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									                          (Family & Consumer Sciences
                            Pittsburg State University
    Unit Level Strategic Planning and Effectiveness Document
Instructions: Using the format below, please complete for the next fiscal year.
             Limit Goals to five (5), Objectives. Strategies and Performance
             Measures are unlimited. Performance Measures should document
             progress towards achieving your goals. Links to last year’s
             documents on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee Webpage
             are provided to assist you. When completed, please save and
             submit the Word document to Dr. Bob Wilkinson at

             For those units/departments that have a student learning
             component or function, at least one goal must address the
             assessment and improvement of student learning.

Department: College of Arts & Sciences, November 1, 2010


Current PSU FCS Mission Statement
The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Pittsburg State University
provides educational programs and experiences that develop professionals
whose expertise is in the areas of Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, Early
Childhood, Personal and Family Management, etc. or the teaching of those areas
to help people function more effectively in their daily living and working

Vision Statement:

FCS Vision Statement: The vision of the Department of Family and Consumer
Sciences is and has the vision to remain the leader in family and consumer
sciences programs for the four states area. We see this role only increasing as
we realize the construction of a new facility and the increased demand within
society and by employers. This demand is for both the specifics of the areas in
which our students are prepared, but also with the philosophical base and skills
that emphasize a holistic, integrative and collaborative focus on issues and
problems affecting individuals, families, work and communities. We envision our
future identity as including more graduate offerings; more students pursuing
graduate work locally and regionally after their preparation in our programs;
increases in faculty FTE's to match the growth and stature of the department;
graduates and faculty that are recognized regionally and nationally for their

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                           (Family & Consumer Sciences
                             Pittsburg State University
How the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences Supports the
Academic Mission of the University:

The Department of Family & Consumer Sciences offers two courses that are a
part of the general education courses for the university, service courses as a part
of one interdisciplinary masters degree, one interdisciplinary major and three
interdisciplinary minors.

Through extensive recruitment efforts the department actively reaches out to
students in the PSU catchment area and beyond which impacts both out
department and the university as a whole.

The department offers two majors with four areas of study within one major, and
five minor areas of study.

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University
Goal 1: Enhance learner success.

University Goal and Objective: Goal 1.a, b, & l.

Objective: Increase production of graduates prepared to work in the areas of Fashion
Merchandising, Early Childhood, and Interior Design and to teach in the area of Family &
Consumer Sciences and other related FCS professions.

Strategies: Implement recruitment plans previously developed within department.

       Budget Implications: The department has always had active recruitment efforts.
       Due to the budget cuts our bi-annual newsletter was converted to an online only
       newsletter. This impacts our department greatly as we had send it out to all
       prospective students that contact us either by internet or on visits to the
       department. We also send the newsletter to alumni who share it with others.
       Additionally we sent it to high school FCS teachers and guidance counselors to
       make them aware of what we are doing within our programs. By having it online
       the number of views for the past newsletter was down to 4 a month. The printed
       version has now been brought back and will only be done once a year with the
       costs covered by alumni donations. Also the schools receiving the newsletter
       was increased to include the northwest Arkansas region.

Strategies: Provide high quality advisement to students at all levels (prospective
students and current majors and minors).

Strategies: Retain and graduate students who are ready and committed to their
profession and who will seek to maintain a connection with the department in the future
through work on advisory boards, hosts for internships, placement for student teachers,

       Performance Measure: Increase in number of students enrolled as FCS BS and
       BSE majors.

       Performance Measure: Keep track of recruitment efforts and analyze results to
       fine tune the process.

       Performance Measure: Increase or maintain the high levels or reported
       advisement survey results.

       Performance Measure: Report contacts with graduates and continued
       connections with the department. (Participation in workshops, conferences,
       boards, attendance at Career Day events, and numbers of students placed, etc.)

Progress Summary: The department created a recruitment plan in the Fall of 2007 that
is reviewed each year. Aspects of the plan are in continuous implementation. Faculty
are involved in numerous recruitment events each semester. Faculty have set goals for
recruitment for each area of the department. Students within the department have taken
personal interest in actively recruiting future students and in creating opportunities to
enhance the standing of the department. Funding was increased for student recruitment

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                               Pittsburg State University
and individual pens were designed to highlight each individual area of the department
and a special one for alumni.

Each year the department hosts an FCS Career Day for high school students. This past
year (2009) it was attended by 250 students from as far away as Lawrence and Wichita.
For the Career Day 2009 we had several 1st time attendees that participated. Plans for
the 2010 Career Day include broadening the marketing area to include contacting
schools within the Gorilla Advantage Contiguous Counties. This is being done in
recognition that we might lose numbers of attendees due to economic issues.

The FCS faculty continue to be ranked highly as advisors based on results from the
faculty advisement survey. It is increasingly common that students from other programs
on campus who minor in an FCS area come to FCS advisors for unofficial advisement
help due to our strong reputation..

Our department has seen increased publicity for the department through funneling
information to PSU Public Relations office. Examples are the Interior Design Straw Bale
Structure, the FM TOM’s Shoes project, the ID Design Star Guest presenter, creation of
brochures, creation of recruitment packets for individual areas for prospective students,
student organizations being very active in the community through established and new
projects. Highlighting Accreditation efforts in ID and Early Childhood.

Brochures have been revised or are being revised for publication. Most are currently
being used. The Career Opportunities website
(http://www.pittstate.edu/department/family/students/career-planning/) has been
developed and information shared with PSU Career Services, PSU Admissions, and
prospective students.

       Budget implications: The cost for printing of materials has impacted our
       promotion of the department. We have received permission to print our
       brochures in-house using the color laser printer after the university public
       relations office has assisted with the layout of the individual brochures. This
       change will allow us to print the brochures at less than 50% of the cost of
       sending them out for printing. The budget for this has been eliminated, but we
       are using funds from alumni donations to continue this which reduces money
       available for student scholarships.

Objective: Maintain and strengthen the curriculum in the areas of Fashion
Merchandising, Early Childhood, Interior Design, Individual & Family Management, and
FCS Teacher Education.

Strategies: Adapt courses as needed to represent the content needed by professionals
in each field of study both for now and in the future.

       Performance Measure: Feedback from advisory boards, internship students,
       internship supervisors, alumni reports and information gleaned from professional

       Add the FCCLA Graduate workshop to the offerings each year.

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University

Progress Summary: Adjustments were proposed for the option areas and for each of
the majors based on feedback from students, advisory board members, and
internship/student teaching feedback.

Faculty make continuous adjustments to courses based on an assessment of student
needs, opportunities and changes in professional knowledge base. Faculty developed
new and mediated options for courses and taught more WL courses than in the past
(during summer)

Interior Design has moved strongly into including more in the area of sustainability in
design. Outside speakers and resources have been added. Faculty members have
expanded their personal understanding in that area. A course on Green Design was
being piloted in Spring 2010. New courses in Space Planning and Creative Problem
Solving are going to be added for Spring 2011. Space planning has been identified both
as a weak area that needed strengthening as well as an area of increased career

Expand the use of hybrid courses in the department. Explore team teaching and
increased online course offerings.

Objective: Integrate Unit Assessment, program review and strategic planning for
continuous improvement.

Strategies: Review assessment results as they relate to the strategic plan for the

Performance Measure: All program areas will report assessment results.

Performance Measure: Implementation of changes to curriculum and practice based on
assessment results.

Progress Summary: The FCS Exit exam was retooled with individual exams created for
each individual area. These exams are reviewed and changes made every year in the
spring semester. Data is now being kept on student scores and shared with faculty in
content areas to provide feedback. Faculty members are also asked yearly for
additional questions to add to the question bank for use in the exit exam. Teacher Ed
has completed KSDE Program Review. ID Portfolios are individually assessed by the ID
Advisory Board.

Faculty submit papers for part of the Upper level Writing Assessment which is part of the
performance agreement.

An internal program assessment has been piloted for the senior capstone class over a
two year period. It will be fully implemented for the first time in Fall 2010. Within this
assessment students will compare their learning experiences to current accreditation
standards and national program standards. These will be included in faculty discussions
and decision making as well as provide data for upcoming FCS departmental program

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University
Strategies: Work on Departmental Writing Assessment process in conjunction with WL
faculty from the English Department

Performance Measure: Faculty will attend meetings for discussion of their goals,
objectives and analysis of student writing..

Performance Measure: Faculty will submit student writing samples for analysis

Performance Measure: Faculty will participate in the analysis and creation of a
departmental rubric (tool for assisting in the analysis of student writing).

Progress Summary: Work on Departmental Writing Assessment process in conjunction
with WL faculty from the English Department. In spring 2010 we completed the final
period of this process. The process has been a good one and faculty feel it has been
valuable. In Fall 2010 the English faculty will debrief both participating FCS faculty as
well as non-participating faculty on the results.

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                              (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University

Goal 2: Enhance discovery and research.

University Goal and Objective: Goal 2.b & d.

Objective: Increase number of grant proposals authored and submitted by FCS faculty
both internal and external to the university.

Strategies: Disseminate internal funding opportunities for faculty to the departmental

Strategies: Work with grant personnel to identify funding possibilities.

Strategies: Faculty work with grant personnel to prepare and submit proposals.

Strategies: Advocate for higher percentage of indirect costs going to department/grant

Performance Measure: Initiate a system by which funding opportunities are shared with
faculty and that faculty can easily refer to the information.

Performance Measure: Increase in number of grant applications within the department.

Performance Measure: Increase in number of grants received within the department.

Performance Measure: Increase indirect costs going to department.

Progress Summary: Each Fall the FCS Faculty are presented with a summary of funds
they had accessed during the prior year through on-campus programs and grants and
awards both internal and external to the university. Interior Design applied for two grants
and received one (Italian Heritage Grant). Early childhood applied for one grant and
received it during the past year (Smart Start Grant). Faculty member also received the
Internationalization Travel grant. Additional small grants have been identified for interior
design projects which enhance opportunities for students.

Objective: Increased funding support for faculty and staff professional development.

Strategies: Encourage faculty to apply for current opportunities within the university for
professional development funds.

Strategies: Encourage faculty to apply for opportunities external to the university to
enhance their professional development funds..

Performance Measure: Increase in amount of funds within departmental control.

Progress summary: Professional development funds are down from prior years due to
limited interest income in the FCS Faculty development funds. Additionally with the

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                              (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                 Pittsburg State University
exception of the professional development funds that come as a result of teaching WL
courses and working on the FCS upper level writing assessment project new fund
resources have not been available. Internationalization Grant, Teaching Enhancement
grant. With the new newsletter the solicitation of donations will be a high priority to build

Objective: Increased number of scholarly presentations.

Strategies: Encourage faculty and student participation in and attendance at
professional meetings.

       Funding implications: Funds available for faculty have decreased greatly and a
       greater share of the load is being covered by faculty themselves.

Strategies: Create visibility of faculty scholarship and creative endeavors through public

Performance Measure: Increase in number of reported scholarly presentations and
creative endeavors.

Performance Measure: Promote opportunities for students within the department to
share efforts.

Performance Measure: Faculty will report their efforts and those of their students
through appropriate means.

Progress Summary:
Senior students tackle individual senior projects each year. These are presented in the
manner of poster presentations following the guidelines established for the AAFCS
National Conference. Students also have the opportunity to submit proposals for these
and other projects and research to the national conference for presentation. Over the
past three years six students have had their proposals accepted and they have given
presentations at the national conference.

Faculty have presented at state, regional, national and international conferences in the
past year.

Students have attended state, regional and national conferences in the past year.
(NAEYC, KAFCS, AAFCS, etc.) Students have played an increased role in state
conferences with three providing presentations in a Spring 2010 conference.

Student’s who attend conferences return to give presentations of content gained from
attendance at conferences to faculty and students.

Students provide presentations at the FCS Career Day as a part of the departmental
recruitment events. Each year approximately 24 students serve as presenters and
another 30 serve as facilitators.

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University
Goal 3: Enhance engagement and interaction with external stakeholders.

University Goal and Objective: Goal 3.d, e

Objective: Continue to develop the reputation of the department as a center of
knowledge dissemination to the region within the fields of Family & Consumer Sciences
and a source of knowledgeable graduates for professions.

Strategies: Continually make efforts to strengthen our advisory board through increasing
numbers and seeking new input from professionals in the region.

Strategies: Seek contacts and develop relationships with area community college
personnel to facilitate the transition between programs and enhance the resource base
available to faculty and students.

Strategies: Seek contacts and develop relationships with potential internship placement

Strategies: Seek opportunities to influence the placement of FCS Teacher Education
students for practicum and student teaching experiences.

Strategies: Develop opportunities for Early Childhood practicum and student teacher

Performance Measure: Contacts made with identified potential partners, visits made
and invites to campus by community college personnel specific to discussions with FCS.

Performance Measure: Contacts made with area school districts with more attention
paid to those schools in the Gorilla Advantage counties.

Progress Summary: Twice each year the chair meets with representatives of the area
community colleges Early Childhood administrators for discussions concerning meeting
the needs of identified students as well as facilitating transfer of students between the
community colleges and the university.

Mailings for FCS Career Day have included those schools in the Gorilla Advantage
counties. Faculty attended the Missouri Career and Technical Education conference this
past summer and made contacts with state representatives, teachers, etc.

Placement of students with area early childhood programs (Parents-as-Teachers, Head
Start, etc.) The Early Childhood Faculty member is keeping track of placements and is
seeking out additional placement opportunities.

ECD has included a recent graduate of the program on the ECD advisory board.

One Early Childhood Faculty member (Amber Tankersley) serves on the KAEYC Board.
She is on a committee that looks at student involvement which has the potential to link
PSU with the area community colleges. Both Amber Tankersley and Duane Whitbeck
also serve on the SEK-CAP professional development advisory board.

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                               Pittsburg State University
Website content outlining articulation between area community colleges continues to be
developed. Articulation agreements with area high schools is the priority for 2010-2011.

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University
Goal 4: Embrace emerging technologies

University Goal and Objective: Goal 4.c, d.

Objective: Quantity and quality of online courses.

Strategies: Maintain or appropriately expand number of totally online courses.

Strategies: Maintain or appropriately expand number of hybrid online courses.

Performance Measure: Assess the quality of courses offered online.

Performance Measure: Assess the quality of hybrid online courses.

Progress Summary: In the past year there have been three courses taught online. In
the summer of 2008 there were four courses taught online. In spring 2010 there are four
courses taught online.

Explore additional courses that could be taught using an online or hybrid format.

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                             (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                Pittsburg State University
Objective: Explore and implement use of emerging technologies for instruction.

Strategies: Faculty attending Instructional Media Consultants training opportunities for
use of emerging technologies such as Smart Board, Angel, etc.

Strategies: Departmental use of student instructional fee funding to purchase needed
equipment as well as update existing equipment.

Strategies: Departmental personnel learn to use the software and hardware available to
students as purchased with the instructional fee funding and encourage or teach its use
in their courses as appropriate.

Performance Measure: Number of faculty participating in training opportunities.

Performance Measure: Report on expenditure of funds for new and updated
instructional equipment.

Performance Measure: Report by faculty of increased knowledge of, use of and skills
with newer technologies provided.

Progress Summary: One faculty member who has reported attending training has
attended four training workshops provided within the college of Arts & Sciences over the
past year. The instructional support individual for the College of Arts & Sciences
attended one faculty meeting to present use of the grade book feature of Angel. About
50% of FCS Faculty have taken advantage of instructional workshops provided by
College of Arts & Sciences workshop training.

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                               (Family & Consumer Sciences
                                  Pittsburg State University
Goal 5: Increase awareness and implementation of sustainability within
instruction and in the operation of the department.

  1.    University Goal and Objective: 6. Institutionalize environmental sustainability into
       all university activities including operations, teaching and learning, discovery and
       engagement. Enhance discovery and research.

Objective:     Determine the state of current practices related to sustainability within the

Strategies:     The faculty will conduct an assessment of current practices which support
the sustainability goal within instruction.

Strategies:   The faculty and staff will assess the impact of changes made in operating
the program that support the sustainability goal.

Performance measures:          Data collected within the department including such things
as use of the copier, use of alternate information delivery methods such as the Angel
course management system, Use of E-books as texts, etc.

Performance measures:         Identification of specific content included either as a
special presentation of content or as infused content embedded within the curriculum.

Progress summary: Sustainability is now a part of content in three of the departments
program and is included as appropriate. Paper recycling, bottles, electronic waste,
printer cartridges, and other areas. Purchasing decisions are goals.guided by

Objective:      The faculty and staff will identify future strategies that support the
sustainability goal.

Performance measures:          Faculty will include information about sustainability in their
yearly evaluation of goals

Progress summary: New copy machine has a scan feature which allows greater use of
documents without copying.

Preschool is evaluating procedures to help keep w/recycling efforts. Children wash own
dishes rather than using consumable paper or Styrofoam products. Newsletters are e-
mailed to parents rather than printing copies.

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