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									                        Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith
                        Kennel v.sanftenLoewen
                              435 South Ingalls St
                              Powell, Wy. 82435
               Contract for Purchase of Leonberger

Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith hereafter “Breeder”, and ___________________________,
hereinafter “Purchaser”, hereby agree that Breeder shall sell to Purchaser a
male/female Leonberger (hereinafter referred to as “Dog”), and further
described as:
Name of Dog: ___________________________
Date of Birth: ___________________________
LCA Registration No.: ___________________________
Breeder's address is as set forth above. Purchaser's current address is
Purchaser agrees to notify Breeder of any change of address or phone number.
Breeder agrees to sell Dog to Purchaser and Purchaser agrees to accept Dog
under the following terms, conditions and warranty. There are no other terms,
conditions       or     warranties     either     expressed    or     implied.

                              TERMS OF PURCHASE
        1. Breeder guarantees that the above described Dog is a purebred
           Leonberger Dog that is eligible for registration with Foundation Stock
           Service hereinafter “AKC”. Registration will be provided to
           Purchaser from the AKC when Breeder receives them from the AKC
           AND when the terms as set forth in Paragraph 5 below are met
           regarding training. The registration provided by AKC will read
           limited Recording and will be released when the terms of
           Paragraph 5 under breeding section are met.
        2. The puppies will be examined by Breeders vet no earlier that on
           week prior to leaving breeders home to ensure the well being of the
           puppy. Puppy may, for any reason, be returned to Breeder within
           one week of the time purchaser or takes possession of the Dog and
           Breeder will refund to Purchaser the full amount of purchase price
           paid, less shipping expenses. If Dog is returned to Breeder within this
   1-week period, all documentation regarding the Dog must also be
   returned to the Breeder before full refund of purchase price will be

3. -Buyer agrees to keep this dog in the home as a family companion,
   to never tether the dog to a stake, leaving it alone for greater than
   four hours nor permit the dog to roam at large or bark continuously.
   -Buyer agrees that the dog will be kept in a manner to prevent it
   from being teased or abused by anyone.
   -Buyer shall provide the dog with a proper diet and exercise
   program to insure sensible weight gain and maintenance for its size
   and age. Never free feeding dog. Routine care of coat, nails,
   teeth, ears shall be maintained.
   -Buyer agrees to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian when
   necessary, including annual physicals.
   -Buyer agrees to never enroll the dog in schutzhund or any attack
   dog training program.
   -Should buyer violate any of the conditions outlined above, the
   breeder may confiscate the dog and buyer may be subject to a
   penalty of double the initial purchase price of the dog,
   transportation and recovery expenses, and any incurred legal
4. Purchaser agrees to reduce employment or take at least two weeks
   off from work after receiving the puppy for the purpose of orienting
   puppy to its new home.
5. Purchaser agrees to enroll Dog in three obedience classes (puppy,
   novice class and advanced) of at least ten to fourteen weeks duration
   when the Dog is between the ages of three and twelve months of
   age. These classes are to be conducted in a group setting by a
   qualified instructor and not at home by the purchaser. Purchaser is
   to attend classes with the Dog out side the home environment and
   to follow the training procedures as set forth by instructor. The
   pedigree registration of the Dog shall not be given to Purchaser until
   proof of completion of training classes have been provided to
6. Should Purchaser enroll Dog in any training for the purpose of
   teaching Dog to do attack work, any and all guarantees and/or
   title award rebates (as set forth in Paragraph 16 below), are null and
7. If Purchaser no longer wishes to keep this Dog for any reason,
   Purchaser agrees that the dog will immediately be returned to the
   Breeder who will reclaim the Dog. The breeder will NOT provide a
                       HEALTH CONDITIONS
1. Notice will be given to the Breeder upon the death of the Dog, at
   any age and for any reason.
2. Purchaser agrees to x-ray the Dog's hips and elbows at the age of
   twelve months, as this helps to keep an accurate health record of
   Breeder's lines. The x-ray results shall be submitted to Breeder. If
   Purchaser has a “show quality Dog”, x-rays must be taken
   according to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Inc., “OFA” at
   two years of age, and submitted to OFA for evaluation. Purchaser
   must also send a copy of the certification and/or evaluation report
   issued by the OFA to the Breeder within thirty (30) days of receipt.
3. Purchaser agrees to provide results of Penn-hip testing (if
   performed) to Breeder within thirty (30) days of receipt of it.
4. If the dog is to be spayed or neutered it is strongly recommended
   that for health reasons and longevity of the dog, that the
   spay/neuter shall not take place until after the age of 18 months.

1. Purchaser agrees never to breed a Dog without approval of the
2. Purchaser further agrees that any resulting litters will never be sold to
   a pet shop, dog wholesaler, or sold in litter’s lot sales.
3. Purchaser agrees to never offer a Dog's stud services as a prize in a
   raffle or to breed Dog to a bitch whose owners are known to sell
   puppies to pet shops, dog wholesalers, and/or in litter lot sales.
4. Breeder retains unlimited breeding rights on any male Dog
   designated as “show quality”.
5. ALL puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and the Registration
   will read as such. If after all the testing at two years of age is done
   (according to breeding requirements set forth by the LCA) and
   passes and if the breeder deems this is a good quality Leonberger
   with an excellent temperament I shall release the registration for
   breeding to the owner for an additional 300 dollars.

1. If Purchaser does not wish to or is unable to exhibit Dog in breed
   conformation, Breeder reserves the right to do so at Breeder's sole
   expense. Breeder will make every reasonable effort to
   accommodate Purchaser's schedule of activities. If Breeder
   exercises this option, there will be no title award rebates to

           1. Purchaser's failure to comply with the conditions and terms as set
              forth herein will result in a breach of contract and the Dog being
              returned to Breeder. If Purchaser permanently returns Dog to
              Breeder due to lack of compliance, Purchaser will forfeit all moneys
              paid for the Dog and will sign over registration papers to Breeder.
           2. The term “show quality”, is not a warranty on the part of the
              Breeder. Should the Dog not be show quality, Breeder shall be held
              harmless, as the designation is neither a warranty nor a guarantee
              of the Dog's future confirmation and/or show success.
           3. Purchaser understands and acknowledges that Breeder has taken
              every reasonable precaution for physical soundness and mental
              stability in this breeding; however, the possibility of imperfection
              and/or health problems throughout the Dog's life still exists.
           4. The foregoing Sales Agreement signed this __________ day of
              _________________, __________, consisting of six (6) pages is in
              accordance with Breeder's and Purchaser understands and the
              parties agree to the terms as set forth above.
PURCHASER:                                                                    BREEDER:

   ______________________________________ _________________________________
                                                      MARY ANN RUGGIERO-SMITH


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