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NEWSLETTER Winter-Spring 09


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									                                             Message from the Director:
                                 Dear Friends,
                                          Sorry for the delay in sending out this newsletter. I am always reluctant
                                to pass on bad news and would prefer to share our good times. Hyatta, the first
                                resident to enter the Hempstead MOMMAS House, graduated from Hunter Busi-
                                ness School on August 8, 2008 and is now working at a doctor’s office in Rock-
                                ville Centre. In less than 18 months, she went from homeless and dependent to a
                                working, contributing member of society. We are very proud of her accomplish-
                                ments and expect that soon she will be finding her own “first home”, as she
                                graduates from our program.
                                          The Hempstead house opened in 2007 and has assisted 10 families
                                during these two years. All the mothers were enrolled in school and training
                                programs. Some achieved their goals, while others left because they could not
                                abide by the program structure. For those motivated, it has been a successful
                                time. At the very least, the mothers and children were kept safe while they
                                shared our home.
                                          Now, all that may change. The funding which came from Nassau
                                County’s “Common Sense for the Common Good” grant, has now been offi-
                                cially cut, effective March 31, 2009. Those promised funds were allocated into
                                our 2009 budget, so this loss is very significant. Additionally, several other
    MOMMAS Inc.                 grants also reduced their funding and we are now seeking to replace well over
   1857 Wantagh Avenue                    The actual cost of housing each family is $2000/month. This includes
    Wantagh, Y 11793            rent, food, supplies, insurance, utilities, maintenance & repairs and staff salaries
                                (which includes the office and 4 residences).
   Office: (516) 781-8637                 There are 17 families, comprising 35 people under our care and there
                                are 12 full-time and 3 part-time employees. The salary range is from $10/hour to
                                $32,000/year. There are no paid fund-raisers - 100% of funds raised go to pro-
  Glen Cove: (516) 609-0079     gram; but a great deal of administrative time is spent on this activity. I am sure
                                by now you can guess where this is going. WE NEED HELP NOW.
    Jericho: (516) 938-5211
                                          In the newsletter, there are various suggestions on how you can help
  Hempstead: (516) 280-3220     close this huge budget gap. Recently, an appeal was made to 500 prior donors to
                                send $100 (or collect $20 from 5 friends). There were 122 responses and over
E. Massapequa: (516) 781-8637   $12,000 was raised; additionally, a very generous benefactor sent $10,000 - top-
                                ping $22,000 from this one appeal. Currently, a second appeal went out to those
     Board of Directors         in the group who were unable to respond the first time, in the hopes that they are
                                now in a position to help us chip away at this deficit. Anyone familiar with
      Patricia Fitzgerald       MOMMAS knows that we are not aggressive regarding money; unfortunately
     Joseph Bottner, MD         desperate times call for desperate measures and sadly, we are left with no alter-
      Thomas Lilly, Esq.
                                          One of my daughter’s friends, Mackenzie Tierney, made a generous
     Joan Phillips, MSW
                                donation toward this appeal and her company’s matching program doubled it!
     Hilary Becker, CPM         She also sent e-mails to friends and colleagues who were able to do the same. It
   Mary Gilroy-Doohan, MD       had a wonderful ripple effect - thanks, Mackenzie.
       Joan Durso Serra                   Belanna Lauto, a professor at St. John’s University’s Fine Arts Dept.
       Mary McCaffrey           and Florence Scarinci, Librarian at Nassau Community College both sent out e-
    William Sullivan, CPA       mail appeals to co-workers and raised more than they could swing personally.
                                Just imagine what you can do. If you visit our web-site, you will see the “Have a
        Jeanne Towers           Heart” appeal which can be sent out to your e-mail contact list. It would cost you
                                nothing, and think of how extensive the contacts would build.
     Director: Patricia Shea              Please help us to continue to give hope to the most vulnerable among
                                us. In Hempstead, Hyatta and her son Joseph are just the beginning of the lives
                                that can be changed with a little help. Together, we can break this cycle of pov-
www.mommashouse.org             erty.
                                                                                          With much hope,
                                                                                             Pat Shea
                                                          MOMMAS HOUSE
 Winter - Spring 2009                               A Real Choice For Life
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                                             Winter - Spring 2009

 Memorials Received                   What’s Happening Around MOMMAS House
 Please remember in your prayers:
    Aunt Josie                                               Take a Chance on Life Night
    Carol Buonauto                  Mary Jean Murphy & MOMMAS South Shore Fundraising Committee wish to report that
    Joan Bundy                      “Take a Chance on Life” night held September 13th at St. Frances de Chantal Church Audito-
    Josepsh Colasanti               rium in Wantagh was a huge success. Over 100 people tried their luck at Blackjack, Roulette,
                                    Slots, Texas Hold’em, etc. More than a few were heard to let out enthusiastic whoops as just
    Frances Coppola
                                    the right card or number came up. The tournament was professionally run by M&M Entertain-
    Ted DeLyra
                                    ment, who also donated a real home slot machine for raffle. Talk about raffle prizes! How
    Mary Eccleston                  about the popular seasonal gifts of a GPS, large flat panel LCD TV, laptop computer, a golf
    Thomas Fitzgerald               club (Tiger would appreciate), a bracelet from Tiffany & Co. and baskets filled to the brim
    Robert King                     with gift certificates to restaurants and services. We thank our donors who were very generous
    Vincent Mattone                 to our work. That, and the delicious food served, ensured a “winning” evening.
    Elizabeth Franz Oliver          Over and again, departing comments such as, “That was so much fun!” were offered with
    Richard Sullivan                enthusiasm! If you missed this one, better luck next time!
    Richard Supple                                   **PLEASE Patronize the Following Generous Merchants**
    Virginia Syracuse               The Schooner, Bedell’s, Thom-Thom, Hemingway’s, Cara Mia Duo, Wantagh Inn, Ale
    Michael V. Tepedino, MD         House, Danford’s, Swan Club, Season Four, McDonalds, Lucky Duck, Butera’s, Spasso’s,
    Fred Trumpy                     Cherrywood Café, Grimaldi, Spumonte, Johnny Malone’s, Lady Anne’s Tea House, Per
    Florence Urff                   Un’Angelo and Uncle Bacala’s, Seaford Cinemas, Clean Machine Car Wash, Fashion Nail
                                    Salon, The Wooden Heart, Simply Massage, Wantagh Emporium, Jim Dandy Cleaners
    Louise Zollo
                                    Village Cleaners, Atlantis, Silver Scissors Salon, Hicks Nursery, Slap Happy Bakery, Jays
    Living Tributes                 Appliance, Merrick Stage, New Wave Seafood Market, Lowe’s, Ivaronne Brothers, Numa
                                    Florist, Beverage Barn, Dinner My Way, Pinnacle Tax, The Stage Theatre, Taxxes
   Please keep in your prayers:
                                    NYIT, Massage Therapy Shoppe, Polara Jewelers, NY Jets, NY Islanders, Joseph’s Flowers
    Dr. Erik Enquist
                                    New Noble Nails & Spa, and Tiffany & Co.
    Baby Robert John Gaudiosi
    William Keeley
    Michael & Regina Keogh                                  Around the World in 80 Days
    Mel & Anthony Lauto                                                 Dinner Dance Gala
                                               Chairladies, Mary Mc Caffery, Mary Gilroy-Doohan, Beth Mahon, Joan Durso-
         Grant Update                          Serra and Marianne Iordanou join in thanking their committee for yet another
                                               blockbuster evening on November 14, 2008 held at the Garden City Hotel. This
  Sincere thanks to the trustees of the        year’s honorees were the most deserving couple - Mayor Richard & Mrs. Irene
      following for grant funding:             Goodwin, who have both championed the work of MOMMAS House for years!
 Maternity and Early Childhood Foun-           Every year we say, “How will they ever top this year’s gala?” And every year they
 dation, Nassau County Common                  do! Wonderful job ladies, you are truly an inspiration!
 Sense for the Common Good, Nassau
 County Emergency Shelter Grant, the                                       Upcoming Events
 Hagedorn Long Island Fund, Delucia              •   May 15 - 7pm GOLD PARTY to benefit MOMMAS, Wantagh, NY
 Family Foundation, Howard E. Stark
                                                 •   June 5 & 6 - 10-4 Spring Yard Sale @ 53 Bay Drive, Massapequa, NY
 Foundation, the Thomas & Jeanne
 Elmezzi Private Foundation, H. W.               •   Summer 2009 - Tentative plans for an English Garden Tea
 Wilson Foundation, CMFN Program                 •   September 26, 2009 - Casino ight at St. William the Abbot, Seaford
 - Kate Nowack, Mineola-Pacific                  •    ovember 2009 - Dinner Dance Gala - more details to follow
 Oddfellows Lodge # 125, Charity                             Always call office for details 516-781-8637 or
 Begins at Home, Nassau County WE                     visit our website www.mommashouse.org for updates.
 CARE Bar Association, and Fund for
 the Poor.
                                                     Christmas Reunion
 Joan Phillips and her busy “elf” volunteers did another splendid job with planning and arranging our Annual Christmas Reunion.
 Widely attended by alumni and current residents alike, this event has been graciously held at the Bellmore Knights of Columbus
 for the past few years. This year Gino’s of Bellmore generously donated all the food for 125 people, ensuring the party’s success.
 Just in case there are any non-believers out there… this party takes place every year, bringing the true spirit of Christmas to those
 most in need, at virtually no cost to MOMMAS House! As in free – venue, presents, food, service, photos and entertainment and
 yes, the big guy himself – Santa! Now I would call that a modern day miracle; thanks to all that make it happen!
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                                                  Winter - Spring 2009

                             Knowledge is Power
               Resident Katie reporting on the Financial Literacy Workshop
    Over the past four months of attending the Financial Literacy workshop I have
    learned many things; one of them being how to invest my money wisely into
    the stocks, through the stock market game. My fellow residents at MOMMAS
    House and I have learned how to buy and sell stock and the difference between
    stocks and mutual funds.
    Coming in first place among the other MOMMAS House teams was very re-
    warding and exciting. All of the teams had similar strategies in playing the
    game; but having Wal-Mart stock put ours over the top.
    Previously, if someone asked me how the economy was, I would not have had
    a clue. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of volunteers, like our instructor
    Kate Nowack, I have now taken an interest in the economy, as well as my own
    financial well being.                                                                                  Katie and her son Paul

                   We Salute...                                       •   We thank Holy Child School, Old Westbury and Friends
                                                                          Academy for their Paper/Practical Item Drive. Toilet paper
• As aforementioned, our Christmas Party and celebrations at
                                                                          may not be “cute”, but it sure comes in handy when you need
  individual houses were a huge success! This party would never
                                                                          it! Kidding aside, these items require constant replenishing, so
  be possible without the Bellmore Knights of Columbus mak-
                                                                          their donation saves us from having to buy. (Call the office for
  ing room at their “Inn” for us. Every child in attendance was
                                                                          suggested list.)
  treated to gifts from Santa, made possible by his many elves at
  PROPHET NYC, Verizon Pioneers, South Nassau Hospital,               •   Kudos to Manhasset High School, Robert Novak, fellow
  Oceanside, Half Hollow Hills H.S. East, N.B.C. Toys for Kids,           teachers and staff who came up with the genius idea of “Penny
  KPMG of L.I., Runyon’s of Seaford, Manhasset H.S.,                      Wars”; nothing like healthy competition between grades to get
  TWEEZERMAN Int’l., L.I. Fund for Women & Girls, Coali-                  things moving – resulting in proceeds of $5,491.25 to
  tion for the Homeless, Shelter Rock Church, St. William the             MOMMAS House!
  Abbot Church, St. Frances de Chantal Church, Deborah E.             •   To St. William the Abbot 8th Grade, Church of Notre Dame,
  Wares of Wantagh, the Gaelic Society, Newman & Make a                   New Hyde Park for much needed MetroCards, West Hemp-
  Difference Clubs at Nassau Community College conducted toy              stead Cathedral Auxiliary - Post #1087 for various Wish List
  drives, St. Raymond’s St. Vincent de Paul Society, and of               items, St. Catherine of Sienna, Franklin Square, St. Mary’s of
  course, the Congregational Church of Manhasset whose                    Manhasset decorated the Jericho House, St. Raymond’s of
  “Angle Tree” does it’s very best every year to make dreams              East Rockaway, St Joseph’s Churches of Hewlett and Garden
  come true!                                                              City, Our Lady of Lourdes, Malverne, Holy Child School, Old
• Additionally, many individuals set out with supplied Wish               Westbury, and St. Frances de Chantal, Wantagh.
  Lists to fulfill. Julie McCann was checking her list twice and      •   Molloy College, Adelphi, C.W. Post and St. John’s Universi-
  did a great job for Glen Cove House. Rachel Gaudiosi stopped            ties for continued support volunteering service/learning hours.
  by several times in her quiet, unassuming way, adding pre-              More and more colleges/universities are establishing a win-
  sents. The Dangelo Family honored their beloved mother Eve-             win relationship with us. They are practicing what they are
  lyn’s legacy by purchasing two new computers for the resi-              learning, be it: public relations, speech therapy, early interven-
  dents. Alas, the dreaded danger of these lists – the sin of omis-       tion, etc. benefiting us both. Additionally, their internship pro-
  sion. If you were not mentioned, please accept my apologies             grams are enabling us to offer more services to our residents.
  and know where it really counts, your goodness has been duly        •   Detective Steven and Honorable Patti McDonald for their
  noted. God bless you one and all.                                       loyal and immeasurable support!
• Those that answered our Christmas Appeal; over $22,000 was          •   To our many workshop instructors (i.e. Kate owack of Finan-
  generated at a time when the need is great. In the same vein,           cial Literacy – see resident report) who offer their time and
  we greatly appreciate those that have: approached employers             expertise to MOMMAS’ residents, affording them a real
  about “Matching Gift” programs, have gotten into the habit of           chance at successful living.
  using our memorial/living tribute card program and finally,         •   To all of our other volunteers: those that rock our babies, drive
  those who have joined the ranks of regular monthly donors.              to doctor appointments, sort clothing, pick-up furniture/food,
  We can breathe a little easier when there are funds we can              make fundraising events memorable and profitable, write
  count on as much as the bills!                                          grants, keep the books, make up our Board of Directors…you
• The Daughters of Portugal for lovely gift baskets and a                 know who you are and what you do, we hope you know how
  generous monetary contribution.                                         grateful we are!
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                                         Winter - Spring 2009

                                                  PHOTO ALBUM

   Little Ninja, Joseph, at our                                                                       Layla, our little angel
   Halloween Party October ‘08                    Volunteer, Ann, reads to Amaya

        Dinner Dance Committee, starts to plan the next event               “Bedtime Stories”, Tina with her daughter Jennifer

                                            Samantha admiring her son Jeremiyah
     Christian making his way
                                                                                              Santa visits our Christmas Party
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                                          Winter - Spring 2009

 Volunteer Spotlight… Chris Aivazian
 When my business started feeling the economic decline, I was faced
 with some additional free time. I wanted to help a local organization
 so I searched the Internet for opportunities that were local, that needed
 volunteers, and that involved driving – I love to drive. Helping
 MOMMAS House allows me to use the flexibility that I need for
 work, and provides a little bit of assistance to an organization that
 needs it.
 I use my SUV to pick up donated food items from the Island Harvest
 organization – either from their warehouses or from their weekly sur-
 plus distribution facilities - and deliver these items to the 3 MOMMAS
 House locations in Hempstead, Glen Cove and Jericho.
 MOMMAS House not only provides room and board for young moth-
 ers, but it allows these moms to finish high school, start college, find a
 job, and care for their babies. These skills are difficult enough for older married couples, let alone young single mothers.
 MOMMAS House gives these moms a sense of accomplishment, teaches them responsibility, and gives them a view of the real
 world. It also allows them to jump-start their futures equipped with an education, a paying job, and most-importantly, an in-
 creased sense of self-worth and heightened self-esteem.
 Like most not-for-profit organizations, MOMMAS House relies on contributions in order to keep their services available. These
 contributions can come in the form of donations, and in the form of services. Donors can use the MOMMAS House web site
 www.mommashouse.org to do their online shopping. There are several retail organizations that will use a portion of the proceeds
 to support MOMMAS House. Additionally, need-based donations of furniture, food, clothes, etc. are always welcome. Lastly,
 donors who wish to help with their skills can provide mentoring services, handyman work, general construction, office work,
 fundraising and other valuable services. Please go to the website and see how you can help.
 My two partners and I own a Computer Consulting firm specializing in Information Technology, Security and Compliance; I help
 Island Harvest doing on-call food runs when I can; I’m a member of the Lindenhurst Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Com-
 pany and I’m studying to become an EMT; I’m a former United States Marine; I’ve been living on Long Island since 1970; And,
 I’ve been blissfully married to my best friend Carol for 24 years. Editor’s note: Semper Fi…“Lucky lady!”

                Christmas Concert                                                                UNWANTED
 Kudos again to the orth Shore Pops Band for once
 again treating us to a lovely evening of holiday music held
 at St. Rocco’s Parish Hall, Glen Cove; a rockin’ time was                    Donate to MOMMAS House
 had by all. Consider saving the date next year, guarantee
 you will be glad you did!                                      With the success of our Drive to Thrive program, many of our
 Special thanks to Laurie Broderick, of Shelter Rock            mother’s are obtaining their driver’s licenses and are now in
 Church for helping to make this a special evening. Since       need of some wheels!
 the concert is held on a week night and clear cross-island,    If you have a working car you’re looking to get rid of, please
 you cannot imagine how invaluable that help was!               consider donating to MOMMAS House. The car will be
                                                                given to any resident who has obtained her driver’s license
                                                                and begun working. All donations are tax deductible, and this
     Capital Fund Campaign Update                               would be a wonderful gift for one of our young mother’s just
 The current status of the Capital Fund Campaign is making      starting their careers. Please contact the office at 516-781-
 progress. We are halfway “home”! Please consider invest-       8637 and leave a message about your vehicle, etc.
 ing in the future of MOMMAS House and the women and
 babies we serve.
 We would be most grateful if a couple of you would con-                      At Your Service
 sider hosting a reception at your home/business or any-        Do you need an extra set of hands at your next party or fam-
 where feasible to accommodate an intimate gathering.           ily/corporate gathering? We have trained some of the young
 Light refreshments only, as the main purpose is to have a      mothers to provide this service and I am sure you will be pleased
 platform on which to explain what MOMMAS House is              by their conscientiousness. They will set up, serve and clean-up.
 and what it hopes to accomplish. No high pressure tactics      Please give them a chance to earn some money, while they at-
 are ever used, only the distribution of information and ways   tend school and parent their children. Contact the Office at 516-
 one might help if so inclined.                                 781-8637 if you are interested in this service.
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                              Winter - Spring 2009

                                What’s on our Wish List?
                                GOODS                                                   SERVICES
•   New Carpeting in our Glen Cove residence bedrooms and                •   Sponsor a young mother for driving
    Jericho residence office.                                                lessons - $500-$600, perhaps your
•   MiniVan in good running condition - late model for a reason-             family, group or organization can
    able price.                                                              raise the funds for this purpose.
•   A used WORKING CAR for newly licensed mothers                        •   Driver’s Education teachers to help
•   METROCARDS*** - this is how our girls get to school, work,               our moms obtain their driver’s license
    doctor’s appts., and counseling.                                     •   VOLUNTEERS!! Clerical work - mail
•   Potty Training seats - we have several toddlers ready to take            assembly, filing, maintenance of
    the next step!                                                           mailing list; minor house repairs /
•   Paper goods for all houses: paper towels, napkins, toilet pa-            maintenance & yard work, help sort
    per, tissues, baby wipes, diapers (sizes 4, 5 & 6), copy/printer         donations, build some storage
    paper                                                                    shelves, etc.
•   All Cleaning Supplies – kitchen, laundry, bathroom                   •   Child care volunteers during the day
•   Toiletries - toothpaste/brushes, soap, Band-aids/antiseptic, sham-       & evening, especially in Glen Cove!
    poo, children’s “Tylenol”, Pedia-Lyte, baby health/first aid kits    •   Join existing Fund-Raising Commit-
•   Bed in a Bag sets - twin size                                            tees
•   Solid color Knit Crib Sheets!!                                       •   “A few good men” with a truck/van to
•   We are NOT in need of infant clothing at this time, but if you           pick-up and deliver donations, espe-
    are having a drive or baby shower, we could use new                      cially furniture
    TODDLER size clothing 2T-5T.                                         •   Minor house repairs/maintenance
•   Home Depot Gift Cards
                                                                         •   Seasonal gardening - at all houses
•   A Wet-Dry Vacuum
                                                                             renewal (clean-up, bushes, flowers)
•   Baby monitors

             Your support for all events is greatly appreciated. There are many ways to
                contribute to MOMMAS and we hope you will choose one of them:
    1. Join our volunteer staff - greatest need, the fundraising committees
    2. Donate on the Internet - etworkForGood.com (or link directly from our website)
    3. If you are a federal employee, donate to MOMMAS, Inc. through the LI Federated Campaign
        payroll deduction Designate MOMMAS #31704 as the recipient
    4. Employer offer “Matching Gifts Program”? Choice of Monetary or Time & Talent offered by some
    5. Commemorative Cards Available – Memorials, Births, Anniversary, Birthdays – any occasion worth
        remembering, make your gifting “meaningful”
    6. Internet Shoppers – Make purchases through iGive.com or Goodshop.com and MOMMAS will get
        a percent of every sale from 1,000+ retail participants. Go online to register or call office for details.
    7. Information available on how to remember MOMMAS when involved with Estate Planning
    8. Place the enclosed envelope where you pay your bills so that you will keep us in mind when
        contribution is possible
    9. Commemorative Cards Available – Memorials, Births, Anniversary, Birthdays – any occasion worth
        remembering, make your gifting “meaningful”
    10. A 2006 law makes charitable giving from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) tax-free. People
        70 ½ and older can gift assets from an IRA to a qualified organization without it being taxed as in-
        come. Please remember MOMMAS House!
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                                  Winter - Spring 2009

  Plant a Seed… to help our flowers grow
 Please give now as the need is great and the options are few. There are many ways to support our mission -
 to help pregnant or parenting young women on their journey to become good parents and self-supporting
 Please help in any way you can

       Support upcoming events

       Volunteer your time and share your gifts.

       Designate MOMMAS as a recipient of your Federated
       Campaign contribution

       Include MOMMAS, Inc. in your estate planning

                                                                        Best Buddies: Layla, Jennifer and Madelyn
       I would like to make a Monthly donation of $ ________                    in our Glen Cove day care

       I would like to make a One Time donation of $ ________

       I would like to make a pledge of $________ to the Capital Fund Campaign for MOMMAS to purchase a new home
       to house homeless mother and their children. OR ______ I would be interested in hosting a reception at my home
       to encourage others to pledge support for the Capital Fund Campaign - please send more information.

  We accept checks made payable to MOMMAS, Inc. or Credit Card Payments (complete information below). You
  can send this page and your contribution in the self-addressed envelope provided. Thank you for your support!

      ame _________________________________________ Phone umber: ____________________________

     Address __________________________________________________________________________________

     I wish to make a contribution of $ ___________________ for my choice of support indicated above.

     Charge Card         ____Visa        ____MasterCard           ____American Express              ____Discover

     Card umber ____________________________________________ Expiration Date _____________

     ___ I wish to charge my donation of $ ____________________ monthly / one time (circle one)

     Signature ________________________________________________ Date _______________________
MOMMAS, Inc. INK                                                                               Winter - Spring 2009

                 MAILING LIST                                          GO PAPERLESS!
               UPDATE REQUEST                                Are you environmentally conscious? Or maybe you
                                                             just hate the paper you’ve got piling up around the
 We are pleased to have over 7,000 individuals, groups,
                                                             house? Well now you can choose to have your
 businesses and families on our Mailing List. We strive to
                                                             MOMMAS House newsletter sent to you electronically!
 keep our supporters informed and involved in MOMMAS
 House. However, the cost of printing and postage for        Just email mommas86@aol.com with the            subject
                                                             “Email Newsletter” and inside please indicate your
 such a large list is cumbersome. We ask that you
                                                             Name and Address where you currently receive our
 please let us know if you are no longer interested in re-
                                                             Newsletter. We will stop sending you paper newslet-
 ceiving the newsletter. Please let us know if you have
                                                             ters, and instead you can get the newsletter emailed to
 moved and your mail is being forwarded, so that we
                                                             you in PDF format 4 times a year! This would really
 may update your contact information.
                                                             help MOMMAS House cut down on the costs of
                                                                                               printing and mailing!

                                                                                We’d love to be able to keep our
                                                                                friends and supporters up to date
                                                                                on MOMMAS events in between
                                                                                our newsletter mailings. Please
                                                                                email us at mommas86@aol.com
                                                                                with the subject: “Keep In Touch”.

MOMMAS, Inc.                                                                                       Non Profit Org
                                                                                                  Sec 3465 (e) PL&R
1857 Wantagh Avenue                                                                                US POSTAGE
Wantagh, NY 11793                                                                                  Permit No 304
                                                                                                   Hicksville, NY
Address Correction Requested

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