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Parent Handbook Falcons 2011


									                Finneytown Falcons Youth

                            Parent Handbook
Welcome to the Finneytown Falcons Youth Athletics Football Program. If this is your first year
in the organization, we hope you have an enjoyable experience with your children. For those of
you returning, it is nice to see you again. We are a family here in the community and provide a
lot of different fun filled activities for you and your children.

As you go through this handbook, you will find useful information that will aid you during the
course of the season. This booklet will provide some information on how the Falcons are
organized, what to do if you have a problem, a code of conduct for parents and children.

The Falcons administrators are in their Ninth year of running youth football. As the season
begins, we will be hosting Falcons, Football & Cheerleading Pep Rally @ Daly Rd. Swim
Club to kick off our 2011 football season. Also the year will end with our annual sports banquet.
This provides each child an opportunity to be honored and reflect upon this past season. As you
can see, this season is destined to be a fun filled season with children in mind, playing America’s
greatest sport…FOOTBALL. Have a great season.

The Falcons Board,

HOT LINE: 513-626-1322
              Finneytown Falcons Youth


  1. The Falcons will provide an opportunity for children to be instructed in the fundamentals
     of playing football.
  2. All coaches have completed an application and interview process, All coaches affiliated
     with the Finneytown Falcons Youth Football Program are member of the National Youth
     Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) & completed background Check
  3. Coaches must be on time for both practice and games and must remain until all children
     of the Falcons program have left.
  4. Your child will be provided with a practice and game uniform. All equipment is
     provided. Players will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, 7 piece pad set, belt, socks and
     mouth piece.
  5. Parents can expect coaches, assistant coaches and all adult volunteers to have the highest
     standards when working with children. This includes no alcohol, tobacco, or drug use at
     any time. No foul or obscene language is to be used by coaches or adult volunteers. No
     physical, mental or sexual abuse is tolerated in this organization.
  6. The organization will provide a weekly newsletter to keep parents informed of games,
     directions, and changes as they occur. Our web site is also a way you can find
     information. .
  7. You, as a parent, have the right to inspect the organization by-laws that are provided on
     our web page.
                Finneytown Falcons Youth

   1. The organization expects each parent to abide by a code of conduct. This includes NO
      ALCOHOL, TOBACCO OR DRUG USE at any Falcons event, including practice. No
      obscene language and no physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. A parent should be a role
      model for every child in the organization. Praise your child and other members of the
      team for the accomplishments.
   2. Treat all coaches with respect and dignity and they will do likewise. They are volunteers
      who contribute their time and talents for the benefit of your children. You may not
      always agree with a coach’s decision, however, he/she has the final say on his/her team.
   3. You are not paying for the right to choose a position for your child. The coach decides
      who plays what position on each team. PLEASE SUPPORT COACHES.
   4. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, talk to your coach first. Please talk with a
      coach before or after practice, so that we don’t take time away from the children. If that
      does not resolve your issue, talk to the director or any board member. If that does not
      resolve your issue, a meeting will be scheduled with the Falcons Executive Committee ,
      which is the final decision in all issues.
   5. The organization expects you to get your child to practice and games on time. This is
      your responsibility. If your child is not properly equipped to play he/she will be declared
      ineligible to play. Football players that arrive after books have been checked may not
      play until checked in by the officials at halftime.
   6. A coach is required to prevent a child from playing in games if he misses 2 practices in a
      week. In addition, the coach may discipline a child with physical exercises or by not
      allowing him/her to play in the game if the player is not following the rules or directions
      of the coach.
   7. The coach has the right to remove any parent, player, or volunteer from any Falcons
      event (including practice), who is creating a disturbance or not abiding by the code of
      conduct, or creating an unhealthy environment for children, without refund, pending
      review by the Falcons Executive Committee.

Any parent who will not follow this course of action will be in jeopardy of losing their membership
and their child’s membership in the organization without a refund.
                Finneytown Falcons Youth

One of the most important tasks for coaches and parents is to prepare our children for life.
Children must learn to overcome fears and failures, to try new things and to deal with failure as
well as success. Often, coaches and parents view sports with a life-or-death goal of winning. As
parents and coaches, we should teach children to play to win, but also teach them appropriate
behavior when we lose. Parents and coaches teach appropriate behavior through their own
actions and words. Winning is not everything. The challenge of parents and coaches, as role
models is to teach through our own actions, appropriate social skills and behaviors. Above all
else, teach your child good sportsmanship

  Support your child while he/she is playing, simply by being there.
  Comment on how hard they tried. Say something positive.
  Leave coaching to the coaches.
  Show self-control and enjoyment while your child is playing.
  Teach and demonstrate to children to play by the rules.
  Applaud ALL good plays and efforts for BOTH teams.
  Treat all players, coaches, and officials as you would like to be treated.
  Make every effort to attend your child’s practice and games.

Do Not…
   Force a child to play if they don’t want to.
   Yell at your child for making mistakes.
   NEVER question, discuss, or confront a coach or another parent about the game or
       competition at the game field or competition site. Wait until you get home and get some
       distance from the situation. PLEASE OBSERVE THE 24 HOUR RULE.
   Yell at the officials or opposing team during a game.
   Criticize or put down a player, opposing player, coach or official when discussing a practice
       or game with your child.
   Do not call your child’s attention to you during a game or practice.
                     Finneytown Falcons Youth
The cost of the Falcons football program is $125.00. This price is inclusive of registration and
athletic fees. All fees must be paid by July,17th 2011. Equipment hand out will be held on July
17th ,final payment must be paid before your child receives equipment.

July 11th                                         Conditioning Begins
July17                                            Equipment Hand Out
          st         st
July 31 / August 1                                Falcons Football Classic (Pre-Season)
August 6th                                        Falcons Pep Rally/ Swim Party
August 8th (8:00 am )                             Mandatory League Weigh-In
August ,14                                        Pre-Season Game (TBA)
August 18 (5:00 pm)                               Final Weigh In
August 21                                         Season Opening Game

In order to complete our roster and before season begins we need each Parent to do the
     Pay the non-refundable registration fee of $125.00
     Provide one copy of birth certificate
     Sign a parents and players code of ethics
     Provide 4th quarter report card from 2010-11 school year showing grade promoted to for
       2011-12 school year
     Complete an emergency information/contact form
     Sign the Parents code of ethics.

A child’s eligibility is based upon their grade for the 2011-2012 school year. There is a
mandatory weigh in for all players. Please keep in mind that every player must be weighed in.
There is no maximum weight limit for each grade level except those players running the ball
from the backfield.

K – 1st   – 65 pounds maximum in order to run the ball from the backfield
2nd –       80 pounds maximum in order to run the ball from the backfield
3rd –       95 pounds maximum in order to run the ball from the backfield
4th –     110 pounds maximum in order to run the ball from the backfield
5th –     125 pounds maximum in order to run the ball from the backfield
6th –     No Weight Limit
                Finneytown Falcons Youth
Practice will be Monday through Thursday beginning on July 12h from 7:00 – 9:00 until school
begins in August.

Beginning the week of August 16th practice time will be from 6:00 - 8:00, and the days will vary
by team.

If you need to leave your child please plan to return 15 min before practices are over in order to
hear any important updates or to have your questions answered. If your child may not participate
in prayer please let the head coach of your child’s team know.

If your child is going to miss practice please contact the head coach of his team to let him know.
If you need to talk with a coach about anything specific please do so before or after practice, so
that we don’t take time away from the children.

For conditioning each player should wear light colored jogging pants or shorts, a loose t-shirt and
comfortable gym shoes. Dark clothing absorbs heat which can help to raise the body
temperature and cause heat exhaustion. When full contact practice begins (July 27th), players
should wear practice pants (with pads), jersey. Be sure to have their cleats, helmets, shoulder
pads and mouthpiece.

Please note: NO PRACTICE = NO PLAY

Each player needs to report to the field dressed in their uniform one hour before game time. This
is a must. Football players that arrive after books have been checked may not play until checked
in by the officials at half time. Any player not prepared to play at game time will not play.

Football games are played during the rain and snow. The only thing that cancels a game is

Any player under suspension must attend the game dressed in his jersey only. He is required to
be on the sideline with his coaches.

Any player under suspension from their school, will be under suspension from the game
Parent may bring their child to practice if they wish.
              Finneytown Falcons Youth

                             PLAYER DUTIES

I will always provide the opposing team and fans with respect and sportsmanship
during and after games.

I will respect my teammates and coaches for their hard work and determination.

I will put academics before football or any other sport or activity I participate in.

I will always remember that I am a role model and leader of my peers and I will
act accordingly.

I will come to practice on time and ready and willing to work.

I will follow all team rules and set a good example for others.

I will take good care of team uniforms and other materials given to me.

                 Finneytown Falcons Youth
We, the members of the Finneytown Falcons Youth Football Program are dedicated to serving
the community, and working hard to mold and shape the lives of all Children that we come in
contact with.

                  Our mission is to teach children to:









By learning this, they will achieve the skills to survive in the game of life as well as sports.
               Finneytown Falcons Youth
Finneytown Falcons Youth Football Members:

Coaches/Football Committee:
K-1st Grade - Larry Jones
2nd Grade - DeJuan Brown
3rd Grade - Dave Mackzum
4th Grade - Rodney Porter/Darren Sellers
5th Grade - Delando Little
6th Grade - Spencer Hale
Team Mom Coordinator – Tameka Hughes

Team Moms:
K-1st Grade - TBA
2nd Grade - TBA
3rd Grade - Keysha Wills
4th Grade - TBA
5th Grade - Nycole Brundidge
6th Grade - Tameka Hughes

Executive Committee:
President – Shaun Howard
Vice President – DeJuan Brown
Secretary – Malia Pickens
Treasurer – Keysha Wills
Commissioner of Sports – Larry Jones

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