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                                          X-ray Generator kit,
                                            Model XRS 3 Bw
                                                  Art.-Nr.: 150203
           Approval-No.: NW 860/1 Roe, ELP (PTB Braunschweig, Germany), 1st amendmend 07.07.2005722.09.2005
                                            NATO-Stock No.: 6635-12-365-8478

         With effect of 01.01.1010 X-ray
    generators are not allowd tob e sold in the
      EU with batteries not complying with
        ELP GmbH strictly enforces ROHS
            regulations its products!

                                                                                                                -Nr. 050804-20
                    Bomb Detection · Luggage and parcel inspection · Drug searches · Arms searches ·
                    Customs arid frontier inspections · Inspection of cavities, partitions etc. for bugs,
                    microphones and wiring.

The XRS-3 –Bw generator kit has been designed to meet the special requirements of the German armed forces.

All control switches have been changed to membrane switches and are positioned on the top surface of the unit. The display is
now illuminated by an indirect illumination. The trigger button is now also found on the top surface (green membrane switch).
Changing pulse settings is carried out as before below the display by two membrane push buttons. Simultaneous pushing the
pulse button and the blue button will change the default pulse setting, this means after switching the generator OFF and ON
again the new default number will appear in the display. The unit is activated by pushing in the battery and turning the key. The
software allows read-out of software version and number of already used pulses. This is an important feature for setting regular
maintenance calls.

The XRS-3 contains no radioactive materials; the unit produces radiation only while pulsing. Strategically placed internal
shielding minimizes the amount of radiation leakage outside the X-ray beam. A 15/60 second time delay button and a 6,5 m
remote firing cable allow the user to stay in safe distance from the unit while it pulses.

The XRS-3 is a light duty X-ray machine and requires little maintenance. The modular design makes component replacement
easy and cost effective. The De-Walt 14,4 V battery and battery charger may be purchased at retail stores around the world.
    Technical Data                                                    X-ray source size:                  3 mm
    Dimensions:       317,5 mm x 115 mm x 190 mm (LxWxH)              Time delay:                         15/60 s
    Weight incl. battery:         5,5 kg                              Warranty:                           1 year
    Power supply:                 14,4 V NiCd De-Walt                                               Controls
    Battery recharge timer:       1h                                  •     ON/OFF Key switch
    Output dose:          2, 5 mR ± 0,5 (305 mm in distance)          •     Delay switch: 15 or 60 s delay
    Pulse rate:                   15/s nominal                        •     Pulse-selector ( LCD )
    X-ray pulse width:            50 nanoseconds                      •     Warning light
    Max. duty cycle:      200 pulses every 4 minutes (300/h)          •     Plug for remote trigger cable/video image system
    Max. radiation:               300 keV                             •     Operational indicator light

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Basic kit (150204) consisting of:
Generator XRS3 Bw, Tripod mount, 2 batteries, battery charger, remote trigger cable, set of key and “special” key
Pelican carrying case, CD-ROM training course (Kit 150205 (NSN-6635-12-368-0147) consists of: 150204 plus vertical stand,
dial key, “special” key, Pen-dosimeter and charger.)

Complete kit (150203) consisting of:

   Description                                       Article no.:               Remarks

   Generator                                 1                                  In carrying case

   Tripod mount                              1       150192-10                  Mounted on generator

   Battery charger                           1                                  In carrying case

   Batteries                                 2       150167                     In carrying case

   Remote trigger cable                      1       150192-13                  In carrying case

   Pen dosimeter                             2       150202-01                  In carrying case

   Dosimeter charger                         1                                  In carrying case

   Vertical stand                            1       150203-05                  In carrying case

   Dial key, set                             2       150203-02                  In carrying case

   “Special“-Dial key                                150203-14                  On request
   Tripod with head and carrier bag                                                                                   See above
                                                                                PELICAN 50 cm x 65 cm x 30 cm
   Carrying case                                     150203-03
                                                                                Weight incl. equipment: 19 kg
   Manual                                    1       150203-06                  English
   CD-ROM User training                      1       150203-07                  English
Specification is subject to change without notice.

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                           ELP GmbH                          Tel.: 0049 (0)202 69894 0
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