Eighty-five member banks restore sight in over 50,000 people         11844 Mercy Medical Airlift (800)296-1217 www.mercymedical.org                         awareness. 8.7% H,G,W
      annually. Someone sees, and thanks you. 10.9% H,E,P                               EIN#521374161 We ensure that all needy patients are provided access        10053 Safe Tables Our Priority (800)350-STOP www.safetables.org
                                                                                        to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment with
10060 Facial Pain Association (800)923-3608 www.endthepain.org                                                                                                           EIN#330627613 America’s Voice for Safe Food- dedicated to
                                                                                        long-distance medical air transportation. 5.7% E,W,P
      EIN#223 071645 TNA, The Facial Pain Association serves as an                                                                                                       preventing food-borne illness from pathogens such as E. coli and
      advocate for patients living with neuropathic facial pain, including        11856 Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (805)563-8400                           Salmonella, helping victims recover, and educating all sectors. 7.5%
      trigeminal neuralgia, providing information, advancing research,                  www.curemeso.org EIN#752816066 Funding research to eradicate                     K,W,R
      offering support. 19.6% G,H,Y                                                     mesothelioma, the fatal cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Help us
                                                                                        ease patients’ suffering through support services and research. 20.0%      11847 Scleroderma Research Foundation (800)441-CURE www.
12175 Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Familes of SMA) (800)886-                    G,H,E                                                                            sclerodermaresearch.org EIN#680087234 Help researchers end this
      1762 www.fsma.org EIN#363320440 Dedicated to developing a cure                                                                                                     life-threatening and debilitating illness. Thousands will die this year.
      for SMA, the #1 genetic killer of infants that destroys the nerves          12227 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (800)708-                     Your generous support funds medical research that will help save lives!
      controlling breathing and walking while supporting affected families.             7644 www.michaeljfox.org EIN#134141945 Dedicated to ensuring                     14.0% H,G,T
      4.4% G,H,E                                                                        the development of better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for
                                                                                        Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda.        11848 Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
11037 Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (800)929-4040 www.                           12.2% H,G,E                                                                      (212)819-9770 www.siecus.org EIN#132508249 SIECUS works to
      foodallergy.org EIN#541605958 Our mission is to raise public                                                                                                       secure the right of all people to accurate, comprehensive information
      awareness, provide advocacy and education, and to advance research          33387 Migraine Research Foundation, Inc. (212)249-5402 www.                            about sexuality, sexual and reproductive health services, and sexual
      on behalf of those affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis. 21.9%              migraineresearchfoundation.org EIN#204796293 Millions suffer - but               and reproductive rights. 24.1% E,R,O
      H,K,G                                                                             you can help end the debilitating pain of migraine. Your donation
                                                                                        funds promising research into the causes/treatment of this disabling       86586 Sight Surgery International (Neurological Health International)
10322 Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc. (215)619-                    illness. 38.7% H,G,E                                                             (805)698-2714          EIN#203568702          Breakthrough       scientific
      0670 www.scalyskin.org EIN#942738019 Extremely dry, cracked,                                                                                                       research/medical intervention to affordably treat glaucoma, stroke, and
      thickened skin is disfiguring and painful. Patients endure emotional        92719 Military Medical Research and Education Foundation (Henry M                      other neuro-degenerative diseases using naturally occurring chemical
      harm because their skin constantly looks different. FIRST provides                Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine)                     compounds found in plants and minerals. 5.6% H,U,E
      emotional support and resources. 14.4% G,H,R                                      (866)520-5373 www.hjf.org EIN#521317896 Accelerating advances
                                                                                        in medical care for our battle wounded, ill and injured warriors and       10603 Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation Inc. (800)475-6473 www.sjogrens.
11841 Global AIDS Alliance (202)789-0432 www.globalaidsalliance.org                     their families through support for military medical research and                 org EIN#112779073 Dry mouth? Dry eyes? Joint pain? Fatigue? Help
      EIN#522310555 Children denied lifesaving AIDS treatment. Women                    education. 0.9% H,G,B                                                            increase awareness of this common women’s autoimmune disease and
      raped and infected with HIV. Girls forced to sell sex for school fees.                                                                                             support research into new treatments and a cure. 11.8% G,H,E
      Help us fight AIDS and poverty. 16.7% R,G,Q                                 10285 Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) (203)972-1250
                                                                                        www.multiplemyeloma.org EIN#061504413 The MMRF relentlessly                10604 Skin and Dental Dysfunction Foundation (National Foundation for
10614 Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (253)833-6655                           funds innovative research to accelerate the development of next-                 Ectodermal Dysplasias) (618)566-2020 www.nfed.org EIN#371112
      www.gluten.net EIN#911458226 Supports persons with gluten                         generation myeloma treatments to extend the lives of patients battling           496 Provides dentures, support, and hope to children left toothless from
      intolerances and celiac disease, to live quality lives by making wise             this incurable blood cancer. 11.1% H,G,T                                         the rare disorder Ectodermal Dysplasia. Funds research to find
      decisions for their health, through innovative education and support                                                                                               improved treatment options and cures. 21.1% G,H,P
      programs. 7.9% G,K,Y                                                        11373 Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (888)MS-FOCUS www.msfocus.org
                                                                                        EIN#592792934 Dedicated to empower those affected by Multiple              12099 Sleep Apnea Association, American (202)293-3650 www.sleep
52049 Grace Flight of America Inc. (888)500-0433 EIN#208398859                          Sclerosis through free vital nationally accessible programs/services             apnea.org EIN#541545170 Helps people affected by sleep apnea
      Provides free flights with volunteer pilots for travel for verifiable             which include: helplines, homecare grants, assistive devices, patient            understand the disorder, evaluate diagnosis and treatment options, find
      medical diagnosis, treatment or humanitarian purposes up to 1,000                 education. 30.9% G,E,H                                                           support through A.W.A.K.E groups nationwide, and publishes a
      miles from point of origin. 7.1% E,M,H                                                                                                                             newsletter. 16.8% G,E,Y
                                                                                  12093 Narcolepsy Network (888)292-6522 www.narcolepsynetwork.org
12091 Graves’ Disease Foundation (National Graves Disease Foundation                    EIN#222762623 Falling asleep without control. Crumbling to floor           10307 Spinal Cord Injury Network International (800)548-2673 www.
      Inc) (877)643-3123 www.ngdf.org EIN#593009617 Providing patient                   from any sudden emotion. Job discrimination. Loss of benefits.                   spinalcordinjury.org EIN#943037195 Pain, paralysis, spinal cord
      services, public education and funding research to find the cause and             Homelessness. Despair. This isn’t living. Help us improve lives!
      cure of Graves’ Disease. Support groups and counseling, help thyroid                                                                                               injuries, accessibility, home modifications, wheelchairs. Lifetime
                                                                                        13.2% G,W,E                                                                      challenges. Help us link people with spinal cord injuries to the best
      patients. 14.3% G,E,H
                                                                                  10013 National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia & Depression                     treatment and care. 3.3% E,G,P
10772 Haitian Health Foundation (860)886-4357 www.haitianhealth                         (800)829-8289 www.narsad.org EIN#311020010 Mental illness is a
      foundation.org EIN#061135999 The misery never seems to end. The                                                                                              11052 Stroke/Brain Injury Communication Disorders Foundation
                                                                                        leading threat to world health. NARSAD funds cutting-edge scientific             (National Aphasia Association Inc) (800)922-4622 www.aphasia.org
      earthquake’s victims still suffer from lack of food, housing, healthcare,         research to discover better treatments and cures for serious psychiatric
      and hope. Please help bring stability and survival. 6.9% E,K,L                                                                                                     EIN#133411063 Loss of speech. Forgetting how to read and write.
                                                                                        disorders. 11.1% F,H,G                                                           Stroke / brain injury induced communication disorders ravage lives.
12176 Hearing Foundation (Starkey Hearing Foundation) (866)354-3254               11340 National Gaucher Foundation (800)GAUCHER www.gaucher                             Help treat/support those afflicted and their families. 27.8% G,E,P
      www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org EIN#363297852 Provides hearing                   disease.org EIN#521350226 Children and adults suffer needlessly
      aids, batteries, research and training to improve the lives of low-                                                                                          11857 Sturge-Weber Foundation (800)627-5482 www.sturge-weber.org
                                                                                        when they don’t know they have Gaucher disease. There is treatment               EIN#742485813 Purple facial birthmark. Seizures and glaucoma at
      income hearing impaired children and adults in the USA and                        to change their lives. Help us help them! 9.2% G,E,T
      throughout the world. 8.5% E,G,H                                                                                                                                   birth. Lifetime of treatment. No cure, yet. Helps us help those with
                                                                                  11845 National Jewish Health (National Jewish Medical and Research                     port wine birthmark conditions. 25.0% G,H,P
11376 Hearing Loss Association of America (301)657-2248 www.                            Center) (800)222-LUNG www.nationaljewish.org EIN#742044647
      hearingloss.org EIN#521177011 Hearing Loss Association is the                     Only medical organization in the country devoted to researching and        11047 Stuttering Foundation of America (800)992-9392 www.stuttering
      nation’s foremost advocacy organization for people with hearing loss,             treating respiratory, allergic and immune diseases; #1 respiratory               help.org EIN#626047678 Provides comprehensive up-to-date
      opening the world of communication through information, education,                hospital (U.S. News and World Report). 24.1% G,H,E                               information, resources, and support to those who stutter and their
      support, and advocacy. 36.4% E,R,W                                                                                                                                 families as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering.
                                                                                  10853 National Stuttering Association (800)937-8888 www.WeStutter.org                  5.2% H,E,G
12239 Heart Disease Research Institute (800)759-3004 www.heart-                         EIN#942420533 We provide support and information about stuttering
      research.org EIN#510555174 Provides research grants, medical                      through workshops, literature and quarterly publications to a national     10605 Suicidology, American Association of (202)237-2280 www.
      equipment, and supplies to hospitals. Provides educational materials              network of self-help support groups, individuals and professionals.              suicidology.org EIN#952930701 Approximately 800,000 Americans
      about heart disease to patients and families. Curing begins with a                12.0% O,R,W                                                                      attempt suicide annually- More than 33,000 die. AAS works to prevent
      caring heart! 0.3% G,H,P                                                                                                                                           this tragedy. Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. Join us. 7.5%
                                                                                  10552 NCCNHR, The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term                        F,R,P
11842 Hepatitis Foundation International (800)891-0707 www.hepatitis                    Care (The National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform Inc)
      foundation.org EIN#223337679 Protecting your liver can save your                  (202)332-2275 www.nccnhr.org EIN#521122531 We are a national               11849 Surgical Eye Expeditions International (805)963-3303 www.
      life. HFI promotes prevention of viral hepatitis through research and             organization of consumers and advocates who achieve quality care and             seeintl.org EIN#311682275 Every 5 seconds someone in the world
      liver wellness education for educators, professionals, patients, and              life for residents of nursing homes and other long-term care settings.           goes blind. Almost half can be cured with a 30-minute operation. Help
      public. 7.9% H,G,B                                                                14.1% E,L,P                                                                      us restore sight and transform lives. 2.3% P,G,Q
11093 Herbal Medicine Institute (American Botanical Council) (800)373-            11043 Osteoporosis Foundation (National Osteoporosis Foundation)                 12088 Thyroid Association, American (703)998-8890 www.thyroid.org
      7105 www.herbalgram.org EIN#742518542 We are passionate about                     (202)223-2226 www.nof.org EIN#363350532 Osteoporosis affects 44                  EIN#416038600 Be “in the know” on symptoms of thyroid disease,
      helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs          million Americans. Fractures caused by osteoporosis are rising                   thyroid cancer. Fund smart research discovering answers! Support
      and medicinal plants. Providing reliable, scientific information about            dramatically. Help us prevent and beat this crippling disease and                thyroid understanding and knowledge online. Help health happen!
      herbal medicine. 18.4% H,B,K                                                      promote lifelong bone health. 10.0% G,H,E                                        4.5% G,H,W

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
12102 TMJ Association, Ltd. (262)432-0350 www.tmj.org EIN#391691109               10335 Bright Hope International (224)520-6100 www.brighthope.org                    32909 Colorado Christian University (800)44-FAITH www.ccu.edu
      TMJ (jaw) disorders-affecting a person’s ability to speak, eat, chew,             EIN#237004991 Christian relief/development ministry committed to                    EIN#840442429 Faith. Knowledge. Adventure. CCU serves God by
      smile, kiss and even breathe. Help us promote awareness, education and            serving those living in abject poverty by providing immediate relief                providing Christ-centered higher education and sending students on
      scientific research! 12.4% G,E,H                                                  during catastrophic events and developing self-sufficiency through life-            mission trips to minister to the poor around the world. 8.1% B,X,A
10600 Toxic Chemical Safety (Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment)                 changing projects. 14.5% S,M,X                                                12211 Comix35 (Rox35 Media Inc) (505)331-1082 www.comix35.org
      (513)542-RISK www.tera.org EIN#311437448 Help us protect public             11916 Casas por Cristo (800)819-8014 www.CasasPorCristo.org EIN#742                       EIN#742815860 Millions internationally don’t have access to Gospel
      health through evaluation of human health risks from chemical                     679881 We help families living on dirt floors in cardboard shacks with              Truth in the published format they read most — comics. Help us reach
      exposures. We provide risk assessment tools, and partner with                     no windows. Our volunteer teams build homes for the poor in Mexico.                 them through Christian comics literature. 20.2% X,W,A
      government and industry. 19.0% U,B,C                                              8.4% L,X,S                                                                    11918 Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA Services Inc) (719)265-
12095 Transplant Assistance Fund and Catastrophic Injury Program,                 47258 Catholic Campus Ministry Association (888)714-6631 www.                             2039 www.camaservices.org EIN#841234511 Famine, poverty, AIDS,
      National (National Transplant Assistance Fund Inc) (800)642-8399                  ccmanet.org EIN#237191131 Advancing the growth of campus                            war and natural disasters; we bring practical assistance and spiritual
      www.ntafund.org EIN#521322317 Our fundraising guidance, patient                   ministries and the Catholic Church in higher education. Students are                comfort to those caught in desperate need and extreme suffering. 14.8%
      resources and grants help transplant patients and victims of catastrophic         transformative instruments of Christ in academics and the world. 35.7%              K,E,X
      injury pay for life-sustaining care and treatment otherwise unaffordable.         X,O,B
      6.5% E,G,W                                                                                                                                                      14672 Crosslink International (703)534-5465 www.crosslinkinternational.
                                                                                  12194 Catholic Relief Services - USCCB (888)277-7575 www.crs.org                          net EIN#541827160 Children and families worldwide suffering from
12215 Transplants, The National Foundation for (800)489-3863                            EIN#135563422 Rushes food, clothing, shelter, water and comfort to                  lack of medical care receive treatment through the medicines, medical
      www.transplants.org EIN#581527254 Our advocacy, fundraising, and                  God’s most vulnerable children effectively and efficiently in times of              supplies, and eyeglasses supplied by CrossLink International. 4.2%
      grants help organ and tissue transplant patients nationwide receive               disaster and provides the means to self-sufficiency. 7.0% M,K,S                     E,G,X
      lifesaving treatment, medications and medical care they otherwise could
                                                                                  10154 Catholic Religious Educators Association (National Conference for             54757 CSI Ministries, Inc. (800)286-5773 www.csiministries.org EIN#616
      not afford. 20.0% G,E,P
                                                                                        Catechetical       Leadership)        (202)884-9753        www.nccl.org             043037 Provides full-service orphanage for up to 20 girls and
11851 Vascular Disease Foundation (888)VDF-4INFO www.vdf.org                            EIN#520969407 Bringing the teaching ministry of Jesus to every                      medical/dental services for thousands in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti;
      EIN#841460111 Heart attack, stroke, amputation and death are too often            Catholic youth and adult. By effectively training teachers and catechists,          builds homes in Highgate, Jamaica. 20.7% X,E,O
      the result of vascular disease. We provide resources and research to              they inspire others to embrace the faith. 16.9% X,B,W
      prevent and fight vascular disease. 3.8% G,E,W                                                                                                                  24996 Deaf Video Communications of America, Inc. (630)221-0909
                                                                                  10174 Catholics for the Poor and Needy Worldwide (800)543-5046                            www.deafvideo.com EIN#363288091 Bring Christian resources to the
10601 Vegetarian Resource Group (410)366-8343 www.vrg.org                               www.cnvs.org EIN#521106192 Connecting people, transforming lives,                   Deaf community. We produce and distribute Christian material videos
      EIN#521279034 We’re helping people, saving animals, and reducing                  and making a difference. We support full-time Christian volunteers and              using American Sign Language, to families, schools, churches and
      environmental destruction by assisting health professionals, chefs,               mission programs responding to the challenges of communities/                       prisons. 28.5% X,Z,O
      schools, restaurants, and businesses meet the needs of vegetarians and            individuals in need. 11.2% X,P,T
      vegans. 7.9% K,C,D                                                                                                                                              25210 EarthCare Fund (909)793-2009 www.earthcarefund.org EIN#311
                                                                                  11811 Child Rescue International (Mission Without Borders Incorporated)                   663403 Christians care too! Saving Earth and its natural resources -
11415 Visiting Nurse Associations of America (888)886-8773 www.                         (800)245-9191 www.mwb.org EIN#770292572 Children abandoned,                         conserving, recycling, planting trees, digging wells, clean energy
      vnaa.org EIN#953858298 Compassionate home healthcare and hospice                  orphaned, hungry, lost and lonely, living in bleak institutions need hope           alternatives, improving quality of life for all. 1.0% C,K,X
      is a cost-effective alternative. Help us support selfless visiting nurses         and love. Your support helps us save and change their lives! 11.4%
      who deliver quality of life and independence to all. 39.0% E,P,G                  X,O,K                                                                         10308 Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry (301)739-3000 www.
                                                                                                                                                                            fhfh.org EIN#522151919 Help us put nutritious meat on the plates of
12101 Volunteer Eye Surgeons International, LTD (631)665-1330                     82738 Children of Zion, Inc. (Children of Zion of Maryland Inc) (410)836-                 hungry children and families nationwide. We pay for the butchering of
      www.vesi.org EIN#112813646 Sends volunteer American eye                           2121 www.childrenofzionvillage.org EIN#300195571 I was a stranger,                  donated deer, elk and livestock. 11.7% K,W,X
      surgeons, with donated supplies, to developing countries where they               and you invited me in. Providing care, food, shelter, spiritual guidance,
      restore sight surgically, treat severe eye diseases and teach modern              and skills to children orphaned by war, poverty, and AIDS. 11.8%              10338 Feeding Hungry Children (602)241-2873 www.feedinghungry
      American techniques. 23.6% E,G,B                                                  L,K,X                                                                               childrennow.org EIN#861004355 Volunteers rushing desperately
                                                                                                                                                                            needed food to America’s Hungry Children. Saving hurting
12100 Wheels for Humanity (818)255-0100 www.ucpwfh.org EIN#954                    11938 Children’s Christian Lifeline Hunger and Medical Relief (Global                     impoverished children and their families with lifesaving emergency
      581144 Children who cannot walk left on dirt floors. Adults unable to             Action International) (760)438-3979 www.global-action.com                           relief in America and worldwide. 0.6% K,P,C
      work or join in community activities. Help us provide refurbished                 EIN#330692415 Your gift brings Christian compassion and care by
      wheelchairs in developing countries. 3.4% P,Q,E                                   providing food, medical aid, education and hope to hurting children and       11467 Filipino American Rural Mission (916)222-6287 www.filam
10014 Williams Syndrome Association, Inc. (800)806-1871 www.williams-                   communities throughout the world. 1.4% P,B,X                                        ruralmission.org EIN#943265100 Provide programs, services and
      syndrome.org EIN#223305007 Williams Syndrome affects 30,000                                                                                                           opportunities to Indigenous People, Farmers and Fishermen. Plant more
                                                                                  12156 Children’s Christian Relief Mission (Childrens Relief Mission Inc)                  trees. Develop communities. Educate public to conserve natural
      people in US with cardiac disorders and cognitive impairment. Supports            (818)502-1989 www.childrenschristianreliefmission.org EIN#510265
      research and provides up to date educational materials and programs.                                                                                                  resources through environmental stewardship. 9.5% K,P,C
                                                                                        558 Where there are hungry children, we bring bread...where there are
      33.4% G,H,E                                                                       children in pain, we bring healing. Offering relief and development           10122 Five Talents-USA, Inc. (800)670-6355 www.fivetalents.org EIN#541
                                                                                        assistance to suffering children. 1.1% E,K,P                                        940918 Fighting poverty, creating jobs and transforming lives by
                                                                                                                                                                            empowering the poor in developing countries using savings and micro-
                                                                                  84997 Children’s Emergency Relief Teams (Christian Emergency Relief                       credit programs, business training and spiritual development. 26.7%
                                                                                        Teams International Inc) (888)299-8502 www.certinternational.org                    S,X,J
United Service Organizations Federation                                                 EIN#300045949 Provides medical/dental services, needed surgeries,
                                                                                        food and clothing to children in remote areas. Sends teams of physicians      93472 Forward Edge International (360)574-3343 www.forwardedge.org
11381 United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO) (703)908-6430                            and dentists to relieve their suffering. 3.1% E,X,P                                 EIN#911646598 Sharing Jesus’ love in the US and overseas through
      www.uso.org EIN#131610451 USO is the way Americans support our                                                                                                        disaster-response work, health-care projects, and programs for
      troops and their families worldwide; www.uso.org details USO’s vital        10337 Children’s Hunger Fund Foundation (818)899-5425 www.chf                             vulnerable children. Mobilizing over 1000 volunteers annually. 11.7%
      deployment, family support, education, entertainment and travel                   foundation.us EIN#911851417 Alleviating hunger and suffering in
      assistance programs. 26.7% Q                                                      children’s lives by providing direct food, clothing, and medicine to
                                                                                        impoverished areas in developing countries and across the United States.      11919 Global Opportunities for Christ (434)970-7990 www.goforchrist.org
                                                                                        1.6% X,K,W                                                                          EIN#541815340 Provides financial assistance to indigenous Christian
                                                                                                                                                                            ministries worldwide for evangelism, church-planting, discipleship and
                                                                                  10537 Children’s Survival Fund (888)642-3042 www.childrenssurvival
                                                                                                                                                                            assisting the poor and oppressed, including widows, orphans and street
                                                                                        fund.org EIN#371100960 Founded on Christian beliefs, working with
                                                                                                                                                                            kids. 15.1% X,S,P
Christian Charities USA Federation and                                                  faith-based organizations, providing food, medicine, and survival
                                                                                        materials to rescue children from natural disasters and homelands             12281 God’s Kids Organization (877)246-3754 www.godskids.org EIN#470
Member Organizations                                                                    ravaged by war. 3.3% E,K,X                                                          883744 Giving hope to some of the neediest of 143 million orphans
10290 Christian Charities USA (800)396-3688 www.ccusa.org                         60797 Children’s Worldwide Hunger & Health Relief (International                          worldwide. God’s Kids feeds, shelters, clothes, educates orphans
      EIN#943255961 Support America’s best faith-based and church-                      Services of Hope Inc) (419)878-8548 www.isohimpact.org                              holding orphanages and ourselves accountable. 31.5% L,X,O
      sponsored charities, bringing food, clothing, shelter, medicine,                  EIN#341470104 Providing at-risk children and families from around             10861 Gospel for Asia, Inc. (800)946-2742 www.gfa.org EIN#731099096
      education, and Christian compassion to people in need - efficiently and           the globe with life-saving food, medical supplies, disaster relief, medical         First responders to disasters, educators of outcastes and “Untouchables”,
      effectively. 2.3% X,P,K                                                           rehabilitation, educational development and child sponsorship. 3.4%                 ambassadors of God’s love and hope, GFA native missionaries
12210 1 Way Out of Pornography (Proven Men Ministries Ltd) (301)515-                    K,E,P                                                                               transform thousands of lives now and eternally. 9.9% X,P,B
      4028 www.1wayout.org EIN#522319330 Pornography and sexual                   85771 Christ for the City International (888)526-7551 www.cfci.org                  11468 Great Dads (703)830-7500 www.greatdads.org EIN#541828941 We
      addiction are serious worldwide problems harming individuals and                  EIN#470789700 Street kids, prostitutes, orphans, the homeless. Help                 train/encourage fathers to turn their hearts to their children by providing
      tearing families apart. We’re bringing hope and healing through Christ-           us build city ministries to address their desperate needs while offering            “The Six Basics of Being a Great Dad” seminar and supportive
      centered materials and support. 1.3% X,W,F                                        Christ’s love to begin the healing. 20.1% X,P,O                                     resources. 13.5% X,W,Z
12447 Abba Children’s Fund (800)611-6486 www.newhopeuganda.org                    73695 Christ-Centered Education/Redwood Christian Schools (Redwood                  80619 Harvest Time International (407)328-9900 www.harvest-time.org
      EIN#954570304 Brings healing, hope and a bright future to orphaned                Christian Schools) (510)889-7526 www.RCS.edu EIN#237069060                          EIN#541698630 Children and families in the US and around the world
      and abandoned children, meeting emotional, spiritual, and physical                Children receive instruction in safe, secure, Christ-loving environment;            are hungry, sick and hurting. Many have nothing. Help us provide food,
      needs within Christian family environments. 6.7% B,P,X                            students serve overseas building schools plus other service projects.               clothes, medical supplies. 0.9% P,K,X
11914 Advancing Native Missions (540)456-7111 www.adnamis.org                           Tuition assistance for qualified families. Fully accredited. 19.3% X,B,O
                                                                                                                                                                      99935 Himalayan International Outreach (510)223-3837 www.himalayan
      EIN#752402759 ANM provides financial and prayer support for 3,500           10392 Christian Adoption and Orphan Care, Inc. (Open Door Adoption                        internationaloutreach.com EIN#204349120 HIO provides meals and an
      indigenous Christian missionaries, schools, orphanages worldwide;                 Agency Inc) (800)868-6339 www.opendooradoption.org EIN#581                          education for less fortunate children in Nepal, focusing on younger girls
      disaster relief; medical ministries; assistance for persecuted believers.         703392 Babies are aborted, children abused and neglected! All children              overlooked by this culture. Please consider supporting this cause. 7.7%
      11.5% X,P,W                                                                       deserve love and security. Over 1,700 of our children’s lives changed               X,W,P
11462 Africa Faith and Justice Network (202)884-9780 www.afjn.org                       through adoption. Please donate. 11.7% F,P,E
                                                                                                                                                                      10897 Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, Inc. (301)951-9400
      EIN#521659498 Armed conflict, poverty, and climate change. Many             10023 Christian Aid Mission (434)977-5650 www.christianaid.org EIN#520                    www.hcef.org EIN#522175622 Helps children and indigenous Holy
      Africans suffer the consequences of these injustices. Help us change              908482 Assisting native missionaries preaching the gospel and planting              Land Christians by providing financial and spiritual support in
      U.S. policy and mentality toward Africa. 9.3% Q,R,X                               churches among unreached people; and helping the poor and suffering                 education, job creation, medical/emergency relief and housing. 16.3%
10979 African American Self-Help Foundation (800)514-3499                               by providing food, shelter, clothing and medicine. 7.6% X,B,K                       X,J,L
      www.aashf.org EIN#521224507 Providing emergency financial                   11606 Christian Bowhunters of America (716)484-7046 www.christian                   11706 Hope Builders International (540)456-7300 www.hope-builders.org
      assistance to single, African-American working mothers. Expressing                bowhunters.org EIN#382687000 National archery ministry using                        EIN#542057961 Christian ministry addressing the spiritual and physical
      God’s love through hot meals, immunization, healthcare, education and             friendship evangelism to bring people to Christ. Wherever we go some                needs of the needy and oppressed worldwide, including those who have
      vocational training for African children. 1.9% P,K,O                              join us and the Lord’s bowhunting ministry grows in strength. 17.2%                 been beaten, jailed and tortured for Christ. 9.4% X,P,W
11412 Aid for African Catholic Missions (Living Waters International Inc)               X,P,N
                                                                                                                                                                      10282 Hope’s Promise (303)660-0277 www.hopespromise.com EIN#841
      (866)220-8981 www.livingwatersinternational.org EIN#391841934               12399 Christian Children’s Health & Hope Mission (760)598-0601                            156963 Hope’s Promise is a Christian, adoption agency and orphan care
      United in Christ’s mission to alleviate suffering among the poor in               EIN#330801951 Clean Water. Food. Healthcare. Education. Safety.                     organization. We do adoptions and develop children’s homes and
      Africa by meeting their basic needs, building churches, schools, health           Providing the basics of life with Christian love and compassion to                  schools for orphans in developing countries. 16.1% P,X,B
      clinics and youth hostels. 3.2% X,B,P                                             suffering children around the world and at home. 0.2% E,K,P
                                                                                                                                                                      10901 IMA World Health (Interchurch Medical Assistance Inc) (410)635-
10333 All Nations Bible Society (909)793-2009 www.allnationsbible                 10900 Christian Freedom International (800)323-CARE www.christian                         8720 www.imaworldhealth.org EIN#522112460 Helps provide
      society.org EIN#330922792 Transforming lives through Bible                        freedom.org EIN#521283394 Caring for persecuted Christians in war-
      distribution and education in 50 languages and 35 countries, new                                                                                                      essential health care services and supplies, without bias, to vulnerable
                                                                                        zones, brutal repression, and emergency; delivering medicine, food,                 and marginalized people in developing countries. 0.9% E,G,X
      foreign-language translations, Bible schools, conferences, Christian              education, tools and Bibles; reporting globally the atrocities occurring
      radio and TV broadcasting. 0.7% X,B,W                                             world-wide. 26.6% R,P,X                                                       11920 IN Network (616)748-9620 www.innetworkusa.org EIN#911080666
10160 American Bible Society (888)596-6296 www.americanbible.org                                                                                                            Share the Gospel of Christ with unreached people worldwide. Provide
                                                                                  12400 Christian Media and Arts for Positive Values, Creative Paradox                      healthcare, education, community development, wells, HIV/AIDS relief,
      EIN#131623885 Mission: To make the Bible available to every person                (Paradox Inc) (410)533-7266 www.creativeparadox.org EIN#141870
      in a language and format each can understand and afford, through                                                                                                      and hope for vulnerable children and families. 13.3% X,S,R
                                                                                        614 Today’s media assaults morality. We help artists spiritually,
      worldwide translation, publication and distribution. 25.4% X,Q,O                  relationally and artistically in creating films, music, paintings,            23095 Institute for Creation Research (800)337-0375 www.icr.org
11915 Amor Ministries (619)662-1200 www.amor.org EIN#953618530                          photography, and media that contain values that glorify God. 8.6%                   EIN#953523177 Science strongly supports the Bible’s authority and
      Amor changes lives by building homes, clinics, schools, and churches              X,A,W                                                                               accuracy. With scientific research, education programs, and media
      for Mexican families in great need. Help us bring a lasting hope to their                                                                                             presentations, we equip Christians to stand up for the truth. 17.1%
                                                                                  11866 Christian Medical & Dental Associations (Christian Medical &                        U,B,X
      lives. 16.6% L,X,S                                                                Dental Society) (423)844-1000 www.cmda.org EIN#362284267
10334 Angel Flight Samaritans (800)296-1217 www.angelflightsamaritan.                   Motivates, equips, and educates physicians and dentists to share Christ       64652 Jesuit Volunteer Corps (Jesuit Volunteers) (410)244-1733 www.
      org EIN#541831514 Air transportation making the difference between                through healthcare nationally and to underserved people around the                  jesuitvolunteers.org EIN#261819306 College graduates commit two
      life and death. Flying patients to life-saving treatments and serving the         world. 15.5% Y,E,X                                                                  years as educators and social service providers for thousands of poor
      poor who cannot afford transportation to medical care. 5.4% P,W,E                                                                                                     and marginalized, both domestically and in seven developing nations.
                                                                                  11473 Christian Mission Teams International, Compassion and Gospel                        35.7% B,P,X
11702 Baptist Charities of America (Baptist Care Facilities for Persons with            Outreach (DELTA Ministries International) (800)533-5822
      Mental Disabilities) (888)545-4222 www.baptistcharities.net                       www.deltaministries.com EIN#931216590 Dedicated to knowing God,               11464 Jews and Gentiles Joined in Messiah (Caspari Center for Biblical and
      EIN#742833616 Disabled children and adults dependent on others. Help              loving His people, and reaching the world. Our missions mobilize local              Jewish Studies Jerusalem USA Inc) (877)876-2580 www.caspari.com
      us provide care, rehabilitation and a chance to live a productive life.           churches while fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to                   EIN#364460995 Jews and Gentiles throughout the world working
      4.8% L,P,X                                                                        God. 19.9% X,M,W                                                                    together to raise awareness of Jewish believers in Jesus and support the
                                                                                                                                                                            growth of Israel’s Messianic (Christian) congregations. 2.0% X,B,Z
11366 Baptist Children’s Home Ministries (BCFS Health and Human                   11367 Christian Relief Services (Christian Relief Services Charities Inc)
      Services) (800)991-2246 www.bchm.net EIN#741260710 Providing                      (800)33-RELIEF www.christianrelief.org EIN#541884868 Many                     31705 Kids Hope USA (866)546-3580 www.kidshopeusa.org EIN#383624
      homes to abused, abandoned, homeless children. Help us provide food,              cannot afford the most basic needs... food, water, medicine, housing.               308 Giving kids hope! Caring Christian mentors are matched with at-
      clothing, shelter and education to boys and girls regardless of ethnic or         We’re providing a hand-up rather than hand-out to those who need it                 risk elementary students who are desperate for one caring and faithful
      religious backgrounds. 0.5% X,O,L                                                 most worldwide. 16.9% L,P,X                                                         adult in their lives. 23.1% O,X,W
47665 Bethany Christian Services Inc. (800)238-4269 www.bethany.org               10339 Christian World Relief (818)502-1988 www.christianworldrelief.org             56793 Legacy World Missions, Inc. (866)476-4844 www.legacyworld
      EIN#382822017 Bethany finds homes for homeless children and foster                EIN#431654652 Respected Christian outreach and humanitarian relief                  missions.org EIN#432110967 Legacy World Missions supports
      families for abused kids. We cherish children, providing adoptive homes           organization sending emergency lifesaving food, medicine, shelter and               Uganda’s 2.5 million orphaned children. Partnering with orphanages
      for American, International and special needs children. 12.1% P,F,O               other support with prayers to innocent children worldwide and in                    and schools, providing food, clothing and medicine; promoting healthy
                                                                                        America. 2.3% E,K,P                                                                 sustainable lives through faith. 9.7% K,X,O
11463 Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. (800)851-8674 www.prisonministry.
      org EIN#112999652 Nationwide prison ministry promoting Christianity         76183 CityTeam Ministries (408)232-5600 www.cityteam.org EIN#941                    12043 Life Teen, Inc. (480)820-7001 www.lifeteen.com EIN#860602592
      to English and Spanish speaking inmates using literature, videos,                 501265 Effective programs that transform the lives of the poor and                  Lead teens closer to Christ! International Catholic ministry providing
      teaching audios, counseling, and prayer in faithful obedience to Jesus            homeless and their communities across the United States and 30                      opportunities for teens to grow in their faith including camps, trainings,
      Christ. 7.1% X,I,O                                                                countries around the world. 25.7% L,P,X                                             and conferences. 17.0% X,O,P

                              # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
12377 Lion of Judah Ministries Inc. (610)987-0481 www.thelionof                       10419 Plant with Purpose (Floresta USA Incorporated) (800)633-5319                   12222 Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc. (800)878-
      judah.info EIN#320089738 AIDS orphans and poor children are                           www.plantwithpurpose.org EIN#330052976 Deforestation. Drought.                       4403 www.aanma.org EIN#541357586 Asthma and allergies afflict
      provided high quality education and loving care in a Christian setting in             Starving families. We attack root causes to break the vicious cycle of               millions with frightening attacks that often kill. Help eliminate suffering
      Africa. 2.2% B,X,Q                                                                    poverty and deforestation, restore land and transform lives. 14.1% X,C,S             and death through education, advocacy, and community outreach.
10801 Literacy & Evangelism International (918)585-3826 www.literacy                  11336 Presbyterian Council for Chaplains and Military Personnel                            24.0% G,B,R
      evangelism.org EIN#736111804 Frees people from the economic, social                   (202)244-4177 www.pccmp.org EIN#520962796 Military members                     11774 American Childhood Cancer Organization (800)366-2223 www.
      and spiritual bondage of illiteracy by establishing literacy programs                 risk their lives daily. Our chaplains serve them everywhere as emblems               candlelighters.org EIN#521071826 Cancer still the number one disease
      worldwide, using Bible-content materials in the local language(s)                     of care and God’s presence - in combat and at home. 5.2% X,P,Z                       killer of America’s children. Help Candlelighters provide information
      spoken. 14.0% X,P,B                                                                                                                                                        about treatment, support, and new cures to these sick, needy children.
                                                                                      12152 Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund (262)639-9398 www.roofnet. org                       13.0% G,E,H
10788 Living Water International (877)594-4426 www.water.cc                                 EIN#133925089 Help orphans disprove Russian prejudices against them
      EIN#760324875 Living Water International is a faith-based non profit                  as dysfunctional, unintelligent, dishonest. Give unprecedented hope by         11121 Asian Children’s Assistance Limited (866)523-3133 www.
      dedicated to helping communities acquire desperately needed clean                     educating so-called “unteachable” orphans- and substituting family life              AsianChildrensAssist.org EIN#731443028 Saving Asian abandoned,
      water, and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ. 12.5% X,K,Q                         for institutionalization. 7.7% O,B,X                                                 orphaned, destitute, and handicapped children by providing hope and
10341 Lost and Found, Inc. (800)488-5049 www.lostandfoundinc.org                                                                                                                 opportunity. Reaching their full potential through basic care, corrective
                                                                                      11486 Russian-American Institute US Inc. (301)681-1456 www.Russian                         surgery, therapy, and training. 21.5% E,P,O
      EIN#237439212 Addiction, abuse and foreign military service threatens
      families. Care in outpatient, residential and group homes provides                    AmericanInstitute.org EIN#521930894 Graduates become productive
                                                                                            citizens in their rapidly-changing country, taking leadership roles in their   12150 Ataxia Telangiectasia Children’s Project (800)543-5728 www.
      emotional/spiritual healing to children and families in crisis. 12.3%                                                                                                      atcp.org EIN#650427215 Help our quest for a treatment and cure. Fund
      F,P,X                                                                                 fields. This Moscow-based university offers a high-quality education
                                                                                            from a Christian perspective. 5.8% B,X,Q                                             research to save children from this fatal disease of progressive muscle
10903 Love A Child (813)621-7263 www.loveachild.com EIN#592672303                                                                                                                control loss, cancer and immune-deficiencies. 26.4% H,O,B
      Offering hope to the hopeless. Poverty-stricken children lack the               10346 Scripture        Union      (800)621-5267        www.scriptureunion.org
                                                                                            EIN#251228715 At-risk and disadvantaged children and youth find a              11228 Autism, Brain Injury and Mental Health Services for Civilian and
      basics... food, water, medicine. Our humanitarian care touches the most                                                                                                    Military (May Institute) (800)778-7601 www.mayinstitute.org
      needy in third world countries. 8.3% K,S,X                                            safe and nurturing environment to grow and learn in faith based after-
                                                                                            school programs and summer outreach programs. 17.0% X,O,Z                            EIN#042197449 Autism, brain injury and developmental disabilities
30494 Lutheran Hour Ministries (International Lutheran Laymens League)                                                                                                           can isolate children. Our students learn that challenges can be met,
      (800)876-9880 www.lhm.org EIN#430653365 Share the hope of                       10905 Society of St. Vincent de Paul USA (Society of St Vincent de Paul                    progress is possible, and independence can be achieved. 11.7% G,F,P
      knowing Jesus worldwide. Support The Lutheran Hour radio broadcast,                   Council of the United States) (314)576-3993 www.svdpusa.org
                                                                                            EIN#135562362 We serve the poor. We are the largest lay charity                11570 Believe In Tomorrow National Children’s Foundation (800)933-
      LHM’s online resources for men’s ministry, Bible education, and                                                                                                            5470 www.believeintomorrow.org EIN#521332737 National leader in
      community outreach. 33.4% X,S,O                                                       organization in the world. We operate in 134 countries, with a
                                                                                                                                                                                 hospital and respite housing for critically ill children; your donation
54430 Lutheran Volunteer Corps (202)387-3222 www.lutheranvolunteer                          membership exceeding 650,000. 19.8% P,W,X
                                                                                                                                                                                 provides essential support services to families in the midst of medical
      corps.org EIN#020702016 Spirit in action for justice and peace. LVC             11923 Southeast Asia Christian Humanitarian Aid Program (Enhanced                          crisis. 7.4% P,E,L
      recruits, matches and supports full-time volunteers to work in social                 Classroom Resources) (757)513-6444 www.ecrus.org EIN#943276559
      ministries and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. 13.0% W,T,X                                                                                                   10374 Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc. (Association of Birth Defect
                                                                                            Working to bring hope to those in need, meeting their need in practical              Children) (407)566-8304 www.birthdefects.org EIN#592193 816
80516 Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Inc. (920)261-9300 www.mbbc.edu                      ways as an expression of the love of Christ for all people. 13.0% E,O,X              Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering. Missing limbs,
      EIN#391097032 We train students to serve the Lord! Help develop                 11471 Sports Outreach Institute (434)528-2516 www.sportsoutreach.net                       damaged hearts, facial deformities, Downs, autism, ADHD. We’re a
      leaders with a Christian world view, preparing them for the Lord’s                    EIN#541479310 Helping traumatized children, conducting sports                        lifeline for families struggling with birth defects 5.3% G,H,E
      service wherever He leads them. 20.5% B,Y,N                                           evangelism/discipleship programs, training leaders, providing                  11694 Blind Vietnamese Children Foundation (Viet Blind Children
11474 Matthew 25: Ministries (513)793-6256 www.m25m.org EIN#311                             food/programs/equipment for underprivileged youth/slum children in                   Foundation) (888)877-0736 www.bvcf.net EIN#912055728 For nearly
      348100 Helping the poorest of the poor. By rescuing and reusing                       Africa, Latin America, and U.S. 11.1% O,N,X                                          a decade, we have pioneered support for homes providing healthcare,
      products from major corporations, we can effectively provide basic              11924 Suicide Prevention Care Fund (909)793-2009 www.suicide                               education, and career development to once-neglected visually-impaired
      necessities, education opportunities and disaster relief. 0.6% P,M,S                  preventioncarefund.org EIN#912116216 Saving lives, restoring hope                    children in Vietnam. 6.1% B,E,L
10342 Medical Ministry International (Medical Ministry USA) (972)727-                       and faith and a reason to live. Providing print and broadcast resources.       11222 Brain Repair Project (Myelin Project) (800)8-MYELIN www.
      5864 www.mmint.org EIN#752601647 MMI serves Jesus Christ by                           Teaching suicide prevention, intervention skills, grief support for                  myelin.org EIN#521545992 Children are dying, help us fund newborn
      providing spiritual and physical care to the poor by mobilizing                       survivors. 0.8% F,X,P                                                                screening for ALD. Join the parents of “Lorenzo’s Oil” to accelerate
      volunteers, worldwide, on short-term medical projects and establishing                                                                                                     research for MS and other demyelinating diseases. 28.0% H,G,U
      permanent centers. 6.5% E,G,X                                                   12550 TechMission Inc. (617)282-9798 www.techmission.org EIN#680
                                                                                            492427 TechMission serves disadvantaged youth, the poor and                    11773 CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity
11469 Medical Teams International (800)959-4325 www.medicalteams.org                        homeless by providing Christian youth programs, ministry interns,                    Disorder) (800)233-4050 www.chadd.org EIN#592817697 Works to
      EIN#930878944 Volunteer medical professionals have saved lives,                       volunteers, technology and training to thousands of local ministries.                ensure that children and adults challenged by Attention-
      placed over $1.2 billion in humanitarian aid worldwide and brought                    12.1% X,O,P                                                                          Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder reach their full potential through family
      hope to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty. 3.4% M,E,X                                                                                                      support, education and AD/HD research. 18.6% G,F,O
                                                                                      48637 Teen Mania Ministries, Inc. (800)299-8336 www.teenmania.org
81117 Mercy Housing, Inc. (303)830-3300 www.mercyhousing.org EIN#470                        EIN#731284606 Our heartbeat is to provoke a young generation to                11124 Child Health Foundation (410)992-5512 www.childhealthfoundation.
      646706 Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives. National housing program                     passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to              org EIN#521429538 Millions of children without clean water,
      that develops and finances affordable, energy-efficient, program-                     the ends of the earth! 14.0% X,O,B                                                   immunizations, health care, subject to malaria, respiratory diseases, and
      enriched housing for low-income families, seniors and people with
      special needs. 20.1% L,S,P                                                      10792 Thomas More Law Center (734)827-2001 www.thomasmore.org                              malnutrition need help. We can help them with your help. 7.6% E,H,K
10904 Methodist Mission Home (800)842-5433 www.mmhome.org EIN#741                           EIN#383448297 The Christian answer to the ACLU; a national,                    12035 Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (877)217-4166 www.child
      168923 Connecting babies and children needing homes with loving                       nonprofit public interest law firm defending the constitutional rights of            hoodbraintumor.org EIN#522122976 Provide support to children
      families through adoption and helping young people with disabilities                  Christians, family values, and sanctity of life. 20.5% R,W,X                         suffering from brain tumors. Help fund vital scientific and clinical
      learn life and vocational skills to reach independence. 20.0% P,E,J                                                                                                        research. Through research, there is hope for a cure. 8.0% H,G,P
                                                                                      10347 United Marriage Encounter (866)483-8889 www.unitedmarriage. org
43262 Mission Aviation Adventure Camps (Brigade Air Inc) (520)408-2359                      EIN#222164348 Every marriage deserves the opportunity to grow!                 10262 Childhood Cancer Research and Assistance Fund (Childhood
      www.brigadeair.org EIN#200896758 Tsunamis. Earthquakes. War.                          Committed to equipping couples with tools for renewing their                         Leukemia Research and Assistance Fund) (480)998-0544 www.
      How does humanitarian aid get through when the roads are gone?                        marriages, strengthening the family, and building Christ-centered                    childleukemiaresearch.org EIN#860966566 Working together for the
      Humanitarian Aviation. Inspiring teens now to become                                  homes. 1.1% X,W,Z                                                                    children! Providing medical supplies, supporting research programs to
      mission/humanitarian pilots later. 19.4% O,X,N                                                                                                                             clinics and hospitals seeking a cure for childhood cancers and other
                                                                                      12212 United States Catholic Mission Association (202)832-3112 www.                        terminal diseases. 6.1% H,G,E
11921 Mission Safety International, Inc. (423)542-8892 www.msisafety.org                    uscatholicmission.org EIN#520911321 The ONLY network of all US
      EIN#581548463 Plane crash! Those two words represent crushing pain,                   Catholic missionaries promoting mission and global solidarity, and             11567 Children Immunization Foundation (DC Immunization Welfare
      suffering, and loss. Our calling is to prevent anyone from ever having                building a transformative global community on behalf of the world’s                  Center) (301)990-9562 www.dciwc.org EIN#141899506 A vaccination
      to hear those words. 21.7% B,Y,X                                                      poor. 16.3% X,R,Y                                                                    can mean the difference between life and death for a child in rural India.
                                                                                                                                                                                 We’re making sure these lifesaving vaccinations reach needy children.
20746 Missionaries of Jesus, Inc. (213)389-8439 www.missionariesof                    10845 Village Ministries International (405)634-4373 www.village                           7.3% P,E,G
      jesus.com EIN#710957865 Help bring comfort, hope, education, health                   ministries.org EIN#741419589 We translate and publish into native
      services and the Gospel to the needy in Papua New Guinea, Guatemala                   languages materials to teach God’s Word to people around the world,            11126 Children’s AIDS Fund (866)829-1560 www.childrensaidsfund.org
      and the Philippines. 9.4% X,S,P                                                       training them to reach their own people. 19.1% X,B,O                                 EIN#541436973 Millions of children orphaned, families ravaged by
                                                                                                                                                                                 HIV/AIDS. Millions more need education to stay HIV free. Help limit
10343 Missionary Care Services International (303)730-1717 www.                       11001 Water Missions International (843)769-7395 www.watermissions.                        suffering through prevention, care and treatment. 1.6% G,P,E
      southwestcounseling.org EIN#841522972 Encouragement and renewal                       org EIN#571116978 Safe water and sanitation solutions bring
      to missionaries worldwide. Biblically-based education, candidate                      immediate benefits in health, education, productivity and income               12151 Children’s Corrective Surgery Society (800)803-9190 www.
      assessment, Christian counseling, trauma recovery, transition assistance.             generation to some of the world’s most marginalized and forgotten                    ccsscoad.org EIN#953477397 Provides free plastic, reconstructive and
      Help missionaries serve a dying world for Christ. 12.8% F,X,J                         people. 12.6% E,P,X                                                                  orthopedic surgery to children with birth defects. Your gift sets free lives
10818 National Association of Pastoral Musicians (240)247-3000 www.                                                                                                              imprisoned by physical deformity. Please help, children waiting. 17.6%
                                                                                      78071 Watoto Child Care Ministries (417)831-0772 www.watoto.com                            G,E,H
      npm.org EIN#521065056 Promotes good music, liturgical celebration,                    EIN#593445250 AIDS/War orphans receive unconditional love,
      and musical leadership for Catholic churches in the United States                                                                                                    11520 Children’s Craniofacial Association (800)535-3643 www.ccakids.org
                                                                                            spiritual discipleship, encouragement - all provisions in family
      through educational programs, publications, and other services. 30.8%                                                                                                      EIN#752265649 Give hope and empowerment to children with facial
      X,A,Y                                                                                 environment. These children will become agents of change in Uganda
                                                                                                                                                                                 differences. Help us provide emotional, medical, financial and
                                                                                            and Africa. 12.8% X,K,P                                                              educational support, and promote public awareness and social
23684 Native American Children’s Fund (World Changers International
      Ministries) (918)245-5833 EIN#731099319 Native American Indian                  10348 World Evangelical Alliance (866)823-3073 www.worldevangelical.                       acceptance. 23.8% G,E,P
      Children’s Fund saves lives through; food, supplies, support, love and                org EIN#237254928 Proclaims the Good News of Jesus in 128 nations.             10369 Children’s Disability Service Association (Friendship Venture DBA
      sending children to summer camp. Gives them religious training and                    Seeking holiness, justice and renewal at every level of society -                    Childrens Disability Service) (800)450-8376 www.friendshipventures.
      educational opportunities. 9.0% O,X,B                                                 individual, family, community and culture. 22.4% X,Y,W                               org EIN#411543013 Underprivileged, handicapped children provided
65574 Network Education Program (202)347-9797 www.networklobby. org                   10349 World Impact (323)735-1137 www.worldimpact.org EIN#952 681237                        respite care, social, support and medical services. Your gift eases
      EIN#521307764 Engages people in working toward a just society                         Gang violence, drug addiction, and poverty are ravaging inner-city                   suffering and funds quality programs for the afflicted and their families.
      through faith-based educational programs that include Catholic social                 children and their families. Caring missionaries love them through                   8.8% G,E,P
      justice teaching and skills development for responsible citizenship.                  Christian schools, camps, and church planting. 8.4% B,W,X                      76948 Children’s Gaucher Research Fund (916)797-3700 www.childrens
      28.8% R,W,X                                                                     11925 World Orphans (888)ORPHANS www.worldorphans.org EIN#330                              gaucher.org EIN#943326753 Ensuring a parent never hears, “there’s
10344 New Horizons Ministries (New Horizons Youth Ministries Inc)                           571309 Orphaned/abandoned children. We fund construction of                          nothing we can do for your sick child”. Help find cures for Gaucher and
      (800)333-4009 www.nhym.org EIN#311166373 Irresponsible, out of                        critically needed, Christ-centered, church-based orphanages worldwide,               other life-threatening, childhood brain diseases. 5.2% H,G,E
      control teens, who are failing in school and rejecting family values, find            meeting kids’ spiritual, physical and educational needs. Since 1993.           11034 Children’s Heart Foundation International (International Children’s
      help and therapy in our unique Christian boarding school environment.                 16.7% L,X,O                                                                          Heart Foundation) (877)869-4243 www.babyheart.org EIN#621570622
      33.2% O,F,X                                                                                                                                                                One child in every 100 is born with a heart defect. One child in every
                                                                                      10610 Worldwide Christian Medical Missions (Health Development
80475 Nightlight Christian Adoptions (714)693-5437 www.nightlight.org                       International) (800)819-9015 www.healthdevelopment.org EIN#330                       100 needs your help. Donate to ICHF today. Save One. 8.3% E,G,T
      EIN#952254634 We are committed to life. Support domestic and                          439296 Establishing models of sustainable hospitals and clinics through        56112 Children’s Heart Syndromes & Death Prevention Foundation (The
      international adoptions, embryo adoption services, frozen disposition                 training and mentoring in resource-challenged environments worldwide,                Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation) (801)531-0937
      options. Counseling and support for women who face unplanned                          serving the most vulnerable poor, young and hungry. 7.3% E,S,X                       www.stopSADS.org EIN#870492100 Heart rhythm abnormalities are
      pregnancies. 19.1% W,Q,R                                                                                                                                                   silent killers of children. These needless deaths can be prevented.
                                                                                      11472 Youth for Christ USA, Inc. (303)843-9000 www.yfc.org EIN#362
10011 Olive Branch International (757)518-8749 www.olivebranchinter                         193619 Establishing life-changing connections with youth in schools,                 Through education/awareness children are being diagnosed and treated
      nationalonline.com EIN#841247760 Providing humanitarian service in                    institutions, communities and military bases through practical assistance,           in time. 20.5% G,E,H
      the international military community - warriors and their families - with             healing relationships, special events, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.         12138 Children’s Hospital & Research Center Foundation (800)841-4642
      counseling, education and training, including moral, mental and material              19.5% O,X,W                                                                          www.chofoundation.org EIN#941657474 We raise funds for Children’s
      support. 16.0% F,W,X
                                                                                                                                                                                 Hospital and Research Center Oakland providing extraordinary
10946 Open Doors with Brother Andrew, Inc. (949)862-0305 www.open                                                                                                                children’s care regardless of ability to pay and to fund world-class
      doorsusa.org EIN#237275342 Many Christians worldwide suffer                                                                                                                research. 15.6% E,G,H
      assault, imprisonment, torture, murder and persecution for their faith.
                                                                                                                                                                           56885 Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (UPMC) (877)247-4483
      Provide hope through Bibles, training, advocacy, relief and community-
      based initiatives. 28.1% X,P,R
                                                                                      Children’s Medical Charities of America                                                    www.givetochildrens.org EIN#251423657 What if a child you love was
                                                                                                                                                                                 ill or injured? Where would you turn? Your gift helps ensure that expert,
12403 Operation Compassion (423)728-3932 www.operationcompassion.                     Federation and Member Organizations                                                        family-centered care is always available. 0.1% E,G,H
      org EIN#621697490 Help us distribute life sustaining food and supplies          12149 Children’s Medical Charities of America (866)678-8759
      to hungry, starving children; single parents struggling to survive;                                                                                                  10703 Children’s House at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (410)614-2560
                                                                                            www.childrenmedical.org EIN#270093393 A child’s smile when you                       www.believeintomorrow.org EIN#521619682 Provides a warm “home
      widows living in poverty; homelessness created by disasters. 0.1%                     say “yes, I’ll help you” will melt your heart. Please say yes to these-
      K,M,X                                                                                                                                                                      away from home” for children and families, from throughout the United
                                                                                            America’s best charities for sick children. 2.5% G,E,H                               States, in the midst of medical crisis. 5.5% L,P,E
45397 Orphanos Foundation (901)458-9500 www.orphanos.org EIN#621                      96687 A Children’s Brain Tumor Cure (Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma
      694378 We help provide food, shelter, and education to orphans and                                                                                                   11129 Children’s Inherited Brain Disorders Foundation (National Fragile
                                                                                            Foundation) (914)762-3494 www.fightplga.org EIN#260295572 The                        X Foundation) (800)688-8765 www.fragilex.org EIN#840960471 Help
      abused children in distinctly Christian orphan home settings. We serve                most common childhood brain tumor (PLGA) is also the least
      inner-city and international children. 10.5% X,O,W                                                                                                                         us raise awareness, advocate, and find effective treatments and a cure for
                                                                                            researched. Research will save children’s lives and offer more effective,            people affected by Fragile X, a genetic disorder causing mental
11470 Outreach International (816)833-0883 www.outreach-international.                      less toxic treatments. 9.3% H,G,E                                                    impairment. 14.0% G,H,P
      org EIN#431164177 Invest in long-term solutions. Help people in the
      poorest areas in the world. Bring about Sustainable Good: thriving              12363 A Leg To Stand On (212)683-8805 www.altso.org EIN#020594709                    78759 Children’s Leukemia Research Foundation (651)229-7131 EIN#208
      children, empowered families, strong communities, renewed                             Leveling the playing field for children with limb disabilities in                    365998 Leukemia-the #1 cancer among children. We dream of the day
      environment. 15.3% S,K,B                                                              developing countries by providing them with free prosthetics, orthotics,             when innocent children won’t suffer from this disease by supporting
                                                                                            corrective surgery and rehabilitation. 41.0% E,O,Q                                   research for a cure. 0.0% H,G,Z
16815 Pax Christi USA (814)453-4955 www.paxchristiusa.org EIN#363
      038894 Local interfaith networks educate their communities and                  12005 AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families (202)785-3564                     11776 Children’s Medical Ministries (301)261-3211 www.childmed.org
      organize public advocacy for domestic and international peace,                        www.aids-alliance.org EIN#521867774 HIV/AIDS remains a problem                       EIN#541434743 Compassionate healthcare volunteers providing free
      nonviolence, nuclear disarmament, immigration reform, anti-racism,                    in the U.S.-help us prevent HIV in babies, support and care for mothers              wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, food and clothing to children in
      demilitarization, and environmental justice. 18.8% Q,R,X                              and families, and stop HIV/AIDS among teens. 16.9% E,P,O                             despair in urban/rural America and developing countries. 1.4% E,G,P
55284 Persecuted Christians Care Fund (909)793-2009 www.persecuted                    12424 AIDS Children’s Foundation (American Foundation for Children with              10379 Children’s Miracle Network (801)214-7400 www.childrensmiracle
      christianscarefund.org EIN#432099464 Providing humanitarian aid,                      AIDS) (888)683-8323 www.helpchildrenwithaids.org EIN#300 247823                      network.org EIN#870387205 Your entire donation saves children’s
      financial and spiritual help to Christians suffering for their faith. Sharing         HIV+ children don’t have to die. Help us provide readily available, live             lives by helping premier local participating children’s hospitals provide
      their stories in the media and rallying support from other believers. 1.9%            saving medicine, medical equipment, emergency nutrition and                          state-of-the-art care, lifesaving research, and preventative education for
      X,R,P                                                                                 supplements to children with HIV/AIDS. 6.0% G,K,Q                                    millions of kids. 10.8% P,E,H

                              # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
61907 Children’s Transport for Life (Mercy Medical Airlift) (800)296-1217            10957 Save A Child’s Heart Foundation, U.S. (301)618-4588 www.                      12105 FARM AID (800)FARM-AID www.farmaid.org EIN#363383233
      www.childtransport.org EIN#113842732 Children are denied lifesaving                  saveachildsheartus.org EIN#521783323 You gotta have Heart!                          Keeps family farmers on their land growing good food for all. We offer
      treatment simply because they cannot afford to travel. Our free medical              Thousands of children are struggling to survive. They can barely breathe            immediate assistance and long-term solutions to help farmers survive
      air transportation helps ensure treatment for all needy children. 10.9%              from lack of oxygen. SACH repairs their hearts. Help us! 13.2% G,E,B                and thrive. 13.4% K,P,W
      E,P,W                                                                          12139 Shriners Hospitals for Children (800)241-4438 www.shrinershq.org              11705 Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc. (651)223-5400 www.flaginc.org
49798 China Care Foundation (203)227-3655 www.chinacare.org                                EIN#362193608 Provides pediatric specialty care for children with                   EIN#363431212 Protect family farmers and their rural communities.
      EIN#311732062 We provide critical medical care and nurture to                        orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, cleft lip and palate           Help us defend family-based, sustainable agriculture and secure social
      orphaned children in China with special needs and empower students to                without financial obligation. Also conducts research and education.                 and economic justice for farmers. 18.3% K,R,M
      make a difference in the world. 21.2% E,O,T                                          182.2% E,H
                                                                                                                                                                         11185 Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA)
67476 Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (800)765-7118 www.                    12143 Songs of Love Foundation (800)960-SONG www.songsoflove.org                          (800)323-4140 www.feea.org EIN#521465583 Federal and postal
      CUREepilepsy.org EIN#364253176 Seizures: each one can damage the                     EIN#113314191 The medicine of music: free personalized songs for                    employees helping one another with emergency family financial
      brain or cut short a life. Support cutting-edge epilepsy research. It’s time         terminally ill children and young adults. Overhead is just 20% of                   assistance, scholarships, and natural disaster grants. FEEA is there
      we found a cure. 4.8% H,G,E                                                          donations (aside from car donation expenses.) 70.2% P,W,A                           because federal employees care. 12.3% B,P,L
11372 Cleft Palate Foundation (800)24-CLEFT www.cleftline.org                        11141 Sunshine Kids Foundation (800)594-5756 www.sunshinekids.org                   10004 Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies (202)822-8138
      EIN#251572666 Cleft lip and cleft palate affect 1 in 600 newborns! We                EIN#760020802 Provides positive group activities for children with                  www.fed-soc.org EIN#363235550 Works to reorder the legal system
      are dedicated to providing education, information and treatment referrals            cancer, so they may once again do what Kids are supposed to do... have              through lectures, debates and symposia on individual liberty, limited
      for patients and their families. 19.7% G,H,T                                         fun and celebrate life! 13.6% P,O,W
                                                                                                                                                                               government, rule of law, traditional values, and the American
11777 Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Foundation (800)753-2357 www.                       99645 Timmy Foundation, Inc. (317)920-1822 www.timmyfoundation.org                        Constitution. 8.9% B,I,W
      cdlsusa.org EIN#061057497 Children with CdLS and the people who                      EIN#352012757 In collaboration with international and US partners,
                                                                                           we facilitate medical brigades and channel financial, medical and human       11696 Federation for American Immigration Reform (877)627-3247
      care for them count on us for current, accurate information, professional                                                                                                www.fairus.org EIN#521136126 Stop illegal immigration. Improve
      consultations and a network of family support. 10.3% G,H,E                           resources to strengthen healthcare in the developing world. 2.9% E,T,Q
                                                                                                                                                                               border security. Reduce mass immigration. Support common-sense
11145 COTA Children’s Organ Transplant Association (800)366-2682                                                                                                               immigration policies through research, education, and public outreach
      www.cota.org EIN#351674365 COTA gives hope and makes miracles                                                                                                            programs. 25.1% W,C,Q
      for children and young adults needing life-saving transplants. All funds                                                                                           11539 Federation of American Scientists (202)546-3300 www.fas.org
      raised for these children go toward transplant expenses. 9.4% G,P,T            Human Care Charities of America                                                           EIN#237185827 Provides policy-makers and the public with scientific
81655 CURE International (717)730-6706 www.cureinternational.org                                                                                                               analysis and research on issues concerning nuclear weapons,
      EIN#582248383 Children with physical disabilities are able to play,            Federation and Member Organizations                                                       biosecurity, small arms trade, government secrecy, education and energy
      attend school, lead fulfilling lives through our medical and spiritual         10263 Human Care Charities of America (Independent Charities of                           security. 19.3% Q,M,W
      healing that reaches often neglected, developing countries. 11.9% E,G,O              America) (800)477-0733 www.hcare.org EIN#943067804 Feeding the                12106 Food Providers of America (602)241-2873 www.foodproviders.org
10796 Cystic Fibrosis Research and Community Support (Boomer Esiason                       hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Protecting the children. And healing               EIN#860986348 Meeting the desperate food needs of thousands of
      Foundation) (646)292-7930 www.esiason.org EIN#113142753 Cystic                       the sick. America’s finest independent charities. Working with you to               America’s most impoverished children. Rushing lifesaving emergency
      Fibrosis is not yet curable. Help support research, education and                    share- the American way. 1.9% P,W,T                                                 food to hungry families throughout the United States of America. 0.1%
      awareness, and provide a better quality of life for those living with the      12430 Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation (202)456-7184 www.                                 K,E,C
      disease. 13.0% H,G,B                                                                 iranrights.org EIN#522302849 ABF’s memorial to victims of killing by
                                                                                           the Iranian government promotes truth, justice, and reconciliation as a       12107 Free Wheelchair Mission (949)273-8470 www.freewheelchair
76262 Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc. (650)404-9975 www.cfri.org EIN#510                                                                                                        mission.org EIN#311781635 Transform lives through the gift of
      169988 Living with Cystic Fibrosis is challenging for parents and                    necessary step to end the cycle of violence. 2.2% Q,R,P
                                                                                                                                                                               mobility in form of a wheelchair to the physically disabled poor in
      children. Currently there is no cure, but your donation will bring our         11286 Advertising Council, Inc. (212)922-1500 www.adcouncil.org                           developing countries as motivated by Jesus Christ. 23.7% P,E,Q
      research closer every day. 13.5% H,E,G                                               EIN#130417693 We create PSAs on behalf of nonprofits and
                                                                                           government agencies to address critical issues facing Americans in the        11196 Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled (Helping Hands
12036 Deaf Children’s Literacy Project (National Cued Speech Association                                                                                                       Simian Aids for the Disabled Incorporated) (617)787-4419
      Inc) (800)459-3529 www.cuedspeech.org EIN#521263121 Speaking.                        areas of Education, Health, Safety and Community. 20.5% W,M,R
                                                                                                                                                                               www.monkeyhelpers.org EIN#133146988 Placing specially-trained
      Reading. Writing. Language. Many deaf children lag behind hearing              12154 Air Charity Network (Angel Flight America) (877)621-7177 www.                       capuchin monkeys, free of charge, to assist people living with
      peers in English language skills. Help us give them the power of English             aircharitynetwork.org EIN#541972357 In 2009, our member-pilots flew                 disabilities, including veterans, with everyday tasks while also providing
      to succeed. 9.9% B,O,E                                                               over 20,000 people in need of medical help, and did this for free. 11.6%            companionship and independence. 8.1% D,E,P
12426 Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc. (508)270-8855                            P,E,W
                                                                                                                                                                         10022 Homelessness, National Alliance to End (National Alliance to End
      www.flutiefoundation.org EIN#043543134 In 1999 1 in 1,000 children             44016 Airlift Hope of America (800)325-8908 www.airlifthope.org                           Homelessness) (202)638-1526 www.endhomelessness.org EIN#521
      were diagnosed with autism. Today, 1 in 100. Help us support families                EIN#208604165 Providing life-saving medical air transportation for
      battling this epidemic. 44.9% G,T,R                                                  poor and spent-down patient families. Volunteer angels do the job.                  299641 One million additional Americans may be homeless before the
                                                                                           10.4% E,P,W                                                                         recession ends. We’re ending homelessness; improving policy,
12217 Down Syndrome Congress, National (800)232-NDSC www.ndsc                                                                                                                  advancing research, educating opinion leaders, and helping local
      center.org EIN#510163631 Help bring people with Down Syndrome                  12104 Alliance for Consumer Education (202)862-3902 www.consumered.                       communities. 5.6% L,S,P
      out of isolation and into our communities to attend schools, hold jobs,              org EIN#522254613 Helping save kids’ lives through raising awareness
      play sports, and live fully and independently. 10.8% P,R,W                           and educating families and communities on the dangers of Inhalant             11302 Hope for the City (952)897-7799 www.hopeforthecity.net EIN#371
                                                                                           Abuse. Other active program is Disease Prevention. 4.8% W,E,M                       441658 Connect those with resources to those without. Collecting
11268 FACES: The National Craniofacial Association (800)3-FACES-3                                                                                                              corporate/ medical surplus and food nationwide. Donating items to non-
      www.faces-cranio.org EIN#237069285 Children with craniofacial                  11692 America the Beautiful Fund (800)522-3557 www.america-the-                           profits nationwide/internationally to fight poverty, hunger, disease. 1.1%
      disfigurements require specialized reconstructive surgeries. We take                 beautiful.org EIN#520963138 Our “Seeds that Grow Hope” are planted                  P,M,K
      care of these children and their families while treatment is received.               annually by 50,000 volunteers to grow fresh food for struggling
      Rebuilding faces, rebuilding futures. 8.0% G,E,W                                     Americans, beautify communities and protect the environment. 3.9%             11697 Hospice Angel Flight (800)296-1217 www.hospiceangelflight.org
                                                                                           K,C,S                                                                               EIN#541884474 Your gift provides commercial, air transportation for
10594 FRAXA Research Foundation (978)462-1866 www.fraxa.org                                                                                                                    hospice and other patients 55 years of age and older requiring distant and
      EIN#043222167 We aim to cure Fragile X, the foremost known cause               10686 Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic (Angel Flight) (800)296-3797
                                                                                           www.angelflightmidatlantic.org EIN#541801140 Volunteer pilots                       potentially life-saving treatment. 9.2% P,W,E
      of autism, by funding medical research and helping affected families
      get the best treatment. 10.4% G,H,O                                                  helping needy patients. Your gifts provide free air transportation for        91999 Hospice Foundation for End-of-Life Care (Foundation for End-of-
                                                                                           ambulatory patients requiring distant, specialized, and often life-saving           Life Care Inc) (877)800-2951 www.vitascharityfund.org EIN#650943
62683 Heart Care International (203)552-5343 www.heartcareintl.org                         treatment. 10.6% P,W,E                                                              337 Your contributions enable us to provide medical, social and spiritual
      EIN#061503838 HCI’s volunteer medical team travels with donated                                                                                                          support necessary for a quality end-of-life experience for individuals
      equipment and supplies to developing countries providing life-saving           98425 Angel Fuel for Life (Mercy Medical Airlift) (757)512-5282
                                                                                           www.angelfuelforlife.org EIN#261685225 Provides fuel for life-saving                and their families. 27.1% E,G,H
      open heart surgery to local children. 15.9% E,O,G
                                                                                           medical flights for financially stressed medical patients. Help save a life   76022 Housing for Homeless Children and Families (HomeAid America)
11101 International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation                           by providing funds to offset fuel costs. 10.8% E,P,W
      (202)824-8620 http://burn.iaff.org EIN#521256006 Burns are horrific,                                                                                                     (888)3-HOMEAID www.homeaid.org EIN#330673009 Natural
      painful and lethal to the human body. We’re preventing burns for               11701 Art for Humanity (703)684-4635 www.artforhumanity.org EIN#300                       disasters, unemployment and illness create instant home-loss. Providing
      victims and emergency responders...improving the quality of life for                 190292 Helping the poor help themselves. All-volunteer organization                 housing for America’s temporarily homeless, more than a million of
      survivors. 18.0% P,H,E                                                               assisting needy families to become self-sufficient via education and                whom are children. Also serving Veterans. 21.3% L,S,P
                                                                                           starting small businesses. 0.0% L,S,A                                         12108 Hunger Defense Fund (661)299-9273 www.hungerdefensefund.org
10821 International Child Care (USA), Inc. (800)722-4453 www.inter
      nationalchildcare.org EIN#356059274 Bringing health and hope to                11698 Black Charities for Children, Families, Communities (Institute for                  EIN#030391642 Help with a hand up, not a hand out. We provide those
      impoverished children and families in Haiti and Dominican Republic                   Black Charities) (202)722-5050 www.blackcharities.net EIN#522                       in need with increased self-sufficiency through food, clothing, personal
      by providing medical care, education, clean water, vaccinations, and                 018919 Catastrophic disasters hurt children, families, communities.                 care items, medical supplies. 0.5% K,M,E
      disability rehabilitation. 18.6% E,Q,S                                               Help us rebuild the quality of life for those most vulnerable through         10864 International Association for Human Values (202)558-0231
                                                                                           crisis relief efforts, funding and outreach initiatives. 4.8% P,S,T                 www.iahv.org EIN#522178069 National and international humanitarian
12313 Interplast Inc. (650)962-0123 www.interplast.org EIN#237297770
      Since 1969, Interplast has transformed the lives of those with clefts and      10687 Blind and Visually Impaired Services Accreditation (National                        programs; veteran trauma relief, youth empowerment, community
      disabling burns in developing countries-providing free reconstructive                Accrediation Council for Agencies Srvng Blnd & Vslly Hndicpd)                       development, capacity building, disaster relief, conflict resolution,
      surgery and building medical capacity. 25.8% E,Q,P                                   (440)554-1601 www.nacasb.org EIN#132574824 Perform on-site visits                   education, women empowerment and environment sustainability. 4.4%
                                                                                           by peer-professionals to agencies and schools serving people with vision            Z,S,O
11135 John Tracy Clinic (800)522-4582 www.jtc.org EIN#951642393                            loss; assess compliance with national standards of services provided and
      Where would you turn if your baby or preschooler could not hear? We                  business practices. 12.2% E,B,J                                               11707 International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (800)486-8844
      provide free, worldwide services to teach your child listening and verbal                                                                                                www.ifcj.org EIN#363256096 Promotes understanding between Jews
      skills. 19.1% E,B,O                                                            11195 Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence (202)289-7319 www.                             and Christians. Provides relief in Israel and the former Soviet Union.
                                                                                           bradycenter.org EIN#521285097 Dedicated to creating an America free                 Airlifts Jews to Israel through “On Wings of Eagles.” 21.0% P,Q,X
10340 Little Hearts for Little Tots (Centre for the Study of Biblical Research)            from gun violence, where all Americans are safe at home, at school, at
      (909)793-4669 www.littleheartsforlittletots.org EIN#953993732                        work, and in their communities. 22.7% I,W,P                                   60725 International Social Service-United States of America Branch, Inc.
      Children worldwide desperately need surgery to repair their heart                                                                                                        (443)451-1201 www.iss-usa.org EIN#132720500 Children and families
      defects, but cannot afford the treatment. Our funding ensures bright,          10688 Carter Center (800)550-3560 www.cartercenter.org EIN#581454716                      separated across international borders. Help us foster connections, and
                                                                                           Waging Peace. Fighting Disease. Building Hope. Led by former                        reunite children and families whenever possible. 13.5% P,Q,V
      healthy futures for these little ones. 2.8% E,G,P
                                                                                           President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, the Center advances
11780 Locks of Love (561)833-7332 www.locksoflove.org EIN#650755522                        human rights and alleviates unnecessary human suffering. 18.6% Q,E,F          10434 Jobs! (ICA Group Incorporated) (617)232-8765 www.ica-group.org
      Return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering          11182 Center for Auto Safety (202)328-7700 www.autosafety.org                             EIN#042628399 Help create jobs! We fight poverty in America by
      from hair loss by providing the highest quality hair prosthetics made                EIN#520902868 Consumer advocates squeezing lemons and reducing                      starting new businesses in poor communities, saving failing companies
      from donated ponytails. 7.9% P,H,G                                                   crashes, deaths, injuries through safer vehicles and recalls. Responsible           from closure, and investing in community-based projects. 10.9% J,S,W
10388 MAGIC Foundation (800)3-MAGIC-3 www.magicfoundation.org                              for lemon laws in every state, airbags in every car. 9.6% M,B,R               55090 Jubilee USA Network (202)783-3566 www.jubileeusa.org EIN#030
      EIN#363673333 Children have a short time to grow and a lifetime to             11163 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (202)408-1080 www.cbpp.org                   582216 Fighting for a definitive cancellation of international debts and
      live with the results! Support services provided to families dealing with            EIN#521234565 Conducts research and develops policies to improve                    restoration of right relationships between nations. Help us alleviate
      children’s growth disorders. 11.2% G,T,H                                             government programs, such as healthcare, housing, and food assistance               poverty in the words poorest countries. 20.4% R,S,Q
95735 Medical Missions for Children, Inc. (973)754-4960 www.                               that help low-income people lift themselves out of poverty. 5.9% W,V,R        12109 Kiwanis International Foundation, Inc. (800)549-2647 www.
      mmissions.org EIN#223536072 MMC works to alleviate the global                  11183 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS) (573)346-4911 www.                        kiwanis.org/kif EIN#366072039 Global organization of volunteers
      healthcare disparities by “transferring medical knowledge from those                 nationalcops.org EIN#521354370 Grief Support and resources for                      dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time
      who have it to those who need it” using modern technology. 10.4%                     surviving families and co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in             by providing grants and scholarships. 28.4% T,O,Y
      H,E,G                                                                                the line of duty; Law enforcement trauma training; Public education.          10741 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (202)466-
40741 Medicines for Humanity (781)982-0274 www.medicinesfor                                18.3% F,M,P                                                                         3311 www.civilrights.org EIN#237026895 Educates for nation’s civil
      humanity.org EIN#043395749 Children in impoverished communities                11337 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (202)263-2800                           and human rights coalition, representing people of color, women,
      around the world die from preventable diseases every day. We save                    www.cbcfinc.org EIN#521160561 Developing African American                           children, older Americans, people with disabilities, gay rights, workers
      children’s lives by providing critically needed medicines and basic                  leaders through internships, fellowships and scholarships and educating             rights, etc. 18.8% R,V,Y
      healthcare. 21.0% E,G,Q                                                              the public through policy forums, research and an annual legislative
                                                                                                                                                                         12103 Malaria - Nothing But Nets (United Nations Foundation) (202)887-
11382 Miracle Flights for Kids (800)359-1711 www.miracleflightsforkids.                    conference. 16.9% P,W,R
                                                                                                                                                                               9040 www.unfoundation.org EIN#582368165 A global, grassroots
      org EIN#880209952 Change the future for a sick child! Your donation            10689 Conservation and Service Corps (202)737-6272 www.corps                              campaign to prevent malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. Only
      provides free flights for children needing to reach medical surgeries                network.org EIN#521480202 Support environmental service. The Corps                  $10 provides an insecticide-treated bed net that can prevent malaria.
      thousands of miles away from home. 11.5% E,P,O                                       engages disconnected young people giving them the chance to change                  8.7% G,E,W
10553 National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction (212)263-6656                          their communities, their own lives and those of their families. 5.1%
                                                                                           O,S,C                                                                         63345 Marijuana Policy Project Foundation (202)905-2017 www.mpp.org
      www.nffr.org EIN#136013760 Help Children with a facial
                                                                                                                                                                               EIN#521975211 Someone is arrested for a marijuana offense every 36
      disfigurement by supporting state-of-the-art treatment, innovative             11695 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation (800)800-2763 www.                           seconds in the U.S. Help us tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol.
      research, psychosocial support and medical training that inspires a new              cpof.org EIN#680023302 Nonprofit charity for Correctional Officers
      generation of pediatric doctors. 24.0% E,G,H                                                                                                                             32.1% R,W,I
                                                                                           and their families, by providing line-of-duty death benefit, and
12033 Operation Smile (888)OP-SMILE www.operationsmile.org EIN#541                         catastrophic assistance in cases of accident or illness. 13.2% F,M,P          12489 Media Research Center (800)672-1423 www.mediaresearch.org
      460147 Transform a life, one smile at a time! Medical volunteers                                                                                                         EIN#541429009 The premier media watchdog whose mission is to
                                                                                     13490 Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation (561)637-1525                           expose bias and to ensure Americans receive fair, balanced, and accurate
      provide free reconstructive surgery and follow-up care to children with              www.avdlm.org EIN#522098855 This Memorial honors America’s
      facial deformities across the globe. 41.7% E,P,O                                                                                                                         reporting from the media. 26.8% B,R,V
                                                                                           disabled veterans, and serves as a reminder of the human cost and
10394 Pediatric AIDS Foundation (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS                           incalculable debt owed to them for our freedom. 11.7% W,R,A                   11194 Mercy Flight Southeast (888)744-8263 www.mercyflightse.org
      Foundation) (202)296-9165 www.pedaids.org EIN#954191698 1,000                  10679 Dream Foundation (The Dalmatian Dreams Foundation) (805)564-                        EIN#592 697223 Coordination of free air transportation for children
      children infected with HIV/AIDS daily. Join the Moment - Help create                 2131 www.dreamfoundation.org EIN#770405779 Dreams do come                           and adults requiring distant, specialized, often lifesaving medical
      a generation free of HIV. Worldwide leader in eradication of pediatric               true. Enhance the quality of life for terminally ill adults and their               treatment, and compelling humanitarian support. Cancer, Organ
      AIDS. 12.2% H,G,P                                                                    families, give peace and resolution by granting a final dream. 15.9%                Transplants, Abuse Victims. 33.5% E,P,M
11608 Premature Aging in Children - Progeria Research Foundation                           P,W,G                                                                         10329 Minority Media & Telecommunications Council (202)332-0500
      (Progeria Research Foundation Inc) (978)535-2594 www.progeriar                 11184 Energy Cures (E & Co.) (973)680-9100 www.EandCo.net EIN#223                         www.mmtconline.org EIN#521880677 Promote minority employment
      esearch.org EIN#043460220 Heart Attack. Stroke. Progeria children                    319460 Help end poverty and protect the earth. Support small                        and ownership in broadcasting and telecom. We represent civil rights
      experience these, but now have hope to cure this fatal aging disease                 entrepreneurs as they implement clean energy solutions and end poverty              organizations before the FCC and train students to practice
      thanks to PRF’s research. Help them today! 12.4% H,G,E                               in their local villages and communities. 19.5% C,Q,S                                communications law. 0.6% R,B,J
44546 Project Sunshine (212)354-8035 www.projectsunshine.org EIN#223                 12486 Faces & Voices of Recovery (202)737-0690 www.facesandvoicesof                 10690 National Center for Policy Analysis (972)386-6272 www.ncpa.org
      607512 A non-profit organization that provides free educational,                     recovery.org EIN#510516206 Rallying the millions of Americans in                    EIN#751804932 Develop and promote private alternatives to
      recreational, and social programs to all children facing medical                     recovery from addiction and allies to end discrimination and broaden                government regulation and control. Solve problems by relying on the
      challenges and their families. 41.0% P,T,E                                           social understanding of addiction as a public health crisis. 21.4% R,F,E            strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector. 10.1% W,B,R

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
10110 National Congress of American Indians (202)466-7767 www.                   10361 American Campaign for Prevention of Child Abuse and Family                  11632 Population Connection (800)767-1956 www.populationconnection.
      ncai.org EIN#536017907 The principal organization of American                    Violence (202)429-6695 www.familyviolence.org EIN#954356014                       org EIN#941703155 A national nonprofit organization working to
      Indian/Alaska Native tribes and individuals, works to advance the                Your generous financial support enables the National Council to assist            stabilize population growth and achieve a sustainable balance of
      rights of Native people through outreach, advocacy, research and                 thousands of abused and vulnerable children, spouses and partners                 people, resources and the environment. 23.9% C,B,R
      education. 13.1% R,S,P                                                           (women and men), and the elderly. 6.3% P,W,S                                11330 ProLiteracy Worldwide (888)528-2224 www.proliteracy.org
12155 National Organization for Victim Assistance (703)535-6682 www.             11889 American Center for Law and Justice (800)296-4529 www.aclj.org                    EIN#166076384 Working with our members and partners to end
      trynova.org EIN#591669254 Help those devastated by crime and                     EIN#541586817 Specializing in constitutional law, the ACLJ is                     illiteracy, here and around the world, we help adults and families
      disaster. We specialize in crisis intervention and victim advocacy.              dedicated to the concept that freedom and democracy are God-given                 changes their lives and communities. 17.0% P,R,Q
      Crisis Response Teams; special direct service projects; 24-hour                  inalienable rights that must be protected. 12.6% R,I,W
      helpline. 17.4% F,P,I                                                                                                                                        10352 Southern Poverty Law Center (888)414-7752 www.splcenter.org
                                                                                 10363 Amnesty International USA (800)AMNESTY www.amnestyusa.org                         EIN#630598743 Using litigation, education, and other forms of
11708 National Peace Corps Association (202)293-7728 www.peacecorps                    EIN#520851555 Worldwide membership-based human rights                             advocacy, the SPLC works toward making the ideals of equal justice
      connect.org EIN#581431113 Build a more peaceful world. Promote                   organization — impartial and non-political — working to create a                  and equal opportunity a reality. 29.3% R,O,S
      global education. Advocate for principled, cooperative foreign policy.           safer, more just world. 1977 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. 23.8%
      Serve your local and global family. 15.5% Y,S,B                                  R,Q,W                                                                       11425 Wounded Warrior Project (WWP Inc) (904)296-7350 www.
                                                                                                                                                                         woundedwarriorproject.org EIN#202370934 Honors and empowers
11699 New Ways Ministry (301)277-5674 www.newwaysministry.org                    11891 Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (800)966-5946                     wounded warriors, helping severely injured service members aid and
      EIN#521122608 Addresses discrimination against lesbian/gay persons               www.aaldef.org EIN#132855641 (AALDEF) protects and promotes                       assist each other providing unique, direct programs and services to
      in the Catholic Church. Promotes attitudinal change and acceptance               the civil rights of Asian Americans through litigation, advocacy,                 meet their needs. 32.2% P,W,E
      of lesbian/gay persons through education to combat homophobia.                   community education and organizing. 20.5% R,P,S
      14.4% X,R,W                                                                10357 Canine Partners For Life (610)869-4902 www.k94life.org EIN#232
11535 Oxford House (301)587-2916 www.oxfordhouse.org EIN#521582                        580658 Service dogs enable persons with physical disabilities to
      231 Oxford House helps groups of recovering alcoholics and drug                  become more independent. Dogs are trained to meet each recipient’s
      addicts throughout the country to establish and maintain self-run, self-         disability. Also place seizure alert dogs. 16.1% E,P,D                      Educate America! The Education, School
      supported recovery homes to achieve lifelong sobriety. 6.0% L,P,F
12110 Partnership for Public Service (202)775-9111 www.ourpublic
                                                                                 11628 Catholics United for Life (800)764-8444 www.clji.org EIN#510
                                                                                       195634 Pro-life Catholic organization dedicated to defending human
                                                                                                                                                                   Support and Scholarship Funds
      service.org EIN#061540513 The Partnership for Public Service works               life from the moment of conception. Activities include sidewalk
                                                                                       counseling, educational programs and legal defense of religious
                                                                                                                                                                   Coalition Federation and Member
      to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to
      serve and by transforming the way government works. 49.1% W,J,B                  liberties. 19.1% R,X,P                                                      Organizations
10681 Patient Advocate Foundation (800)532-5274 www.patientadvocate.             11102 Christian Appalachian Project (866)270-4227 www.christianapp.               10274 Educate America! The Education, School Support and
      org EIN#541806317 Ensuring access to care for patients with chronic,             org EIN#610661137 Established in 1964 to help people work                         Scholarship Funds Coalition (800)626-7094 www.educateamerica.
      life-threatening or debilitating illnesses through education,                    themselves out of poverty in Appalachia. Operates over 30 crisis                  org EIN#943 193387 Your gift will be shared among America’s finest
      empowerment and mediation utilizing case managers and a national                 intervention, educational, and community development programs.                    educational opportunity charities, dedicated to making our children
      resource network. 6.8% P,E,R                                                     11.4% P,L,M                                                                       and young people the best educated in the world. 3.3% B,O,W
12261 Pedals for Progress, A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation                    11629 Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (877)633-3976 www.                70125 Accuracy in Media, Inc. (202)364-4401 www.aim.org EIN#237
      (908)638-4811 www.p4p.org EIN#223122003 We collect/recondition                   diabeteswellness.net EIN#521840230 Our goal is to fund scientific                 135837 Dissemination of information to educate the general public
      used bicycles, ship them to developing countries where they become               research into treatments and cure of diabetes. Conducts screenings,               about the deficiencies of news media reporting; and to publicize and
      an effective tool for self-help. Promote sustainable transportation              education programs to save lives from blindness, kidney failure,                  expose specific examples of media misreporting. 70.0% R,B,Z
      worldwide; save America’s landfills. 8.0% P,J,S                                  amputations. 5.4% H,G,E
                                                                                                                                                                   31020 Afterschool Alliance (866)KIDS-TODAY www.afterschoolalliance.
77273 Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation (703)838-1085 www.                10359 Dress for Success Worldwide (212)532-1922 www.dressforsuccess.                    org EIN#522275123 Afterschool programs keep kids safe, inspire
      pentagonfoundation.org EIN#542062271 Help support wounded                        org EIN#134040377 Dress for Success is an international non-profit                learning, and help working families. Help us to provide quality,
      heroes, provide military families with down payments for first homes             organization that promotes the economic independence of                           affordable afterschool programs to all children who need them. 9.5%
      and offer low-cost alternatives to payday lending. 100% of donations             disadvantaged women through suiting, career development and                       B,O,P
      benefit programs. 23.4% P,S,W                                                    employment retention programs. 7.0% J,P,W
                                                                                                                                                                   11769 Alliance for School Choice, Inc. (202)280-1990 www.alliancefor
10683 Results Educational Fund (202)783-4800 www.results.org EIN#953             11892 Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund (618)462-5415                        schoolchoice.org EIN#522111508 Afterschool programs keep kids
      747267 Hunger and poverty cost effective solutions promoted through              www.eagleforum.org EIN#371097202 Pro-family leadership by                         safe, inspire learning, and help working families. Help us to provide
      public education and advocacy in the US and around the world. 21.5%              Phyllis Schlafly. Defends traditional families, strong national defense,          quality, affordable afterschool programs to all children who need them.
      S,R,K                                                                            parental rights, tax fairness. Articulate media voice on family, defense,         17.5% B,S,W
31529 Support Our Troops® (877)879-8882 www.SupportOurTroops.org                       education and conservative issues. 5.2% R,W,O
                                                                                                                                                                   11760 American Indian College Fund (303)426-8900 www.collegefund.
      EIN#331112829 Show your support for today’s deployed Heroes by             10986 Feed The Children (800)627-4556 www.feedthechildren.org                           org EIN#521573446 Help us revive some of the most economically
      helping us provide them with care goods, positive public support and             EIN#736 108657 Feed The Children provides food, medicine,                         depressed communities in our nation by supporting scholarships to
      assistance, and special events. 3.3% Q,M,P                                       clothing, educational materials and other essentials to children and              American Indian students at our nation’s tribal colleges. 13.5% B,S,A
10685 Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, SNAP (312)455-                     their families domestically and internationally. 7.9% P,K,M
                                                                                                                                                                   11419 American Indian Higher Education Consortium (703)838-0400
      1499 www.snapnetwork.org EIN#364154398 Children should never               11627 Feeding America (800)771-2303 www.feedingamerica.org EIN#363                      www.aihec.org EIN#840640326 Supporting American Indian and
      be sexually abused. Sexual predators should never lead religious                 673599 Nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, annually             Alaska Native Tribal Colleges that serve 27,000 students annually in
      institutions. Help us keep children safe and provide outreach to                 securing and distributing groceries to over 25 million Americans in               our nation’s most remote and economically disadvantaged
      victims. 10.0% W,R,I                                                             need. Our goal is to end hunger in America. 2.9% P,K,Y                            communities. 18.4% B,O,A
11711 Travelers Aid International (202)546-1127 www.travelersaid.org             11630 Fund for Animals, The (888)405-FUND www.fundforanimals.org                  11761 American Indian Services (801)375-1777 www.americanindian
      EIN#592506390 Working poor who become stranded. Women with                       EIN#136218740 The Fund for Animals, founded by Cleveland                          services.org EIN#870477049 Scholarships for Native American
      children fleeing domestic violence. Seniors and travelers with physical          Amory, operates animal sanctuaries and wildlife centers, and is a                 students attending colleges in the US. Improving lives of Native
      and mental challenges needing protection. Help us help them. 10.9%               leading provider of direct care for animals. 7.9% D,M,P                           American people by increasing their opportunities for education.
      P,F,S                                                                      12178 Goodwill Industries International, Inc. (800)741-0186 www.                        28.4% B,O,J
56337 Trevor       Project     (310)271-8845      www.thetrevorproject.org             goodwill.org EIN#530196517 Our 166 community-based                          13085 American Library Association (800)545-2433 EIN#362166947
      EIN#954681 287 Promoting acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and                organizations provided employment training, job placement and other               ALA provides resources, services and networking opportunities to
      transgender youth. Saving lives through our free 24/7 suicide                    services to 1.5 million people in North America in 2008. 11.2% J,P,W
                                                                                                                                                                         raise public awareness about the library profession and libraries of all
      prevention helpline, website and educational services. 39.0% F,O,P         11893 Human Rights Campaign Foundation (800)777-4723 www.hrc.org                        types and sizes across the country. 5.7% B,O,S
11187 United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. (215)728-1630                   EIN#521481896 Provides information and resources to educate the
                                                                                       public and foster sound public policy to end discrimination against         11452 Army Historical Foundation (800)506-2672 www.armyhistory.org
      www.uuarc.org EIN#231360863 UUARC provides humanitarian aid                                                                                                        EIN#521367225 We support programs that preserve and promote the
      to Ukrainians throughout the world, distributing medical supplies,               gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans. 27.8% R,P,S
                                                                                                                                                                         history of the American soldier, including the construction of the
      clothing, educational materials, and establishing educational and          11894 Humane Society of the United States, The (202)452-1100 www.                       National Museum of the United States Army. 78.6% A,B,W
      immigrant programs in Ukraine and USA. 6.6% P,M,W                                humanesociety.org EIN#530225390 The Humane Society of the
                                                                                       United States celebrates animals and confronts cruelty. The                 44885 Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (877)808-
95004 Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program (888)838-7727 www.
      vetsprobono.org EIN#201934881 Recruit and train lawyers to provide               organization is backed by more than 11 million Americans. 33.2%                   7032 EIN#571192973 Reward scholarships to Asian and Pacific
      free representation to America’s veterans and family members with                D,M,C                                                                             Islanders with financial need. Provide guidance, mentorship and
      meritorious appeals at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. 0.0%                                                                                              programs to facilitate students academic, personal and professional
                                                                                 11895 LatinoJustice PRLDEF (800)328-2322 www.latinojustice.org                          success. 8.3% B,O,W
      P,W,R                                                                            EIN#132722664 PRLDEF, a pan-Latino organization, promotes
83445 Veterans Foundation, National (888)777-4443 www.nvf.org                          Latino justice. We challenge discrimination against Latinos through         10651 Astronomical Society of the Pacific (415)337-1100 www.
      EIN#953994750 National Toll-free Crisis Management, Information                  impact litigation and we help Latinos become attorneys through our                astrosociety.org EIN#940294860 Increases the understanding and
      and Referral “Lifeline” for veterans and families; outreach to homeless          educational programs. 21.2% R,B,W                                                 appreciation of astronomy by engaging scientists, educators,
      veterans; ongoing awareness and training programs on veterans                                                                                                      enthusiasts and the public to advance science and science literacy.
                                                                                 11073 LULAC National Educational Service Centers (202)835-9646                          13.1% B,U,W
      readjustment. 36.3% P,F,W                                                        www.lnesc.org EIN#237262876 The League of United Latin
11293 Victims of Crime, National Center for (National Center for Victims               American Citizens National Educational Service Centers provide              11002 Center for Excellence in Education (703)448-9062 www.cee.org
      of Crime, Inc.) (800)FYI-CALL www.ncvc.org EIN#300022798                         educational and scholarship opportunities for Hispanic youth                      EIN#521256563 Cost-free programs featuring scientific research and
      Helps crime victims rebuild their lives. Operates national helpline,             throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 5.8% B,O,R                                   technology. Nurture young scholars to leadership careers in science,
      advocates for victims’ rights, raises public awareness. Priorities:                                                                                                technology, engineering and math. Encourages international
                                                                                 10540 Meals On Wheels Association of America (866)517-6366                              collaboration in global communities. 22.0% B,O,U
      domestic violence, stalking, teen victims, identity theft, homicide.             www.mowaa.org EIN#237447812 Provides funding for meals and
      20.1% I,F,P                                                                      nutrition services through community-based meal programs to reduce          11927 Challenger Center for Space Science Education (703)683-9740
12314 Whirlwind Wheelchair International (The University Corporation                   hunger, improve health and enhance quality of life for frail homebound            www.challenger.org EIN#760192067 Dedicated to producing
      San Francisco State) (415)338-6277 www.whirlwindwheelchair.org                   seniors. 16.7% P,K,E                                                              innovative techniques for educating students in science, technology,
      EIN#941384645 Whirlwind designs wheelchairs for active use that                                                                                                    engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the excitement of
                                                                                 10354 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (800)438-6233 www.madd.org                          space exploration and scientific discovery. 24.1% B,U,O
      are built and used in developing countries. Promotes wheelchair                  EIN#942707273 Provides national and local programs to educate the
      standards, small business development, and disability advocacy. 21.4%            public about drunk driving and underage drinking as well as provides        10653 Children’s Scholarship Fund (212)515-7100 www.scholarship
      E,S,R                                                                            assistance to drunk driving victims. 22.6% W,R,S                                  fund.org EIN#134002189 Maximizes educational opportunity for
10321 Winn Feline Foundation, Inc. (908)359-1184 www.winnfeline                                                                                                          approximately 29,000 children from low-income families nationwide
                                                                                 11104 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (800)221-7822                            by offering partial scholarships to attend private and parochial schools.
      health.org EIN#237138699 Every day, Every Cat benefits from Winn-                www.naacpldf.org EIN#131655255 Fights for equality, access to
      funded research: Improved food, ID FIP/FIV viruses, FeLV tests,                                                                                                    2.6% B,O,P
                                                                                       education, employment, health care, housing, environmental justice,
      Diabetes treatments, etc. Research provides resources for                        voting rights, criminal justice. Provides scholarships to promising         11004 Daniel Pearl Foundation (310)441-1400 www.danielpearl.org
      veterinarians/owners. 4.8% D,W,H                                                 African-American undergraduates and law students. 24.5% R,I,B                     EIN#030393564 Promote tolerance and diminish hatred: journalism
11049 World Federation for Mental Health (703)494-6515 www.                      10355 NAACP Special Contribution Fund (877)622-2798 www.naacp.org                       fellowships for reporters in underdeveloped countries in US
      wfmh.org EIN#541308953 Support our work to advance mental health                 EIN#131998814 Focused on protecting and advancing civil rights by                 newsrooms, youth focused student wire service; international concerts
      awareness. Help prevent mental illness. And improve the care,                    eliminating the disparity within target areas: criminal justice,                  that bridge differences. 12.5% W,A,Q
      treatment and recovery of people who suffer from it. 24.2% F,B,W                 education, employment, emergency relief, health advocacy, housing,          10646 Diplomacy Matters - AFSA (Fund for American Diplomacy)
12270 World Missions Possible, Inc. (800)579-7470 www.worldmissions                    legal assistance. 2.4% R,O,S                                                      (800)704-2372 www.afsa.org/CFCFAD.cfm EIN#526078372
      possible.org EIN#760677748 Help us bring free life-saving medical          10356 National Association of the Deaf (301)587-1788 www.nad.org                        Showing how U.S. diplomacy and America’s diplomats promote our
      care, nutrition, housing, schools and clinics to underprivileged, and            EIN#941358295 The NAD mission is to preserve, protect, and                        national security and economic prosperity. The U.S. Foreign Service
      aid to disaster victims — serving USA and 12 countries. 4.0% E,M,P               promote the civil, human and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of                is America’s first line of defense. 7.4% Q,W,B
37190 Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation (540)429-5234 www.                                hearing people in the USA. 14.0% R,Y,O                                      11335 Dollars for Scholars (Scholarship America Inc) (800)279-2083
      woundedeodwarrior.org EIN#208618412 Supporting brave men and               11631 National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (202)737-                         www.scholarshipamerica.org EIN#042296967 Make a difference,
      women and their families whom have been seriously injured while                  3400 www.nleomf.org EIN#521382926 To generate increased public                    change a life! More than scholarships, we also connect students and
      serving their country removing deadly unexploded military ordnance               support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording               parents with mentoring and tutoring programs to build strong
      and terrorist devices. 12.3% E,P,Z                                               and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law                  communities. 6.0% B,O,S
                                                                                       enforcement officers. 31.5% P,W,B                                           92897 DonorsChoose.org (212)239-3615 www.donorschoose.org EIN#134
                                                                                 11287 National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States                     129457 Public schools often lack resources for students to thrive. We
                                                                                       (800)944-NTHP www.preservationnation.org EIN#530210807 We                         make it easy to make a big difference in education, one classroom at
                                                                                                                                                                         a time. 7.8% T,B,O
American Red Cross Federation                                                          help people protect, enhance, and enjoy the places that matter to them.
                                                                                       Your support will help save America’s historic places and revitalize        53559 Excellence in the Classroom (American Board for Certification of
10266 American Red Cross (202)303-4897 www.redcross.org EIN#530196                     our communities. 14.0% A,S,T                                                      Teacher Excellence Inc) (202)263-8325 www.abcte.org EIN#200
      605 A humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, which provides                                                                                                 450386 Dedicated to ensuring that every student has access to an
      relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for and   10350 Native American Rights Fund (800)447-0784 www.narf.org
                                                                                       EIN#840 611876 Provides legal representation nationwide to Native                 excellent education by recruiting, preparing and supporting more
      respond to emergencies. 11.3% M,P,Q                                                                                                                                quality teachers for America’s classrooms. 4.2% B,O,J
                                                                                       American tribes, villages, organizations, and individuals to uphold
                                                                                       sovereign and human rights guaranteed them by treaty and law. 33.8%         11759 Foreign Service Youth Scholarships - AFSA (American Foreign
                                                                                       R,A,P                                                                             Service Association Scholarship Fund) (800)704-2372 www.afsa.org/
                                                                                 11105 Orphan Foundation of America (800)950-4673 www.orphan.org                         scholar EIN#237045244 Direct your support within the U.S.
America’s Charities Federation and                                                     EIN#521238437 At age 18 most orphans are on their own. OFA and                    Government Foreign Service diplomatic community, and know you
                                                                                                                                                                         are helping children receive need-based and merit awards for college.
                                                                                       volunteers provide moral and financial support to parentless teens
Member Organizations                                                                   pursuing college and vocational training. 0.6% P,B,O                              6.0% B,O,Q
10224 America’s Charities (800)458-9505 www.charities.org EIN#541                10351 PetSmart Charities (800)423-PETS www.petsmartcharities.org                  11928 Freedom to Read Foundation (Freedom to Read Foundation)
      517707 Working to build strong communities. Addressing needs of                  EIN#931140967 Since 1994, our charity has funded over $88 million                 (312)280-4226 www.ftrf.org EIN#237102086 Stop censorship! If they
      children, families, communities through member programs, by helping              to support spay/neuter, disaster relief, educational programs and an in-          can tell you what to read, they can tell you what to think. Help us
      employers and employees support our member charities’ programs.                  store adoption program saving 4 million pets. 12.9% D,P,M                         defend librarians facing censorship challenges. 15.8% B,R,T
      7.1% P,O,E                                                                 11634 Point Foundation, The National Gay & Lesbian Scholarship Fund               12257 Future Leaders for America Foundation (202)320-7781 www.
10360 100 Black Men of America (800)598-3411 www.100blackmen.org                       (Point Foundation) (866)337-6468 www.pointfoundation.org EIN#841                  washingtonscholars.org EIN#223917652 Invest in training America’s
      EIN#581974429 Our mission is to improve the quality of life within               582086 Point Foundation provides financial support, mentoring and                 Youth to be tomorrow’s federal employees. We provide scholarships
      communities by enhancing educational and economic opportunities                  hope to meritorious students who are marginalized due to sexual                   to interns training at federal government agencies. “Training
      for all African Americans. 26.3% O,S,Y                                           orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 30.4% O,B,P                    Tomorrow’s National Leaders Today!” 15.7% O,W,B

                             # # # NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS # # #
11762 International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership                11766 Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (Woodrow                     10216 National Hispana Leadership Institute (703)527-6007 www.nhli.org
      (503)954-1812 www.ipsl.org EIN#133407782 Study and serve abroad.                   Wilson National Fellowship Foundation) (609)452-7007 www.                        EIN#742544980 An intensive executive leadership training and
      Uniting academic study with volunteering. Programs for all                         woodrow.org EIN#210703075 The Foundation recruits and prepares                   professional development program for Hispanic women and college
      nationalities/ages. Serve, work and live in another culture. Promote               outstanding individuals for careers as teachers in urban and rural high          students that teaches the skills to address issues facing Latino
      understanding and peace. 10.3% R,B,S                                               schools that need committed and well-prepared teachers. 6.5% B,T,W               communities. 22.1% B,O,J
11763 James Madison Education Fund, Inc. (202)861-9770 www.james                   11933 World Learning (802)257-7751 www.worldlearning.org EIN#030179              10482 Rights Action (202)783-1123 www.rightsaction.org EIN#521315411
      madison.com EIN#521906471 Better students become better citizens.                  592 World Learning works globally to enhance the capacity and                    Funds community-based poverty eradication, environment, indigenous,
      Teaching students about the U.S. Constitution and democratic                       commitment of individuals, institutions and communities to create a              children’s and women’s rights, and emergency relief projects, in
      government, helping them to better understand their rights and                     more peaceful and just world. 12.8% B,S,O                                        southern Mexico, Haiti and Central America. 8.9% P,S,K
      responsibilities as citizens. -0.4% B,O,W                                                                                                                     11506 Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (800)992-8858
10647 Japan-America Student Conference (International Student                                                                                                             www.sahf.org EIN#592339140 550 hospitals, clinics, nursing homes
      Conferences Inc) (202)289-4231 www.iscdc.org EIN#521155779                                                                                                          and orphanages are provided with basic medicines, medical equipment,
      Exploring — and updating — the Japan-America partnership. Student                                                                                                   food and educational supplies to assist 2.5 million underserved
      run since 1934, JASC promotes leadership, peace, education, and              Hispanic United Fund Federation and                                                    Salvadorans. 0.3% E,B,K
      cultural understanding through student exchanges. 16.1% B,A,Q                Member Organizations                                                             10479 Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance (510)655-
                                                                                                                                                                          8432 www.vidausa.org EIN#680249466 When an earthquake or
10049 Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc. (617)542-5867 www.jstart.org              10947 Hispanic United Fund (800)696-5941 www.hispanicunitedfund.org
      EIN#043262046 Help every child succeed. We train and pair caring                                                                                                    tsunami hits, VIDA is there with medical supplies and basic assistance
                                                                                         EIN#680455509 The voice of America’s Hispanic Heritage and Latino                that saves lives of the needy in Latin America. 1.1% M,C,E
      adults with low-income preschoolers to develop language, literacy, and             charities, working together to build stronger communities and brighter
      social skills preparing them for success. 18.7% B,O,S                              futures for our families and our neighbors worldwide. 3.3% B,P,W
11005 Junior Engineering Technical Society (703)548-5387 www.jets.org              11083 A Mission for Children (American Nicaraguan Foundation Inc)
      EIN#386089644 Safe drinking water. Medical advancements. Improved                  (305)374-3391 www.aidnicaragua.org EIN#650326517 Children
      communication. Global development. Who makes it possible?
      Engineers. Educate students today and watch them become the
                                                                                         needlessly dying. Students dropping out of schools, unable to pay for      Child Aid USA Federation and Member
                                                                                         school supplies. Newborns’ development stunted by vitamin
      engineers of tomorrow. 11.8% B,O,W                                                 deficiencies.