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                   Break with Coffee
                                      By J. DeWitt Fox, M.D.

       VER SINCE THE DAY that the head of a                 sometimes more irritable action. This accounts for
E        Moslem monastery, according to a Syrian
         legend, noticed that eating coffee berries made
 his goats frisky and he brewed some to keep his
                                                             the heart flutter and thump that some get after coffee
                                                                  High blood pressure victims are warned against
 monks awake at evening prayers, the world has been         its use because the action of the caffeine in coffee is
excited over the "cup that stimulates."                     unpredictable; it may make the blood pressure go
    I'm here to offer a bit of advice for the millions      up by stimulating the heart or make it drop by dilat-
who are making themselves think that a cup of coffee        ing blood-vessels close to the skin. Obviously, in a dis-
 calms the nerves—the people who would like to avoid        ease where quiet relaxation and sedation are impor-
the jitters and jumps, to sleep better at night, and        tant the stimulation of coffee is not to be desired.
not to have those tiny tremors that for all the world          The fatigue factor, which coffee seems to erase,
look like a case of nerves or old age creeping up to        is one of its worst dangers, though the effect most
tap them on the shoulder.                                   sought after by many. Coffee erases feelings of fatigue.
      I realize that I'm taking my life in my hands         It blots out the danger signals, and while your body
to discuss a subject dear to so many. I know full well      is crying for rest, relaxation, and a reclining posi-
it is said that Sultan Sclim I liked coffee so much         tion on a soft bed, you lash it relentlessly when you
that he hanged two Persian doctors who said it was          give it coffee. You virtually say, "You aren't really
bad for the health. However, this is a fate I hope          tired," and the coffee stimulation says, "Go to it. Get
to escape.                                                  back to work. You're good for another full evening of
      Let me assure you that I am as much in favour         fun or frenzy."
of a pleasant social chat and a break from office                 Although the toxic effects of coffee are usually
routine as you are. I am sure such a break increases        not noted until late, most drinkers experience them
efficiency, as many industrial administrators have          sooner or later. Insomnia, restlessness, and excite-
proved. But what many persons may not realize is            ment are the earliest signs. Later, ringing in the ears
that the cup of coffee they drink during a period of        and flashes of light are common. Rapid heart with
relaxation may account for some of their nervous-           fluttering may appear, then muscle tremors and
ness, insomnia, even palpitation of the heart, head-       quickened breathing. Frequency of urination due
ache, or aggravated high blood pressure.                   to the stimulation of the kidneys by the diuretic action
      According to many pharmacology reports, the          may be present also.
amount of caffeine given therapeutically—100 to 150               Now, we have no complaint against caffeine as
milligrams—is found in the average cup of coffee.          such. It has its place in medicine and a valuable
Doctors use this dose to stimulate a patient who has       place in the hands of physicians. The rest period,
been in a coma, is intoxicated, or is otherwise in         the social session, the fun fest, all have their place.
danger of collapse. It is useful for its strong central-   But we feel sure that many a coffee drinker doesn't
nervous-system stimulation. Yet every day millions are     realize that he comes away from these "breaks"
bombarding their brains with this powerful stimulant.      stimulated rather than relaxed. He went to drink
      It is not uncommon for doctors to ask their pa-      coffee already nervous, and after his cup of coffee
tients, "How much coffee do you drink?"                    came away even more so, although he may have felt
      "Oh, three cups a meal or so, Doctor.'               less fatigued and frazzled because the coffee had
   Now you figure up how much caffeine is in that          momentarily erased his tired feeling. After he got back
day's quota of coffee. There is 900 to 1,350 milligrams    to the office or later in the day he noted a letdown,
—several times the normal therapeutic dose.                which required either another cup of coffee or an-
   The stimulative effect of this caffeine makes peo-      other cigarette to pick him up to the normal level
ple feel more alert and makes their brains spin rapidly.   of activity.
Many a coffee drinker will note that he talks faster             So we do recommend a break with coffee. Break
and almost incessantly after a cup of coffee.              the habit with a good drink during your social session.
      The action of coffee on the body is the action       Make it a relaxing drink such as milk or fruit juice.
of caffeine, which is to stimulate the brain and all             Make your drink a body builder, not a body
its reflexes. It stimulates the heart to stronger and      breaker.
                                                                                       HKRALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
    COMMENTS                                Vol. 44, No. 5
                                                                                                                             May 1967

   The Indian Academy of Medi-
cal Sciences will hold its next part
                                                  Editor .......................... THOMAS A. DAVIS
I Membership Examination for                          Assistant Editor .............. GEORGE C. THOMAS
admission to membership in cer-
tain medical specialties on July 3.                                 MEDICAL. CONSULTANTS
Particulars concerning the exami-
nations and application forms may           J. B. Oliver, M.D.              A. J. Patt, M.D.              Elizabeth J. Hiscox, M.D.
be obtained from the Executive              I. R. Bazliel, Ex-Maj., I.M.S.              S. J. Yawalkar, M.B.B.S., D.V.D., M.D.
Director, Indian Academy of Medi-
cal Sciences, C. H. E. B. Building,
Temple Lane, Kotla Road, New                                                 ARTICLES
                 *                          Break With Coffee .................... J. DeWitt Fox, M.D.                                   2
  A man-made epidemic! That is              Finger-nail Facts ................... .Robert P. Little, M.D.                                4
what the U. S. National Advisory            Keeping Father Young and Healthy Clifford R. Anderson, M.D.                                  6
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prevalence of various types of
                                            The Menopause .................... Harold Shryock, M.D.                                      9
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  Don't be fooled into thinking
that if you take multi-vitamins             The Common Cold ...................... T.R. Flaiz, M.D.                                     16
the rest of your diet is cared for          The Art of Relaxing ........................ Evelyn Forbes                                  18
automatically. Multi-vitamins may           Dandruff ............................ Paul D. Foster, M.D.                                  21
be fine as a dietary supplement
(even then they should be pre-              To Mention the Unmentionable ...... William T. Gibb, M.D.                                   22
scribed by a doctor). But your              Treatment for Burns ..................... .Archie M. Smith                                  30
diet must still be adequately bal-          Bicycling for Health ....................................                                   36
anced with proteins and calories.
   The world's most comprehensive                                            FEATURES
one-volume guide to drugs and
medicines in current use has been           Letters to the Editor ......                5    Garden 'Round Your House                   26
published in London by the
Pharmaceutical Society of Great             Your Radio Doctor ........                  6    Little People .............. 28
Britain. The book contains 1,250,-          Warning Signals .......... 23                    Doctor Advises ............ 32
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4,000 drugs and several times that
                                                                      Medicine Today ........ 35
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B. Ranganathan.
                                                                         By Robert P. Little, M.D.

       ID YOU KNOW that your finger-nails, like
D       claws, hoofs, and hair, are merely altered skin?
        The horns of most animals are an outgrowth
of bone. But the horn of the rhinoceros, like your
                                                           mon on the toe-nails. When the nail is injured by
                                                            manicuring or in other ways, ridges or white spots
                                                           may appear on your nails and remain for some time.
                                                                 The so-called Beau's lines are transverse furrows
nails, is only altered skin, a sharpened callus, so to     caused by some systemic disease serious enough to ar-
speak, on which this pachyderm impales his enemies.        rest nail growth. When your vital force returns, your
 Perhaps you will be more likely to believe this when      nails start to regrow, but a furrow marks the change.
 you remember how hard a humble corn can be.               Since your finger-nails grow at the rate of one milli-
      You should never forget that nails are a part of     metre a week you can calculate the time of the illness
your body and very much alive at the root and in           by measuring the distance of the Beau's lines from the
the deeper layers. You are reminded of this when a         root. Beau's lines have been seen after arsenic poison-
splinter enters the quick. Now it follows that if your     ing, typhoid fever, influenza, measles, malaria, and
 nails are a part of you, they share in your diseases.     many other diseases.
 For example, when your hair is lost because of that             Sometimes the whole nail overgrows and becomes
strange form of baldness called alopecia areata, you       thick and horn-like. Such nails may be associated with
may also shed your nails.                                  any chronic skin disease.
      Are your finger-nails pitted? If so, you should            When the circulation in your arms and legs is
consult your physician, for pitted nails are sometimes     interfered with or weakened, your finger-nails may
a symptom of psoriasis. Indeed, pitted nails may           become curved around the ends, called clubbing.
long precede the other symptoms of this annoying but       This symptom was mentioned by Hippocrates as seen
generally harmless disease.                                in tuberculous patients, and today such nails are called
      Nails shortened by biting may regrow when the        Hippocratic.
habit is stopped or they may remain permanently                  When finger-nails are depressed in the centre
shortened. Nail biting is a nervous trouble, and you       they are called spoon nails. This trouble is sometimes
may need to consult a psychiatrist for relief from it.     seen with anaemia in middle-aged women, and is
      Sometimes the root of your nail is injured by        associated with sore lips and difficulty in swallowing.
blows or by catching your finger in your car door.         But there are other causes for spoon nails, for example,
The nail may then fall. It regrows after a lapse of        eczema, nervous prostration, and nail biting.
time, but if the root has been permanently damaged               Sometimes the nails separate into layers. This
your nail will be deformed.                                condition is frequently seen in typists. It is favoured
      Sometimes injury is followed by a thickened nail     by long nails and certain nail enamels that produce
resembling a ram's horn. The trouble is more com-          chemical changes in the nails.               To page 31
                                                                                      H«RALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
                  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
     Every once in a while we like to share with           VALUED ABOVE ALL OTHERS
our readers letters we have received from fellow
                                                           Dear Editor:
readers. This month is one of those times. And right
                                                           I value your health magazine above all magazines
here we may add, we are always happy to receive
                                                           now in circulation in India. It is really interesting,
comments from our subscribers.
                                                           educational and above all can be understood even by
                                        The Editors
                                                           non-medical men. My wife and I take very keen
                                                           interest in your magazine and look forward to receiv-
A "PRINCELY PURPOSE"                                       ing the next month's copy. We have solved a lot
Dear Sir:                                                  of problems through your esteemed magazine.
                                                                                                  A. R. Shenow
I have been reading your fine health magazine since        Rangat, Middle Andaman
the last five years and have gained very useful knowl-
edge about many diseases and their remedies. Surely
your magazine is serving a princely purpose.               HELPS TO FACE LIFE
                                  Laxmi Kant Sheewe        Dear Sir:
Nawalgarh, Rajasthan
                                                           I have been studying your Herald of Health for a long
                                                           time constantly with a great interest. It gives me a
PEACE CORPS SUBSCRIBER                                     good knowledge of various problems that come in
                                                           everybody's life and this background of acquired
Dear Sir:                                                  knowledge from your journal has enabled me to face
                                                           some of them fully equipped and I overcame a few
I first observed your magazine on a table while wait-      of the obstacles in this way.
ing to see someone in his office. I would very much                                      Zorawar Singh Dhindsa
like to subscribe to your magazine, the Herald of          XV Corps, A.P.O.
Health, as it should be valuable to me here in the
village. I am with the American Peace Corps in a           "ENROL MY NAME"
food production project but I am always coming up
against health problems.                                   Dear Sir:
                                  William W. Bowers        I have read your health magazine. I greatly appreciate
Manvi Taluka, Mysore                                       the valuable articles that appear in the magazine
                                                           every month. Will you please enrol my name.
LIBRARY READER BECOMES SUBSCRIBER                                                                        A. Bano
                                                           Rawalpindi, W. Pakistan
Dear Sir:
                                                           "ONLY MAGAZINE FOR HOME AND
I have been reading the magazine, Herald of Health,           HAPPINESS"
in our college library. But I felt that I must be the
regular subscriber to your office for this magazine.       Dear Sir:
I found deeply interesting topics in it about health.      Kindly appraise us with a copy of Heraldt of Health
Please inform me about the annual charges of the           for the preview of our students and staff. One of our
magazine and give surety that I will be able to have       members had commented that it is the only magazine
the services of your office. I hope that you will favour   for home and happiness. May God bless it, give it a
me and oblige.                                             long life and more popularity.
                                          Rawi Prakash                                                Mrs. Kaul
Sonepat, Punjab                                            Karnal, Punjab
                                                                                         B. Bhansali

                 Keeping Father
                Young and Healthy
                                    Clifford R. Anderson, M.D.

       N£ OF THE strangest mysteries of our time
O       is the discovery that in many ways men are
        not the stronger sex after all. Yes, I know
that men usually have a few powerful muscles in their
                                                        intelligent classes of society. This has been true ever
                                                        since modern medical science conquered the germs
                                                        that were destroying the lives of so many mothers fol-
                                                        lowing childbirth.
arms and legs and backs. Yet the fact remains that            There are a number of reasons for this strange
the majority of women today are living longer than      "weakness" in the male of the species. These reasons
their husbands. This seems to be true in all parts of   are just as important to the women as to the men,
the world. Almost everywhere the women outnumber        perhaps even more important. Of course it is natural
the men. Yet every year more boys are born than         to draw the conclusion that wars are responsible for
girls. The sad fact is that men are dying off at a      this difference in numbers between the sexes. While
faster rate than women, especially among the more       this is true in some cases, it is only part of the an-
                                                                                   HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
                                       the sensible things of life. It is so   hormones have the power to pro-
                                       much better for him to devote his       tect a woman's body from the
       YOUR            RADIO           time to productive pursuits than to     ravages of disease. Men are more
                       DOCTOR          destroy himself by bad habits of        vulnerable because they do not
                                       behaviour and occupation. All           have these protective substances cir-
                                       through life girls seem to have a       culating in their blood stream. And
                                       better chance of survival. Even         here is another startling fact. A wo-
                                       before they are born nature seems       man no longer has this natural pro-
swer. Doctors are now finding that     to have provided them with blood-       tection after she has passed through
the situation is nearly as bad dur-    vessels that are less likely to be-     the normal child-bearing age.
ing the years of peace. Well might     come diseased. The reason for this      Once past the menopause a wo-
we ask why men are dying at an         is that the race can survive only if    man is more subject to the
earlier age. And if we know the        the young mothers are strong and        degenerative diseases, although
answer, is there anything that can     healthy. Boys are handicapped           she is still far better off than her
be done about it? Yes, we do know      right from the start. It is a fact      husband in this respect.
the answer, at least in part. And      that more baby boys are born than          No field of medicine is demand-
there is much that we can do to        girls. At the same time more of         ing so much study today as these
help our men not only to lengthen      them become sick in the years of        degenerative diseases which arise
their lives, but also to remain        infancy and childhood. The mor-         from the wear and tear of life. For
healthy all their days.                tality of male children is higher in    generations doctors have been
                                       almost every case.                      working toward the prevention of
        Unnecessary Risks                                                      death in babies and older chil-
                                       Males Have a Built-in Handicap          dren. It was a marvellous day when
   Many of the causes of early                                                 that great scientist, Semmelweiss,
death in men can be prevented.             So the average male starts out in   discovered the cause of "childbed
Ail it takes is normal intelligence    life with a built-in handicap. This     fever" in the wards of his maternity
and good common sense. One             is true all through nature. The         hospital in Vienna and Budapest.
reason is that many men follow         queen bee lives longer than the         As a result millions of mothers'
very hazardous occupations. They       drone, the queen ant lives longer       lives have been saved, and many
work in dangerous places, and          than the male ant, and most other       millions of children have grown up
some of them deliberately take         insects are the same. This same         in happier homes because mother
risks that are often unnecessary.      trend can be seen in all the higher     was spared to care for them and
This is true whether they are flying   species of the animal kingdom.
a plane, demolishing a tall building   And it is true in humans. The
or merely climbing up on the roof      male may have heavier bones and
for some reason or other. Another      stronger muscles, but he has these
reason is "showing off." This          mainly that he might provide for
seems to be almost natural for the     and protect the female. This may
male sex from babyhood to old          be hard for some men to accept,
age. Some men pay for this foolish-    but they are none the less true be-
ness with their lives. For instance,    cause they are the basic facts of
five times as many males are           nature.
drowned each year as females,              Medical research workers in
merely because the men take so          Britain have found that a man
many more chances. It would be          under the age of fifty has eight
wise for mothers to teach their sons    times more chance of suffering
to take less risks where life and       from a heart attack than a woman
health are at stake. Instead of ex-     of the same age! This is true of
pecting them to grow up experi-         almost every other disease, with the
menting with death, why not teach       exception of diabetes and cancer
them to respect life and devote         of the breast. Men are carried
their tremendous energies to some-      off more quickly by tuber-
thing more constructive?                 culosis, polio, influenza, and                                        G. C. Thomas
    If you have a young son in           the various diseases of the blood-
 your home, it would be Well to be-      vessels and the kidneys. Doctors             A woman more easily releases her pent-
 gin teaching him right now to do        now believe that the female sex                   up emotions than a man.

love them all through their grow,          and other vices than women in          before he was aware of what was
ing years. Today many of mother's          general.                               going on. Just before he died he
health problems are being solved.                                                 started something of real value in
But What about father? Is he any            How Men Can Help Themselves saving the lives of other doctors
better off? Not much. In fact he                                                  and professional men. His slogan
is still as susceptible as ever to most        Can a man do anything to over- was "a family doctor for every
of the diseases and injuries that           come the natural handicaps of his doctor's family." The suggestion
have plagued him for so long.               sex? Yes, there is a lot he can do. is valuable not only for doctors
                                            He can take better care of himself. but for men in every walk of life.
      Our Competitive World                 It is a fact that women usually Gentlemen, let's stop putting off
                                           take better care of themselves than that all important medical exami-
                                            men. You will find them going nation. Why not make an appoint-
    But this is not all, for in our
                                           to their doctors for help far more ment right now? Or better still
 modern age we have added many
                                           frequently than their husbands. let your wife make it for you. She
 new stresses and strains peculiar to
                                           And when they are sick they are has more at stake than even you
 our own age. Life is speeded up
                                           more willing to go to bed and stay have in this.
 enormously. Modern man is more
                                           there until they are well. Men in
 tense. He is under far more pres-
                                           general make very peculiar pa-           Stop Killing Yourself, Father!
 sure than ever in a highly competi-
                                           tients. They deeply resent the
 tive world. As the main bread-
                                           slightest illness because they seem      And here are a few more sug-
 winner of the family he is exposed
                                           to think it is unmanly to be sick. gestions that are equally impor-
to the endless aggravations of             And some of them are awfully tant in your future. Stop killing
modern living. These lower his             scared of a needle prick. Many of yourself with too much work and
vitality and increase his chance           them will refuse to seek proper not enough rest. Don't try to whip
of having ulcers, high blood pres-         medical help largely out of fear up your jaded nerves and flagging
sure and many other conditions             of what the doctor might find. muscles by using stimulants. These
peculiar to our time. But the              This attitude is ridiculous, and only cover up the problem; they
strange thing about women is that          sometimes it is tragic. It may ac- never solve it. The use of alcohol in
most of them can stand high blood          count for the fact that so many any form is really never a real help
pressure far better than their hus-        men are not as well as they might to the body, but when it is taken to
bands. Their arteries are more             be. No Woman should rest content excess it is definitely harmful. It
flexible and less likely to be             until her husband has gone to his is wiser to do without such doubt-
damaged by the increased pressure.         doctor for a complete medical ful stuff. For the same reason a
Again the female hormones seem            examination at least once each year. man would be wise not to smoke,
to come to her defence and pro-           This is good insurance, not only for especially if he wants to live a long
tect her from any serious damage.         her husband, but also for herself and happy life. Primary cancer of
This continues as long as those            and for the rest of the family. the lung is menacing the life of
hormones are in circulation in the         Even doctors need to bear this many a man today. Yet it is a
blood stream. When they cease to          in mind, for many a doctor today fact that this dreadful disease
circulate she begins to lose her pro-     is suffering from some disabling hardly exists among those who do
tection, although this change comes       disease that might have been not smoke. The same is true to
on rather slowly.                         prevented if he had gone to some some extent in men who are sub-
   Women have other advantages            other doctor for counsel early ject to ulcers and heart disease.
in that they can find release from        enough.                               Smoking raises the blood pressure.
worry and tension by weeping and              One famous doctor died of can- It constricts the smaller blood ves-
hysterical behaviour. Men have            cer of the rectum simply because sels and increases the hazards of
fewer safety-valves for their emo-        he did not think he could afford coronary thrombosis and other
tional tensions. Society demands          the time for a thorough examina- serious conditions.
that they keep themselves under           tion. He was sure that all he had
control. They have to "swallow            was "a simple case of haemor-                   What About Diet?
their feelings," so they are more         rhoids." Unfortunately he waited
apt to develop ulcers, high blood         too long before he sought profes-         Finally a word about diet. This
pressure and heart disease. And this      sional advice. The little lesion that is an extremely important factor
lack of an easy emotional outlet          could easily have been removed in in the life of every man. Too many
may account for the fact that far         the earlier stages finally found its         choose a very poor diet, one
more men arc addicted to alcoliol         way to other parts pf his body                                 To page 29
                                                                                               or HEALTH, MAY 196?

                                                                        By Harold Shryock, M.D.

                                                  J. S. Most*

H     OW DOES A WOMAN know when her meno-
       pause has arrived? Why are some women more
       nervous at the time of the change than others?
Can a woman bear a child after age forty-five? Does
                                                                body begin to co-operate with the ovaries in making
                                                                it possible for her to become a mother.
                                                                     At the menopause, the ovaries cease production
                                                                of ova and the large amounts of hormone that they
a woman lose interest in the intimacies of marriage             normally produce during the child-bearing period.
after she passes the change? Do hormone shots pre-              With reduction in ovarian hormone, the uterus no
dispose to cancer?                                              longer prepares each month for the possibility of
      Such questions indicate that a lot of women—              pregnancy, and menstruation ceases.
and men—are not clear on the basic facts of that                     Just as adolescence arrives when the ovaries be-
interesting transition in a woman's experience called           come active, so the menopause occurs when the
the menopause.                                                  ovaries become inactive. The exact cause of this
     The menopause is adolescence in reverse. At                change in the activity of the ovaries is obscure. It is
adolescence, a young woman enters the period of life            as if the ovaries live their lives at a faster pace than
during which she is capable of bearing children. The            the other organs of the body. After about thirty years
menopause marks the end of the child-bearing period.            of producing ova and hormones, they retire from
     At adolescence, a young woman's ovaries begin              active duty.
to function. From then on for thirty or more years                   The exact pattern by which menstruation ceases
the ovaries produce an ovum each month except dur-              at the time of the menopause varies from one woman
ing pregnancy or serious illness. If fertilized by a male       to another. In some it stops abruptly. More commonly
sex cell, this ovum can develop into a baby. At ado.            it decreases month by month until it finally ceases.
lescence, the uterut and other organs in a woman's                                                          To page 24
                                                                  What you continue to picture in your mind,
                                                            in other words, tends eventually to come to pass in
                                                           your life. You can see from this how important it is
                                                           for you to control your mind and. the nature of your
Forming                                                     thought pictures at all times, because you are what
                                                           you think.
                                                                  For example, if I had decided that I wanted to
                                                           smoke or drink, I would have been a smoker or
                   and Breaking                            drinker today. If I had pictured myself as a doctor
                                                           instead of a writer, and had held to that picture, I
                                                           would have been a doctor. You can be or do or have
                                      Habits               whatever you want in life within reason, if you apply
                                                           your mind to it and put forth the necessary effort in
                                                           that direction.
                                                                  It is, therefore, imperative that you decide what
                       Part One                            kind of habits you are going to take with you on the
                                                           journey through life. Do you want to acquire habits
                                                           which may well destroy your health, happiness, and
               By Harold Sherman                           everything you are starting out to achieve—a hus-
                                                           band or wife, a home, children, and satisfaction gained
                                                           from worth-while accomplishments.

D      O YOU KNOW how your mind really works,
        and how habits are formed in your mind?
        The chances are you do not, because this is
                                                                  The choice is yours, and if you are not yet in-
                                                           volved with a habit which can prove injurious it need
                                                           not be a difficult choice to make.
not taught in schools or colleges. There your mind is             It is entirely different, however, if you have
usually filled with technical and useful knowledge         already started such a habit as smoking or drinking.
about everything else but your own mind. You prob-         I am using them as illustrations because they are two
ably know the least about your mind, yet upon it you       of mankind's most prevalent habits that are doing
must basically depend for every good thing you de-         damage to physical and mental health. Should you
sire. If your mind is not functioning properly, if it is   wish to break a habit like this before it gets too strong
the victim of destructive habits, you will be severely     a hold on you, you have a job on your hands. It is
handicapped in life.                                       much easier to keep from developing a habit than
      Here in a caspsule, is what you need to know         it is to eliminate a habit once it is established.
about the operation of your own mind:                            This is true because every time you repeat an
      You think in mental pictures. Everything that        act, it is stored away in your mind in the form of
has ever happened to you in life, since the time you       a mental picture along with the emotional reaction
were born, is recorded in your subconscious mind,          you had at the time. These feelings are strengthened
in the form of mental images. Associated with every-       and intensified by repetition. When you want to
one of these mental pictures is the feeling or emotional   memorize something you repeat it over and over
reaction you had at the time. These experiences, bad       again until the mind finally grasps it. Then you can
as well as good, continue to exist in your mind as         recite it almost without thinking. It has become a
desires and repressions. What you have experienced         part of you.
that has given you pleasure, you want to repeat. What
you have experienced that has caused you grief or                A habit is nothing but a mental pattern, a way
displeasure, you want to keep from happening to you        of doing something, which becomes as apparently
again. You might even wish to forget it or bury it in      natural to you in time as breathing. And this habit
your mind entirely.                                        always stays with you until you do something to get
      But, like it or not, you must face the fact that     rid of it.
you are the result today of all your past thinking.              Before an appetite is created it has no emotional
There is a creative law of mind that "like always          hold upon you; but when you have a new experience
attracts like." If you picture something in your mind      which is repeated until you get accustomed to it, you
that you very much want, and keep on picturing it,         may come to enjoy it and even look forward to ex-
you are apt to attract this experience to you. But         periencing the same type of sensation again.
because of this creative power in your mind, if you              Many men and women have testified that they
picture something happening through fear, you are          didn't find smoking or drinking appealing in the be-
apt to bring this happening to you.                        ginning, but they kept on because someone else
10                                                                                            OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
                                                                                     You think In mental pictures.
                                                                                     The subconscious mind stores
                                                                                     all your experiences in the form
                                                                                     of mental images. And what
                                                                                     you continue to picture in your
                                                                                     mind, influences your actions.

                                                                                     J. S. Mate*

seemed to be enjoying the habit, and they eventually
came to like it, too. In addition, few people derive
pleasure out of doing things alone, and smoking and
drinking are usually associated with sociability. This
has led to the excuse that many people offer: "I don't
particularly care for these habits, but I engage in
them just to be sociable."
     How do you break a smoking or drinking habit?
If you really want to stop, there is no halfway point.
You can't succeed by tapering off, cutting down so
much a day until you are down to no smokes and no
drinks. Neither can you win by saying to yourself,
"I'm going to go without a smoke or a drink for a
week, or a month, or a year!"
     A prominent businessman had become an alco-
holic, a fact he did not wish to admit. He said to
his friends, "I can quit any time I want to quit. To
prove it to you I am quitting right now and will not
take even one drink for at least a year!"
     True to his promise, this man, to the amazement
of his friends, did stop. But exactly on the day and
date when the year ended, he went on the biggest
binge of his life. He had counted the days and the
months while this desire built up inside him, but his
integrity—the habit he had established of keeping
any promise he might make—kept him from drink-
ing until the time he had set Was up. Then, released      thank God at the end of each day that they have
from the promise he had made himself and others,          gone that day without a drink, and pray for the
he cut loose.                                             strength to live the next day in the same sober
     The average human being is placed under too          manner.
great a strain, once he has become a smoker or a               To give up smoking or drinking, you must have
drinker, to declare that he will never take another       an incentive, something to replace the desire to drink
smoke or drink. He is constantly in the company of        and to smoke. You must have an inner conviction
others who are smoking or drinking and is tempted         that you will be better off in every way, freed of these
to do likewise, many times a day. It is easier to over-   habits, and that smoking and drinking can be and are
come an urge at the moment than to say to oneself, "I     harmful; that they will, if not discontinued, keep you
am never going to taste a cigarette or a drink again."    from attaining things in life which mean much more
     Alcoholics have learned the hard way that they       to you than any number of smokes or drinks.
must pursue sobriety on a day-to-day basis. They                         (Continued next month.)
HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                      11
                           an't sleep?
                                  A       TWELVE-YEAR-OLD BOY, on hearing his mother
                                          complain at breakfast of being unable to sleep, said,
                                          "Well, Mother, it was all because you didn't stop your
                                  mind from racing around. I know how to do it; I just don't
                                  think about anything." He was giving sound psychological
      By Mary Bayley Noel, R.N.         There is always something wrong when one cannot sleep.
                                  And the cause may be either physical or mental. While
                                  insomnia is met with in a number of affections, it is more
                                  often due to conditions which are entirely within our control.
                                  Either we are the nervous, worrying type of individual, or
                                  we have unfortunately acquired some mistaken habit.
                                        There are many of us who begin the night by thinking
                                  and planning, and often when we afterward try to dismiss
                                  all these thoughts, the condition is beyond our control; that is,
                                  the mind goes on working automatically. We should go to
                                  bed to sleep, and leave the planning for the daytime.
                                     Since sleeplessness is an unnatural state, it is well do dis-
                                  cover as soon as possible what is responsible for it, and, hav-
                                  ing determined the cause, to correct it before it has become
                                  a habit.
                                        As fully one-third of our time is spent in bed, it is worth
                                  our while to be very sure that we have a comfortable bed.
                                  Many a wakeful night may be caused by an uncomfortable
                                  bed. '
                                        The importance of a well-ventilated room should not be
                                  overlooked. A stuffy room, with the bed pushed into the
                                  corner, is not conducive to sleep. A fresh, gentle breeze blowing
                                  over the sides of the face or from the feet often entices the
                                  elusive sleep we are seeking.
                                        "Keep your feet warm and your head cool" is an old
                                  saying. However logical it may be from other standpoints, it is
                                  sound advice for securing sleep. If the feet are cold one can-
                                  not sleep because this usually indicates there is too much
                                  blood in the brain which makes it overactive.
                                        Taking a hot bath before retiring is, of course, an ex-
                                  cellent way to equalize the circulation, and for some people
     G. T. Zaduriab               it produces a pleasant feeling of drowsiness. Its effect, how-
12                                                                    HBRALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
eVer, varies with the person, and one must be his           exercise can be taken to aid digestion. On the other
own judge as to whether or not it suits him. Some           hand, going to bed with an empty stomach is a com-
people are too much stimulated, and are thus kept           mon cause of wakefulness. Ordinarily, if more than
awake. These people may require the unpleasant              four and a half hours have elapsed since the last
bath of just tepid water, which causes them to              meal, something hot before retiring will work like a
emerge almost shivering. After such a bath, one             charm in promoting sleep. This should, however, be
should hurry to bed, not stopping for a vigorous            some easily digested food, such as hot milk or malted
rubdown. When the chilly feeling abates, a mild glow        milk with biscuits, or hot broth. Especially is it
will come over the body, after which, if one will           desirable to take something warm if you have been
follow the little boy's advice and not think about          doing any mental work, as the warmth stimulates
anything, he will very likely fall asleep.                  the lining of the stomach and draws the blood into
       When one cannot sleep, the same principle as         it and away from the brain.
the tepid bath may be utilized by throwing back the                One should not retire, however, just after eat-
bedclothes and remaining uncovered until the body           ing a heavy meal, as digestion is not so active when
becomes chilly. Then cover up, and sleep is likely          one is in a reclining posture. Moreover, the sleep
to come when the body becomes warm. Of course, if           that follows is more apt to be disturbed by dreams.
the night is hot, anyway, this will not work.
                                                                   One who sleeps badly should be very careful
       Anyone who is subject to insomnia should by all
                                                            about disarranging the hours of sleep for many suc-
means avoid using the mind just before retiring, as
                                                            cessive nights. Bear in mind that sleep is, after all,
mental work draws as excess of blood to the brain
                                                            one of our most regular and constant habits, and
and causes it to become very active; then when sleep
                                                            when we begin to break our regular hours, we lose
is sought, the mind keeps turning over and over the
                                                            the habit. The habit of sleep is, however, so deeply
activities of the day, and works despite our will.
                                                            ingrained that with effort and persistence we can
When one must do mental work at night, a brisk
                                                             easily acquire it again.
 walk in the open air before retiring is the best method
 of clearing the mind of fatigue.                                  When insomnia has forced itself into our lives,
       Of all the physical causes for insomnia, indiges-     one of the most important things is to stop worrying
 tion is the most prevalent. Of all the varieties which      about not sleeping. As soon as we make going to sleep
 play havoc with sleep, those which produce                  a conscious effort, it becomes more and more an
 fermentation are the most distressing; espe-                elusive thing. There is nothing that will tend to keep
 cially is this true if the fermentation has any tendency    one awake more than worrying about not going to
 to cause gas and pain. Of the many expedients that          sleep. Staying awake will do no material harm if it
 may be utilized for the treatment of sleeplessness due      does not extend over too long a period. When one is
 to gas the simplest is a glass of hot water taken at        bothered this way, the thoughts should always be
 bedtime, and this is usually effectual. Its efficiency      focused on pleasant things, and comfort may be
 may sometimes be enhanced by the addition of a              taken from the fact that ten hours of rest awake is
 simple aromatic, such as a few drops of essence of          said to equal six hours of sleep.
 peppermint or aromatic spirits of ammonia. It should              Many people read after retiring, for its effect
 be taken one half hour before going to bed, as move-        in purging the mind of "the cares that infest the
 ments of undressing facilitate expulsion of gas from        day." Such reading matter should be selected with
 the stomach, either by eructation or by sweep-              care, and before beginning to read, all preparation
 ing it into the small intestines, where contact with        should be made for surrendering to Morpheus. When
 the bile, which is antiseptic, prevents further fermen-     reading in bed, one must have proper pillows so that
 tation.                                                     the body is comfortably upright, in order that read-
       Often the awakening at 2 or 3 A.M. is due to          ing may not be too hard on the eyes. (Take care
 eating too much food or too much starch and fat food        not to smoke in bed.) When reading to induce sleep,
 at the evening meal, as the liver is at the height of       it is said that hard books are better than easy ones.
 its work eight hours after a meal. By eating a small        The thought behind this is that when reading a hard
 meal in the evening or by eating less fat and starch        book the brain must engage in vigorous action that
  at the evening meal, this awakening at two or three        would tax it under normal conditions, or surrender
  may be avoided.                                            to sleep.
       People with weak digestions should have a light             The late Dr. Willian Osier, who was not only a
  evening meal, taking the heavy meal at midday, when         great physician, but a philosopher,        To page 20

                              Sleep is largely an attitude of mind and body.
 HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                     13
                                                                    the Mouth
                                                                         Richard C. Leonard, D.D.S.

I   N ONE SENSE the title of this article aids in
      prepetuating an erroneous idea. It implies a sep-
      aration of the mouth from the rest of the body.
                                                            is hoped, to emphasize properly the importance that
                                                            attaches to mouth disorders both as purely local con-
                                                            ditions and in relation to systemic health.
This is quite a common attitude toward the mouth                 Symptoms of the systemic disease syphilis are
—and too often its health is looked upon as being a         sometimes found in the mouth. This malady, one
condition unto itself with no connection, either in        of the venereal diseases, is usually considered as being
cause or result, with like health or ill-health of other    a blood or sometimes, in its ultimate form, a nervous
body parts.                                                system disease. But in its various stages varying symp-
      Because the mouth is part of the body, diseased      toms are manifested in different parts of the body,
conditions within the "gateway to the body" will           including the lips and soft tissues of the mouth. Of
usually be found to have a source in some other part       course, but few mouth "sores" are of syphilitic origin.
of the body, or they will be found to have definite         Only the competent physician or dentist should be
effects upon these other parts. Even the common tooth,     depended upon as a diagnostician in cases of mouth
ache, so seemingly a purely mouth ailment, would           ailments suspected of being symptomatic of this dis-
not occur were it not for the blood stream. So a better    ease. And he, the physician or dentist, will not con-
tide for this discussion would be "body diseases mani-     firm such a diagnosis on the mere appearance of the
fested by mouth ailments."                                 mouth tissue, but may, upon suspicions aroused by
      This discussion will be limited to the more com-     mouth conditions, confirm or disprove his tentative
mon diseases of the soft tissues of the mouth (i.e.,       belief by means of laboratory blood tests, other clini-
gums, palates, inside cheeks, and tongue). These in        cal evidence, and a history of each individual case.
order of their discussion are: syphilis, inflamed gums,          The gums of the mouth are plentifully supplied
scurvy, pyorrhoea, Vincent's infection, or trench mouth,   with blood-vessels. As a result they are, in health,
and lip and mouth ulcers. Necessary brevity will not       pink and firm. In ill-health, of either local or systemic
permit even naming all such diseases; and, in some         origin, the gums reflect the disorder by varying de-
cases there can be only passing reference to those         grees of inflammation, tenderness, and the easy ten-
mentioned. But, in fact, mere reference is all that is     dency to bleeding. Such cases may be due to inade-
necessary, for there is no intention that this article     quate care of the gums. In the process of brushing the
should serve as a basis of self-diagnosis of one's mouth   teeth, they may be insufficiently massaged to main-
ailments. Rather, its purpose is merely to outline or      tain their "tone," their firmness, and their resistance
mention conditions the self-knowledge of which             to external pressure. These simple inflammations are
should result in competent dental treatment and, it        not in themselves serious, but the causes may be
14                                                                                     HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
serious, as, also, may be the results    curative treatment in actual cases,     make for progressive extension of
of neglect of even mild cases.           and tooth-paste ads emphasizing         the condition are known. Among
   Among the diseases that in their      its prevalence (with little regard      these are nutritional disturbances
early stages appear akin to com-         for facts as to that prevalence),       and inadequacies; incorrect meet-
mon gum inflammations, is scurvy.        pyorrhoea has become "popular-          ing of upper with lower teeth, with
Scurvy is a "deficiency disease."        ized" in the public mind. Cases of      resultant too great pressure on cer-
Deficiency diseases result from diets    comparatively mild inflammation         tain teeth; lack of mouth cleanli-
that contain an insufficient amount       (gingivitis) have been self-diag-      ness and faulty restorations (fillings,
of some element of nutrition essen-      nosed as the disease. Bleeding gums,    etc.). Correction of these factors,
tial to body development and func-       whatever the cause, have been           plus surgical treatment of the af-
tion. In the case of scurvy the          looked upon as undoubtedly symp-        fected areas, results in "cures."
missing essential is vitamin C. Its      tomatic of pyorrhoea. Those curious        But such cures are to be had only
lack results in gum inflammation         individuals who seem determined         through skilful treatment by a den-
in early stages, and later in actual     to suffer from every disease, the       tist, just as the disease is to be
loosening of the teeth. Other soft       discussion of which becomes a           avoided only by following his ad-
tissues may become involved, show-       public pastime, have become dis-        vice before the condition actually
ing large areas of sloughing mem-        gruntled when competent profes-         occurs. No tooth-paste or powder
brane. While extreme cases, long         sional opinion has confuted their       or mouth-wash should, of itself, be
unattended, may have serious and         own assumption that they "have a        looked upon as a possible preven-
even fatal results, the treatment of     bad case of pyorrhoea." Small           tive or cure of the disease.
all cases with an adequate supply        wonder that in self-defence, as well       Actually, although the gums are
of the necessary vitamin C will          as to protect the public, some den-     usually involved, the disease centres
usually result in a prompt response      tists finally fell back on the more     on the peridental membrane, a
and eventual cure.                       technically descriptive and less        fibrous tissue that by its attach-
   Vitamin C of adequate amount          familiar term "periodontoclasia"        ment to tooth root and bone holds
is to be had by inclusion in one's        (from the Greek peri, around;          the tooth fairly solidly in the bony
diet of green leafy vegetables,          odous, odont, tooth; clasia, break-     socket. Pyorrhoea "eats away" this
preferably uncooked, citrus fruits,      ing up) in place of using the term      tissue, beginning at the neck of the
and tomatoes. Extreme cases of           "pyorrhoea."                            tooth and eventually going farther
scurvy symptomized by mouth ail-             But by whatever name it is          down along the root. This results
ments should, of course, be subject to   called and in spite of the fact that    in loosening of the teeth and the
treatment by a dentist or physician,     "four out of five" probably do not      formation of pus in "pockets" in
who will supplement the diet with        suffer from it, the condition is an     the gums adjacent to the tooth root.
soothing care of the condition in        important disease which may result      Inflamed, sore gums are a natural
the mouth itself.                        very seriously, and which should        result of the deeper-seated condi-
    Few, if any, diseases, either of     be given early and prompt atten-        tion.
the body or localized in any part,       tion. This means that regular,             Another disease of the mouth is
have had as much propaganda              periodic examination of the mouth       Vincent's, which was existing long
spread regarding them as has pyor-       should be a routine practice.           before, but was "popularized"
rhoea. What with the dental pro-             A specific cause of pyorrhoea has   during World War I as "trench
fession, honestly striving to render     not been determined. Factors that                                 To page 29

                                     How dental decay starts and develops.

HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                           15
                                 The Common Cold
                                      What is it? What can you do about
                                         By T. R. Flaiz, M.D.

        HE COMMON COLD is so ance is low. So, when you are ad-               cus, streptococcus, or pneumococ-
T       common that many are vised to stay at home and care for
         unaware of the dangerous your cold, remember it is not you
                                                                                Let us notice next the cause of
possibilities resident in this ailment. alone who are concerned; those       the cold. Perhaps if we understand
It is true that practically no deaths with whom you may be associated        the cause we will be better able to
occur as an immediate result of in the office, in the factory, in the        avoid the onset of the cold
the common cold. There are, how- schoolroom, or in the vehicle in            in the first place.
ever, many deaths that result from which you may be travelling are              A cold is an epidemic disease,
diseases precipitated by the com- involved too.                              spread from person to person just
mon cold. We cannot, therefore,            Because a cold is so frequently   as smallpox, measles, or chicken-pox
brush this ailment aside as of little accompanied by sore throat, bron-      is spread. There are two conditions
medical significance.                   chial inflammation, congestion of    necessary for the acquirement of a
   Altogether too frequently people the lungs, ear infection—and some-       cold.
consider it a vigorous and cour- times with considerable fever—                  1. The general resistance of the
ageous gesture to disregard a cold many people are not familiar with         body and its specific resistance to
or to work through the course of the nature of the cold itself. The          colds must drop below a certain
a cold as though all were well. But cold is a virus disease characterized    point. Because we carry in our
the person with a severe cold by varying degrees of generalized              system a certain amount of resist-
functions with a lower level of aching and body pain, headache,              ance against colds, we are able to
mental acuity, hence is not as weakness, and, as it advances, by             associate with other people who
reliable, accurate, or productive the free flowing of a serous fluid         have colds and yet not come down
as a person in health. In the inter- from the nasopharyngeal mem-            with the ailment.
ests of safety, air pilots are removed branes.                                  2. The second condition neces-
from duty during the period they           Some will say, I always get a     sary for the acquiring of a cold is
are suffering from a severe cold.       sore throat and severe bronchitis    exposure to the actual infection,
   Perhaps we should note, first of with considerable congestion of the      the virus of the cold, usually gratu-
all, that the person with a cold— bronchial region and the lungs,            itously supplied by your seat mate
like all the rest of us—does not live when I have a cold. It is true that    in the train or bus, by a fellow
unto himself. The person who is in many cases of a severe cold,              worker in the office, by a student
working in close relationship with there are complications such as           in the school, or by a passer-by
other people should bear in mind these; but these are not the cold           on the street who could not get his
that his presence, particularly in itself. Specific and separate disease     handkerchief to his nose before
the initial stages of a cold, and for conditions develop because of the      sneezing.
a day or two thereafter, is carrying lowered resistance incident to the         Many people are sure they
a contagion that he may well be cold, and they are caused by a               caught cold from getting their feet
conveying to others whose resist- specific germ, usually staphylococ-        chilled, from sitting in a draught,
II                                                                                   HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
                          A hot foot bath is an excellent way to treat a head cold. Keep the feet
                      in hot water for fifteen or twenty minutes. This will help to draw the
                      congestion away from the head and relieve the irritation in the sinuses.
                      A hot bath will also aid in relieving nasal congestion.

from getting chilled on this or that     infection to the island again. Those     in relieving the uncomfortable
occasion. Such exposures cannot          whose resistance has dropped in the      symptoms of a cold. Several of the
cause colds. If the person is in a       meantime are likely to fall prey to      conservative pharmaceutical con-
weakened or rundown condition,           this newly introduced virus. The         cerns have prepared cold tablets
and if his specific resistance to a      cold temperatures of that far north      that contain ingredients to help
cold is lower than it should be,         area throughout the winter did not       relieve the headache and diminish
then severe chilling can further         produce colds; it required lowered       the secretions and nasal congestion.
lower his body resistance, opening       resistance and the introduction of            Towels wrung from boiling
the way for catching cold—but            the infection to produce the cold.       water and applied steaming hot—
only if one is exposed to an active          It should be stated frankly that      at least as hot as can be tolerated
 cold by someone in the environ-         there is no known specific treat-        —to the face, and alternated with
ment.                                     ment for the cold. There are,            shorter periods of application of
    A good illustration of the role       however, ways that one can ease          very cold towels, may bring con-
 of the cold carrier is seen in the       the discomfort produced by the           siderable relief from the head
 experience of the people who live        disease and hasten recovery of the       discomfort of a cold.
 on the isle of Spitsbergen, several      body's strength to the level that            Plenty of rest, particularly with
 hundred miles north of northern          will permit return to work. Bed          a good, full night's sleep—even
 Norway. Within a few weeks after         rest perhaps is precaution number        with some assistance if necessary—
 the last ship leaves in the fall, the    one in hastening a return of the         is a very important factor in
 last colds on the island have run        body to its full strength. If bed        hastening recovery from a cold.
 their course. There may be no more       rest is not possible, the more quiet         Antibiotics are of no value in
 colds experienced by the people          one can be during the course of          the treatment of the simple, un-
 on the island through the winter.        the cold the more rapid the course       complicated common cold. Unfor-
    When the first ship arrives in         of recovery is likely to be. Food        tunately, many people use antibio-
  early summer, there usually will be      should be light and there should         tics, combined with other medica-
  on board someone with a cold,            be a large intake of fluids—partic-      tion, for the treatment of colds.
  and this person may be the means         ularly citrus fruit juices.
  of communicating the cold-virus             Some medications are helpful                                  To page 31
 HERALD or HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                           17
     Relax, for health's sake, says the doctor. For the
sake of your looks, relax, says the beauty expert. But
for the busy housewife, with one ear open for the
baby and the other for the milkman, relaxation seems
an impossibility. And yet, if she is to keep her health,
her youth, her looks and her serenity, this relaxation
habit must be formed.
     Holiday time is surely the golden opportunity to
learn the drill and form the habit, More important
than a long trip, a new swimming stroke, or new
friends, let this be your holiday achievement.
     Tension is one of the big social problems of our
time, and it is mixed up with all sorts of physical
disorders, some of them trivial, some of them serious.
Most of us suffer from it to some degree, but it can
be overcome by learning how to relax physically and
to maintain serenity. These two achievements are so
inter-dependent that it is difficult to know1 where one
ends and the other begins!

                   Test for Tension

     Test yourself now for tension—now, this minute!
As you read this, are you perched upon the edge of
your chair, tense and taut, or are you sitting well
back upon your seat with the spine supported, and
every muscle relaxed? Teach yourself to watch out
for tension habits, and when you find yourself sitting     By Evelyn Forbes
forward in bus or train, clutching your parcels in an
agonized manner, sit back, re-arrange your parcels
and relax.
     And when you're writing a letter or doing ac-
counts, how often do you find your leg wound tightly
round the chair so that you can hardly stand when
you get up? Unwind yourself, sit well back in the
chair, take a deep breath and go on with the job
in a comfortable and relaxed way.
      Every morning—yes, every morning—while you
are on holiday, I want you to stretch on waking,
reaching up with your arms until you feel the pull
upon your sides. Now turn over on your right side
and with your left hand on your left shoulder raise
the bent arm toward your head.
      Repeat this several times until your rib muscles
have been well and truly stretched, then turn on your
left side and repeat the stretch with your right arm.
Turn on to your back again and stretch your legs,
starting at the heel so that your toes turn up as you
reach toward the end of the bed. These stretching
movements help you to get rid of muscular tensions
and aid relaxation.
      During each day, at some point, stretch, yawn
and relax. If you find this difficult at first, do this
18                                                                HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
   Standing with the feet apart,          chest with the heels touching but-      ing them gently and relaxing after
rise on tip-toe and stretch up as if      tocks. Stretch out your legs and        each breath. Go on to the muscles
you were reaching for the sun,            repeat the exercise. If you have        of back and spine and finally those
fingers, arms, shoulders, chest,          a few extra minutes for relaxing,       of neck, face and head. Relax the
stomach, legs, and toes as taut as        rest in this position with the soles    jaw and now the eyes, letting them
if they were made of wood.                of the feet facing each other, their    roll upwards as in sleep.
   Now begin to relax from the            outer edges supported by the wall.
finger-tips down, letting hands and                                                          On a Cloud
arms loosen up and relax, the head
droop, the shoulders, chest, stomach                 Relax in Bed
                                                                                     Relax the mind as well as the
and leg muscles go limp in turn.
Now flop on sand or grass, under                                                  body. Conjure up some pleasant
                                              At night, stretch and relax in      scene, relive a favourite walk.
the sun or in the shade, and relax        bed. Lie flat on your back, pulling
consciously for at least ten minutes.                                             Imagine a night sky full of stars.
                                          the pillow down on your shoulders       If complete relaxation has been at-
Do this every day of the holidays.        on either side of your head so
    If you are an exercise enthusiast                                             tained, you will feel as if you were
                                          that the head is supported by it        floating on a cloud, completely
you may be interested in some             instead of being held up by your
other relaxation movements.                                                       disembodied.
                                          neck. If your neck still feels tense,
    Stand with the feet together,                                                    Home again, when you are back
                                          lift it from the pillow and let it
head and shoulders drooping for-                                                  in the familiar routine, keep up
                                          drop loosely backwards. Repeat
ward, arms well in, hands touch-                                                  your stretching session in the morn-
                                          this two or three times until the
ing, palms both toward you.                                                       ing, your relaxing drill at night,
                                          neck feels relaxed.
Breathe in deeply, raising your                                                   and plan for at least a ten-minute
 head and making an upward, out-              With the arms at sides and feet     break during the day.
 ward and downward circle with            apart, concentrate upon the limp-          Punctuality and tidiness are two
the arms, ending with the palms           ness of each part of the body in        tension-breakers, and the more
 turned outward at your sides.            turn, working upwards and in-           carefully you plan your day, the
 Breathe out as you again bend            wards, beginning with the legs          less likely you are to get the no-
 your head and shoulders and cross        from the muscles of the feet to the     time jitters. My own serenity safe-
 your arms. Repeat five times.            thighs and hips, from the muscles       guard on a more than usually
    Lie on the bed or floor with the       of the hands to the muscles of         crowded day is to set the alarm
 legs raised and knees straight,          the upper arms and shoulders.           half an hour earlier than usual,
 soles of feet raised against the wall.       Now concentrate upon the            have a rather long stretching
 Now bend your knees on to your            abdomen, waist and chest, expand-      session, and then use the rest of

                                                                         J. & Mom

HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                          19
the extra time to set down on paper      sions and gives a feeling of              have said that they mentally sang
the day's activities, proving to         wonderful well-being.                     themselves to sleep.
myself that everything can be               If you have a few moments, rest           There are two things that have
fitted in—including a relaxation         in a comfortable chair, loosen the       never failed us—a cup of very hot
period.                                  top of your dress and then massage       milk, and repeating, mentally,
   Those of you who work outside         the back of your neck with deep          while contemplating a scene of
the home can also find time for          pinching movements working from          quiet and tranquillity, such as
rest periods. You can teach your-        the spine upward right up to the         twilight in a beautiful garden, or
self to relax in bus or train, sitting   hairline. Do this for a few minutes      cows grazing in a distant meadow.
well back, with your hands lightly       and it will help to make you feel            Other simple expedients which
clasped, eyes closed.                    relaxed.                                 have been found by many to pro-
                                                                                  mote sleep are: Raising the head
   Every so often during the day,
                                                 Tour Own Method                  a little higher than usual; extend-
stop by an open window and
breathe deeply. When you go to                                                    ing the arms above the head; lying
                                            Whatever trick of relaxation          on the back in an easy position,
wash your hands in the cloakroom,
yawn and stretch and when you            suits you best, find it and stick to     with the arms fully extended and
come again, relax for half an hour       it. It can make a world of dif-          close to the body; or placing the
                                         ference. But sometimes a state of        hands back of the head and bring-
before starting upon your evening's
work or pleasure.                        tension may be too severe for self-      ing to mind scenes of beauty and
                                         help. Here, there is only one thing      tranquillity. Another simple ex-
         Worries Overcome                to be done. Call at the surgery          pedient is to imitate the slow,
                                         and seek your doctor's help and          rhythmical breathing of sleep,
                                         guidance.                                while listening carefully and not-
   Nebulous worries make for ten-
                                            For most of us, however, a long       ing if the breathing is smooth and
sion, but it is no good telling you
not to Worry—something practical         way ahead of worrying the doc-           regular. Attention to this will often
must be done about it. Here is           tor, there is a great deal that can      force out intrusive thoughts that
                                         be done in learning how to relax.        prevent sleep.
my plan to overcome those anxious
                                            Now is the time to start—and             The late president of a promi-
worried feelings.
                                         then this holiday will be even          nent college advocated this:
   Take a pencil and paper and           more memorable and even more                Take a long, deep breath while
bring your bothers out into the          rewarding.                              lying on the back, with the eyes
open. Whether they are large                                                     closed and with the hands resting
worries or trivial ones, drag them                                                over the abdomen; let the action
out, one by one.                         CAN'T SLEEP?
                                                                                  of the abdomen during inspiration
   When you have written them all        From page 13                            lift the hands slightly outward; at
down, consider the first one. Is                                                 the same time slowly open the eyes
there anything you can do about          a poet, and a wise teacher in both      at the end of inspiration. During
it? If there is, write the procedure     the care of the body and the health     expiration let the hands fall in-
down opposite the worry, and re-         of the mind, advocated having a         ward, and at the same time drop
solve to do it. If there is nothing      few bedside books—great, rich,          the eyes so that they are closed
to be done, take your pencil and         wise books—and reading words            at the end of the expiration. Re-
cross it out, preferably with a red      of strength and comfort before we       peat this ten times; then take ten
pencil. This will help to chase it       fall asleep. They will then sink into   breaths in the same way with the
from your consciousness.                 the mind like seeds that have been      eyes open, and ten with eyes closed,
   There are numerous aids to            sown.                                   alternating. When the eyelids be-
relaxation and each must find his           Various people have found ways       gin to feel heavy and the body
own. Sir Winston Churchill found         of quieting the mind and coaxing        tired, go through the exercise more
relaxation in bricklaying; Bernard       sleep. Everyone has heard of            and more easily.
Shaw chose wood-chopping. For            "counting sheep," a practice that           There is nothing that will induce
one it is a hot bath, for another        was first advocated by the poet         sleep so much as exercise in the
a walk with a dog, or an hour            Wordsworth. But some who have           open air. One who has been en-
with the children.                       tried it have said that the bleating    gaged in vigorous out-of-door
   Hair-brushing can be very re-         of the sheep kept them awake; so        work, or some sort of exercise in
laxing, and many Women find              they found sleep by counting            the open air will rarely, if ever,
that face massage, professionally        oranges on a beautiful green tree       be found complaining of inability
given or self applied, relaxes ten-      located in a peaceful setting. Others   to sleep.
20                                                                                       HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
                                                                              from the air, never looking clean
                                                                              for long.
                                                                                  These conditions can result from
                                                                              hormone imbalance; eating habits
                                                                              that include too many sweets,
                                                                              starches, or alcohol; fatigue,
                                                                              chronic infection, excessive perspi-
                                                                              ration, climatic conditions, emo-
                                                                              tional tension, bacteria, or illness—
                                                                               either singly or in combination.
                                                                               The application of many patented
                                                                               hair preparations turns out to be
                                          Dandruff                             attention to symptoms rather than
                                                                               to the cause of the disturbance.
                                                                                   The person who is apparently
                                                                               in good physical and mental health
                                                                               but whose hair is dull and full of
                                                                               dry, flaky dandruff, can do much
                                                                               to help the problem. He should
                                          By Paul D. Foster, M.D. pay particular attention to diet and
                                                                               maintain scrupulous cleanliness.
                                                                               Men should always avoid using
                                                                               water to keep the hair in place.
                                                                               Brushing will help to stimulate the
                                                                                oil in the hair. Persistent cases of
            G.   T. Zachnriah
                                                                                dandruff should receive medical at-
                                                                                tention, for loss of hair may occur.
                                        each day as all the rest of the

N      O DOUBT a staggering
        amount of money is spent
        each year for treatments
and preparations to cure dandruff
                                                                                   Very oily hair with persistent
                                                                                greasy dandruff is a barometer
                                           Normally the hair maintains a that sometimes indicates a more
                                        delicate balance among its several difficult condition. This condition
and baldness. Lured by fancy            parts. If the balance is disturbed is often found among teen-agers
labels and spurred by "scare" ad-       by attacking germs, by illness, or who have adolescent acne. In
vertising, many people run the full     by faulty nutrition of the body, their case it is largely attributable
gamut of lotions, salves, ointments,    it will rapidly show changes.            to overactive oil glands triggered
balms, "medicated" shampoos,                Dandruff—a name commonly by a change in the sex hormone
restoratives, hot packs, vibrators,     used to designate any kind of scale balance of the body. It occurs more
and sundry other procedures sug-        that appears on the scalp or in frequently in dark people for they
gested by friends, family, drugstore    the hair—can occur from a variety usually have larger and more ac-
 clerks, and hairdressers.               of causes, but its appearance al- tively secreting sebaceous glands
    The hair, like other body parts,     ways indicates that some change than people with light complexions.
 has its own mechanism for               has occurred in the balance mech- In adults, particularly in men, this
 maintaining health. The hair            anism of the hair. The dry type condition may be a forerunner to
 lives solely in the skin, enclosed      of dandruff, which falls from the loss of hair, especially if baldness
 in a small pocket called a follicle.    hair onto the shoulders whenever runs in the family.
 It has its own life cycle, including    it is disturbed by combing or brush-       In the oily scalp condition it is
 periods of growth and rest. Each        ing, results from a lack of suffi- always advisable to consult a physi-
 hair is attached to a tiny bulb,        cient natural oil. In the presence cian and have the cause corrected,
 which rests in the inner skin on        of dry dandruff the hair is dry for oily areas provide excellent sites
 the papilla. The papilla furnishes      and without lustre. Conversely, for bacterial and fungus growth.
  nourishment for the hair through        when oil glands of the hair are If no serious condition exists, it
  blood-vessels. In addition, each       secreting an excessive amount of will be worth the special skill re-
  hair is equipped with an oil gland,     oil, greasy and dirty scales appear, quired to correct it for cosmetic
  which is squeezed by a small            and the hair becomes coated with reasons alone. If, on the other
  muscle, causing the oil to flow.        the same oily substance, which hand, the problem is more serious,
  The scalp secretes as much oil          catches dust and sooty particles                                 To page 27
 HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                       21
                                                    THE UNMENTIONABLE

                                                                                  By William T. Gibb, M.D.
                                                              the caecum, the ascending colon, the transverse colon,
         erb says that the only way to cross a lake is to
         cross the lake—if you have a job to do, do it
                                                              the descending colon, and the sigmoid flexure. It
                                                              leads to the rectum and the anus. The colon is lined
and get it over. The more you beat around the bush            with mucous membrane throughout. The last two
the more complicated and difficult it becomes.                inches of the anus change from mucous membrane
    Diseases of the anus and rectum present a painful         to a transitional kind of tissue known as squamous
 and difficult experience. Best get the proper treatment      (scaly) epithelium, which merges with the skin. The
 and have it over with. Your doctor can give you              mucous membrane is insensitive, but the squamous
help.                                                         epithelium is delicate and sensitive to pain.
      Physicians and surgeons give anal and rectal                 Generally, diseases of the anus are painful, but
 diseases serious consideration. In fact, there are spe-     those farther up may not cause any pain.
cialists known as proctologists who devote their study             The anus is the opening only; the anal canal
to this area of the body.                                     extends about one and a half inches above, the
      A factor of importance when considering dis-           rectum is about six inches beyond. The cutoff muscle
eases of the anus and rectum is the universal concept         (sphincter) of the anus is divided into two parts—
that faecal discharges are dirty. This idea is deep-seated   the internal sphincter, which is a connection of the
 and almost instinctive. Even doctors are so affected,       circular muscle of the colon; and the external
and the study and treatment of diseases in this area         sphincter, which is part of a separate muscle called
have not advanced so rapidly as treatment of diseases        the levator ani. These muscles are controlled by both
arising elsewhere in the body.                               the conscious mind and the autonomic (or automatic)
      Not many years ago the general practitioner            nervous system.
and internist rarely used the proctoscope or sigmoid-           The following is a review of the common diseases
oscope in examining a patient. There was no real             of this area:
reason for the taboo except that the area in question              1. The most common condition is anal itching,
was not quite respectable. The examination itself is         or pruritus ani—a distressing complaint that may not
easy and carries practically no risk to the doctor if        respond to any form of treatment.
done properly. Now, I am glad to say, practically                  The more obvious forms associated with pin-
every careful doctor uses the instrument.                    worms, fungus infections, diabetes, acidity of the stools,
      Patients are reluctant to complain to the doctor       and similar local conditions are not difficult to con-
when they have these complaints. Often they suffer           trol once the cause is determined.
in silence until the condition forces them to seek                 There is another form found most frequently in
help. At one time the reluctance of doctors to con-          older people for which there seems to be no cause
sider seriously minor anal complaints sent many peo-         or cure. The itching is intense and the desire to scratch
ple to quacks or to poorly trained physicians who            almost beyond control, at times so bad that the per-
advertised in newspapers and magazines and prom-             son actually tears the skin around the anus in his
ised relief or cure.                                         efforts to gain relief. The effort of the patient to
      The intestines are made up of the small bowel          control this irresistible urge to scratch in public can
and the large bowel, or colon. The colon includes            cause him much mental anguLh.
22                                                                                       HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
      Contrary to experience in most forms of itch-
ing, scratching does not bring relief. The various
ointments, lotions, and applications do not help. Cut-                HEED THOSE
ting the nerves that supply the skin around the anus
fails to give relief. In fact, cutting out the skin itself
does not help.
      The mechanism behind this distressing condition
is not clear. Apparently it has nothing to do with the
skin or the nerves locally. Probably there is a psycho-
                                                                by Lucile Joy Small, R.N.
logical component, and the treatment revolves around
the patient as a whole. Time and understanding on
the part of both patient and doctor are necessary                                 Toothache
before any degree of relief is achieved.
      These patients go from doctor to doctor, seeking           "Oo-oo-o!"
relief. Somewhere along the line they usually have               Isn't that just the way a toothache feels? Re­
their haemorrhoids operated on. Many local treat- cently I had a tooth that hurt from my ear to my
ments and applications have been devised, with little forehead, and when it was not hurting it felt as
or no long-lasting results. My advice is to trust your though it would begin to hurt any minute. Two
doctor and do not expect miracles.                         trips to the dentist, one for diagnosis and one for
      2. In the mucous membrane at the lower end the extraction, were necessary. The diagnosis was
of the rectum arc eight or nine permanent longitudinal that an abscess had formed alongside the large rilling
folds, which are formed by the squeezing together that had been placed in a tooth about eight years
of the rectal wall by the muscles of the anus. These ago. Aside from the agony of the toothache, I had
folds may be likened to wrinkles made by compress- not felt really ill. But I had not felt well either.
ing one end of a paper tube. The lower ends are I did not feel like getting out of bed in the morning,
joined by litttle pouches called crypts of Morgagni, nor had I felt like doing anything else for so long
The crypts extend into the sensitive squamous epithe- that I had simply decided it must be age creeping
lium of the anal canal.                                    up on me. But about two weeks after that tooth
      These pouches are not deep, but infected matter      was extracted, I began to feel like doing things. It
can lodge in them and cause inflammation. As a was wonderful to awaken in the morning feeling
rule, when this happens the offending material drains refreshed, to begin the day with some zest.
out and the inflammation subsides. The symptoms                  The sad thing about all this is that the loss of
are mild and transient, and usually the patient does the tooth was so unnecessary, to say nothing of
not consult a doctor. However, occasionally drainage the expense, the inconvenience, the pain, the time
is poor and an abscess forms. It may burst into the lost from productive endeavour, that resulted from
lumen of the rectum, and the symptoms will subside, trying to keep that tooth useful.
leaving only the scar of the abscess.                            Our home in California is about a three-minute
      Occasionally the abscess may develop in the walk from the School of Dentistry of Lorna Linda
other direction, and burrow down between or out- University. Some interesting things are being learned
side the two sphincter muscles and appear beside the in that school. Dr. Ralph Steinman, D.D.S., M.S.,
anus. It is then called a perianal abscess. This is a who is one of the professors in the School of Den­
painful condition—a red-hot boil next to the anus, tistry, has done extensive experimentation on the
making every bowel movement agony asnd sitting diet given to white rats and in checking their tooth
torture. If the person tries to follow his usual routine decay. In summing up his findings' he says that
he is in constant pain, yet is hesitant to explain why. "only a little carbohydrate (in the form of sucrose,
      This abscess either opens and drains spontane- syrup) in excess was added to an otherwise perfect
ously or it must be opened by the surgeon, before diet, and it produced dental decay increase."
relief is obtained.                                              He continues, "Animals in nature eating nat­
      Inflammation of the crypts can recur in varying ural foods have almost perfect teeth." "Rats and
degrees. Each time it appears some scar tissue forms. human beings cannot live and eat just alike, but
Inasmuch as scar tissue does not stretch as normal there may be some principles that apply to both."
tissue does, eventually the anus becomes relatively              When I was a child, our family diet had in it
inelastic. If a particularly hard and large stool is a very high proportion of sugar. By the time I was
passed, there is tearing instead of stretching. This sixteen years of age, I had fillings in several of my
injury produces an acute fissure,            To page 33 molars and had already had one of them extracted.
HERALD OP HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                    23
After my children were born I          vegetables, drinks that are not        mally and ideally they will gradu.
studied ways to keep them in           heavy with sweetening, grains          ally place more emphasis on the
good health, and one of the things     that are served in their wholesome     pleasure of personal companion-
I learned was that I Was feeding       natural state. Why not cultivate       ship than on the erotic pleasures
my family too much sugar. When         the habit of eating these more         of young adulthood. With toler-
I corrected this imbalance in our      nutritious foods at mealtime only,     ance and understanding for each
family fare, I found rewards. My       skipping the snacking on sweets        other, they can continue to find
dental problems came to a stand­       and refined starches, and thus be      the physical pleasures of their
still. The teeth that had fillings     able to enjoy good teeth all           companionship perfectly satisfying
kept them and new cavities             through life? I wish I had I           even though at a modified tempo.
ceased to appear. Also, our colds      1. Life and Health, May, 1964.            Mature love can be more tender
were much less frequent. Our                                                  and even more gratifying than the
children did not develop dental         MENOPAUSE                             exhilarations of the honeymoon.
problems.                               From page 9                          The important thing is for a hus-
    Dr. Steinman offers two very        In a third group, menstruation band and wife to maintain a per-
important suggestions for avoid­       becomes intermittent before it stops. sonal and intimate understanding
ing tooth decay: 1. "It is generally    In these women there will be a of each other as life slows down,
recognized that excess sugar in the    month or more with no menstrua- sometimes irregularly, to a walking
diet contributes to dental decay."     tion, then a month or more with pace.
Part of the reason he gives for        quite normal menstruation. There          The cessation of menstruation is
this is that vitamins and minerals     are even cases in which menstrua- not usually a troublesome experi-
are necessary in aiding the body       tion ceases for as long as a year ence. What annoys many women
to utilize sugar. If refined sugar     and recurs for one or two months. at the change of life is the appear-
is used in quantity, the need for         In the usual case it requires a ance of hot flashes.
foods that supply vitamins and         year or two for a woman to pass           A hot flash may last about five
minerals may not be felt until the     through the transition of the meno- minutes. The woman feels a sensa-
harm is done. A diet rich in vita­     pause. Sometimes it extends three tion of warmth that starts in the
mins and minerals is especially        or four years.                        trunk and progresses toward the
important during the years when           The average age at which the face. She becomes uncomfortably
the teeth are forming. Fresh           menopause occurs is forty-seven warm, and her skin becomes flushed
fruits and vegetables are impor­       years. There is possibly variation and damp. She feels compelled to
tant sources of supply of the re­      all the way from forty to fifty-five. loosen her clothing and perhaps
quirements for good nutrition. 2.         Because the menopause repre- move to an open window.
"Whole grain products are nutri­       sents the end of the child-bearing        Hot flashes occur unannounced,
tionally superior to even enriched     period women often ask, "At what perhaps several times a day. They
cereal products, such as enriched      phase of the menopause does the may be accompanied by mild
white bread." In India, where rice     possibility of motherhood cease?" dizziness, palpitation, and exhaus-
is one of the two most popular         The answer is that pregnancy is tion. In severe cases, they interfere
staple foods, it is important that     possible as long as menstruation with sleep. Hot flashes are normal
unpolished rice be used. Why take      occurs, even though the cycle of and harmless.
out the vitamin B to give as           menstruation is irregular or inter-      Headache is more common dur-
medicine to people who refuse          mittent.                              ing the menopause than at other
to eat it in its natural form? A          Another common question deals times of life. Pain in the joints,
wise and loving Creator has sup­       with sex interest: Does a woman in the muscles, down the back of
plied complete foods for His           lose interest in the intimacies the thighs, between the ribs, and
children. Why should they destroy      of marriage when menstruation the feeling of numb fingers belong
the value of their food by so much     ceases? Sex interest does not change to the change. Digestive symptoms
milling and refining?                  abruptly. It may have diminished and itching are sometimes present.
    Since an excess of sugar and       gradually for several years before Tremor occurs in some cases, only
refined carbohydrates appears to       the menopause. It may continue to disappear along with the other
be the greatest cause of tooth         to diminish after the menopause. symptoms as the menopause is
decay, it is important that we         But the husband and wife who completed.
teach our children to enjoy the        have attained a satisfying, whole-       A woman who is passing through
kind of food that will keep their      some adjustment in this relation- the change may have periods of
teeth and bodies in health. Teach      ship need have no fear of disap- mild depression. Problems she
them to enjoy fresh fruits and         pointment at the menopause. Nor- could ordinarily take in stride cause
14                                                                                   HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
her to feel frustrated and inade-
quate. She tends to worry more
than usual. She may be excessively                The ancient ones
concerned about her health, even
though her doctor assures her that                 sought for light
he finds no disease. She may become                   and truth
unduly concerned over the welfare
of her family.
     Some women pass through the
menopause easily, and do not have
                                                                                         and modern man
to contend with troubled thoughts,                                                           continues
anxiety, and melancholy. Others
have a difficult time for many
                                                                                            the quest
months. Some women are naturally
more robust than others, but the
individual's background of experi-                                              Are you also searching?
ence is often the important factor
influencing adjustment.                               If so, why not investigate the teachings of the Bible
     The menopause is characterized
by exaggeration of the problems and                                      before you go further?
 tendencies the Woman has carried             Write for our FREE BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE
 with her through life. It is encour-
 aging to know that personal prob-            Dept. E, Box 35, Poona 1
 lems will return to their normal
 proportions as soon as the meno-             Name ....——..—.............—....................................................
 pause is complete. A woman
                                              Address ..............................................................................
 usually develops a greater degree
 of equanimity after the meno-
 pause than she had before.
     Some women become too con-
 cerned over the menopause. They          life worth while. Many women                     make a woman more susceptible
 are the ones who dread to think          enjoy better health after the meno-              to cancer. Hormones stimulate the
 they are no longer young women.          pause than they ever had before.                 reproductive organs to carry on
 They resent middle age, and the          When they finally know they are                  their functions yet a little longer.
 menopause especially, because it         relieved of the possibility of preg-             Hormones cause the menstrual
  provides a tangible reminder that       nancy, the inconvenience of men-                 periods to be more nearly normal
 youth is passing. Perhaps they have      struation, and the competitive                   during a time when they would
  some unfulfilled ambition. Perhaps      pressure of early adulthood, they                otherwise be scanty and irregular.
  they were so much preoccupied            can spend their time more nearly                They may therefore cause the
  with selfish interests that they neg-    as they choose. They can find per-              patient to overlook symptoms she
  lected husband and children. They        sonal satisfaction in following the             would ordinarily call to the doc-
  may have the vain hope that the          activities they were formerly too               tor's attention. Thus it is necessary
  future will allow them to redeem         busy to pursue.                                 for the woman who is receiving
  the past. For them the menopause            Modern medical science enables                hormones to co-operate carefully
  is unwelcome and its symptoms be-        the family doctor to use hormone                 with the doctor in charge.
  come almost unbearable because           therapy in easing menopause symp-                In choosing a life career for your­
  they spell out the fact that middle      toms. Hormones do not restore                    self, make it a tough one, then
  life has arrived.                        youth, but they do cushion the                   you won't have so much competi­
      How good is the attitude of the      shock of the readjustment the                    tion.
   woman who realizes that the meno-       menopause requires. When used                       Education should be used, not
   pause not only marks the end of         properly, they prevent many of the               to get rich, but to enrich others.
                                            distressing symptoms and trouble-                  Strong feelings do not neces­
   the child-bearing period but also
                                            some thoughts that sometimes                    sarily make a strong character.
   the beginning of the period of full                                                      The strength of a man is to be
   maturity when a woman can                intrude at this time of life.
                                                                                            measured by the power of the
   devote herself to the cultural and          Carefully supervised hormone                 feelings he subdues, not by the
   humanitarian activities that make        therapy does not cause cancer or                power of those that subdue him.
 HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                                            25

                                                              By R. L. Rowe


          GARDEN CAN combine
 A        an appeal to the eye with a
          delightful appeal to the sense
   of smell. There are thousands of
   fragrant plants, many of which
   are grown solely for their pleasant
   odours. Fortunately, many of the
   most beautiful plants are also
      In bedding plants, the flowers of
  American marigold, with scentless
  foliage, are often very sweet.
  Four-o-clocks (mirabilis), carna-
  tions, many of the pinks, antir-
  rhinum, or snapdragons, stocks,
  petunias, verbenas, candytuft, sweet
  alyssum, lupines, and sweet peas
  are all good examples. Most of
  these succeed best in the cool
  season. Verbenas, petunias, mari-
  gold and mirabilis can stand
 warmer weather. Dwarf sweet peas
 are available in the U.S.A. These
 need no supports. The varieties
 are Bijou, Knee Hi, and Little
     Some useful vining, or climb-
 ing, plants that have a fragrance
 are Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis
 indica), honeysuckle (lonicera
Japonica), moonflower (Calonyc-
tion), jasmine sambac, augustifo.
Hum, Wisteria and stephanotis.
Most of these are more fragrant at
     Among the shrubs the gardenias
 (Hindi Ghundraj], and jasmines
such as bud mogra, are very de-
lightful. Most popular are the
double gardenias Florida or jas-
moinides, and the larger-flowered
                                                                              B, Ranganathan
26                                                   HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
veitchi. A new variety in the            most popular. Mint and sweet basil      thick scales, there is usually an
U.S.A., Mystery, had medium-sized        will grow easily from cuttings,         inflammation of the surrounding
flowers. The gardenias are very          even in water. Several of these plant   skin. The disease may be confined
popular for corsages and their shin-     leaves are used in cooking. Most        to the scalp area or it may spread
ing foliage is attractive even when      of them are fairly low growing          to other parts of the body. It
there are no blooms.                     and may be used as border plants.       usually begins on the scalp, and
   Oleander (nerium indicum) is          The curry leaf tree has shining         may persist there for a long time
an animal-proof shrub with either        leaves and is a good specimen tree;     before spreading.
single or double flowers in white,       however if the leaves are used             People do not necessarily be-
salmon, pink, or red. The fragrance      heavily it should not be planted in     come bald because of dandruff.
is quite pleasing. The foliage is dark   a prominent position.                   Dandruff is simply a warning signal
green. The plant blooms best when              Many people enjoy a moon-         that a disease or infection may be
left to grow naturally. It thrives       light garden with a border of           present that could cause permanent
in poor and sandy soils, and will        fragrant trees such as citrus, an       loss of hair. Hair is lost perma-
bloom almost continually if left un-     arbour or trellis of a fragrant vine    nently only when its source of
pruned. Queen of the night               such as jasmine, and perhaps a          nourishment—that is, the papilla—
 (Cestrum nocturum), is very             reflecting pool.                        has been destroyed. Paradoxically,
strong. Because of this it should           Many roses are fragrant. Espe-       this source of sustenance can also
not be planted too close to a bed-       cially recommended are Tiffany,         be the source of destruction, for
room window because its over-            which is pink, Crimson Glory,           the blood, which carries food to
poweringly sweet scent is best ap-       Papa Meilland, Etoile de Holland,       the hair, also carries poisons and
preciated at a distance. In cooler       Mirande and Red American                infections.
climates syringa, or lilac, is much      Beauty among the reds, Summer              In perfect health the hairs of
appreciated. Warmer areas can            Sunshine and Arlene Frances in          the head fall out at a rate of more
grow buddleia, often called sum-         the yellows, and Message in white.      than one hundred a day, and are
mer lilac. It is somewhat similar           With a little care you can com-      constantly being replaced by new
in colour to lilac, in shades of         bine colour and symmetry with           hairs. Some bodily disturbances
lavender, blue, red, orange and          fragrance by day and night, and         will cause the hair to fall out com-
white. China box (Murraya                thus add to the enjoyment you           pletely for a temporary period, as
exotica), with white flowers, is an      receive from your garden.               in scarlet fever and certain al-
attractive shrub often used for                                                  lergies. Because the papilla and
hedging.       Yesterday-Today-and-      DANDRUFF                                hair follicles themselves have not
Tomorrow (Brunsjelsia Ameri-                                                     been destroyed, the hair will grow
                                         From page 21
cana), is another fragrant shrub                                                 back completely when the body
enjoyed by many.                         an early visit to the doctor can help   has recovered. When a permanent
    Among flowering fragrant trees,      to ward off a great deal of trouble,    loss occurs, with destruction of the
the most well-known is white             embarrassment, and expense.             papilla, no treatment can ever
frangipani, or plumieria. Others            Permanent baldness can be one        cause the hair to regrow.
include magnolias, champa, acacia        of the results of oily scalp. There        Protection from baldness lies in
farnesiana, and the citrus family.       are several types of germs found        not allowing the infection or dis-
Orange,        pumelo,     Kumquat,      in this disease, which physicians       ease to destroy the papilla, and in
tangelo, malta, mandarin, tange-         call seborrhceic dermatitis, but so     seeking medical advice and treat-
rine and grape-fruit, all have at-       far there has been no universal         ment before the hair begins to thin.
tractive perfumes especially notice-     agreement on just which of the          If the treatment is obtained early,
able in the cool night air.              organisms is responsible for the        in most cases, falling hair can be
    Many people enjoy the fragrant       damage. In addition to oiliness and     stopped.
leaves of plants. For this purpose
lemon grass (Andropogon citratus)                    Parents, be alert for these signs of illness in your child:
is used. Chines lavender, crosso-                    Flushed face, watery or glassy appearance of eyes,
stepphium artemisoides, scented                unexpected profuse sweating, pallor, blueness of lips or
 geranium,       marjoram,        mint         finger-nails, rash or bumps or other skin manifestations,
 (mentha viridis), or peppermint               swollen glands of neck and throat, sore throat, body tem­
                                               perature above 99° F., severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and
 (mentha peperita), sage (salvia               diarrhoea.
 officinalis), curry leaftree (mur-                  If any of these symptoms are evident in your child,
 ray koenegi), and sweet basil                 consult your doctor.
 (ocimum basilican), are among the
HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                         27
                                                                               Tommy and began walking slowly
                                                                               toward home. Just as he came to
                                                                               a bend in the path, he stopped in
                                                                               surprise. Right in front of him was
                                                                               Tommy's lost ball!
               A PAGE                                                             "How did that ball ever roll
                                                                               this far!" he exclaimed and looked

              LITTLE PEOPtf1                                                   at it. He didn't want to walk all
                                                                               the way back to Tommy's house.
                                                                               Besides Tommy was starting his
                                                                                 "I'll take the ball home with
                                                                               me," Andy decided. "I'll give it to
                                                                               Tommy tomorrow."
                                                                                  When Andy reached home, he
                                                                               took his nap without mother hav-
            THE LOST BALL                                                      ing to tell him. And when he
                                                                               awoke, mother had a nice surprise
                                                                               for him.
                                                                                  "I have to go to town for sewing
                             by Rosemary Brown                                 thread," she said. "Would you like
                                                                               to go too?"
                                                                                  "Oh, yes!" Andy        exclaimed

        the path that led to his friend
        Tommy's house. "Mummy
                                          missed. The ball rolled across the
                                          pasture and disappeared under the
                                                                                  Andy had a wonderful trip. He
                                                                               waved to all the neighbours along
 said I could play ball a whole hour          Andy crawled under the fence     the way to town. Mother bought
with you," he told Tommy.                 and looked for the ball. "Tommy,     him a new comb in the variety
    "Whoopee!" shouted Tommy.             I can't find it," he called.         store where she bought her thread.
 "I'm glad you can play an hour                                                Then just as he and mother were
                                             Tommy ran across the pasture
with me. Let's go to the calf pas-                                             leaving the store, they met their
                                          and crawled under the fence too.
ture. We'll have more room to                                                  friend, Mrs. Ross.
                                          "We'll find it—it's got to be here
throw the ball there."                    somewhere."                            Andy couldn't help noticing the
   The calf pasture was a short
                                             But the boys couldn't find the    big blue-and-white striped bag
distance from Tommy's backyard.
                                          ball. They looked under bushes.      Mrs. Ross was carrying. "What do
It didn't take the boys long to
                                          They looked behind rocks. They       you have in the bag, Mrs. Ross?"
reach it and crawl under the wire
                                          even went down to the creek. The     he asked.
fence. Tommy ran to the middle
                                          water was clear and sparkling. The
of the pasture.                           boys saw the pebbles on the bottom      "New draperies for the living-
    "Catch!" he shouted and threw         of the creek bed, but they didn't    room windows," Mrs. Ross an-
the ball at Andy as hard as he            see the ball.                        swered. "You must come and see
could.                                                                         them."
                                             Soon, they heard Tommy's
   Andy tried hard to catch the           mother calling for Tommy to come       "Thank you, I will," Andy an-
ball. And he did! Then he threw           and take his nap.                    swered.
it back to Tommy.                            "Never mind looking anymore          Andy and mother and Mrs.
   The boys tried to throw the ball       for the ball," Tommy told Andy.      Ross talked for quite a while. After
farther and farther. Sometimes            "I still have my old one."           stopping at the grocery, mother
they caught it, and sometimes they          Andy nodded. Suddenly, he          said it was time to start home.
didn't.                                   didn't want to look for the ball        Mother drove slowly. In fact,
   After they had played awhile,          anymore anyway. He was tired.        she was driving so slowly that Andy
Tommy threw the ball all the way          He wanted to go home and take        saw the blue-and-white striped
across the pasture. Andy ran after        a nap too.                           bag lying in the road long before
it and tried to catch it, but he            Andy    waved    good.byc    to    they reached it.
28                                                                                            Or HSALTH, MAY 1987
    "Look at the bag, Mummy,"           taken it back to Tommy," she             natural vitamins and minerals are
said Andy. "It looks like the one       agreed. Then she smiled. "But            not lost in the cooking. Such a
Mrs. Ross had."                         don't worry about it. As soon as         meal should look tasty and ap-
    "It certainly does." Mother         we're home, I'll go with you, and        petizing. It should be a meal that
stopped the car. She got out and        we'll return Tommy's ball."              father will love to eat. Such foods
picked up the bag. "It is Mrs. Ross's      "Oh, thank you, Mummy!"               will keep his blood cholesterol
bag! It has her draperies inside.       Andy exclaimed happily. Now he           down to a safe level.
She must have dropped it out of         could enjoy the rest of the ride,           At the same time father must
her car. We'll have to take it to       for he knew there was one thing          learn to live his life without un-
her."                                   that he had learned to do. And           due stress and strain, and mother
    "Right now?" Andy asked as          that was always to return found          must stop nagging him and urg-
mother got back into the car. Mrs.      things promptly.                         ing him on to do things that are
Ross lived quite a long way from                                                 really not necessary after all. Then
Andy's house, and it was nearly                                                  again father must learn to take
sundown now. It would be late           KEEPING FATHER HEALTHY                   less risks. By careful planning and
by the time they got home.                                                       better living he can avoid all those
    But mother nodded her head.         From page 8 '                            unnecessary accidents and illnesses
"Yes, I think we should. She will                                                to which he can become a prey.
be worried about having lost it.        that may be deficient in the very        If he will do this, then mother and
 I know that if I lost something        things they need to keep them in         all the rest of the family will be
and someone found it, I would ap-       health. And what is worse, many          far happier, for then they will have
preciate their returning it right       of them eat foods that are rich in       dear old dad around to enjoy his
away."                                  fats. This kind of diet often leads      companionship through all the
    Andy sat quietly, thinking about    to the development of hardening          years of a long and happy life.
what mother had said. He was            of the arteries and other diseases
remembering Tommy's ball. Tom-          that will often shorten a man's life.
my would be worrying about it           Recent experimental work on ani-         DISEASES OF MOUTH
just as Mrs. Ross was about her         mals reveals the fact that if an
 draperies.                             animal is given a low calorie diet       From page 15
     "I    should   have     returned   that contains all the vitamins,
                                        minerals, and proteins that are          mouth" because of its prevalence
 Tommy's ball," Andy said sud-                                                   among the trench-embattled sol-
 denly out loud.                        necessary, that animal will live
                                        longer than one that is given a          diers at the War front. Specifically
     "What did you say, dear?"                                                   due to certain germs in the mouth
                                        richer diet containing a lot of
 mother asked.                                                                   (the Vincent's spirochaete and the
                                        animal fats. For the same reason
     Quickly, Andy told her all about    a man may expect to live longer         Fusiform bacillus), its active pres-
 finding Tommy's lost ball and how       by choosing a diet that is low in       ence there may usually be ascribed
 he wished now that he had re-           fats. The kind of diet that will keep   to one or both of two contributing
 turned it instead of bringing it        a man healthy all his life must in-     factors, namely, lowered systemic
 home.                                   clude plenty of fresh fruits and        resistance and faulty mouth hy-
     Mother nodded when he had           green vegetables. It should be pre-     giene.
  finished. "Yes, you should have        pared with great care so that the           Most, if not all, people have the
                                                                                 germs of this disease in their
                                                                                 mouths. Ordinary resistance of the
                                                                                 body prevents their increasing to a
                                                                                 point of successful invasion of and

         BLATTABANE         •                              (REGD.)
                                                                                 breaking down of soft tissues. In
                                                                                 unclean mouths, or in time of
                                                                                 lowered resistance, this increase in
                                                                                 numbers of germs does follow, and
                                                                                 the active disease is established.
                                             ^COCKROACHES                            The symptoms of Vincent's in-
                                                     Safely                      fection are: sore, inflammed, swol-
       famous for nearly 40 'yean            ( Frugtneit's Proces* )             len, and bleeding gums; a pecu-
           Sole Atems: MARTIN & HARRIS (P.) LTD.                                  liarly disagreeable odour; and
                         throughout India                                         plainly diseased areas on the gums,
 HERALD or HEAUH, MAY                                                                                              29
cheeks, and tongue. Once past the        heralded by a pinhead-size ulcer on   has a habit of giving us these sig-
mild stage, the disease is very          the cheek, tongue, or gum. The        nals, and health depends many
painful. It is contagious, and may       ulcer may be considered a red flag    times upon our recognizing, and
be contracted by kissing, by the         signal warning of danger. Nature      acting upon, the warning given us.
use of common drinking cups, or
by incomplete sterilization of dishes.
   Prevention of the condition de-
pends in a large part upon main-
tenance of body resistance and
                                                 TREATMENT FOR BURNS
proper mouth hygiene. Treatment
                                                                  By Archie M. Smith
of this disease should be looked
upon as a professional problem. It
consists of two simultaneous courses           I WAS eating in a restaurant when a piece of chicken slipped
of treatment. The first is dental        off a serving spoon and fell toward my blue suit. When I impulsively
office attention which includes, first   caught it, the gravy, hot off the stove, seared the palm of my hand.
palliative     treatment;     second,    I left the table clutching my wrist with my other hand, desperate for
skilled cleaning of the teeth, partic-
                                         something to kill the pain.
ularly between the teeth and under
the gum margins; third, applica-              A pharmacist next door looked at me sympathetically. "Why
tion of medicaments known to             don't you use the treatment I learned from a foreign doctor?" he
combat the germs. This last step         offered.
is particularly a dentist's task,             In no mood for exotic remedies, I squinted and tried to hide my
since areas not easily reached must
                                         impatience. He produced a can of bicarbonate of soda.
be medicated if the lurking germs
are to be successfully combated.                Soon after, the soda in my pocket, I was at home, still in pain,
   Along with this dental care there     still sceptical. "He's crazy!" I mumbled, putting butter on the burn
must be proper home care, which          instead of soda.
should be under the instructions of         When I couldn't stand any more, I wiped the butter off and
 a dentist. This consists of the use
                                      followed the pharmacist's instructions.
of prescribed mouth-washes, the
careful cleansing of the teeth,             I dumped half the soda into a glass bowl, added enough water
and such measures as may be to make a thin paste, and spread it over the burn. The pain subsided
seen necessary to build up resist- at once. Soon the soda dried, and the pain was back. Again and again
ance. Any one having the disease
                                      I added wet soda to offset the pain. My arm lay on the kitchen table
should realize the possibility of in-
fecting others, and should carefully twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five minutes. The pharmacist had said, "Don't
avoid contacts, direct or indirect, expect it to work right away. Just keep adding more wet soda."
which are likely to spread the dis-         Even if I hadn't been convinced, it would have hurt too much
ease.                                 to quit. Forty minutes after I began treatment, the soda dried for the
   Among the annoyances often fiftieth time and—no pain. Cautiously I washed my hand with cold
affecting the lips or mouth are water. Pain knifed quicked into a tiny spot between my fingers. But
"fever blisters" and "mouth"
ulcers. In themselves, limited to the my palm showed only a healthy pink. Between my fingers, where
area of the lips and mouth, these butter must have kept the wet soda away from my skin, an ugly blister
conditions are more annoying than swelled.
they are serious. But the fact that        "My whole hand would be blistered," I exclaimed, "if it weren't
they are merely symptomatic of
                                      for that wet-soda treatment."
some systemic upset, adds to their
importance. Even though one may            I went looking for my friend the pharmacist early the next morn­
ignore them as uncomfortable but ing. He whistled when he saw my hand and the small blister. "This
inconsequential, the deeper-seated is for posterity," he said. "You've got to spread the good news."
cause should be investigated and
                                           Someday you may appreciate this way to hold burn injuries
curative treatment administered. A
digestive disturbance of possible     down and—not only that—stop pain in a few seconds. If you're a
important consequences may be parent, cut out this article and paste it inside your medicine cabinet.
30                                                                                    HBRALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
THE COMMON COLD                          beautiful, care for them sensibly.      are relatively harmless, but some
                                         Keep your nails trimmed. Long           may sensitize your skin and injure
From page 17                             nails are easily broken. In typing      your nails. Dermatologists fre-
If the cold is complicated with          and piano playing shock may be          quently find eczema of the face
secondary infection, these antibio-      transmitted to the root, where it       and hands caused by nail polish.
tics may have their place, but other-    may interfere with normal growth.          Brittle nails may exist from birth,
wise they are useless.                   Dirt accumulates beneath long           but the most common causes are
   Concerning the role of antibiotics    nails and it may contaminate the        alkaline soaps and certain nail
in connection with the cold, a           food you prepare. Nurses do not         polishes and polish removers con-
panel of highly authoritative physi-     allow their nails to grow long.         taining acetone. Acetone removes
cians stated, "There is no accept-          When manicuring your nails, do       the oils and wax. But brittle nails
able evidence that any antimi-           not cut the cuticle at the base, but    are also found in the strange skin
crobial (antibiotic) agent is of any     gently push it back. Too vigorous       malady called Darier's disease and
value in the treatment of the com-       manicuring can injure the matrix        in vitamin A deficiency.
mon cold or any other respiratory        and cause white spots, ridges, or          Hard, firm nails protect the
viral infection."                        even infection. Remove hang-nails       finger ends from injury through
    In summary, we might say that        with sterile scissors. A splinter un-   shocks or blows. But they must
treatment of the simple, uncom-          der your nail should be removed         not be too brittle. Ordinarily the
plicated common cold requires            aseptically by your physician.          skin oils keep them flexible to the
preferably bed rest, plenty of sound        Most nail lacquers and polishes      proper degree.
sleep, light food, abundance of                                                     The best treatment for brittle
fluids, keeping comfortably warm,                                                nails is to avoid strong soaps and
 and in case of considerable dis-                                                acetone. Apply cold cream, lanolin,
comfort or excessive serous drainage                                             or other fat, or vaseline. A little
                                         The Publishers of this Magazine         applied to the backs of your hands
 (runny nose), hot packs to the            Insure Their Motor Cars and
face alternated with very cold, and                                              and spread by rubbing them to-
                                                   Property with                 gether protects the palms from
 possibly a medication to assist in
                                                                                 getting greasy. Soaking the nails
control of headache and congestion.
                                              NATIONAL                           in warm oil is also recommended.
                                                                                    Diseased nails are best treated
                                                                                 by your doctor. Indeed, if you
From page 4
                                             EMPLOYERS'                          want to beautify your hands, you
                                                                                 will regularly consult your skin
   Sometimes the nails may have
white spots or perhaps the whole
                                               MUTUAL                            specialist. Beautiful hands and nails
                                                                                 are a sign of good health, main-
nail may become white like milk.                                                 tained by hygienic living.
This happens because the layers of          GENERAL INSURANCE
the nail are not properly cemented.         ASSOCIATION LIMITED                     Yesterday I passed a building under-
The condition occurs in various            (INCORPORATED IN ENGLAND)             going repairs. On one side workmen
nervous, systemic, and circulatory                                               were removing large quantities of bricks
disorders.                                     Head Office for India:            which had crumbled away. Why, I
                                                                                 mused, had some bricks disintegrated
   Loosened nails and complete                    32, Nicol Road,                and not others?
shedding of the nails may be symp-                                                  "Fifty years ago, when the building
                                            Ballard Estate, Bombay 1.            was erected," said the foreman, "there
toms of systemic disease when not             Telephone 26-2823/24               came a day when the labourers at the
caused by injury or inflammation.                                                brickyard had trouble with one another.
                                          Telegrams: "EMPLOMUTUA."               And now, long years after the failure
   The root of the nail may become                                               of those men to work together for a
inflamed. When the infection runs                                                single day. a moral has been written
                                         Also branches at New Delhi,             in crumbling brick."
around the base, as it generally does,   Calcutta and Madras, and rep­              How like the untold story of human
 the trouble is popularly called run-                                            life that is! For life is not built as
                                         resentatives and agents at all          a solid mass; it is built of individual
 around. A chronic form of run-                                                  days cemented by motives, hates, and
                                         other important towns in India.         loves. How important it is that we live
 around is frequently seen in dish-
                                         They transact all kinds of fire,        nobly, creatively, cheerfully, forgivingly
 washers and others whose hands                                                  each day, lest the time come when we
 are immersed in water for long              motor and miscellaneous             discover that the house of our habita-
 periods. It is caused by a form of                  insurances.                 tion has begun to crumble because we
                                                                                 imagined, "O, this day doesn't count."
 fungus.                                                                         Evermore write in the heart: "Today
                                                                                 is the best day of the year!"
    To keep your hands and nails                                                                                —Selected
HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                              31
 The Doctor Advises
          A   SERVICE          FOR      OUR      SUBSCRIBERS


POOR SCHOOLWORK                                           wonder about the possibility of malaria or some
                                                          parasite in the bowels, such as hookworm or perhaps
     Can anything be done to help a child who is          a tapeworm. It would therefore be wise for you to
not doing well in school?                                 have a blood smear made for malaria and several
                                                          stool examinations to rule out the presence of para-
      Yes. A good medical examination should be           sites. If all these tests prove to be negative, the blood
the first consideration. Many a child who is not doing    count itself might show the presence of some form
well has been found to need glasses. Others may be        of anaemia or other blood disorder. All of which
suffering from some serious condition that should         means that before worrying about your proteins
be corrected. For instance, recent studies on twenty-     and vitamins, important as they are, it is essential
two such patients at Johns Hopkins University             that you have a complete physical examination and
 (U.S.A.) showed all of them to be suffering from         all the necessary tests to find the cause of your con-
various stages of thyroid disease. Two were forced        dition. Only then can intelligent treatment be carried
to repeat a grade, six had difficulty in concentrating    out long enough to get you well.
in class, four were considered unstable students, and
nine were abnormally nervous when in school. Some
of these youngsters had too much thyroid activity;        LIVER CANCER
others had too little, resulting in a slowing of mental
functioning. All of these children apparently did              Is there any proof that cancer is a virus disease?
well after they were given the right treatment.
Seventeen of these patients were girls; five were               Yes, in some cases there seems to be no doubt.
boys. This is about the same ratio of thyroid dis-        Recent experiments at Duke University (U.S.A.)
ease that occurs in the population as a whole. Al-        would certainly point in that direction. Experimental
though your child may not have any actual thyroid         chickens were inoculated with a certain virus from
deficiency, he should be carefully checked for other      which they apparently developed liver cancer. This
abnormalities. Every youngster deserves a fair            is perhaps the first time virus transmission of cancer
chance in life. He should not be left to fail through     has been reasonably established. Whether there is
neglect of proper medical care.                           any direct relationship between these experiments
                                                          in chickens and the development of other forms of
NO ENERGY                                                 cancer in humans is still to be proved. Some sci-
                                                          entists believe the cancer virus enters certain cells,
     I am a thirteen-year old girl and very skinny.       producing an unfavourable reaction, after which
I eat very little and have no energy, and I suffer        the body is able to eliminate the virus from the
from cramping feeling in my head and neck. Do             human system. But once the cancer process has
you think I need vitamins and proteins?                   begun, it continues, invading other near-by tis-
                                                          sues. If it is not eliminated, either by the body itself
      Yes, possibly you do. But it is far more impor-     or by some surgical or other means, the cancer may
tant for you to find the cause of your trouble. This      continue to grow, finally leading to death of the
could be due to diabetes or some other serious            patient. However, much more research needs to be
metabolic condition. You should have a urinalysis,        done before we can assume that it actually happens.
a fasting blood sugar test, and another blood sugar       Meanwhile it is important for all of us to have
test taken one and a half hours after a regular meal.     regular medical examinations to rule out the pres-
      Living as you do in the tropics, one would also     ence of cancer and all other serious diseases.
32                                                                                    HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
THE UNMENTIONABLE                         when relieved of their discomfort.           They seldom bleed to any ex-
                                               3. Because of its proximity to      tent, but they may ooze blood a
From page 23
                                          the anal area the pilonidal sinus,       little when one of them becomes
which later may become chronic.           or cyst, should be mentioned, al-        clotted. When such a clot or
Such injuries should be reported          though it has no actual connection       thrombosis happens, a firm, tender
to the doctor.                            with the anus or rectum. In many         lump appears. Sitting and defeca-
    A fissure is similar to a cracked     people there is a little dimple in       tion are painful. If ignored, this
lip. However, if you have a cracked       the skin about an inch or so behind      clot begins to subside, and in a day
lip you can control lip movement;         the anus that is the result of a         or so the pain leaves and the lump
whereas with a fissure the longer         slight error in foetal development.      becomes smaller, until it finally
you try to hold back the stool the        In reality this is a tiny tube, or       disappears.
larger and harder it becomes.             passage, going down to the bone.             Sitz baths relieve pain and im-
When it finally does move it really       Under certain conditions a cyst          prove circulation. Ointments and
hurts.                                    may form and perhaps become in-          suppositories do little because the
    Fissures are not always the result    fected, so that an abscess results.      pain is not on the surface. They
of chronic cryptitis. Any scratching      Even though infected cysts are           grease the anal canal, and this
or stretching of the anus may pro-        opened and drained, they tend to         lubrication helps. If the thrombosed
duce a split or a tear. If it does        recur unless the entire passage is       haemorrhoid is large and painful,
not become infected it heals rapidly      removed. The end of this passage         complete relief can be obtained by
and the patient has only transient        involves the covering of the under-      having the clot removed with a
minor pain. If it becomes infected,       lying bone, and necessitates an ex-      simple operation that can be done
an ulcer forms, which is always           tensive operation if permanent           in a doctor's office.
in the sensitive part of the anal         cure is to be achieved. Convales-            The best alternative is to keep
 canal. Under proper treatment,            cence is long because healing is        off your feet as much as possible,
 this ulcer may heal quickly, or it       slow.                                    take some mineral oil preparation
 may become a chronic ulcer that               4. Haemorrhoids may be likened       to keep the bowels loose or soft,
 may be deep and stubborn to any           to varicose veins. They lie under        apply cold compresses, and take hot
 therapy short of surgery. About five      the lining of the anal canal. The        sitz baths.
 per cent of such fissures are in-         normal fairly straight veins in this         Internal haemorrhoids present a
 fected by the tubercle bacillus.          area become dilated and twisted          different problem. Bleeding may be
     A fistula in ano is a passage from    until at times they look like a small    quite profuse if one of them rup-
 the region of the crypts to the           bunch of purple grapes. The flow        tures. Because they are covered with
 skin around the anus. It may form         of blood through them is sluggish.       mucous membrane they do not
 slowly and insidiously without an         There are internal and external          hurt quite so much as external
 abscess. This passage may be com-         haemorrhoids.                            haemorrhoids do when thrombosed.
 plete or incomplete, beginning, at             Internal ones are in the lower      However, when thrombosed they
 the crypt area and ending in a            inch of the rectum, are covered          may become strangulated if there
 blind passage. If a complete pas-         with mucous membrane, and drain          is spasm of the anal sphincter.
 sage is formed, it may be chroni-         their blood into the portal circula-     Some physicians treat them by in-
 cally infected and drain continu-         tion, which goes to the liver.           jection. This painless procedure
 ously, also occasionally it may block          External     haemorrhoids    are     can be done in the doctor's office,
 off and form an abscess, which            covered with skin at the anal orifice    but it is time consuming, and the
 must be cut and drained.                   (opening) and drain into the large       thrombosis tends to recur. The
     Surgery may be difficult, for to      veins that go to the heart. There        other method is complete removal
  be successful the entire passage          is a certain amount of communi-          under anaesthesia.
 must be removed. At times the              cation between them so that a per-          Why one person should have
  passage is hard to identify, for it       son may have a combination of the        haemorrhoids and another not have
  may wander. Chronic fissures and          two kinds. External haemorrhoids         them is a much-debated problem.
  fistulas can be uncomfortable and         when quiescent are evident as one        Heredity, body build, and occupa-
  cause a person great emotional            or more tabs of skin around the          tion apparently play a part. Jobs
  strain, but because of modesty he         anus. When fairly numerous, they         requiring standing without moving
  puts off seeking relief until he can      may give it the look of a rosette.       over a long period promote stagna-
  stand it no longer. Many people with       In this state they produce no symp-     tion and pressure in these veins.
  bad dispositions who seem to hate          toms. Many people attribute anal         Constipation and straining are
  the world are such sufferers, and          itching to them, but they are not       often blamed. Some physicians
  are transformed into happy beings          the cause.                              think that chronic anal infection
 HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                          33
 is the culprit. Repeated bouts of       the impression that there is no such        in system of illumination. A pre-
 cryptitis tend to weaken and dis-       problem.                                    examination enema must be given
 tort these veins so that constipation        Fortunately, such an impaction         to the patient to free the rectum
 and stasis (stoppage of blood flow)       is easy to diagnose with the gloved       of faecal material. This can be done
 can take their toll.                      finger, and it may be broken up in        before the patient comes to the
    During pregnancy women are             the same manner. After this break-        office or immediately before the
 likely to develop haemorrhoids be-        up has been accomplished, an              examination. The examination is
 cause of pressure by the enlarging        enema usually takes care of the           uncomfortable, but it should not
 uterus on the large veins in the         situation. Occasionally it is neces-       be painful, and it is not considered
 pelvis. This condition promotes          sary to instil some warm oil and           dangerous.
 stasis, particularly in the external      leave it there for a number of hours          The main drawback to all these
 haemorrhoid area. After delivery          in order to soften the mass.              examinations is modesty of the pa-
 the haemorrhoids improve, but with           An impaction can result from           tient and of the doctor. The doctor
 repeated pregnancies they may             drinking the barium mixture used          is afraid he will embarrass the
 become chronic.                          in X-rays of the stomach. It is well       patient. The doctor who feels this
    Cirrhosis of the liver causes         to take a laxative after such a study.     way about the anus may do a
 increase in pressure in the portal           Too much bran can do the same          pelvic examination and think
 circulation because of back pres-        thing. Bran usually is mixed with          nothing of it. It is a matter of what
 sure. Internal haemorrhoids may          cereals, and a person does not get         a person is accustomed to. In this
 develop, because these veins drain       enough to do much harm. People             day and age the patient expects all
 into the portal circulation. Heart       used to eat one hundred per cent           kinds of inroads on his modesty,
failure, which causes back pressure       bran to treat constipation. A tight        and rarely objects. The doctor is
in the systemic veins, transmits the      anal sphincter set up by irritation       the one who needs illumination.
 pressure to the veins in the external    of the anal canal may cause an                There is no area of the body
 haemorrhoidal area, with a like          impaction when the person finds           that is easier to examine properly
 result.                                  passing a stool too painful and           than the anus and rectum. Where
    In this discussion we are dealing     therefore suppresses the desire.          can the routine use of such simple
 with a unique part of the human              Megacolon (large dilated colon)       instruments be more rewarding in
body. The anal canal is lined with        often is the result of narrowing,         bringing to light forms of disease
 a delicate membrane that day in          or stricture, of the anus. It may be      at an early stage when they can
 and day out is subject to irritation,    the cause of chronic constipation,        be treated and cured? The sig-
injury, and infection by the faecal       particularly in elderly people. An-       moidoscope should be used in every
material that passes through it.          other kind is more complicated and        thorough health examination even
When you consider the variations          is due to a defect in the nerve           though there are no symptoms
in the physical make-up of the           plexus (network) of a segment of           pointing to this area. Benign rectal
stools you wonder that there are         the rectal wall. This condition oc-        polyps that give no indication of
not more problems. The mechan-           curs in younger people. It can be          their presence are easily seen and
ism is almost perfect. No other part     cured by surgery to remove this            readily removed. If left indefinitely,
of the body takes such a beating.        part of the rectum.                        these little growths can become
    Occasionally, under certain cir-          Cancer of the anus and rectum        malignant.
cumstances faecal material can           is a distinct danger. The diagnosis            I repeat that I have mentioned
become impacted in the rectum.           of such a condition is simple, and it     only the more common ailments to
A hard mass accumulates and              can be done in any doctor's office.       which the anus and rectum are
becomes too large to pass through        The instruments of diagnosis are          subject. There are many more.
the anus. This condition perhaps         relatively inexpensive, and most               If you see blood from this area,
happens most often with elderly          doctors have them. Most impor-            see your doctor—this is important
bedridden people. They have little       tant is the forefinger of the right       advice. In most cases its source
desire to defecate, and do not try.      hand covered with a rubber glove.         will be found to be harmless, but
A small amount is passed, but the        Much information can be obtained          if not, the lesion will probably be
major portion remains behind. This       by this simple procedure.                 in an early stage, and prompt
difficulty often escapes the atten-          One instrument is the anuscope,       treatment can effect a cure. Do
tion of family or nurses. Because        which is a short tube that can be         not wait to see whether you can
of the structure of the rectal area,     inserted through the sphincter to         bleed again. This is one instance
even though a large mass is pres-        view the haemorrhoidal area. An-          in which procrastination may not be
ent, soft or liquid faecal material      other instrument is the sigmoido-         the thief of time but might well
can pass around it, thereby giving       scope, a longer tube with a built-        be the thief of life.
34                                                                                         HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967
               LEG "STRETCHER"
                                        ODA              EVALUATION OF ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES
      Persons with one leg shorter than the other             The Council of Drugs of the American Medical
have had their short leg "stretched" as much as         Association has issued a report on adverse reactions
three inches by means of a new method used at           caused by oral contraceptives, which are used by
the Orthopaedic Hospital, Los Angeles, U.S.A.           some seven million women in the world, it is esti-
Lengthening the shorter leg is done by breaking         mated. Most of the effects are not of a serious
either the thigh or shinbone without damaging the       nature, although they may be annoying to the pa-
sac, called the bone sleeve, that surrounds it. The     tient, the report pointed out.
bone sleeve's function is to supply blood to the bone         Headache is one of the reported reactions.
and also to deposit calcium to heal broken bone.        Nervousness, irritability, lethargy, and depression
After the bone is broken, a special stretching device   have also been attributed to the contraceptives.
is used to pull the ends apart. The space between             Central nervous system and eye complications
them is then gradually filled by calcium deposited      have been attributed to them although evidence is
by the bone sleeve.                                     not strong enough to establish a relationship.
                                      S of S (Africa)         Abnormalities in liver function tests have been
                                                        observed, but such changes usually are not clinically
   HEADACHE, HEADACHE, HEADACHE                         significant.
                                                               Nausea has been a frequent complaint during
      Different types of treatment for three kinds of   the first cycles of therapy, but usually diminshed
headache were outlined in a report from the Ameri-      as therapy continued.
can Association for the Study of Headache.                  Decreased glucose tolerance has been reported
      The migraine or "vascular" headache usually       in women using certain types and worsening of dia-
results from swollen blood-vessels which may be         betic conditions also has been reported.
caused by fever, alcohol or some kinds of drugs or
                                                            Excessive weight gains have been observed in
may "run in the family." Use of ergot in some form
                                                         some women, mostly in association with older con-
was recommended in treatment to reduce swelling of
                                                         traceptive preparations that contain large doses of
the blood-vessels.
                                                         estrogen. The lower dose preparations are less likely
      The commonest form of headache comes from
                                                         to produce significant weight changes.
muscular spasm around the head or neck. The spasm
produces a dull, persistent pain—like a tight band            There is no proof that oral contraceptives cause
around the head—which may last for days. Best           circulatory complications; however, physicians
procedure, the report said, is to find the muscle or    should use care in prescribing them for women with
muscles involved and massage them or inject them        vascular disease until more information is available.
with an anaesthetic or corticosteroid. Aspirin can            "The effects of long-term administration of
help, perhaps taken along with a sedative.              oral contraceptives on various organs and systems
      A third form of headache may result from a        are largely unknown and are the subject of con-
deep-seated infection or injury. A thorough exami-      tinuing investigations," the report said. "No serious
nation is required to discover the roots of such a      adverse effects attributable solely to the prolonged
headache. Treatment may range from surgery to           use of these preparations have thus far been re-
 anticonvulsant drugs.                                  ported."
                                        USN & WR                                                         AMA
HERALD OF HEALTH, MAY 1967                                                                                  35
                                                               FOR HEALTH

      There are many health reasons why cycling is                   2. A bicycle requires no petrol.
to be highly recommended if it can be done safely.                   3. It can traverse all types of roads. If a road
It helps build good muscle tone, much needed by               is blocked, the rider can walk and remount at the
many today. It aids:                                          first clearing.
      1. The circulation, and thereby the heart and its             4. Almost everyone, aged four to ninety, can ride
work, by keeping the blood actively moving in the legs        a bike or can be taught to ride in a few hours.
 (muscular contraction squeezes the veins, which with               5. When accidents between bicycles occur, there
their valves direct the blood back toward the heart).         is much less danger of serious injury to passenger or
      2. The lungs, which through good tone of the            machine than in the case of the automobile.
diaphragm make it easier to bring oxygen into the                   Bicycling can be useful as well as enjoyable. It
body and pump out carbon dioxide.                             can become and should become a routine of daily
      3. The brain, by keeping down the cobwebs               life, to take us to work, to visit our friends, to go to
therein.                                                      concerts or sports events. Thus we can be more than
      4. The nerves, through improving sleep and              passive participants in all these entertainments.
maintaining equanimity and sanity.                                  In travel it is the common experience that we get
      5. Our digestion, whereby it may even protect           to places fastest by airplane but we see the least en
against peptic ulcers if we don't try to establish new        route. The train, bus, and automobile come next,
speed records every day.                                      and we are so engrossed by our method of transporta-
      6. Our weight, in its control, if we at the same        tion that we can hardly enjoy the country through
time keep the caloric and fat content of our diet             which we pass. Walking is the best way of all, but
where it belongs.                                             often it is impractical if one wants to go any distance.
      7. Our longevity, since it may quite possibly                 Of all methods of transportation, bicycling gives
help in the long run (like other healthy exercise) in         us the opportunity to see the country through which
reducing the amount of high blood pressure, coronary          we ride, to become acquainted with the beauties of
thrombosis, and diabetes that have engulfed us. This,         the scenery, and to learn about the people themselves.
of course, we must determine by further detailed              This is perhaps one of the most potent of all argu-
research, but there is a strong likelihood that it is true.   ments in favour of bicycle touring on vacation. This
      Certainly from the standpoint of economy both           kind of vacation is much appreciated abroad.
for private individuals and for the community and                 Let us bequeath to our children, who will be the
country at large, the use of cycles can be recom-             citizens here tomorrow, more than the gadgets that
mended. To substantiate this these arguments can              surround us. The bicycle will not alone do this, but
readily be advanced:                                          it can become a symbol of the red-blooded vigour,
      1. The initial cost of the bicycle is much less than    personal independence, economy, and restoration of
that of an automobile. A bicycle requires little atten-       a sound mind in a sound body so much needed in
tion, is able to stand hard use, and can be repaired          our beloved country today.
easily.                                        ^                         —Adapted from Paul Dudley White, M.D.

                                                   Reg. No. MH—40.

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