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									                                    Monthly Roar

         VOLUME 7 ISSUE 1                          JULY 2010

  Save the Dates!


We welcome our new
Newsletter Editor Rich
Sidell. Everyone is encour-
aged to participate by send-
ing your pictures, articles
and ideas to Rich

A Special thank you to
Chris Moss for sharing his
photos of CAR-B-QUE

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Club Information               2

President’s Message            3

Technical Corner               4

Club Application               7

Christmas Party Rictures       9

CAR-B-QUE PICTURES          10-11
  VOLUME 5                                     THE GREAT ONE                                            VOLUME 7

                                      Club Information
                                             Club Officers

President….…………......Amy Perciballi.………….516-469-7188
Vice President….Gary Heicklen…………..…..917-208-7864
Treasurer…...……….. Bob Serrao…...……………..631-242-9848
Secretary………....…… Bob Desio ……………...516-297-0953
Tech Advisor..………. ….....Keith….631-598-2320
Events Coordinator….….Janet Serrao…...…….….....631-242-9848
Membership Secretary…..Steve Calabrese………..646-337-2311
Webmaster………...……..……Kevin Lacinski…………..516-695-4777
Editor in Chief ………….Rich Sidell………………………..516-637-7750

                                                 Our Club
The Long Island GTO Club of New York was formed in           meeting locations gives everyone an opportunity to at-
2004 by the LI GTO Club President, Amy Perciballi.           tend our meetings. Even numbered months (such as
After attending many out-of-state GTO events, she            June) we meet at The Paradise Diner, corner of routes
thought it would be great for Greater New York to have       347 & 454, in Hauppauge. Odd numbered months (such
their own GTO Club. The LI GTO Club was granted a            as July) we will be rotating different locations until we
chapter charter by the GTO Association of America in         find one we are happy with. If unsure of the location of
2005, and since then, we have been growing strong.           the next meeting, please check our website:
We have over 50 members and still growing!          and this Newsletter.
The LI GTO Club meets the third Wednesday of each            To become a member of The Long Island GTO Club,
month at 2 different locations. The reason behind this is    please see our application located in this Newsletter.
because we have members ranging from Long Island’s           Applications are also available on our website.
East End into the Bronx and Westchester. Rotating our

                                                     GTOAA Information
                                               The Long Island GTO Club of New York is an official chartered chapter of
                                       The GTO Association Of America (The GTOAA). It is a requirement of the Na-
                                       tional Chapter that all members of The Long Island GTO Club also be a member
                                       in good standing with the National GTO Club.
                                       As a member of The GTOAA, you will receive the Golden Quill Award Winning
                                       monthly publication, The Legend, have access to the GTOAA Technical Advisor
                                       Staff, use 50 words of free classified advertising monthly, and view GTOAA Club
                                       Store Merchandise, as well as receiving a complete membership kit. To join the
                                       GTOAA, please send a $30.00 check to: GTOAA, PO Box 455, Tinnath, CO
    VOLUME 7                              THE GREAT ONE                                           PAGE 3

President’s Message….
The weather has been incredible for us car enthusiasts and I am sure all of you have been enjoying your cars
by taking in a car show, cruise night or just cruising around town. Be sure to check out our cruise night and
upcoming show listings! The Long Island GTO Club is a part of two upcoming shows: Sun Auto GTO,
Camaro & G8 show in August and The Hagerman Fire Department show in September.
Speaking of car shows, our annual Car-B-Que was an amazing show! It was a full house again this year, with
the total show cars on the field maxing out at 275! Thank you to all that participated and volunteered their
time to put on the show! We have been asked by many of our show goers to change our location to accom-
modate more cars and spectators and we are reviewing our options. Our club feels that Crab Meadow Beach
is a great spot for the show and we would like to hear feedback from you on this issue. Another job well done
by the volunteers! A very special thank you to Janet and Bob Serrao on their hard work to make this show
happen. The show would not go on without these two very dedicated people! Thank you to Lori Kaiser, Jen
Vagnone, Joe Fucci and Jeanine Greaux for running our booth - Thank you Dennis “The Goatman” Kulak for
doing a grrr-eat job running the show from the stage as DJ and MC of the event and getting us in touch with
LCD (band #2) - to Chris Moss and BA for getting us in touch with Strange But Surf (Band #2) who were
amazing - thank you to LCD (band #1) and to Strange But Surf (band #2) for their great music - to Kevin
Lacinski for our flyer and web work - to our judges, Keith Wilnauer, Perry Kaiser, Mike Stillwagon, Sal Agusti-
nacia, and Bob Spinnachia who had the pleasure of judging some truly beautiful cars on our field - to Steve
Calabrese for running the 50/50 and taking care of our vendors, and to Carolyn Maiale for assisting Steve, to
our front gate workers, Kevin Lacinski, Mike Serrao, John Serrao, Dan Fiore, John Kappelman and to Perry
Kaiser for stepping in to help, and Denise Gallo and Mike Maiale for getting the goodie bags out and stepping
in to help wherever we needed it - to our photographer Jim Murray and his side kick Rob Heicklen - to our
parking staff Gary Heicklen, Rich Sidell, Sal Maiale, Bob Corazzini, to Charlie, Adrianna and Maryanne for
taking care of the breakfast booth and helping wherever we needed help - to Kevin Gelmin and Donna at
Crown Trophy for our beautiful trophies and plaques and for having patience with us - to Outback for their
amazing food and service and of course, the Town of Huntington and all those involved with making this show
happen! The show is a lot of work to put on but it is well worth it when you see how many people truly enjoy
the show and the best moment - when we donate the money to A Mother’s Kiss.

As always, your input into the club is important. If you would like to contribute to this Newsletter or the club,
please do so by contacting Rich Sidell at Photos of your car, stories about your car,
or anything you may come across that you find interesting are all welcome additions to our newsletter, web-
site and club. We would also love to have you join in our monthly meetings. Please see our meeting sched-
ule in this Newsletter and check our website for up to the minute information on our meetings and upcoming
                                                          Until next time,,…. Be well!   Amy Perciballi, President

                                              Address Corrections:
 The Officers of The Long Island GTO Club have decided to lower the dues for 2010. The member-

                            or snail mail to:
                                         LI GTO Club Newsletter Editor
                                                 Richard Sidell
                                               43-19 158th Street
                                               Flushing NY 11358
  VOLUME 7                                  THE GREAT ONE

 Technical Corner                              by Keith Willnauer

                         THE RAM AIR V

Undoubtedly the most mystical engine ever produced by Pontiac, or any other manufacturer for that matter,
was the Ram Air V. Its major misfortune was that it never had a chassis to call home, since it was never re-
leased from the factory in a production automobile. But as you will learn this hasn’t stopped the craze for the
Ram Air V and installing a factory “would have been” correct Ram Air V in an “appropriate for production” year
The Ram Air V actually came in several forms, and there were additional Ram Air engines beyond the Ran
Air V. The complete production engines that were created for sale, came in the 303,366 and 400 sizes. The
303 was designated for Trans Am racing in the F, or Firebird body. The 366 was designated for NASCAR
applications in the A body, or more commonly, the Tempest series body. The 400 was the originally devel-
oped Ram Air V engine, and was designated for production in the GTO.
In addition to these engines, others were developed but never sold as complete units in the crate. These are
the Ram Air VI and the Ram Air VII. They were both based upon the 428-CID engine. The Ram Air VI was the
same as the single four-barrel Ram Air V though in a 428-CID size.
You can submit your question either by mail: LI GTO Club, Tech Advisor, PO Box 276, Levittown, NY 11756,
or via email: TechAdvisor@LIGTOClub.



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         or call 516-469-7188
                      (free for LI GTO Club Members only!)
          V LUM U ISE 7
         V O O L E 7M S U E 1                              T E R EA O E
                                                       T H E HGG REA T T NO N E                    PAGE 5 PAGE 5

        Need help with your car or have a question? Call Chris & Ray during the show!

                                                                                  Bob Desio

NAPA of Smithtown                                                                      (P) 631-265-1797
310 Maple Avenue                                                                       (F) 631-265-1891
Smithtown, NY 11787                                                          

A Mother's Kiss is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the families of childhood cancer patients. Since 1994
it has been our goal to help these very special families on both an emotional and financial level.
The initial diagnosis of pediatric cancer can set a young family into a tailspin. Aside from the fears associated with
the sickness, families are forced to make very difficult decisions. One parent will often need to leave their job to
care for the child in this very crucial time. Family finances and emotional strengths are tested to the limit.
Please tour our site to see what A Mother's Kiss is all about and how we help our special friends. And just as im-
portant, how you can help to make a difference in the lives of childhood cancer patients and their families.

                                To Read More, visit : 

                                     566 Fulton Street
                                           RT 109
                                     Farmingdale, NY
                                    Call (516) 293-9026
                                    Fax (516) 454-6615

                      Bill Carberry

     This is where to go on Long Island for all your
      Cooling System and Air Conditioning Service
     Hours Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm Alt. Sat. 8am - 1pm
                                              PARTS GTOUP

Ref_________ Renno ________
                            Long Island GTO Club Monthly Tech Sessions 2010

The Long Island GTO Club is proud to announce that it will be holding monthly tech sessions! LIGTO Club Sec-
retary, Bob Desio has generously donated his garage bay for us to use to hold these sessions. Thank you Bob!

The tech sessions are designed to help all of us with any work that needs to be done to our cars—anything from
body work to engine work—we do it all! We will be working on some members cars as well as rebuilding a carbu-
retor in the upcoming tech sessions. Please check our website, for the tech session

Please don’t be shy! If your car needs some work, please feel free to contact Bob to schedule your tech day. As
a matter of fact, my car will be an upcoming subject—changing the vent window      rubber.

The monthly sessions are held at 2:00PM every second Sunday of the month (so the next session will be August
8th, 2010) and are held at NAPA Auto Parts store, 310 Maple Ave in Smithtown. We will be calling in experts to
handle the hard stuff!

Please contact Bob Desio to schedule your tech day or if you need any parts for your car! Bob can be reached at or 516-297-0953.
                                                        ________New Application
                                                        ________Renewal Application
                           MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Name: _________________________________________________________


City: __________________________________State: ______ Zip: __________

Email: ________________________

Day Telephone #: ________________ Evening Telephone #:_______________

Birthday Month: ________ Day: _________

Additional Names for FAMILY MEMBERSHIP:

___________________________________Birthday Month_____ Day_____

___________________________________Birthday Month_____ Day_____

___________________________________Birthday Month_____ Day_____
List Car Ownership:

Year ______ Body Style __________ Engine ________ Tranny_______

Year ______ Body Style __________ Engine ________ Tranny_______

Year ______ Body Style __________ Engine ________ Tranny_______

Membership Type: (Check)    SINGLE _________     FAMILY___________

GTO Association of America (GTOAA) Membership # ________________
Exp. Date ___________


Please send completed application along with appropriate payment to:

             Long Island GTO Club 15 Wilhow Court Northport, NY 11768

Membership Applications also available online:
                                   Office Use Only
                                           Cruise Nights 2010

             Know a cruise that is not listed? Call 516-469-7188, Email

AM Cruise    OBI, Oak Beach, Ocean Pkwy, Babylon, NY 7AM and on This is Open to the Public Free
             admission. Either at Captree or OBI parking lots. They are 2 minutes down the road from each

             Tri-County Flea Market, 3041 Hempstead Turnpike , Levittown, NY 6 pm until– Free admission.
             Public Gathering. This is the 3rd year and keeps getting better.
             Hot Dog and Ice Cream Trucks on site. No burnouts or loud music please. Lets not lose this one!

             South Street and Audrey Ave, Oyster Bay, NY.       6-10PM.
             Austin 516-398-7225 $5 admission or purchase a discounted "Season
             Pass". Sponsored by the Oyster Bay Chamber of Commerce. Local merchants and food establishments open.
             Live entertainment! 50/50 drawing, discounts and more! Come down for another great year.

             Nathan's Famous. 3131 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY          6PM Public Gathering Room for 100 Cars.
             One of Long Island's longest running cruises. No motorcycles. No loud music or burnouts please.

             Wendy's Shopping Center. Montauk Hwy and Locust Ave. Oakdale, NY 6PM
             Ish 631-205-0510

             Bellmore Train Station. Sunrise Highway, Bellmore NY 6-10 PM
             Room for 300 + cars! Keep it cool no burnouts or loud music! LETS NOT LOSE THIS AGAIN.

             Mc Donald's /Bob's Store Sunrise Highway .West Islip, NY Across from Herbee Dodge in West Islip
             5-10PM Sponsored by Long Island Road Gents. Food and facilities on site. Come hang out—have fun!
             No burnouts, open exhaust or loud music.
             Ray 631-529-9200

If you have any information regarding a cruise night or see an obsolete cruise listed, please forward
the information to me at
 TO SEE MORE PHOTOS CLICK ONTO CHRIS MOSS’S PHOTO LINK.!/album.php?aid=47820&id=1581932369
                         LONG ISLAND GTO CLUB

                                 Court Northport,
                       15 Wilhow 15 Wilhow Court NY 11768
                               Phone: 631-262-9848

                                Northport, NY 11768

                              RENEWAL REMIDER
                           If you joined our club in
August of 2009 or before, and have not renewed your membership, this will be
                            your LAST Newsletter!
                            Renew Now!! (Page 7)
                                           Club Merchandise Order Form

                        Please make check payable to: Long Island GTO Club and mail to:
                        Long Island GTO Club 15 Wilhow Court Northport, NY 11768

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