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									Chapter 18 Worksheet

DO NOT WRITE ON THIS WORKSHEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____    1. Sperm leave the male body through the
           a. urethra.                                     c. vas deferens.
           b. seminiferous tubules.                        d. prostate gland.
____    2. A function of the testes is to
           a. make estrogen.
           b. produce sperm.
           c. deliver sperm to the outside of the body.
           d. add fluid to sperm.
____    3. When a sperm joins with an egg, it is called
           a. fertilization.                               c. ejaculation.
           b. premenstrual syndrome.                       d. ovulation.
____    4. Testosterone is a hormone that is
           a. responsible for male sex characteristics.
           b. necessary for sperm production.
           c. produced by the testes.
           d. all of the above
____    5. The male reproductive system produces and delivers
           a. hormones.                                    c. sperm.
           b. eggs.                                        d. testosterone.
____    6. An embryo travels from the fallopian tube into the
           a. placenta.                                    c. zygote.
           b. uterus.                                      d. vas deferens.
____    7. Which of the following is an organ of the female reproductive system?
           a. testes                                       c. epididymis
           b. ovary                                        d. vas deferens
____    8. The “twos” are marked by
           a. the fastest period of growth.
           b. dramatic intellectual and psychological changes.
           c. social independence.
           d. all of the above

Complete each sentence or statement.

        9. The temperature in the testes is slightly _________________________ than that of the rest of the body. This
           is very important to the sperm-making process.
       10. The function of the female reproductive system is to produce ____________________ and to provide a place
           to support and nourish a developing human.
       11. The best time for a female to do a breast self-examination is at least ____________________ before her
           menstrual period.
       12. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the ____________________ becomes implanted in the fallopian tube.
       13. The final stage of pregnancy, ____________________, occurs when contractions are strong enough to push
           the baby out of the mother’s body.
       14. The menstrual cycle is a monthly series of hormone-controlled changes that prepare the
           ____________________ for pregnancy.
       15. An itchy rash in the ____________________ is a symptom of jock itch.


             Match each item with the correct statement.
             a.   menstruation                              h.   cervix
             b.   menstrual cycle                           i.   fallopian tube
             c.   circumcision                              j.   Pap smear
             d.   estrogen                                  k.   ovaries
             e.   vagina                                    l.   embryo
             f.   placenta                                  m.   penis
             g.   uterus
____   16.   a fertilized egg after it has attached itself to the wall of the uterus
____   17.   an operation in which a fold of skin–called the foreskin–is cut from around the top of the penis
____   18.   the female organ that transports an egg from the ovary to the uterus
____   19.   female reproductive structures that produce eggs
____   20.   a medical procedure in which cells from the cervix are removed and tested for cancer
____   21.   the hollow muscular organ that provides a place for the baby to grow before birth; also called the womb
____   22.   the breakdown and discharge of the uterine lining out of the vagina
____   23.   a monthly series of hormone-controlled changes that prepare the uterine lining for a pregnancy
____   24.   the base of the uterus, which bulges down into the vagina
____   25.   female reproductive structure that receives the sperm

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