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									Corporate growth, business
development and those who bring
them to life. This is ACG Atlanta.

                                                MONTHLY NEWSLETTER                                         Vol. 2 • Issue 7 • April 2009
                         The President’s Letter
                         Dear ACG Atlanta members:
                         We welcome our international consulates and visitors to celebrate the growth of our international mergers and
                         acquisitions community and those members of M&A International in our blockbuster April event, “Growing
                         Opportunities in a Shrinking World.” As Atlanta’s infrastructure has strengthened to support international
       Photo             growth opportunities, both in foreign investment and in expanding domestic operations overseas, we are
                         finding that more ACG members are conducting international business. ACG Atlanta embraces change in
                         the global economy and current issues. Next month, during the May 5 Academy Breakfast, we will explore
                         embracing sustainability and our leadership constituencies to make each of our organizations grow and
                         prosper in this changing world.
 We are proud to announce that the ACG Atlanta Board has approved our forward looking strategic plan. Our mission: to provide
 high quality content and networking opportunities for current and prospective members. Our
 guiding principles: the three C’s of providing high quality and relevant Content, building
 Connections, and enhancing our Community.
 Our strategic plan is flexible to change with the economic times but also provides consistency   Calendar of Events ................. 2
 as our ACG Atlanta leadership changes. We are now soliciting nominations for the Board.
                                                                                                  Board of Directors .................. 2
 Also during this time, each of us has an opportunity to renew our commitment to the ACG
 community by selecting committees on which to serve. So, raise your hand and get involved.       New Members ......................... 2
 In considering nominations, the Board Nominating Committee, chaired by Wayne Bradley, will       Letter from the Editor ............. 3
 present next year’s proposed slate of officers to the members in May.                            Young ACG .............................. 4
 With the objectives of strengthening our Chapter and attracting more corporate members,          Golf Tournament ..................... 4
 we have expanded our content to attract future ACG members and leaders, ranging from:            Maria Saporta’s Column ........ 5
 1) high school students involved with Junior Achievement of Georgia’s Fellows Program; 2)
                                                                                                  Announcements ..................... 6
 local business school students in this year’s ACG Cup pilot program; 3) professionals 35 and
 younger with this year’s launch of Young ACG; and 4) the international business community.       Member Profile........................ 7
 Congratulations to Emory University’s “Team Madoff,” which won the CityWide ACG Cup              ACG Cup News ....................... 9
 Competition, held on April 4, 2009.                                                              ACG Intergrowth ................... 10
 The membership committee is evaluating ways to involve more corporate members, increase          Thought Leadership ..............11
 member satisfaction, and help you deepen your business connections. We strive to operate         Programs Update.................. 12
 with transparency through newsletters, announcements, and solicitations of input from our        ACG Sponsors ...................... 12
 members. Let us know how these program initiatives are complementing your business and
 corporate growth needs in the annual survey, to be distributed to all members in May, and if
 you have a good idea, please reach out and let us know.                                          Editor

 Recognizing that communication is an art, our very own Vice President of Communications,         Quinn Hudson
 founder and partner of the Hudson|Crane Corporate Communications gives us useful advice          678 904 2290
 this month on Communication – Substance Delivered Clearly, most importantly that “Substance
 matters, substance sticks in communicating with your clients.” In building your relationships
 through ACG, share the substance that matters to ensure your business relationships stick.       Contact ACG Atlanta
                                                                                                  Margie Poole - Executive Director
 Very truly yours,                                                                                1631 Phoenix Blvd.
                                                                                                  Suite 4
                                                                                                  College Park, GA 30349

 Katherine Morris                                                                                 Phone: 770 991 2170
                                                                                                  Fax: 866 534 6438
 Tax Partner, BDO Seidman, LLP
 President, ACG Atlanta
     Calendar of Events                                                                Board of Directors
April 16, 2009: 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. • Ritz Carlton Buckhead                          Katherine Morris
Growing Opportunities in a Shrinking World                                             BDO Seidman, LLP
Sponsored by: M&A International & ACG Atlanta                                          Executive Vice President
                                                                                       Allen Taylor
Speaker: Mr. Pete Correll, Chairman, Atlanta Equity and Chairman Emeritus,             Bank of America
Georgia-Pacific Corp.; Panel Discussions; Beers Around the World Reception
                                                                                       Vice President of Programs
                                                                                       Dom Mazzone
April 16, 2009: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. • Ritz Carlton Buckhead                          Mazzone & Associates, Inc.
Monthly Dinner Meeting
                                                                                       Vice President of Sponsorships
Speaker: Thomas D. Bell, Jr.; Chairman and CEO, Cousins Properties Incorporated        David Duke
Sponsored by: McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP                                              FD Capital Advisors
                                                                                       Vice President of
May 4, 2009: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. • Haven Restaurant in Brookhaven                      Corporate Member Affairs
Young ACG Event                                                                        Stephen McGaw
Sponsored by: ACG Atlanta and TM Capital Corp.                                         AT&T
                                                                                       Vice President of Membership Affairs
May 5, 2009: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. • Maggiano’s in Buckhead                            Alex Mammen
ACG Academy Breakfast                                                                  TM Capital Corp
The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Initiatives   Vice President of Awards
                                                                                       Kathy Harris
Sponsored by: Alston & Bird
                                                                                       Noro-Moseley Partners
May 12-14, 2009: Wynn Las Vegas                                                        Vice President of Communications
                                                                                       Quinn Hudson
ACG InterGrowth 2009                                                                   Hudson|Crane Group

May 19, 2009: 12:00 p.m. • Country Club of the South                                   Vice President of Strategic Planning
                                                                                       Joseph Longosz
Golf Tournament                                                                        Golub Capital

May 21, 2009: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. • Villa Christina                                  Treasurer
                                                                                       Bishop Leatherbury
Monthly Dinner Meeting                                                                 Tatum LLC
Going Public and Making Acquisitions in a Challenging Economy, MedAssets               Secretary
Speaker: John Bardis, CEO, MedAssets                                                   Wayne Bradley
Sponsored by: Barnes & Thornburg LLP                                                   McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
                                                                                       Immediate Past President
                                                                                       Ed Fisher
                                                                                       SouthPointe Ventures, LLC
                                                                                       Dan Bauer

     New Members                                                                       CardioMEMS, Inc.
                                                                                       Greg Cinnamon
                                                                                       Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Jodi Arogeti, Bryan Cave Powell Goldstein
                                                                                       Rob Coble
Elizabeth Brantley, Frisch Capital Partners                                            KPMG LLP
John Clifford, Cerberus Capital Management                                             Ezra Field
Josh Ganz, Kilpatrick Stockton                                                         Roark Capital Group

Nicholas Haughey, Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group                          Winston Gillum
                                                                                       Harbert Management Corporation
Bob Johnson, Johnson Consulting & Advisory
                                                                                       Nancy Halwig
Gary McNorrill, Edge Capital Partners, LLC                                             UPS Capital Corporation
Steven Russell, Connextions                                                            Ransom James
Christopher Surdo, VRA Partners, LLC                                                   Arcapita

Patti Wagner, In Transition                                                            Richard Kopelman
                                                                                       Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
                                                                                       Andy Mason
                                                                                       VRA Partners, LLC
                                                                                       Teri McMahon
                                                                                       Alston & Bird LLP
                                                                                       Ira Moreland
                                                                                       SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
                                                                                       Capital Connection Chair
                                                                                       Todd Wade
                                                                                       Bryan Cave Powell Goldstein

2   ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009
     Letter from the Editor
Substance Delivered Clearly: Communicating with Your Clients
By Quinn Hudson
                          Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders      In fact, too many corporate communications—memos, speeches,
                          shows the cracks in the conventional         bulletins, directions, working agreements—are peppered with the
                          wisdom about communicating in our            equivalent of “Limited Sight Distance”—with no context to help
                          day: Image and ever shrinking brevity        the reader or listener.
                          in words carry the day. Twitter, the new
                          rage, is a metaphor for the tightening       Clarity reinforces substance.
                          of text, the shunning of complexity that
                          must be explained, the intolerance of        To develop essential substance, you need simply to transform
                          large blocks of words, whether spoken        your knowledge of your business—the company’s collective
                          or in print.                                 knowledge—into a compelling statement; this should be the best
                                                                       statement the company can make on the matter at hand; beyond
                         Yes, this conventional wisdom is              any issues of the moment or statements about one aspect of
generally right for mass audiences. But “generally” misses key         the business, a company needs a clear and comprehensive
audiences for businesses, whether a business is a manufacturer,        statement of, strategies, markets, forces driving change, trends—
a software company, or a specialist in mergers and acquisitions.       all the basics.
These key audiences are hungry for substance—substance
clearly and plainly spoken and written.                                The most effective way to develop this substance is to get it down
                                                                       on paper; again, Warren Buffett’s letter makes that clear.
The continuing imperative for substance delivered clearly is
illustrated by Warren Buffett: Not only do investors in Berkshire-     The reasons putting words on paper develops substance
Hathaway look forward to reading his annual letter, but so do          effectively is that it forces you to come to grips with what they
investors of all stripes along with policy makers, general media,      really know and exactly how you want to say it. In other words,
and people who simply want to be well informed.                        putting words on paper clarifies thinking—about substance itself,
                                                                       and the way it should be presented, the order of argument, the
Buffett’s letter is packed with substance while breaking all the       way the argument is framed.
rules about brevity and getting noticed and holding attention in
our age. His most recent letter--dated Feb. 27—runs to 21 pages        Writing a letter, statement or speech also forces you to come to
of dense text and charts. No photographs, no colorful graphics.        grips with exactly what you want to say, the exact words you want
But while he breaks lots of rules, Buffett sticks to the rules on      to use.
                                                                       Such substance can drive all messaging. But there needs to be
Clarity is part of substance—clarity makes substance visible.          a special effort to get the most substantive forms of the message
                                                                       to the audiences most hungry for substance.
On the other hand, substance can be lost in gaps in logic and
information, implicit assumptions that should be explicit, imprecise   Substance matters, substance sticks.
or abstract language, a flood of unnecessary words, and twisted
syntax.                                                                About the Author
                                                                       Quinn Hudson is president of the Hudson|Crane Group, a
A road sign you might have seen lets us see the power of clarity       corporate communications firm that frames issues for executives
as opposed to obscure words: “Limited Sight Distance.”                 who want to make a difference.

Limited Sight Distance? In context, we know what it means. But
why not: “Hill Blocks View” or “Curve Blocks View.”

                                                                            Call for Volunteers
                                                                          If you are interested in getting more involved in ACG,
                                                                          please reach out to Margie Poole at ACG
                                                                          Atlanta by calling 770 991 2170 or via email at
                                                                 with your interests
                                                                          or ideas. We are always thankful for more involvement
                                                                          from our members.
                          Join ACG Atlanta!                               – Margie Poole
                                               ACG Atlanta Executive Director

                                                                                                ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009   3
                                                                         7 to 9 PM
                                                            Please RSVP by April 30
                                                                     Young ACG
                                                                  ACG Atlanta Atlanta
                  Young ACGofAtlantaYoungCorporate Growthpleasure
                    The Atlanta Chapter the Association for the pleasure is holding
                                                        requests requests the
                 requests Atlantapleasure your presence!presence!and
                    its third quarterly meeting of professionals age 35 and younger involved
                                                           of         of your
                    in corporate growth, corporate development and mergers
                    Young ACG
                    acquisitions. presence!
                    of your presence!
                   requests the pleasure
                        We will be discussing the benefits of membership, upcoming events and
                        what potential members would hope to gain by joining. 1441 Dresden Drive30319 · Georgia · 30319
                                                              Monday, May 4th
                                                                     1441 Dresden Drive · Atlanta · Georgia · · Atlanta

                                                                            Monday, forward May 4th
                        Go to 7 to 9 PM pleaseMay 4th this
                                                              to register, and
                                   to other youngDrive                         7 to 9 PM 7 to 9 PM
                        invitation1441 Dresden Drive · Atlanta · Georgia · 30319
                                        1441 Dresden professionals that would be interested.
                                    Atlanta · Georgia · 30319                              Please April 30 RSVP
                                                                                 Please RSVP byRSVP by April 30 by April 30
                                              Monday, May 4th
                        Complementary 7 to 9 PMand appetizers willChapter ofAtlanta Chapter of theof35 andGrowth age 35 andGrowth isinvolved
                                      cocktails           The Atlanta
                                                                               provided meeting Association for Corporate
                                                                         be The thequarterlyby: Corporate younger holding
                                                                              its third
                                                                                        Association for                 is
                                                          its third quarterly meeting of professionals age professionals involved younger
                                                                                                       holding its third quarterly meeting of
         The Atlanta Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth is in corporate growth, corporate development and mergers                                                           and
                                                                                       in corporate growth, corporate
                                               1441 involved Drive · Atlanta · Georgia · 30319 development and mergers and
         professionals age 35 and younger Dresden 30 corporate growth, corporate development and mergers and
                                           Please RSVP by April in                     acquisitions.   acquisitions.
         acquisitions. The Atlanta Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth is holding
                                                           Monday, May 4th
                                                                                             We will          We will be discussing the benefits of membership, upcoming events and
                          its third quarterly meeting of professionals age 35 and younger involved be discussing the benefits of membership, upcoming events and
                                                                                                              what potential members would hope
                          in corporate growth, corporate development and mergerswhat potential members would hope to gain by joining. to gain by joining.
         We will be     discussing the benefits of membership, upcoming events and what potential members would

                                                              7 to 9 PM
         hope to gain by joining.                                                                           Go to to register, and
                                                                                          Go to to register, and please forward thisplease forward this
                                                                                                              invitation to other young professionals that would be interested.
                                                                                          invitation to other young professionals that would be interested.
                           We will be discussing the benefits of membership, upcoming events and
                           what potential members would hope to gain by joining.
                                                                                                           Complementary cocktails young professionals
         Go to to register, and please forward this invitation to otherbe provided by: be provided by:
                                                                                           Complementary cocktails and appetizers willand appetizers will
                        Go to to register, and please forward this
                                                           Please RSVP
         that would be invitation to other young professionals that would be interested. by April 30
                           Complementary cocktails and appetizers will be provided by:
         Complementary cocktails and appetizers will be provided by:
                  The Atlanta Chapter of the Association for             Corporate Growth is holding
                        its third quarterly meeting of professionals age 35 and younger involved
                        in corporate growth, corporate development and mergers and
                        ACG membership is not required for this event and admission is free of charge.
                                                                                                             ACG membership event and admission event and admission is free of charge.
                                                                                          ACG membership is not required for thisis not required for thisis free of charge.

                        We will be discussing the benefits of membership, upcoming events and
                        what potential members wouldfree of gain by joining.
                         ACG membership is not required for this event and admission is

                 Go to Tournament
         Golf Classic to register, and please forward this
                 invitation to 2009
           Tuesday, May 19, other young professionals that would be interested.
          Shotgun Start: 1:00 pm
                 Complementary cocktails
      $175 per player / $700 Foursome and appetizers will be provided by:

    The CounTry Club of The SouTh                                                                                         Registration for this event is available at:
    4100 Old Alabama Road                                                                                       
    Alpharetta, GA 30022                                                                                                  For more information regarding this event,
                                                                                                                          please contact:
    Our annual Golf Tournament is a favorite event of our members
    and their guests. In this economic environment, personal time in a             ACG Atlanta
    relaxed setting with clients and potential clients is more important           1631 Phoenix Boulevard, Suite 4
                                                                                   College Park, GA 30349
    than ever. This is an awesome opportunity to entertain clients
                                                                                   T: +1 770 991 2170
    and provide them with a memorable and enjoyable experience.
                                                                                   F: +1 866 534 6438
    Golfers of all ages and handicaps are welcome.
                                                                                   Email: charge.
                    ACG membership is not required for this event and admission is free

              Special thanks to
              our event sponsor:

4    ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009
     Maria Saporta’s Column
Metro Atlanta’s Traffic Jam: Is Anybody Listening?
Back in 1996, Gareth Clark relocated the        transit; and they have found ways to fund        ACG member Richard Lawry, partner and
American headquarters for the London            transportation improvements.                     co-founder of EGL Holdings, moved to
International Group to Atlanta. The big                                                          Atlanta in 1981 to set up the North American
draw for Clark was Hartsfield-Jackson           But Williams said Georgia elected officials      headquarters of Glynwed Inc.
International Airport and its superior          have abandoned their responsibility and
domestic and international air service.         resorted to politics as usual.                   Saying that Atlanta’s rush hour can cause
                                                                                                 a lot of headaches, Lawry has learned how
At the time, he remembers hearing that          “They are playing politics with the future       to avoid traffic by taking back roads. Still he
the Atlanta region was talking about how        of the state’s economy,” Williams said. ”I       believes that the metro area needs to invest
to improve transportation within the metro      think the business community is sick and         in an extensive transit system. He was
area as congestion was becoming more            tired. We set up the Get Georgia Moving          especially concerned about the possibility
and more of a problem.                          Coalition with 100 member organizations.         that MARTA would have to cut back service
                                                We held countless number of meetings,            because of a lack of operating funds.
“I couldn’t imagine in 1996 that in 2009,       and we still ended up worse off than we did
we would still be talking about getting a       last year.”                                      “The very thought of shutting down for a
comprehensive transportation plan,” said                                                         day a week is very disappointing,” Lawry
Clark, an ACG-Atlanta member. “When             As a result, our top competitors are             said.
you move somewhere, you don’t expect            “celebrating,” Williams added.
things to be perfect, but clearly you expect                                                     Clark also said Atlanta’s lack of transit was
for there to be plans in place to address the   The lack of progress on transportation           “a major negative” for the region. “You’ve
imperfections.”                                 improvements already has taken a toll on         got good transit in some areas and no
                                                Georgia’s economic development efforts.          transit in other areas,” he said. “You’ve got
Unfortunately for metro Atlanta and its                                                          a fragmented government approach.”
prospects for economic growth, urban            Three years ago, MeadWestvaco, a
transportation improvements remain on           Fortune 500 packaging company, was               After 13 years, Clark said he is puzzled
hold. The 2009 Georgia General Assembly         considering metro Atlanta for its corporate      about why there hasn’t been adequate
failed to come up with a compromise             headquarters and a consolidated research         progress to address our transportation
bill to give voters in the region the option    and development facility. The headquarters       needs.
to pass a one-cent sales tax to invest in       would have established about 2,000 jobs in
transportation.                                 Atlanta, and the research and development        “This is such a high profile issue, and it
                                                operation eventually would have had as           is clearly so important to the business
Even if such a bill had passed, it would have   many as 500 researchers partnering with          community because of the economic
taken several years before money would          Georgia Tech.                                    benefits,” he said. “It really surprises me
start flowing towards actual transportation                                                      that the politicians can’t seem to reach any
projects because plans would have had           But because of the problems with metro           consensus.”
to be approved by voters. So the Atlanta        Atlanta’s traffic, MeadWestvaco decided to
region now sits in a quagmire of growing        move its headquarters from Stamford, Ct.         To follow continuing updates on metro
congestion with no hope for improvements        to Richmond, Va.; and it decided to locate       Atlanta’s transportation and development
anytime soon.                                   its Packaging Innovation Center in Raleigh,      issues, please check out my website: www.
Now metro business leaders believe the
lack of action on transportation funding will   MeadWestvaco executives told metro
                                                Atlanta officials that one of the main reasons                       Maria Saporta,
have serious repercussions on the region’s
                                                they picked Richmond and Raleigh over                                one of Atlanta’s
ability to attract economic growth.
                                                Atlanta was because our region was not                               outstanding
“This has huge consequences,” said Sam          addressing its traffic problems.                                     journalists and
Williams, president of the Metro Atlanta                                                                             observers of
Chamber, when the legislature didn’t act on     Top economic development officials are                               local businesses,
transportation funding. “It’s the theater of    concerned that this story will keep repeating                        will be writing a
                                                itself until something is done to address                            monthly story
the absurd. We can get the Olympics. We
                                                congestion. The Metro Atlanta Chamber                                for the ACG
can build the world’s busiest airport. But we
                                                has invited numerous relocation experts            Newsletter. She was with the
can’t pass transportation funding. We’ve
                                                to point out the region’s weaknesses. In           Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 27
been working on this for seven years.”
                                                December, 2007, relocation consultant              years as a reporter and business
Williams said he was concerned about what       Dennis Donovan of WDG Consulting,                  columnist. maria currently is writing
this would mean for Atlanta’s competitive       told chamber officials that Atlanta’s traffic      a weekly column on Atlanta’s
edge. Other cities, such as Charlotte and       problem was reaching the point of “no return”      business community for the Atlanta
Dallas, have been investing in light rail       as more and more prospects were aware              Business Chronicle.
                                                of the region’s increased congestion.

                                                                                                   ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009       5
  ACG Atlanta Academy Breakfast - May 5, 2009
The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility and
Sustainability Initiatives
By Teri McMahon, Partner, Alston & Bird
                         Did you know that many of the world’s leading companies are taking significant steps to improve their sustainability/
                         social responsibility performance and turning it into a central part of their identity? Studies show a fundamental
                         shift in the relationship between business and sustainability which signals many more companies are pursuing
                         sustainability approaches. McKinsey & Company reported that more than 90% of America’s CEO’s are doing more
                         in the past few years than five years before to incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into their
                         companies’ strategy and operations.
                         Why does this make good business sense in a tough economic environment? Are you and your organizations tuned
                         into your constituencies during these turbulent times? Join us for our next Academy Breakfast on May 5, when
                         corporate leaders of Georgia-Pacific, UPS, and Coca-Cola North America discuss their company initiatives in the
                         areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We will also have Miriam Burgess, President of Board of
Directors Network, talk with us about women leadership at the board and executive levels of companies, and she’ll provide compelling data
about the positive effects to the bottom line of women at the top of corporations.
Each of our corporate panelists will describe a particular initiative within his or her organization that supports the company’s mission and
brand, followed by a discussion of how the companies set the standard and promote sustainability into their respective supply chains. We
are privileged to have Bill Frerking, Chief Sustainability Officer of Georgia-Pacific, Lynnette McIntire, UPS’s Director of Corporate Reputation
Management, and Ben Jordan, Sustainability Strategist for Coca-Cola North America, discuss their corporate programs and describe their
companies’ efforts in these initiatives and how they are setting an example for those organizations and individuals who strive to do business
with them as well.
Alston & Bird LLP is our sponsor for the May 5 breakfast and Teri McMahon, a law partner at Alston & Bird, will moderate this interesting
panel. Please join us for a lively discussion.

    The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors of ACG Atlanta is soliciting suggestions for potential nominees for next year’s
    Board of Directors. Qualifications include a willingness to be an active participant on the Board, including attending monthly Board
    meetings and dinners, attending other ACG events, and active participation in at least one Committee of the Board, such as Membership,
    Awards, Corporate Member Affairs, Community Service, Programs, or others. Members who have demonstrated interest through prior
    Committee involvement and attendance at ACG events will be given priority. If you have a suggestion, or would like to be considered
    yourself, please contact Wayne Bradley at 404-527-4044, or
    DealWire – need a volunteer to help capture information on recent deals. This is a new opportunity to get involved with ACG Atlanta.
    Send your interest to
    ACG member Stuart C. Johnson has joined Barnes & Thornburg LLP ( to open its Atlanta office, where he is a partner
    in the firm’s Business Department. Stuart is a member of ACG’s global board of directors, and focuses his practice on counseling
    growth-oriented middle market businesses on strategic transactional activity and general business matters.
    Volunteer Call - We are soliciting volunteers to serve on committees. Dan Bauer is leading this effort. Please submit your interests to
    Dan Bauer or to
    Community Service – We are collecting information on members and their community involvement for our June Newsletter issue,
    focused on giving back to the community. Please provide us with your involvement in the community and what inspires you, or share a
    great story about a fellow member and their contribution to our community.
    CFO of the Year Awards - It’s time to nominate the achievements of the very best CFOs in Atlanta. Join us as we present the Atlanta
    CFO of the Year Awards presented by Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Association of Corporate Growth Friday, June 5 from 7:30-
    9:30 a.m. to acknowledge their invaluable contributions to some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in Atlanta. We
    will honor the top CFOs in seven categories including Public Company: Medium & Large Categories; Private Company: Small, Medium
    & Large Categories; Non-profit and the Community Service Award. Winners and finalists will be featured in a special section of the
    June 5 Atlanta Business Chronicle.
    Member Profile – Use an opportunity to have ACG Atlanta to interview and write up a profile on you in one of our upcoming monthly
    Thought Leadership – Write an original article on a current topic in the M&A community and submit it for consideration by the editor.
    ACG InterGrowth is expecting a large crowd of over 2,000 dealmakers in the M&A community at the annual conference in Las Vegas
    on May 12 – 14 at the fabulous Wynn. Go to for more information and to register.
    Deals? Changing jobs? Let us hear your news, contact us!

6     ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009
     Member Profile
Richard A. Clegg
Consul & Trade Commissioner; Consulate General of Canada, Midtown Atlanta
                       Please describe for our readers your          Multi-sectoral experiences include: food & beverage, industrial
                       current responsibilities: The Consul          automation, production engineering, remote sensing & machine
                       and Trade Commissioner position at            vision as well as exposure to the aerospace and defence
                       the Consulate General of Canada is a          industries.
                       four-year posting through the summer
                       of 2010, with responsibility for managing     Almost 10 years experience with the Canadian Federal
                       Canada’s Investment program in the four       government covering international trade and investment
                       Southeastern states of AL, GA, MS and         responsibilities in Western and Eastern Europe & Russia, as
                       TN, with priority on aspects of the ICT,      well as North America (United States and Mexico).
                       Life Sciences and Automotive sectors.
                                                                     Personal information: Married to Montrealer, Carol (née
As part of a seven-person Commerce team, the position also           Cairns) with two ‘children’ – Oliver, 28, who works in the property
focuses on Canada’s significant export presence in the huge          management business in Whistler, BC (with Vancouver, home
and expanding Southeastern US automotive sector. An                  to the XX1 Winter Olympics in 2010), and Heather, 25, who
integrated team approach also focuses on Canadian strengths in       is completing her Masters at the University of Toronto Medical
Aerospace & Defense, Cleantech and Green-build expertise.            School in Physiotherapy, with a focus on sports injuries.

What would you be doing if you were not in your current              Hobbies: Golf, a former rugby player for 40+ years, an avid
job? Probably working back in the agri-business sector, as the       cross-country skier (where’s the snow in Dixie?),and a keen
senior officer responsible for leading the public sector effort      Formula 1 auto racing fan (intrigued why NASCAR drivers
supporting the Canadian private sector with its significant export   don’t get dizzy)! A total convert to college football (go Georgia)
growth in Mexico – one of Canada’s fastest growing food and          –diplomatic to the core!
beverage markets.
                                                                     What is a recent book you have read that you would
What do you look for in your ACG membership? The                     recommend to our members? Not a recent book, but recently
opportunity to meet key contacts in the capital markets and          read: Losing My Virginity – global entrepreneur, Richard
M&A field, in order to help connect Atlanta-based deal makers        Branson’s autobiography.
with Canadian-based opportunities, and vice versa.
                                                                     What is your favorite book of all time? My Early Life –
Where do you get most of your business leads and                     Winston Churchill’s early memoirs of his youth and (rebellious)
connections? A large percentage of my important business             schoolboy antics.
contacts, and in turn, business leads, arise from my ACG
membership, as well as from related Angel and Venture Capital        What is the best advice you have received in connection
organizations.                                                       with your career? “Work hard, play harder, but in that order!”

How is the current economy impacting your sector of the              Quotable Quotes - What advice can you share with our
market, and what do you see? Canada’s economy had been               members? “You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning!”
strong and resilient leading up to the current financial crisis,     – British Prime Minister in 1980 determined to stick to her
with very sound fundamentals, not least in the financial services    approach to pulling Britain out of a severe recession.
sector, and had enjoyed 12 consecutive years of budget               Other items of interest you would like us to include: The
surpluses. While Canada has also been impacted by the                Consulate General of Canada, under the leadership of Head
current recession, its recovery is expected to be quicker than       of Mission, Consul General, Brian Oak, is one of 22 Canadian
many, due in part to the strength of Canada’s financial system,      missions across the United States, reflecting the importance
whose considerable achievements have been frequently noted           that Canada attaches to its trading, investment and political
in the global media, recently. Alone among its G-7 peers, the        relationships with the United States of America.
Canadian banking sector has received neither financial bailouts
nor had a single bank failure, to date.                              The role of the mission is to promote trade and investment
                                                                     links, including science and technology partnering. We also
Tell us a little bit about yourself… Born and educated in the        advance academic and cultural ties between Canada and the
United Kingdom, and arrived in North America, via Montreal,          U.S., and assist Canadians living and visiting the southeastern
Canada in 1972; worked as Technical Director for Labatt’s            U.S. The territory covered by this Consulate General includes
Industrial Foods Division – one of Canada’s largest food and         six southeastern states -- Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and
beverage conglomerates at that time.                                 Tennessee with North and South Carolina interests handled by
Over 30 years experience in the private sector, covering areas       a smaller Consulate in Raleigh-Durham.
such as industrial processing, sales & marketing, trade &
investment promotion, and operating experience in countries
such as the UK, South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico,
Western Europe/Russia and the Arabian Gulf.
                                                                                               ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009   7
          Corporate growth, business development and
          those who bring them to life.
          This is ACG Atlanta.

        The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Atlanta Chapter is pleased to announce the
        winner of Atlanta’s 2009 ACG Cup, held April 4, 2009, at the Goizueta Business School at Emory
        University. ACG Cup is a business case study competition in which students from over 100 MBA
        programs participate and present valuation, capital markets, and mergers & acquisition advice
        to experienced ACG professionals, including investment bankers, lenders, private equity groups,
        accountants, attorneys and corporate development officers.

                                 Congratulations to Atlanta’s
                                 2009 ACG Cup Champions!

                                                                       Emory University-
                                                                       Goizueta Business School
                                                                       ► Andy Giacone
                                                                       ► Porter Jones
                                                                       ► John McNeill
                                                                       ► Chris Prevost

                                                                       770 991 2170

8   ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009
     ACG Cup Update
MBA Teams from University Georgia, Georgia Tech and Emory
Compete for Atlanta’s Inaugural 2009 ACG CUP Case Competition
By Paul Kleinkauf, Regional Director, DataSite

                         Local MBA superstars competed in                “Team Madoff” of Goizueta Business School of Emory delivered
                         grueling initial rounds on the campuses         the winning pitch for the 2009 ACG Cup. The Emory MBA team
                         of the University of Georgia, Georgia           was comprised of Andy Giacone, Porter Jones, John McNeill
                         Tech and Emory.            The ACG Cup          and Chris Prevost. The runner-ups were The University of
                         competition tests the students’ ability         Georgia – Terry College of Business and Georgia Tech College
                         to assess a complex business case               of Management.
                         requiring a combination of corporate
                         strategy, finance and valuation skills          Judges for the final round included Lacey Lewis – Cox
                         and formulate recommendations to                Communications; Trey Huffman – Earthlink; Katherine Morris – ACG
                         present to a representative “board.”            Chapter President and BDO Seidman; Stuart Johnson – Barnes and
                         The students had an opportunity to              Thornburg; Ira Moreland – SunTrust Robinson Humphrey; Thomas
                         display their skill set in front of a “board”   Puricelli – Houlihan Lokey; Michael Bloom – Mazzone & Associates;
comprised of local ACG professionals, academic leaders and               Scott Whitaker – Whitaker Company; and Melanie Jones – Kilpatrick
other local corporate development professionals.                         Stockton.

In the initial round, the teams were given a case matter involving the   We are currently considering the expansion of the ACG Cup for
strategic direction of Holdco given the current market conditions.       the 2010 competition. More information about the national ACG
Each campus competition resulted in a representative winner for          Cup initiative is at
the Chapter Championship.                                                In 2010, the ACG Cup competition will include a national
                                                                         championship to be held at InterGrowth.
MBA students competed for Chapter Championship at Emory
University on Thursday April 9, 2009. In the final round, teams          For more information about the ACG Cup in Atlanta, or to volunteer
were challenged to find a solution to a previously reviewed fact         to participate in the next round of competitions, contact Ezra Field
pattern in conjunction with a related financial advisory pitch.          ( or Paul Kleinkauf (Paul.Kleinkauf@
The final round teams made a presentation to judges, who filled, both Co-Chairs of the Atlanta ACG Cup Planning
the role of executives of ‘Sox Group’ on purchase of Holdco’s            Committee.
subsidiary Fashion Co.

                                                                                                   ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009    9
                                                      The 38th Annual ACG InterGrowth® Conference

                                                          May 12-14, 2009 / Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                         Presented by the Association for Corporate Growth

                                                     REGISTER BY MARCH 16, 2009 TO GET THE

                                                       EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!
             d ’s
     e w

                                      ACG InterGrowth® is the world’s largest dealmakers conference. More than 2,000 middle
                                      market M&A professionals network, source deals and learn best practices at InterGrowth.
                                      Participants include senior-level private equity professionals, intermediaries, corporate
                                      development officers, lenders, lawyers and accountants.

                                      90%of InterGrowth 2008 participants reported they made valuable
                                      business contacts at the conference. 75 directly attributed new

                                      business deals to attending.

10    ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009
       Thought Leadership
Great Deal, Bad Integration... Sound Familiar?
By Scott C. Whitaker
                           Let’s face it, trying to focus attention on    along with their “day jobs.” One of the most common mistakes
                           post acquisition integration is difficult      companies make is to inadequately staff their integration teams,
                           when planning a merger or acquisition.         which often insures a painful, slow and mistake-prone integration
                           Companies often overlook the details of        process.
                           integration planning during the heat of the
                           deal making process, as time and energy        Creating an Integration Playbook
                           is spent on due diligence and getting the      Integration playbooks are scalable, flexible operational plans that
                           deal closed-leaving little time for much       will help your company achieve a smooth integration. Playbooks are
                           else.                                          fluid, and should continually be optimized by incorporating lessons
                                                                          learned and best practices from previous integrations.
                           But according to a recent study, the
                           number one cause of deal failure is due        Every company has unique integration needs, so there is no “one
to acquiring companies ignoring integration challenges. Companies         size fits all” playbook, however all playbooks should include some of
can avoid this trap by establishing clear integration objectives, by      the fundamental elements outlined below:
creating concise integration plans and playbooks, and by properly
staffing an integration team.

Post acquisition integration plans need to have clear
•   Rapidly capture cost & revenue synergies
•   Streamline organization and critical business processes
•   Minimize disruption to employees, customers and suppliers
•   Execute an issue-free Day One
•   Maintain focus on current business

Companies can ensure they realize these goals by creating
integration plans, playbooks and staffing a short term IMO (Integration
Management office) to accomplish the following:
                                                                          Whether it’s a $15 million or a $36 billion deal, Integrations have
• Making sure the acquiring company realizes the goals of their           common needs which must be addressed with an integration strategy
  M&A strategy by following through with integration execution.           and a post acquisition integration process. Make post acquisition
• Creating customized, flexible and scalable integration playbooks.       integration planning a priority for your next deal to help realize your
• Creating detailed operational and functional integration plans with     M&A business objectives.
  tools, templates and reports to support execution.
• Training and operationalizing an Integration Management Offices         About the Author
  (IMO) to help with subsequent integration activity.                     Scott Whitaker is President & CEO of Whitaker & Company.
                                                                          Whitaker & Company, Inc. is an Atlanta based consulting and
Securing dedicated resources to handle integration efforts is also        project management firm that specializes in helping companies
important, as integration deliverables and time requirements are          execute growth strategies and solve operational issues. Whitaker
substantial during the initial 100 day period following the deal close,   & Company offers expertise in Merger Integration and Strategic
and folks will be hard pressed to properly handle integration duties      Positioning & Operations.

                                                                                     MEMBER NEWSLETTER
      The newsletter is a great way for you to share your expertise and news with the other 500 Atlanta members and the
      broader dealmaking community.
      There are two opportunities:
         •   First, the newsletter has a monthly “Thought Leadership” column of about 500 words on a topic or issue important
             to our membership. If you have an idea for a column, please submit a brief description of the topic.
         •   Second, the newsletter reports on member news such as new jobs, new firms, promotions, awards, accomplishments
             and deals done so send us your news. Announcements by other organizations, news about non-members, marketing
             pitches and general information will not be considered.
      We reserve the right to select and edit all submissions. Please send all items for consideration to the attention of the
      editor at

                                                                                                   ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009     11
     Programs Update

March Dinner Meeting with Stephen L. Schilling from
Cypress Communications
March 19, 2009 - 141 in attendance

     ACG Atlanta Sponsors

                                 Thank you to all our Sponsors:

12   ACG Atlanta Newsletter • April 2009
                                                                 Member - Recent Deals

             G.L. Ohrstrom & Co. Announces New Platform
             New York, NY March 9, 2009
             G.L. Ohrstrom & Co., Inc., a New York-based
             private equity firm, has created and capitalized Seal
             Industries, Inc. Seal Industries has been created
             to consolidate the industrial and energy services

          Nelson Mullins served as legal counsel to the
          founder of Decatur-based Videolarm, Inc. in its
          sale to Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) for
          $45 million in cash on February 13, 2009. ACG                                                                                                              April 6, 2009
          Atlanta member Rhys Wilson led the Nelson
          Mullins team, which included Hemant Dutta,                                                                                                                 April 6, 2009
          David Goldberg, Jim Holmes and
Continuing its tradition of profitable growth,Margaret Welch.
       Continuing its tradition of profitable growth,
        isHodgson Russ LLP a recent
           pleased to announce of Buffalo, NY
EBSCOEBSCO is pleased to announce a recent represented                                                                                                               April 6, 2009
       acquisition in the database publishing industry:
acquisition in the database publishing industry:
                                                                                                                                                                     April 6, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                    April 6, 2009

                                                                                                                  has acquired

                                                         Salem Press
                                                Salem Press                                                       has acquired
                                                referencereference works publisher
                                                          works publisher
                                                         January 2009
                                                January 2009                                                      has acquired
                                                Effective Effective31, EBSCO subsidiary EBSCO Pub-
                                                          January January 31, EBSCO subsidiary EBSCO Pub-    has acquired
                                                          lishing the assets of Salem Press, an award-
                                                lishing acquired acquired the assets of Salem Press, an award-
                                                          winning of reference works on literature,
                                                winning publisherpublisher of reference works on literature,
                                                          history and biography, and the These works
                                                history and biography, and the sciences. sciences. These works
                                                          include traditional print e-books e-books and has
                                                include traditional print products,products,and online online acquired
                                                          subscription databases for use at public,
                                                subscription databases designeddesigned for use at public,
                                                                                                             The undersigned acted as nancial advisor to Hitachi
                                                          school and college
                                                school and college libraries. libraries.
                                                                                                                  Consulting in connection with this transaction.
                                                                                                                  The undersigned acted as nancial advisor to Hitachi
                                                                                                                  Consulting in connection with this transaction.
                                                                                                                  The undersigned acted as nancial advisor to Hitachi
                                                                                                                  Consulting in connection with this transaction.
                                                                                                                  The undersigned acted as nancial advisor to Hitachi
                                                                                                                  Consulting in connection with this transaction.

          If like more like more information on EBSCO’s acquisition criteria or investment philosophy, please
If you wouldyou would information on EBSCO’s acquisition criteria or investment philosophy, please contact: contact:
                                       Member - Recent Deals

This announcement appears as a matter of record only

               Has Been Acquired By

      APSE Holdings, LLC
                   An Affiliate Of


     The Undersigned Initiated This Transaction,
            Assisted In The Negotiations
         And Acted As Financial Advisor to
           Aerospace Products S.E., Inc.

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