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					                          HHCD Steering Committee Minutes
Meeting Held: Soul Cafe Newcastle West
Date: Wednesday 4 May 2011
Minute Taker: Phil Sergeant

Apologies: Colin Haggar, Leonie Miller, Rebecca Johnson, Anne Mc Donald, Lee Jones, Jan Hide
Joseph Griffin & Julie Meyers-Brittain

Agenda Items:

1. Admin Working Group: Nicola Hirschhorn:

      Confirmed that free public transport for our guests has been approved
      Advised that Transport Passes will need to be upgraded (passes circulated)
      Advised meeting that she needs to approach NCC for support this year – Clean slate
      Advised the meeting that to date some nineteen HHCD registrations had been received.
      Advised that Leah Cooke appointed the new Activities Hub Team Leader
      Confirmed that future Meetings to be held at PCYC starting at 8.30 am first Thursday of the

2. Donations Working Group: Phil Sergeant and Lauren Miles

   Marquees / Tents / Shelters - Sponsors wanted

   The following suggestions were made.

      The NCC suppled 7 last year try them again
      The Royal Lifesaving Club has marquees
      As well try SES / The Cancer Council & Night Vision

   Photographer do we want one for 2011?

   The meeting agreed to again have a photographer for the day

      Leanne Mellor (Legal Aid) will again take responsibility for the Photography.
      Office Works to be asked to sponsor the production of prints.
      Leigh from Centrelink to be asked to assist if required
      Leanne to liaise with Admin Group for any support required.

   Everyday Hero - do we use this service this year?

      The meeting agreed not to use this service

   Coal Industry contacts:

      Anne Watkins advised Graham Davidson Waratah Coal and will email Xstrata Manager name
       to Donations Group

   Coffee Cart contact:

      Nicola to approach Penny from Centrelink who is the contact for the Coffee Van.
     Woolly Hat Day:

         Lauren advised that she has made contact with the Education Department and is waiting for a
         Lauren asked committee members to approach their local schools.

 3. Research Working Group: Stacy Jacobs

     Student’s survey & research via 2010 Evaluation:

         Students from Diploma of Community Services advised the meeting that they will be
          conducting an evaluation of the past two Hunter Homeless Connect Days using previous
          evaluations and as well will be conducting a survey.

     Diversity of Homelessness definition required.

         Lauren passed over a definition paper to the Research Group

 4. Housing & Accommodation Hub – Stacy Jacobs

         Space - Housing want a more defined space for their hub preferably in a room at the PCYC –
          Admin group to look at the floor plan for the HHCD

         Triage for the day. A questionnaire at the front gate could be an option. An alternative could
          be to have a representative from each hub in the Information Booth.

         Training - Housing staff to run pre HHCD training for their staff

         Culturally sensitivity - Suggested a cultural sensitive tent that indigenous people can use. A
          suggestion was made that the needs of NESB clients should also be addressed. It was
          suggested that each Hub Leaders ensure that these issues are addressed in each hub handle

         It was agreed that the Admin Group meet with PCYC and asses the available space and
          consider a floor plan for the day that can meet the needs of the Housing & Accommodation

5. Opportunities Hub (Employment, Training ,Education, & Volunteering ) - Jennifer Ross

        The hub will be setting up lap tops so that they can produce resumes and record email address
        Working on Mobile ‘phones to be distributed to guests
        Working on Petrol cards to be given to guests
        USB Sticks to be passed out to guests with information
        Printer will be provided on site
        Investigating Thermal mugs to be supplied
        Blanket drive in agencies underway
        Jobs Board to be set up on the day
        Employment Hub leader to be on Donations Email list
        Canvassing employers to attend
6. Youth Hub - Liz Brady Red Cross

       Disability services
       TAFE Students - What do students want to see in the Youth Hub
       Youth Hub Looking for Marquee
       Snack and Rapp from Port Stephens to be introduced

Legal and Financial Services – Pam Fitzgibbon

       Birth Death &Marriages are on board for the day - One staff member from Sydney and one
       The cost per certificate is $30 so we will have to put a limit of no more than last year’s 130.
       Sparke Hellmore might be on board for a possible donation of $1,000.
       Photo copiers will be available for general use

   Other service providers to be included in the Hub

       Tax
       State Debt Recovery
       Aboriginal Unit
       Centrelink

General Business:

       Kevin Wilcock of Life Church addressed the meeting and suggested that we use John
        Robinson as a guest speaker at Working differently together” HHCD Review in October for
        First meeting after the HHCD
       Tim Owen Federal MP Newcastle invited to next HHCD Steering Committee Meeting 2 June at
        9.15 to 9.30 am ( Whole meeting 8.30 am to 10.00 am)

   Storage facilities:

        Has anyone found one yet
        Is Wesley Mission storing HHCD goods?
        Does PCYC have any temporary storage? Lee to advise next week at meeting with Admin
         Team reps.
        Step up Loans on the net

Meeting Closed 1. 25 pm

Next Meeting: HHCD Steering Committee Meeting 8.30 am to 10.00 am Thursday 2 June at the

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