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Poster _ Oral Poster Abstract Form _ Guidelines for Submission


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									               UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition

                               AEEDC Dubai 2012
                           31st January-2nd February

               Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

                              Poster Presentation
                                 Abstract Form
                           Deadline: 1st October 2011

                                                               For office use only

                                                               Date Rcvd. ______________________
Please complete and submit this form to:
                                                               Reg. No. ________________________
INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Organisation Est.
P.O. Box: 13636, Dubai – United Arab Emirates                  Abs. No. ________________________
Tel: +971 4 3624717, Fax: +971 4 3624718


Title:             Prof.         Dr.               Other, please specify

                        Dental Emergency
                        Dental Ergonomics
                        Dental Ethics
                        Dental Hygiene
                        Dental Laboratory Technology
                        Dental Laboratory Technology
                        Dental Practice Growth (Management, Marketing, and IT
                        Four Handed Dentistry
Presentation            Infection Control
Category:               Laser Dentistry
                        Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
                        Oral Implantology
                        Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine
                        Pediatric Dentistry
                        Restorative Dentistry
                        Robotic Dentistry
                        Other ,please specify-----------------------------------------

Sector:           UAE        GCC & MENA region         International
                     Academic        Private       Other, please specify

(Maximum of
50 words)

( e.g. :MSc.


CV and
                  Kindly attached your full CV and your Current photo.


Title should be
in capitals
(Maximum 20
Abstract: (Maximum of 100 words)

Introduction: (Maximum of 200 words)

Materials & Methods: (Maximum of 50 words)

Results: (Maximum of 50 words)

Conclusion: (Maximum of 50 words)

Note:                Yes or      No
Previously        If yes, please specify in which conference?
                                 Contact Information
 Abstracts not complying with the specified format will not be considered.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:
*(The term organizer means INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Organisation

        Abstract should not exceed 100 words. The abstract must be in English, font
         size 12 in Times New Roman font and with single-line spacing.
        Your abstract form must be accompanied by a complete conference
         registration form with payment.
        Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail or through online submission at Abstracts that are handwritten, or sent by fax will not be
        Abstract content must meet the standard of an academic / scientific
         presentation. The outline must have an Introduction, Objectives, Materials
         and Methods, Results and Conclusions.
        The abstract must be based on original research or original clinical case
        The AEEDC Scientific Advisory Committee will evaluate the content of each
         abstract and make the final selection of the abstracts for presentation.
        No abstracts will be considered after 1st of October 2010.
        For any withdrawals, the presenter should notify the *organizer in writing at
         least 2 months prior to the event.
        The *organizer will not be responsible for any misplaced or damaged posters
         within the poster area.
        The presentation must cover the same material as the abstract.
        Oral poster presentations will be selected from poster presenters by AEEDC
         Scientific Advisory Committee.

Poster Format and Presentation Guidelines:

        Dimensions of the poster boards are 90cm (height) x 70cm (width).
        Poster Orientation: Portrait format.
        Poster Materials: Paper or cardboard and should be laminated.
        Poster format should include Introduction, Objectives, Material and Methods,
         Results and Conclusions.
        Poster Title: 25 font size in Arial Black – Body Text: 20 font size in Arial with
         single spacing.
        Do not use all UPPER CASE character in your posters.
         The images (clips arts, graphs, diagrams, and drawings) must be in high
          resolution EPS format (300 dpi).
         Optional: Poster presenters who are interested in printing their poster
          through the *organizer, should submit it in Pdf. Format. The printing cost for
          each poster is 200 AED / 55 US$ which is to be paid in advanced.
         Poster frames will be provided at the poster area. A double sided tape will be
          used to put your poster up. Please note that pins cannot be used on these
          poster frames.
         All posters should be submitted before 30 th of January.
         All posters presenters will be responsible for fixing their posters according to
          assigned poster board Sheikh Maktoum Lobby, and signed guide from the
          organization will be available through the fixing process which will start from
          the afternoon of 30th of January.
         All posters should be on display for the duration of the conference.
         All posters presenters should be ready to present their posters from 1pm to 2
          pm for the three days of the event.
         Each poster presenter will be allotted 2-3 minutes for short introduction for
          the judgers followed by 2-3 minutes discussion.
         Each oral poster presenter will be allotted 10 minutes presentation time
          followed by 5 minutes discussion. Presentations must be delivered in English
          PowerPoint format.
         Judgers will be available to select the three winners from 4 pm to 5 pm on 1st
          of February.
         Posters should be taken down only at the end of the event.
         All posters presenters will be responsible for the removal of their posters at
          the end of the conference and the organisers will not be responsible for loss
          or damage of posters.


         Poster Presentation 1st Prize: Free registration on AEEDC Dubai 2013 and
          100% discount on registration on (one) course of DWDM 2013
         Poster Presentation 2nd Prize: Free registration on AEEDC Dubai 2013 and
          50% discount on registration on (one) course of DWDM 2013
         Poster Presentation 3rd Prize: Free registration on AEEDC Dubai 2013 and
          25% discount on registration on (one) course of DWDM 2013

Disclaimer Statement

In order to maintain efficiency, the following disclaimer should be signed and
understood, illuminating the Speaker/Author and Organizer/Event responsibilities.

          1.  I understand that the submission of an abstract does not automatically
             entitle me to participate in AEEDC Dubai 2012 neither as a presenter nor
             as a participant.
          2. Being a presenter/author in AEEDC Dubai 2012, I undertake to complete
             and submit any other disclosure statements required by any other
             organization, including the conference organizer, in relation to my
             participation in AEEDC Dubai 2012, and I guarantee that the disclosure
             statement will be complete and truthful to the best of my knowledge.
          3. I have made every effort to guarantee the accuracy of the information
             supplied herein in the Abstract Form, and hereby disclaim all warranties
             with regards to the information included on this form without limitation.
          4. I understand that if my abstract has been accepted for presentation, the
             *organizer has the right to publish it in Dental Horizons Scientific Journal.
       5. I fully understand that AEEDC Dubai will not be held responsible for any
          errors or omissions in the information present in this form.
       6. I understand that I will be solely responsible for my presentation,
          equipments such as hard disk, flash memories, CDs, DVD, laser pointers,
          portable computer devices, and etc. And that AEEDC Dubai takes no
          responsibility, and disclaims any liability, for any equipment in regard to
          my presentation, which would be brought.(applicable for oral poster
          presenters only)
       7. I understand that I need to have travel insurance and the *organizers are
          not liable for any emergency related to travelling to the event.
       8. I understand that any handout materials to be distributed during or at the
          conference/course presentation must be submitted to the AEEDC
          Scientific Advisory Committee at least one week prior to the event for
          approval. Only approved hand out materials can be distributed during the
          conference/course session.

By signing this statement, I declare that the mentioned terms and conditions in
points (1) to point (8) in the disclaimer statement and the guidelines for abstract
submission and presentation are understood and accepted, and will be complied with
and maintained.

Signature:                                                            Date:

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