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					                        2004 ANNUAL
                        Pennsylvania DUI Association

Mission Statement
The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Association is a professional organiza-
tion working to address the DUI problem in all its many stages – from prevention to en-
forcement, up to and including, adjudication and rehabilitation.
We provide information, direction, training, and support with the purpose of working to-
ward the elimination of the number of impaired drivers and the harm they cause.
Through our efforts we create a safer environment for all people in the Commonwealth.
Page 1                                                                                                        2004 ANNUAL REPORT

                             Message from the Executive Director
                             Dear Friends,                       bricks being engraved and           thrilled to see the implementa-
                                                                 placed. The overwhelmingly          tion go so smoothly.
                             This past year marked the
                                                                 positive response to these
                             twenty-fifth anniversary of the                                         I want to take a moment to
                                                                 events was very gratifying and I
                             PA DUI Association. This is quite                                       thank the DUI Association’s
                                                                 thank everyone involved and
                             a milestone for any organization                                        Board of Directors and mem-
                                                                 encourage those of you who did
                             and everyone connected to the                                           bers for all of their hard work. I
                                                                 not participate in 2004 to get
                             Association should be proud of                                          would also like to acknowledge
                                                                 involved this year.
                             this accomplishment. The Asso-                                          the continuing support of PENN
                             ciation has not just reached        Activities at the end of the year   DOT in our many joint ventures.
                             twenty-five years but has done      were some of the most memo-         So many other agencies worked
                             so in style.                        rable. In November we held the      with us and supported our ef-
                                                                 Association’s 25th Annual Meet-     forts including: the Pennsyl-
                             We started the year off with the
                                                                 ing and the Silver Anniversary      vania Liquor Control Board,
                             renewal of the Ignition Interlock
                                                                 Jubilee Banquet. This was fol-      Bureau of Alcohol Education,
                             contract. Many other important
                                                                 lowed in December by a Re-          the Pennsylvania State Police,
                             events marked the calendar
                                                                 membrance Ceremony for the          Pennsylvania MADD, Institute
                             throughout 2004: two new edu-
                                                                 DUI Victims honored in the DUI      for Law Enforcement Education,
                             cational instruments were
                                                                 Victims Memorial Garden. A          PA District Attorney’s Associa-
                             added – the SAFETY SIM and
                                                                 reading of the victims names        tion, county and municipal po-
                             the Lookin’ Out Safety Bug.
                                                                 and lighting a tree of remem-       lice departments, ...
                             These tools have joined the
                                                                 brance marked this simple and
                             original Safety Bug in touring                                           As wonderful as 2004 proved
                                                                 solemn occasion.
                             schools in the Commonwealth                                             to be for the PA DUI Association,
                             and surrounding states to offer     The most profound occurrence        I eagerly look forward to 2005
                             them a sobering lesson in           of 2004 had to have been the        and all that we can accomplish
                             safety.                             implementation of the newly         as TEAM DUI.
                                                                 revised CRN system in Decem-
                             We also added Hunter, a ciga-                                           Sincerely,
                                                                 ber. This 20 year old, useful but
                             rette style boat, to the Associa-
  Inside this issue:                                             antiquated system was trans-
                             tion’s arsenal in the battle
                                                                 formed into a quick, sleek web
                             against impaired driving. Hunter                                        C. Stephen Erni
                                                                 application. The Association
  Message from the      1    will help the PA Fish & Boat
                                                                 worked on all phases of the         Executive Director
  Executive Director         Commission in its work in pre-
                                                                 program and planning and was
                             venting BUI. The kick-off event
  Victims Garden Activi- 2   at Raystown Lake this
  ties                       past summer was well
  Contract Activities   3    The Association held
                             the first DUI Victims
  Law Enforcement Pro- 5     Memorial Run/Walk to
                             sponsor the DUI Victims
                             Memorial Garden and
  Ignition Interlock    8    the first annual DUI
                             Victims Memorial Golf
                             Tournament – with 400
  Membership Services   9

  Youth Activities      12

  Board of Directors    17

  Staff                 18
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                              Page 2

Association Undertakes New Endeavors to Support Garden                                          Remembrance Ceremony
Since its inception, the DUI   followed by the First Annual    of the individuals honored in
Victims Memorial Garden        Golf Tournament in October.     the DUI Victims Memorial
has been the DUI Associa-      These two events combined       Garden.
tion’s most outstanding        raised enough funds to en-
                                                               Many representatives from
achievement.                   grave 400 bricks with the
                                                               both local and state agen-
                               names of DUI Victims.
The dedication in October of                                   cies participated in the cere-
2003 was just the start of     The final event surrounding     mony and we thank them for           Thursday,
the many events surround-      the Memorial Garden for         their support and involve-         December 16,
ing the garden and the DUI     2004 was the DUI Victim         ment.
Victims it honors.             Remembrance Ceremony in                                                2004
                               December. This simple, but
The first event in 2004 held
                               poignant, event included the
to support the Memorial Gar-
                               lighting of a remembrance
den was the DUI Victim Me-
                               tree and reading the names
morial Run in May. This was

10K Run/1 Mile Walk
On May 22, 2004, the Penn-     noon. We would like to send     ism and other Drug Addic-
sylvania DUI Association       our most sincere thanks to      tions, Community College of
hosted the First Annual DUI    the 222 participants and 40     Beaver County Prevention
Victim Memorial Run/Walk.      volunteers who helped to        Project, Smart Start and
The event included a 10        make this first year a tre-     American Interlock
kilometer run and a 1 mile     mendous success.                Services, Waypoint
walk. The proceeds from the                                    Bank, Karns Quality
                                We would also like to thank
event purchased engraved                                       Foods, Comcast, the
                               the following sponsors for
bricks for 300 DUI victims.                                    Pennsylvania Liquor
                               their generosity: the Office
The memorial bricks were                                       Control Board, and
                               of the Cumberland County
placed in the DUI Victims                                      Pennsylvanians
                               District Attorney, the Phila-
Memorial Garden that after-                                    Against Underage
                               delphia Center on Alcohol-

First Annual Golf Tournament
The First Annual DUI Victim    Golf Tournament a great
Memorial Golf Outing was       success.
held on October 1, 2004 at
                               Proceeds from the event
the Honeybrook Golf Club in
                               enabled the Association to
Chester County, PA.
                               have 100 more bricks en-
One hundred and fifty golf-    graved with the names of
ers participated in the out-   DUI victims.
ing. The players, along with
                               Our sincerest thanks go out
20 sponsors and 67 pa-
                               to everyone who helped sup-
trons, made the First Annual
                               port the golf tournament.
Page 3                                                                                                 2004 ANNUAL REPORT

                                Maintenance of the Alcohol Highway Safety System
                                The longest standing rela-      ciation received a subcon-   to win the contract for the
                                tionship the Association        tract with the Department    “Operational Maintenance
                                has is with the Pennsyl-        of Transportation in 1987    and Technical Support for
                                vania Department of             for the training of Court    the Pennsylvania Alcohol
                                Transportation. Since its       Reporting Network (CRN)      Highway Safety Program”
                                inception in 1979, the          Evaluators and Alcohol       every time it has come up
                                Association has been            Safety Driving School        for bid since 1989.
                                working in conjunction          (DUI) Instructors. The As-
           After more than      with PENN DOT. The Asso-        sociation has continued
         20 years the Court
              Network was
          revised and made      Constituents
           into a web-based     The Association serves          derage Drinking (UAD)        legislature, as well as stu-
                application.    over 1,000 DUI profes-          Instructors. The Associa-    dent groups and enforce-
                                sionals including 70 DUI        tion also provides assis-    ment personnel (groups
                                Coordinators, 333 Alcohol       tance and services to DUI    which will be discussed
                                Highway Safety School           program managers, volun-     later).
                                Instructors, 426 CRN            teer and community
                                Evaluators and 114 Un-          groups, members of the

                               A large part of the Alcohol     cation credits, were con-     mendations, allowing
                               Highway Safety Mainte-          ducted. These workshops       them greater control of
                               nance contract is provid-       were attended by a total      their DUI offender popula-
                               ing certification and recer-    of 448 people.                tion. The Association held
                               tification opportunities for                                  17 Implementing the New
                                                                The highlight of 2004, in
                               CRN Evaluators and DUI/                                       CRN workshops for 371
                                                               the alcohol highway safety
                               UAD Instructors. During                                       individuals.
                                                               field, was the revision of
                               2004, twenty-one certifi-
                                                               the Court Reporting Net-      The Association, with its
                               cation workshops were
                                                               work. After more than 20      team of professional
                                          conducted with a
                                                               years with no changes,        trainers/consultants is
                                          total of 216 par-
                                                               the CRN was revamped to       proud to have provided
                                          ticipants. Thirty-
                                                               more accurately reflect       training (77 workshops) to
                                          three miscellane-
                                                               today’s DUI Offenders.        over 1,035 DUI profes-
                                          ous workshops,
                                                               The CRN was also imple-       sionals during calendar
                                          which provided
                                                               mented as a web-based         year 2004.
                                          continuing edu-
                                                               program that gives the
                                          cation on a vari-
                                                               County programs immedi-
                                          ety of topics, as
                                                               ate access to the recom-
                                          well as recertifi-
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                               Page 4

The Association also pro-         Sobriety Checkpoint Conference - May 6 & 7,
vided training opportuni-         2004 – 100 participants
ties for professionals in
                                  Northeast PA DUI Conference – July 30,
the form of conferences.
                                  2004 – 80 participants
These conferences touch
on a variety of topic areas       DUI Coordinators Conference – June 10 &
providing an overview for         11, 2004 – 70 participants
a specific audience. The
conferences conducted
during 2004, include:

In addition to workshops                 mat, which was dis-           ance with Title 67
and conferences the As-                  tributed to all county        (when it is enacted).
                                         DUI Programs.
sociation provides a vast                                          ⇒ A team of extremely
array of materials, prod-            ⇒ Quarterly mailings              knowledgeable master
ucts and services for the                listing all CRN Evalua-       trainers/consultants
                                         tors, DUI & UAD In-           available for consulta-
DUI professional through
                                         structors and their           tion.
our contract with PENN                   status regarding certi-
DOT. These include:                      fication, credits
                                         earned and expiration
    ⇒ A quarterly newsletter,            dates.
        Alcohol Highway
        Safety Program News          ⇒ All counties are up-
        Update, which reports            dated as part of the
        on the latest trends in          county assessment
        the field, training up-          program conducted
        dates, new materials             under a previous con-
        available and the like.          tract and maintained
                                         on a yearly basis. In-
    ⇒ Overhead transparen-               formation covered
        cies for use in Alcohol          includes all aspects of
        Highway Safety Class             the DUI offender’s
        showing the DUI Of-              process through the
        fender Profile from              county system.
        statistics drawn from
        the previous year’s          ⇒ Fifty-six counties were
        CRN data.                        interviewed as part of
                                         the Quality Assurance
    ⇒ A directory listing all            Assessment project,
        Alcohol Highway                  designed to bring
        Safety Programs in a             counties into compli-
        county-by-county for-
Page 5                                                                          2004 ANNUAL REPORT

         Special to 2004
         The following materials/               DUI Coordinators.               Sentencing Guide
         services were provided:                                                Posters were pro-
                                            ⇒ The DUI Instructor’s              duced and distributed
            ⇒ Copies of the Associa-            Manual was com-                 to all county DUI Pro-
                                                pletely revised and             grams for use in Alco-
                tion produced
                                                distributed to all DUI          hol Highway Safety
                “Everybody Gets Hurt”
                                                Instructors.                    Class.
                video were dissemi-
                nated to all County         ⇒ DUI Law Grading and

         The DUI Association has        ergy into the enforcement        Highway Traffic Safety
         long understood the im-        arena. Beginning with So-        Administration, and local
         portance of enforcement        briety Checkpoints and           law enforcement has con-
         in the overall prevention      continuing into a broad          tinued to expand the
         of impaired driving.           range of activities the As-      scope of its enforcement
         Throughout the years the       sociation, in conjunction        efforts. Listed below is a
         Association has begun to       with PENN DOT, the PA            sampling of these initia-
         focus more and more en-        State Police, the National       tives.

         DUI Court
         The goal of DUI Court is to    Courts in both Berks and         tected when DUI offend-
         protect public safety by       Lackawanna demonstrate           ers remain substance
         attacking the root cause       the effectiveness of the         free.
         of DUI’s—alcohol and           effort. For the first time
                                                                         The goal of the DUI Asso-
         other substance use. The       they report extended peri-
                                                                         ciation is to expand DUI
         DUI Court focuses all as-      ods of sobriety. In addi-
                                                                         Courts throughout the
         pects of the county crimi-     tion to sobriety, partici-
                                                                         Commonwealth. Alle-
         nal justice system toward      pants are steadily em-
                                                                         gheny County has already
         the rehabilitation of the      ployed, productive and
                                                                         been approved for 2005.
         offender. Key compo-           contributing to society.
         nents of DUI Court include
                                        Further, Berks
         Judicial intervention,
                                        County reports
         graduated sanctions and
                                        that jail days are
         rewards, urinalysis, treat-
                                        saved and sup-
         ment for substance
                                        port payments are
         abuse, case management
                                        up to date. Of
         and peer support after
                                        greatest impor-
         completing the program.
                                        tance, the com-
         Graduates from DUI             munity is pro-
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                       Page 6

Operation Nighthawk
“Operation Nighthawk” is      The Pennsylvania State        and 145 munici-
a specialized two-day         Police conducted              pal officers repre-
training and enforcement      “Operation Nighthawk” in      senting 53 differ-
program aimed at reduc-       cooperation with the PA       ent agencies.
ing drinking and driving.     DUI Association and the       The program had
Conducted on Friday and       Department of Transpor-       overwhelming
Saturday evenings, this       tation at three locations     success shown by the sta-
program combines class-       during 2004. The opera-       tistical data. The total
room instruction contain-     tions were conducted in       numbers of arrests were:
ing workshops on DUI          Luzerne County, Crawford      129 DUI arrests; 928 traf-
case law and drugged          County, and Dauphin           fic citations; 33 drug ar-
driving with professional     County. The program was       rests; and 62 underage
motivational speakers.        attended by 125 troopers      drinking arrests.

Operation Safe Holiday
Operation Safe Holiday is     This program began as a       This multifaceted law en-
a collaborative effort com-   pilot project in North Cen-   forcement effort provided
bining Traffic Safety         tral Pennsylvania. PENN       information on seat belts
Checkpoints and Sobriety      DOT’s Alcohol Highway         and alcohol to a total of
Checkpoints into an inten-    Safety Program and            174,060 travelers. One
sive, comprehensive high-     Buckle Up Pennsylvania        hundred fifty-four (154)
way safety initiative em-     were the driving force be-    drunk drivers were re-
ployed during the heavily     hind this first campaign      moved from the road-
traveled holidays. This       held Thanksgiving Eve         ways, 54 underage drink-
joint effort is part of an    2003. Results from the        ers were arrested, 7 un-
ongoing campaign to sus-      initial program were very     derage DUI arrests were
tain the awareness level      positive leading to Opera-    made, 27 drug related
about the value of seat       tion Safe Holiday II which    arrests, 69 suspended
belt use and the conse-       was held on Memorial          license citations, 175
quences of impaired driv-     Day weekend, May 28 &         other arrests, and 596
ing.                          29, 2004.                     written warnings resulted
                                                            from the combined check-
                                                            points and patrols.
Page 7                                                                     2004 ANNUAL REPORT

         Sobriety Checkpoint Materials
         The original Sobriety        was implemented in            be trained to teach the
         Checkpoint video was         2004. These officers will     sobriety checkpoint up-
         filmed in 1996. This in-                                   date (refresher) course.
         structional video was re-
                                                                    Also during 2004, the So-
         made in 2003 under con-
                                                                    briety Checkpoint manual
         tract with PENN DOT.
                                                                    was updated. A few final
         The DUI Enforcement                                        touches will be completed
         video was used in training                                 on the guide with distribu-
         sessions across the state                                  tion expected by the an-
         during 2004.                                               nual conference in the
                                                                    spring of 2005.
         The initial phase of a new
         train-the trainer program

         DUI Top Gun Awards
         In 1999, the PA DUI Asso-    tion TOP GUN Awards.          The awards were pre-
         ciation began a tradition                                  sented at the DUI Associa-
                                      In 2004, 7 municipal offi-    tion’s banquet during the
         of honoring municipal
                                      cers, 8 state troopers, a     Annual Conference on
         officers and state troop-
                                      Waterways Conservation        November 4, 2004.
         ers who make DUI en-
                                      Officer, County Sheriff and
         forcement a top priority
                                      1 department were se-
         with the PA DUI Associa-
                                      lected as TOP GUNS .
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                      Page 8

The Pennsylvania Driving      experienced some staff         Commonwealth including          There were more
Under the Influence Asso-     changes this year, it still    device performance, in-
ciation has been under        reports to and works           stallation service center
                                                                                          than 27.5 million
contract with the Pennsyl-    closely with and in con-       compliance, specifica-        sober miles driven
vania Department of           junction with the Depart-      tions enhancements, leg-              by ignition
Transportation (the De-       ment. The addition of an       islative revisions, Court
partment) to perform          electrical engineer techni-    rulings, participant feed-    interlock program
quality assurance tasks       cian to the QAP staff has      back and the needs of the           participants.
for the ignition interlock    already proven to help         law enforcement commu-
program in Pennsylvania       enhance the efficiency         nity.
since January 2002. In        and effectiveness of the
January of 2004, the con-     ignition interlock program
tract was extended until      in Pennsylvania.
2007.                         The QAP observes all as-
Although the Quality As-      pects of the performance
surance Program (QAP)         of ignition interlock in the

2004 Ignition Interlock Statistics
Program tracking by QAP       to and more than .10%          highways, up over 5 mil-
personnel showed that         but less than or equal to      lion miles from 2003.
there were a total of         .16%; and (4) more than
2,594 new interlock in-       .16%. Of the almost 4.4        To respond to an ever ex-
stallations in 2004. There    million BrAC tests taken       panding program and the
were also 2,373 success-      during 2004, 32,070            need to address compli-
ful program completions,      failed with BrAC levels        ance issues and prob-
and only 167 voluntary        equal to or exceeding          lems, QAP personnel
removals from the pro-        .025% as follows: 27,407       monitored and assisted
                              or 85% were caused by a        the Pennsylvania Depart-
                              BrAC of .025% to .08%;         ment of Transportation
Year end statistics were                                     with interlock specifica-
                              2,021 or 6% were caused
compiled by QAP. Be-                                         tions enhancements and
                              by a BrAC of .81% to
cause of a change in the                                     revisions. This work has
                              .099%; 2,025 or 6% were
law, Breath Alcohol Con-                                     resulted in a new
                              caused by a BrAC of .10%
centrations (BrAC’s) levels                                  set of Ignition In-
                              to .16%, and 617 or 2%
were expanded to include:                                    terlock Specifica-
                              were caused by a BrAC of
(1) equal to and more                                        tions. These new
                              .16% or higher. Even
than .025% but less than                                     specifications are
                              more encouraging, there
or equal to .08%; (2)                                        scheduled to be in
                              were over 27.5 million
equal to and more than                                       use in early 2005.
                              sober miles driven by
.081% but less than or
                              these program partici-
equal to .099%; (3) equal
                              pants on Pennsylvania
Page 9                                                                        2004 ANNUAL REPORT

         Ignition Interlock (cont.)
         In 2004, QAP personnel          installers and technicians    testing on four devices;
         completed eighty-eight          of National Interlock Ser-    began to draft a Proce-
         (88) on-site quality assur-     vices of Pennsylvania;        dures Manual for QAP;
         ance inspections of igni-       planned and hosted two        and developed the Tam-
         tion interlock device in-       (2) ignition interlock        per Notification System
         stallation service centers      manufacturer meetings;        that tracks and reports
         (an increase of 22 inspec-      developed the “Law En-        participants who have
         tions over last year); dis-     forcement Charge Sheet        attempted to tamper with,
         tributed 1,907 end-of-          for Act 24 pertaining to      bypass or circumvent a
         program surveys to pro-         Ignition Interlock” and       device.
         gram participants; newly        distributed copies to all
                                                                        Lastly, the QAP provided
         developed and distributed       law enforcement agencies
                                                                       continued technical assis-
         1,268 surveys to partici-       in the Commonwealth;
                                                                       tance to the Department
         pants on the program for        attended the Traffic Insti-
                                                                       and to the numerous in-
         three months; presented         tute Research Founda-
                                                                       quiries from potential par-
         eleven (11) interlock pro-      tion’s 5th Annual Ignition
                                                                       ticipants and current par-
         gram training sessions;         Interlock Symposium in
                                                                       ticipants of the Ignition
         developed a quality assur-      Phoenix, Arizona; devel-
                                                                       Interlock Program, its
         ance training curriculum        oped the criteria for Pre-
                                                                       manufacturers, service
         for ignition interlock in-      Screening Quality Assur-
                                                                       providers, installers and
         stallers and technicians        ance In-Vehicle Testing of
                                                                       technicians, and the
         and presented it to the         Devices and conducted
                                                                       press and media.

         When the PA DUI Associa-        driving and the promotion     Association.
         tion was first formed in        of highway safety.
                                                                       The Association has over
         1979 it was as a private,
                                         The Association is gov-       700 members throughout
         non-profit Association. In
                                         erned by a 16 member          the Commonwealth. The
         addition to the many con-
                                         Board of Directors, con-      state is divided into four
         tract activities it conducts,
                                         sisting of a chairperson      regions. The regional
         the DUI Association is still
                                         and two representatives       structure allows for
         a strong and active mem-
                                         from each region and the      smaller groups of mem-
         bership association. The
                                         executive board               bers to meet and share
         membership is a diverse
                                         (President, Vice, Presi-      local concerns and is-
         group of professionals,
                                         dent, Treasurer and Sec-      sues. Each region meets
         volunteers and individuals
                                         retary). The Board meets      quarterly for training and
         united by their interest in
                                         every other month to con-     networking opportunities.
         and commitment to the
                                         duct the business of the
         prevention of impaired
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                       Page 10

Annual Meeting & Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
Every year, the Associa-       reached a milestone and      meet their individual
tion conducts an annual        celebrated its 25th Anni-    needs. Speakers Jerry
meeting in the fall. The       versary. The Twenty-fifth    Sandusky of the Second
location is moved around       Annual Meeting was held      Mile Foundation, Dr.
the state from year to         November 3rd to the 5th in   Robert Ackerman, and
year to accommodate all        State College, PA with ap-   Captain Pete Collins
of our members. The con-       proximately 325 partici-     shared their personal sto-
ference is three days in       pants in attendance. As a    ries and expertise with
length and averages 300        celebration of our silver    the membership.
to 350 participants each       anniversary the theme of     Prior to the banquet, Past
year.                          the conference was “The      President’s of the Asso-
The conferences feature        Best of the Best.” Speak-    ciation hosted the Silver
nationally known speak-        ers and workshops fea-       Jubilee Reception for
ers, workshops presented       tured the best and bright-   members to meet and
by experts in the field, the   est from the past twenty-    socialize. Banquet cere-
latest products and ser-       four years. Workshop top-    monies included the
vices, networking opportu-     ics included Drug Im-        presentation of the sev-
nities and more. Very few      paired Driving, Group        enth annual DUI Top
other states (if any) offer    Techniques, DUI Court,       Gun awards and a Key-
this kind of statewide         Driver Licensing Issues,     note Address by the
symposium for DUI pro-         and DUI Case Law to          newly elected Congress-
fessionals.                    name just a few. Partici-    man Ted Poe.
                               pants had twenty work-
In 2004, the Association       shops to choose from to
Page 11                                                                                               2004 ANNUAL REPORT

                             Sponsored Events
                              Along with the regional membership              Commonwealth Prevention Alliance
                              meetings and annual conference, the             (CPA) conference. CPA is a volunteer
                              Association sponsors other special              association and does not have the
                              training events throughout the state.           manpower to plan their conference. In
                              These included:                                 the spirit of unity among non-profit or-
                                Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking      ganizations, the Association performs
          Hunter Unveiled      (PAUD) Youth Rally – October 7 in Harrisburg   the organizational tasks necessary for
                                    with over 500 youth participants          a successful conference. Since the
                                 Lancaster DUI Awareness Conference –         Association began performing this task
                              December 3 in Lancaster with 250 participants   in 2001, there has been a noticeable
                              The Association also acts as the                increase in the number of conference
                              coordinating agency for the                     participants.

                            New Weapons in the Fight Against Impaired Driving
                            Hunter—The Pennsylvania           ance, was unveiled at         awareness to the issue of
                            Fish and Boat Commis-             Raystown Lake, Hunting-       Boating Under the Influ-
                            sion (PFBC) joined the PA         don County on August 27,      ence.
                            DUI Association and Team          2004 at the public launch
                            BUI in unveiling “Hunter,”        ramp at Seven Points Ma-
                            a highly visible cigarette        rina. Conservation Offi-
                            boat intended to call at-         cers from the Com-
                            tention to the dangers of         mission were also
                            boating under the influ-          on hand to demon-
                            ence (BUI).                       strate tools used in
                            The boat, which was pro-          BUI enforcement.
                            vided through the aus-            Hunter will continue
                            pices of State Farm Insur-        to be used to bring

                            Lookin Out Bug—Erie In-           vania and nearby states.      real life experience of
                            surance Group and the                                           driving while impaired,
                                                              The Erie Insurance Lookin'
                            Pennsylvania DUI Associa-                                       without the real life risk.
                                                              Out Safety Bug was un-
                            tion joined in partnership
                                                              veiled Monday, May 24,        The Lookin Out Bug is the
                            to give teenagers a ride
                                                              2004, in Erie, Pa., as part   second Safety Bug oper-
                                      they won't soon
                                                              of an innovative program      ated by the PA DUI Asso-
                                      forget--one that
                                                              developed by the Pennsyl-     cation. The original Bug
                                      hopefully im-
                                                              vania DUI Association and     continues to educate stu-
                                      pacts their future
                                                              sponsored by Erie Insur-      dents across the Com-
                                      decisions, pre-
                                                              ance Group's safe teen        monwealth as well as its
                                      vents risky be-
                                                              driving program, Lookin'      new counterpart.
                                      haviors and ulti-
                                                              Out. The custom engi-
                                      mately saves
                                                              neered Volkswagen Bee-
                                      lives in Pennsyl-
                                                              tle allows teen drivers the
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                      Page 12

The Association realized     of DUI. Two different        Destructive Decisions
many years ago that          youth oriented programs      (SADD).
today’s teens are            are housed within the PA
tomorrow’s adult impaired    DUI Association’s domain:
drivers and that reaching    Pennsylvanians Against
our young people is          Underage Drinking (PAUD)
crucial in the prevention    and Students Against

Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking
The PA DUI Association                                    Safety offices, Liquor Con-
                             clude the following:
has continued to act as                                   trol Enforcement offices,
the host agency for the      A New Activity Guide for     and State Agencies.
Pennsylvanians Against       Pennsylvania's Youth         Development of the activ-
Underage Drinking (PAUD)     A new activity guide for     ity guide was in partner-
Coalition.                   youth groups was devel-      ship with the following or-
                             oped in 2004. The 50         ganizations: PA SADD, PA
PAUD produced 17 differ-     page activity booklet fea-   DUI Association, PENN
ent ads promoting its un-    tures updated alcohol        DOT, and the PA Liquor
derage drinking hotline.     free events for youth        Control Board, Bureau of
These ads appeared over      groups to implement in       Alcohol Education. A copy
230 times in newspapers      their schools and commu-     may be downloaded from
throughout PA with a         nities. In addi-             http://www.alcoholfreeyou
                             tion, resource pages in-
readership of almost 2.1
                             clude listings of local,     mlwww.alcoholfreeyouth.o
Million. PAUDs accom-        state and national re-       rg/.
plishments for 2004 in-      sources, local highway

Underage Drinking Mini       Mary Ann Bowman, Twin        Against Rape, Jennie
Conference-Somerset, PA      Lakes Center. The confer-    Seigler, The New .08
                             ence featured: Jim Cop-      Law, Pennsylvania
Over 100 youth and adult
                             ple, Pacific Institute for   DUI Association, and
participants attended a
                             Research and Evaluation,     Matt Bellace, the
one day conference held
                             who helped lead the chal-    founder of the first
at Seven Springs Resort,
                             lenge for reducing under-    alcohol free organi-
Somerset County. Partici-
                             age drinking in Western      zation at Bucknell
pants were welcomed by
                             PA. Participants attended
Somerset County Com-                                      University.
                             workshops presented by:
missioner Pam Tokar, and
                             Pennsylvania Coalition

4th Annual PAUD Youth        traveled to the capitol to   cerned about underage
Rally                        hold a press conference.     drinking. At the conclu-
                             The event was a success      sion of the press confer-
Over 500 youth attended
                             with participation from      ence youth met with their
a half day training on un-
                             state legislators, youth,    local legislators.
derage drinking, and then
                             and other officials con-
Page 13                                                                        2004 ANNUAL REPORT

          PAUD Statewide Confer-        forcement on Controlled        sponsibility." Sponsors
          ence on Underage              Party Dispersal Training,      for this event included:
          Drinking                      Jim Copple from Pacific        Donegal Insurance Com-
                                        Institute for Research and     pany, Pennsylvania Liquor
          Over 160 professionals        Evaluation, Dr. Janis Ja-      Control Board, Bureau of
          and youth participants        cobs, Penn State Univer-       Alcohol Education, Key-
          attended the 1st annual       sity, focusing her keynote     stone Mid-Atlantic Intoxi-
          conference on underage        presentation on the Na-        meter, Inc. and the PA DUI
          drinking held in State Col-   tional Academy of Sci-         Association.
          lege, PA. Highlights of the   ences Institute of Medi-
          conference included full      cines "Reducing Underage
          day training for law en-      Drinking a Collective Re-

                                            Statewide Conference -     the Lancaster Host on
                                                                       October 19th with 400
                                           Two conferences are         participants.
                                           held each year – one
                                           in the Eastern and one
                                           in the Western part of      Newsletter
          For the past 16 years the        the state- to accommo-
                                        date the large number of       SADD Network News is
          DUI Association has been
                                        participants and reduce        published bi-monthly dur-
          the host agency for PA
                                        the drive time and over-       ing the school year. Its
          SADD. With no state or
                                        night expenses for the         content includes chapter
          federal funding the Asso-
                                        schools.                       accomplishments, calen-
          ciation has maintained an
                                                                       dar of events, activities
          active and viable state       In 2004, the Conferences       and the latest news and
          office for the 600+ SADD      were held in at Seven          statistics.
          Chapters around the           Springs Mountain Resort
          state. Services provided      on October 18th with over
          to the chapters includes:     375 participants and at

          Web Page                      Sober Bowl                    Keys for Life
             Available through the      This program, developed       These custom keys bear
             PA DUI Association’s       by the Association, is a 21   the Pennsylvania SADD
            home site, or through       week anti-drug and alco-      logo as a reminder to
          independent query, the        hol campaign aimed at         “choose sobriety” every
          PA SADD website lists all     junior and senior high        time you leave your
          of the chapters in the        school students. During       house, start your car or
          state for networking pur-     2004, 37 schools partici-     use your keys. The keys
          poses, activity ideas, a      pated in the program.         can be purchased for dis-
          calendar of events,                                         tribution to the student
          speakers’ bureau and                                        body or to sell as a fund-
          more.                                                       raiser.
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                       Page 14

Student of the Year Award     the Year—Jacqueline           burg, Florida to help as-
                              Hackett, is an incredibly     sess the needs of other
This competition is held      active young lady. As the     SADD students across the
ever year and allows stu-     Pennsylvania SADD Stu-        country.
dents to highlight their      dent of the Year, Jackie
accomplishments as                                          On February 11, 2004,
                              had the opportunity to
members of SADD. The                                        Jackie testified on behalf
                              participate on the plan-
statewide winner is for-                                    of her peers at the Con-
                              ning committee for the
warded to National SADD                                     gressional subcommittee
                              SADD National Confer-
for inclusion in the coun-                                  hearing on education re-
                              ence. In her role with the
trywide contest. The PA                                     form in Washington, D.C.
                              Student Leadership Coun-
SADD Student of the Year                                    Ms. Hackett served as a
                              cil, she was able to attend
is usually selected to                                      youth staff member at the
                              the 2003 National Confer-
serve on the national Stu-                                  2004 National Confer-
                              ence in Philadelphia, PA.
dent Leadership Council.                                    ence in St. Louis, Mis-
                              Jackie has attended
The 2004-2005 PA & Na-        meetings in Boston, Mas-
tional SADD Student of        sachusetts and St. Peters-

The Association’s most        The Safety Bug’s over-        pacting over 35,000 stu-
popular youth prevention      whelming popularity led       dents.
campaign is the Safety        the Association to the
                                                            The Bugs traveled to
Bug. This 1999 VW Bee-        construction of a second
                                                            schools in Pennsylvania
tle, which was engineered     Safety Bug. This 2003 VW
                                                            and numerous other
to simulate impaired driv-    Beetle was sponsored by
                                                            states and was the sub-
ing, has been educating       Erie Insurance and the
                                                            ject in 30 newspaper arti-
students for six years.       Association was happy to
                                                            cles, with a combined cir-
This hands-on demonstra-      unveil the Lookin Out
                                                            culation of over 633,000.
tion of the loss of control   Safety Bug in Erie. (see
an impaired driver experi-    page 11 for the full story)
ences brings home the         In 2004 the two
message of sobriety bet-      Safety Bugs visited
ter than any lecture ever     111 schools im-
Page 15                                                                       2004 ANNUAL REPORT

          Safety SIM— “Saving Lives Virtually”
          Traditionally, the only way    also shows the danger to      impact upon the partici-
          for new drivers to gain        you when other drivers        pant’s future decisions —
          experience was to prac-        are impaired.                 and help prevent risky
          tice in the family car with                                  behaviors, hopefully sav-
                                         With its real dashboard,
          a parent, or to incur the                                    ing lives.
                                         steering wheel and
          cost of a driver’s educa-                                    The Association was
                                         driver’s seat, the SAFETY
          tion instructor. This often                                  pleased to join in partner-
                                         SIMulator provides realis-
          leaves new drivers with                                      ship with State Farm In-
                                         tic, hands-on experience.
          limited time behind the                                      surance and add the
          wheel and feeling uncer-       Training on the SIMulator     SAFETY SIM to its fleet of
          tain about their driving       helps individuals gain        hands-on, educational
          skills.                        confidence in their ability   tools. The SIM made its
                                         as a driver and develop       debut in the fall of 2004
          The SAFETY SIMulator is                                      and has already made
                                         an appreciation for safety.
          one way to gain additional                                   dozens of appearances
          experience . The SIMula-       The lessons in safe driv-     statewide.
          tor also lets you drive        ing and the effects of im-
          safely under many diverse      pairment learned by a
          and adverse conditions,        teen’s experience with the
          including snow, fog, and       SAFETY
          heavy traffic. It allows you   SIMula-
          to feel first hand how al-     tor will
          cohol impairs your ability     have a
          to steer and brake, and        positive

          Media Coverage/Publications
          To make sure that im-          Year covered issues such      Top Gun Awards at the
          paired driving and related     as: Safe Graduation, Driv-    Association’s Annual
                issues stay in the       ing Safe During the Holi-     Meeting, the Statewide
                forefront of the pub-    days and Underage Drink-      SADD Conferences and
                lics mind, the DUI       ing. There were a total of    the DUI Victims Remem-
                Association sent Let-    10 articles released          brance Ceremony.
                ters to the Editor,      through out the year.
                                                                       The Association was also
                Opinion pieces and       Those articles ran in 153
                                                                       quoted in articles dealing
                press releases to the    papers with a readership
                                                                       with the new law and the
                Commonwealth’s           of 2.8 million.
                                                                       many projects in which we
                media outlets. The
                                         Press releases covered        are engaged. The reader-
          Association’s Executive
                                         the Association’s DUI Vic-    ship for those newspa-
          Director, SADD Coordina-
                                         tims Memorial Run,            pers totaled over 4.8 mil-
          tor, Board members and
                                         Hunter’s dedication, the      lion readers.
          the SADD Student of the
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                   Page 16

Media Coverage/PSA’s
The PA DUI Association,       A total of 14 advertisers
working with Jim Starr        in 6 different markets on
Media, developed a part-      25 different cable net-
nership with Comcast Ca-      works, participated in the
                              program. The On Air
ble Company. Through
                              schedules covered 10
this endeavor, the Com-       different weeks including
cast Spotlight Community      Labor Day, Halloween,
Service Partnership           Thanksgiving, Christmas
Awards, 3,330 total DUI       and New Years.
Public Service Announce-                                                           Comcast Spotlight Award recipients and
ment (PSA) Spots were                                                              PA DUI Association Executive Director C.
                                                                                   Stephen Erni

Remembering Those We’ve Lost
On October 2, 2003 the        The Association also pro-    It was distributed to
DUI Victims Memorial Gar-     duced a video in 2004        Alcohol Highway
den was dedicated to          entitled “Everybody Gets     Safety Programs
those individuals killed in   Hurt”. This video featured   throughout the
impaired driving crashes.     family members of DUI        Commonwealth.
October 2, 2004 was           Victims and of a DUI of-
dedicated as DUI Victims      fender currently serving
Memorial Day by Gover-        time in jail for killing
nor Ed Rendell, Mayor         someone while driving
Stephen Reed, the State       impaired.
Senate and House of Rep-
                              This hard hitting video
                              showed that driving drunk
                              is a no win situation.

TOP GUN Photo Shoot in Memorial Garden
On April 21st the sound of    The PA State Police were     used in a
helicopter rotors beat the    there to photograph 14       DUI
air above the DUI             DUI TOP GUN troopers         prevention
Association offices. Not      and officers in the DUI      poster
the norm for a spring         Victims Memorial Park.       developed
afternoon in Harrisburg,      The picture of the TOP       by the State
but business as usual for     GUN award winners,           Police. The
the PA State Police           police cruisers and          poster was
photographer and              motorcycles, in the          distributed
helicopter crew.              poignant setting of the      throughout
                              DUI Victims garden, were     the state.
Page 17                                                                     2004 ANNUAL REPORT

          The DUI Association has      If you haven’t ever visited   Information on the law,
          maintained a website for     the Association’s website     the latest crash facts and
          many years now. It acts as   give it a try at              ignition interlock can be
          a source for the latest You’ll find    found on pages with
          news and information to      current events listed on      those names.
          the DUI field.               the “About Us” page along
                                       with basic facts about the
          During 2004 the website      Association and staff.
          underwent a number of
          revisions, with more
          planned for 2005. The
          Memorial Garden page
          was added in 2004 and a
          page for the Safety SIM is                                 These are just a sample
          in the works for early                                     of the many pages of valu-
          2005.                                                      able information that can
                                       The yearly list of work-      be found at
                                       shops for CRN Evaluators
                                       and DUI Instructors is
                                       found on the “Training
                                       Schedule” page.

          These revisions are being
          made to keep the site cur-
          rent to the Association’s
          activities and filled with
          up-to-date information for
          our membership.
2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                   Page 18

      Executive Board             MARYANN BOWMAN,                    Regional Chairs           D. Wayne Harper (Region III)
  JIM HANLON, PRESIDENT                SECRETARY                       Jamie Kopko               Center for Traffic Safety
       DUI Coordinator               DUI Coordinator                     (Region I)                1 West Marketway
     Diagnostic Services       Twin Lakes Center for D & A      Montgomery Co. DUI Admin.        Second Floor, Suite 203
                                      Rehabilitation              1880 Markley Street               York, PA 17401
   Court of Common Pleas
                                      P.O. Box 909                    Logan Square                   717-771-9711
  Delaware Co. Courthouse
     Media, PA 19063              Somerset, PA 15501              Norristown, PA 19401
                                    (814) 443-3639                   610-278-3623               Carl McKee (Region IV)
      (610) 891-4521
                                                                                               Warren Co. Adult Probation
                               GARY MOORE, TREASURER               Roseann Mohn                   204 Fourth Avenue
    MARILYN STEIN, VICE        West Whitehall Twp Police                                          Warren, PA 16365
                                                                       (Region II)
        PRESIDENT                    Department                                                     814-723-7550
                                                                  Northampton Co. DUI
     137 Howard Avenue          222 N. Pottstown Pike            105 South Union Street
    Lancaster, PA 17603           Exton, PA 19341                  Easton, PA 18042
      (717) 397-8275               (610) 363-0200                   610-559-6810

Regional Board Representatives                                              Staff
 Region I                      Region III
     Susan Gerhart                     Todd Harpster                                    PA DUI Association
    5033 Red Oak Lane          Mifflin Co. Safe Driving Prog.
                                        PO Box 206
                                                                              C. Stephen Erni, Executive Director
    Mohnton, PA 19540
      610-796-4706                Lewistown, PA 17044                         Cathy Tress, Law Enforcement Liaison
        Gary Hutnick                                                        Liane Petras, PA State SADD Coordinator
  Montgomery County DUI                Chris Smith
                                                                              Wendy Whitehaus Cole, Asst. Director
      Administration             Lycoming Comp. Highway
 1880 Markley Street, Logan          Safety Program
           Square                 542 County Farm Road,
   Norristown, PA 19401          Montoursville, PA 17754                         Ignition Interlock Quality
      610-278-3623                   570-433-0820
                                                                                        Assurance Program
 Region II                      Region IV
     Chief Douglas Kish               Betty McBride                                      Lynda Kerr, Director
  Catasauqua Police Dept.         Mon-Yough DUI Project                           Michael McConnell, Technician
     118 Bridge Street              522 Walnut Street
  Catasauqua, PA 18032          The Masonic Bldg., 2nd Fl.                             Ricky L. Miller, Technician
      610-264-0577               McKeesport, PA 15132
       Jake Zagozewski
       DUI Coordinator                  Sandy Toy
                                                                            Pennsylvanians Against Underage
  Bradford Co. DUI Interven-     Indiana University of PA                              Drinking
         tion Program             Highway Safety Center
       RR #1 Box 137            R & P Bldg, 629 Fisher St.                   Felicity DeBacco-Erni, Program Director
     Towanda, PA 18848             Indiana, PA 15706
                                                                                 Pat Sweger, Administrative Asst.
        570-265-0100                 724-357-4877
Pennsylvania DUI Association
2413 N. Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
717-238-6211 (fax)
                                Pennsylvania DUI Association
                               2004 ANNUAL

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