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Youth Festival
 October 14, 2004
    Good Afternoon!
          Bob Coant
       Seneca Land District
      YMIH COTS Instructor
           Fulton, NY
Chorus of the Genesee, Rochester, NY
The Snowbelters Chorus, Oswego, NY
How can you help???
• Bull pen (for questions)
• Time keeper (give me 10)
• This is YOUR class!

• Please fill out class
 Evaluations after class!
The Society is to be an ever-growing
fraternity of barbershop-style singers,
leading the cause of preserving and
encouraging vocal music in our
schools and communities.
Class Overview and Objectives

Course Outline                    Course Objectives
   How can b-shop help         Know the resources
    my music program?            available to you and
                                 your program
   Key tools and
    resources available         Know that the B-shop
   Working with local           Harmony Society
    barbershoppers               CARES about your
   It’s for the students!
      Philosophy of YMIH

• Philanthropic program – “It’s all
  about them – no strings attached!”

• Outreach program

• Help schools increase students
  enrollment in THEIR vocal music
            YMIH History
• 1970 – Abe Gould and Val Hicks
• Society adopted the program led by
  Bob Johnson until 1982
• Joe Liles introduced MENC and
• Bill Rashleigh introduced HX
  camps in 1988 – Youth Outreach
• 1998 Society Committee, DVPs
  and major thrust
YMIH Purpose and Goals
        Purpose –                         Goals -
• To encourage singing in        Support vocal music
  general and barbershop          education in schools
  in particular among            Provide a performance
  students and their              outlet for these singers
  teachers                       Raise awareness
                                  among educators
• Support vocal music
                                 Serve as a resource to
  education of all types in
                                  achieve goals
  all schools
                                 Foster establishment of
                                  barbershop ensembles
                                  in schools
Why barbershop harmony?

• It’s fun, it’s easy and you can do it too!
• It especially attracts MALE singers to your
music program!
• Barbershopping is a chick magnet! (explain)
• It’s a truly American musical art form (history)
• It’s totally “G-Rated” (and we’re proud of this!)
       The Cathedral Within

• Bill Shore – author

• We are building something that we
  might not see in our lifetime

• The product is bigger than any of
  the builders can envision
  Let’s take a look at a very
   special video that was
produced especially for YOU…
     the music educator.

     Barbershop Harmony
“A Tool For Musical Excellence”
Identifying Music Educator’s Needs
 (How can barbershop harmony benefit my
            music program?)

•   Uniquely American musical art form
•   New, fun approach to teaching concepts
•   Lessons can be developed from simplest
    example of the style
•   In spite of the “old style”, young people
    LOVE the ringing chords
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Ear Training:
•     a cappella music develops ear training skills
      not typically experienced in accompanied

•     To accurately sing the close harmony b-shop
      style, a well developed ear is required
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Ear Training cont.d

•     Teach a tag at next warm-up
•     Learn all four parts, do some dueting
•     Altos on melody, basses on their own part,
      other two sections listen for tuning & ask for
      their input
•     This teaches relationship of parts
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Ear Training cont.d
•     Next duet bass & baritone (tenor sing melody)
•     Are roots & fifths in tune? Octaves in tune?
      Enough bass presence? Melody line being
      sung lyrically?

•     This teaches how the voice parts compliment
      each other
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Sight Singing
•     Use a tag (tags are short segments of music but give
      sense of musical climax when sung)

•     Students able to practice sight singing skills
      and take something away from the exercise
•     Easier tags use fewer accidentals and a
      limited number of large/challenging intervals
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Sight Singing cont’d.
•     Start by writing tag on blackboard
•     Ask students: What is largest interval in bass
      part/Where is it?, What is the interval
      between bass & lead on last note?, etc.
•     When appropriate, give written test. When
      “official” lesson is over, sing tag just for fun.
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Part Independence:

•     Ear training/sight singing ultimately leads to
      more vocal independence
•     Singing in a quartet/octet will teach how voice
      works with the rest of the ensemble

•     “Leaners” will gain more confidence as
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Part Independence cont’d.

•     Many high school boys are tentative to sing
      out because of their changing voices
•     Unchanged voices can easily sing b-shop
      tenor, changed voices lead or baritone

•     Hundreds of arrangements available for all
      voice ranges
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Thematic Uses:

•     B-shop is one of the very few uniquely
      American styles of music
•     United States, Stephen Foster, Love songs,
      Dixie, etc. (SPEB, S.A.I., & Harmony Inc.)
•     Music and learning cds avail. from SPEB,
      S.A.I., Harmony Inc. Great way to add
      repertoire w/o extra rehearsal time
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Visual Involvement:

•     Visual involvement is characteristic to the
      barbershop style
•     This style gives performers opportunity to
      explore creative side of personality
•     B-shop allows us to be funny, incorporate
      choreography, visually show message
      of the song
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

Fund Raising:
•     Many popular fund raising programs that
      b-shoppers pass on to music educators
•     School concerts / perform on b-shop show /
      scholarships / etc.
•     Singing Valentines most convenient to run in
      school setting
    How can barbershop harmony benefit my
               music program?

You are NOT alone!

•     More than 800 b-shop chapters available to
      help all dedicated to mission statement

•     Clinician visit, top-level quartet, chorus order
      music for you, your chorus/ensemble invited to
      perform on b-shop show, participate in festival
      or HX Camp, donated concert tickets
          * see YMIH resource sheet
Non-Music vs Musical Programs

• What is the difference?
• Why do we make a distinction?
• Which is easier and might be the first
  step in a relationship?
• Why?
Non-Musical Program Opportunities

• Purchase music, manuals, instruments
• Print programs for a show
• Build scenery
• Provide ushers, drivers, performance
• Give scholarships
Musical Program Opportunities

•   The “ultimate” objective
•   Implies great amount of responsibility
•   Requires musical expertise
•   Requires great trust by teacher
•   Encourage use of BBS in repertoire
•   How do you make this happen?
Developing A Partnership

• Build a long-term relationship with
• Build mutual appreciation and respect of
  each other as components of the
  musical community
• Through music, make a difference in the
  life of a child
YMIH Resources Available
• Society
  – Videos
  – Web site
  – Manuals
  – Printed music
  – Learning and listening CDs
  – YMIH Committee, COTS Faculty
YMIH Resources Available
• District
  – Grant writing
  – Web site
  – District YMIH Vice President
  – Calendar of events
  – School district calendar of events
  – C&J DVP (qualified coaches and
 Working With Students

• Barbershoppers are not the professionals
  that music educators are but we do
  understand how students need to be
  treated when working with them.

Remember, we have a strict Youth Policy
 Working With Students

• Establish rapport with the students
• Remember how young men bond
• Choose easy music that they can be
  successful with quickly
• Be positive and energetic
• Use only the best examples
 Working With Students

• Pace your time with their attention spans
  in mind
• Don’t be afraid to laugh with them
• Remember that they are minors
• Know and enforce the Society Youth
Building Rapport
• Build the relationship on a series of
• What would be some likely success
• What is the next step in the
Forming Ensembles

•   Sing their parts on their own
•   Work together to achieve a common goal
•   Can work on their own
•   Balance their other activities
•   Time to devote to this activity
Coach/Mentor Skills and Attributes
•   Works well with young people
•   Positive and upbeat
•   Positive role-model
•   Knowledgeable in the barbershop style
•   Demonstrates SPEBSQSA values
•   Open-minded and receptive
•   Familiar with lots of arrangements
•   Familiar with the C&J categories
•   Familiar with copyright laws
Festivals and HX Camps
•   Start early
•   Secure a good clinician
•   Publicize the event
•   Let the clinician pick music
•   Have fun teaching the students
    and avoid “teaching the teacher”
Contests or Adjudications

•   Pros and Cons
•   Student / Teacher expectations
•   Create Win / Win opportunities
•   Evaluation / Feedback methods
Sunshine District Model
• Centrally controlled
• Highly organized
• Festival based
• Endorsed and encouraged by
  state/local school administrators
  and supervisors
• Highly successful
• Comprehensive long term plan
Other Opportunities
• District programs
• Harmony College/ Directors
  College for music educators
• Harmony foundation and other
  grant support
Final Questions & Comments

Have a great year!
Call us if I can help

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